San Antonio Park Police Beat Woman, Delete Video, Which is Later Recovered


San Antonio Park police violently beat a woman who had walked into the wrong room at a gas station, then arrested her brother for trying to video record the altercation.

They also deleted the footage from her brother’s camera while charging the woman with felony assault on a peace officer.

But her brother managed to recover the footage that contradicts the police version of the story.

Christina Oliver, who ended up with a broken nose and black eye, told her story to KENS 5:

Oliver had stopped to use the restroom inside a inside a Shell Gas Station late Saturday night on the her way home from celebrating Fiesta downtown. She said she accidentally walked into a stock room at the back of the store instead.

“When I realized it was for employees, I came back into the store,” Oliver said.

When she walked out, two Park Police officers confronted her and asked if she had stolen any items from the store.

According to a San Antonio police report, Oliver used a closed fist to punch one of the officers in the throat. It’s a detail Oliver vehemently denies.

“He punched me first,” she said. “He punched me in the eye.”

A witness who doesn’t appear to be related to Oliver left the following comment on the KENS 5 story:


San Antonio


Hopefully, she’ll figure out how to post the video. Call the San Antonio Park Police Department at this number: : (210) 207-8590.

park police patch

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • TxCwbyTrue

    I’d love to see the shell store video.

    • steveo

      I was thinking the same thing, there has to be a in store video of the initial confrontation. Usually owners of these places have a few cameras mainly to watch their own employees, there should be a view of the storeroom. But if the leos are deleting video, don’t be surprised if they looked for the dvr that records the cameras.

      And what the hell are “park police”. Now we got police for just about every fing thing in life. Fishing police, traffic police, tobacco police, alcohol police, gun police, social security police, federal police, homeland security police, metro rail police, train police, school police and now park police.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        LOL, welcome to Texas. The following are peace officers in this state.

        1. Sheriffs and their deputies.

        2. County constables and their deputies

        3. Municipal police officers and marshals

        4. Rangers and DPS troopers

        5. District and county attorney’s investigators

        6. Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents

        7. Arson investigators

        8. Public school and university police

        9. GSC officers (like federal protective services police)

        10. Game wardens

        11. Airport police

        12. Municipal park police

        13. Comptroller investigators (tax police)

        14. Water control district officers

        15. Transit police

        16. Medical Board investigators

        17. Hospital police

        18. County park rangers

        19. Racing Commission investigators

        20. Pharmacy Board investigators

        21. Attorney General’s investigators

        22. Lottery Commission investigators and officers

        23. Insurance Commission investigators

        24. Youth Commission apprehension specialists

        25. Food & Drug investigators

        26. Appellate Court bailiffs

        27. Prison special investigators

        28. TCLEOSE (state POST) investigators

        29. Dental Board investigators (sort of)

        I combined some that were more or less duplicative, like arson investigators (city, county, state).

  • Texas Killdozer

    An officer must have broken a fingernail while slamming her head against the counter, hence the upgrade to felony assault on a peace officer.

  • Wandering_Bard

    Carlos – Have you gotten ahold of CrystalMike through Facebook to see if you can get access to the video to post on here?

    • Carlos_Miller

      I just posted this quickly because I am trying to meet a deadline unrelated to PINAC. But I did a quick search through Youtube and didn’t find the video.

    • Carlos_Miller

      I just posted on her FB wall, asking about the video. It doesn’t appear as if she has been able to post it yet judging by her previous comments.

      • anne_48503

        Actually if it doesn’t ‘fit’ inside Facebook upload it to Youtube first then share it to facebook. That is how I did my nieces birth video. FB said it was too big so I went to Youtube and after some hours it was there.

        • Barking Dog

          There’s also sites just for that. It’s too big to pass, but not to upload, so they upload to a page where you can download it. Or they used to.

  • Cops lie

    What a bunch of worthless POS pigs … par for the course with Law Enforcement these days.

  • KristenKealapono

    I hope that KENS5 follows-up on this with the witness to help her to access the video.

  • KristenKealapono

    It is not illegal to film public officials, including police officers. All of these officers need to be fired and have felony assault charges brought against them.
    Where is the store video footage?
    Has anyone followed up with the witness to help her to send her video?

    • Aliel The Heretic

      Sadly, the most that might happen is they get fired.

      I remember a story where a cop shot and unarmed man in the back and killed him.

      He was convicted of felony manslaughter, but he was later reinstated and currently enjoys a taxpayer funded paycheck as the sitting police captain.

      City police are American largest criminal gang force.

