Lawsuit Filed Against 50 State Security Company Over My Assault and Detainment for Taking Photos on Metrorail

50 State Security allows photography on the Miami-Dade Metrorail under certain circumstances.


Three weeks after security guards dragged me down an escalator in a chokehold for taking photos on the Miami-Dade Metrorail, my attorney filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the security company.

We already had a pending state lawsuit against 50 State Security for the previous attack against me for entering the station with a video camera, so first we tried to amend the state court lawsuit with the new claims.

However, the judge rejected the amendment because the incidents took place almost two years apart.

So my attorney, Michael Pancier, who is also a photographer, withdrew that suit, only to come back with a much stronger suit on the federal level.

That means the matter will most likely be resolved much quicker than if it had stayed at the state level.

Meanwhile, 50 State introduced a Facebook page which so far has a whopping 14 followers, ten which are PINAC readers who have been leaving scathing comments, only to watch them get deleted.

Be sure to read the lawsuit.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Steven

    Congrats on filing the suit, Carlos. These suits can take years, even when they end up settling; keep us posted along the way. I find depositions the most interesting part of civil litigation. Please let us know what these clowns admit to and deny during the upcoming depos. Also, any reason why the security guards weren’t named individually as defendants (in addition to 50 State)?

  • Pod

    They’re doing a bang-up job of maintaining their Facebook page. There’s scads of commentary from PINAC readers and others, none of which are positive for the company. With the current rash of negative publicity, the last thing I would have done was establish a fan page on Facebook, if I were calling the shots over at 50 State.

    However, their stupidity is our benefit, since now we can have some fun. I usually decry Facebook for the “million monkeys” phenomenon, but in this case, let’s fling some feces at them. Show those monkeys over at 50 what a fun time at the zoo is really like.

    That being said, anyone find it ironic that they are called “50 State” when they only operate in Miami?

    • bzflagkilljoy

      The facebook page now appears to be gone…

  • Clark

    Their Facebook page is taking a beating…fitting.

    • Lester Hartness

      It’s hilarious!

  • Tom Jankowski

    Good luck Carlos! Hope you win!

  • Luc

    I guess photography on Metrorail is ok if you are taking photos of slutty looking jail bait with 50 State perverts…

  • Burgers Allday

    typo in complaint:

    “I was suffocated” should be –as if he was being suffocataed–

  • will

    Look, i know this is off topic but i dont know where else to bring this up. Back in Sept 2012, a unarmed man by the name of Michel Allen Vincent was shot 41 times by one cop (Officer Tuter, TX PD). I can not find any info on this case and i fear that there going to sweep this away. PLEASE, will you do an update on that report. I do not want them to get away with this murder. Please do an update and let up know what is going on, PLEASE.

  • Jon Jonzz

    ignorant would be a better term than clueless in the suit.

  • Rusty Gunn

    Make’m bleed out their buttholes, Carlos!!

  • Resist

    Facebook page not coming up anymore but you can reach them here

  • Graham Shevlin

    It looks like 50 State has run away from public scrutiny and deleted their Facebook page. I could not find it this morning.

  • Jim Cameron

    Watching this with interest – seems a no brainer to me as you were not doing anything illegal in the first place!

    • Juan F Paredes

      its’ not what he says in the camera or happens after the guards show up… it’s about what he did before the edited part was taken out… Carlos Again you should show them the part where your laying on the platform… next to the edge…

  • FascistNation

    Uh, you can sue in both state AND federal courts. They are separate governments and separate claims. One is a claim of violating your federally protected CONstitutional Rights and the other your state protected State CONstitutional Rights. You usually have a great deal more power (deposition, discovery and disclosure) and sympathy in a federal court however.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Yeah, you can sue both places, but the defense attorney will move to consolidate the cases. You’ll have to drop one or the other.

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  • Barking Dog

    www dot 50state dot com

  • Juan F Paredes

    It has always been Ok to take pictures and video of the metrorail and stations and all the above mentioned you see nobody has a problem with it until you make it a problem… And it’s funny because if you look up miami dade metrorail on youtube you will find plenty of videos dating back months to 10 years of videos posted about the metrorail and plenty of pictures on the web… it’s funny that carlos is the ONLY one that has a problem with the security guards at the metrorail… its’ funny he has problems everywhere he goes… easy explanation He Sits their and takes multiple pictures and video of the same buildings over and over again and becomes a suspicious person… On this particular night.. Carlos miller was endangering himself by being intoxicated… by alcohol and it’s very known that he was impaired this particular night it’s funny he won’t show the video of what he was doing before they were using the announcer on the platform to get down from their or w/e he was doing before the guards showed up… it’s Funny how he starts to acting out and being difficult when the guards are asking for his cooperation (Aggressiveness is influenced by alcohol). so A drunk that got roughed up because he was being stupid ever been to a bar before where the drunk stands up and starts acting stupid?? Exactly bar fight except that the guards aren’t trying to punch him or hurt him they are trying to detain him so he doesn’t hurt anyone or himself and he decides to make an irrational move which caused him to get some cuts and bruises in which hey they could of been worse you were on an escalator which you endangered the lives of those guards trying to do their jobs…
    To me your nothing more than a Common Drunk with a camera
    By the Way those girls were UM Students and It was ultra music festival which you know 250,000 ppl went to wearing less than what they were wearing…
    and for the one talking about slutty….
    if you have a daughter just because she leaves the house with a tshirt and jeans on doesn’t mean they can’t change in a public bathroom…

  • Daniel

    Why are people so stupid, Carlos go jump in front of a buss, there’s some easy money for you there.

  • Dirk Prophet

    Freedom loving Americans are behind you. The Constitution must be upheld for all our liberty. Sound like a bagger don’t I. Truly though, i admire you.

  • Charlie Rode

    First off let me say, I hope they win on every single section of this lawsuit as the security personnel were 100% in the wrong on every level. Anyways, I skimmed over the lawsuit but I don’t see a specific amount they are asking for? Does anyone know?

  • Arak

    Carlos I hope you take more money from these worthless Nazi twits then they even thought they had.

  • Paulina Paulino

    Carlos, what is the update on this? It’s been over a year now!