Once again, we are treated to a video of overly aggressive cops apprehending a suspect because a citizen happened to have a camera handy.

Compared to some of the videos we’ve seen on Youtube, this is pretty non-eventful because it doesn’t appear as if punches, kicks, Tasers or pepper spray were used against the non-resistant suspect.

But considering the man they were trying to apprehend was merely walking his dog in a park and was attempting to comply with their orders, it was a little overkill.

But thanks to Youtube, we are now realizing these types of overly aggressive arrests are quite common, even if they do violate what is supposed to be police protocol in use-of-force escalation – not that it will ever be addressed by the Miami-Dade Police Department.

According to Miami resident Matthew Bradley, the man who recorded the video earlier today, police were called after the suspect had ordered some kids to stop playing in his yard.

One of the kids threatened to call his dad and the man allegedly threatened to kill both the kid and his father.

Bradley says that he did not witness any of that, so it’s pretty much hearsay at this point.

But he did witness cops escalating the situation in a park in Miami Lakes when all they were going on was the statement of a child.

“The man was simply walking his dog. He was at the park for at least two hours prior to the police showing up. As soon as two cops showed up they charged him quickly. The cops immediately called for back up even though the man did absolutely nothing for back up to be called. He kept backing up from the cop because the officer was getting in his face. About 10 minutes later, 3 other cops show up asking him questions. They were telling him to stay still but 7 officers kept approaching him. They then told him to sit down, he complied but then they started getting rough and that is when I began recording.”

Two lessons that can be derived from this video:

One, please try to make it a point to record horizontally by turning your phone in a horizontal position. Yes, it’s awkward on a phone but the end result is a full frame video instead of a vertical video in between black strips.

Two, if you are not resisting an arrest, be sure to announce you are not resisting before cops order you to “stop resisting” because that is something they are trained to say even if you are not resisting.