      • $910553

        That applies not only to city police, but to ALL “Law Enforcement” across this entire country. Or have you not seen them when one of their Brothers in Blue is brought to justice by a Mere Citizen? Unless, of course, that operation is sanctioned by their Masters as it was in Fast and Furious. THAT puts things in a whole different light. After all, that paycheck trumps their oath to the Constitution any day of the week…

    • Barking Dog

      Isn’t deleting footage a crime of evidence tampering?

  • ProudGrandPa

    Okay suppose she DID throw the first punch? No video, just the word of 2 cops vs 1 suspect. Have to award this for the cops or call it a draw. Neither cops arrested for hitting her nor she is arrested for hitting them. No proof.
    As for what happened next, I leave it to my peers to decide if the videos show crime by either party or family. Who can tell? Maybe the family was wrong and did violate some law here. Were there arrests for photos or for being too close and yelling? That would account for the charges. What if they had been more reserved and photoed?

    • Proud GrandPa

      Still the repeated head-bashing (if true) sounds like a clear violation… unless she were grabbing his crown jewels in which case the office would be justified for one head slam as a nervous reaction. Was she kicking him while cuffed? Ask questions. The good news is that the store video would show this and eliminate all doubt.
      Never go shopping or visit a public restroom without a camera and several eyewitnesses. Sad day we live in…

      • steveo

        this girl is barely 5 ft tall.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          The worst hurt I ever saw inflicted on a guy was by a lady that wasn’t even 5 ft tall and maybe weighed 98 lbs. You can’t always judge it by their size.

          • Barking Dog

            She’s not 98 pounds. A slow moving target. And if you’re a cop and can’t take down somebody like that, then you should apply to the “Park” police.


          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Can you read?

      • a

        It seems like the questions you’re asking imply that the family is the problem, and that the cops, who deleted video evidence of the arrest, are the ones that should be considered more trustworthy.

      • Barking Dog

        TV station vids show her slammed while cuffed. Link at the top of this story

    • discarted

      “…and yelling?”

      It’s not a crime to yell at police. Rather it’s a right under the First Amendment.

    • Barking Dog

      Deleted footage, takes away any claim the police have

      • TheFlashingScotsman

        I would have to agree on that point. If the video showed them acting in an exemplary manner, they wouldn’t delete it.

  • Gary Don Oliver

    In my personal experience, the worst criminals in our degenerating economy are the cops. These days cops are hired to make a profit for the government, any way they can, and get rid of those that don’t produce for the government. All governments have become the Godzilla of old Japanese movies. Cops don’t need to use phony radar guns in Oregon to steal from a motorist. They just completely fabricate a charge then commit perjury in court. Judge Horner, Dallas, Oregon, made sure, asking cop David Peterson twice if there were no witnesses in the vehicle before their complicity in the theft. It doesn’t even matter that a charge completely violates the laws of physics. Oregon cops will issue a completely bogus traffic cite, then commit perjury with the most ridiculous impossible lies in court and the judges convict anyway, as if it were a conspiracy. Their combined arrogance is complete. I know. It happened to me in Oregon. IN OREGON, DON’T DRIVE IN YOUR VEHICLE ALONE. If you want to know why, read the posts on: That is the reason cops don’t want to be filmed. It cuts into their take from theft, and exposes their level of insanity.

  • fed_up_one

    As we wait to see this video and what really happened, please go to Youtube and watch: Worse Than Rodney King. Actual Dash-cam video of 5 PA State Trooper viciously beating a non-combative, out of state motorist. What happens after the beating is the real story. Over 1.3 million views in less than a year.

    • Paul Davis

      That happened in my County. What scum bags. From the cops to the DA to the County Judge.

  • Hans Etter

    Don’t cameras in phone upload to fb or youtube by themself almost nowdays?

    • Seth

      No they don’t and if they did it would be only while on wifi anyway.

      However, taking some hit to quality if you use an app for or ustream then it cannot be deleted, it’s broadcast live and a fb/tweet goes out when you start the video. Pretty sure you have to login later on the computer to delete videos.

  • Guest

    Deleting the video to me is always the worst crime in these cases. If criminal DAs continue to refuse to charge their criminal cop buddies when they even go so far as destroying evidence there’s not much the public can do. They are all treasonous, traitorous scumbags.

  • yourdad5678

    I just dont get it.
    Big ol tough cops wailing on a woman, in cuffs.
    What? you didnt get a pony when you were 6?
    Such a HEROIC effort, to gang up on a WOMAN while she is cuffed.
    They need to be fired and CHARGED and do jail time.
    But, as in most of these cases they will be put on paid leave for 2 weeks.
    Yep, beat an innocent person then get a 2 week vacation.

