Rochester, NY Cop Threatens to Arrest Man Recording From Front Porch


Two years ago, the Rochester Police Department made national news when officer Mario Masic arrested a woman for video recording a traffic stop from her front yard.

But despite the fallout from that incident, including assurances from the police chief that his officers would be trained to respect the rights of citizens, another officer threatened to arrest a man for video recording a traffic investigation from his front yard.

The video is dark and grainy but numerous voices can be heard, indicating that several citizens had stepped out of their homes to see the crash that had taken place.

But an unidentified cop focuses on the man with the camera, who hadn’t said anything until the cop orders him back inside his home.

The citizen asserts his right to record in a calm, professional manner, which makes the come act even threatening and unprofessional, shoving the man inside his home and closing the door, telling him, “if you come out here again, I am arresting you.”

The man, not wanting to risk arrest as Emily Good did two years ago, remains inside his home.

The incident took place in early March but came to light over the weekend when Rochester activist Davy Vara posted it on his blog, Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed. The interaction begins at 2:05 in the video.

Vara previously maintained a Facebook page where he shed a light on the Rochester Police Department but that was shut down after the police department complained to Facebook.

To voice your displeasure, call Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards at (585) 428-7045 and Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard at (585) 428-7033.

And let’s see who can identify this bully.

Rochester Cop


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • steveo

    What bothers me the most about this, although alot of it bothers me, is that somehow this leo believes that he has the right to push the homeowner forcefully back into his own home. Leos are allowed to effectuate arrests and use the force necessary to effectuate the arrest, but where does it say that a leo can push someone around and say, stand here or stand there without arresting the suspect? I don’t get it. If the leos believed that they were giving lawful orders and someone said I’m not going to follow your order, then you arrest the guy, you don’t shove him around? Obviously they didn’t believe that they were giving lawful orders.

    • Difdi

      And what if the resident had ordered the officer off his property and pushed on him to speed him along? Every bit as legal as the officer’s actions, but you can bet the officer would have escalated the incident.

  • $22798478

    This needs to be shown to the Chief of Police up there. This needs to go viral so the folks in Rochester will see that nothing is fixed. The women that was arrested a few years ago for doing the same thing (I believe she recently won a settlement) needs to go on TV with the news and protest with this man the treatment citizens are receiving. THIS IS BULLSHIT. Oh yea,….this cop is a fat fucking bastard.

    • Ian Battles

      perhaps another lawsuit for MUCH MUCH more this time.

      You know, a more severe punishment for a REPEAT OFFENDER…?

  • Gb Chew
    • Lars Cromander

      Sure looks like it, same nose.

      • Gb Chew

        Be nice to have some of that schnazzy facial recognition software with a database of LEO’s in it.

  • Rusty Gunn

    Until the time comes that the offending officer pays a price for his behavior, these kind of incidents will be the order of the day.

  • JdL

    Cops, the scum of the earth. How long will people tolerate this criminal behavior?

  • Donald

    When will they learn what protected by the constitution means!!??

    • Difdi

      Probably about the time the average response to police abuse is gunfire.

      • Gb Chew

        Gun-cams are not a crime either.

        Not that I’m advising anybody go out and shoot somebody, but if it happens, it’d be nice to have the footage for your defense attorney.

  • Ray

    I have an A-hole just like that one and the same stuff comes out of it too. Seems to be full of it.

  • Eric

    This is why the conservatives don’t want to give up their guns. This kind of BS doesn’t happen down south because the cops know that people would fight violence with more violence.

    I’m not taking sides in the gun debate, but there needs to be some sort of checks and balances on these uniformed thugs, and the conservatives seem to be able to handle BS like this better.

    • Joseph Murray

      You’re nuts if you believe that’s actually true, guy.

      • Curious Individual


  • Flashing Scotsman

    “I am inside MY house!”

    “I know you are, now close the door.”

    Seriously? I would have called 911 to report an unruly person refusing to leave my porch.

  • Treasure Brown
  • Freedom_Fighter_of_America

    He needs to be charged with terrorism.

