The Photography is Not a Crime forums have finally arrived, providing a platform for all the awesome contributors that have become part of the PINAC community over the years.

They are so new that I haven’t even had time to create new discussion topics, so I’m hoping you can guys can give me some ideas.

I do plan on adding new topics over the next few days and we’ll eventually get it down. They can be accessed by clicking on “forums” above the header picture.

The most important section will be the “Breaking News” section, which is where I hope readers will contribute articles, links and videos to the types of stories I normally write about.

This way, the stories can be discussed and even voted up or down depending on interest, relevance and priority as is done in Reddit. And from there, I can take the stories and expand on them on the main section of the blog.

But even if I never get around to doing that, the stories remain archived on this blog, which is the whole point of it all.

As it is now, readers submit stories through email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and many times, I don’t get a chance to write about them, even though many are very newsworthy, so they end up getting bypassed and never making it on this blog.

The Breaking News section will also be featured in the top right-hand column, enabling readers to see what is hot as soon as they click on the home page.

Registration is required to contribute to the forums, which I know will turn some readers off, but is the norm for forums on any site. However, registration will never be required to comment on the stories I post.

We’ve also introduced a new advertising plan with very competitive rates in the hopes to fund the site. Because of heavy readership, bandwidth costs are more than $200 a month. And because we’ve been trying to keep costs down, sometimes the site tends to crash. I’m hoping all that will end with the adjustments we have made.

I also owe the guys at Splotches, who built the forums, more than $700, so if you would like to make a donation towards this cost, it would be greatly appreciated. I am grateful for the work they put into this over the last few months.

I am also very grateful for David Van Rood, who has been reading this blog since 2007 and who also put in a lot of work into making this happen.

Van Rood, who used to post as Genewitch, lives in Southern California while Pascal, Adam and and Andrew of Splotches all live in Europe, so many sleepless nights were spent coordinating with each other to bring the forums to life.

These guys didn’t put all this time into the forums for the money. They did it because they believe this is an extremely important issue.

Right now, donations can be made through this link because I’m still trying to figure out the system that the developers included at the top of the site that would allow readers to make reoccurring payments and be part of the donor wall.

It also appears as if all the readers who were subscribing by email will have resubscribe because the list has been completely wiped out. I know that has had to be done several times over the last few months, which is frustrating but hopefully this will be the last time.

The whole point of all this is to make this an even more interactive community, so I really want to hear from you guys.

What topics should I include in the forums?