  • ExCop-Lawyer

    It’s not possible to tell what happened without further information, preferably video from both the store and from Perez.

    I’m going to wait before I just automatically assume that either side is wrong. Anyone interested in the truth should also pause before making a knee-jerk reaction. It’s possible that the officers were abusive. It’s also possible that she hit one first. We just don’t know yet.

    • Guest

      If everything happened as described by the police, there is still the matter of them deleting the video. Maybe you’ll say there is not yet proof that they deleted the video. Ive seen it reported too many times that videos and memory cards are deleted or stolen. I have never once heard of a case where the police were prosecuted for doing it. It seems that it’s almost routine.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        Several officers in Dallas were prosecuted and convicted for tampering with evidence for playing games with video.

        I just don’t know yet what happened, nor does anyone else. If Oliver is correct, then the officers should be held to account. By the same token, if the officers are correct, then Oliver should be held to account.

        I’m just saying I’ll wait to see what’s happening.

        • Guest

          I agree with part of what you’re saying. But even if the officers are correct about what happened, if there is credible evidence that one or more of the officers were responsible for deleting the video then they should be charged with that crime.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            I agree.

        • Barking Dog

          Check the KENS 5 TV station link. They have footage of her being slammed while cuffed.

        • Paul Davis

          Craig Watkins is a good DA.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Craig Watkins is an ass, and does favors for his friends. You know, like indict your civil suit opponent for a felony, and then when caught on it, refuse to testify.

    • Rob Lindner

      Um, beating up on woman like that who is in cuffs is wrong whether she hit them or not.

  • Ron

    You need to get hold of the police statements immediately in case they change inlight of this new video evidence

  • rose-colored-glasses

    serve and protect…guess they forgot that part. I am really getting tired of seeing this situation. Guess it’s not worth calling them for help anymore. how sad.

    • anne_48503

      Call the plumber; it’s much safer and they may actually come and help you out of your shit 😉

  • dan

    dont be wasting my time prompting me to come to your website to see nothing but what the mass media reports. If there was a video recovered, then post it.

    • chessamerika

      Some people are jerks. Thanks for all you do.

  • jefsr

    San Antonio /Bexar County law enforcement believe that they are above the law. Both SAPD and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Dept. helped the City/County hide massive public/police corruption for years.

    San Antonio TX Mayor Julian Castro, SAPD Chief William McManus and City Attorney Michael Bernard are named in two federal civil rights lawsuits for conspiring to hide three decades of public/police corruption by banning whistleblowers from City Hall and public Council meetings.. On 04/25/2013 a sworn complaint was submitted to DA Reed and AG Abbott concerning 45 months of Open Meeting violations. Reed has been asked to recues herself as she helped hide the public / police corruption.

    City and County officials continue to participate in the effort to cover up the criminal activity and help keep public/police corruption, the theft/misuse of tens of millions of dollars supporting 911 and other public safety systems, the theft of $200,000 via “padded” invoices by corrupt city managers and vendors, the submission of false statements/fraudulent audits to federal investigators in HUD-OIG case # hl-10-0465, bond fraud, accounting fraud, grant fraud , perjury, obstruction and other criminal acts hidden.

  • DamOTclese2

    Texas, what else would you exzpect from Christian Republicans other than theofascist violent insane Republican pigs?

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      How can they be liberal socialist laborers (i.e., fascists) if they are right wing capitalist Republicans?

      • vg0va3

        “How can they be liberal socialist laborers (i.e., fascists)”

        Easy, Cowboy. I think you may have blown his mind with that information.

        He probably hadn’t been taught who the fascists really were. All he knows is that is what he has heard the other leftist lemmings call conservatives at their rallies.

        Give him a day or so and he will recover.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          Mussolini started as a labor member of the socialist party before he branched out.

          He was a journalist, a labor leader, arrested for advocating general strikes, and was considered one of Italy’s prominent Socialist party members. Then when he got power, he turned on the people because he knew what was good for them.

          You know, pretty much like liberal Democrats.

          • vg0va3

            And he was highly allergic to piano wire

          • $910553

            At least when applied appropriately…

          • RaymondbyEllis

            Except he was hanged thus by a Communist partisan group. Potential dictators hanging a realized one. Guess there is poetry in that.