  • Justin

    Davy V. Is a liar, this might have have happened, but 99% of what he says is a lie. Rochester Police did not get his Facebook shut down, it’s still up, he was blocked out of it for 2 days but maintains that he is still blocked, he slipped up and posted on it a week ago, he lies. RPD didn’t complain, I did as well as a few hundred other people. Davy is a racist piece of garbage and the city is ashamed he calls Rochester his home!

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      here we have video evidence of a cop massively in the wrong. evidence, you ever hear of it? why dont you come up with some to back your allegations?

      • Justin

        How was he in the wrong? Everyone was told to go inside for their own safety. This guy wanted to challenge the officer and not comply with orders. He was told to go in, not to stop taping, he could have got the same crappy footage from a front window. If you challenge authority, you lose.

        • whats_up

          Everyone wasnt told to go inside. Just him.

          • Justin

            Watch the video again, you can hear them say”clear these people out of here” you can’t hear the rest of the officers because this guy wasn’t complying and arguing with the officer

          • whats_up

            So I stand by my statement which you cant disprove. You have no idea what people they were talking about or what happens after he was told to go inside.

        • Bawk Bawkbagawk

          he had no authority to order him indoors moron, thats the fucking point you god damn sheep.

          • Justin

            Mike, the man was standing in the middle of an accident scene you idiot! He was feet away from an over turned car with people trapped inside, pieces of the car inches from his feet, you can see it in the video!! The cops had EVERY right, not to mention RESPONSIBILITY to secure the scene!! I’m not the sheep, its you fucking idiots that listen to all this bullshit from Davy!

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            his porch was “in the middle of an accident scene”? you need your eyes checked.

    • Davy V.

      Justin in a frustrated gas station attendant and wannabe cop. He stalks me and bombards me with comments, messages, and emails, while constantly trying to discredit my work.

      • Cruella DeVille

        At least Justin has a job and doesn’t just lie and harrass and bully people into “donating” money. And he’s the sheep? I don’t know how you an sleep at night knowing you lie and take advantage of the very own people who support and follow your work.

      • Justin

        Trying??? Davy you piece of shit, I HAVE!! And you know it!! I proved that the pictures you use are stolen from face book pages and cropped, I proved the Trooper had his cell phone in his hand when he confronted you, not mace….And you helped me prove to people that you were in fact NOT banned from your facebook page like you claimed! Havent seen anything with “tanya” signed in awhile, get tired of acting like a woman ya douche?? You show everyone I know what I am talking about EVERY time you block me, you cant fight the truth, and you HATE it when its posted on your page with your lies!! I gave you the chance to sit down with me, record it, and try to lie to my face with the proof of your lies right in front of you, but can you? NO! Because you are a coward and you know I will show everyone that I am completely right about you!!

        • Anonymus Troll

          Anyone else notice Davy Vaginas Facebookpage was rather on the quiet side while he was running around downtownall day trying to film the Spiderman movie shot in Rochester? And now that it’s done the page that he is “banned” from is picking up again? I don’t know what I love more, when he talks about himself on that page in the third person, or when he slips up and proves he isn’t really banned. Like the posts about the officers who wouldn’t help him find a place to watch the movie filming because of their personal feelings towards “me” yeah and did the mysterious “Tanya” ever make an appearance here like she was supposedto?

  • Haeshu

    This cop is a terrorist and needs to be treated as such.

  • Justin

    All of you posting the website of Officer Masic need to let it go, his case has been done and over for years, he received his punishment, this is not the same officer.

  • Justin

    I just watched this video for the first time, and you can clearly hear a supervisor telling officers to clear people out, they even stated , for your own safety please go back inside. Maybe if people showed more respect and listened to law enforcements reasonable requests, things like this wouldn’t happen. But no, people have to be smartass know it alls

  • Ian Battles

    So what does the Chief have to say about this regarding the “additional training” after Emily Good’s arrest? Someone needs to ask why the Chief has failed to keep his promise only two years later. His department has ALREADY cost the town money for doing exactly this.