50 State Security allows photography on the Miami-Dade Metrorail under certain circumstances.


Three weeks after security guards dragged me down an escalator in a chokehold for taking photos on the Miami-Dade Metrorail, my attorney filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the security company.

We already had a pending state lawsuit against 50 State Security for the previous attack against me for entering the station with a video camera, so first we tried to amend the state court lawsuit with the new claims.

However, the judge rejected the amendment because the incidents took place almost two years apart.

So my attorney, Michael Pancier, who is also a photographer, withdrew that suit, only to come back with a much stronger suit on the federal level.

That means the matter will most likely be resolved much quicker than if it had stayed at the state level.

Meanwhile, 50 State introduced a Facebook page which so far has a whopping 14 followers, ten which are PINAC readers who have been leaving scathing comments, only to watch them get deleted.

Be sure to read the lawsuit.