          • RaymondbyEllis

            He was definitely one of the most prominent Socialists, even outside Italy. He broke with the Socialist/Communist (the words were more interchangeable prior to 1917) movement over nationalism and the need to join WWI.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Yes, and the liberal democrat socialists also conveniently forget that his counterpart was the National Socialist German Workers Party. Members called themselves “National Socialists.”

            The NSDAP was initially formed by Anton Drexler and Karl Harrer as the German Worker’s Party, basically a labor organization. Some of their political views would align with a particular political party of today. Among those views were:

            1. Only income from labor is to be kept. Dividend, interest, capital gains, etc. are not legitimate forms of income.

            2. Profits from businesses must be shared (income redistribution).

            3. Provision for old age income (social security).

            4. Reform the educational system.

            5. National health standards and care.

            6. A strong central government to effect change that is beneficial to the nation.

            7. Limitations on freedom of the press, including photography.

            Somehow I don’t think these look like right-wing or Republican talking points.

          • RaymondbyEllis

            But it diverged once AH become the political and intellectual leader. I don’t consider the NSDAP truly fascist post his ascendency. Mussolini and Franco were true fascists. The NADSP was something more, something different, something worse.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            No, I agree with you, I was looking at the origins of the NSDAP, not what it became. And I think you’ll agree that as originally set up, it was much more in line with both Franco and Mussolini.

            It’s amazing to me how long Franco lasted, and how he managed to do so. First, he was an extremely astute politician, and in an overwhelmingly Catholic country, supported the Church. Second, the most fascist of the organizations, the Falange Española, lost it’s leader during the Spanish Civil War, allowing Franco to marginalize its impact. Finally, he was smart enough to stay neutral during World War II.

  • FascistNation

    You know, in Phoenix, AZ where I reside the wonderful Park Police (scattered throughout the county) have a rep for roughhousing people. They have been known to pull people over and issue tickets for speeding (nowhere near a park) and other interesting things to play cop. Their training is really, REALLY lacking. Yet they carry a gun and all the other torture accoutrements of compliance. Regular city cops HATE them.

    She should take her video and any eye witness contact info to the San Antonio PD (NOT the park PD) and file an assault and battery charge while noting these thugs were well armed (“armed” prioritizes the case). The city cops might be more than willing (or not) to arrest their park police brethren if they don’t respect them—the county prosecutor’s office would likely drop the charges, but …. 😀 payback

    • RaymondbyEllis

      I live in Phoenix also and I would agree regarding the Park Police. We may disagree here but I think the Phoenix PD is better than many, while the MCSO has real issues.

  • Barking Dog

    The TV station has a shot of her getting slammed.

    This is why miscreants aren’t punished. The incident is being investigated by the cops’ associates, the same types seen coming to their aid while they are beating the woman.

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    I will be calling Monday to ask these questions…
    Is there any video from the store cameras and if so when will it be released to the public?

    Do you know which officer deleted the phone video,and will that officer be charged with destroying evidence?

    If the video from the store turns up missing or deleted shouldn’t charges be dropped?

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      The proper charge in Texas is “Tampering with Physical Evidence”, Tex. Penal Code Sec. 37.09. It is a third degree felony.

  • purple

    fucking cops

  • Scumbagkila

    Those are the type of sick bastards that shouldn’t have guns.

  • Jason

    I have the recording from the third party. Who thank god took the time to stick around after the cops tried to rush her off. Still waiting since Tuesday April 30 for the shell to produce the film with no luck. I guess a court Subpeona only works if the officers didn’t erase that as well. Thank you all for your support

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      You need to get an attorney. You can’t just introduce the video, you have to lay the proper foundation.

      This isn’t something that you want to do on your own.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Have you posted the video anywhere?

  • K Little

    It looks pretty bad but I’m only seeing & hearing one side of the story. I do know the women that was arrested was trying to go to the bathroom on the floor & I don’t mean urinating. She walked in with toilet paper in her hand extremely intoxicated.

  • TiredOfBS

    ho hum .. nothing ever gets done…. a pointed finger … a slap on the wrist…. a timeout?

    *yawn ..*sigh .. regurgitated again and again

  • John C Carleton

    In San Antonio, DA Susan Reed flat refuses to charge a police officer with anything if she can help it. Wonder what they have on her? I had a SAPD officer steal my wallet with about two hundred $ in it. They made him a detective and he is still on the force. Some years back a SAPD officer beat up my daughter, Internal affairs covered for him and kept doing so in other cases untill he raped someone while on duty, in his patrol car. When she could not get out of it, DA Susan Reed downgraded the charges to official oppression.