A New York State Trooper handcuffed and detained a man who refused to stop video recording him during a protest on Saturday, hoping to teach him a lesson.

Instead, Trooper Keller learned a lesson in Constitutional law when his supervisor refused to follow through with the arrest.

And hopefully we can teach the bully an even bigger lesson by shaming him on the internet.

But that is doubtful because we can see in the video he is shameless.

NY Trooper Keller

The man who ended up in handcuffs goes by Mikey Earthling on Facebook and posted the following description of the incident along with the above photo, which took place at the World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week Demo at Charles River Lab:

I simply was video taping the interactions of this officer with other activists when he demanded I stop recording. I explained to him that I’m not going to stop recording and that I have every right to film. I asked him what law or ordinance am I breaking….where he then proceeded to try to snatch the camera out of my hand 3 times. I didn’t let him take the camera and didn’t stop filming until he told me to turn around and that I was under arrest. I asked him what the charge was and he said “Obstructing Governmental Administration.” Ultimately, he called his supervisor, came back a few mins later and uncuffed me, giving me a lecture about how I should have just listened to him…even though I wasn’t breaking any law. Always film police interactions, it’s your right and it will save your ass and your comrades asses when trouble arises.

UPDATE: I had previously written in this story that the trooper who handcuffed the videographer was possibly Trooper Jack Keller, a public information officer, but that is not the case as you can read here.