Lisa Concepcion, Miami Beach Blogger who Fabricated Photography Incident
Lisa Concepcion, Miami Beach Blogger who lied about a photography incident for attention.

Lisa Concepcion Probably Lying About Kneeing Man in Balls After he Photographed her Topless (UPDATED)

UPDATE (April 6th, 2015): Original story notes that Lisa Concepcion is a “blogger” but the blog appears to be offline.

UPDATE (December 15, 2014): Though the story notes that Carlos Miller and Lisa Concepcion of the defunct blog were friends on Facebook at the time of publication. At this time Ms. Concepcion has blocked Carlos Miller from seeing her posts, but is still bitter in continued Facebook rants, because PINAC News reported her fabricated story last year.

UPDATE (May 12, 2013): It appears as if Lisa Concepcion made up the whole story about kneeing a man in the balls after he photographed her topless on South Beach, insinuating that she did so as a social media experiment to see who would fall for her story.

This from a woman who describes herself as a “No BS Blogger.”

She blocked me from her personal page, apparently unhappy at the response my readers took to her story, especially the ones who ripped her to shreds on my Facebook page on a thread that has 234 comments at this time.

But she hasn’t blocked me from her Lisa Takes Miami Facebook page, her social media rendition of Debbie Does Dallas.

On that page, she made various insinuations about her making up the story, then refused to answer my direct question asking if she made the whole story up.

So she’s either a liar or a raving psycho.

Or probably a little of both.



Lisa Concepcion was sunbathing topless on South Beach Monday when she noticed a man sneakingly taking photos of her.

The 42-year-old New York transplant who runs the blog, Lisa Takes Miami, ordered him to delete the photos.

When he didn’t, things got ugly.

She ended up snatching the camera from his hands and tossing it out to sea, following it up with a hard knee to the groin.

All to the rousing applause of fellow sunbathers.

This is how Concepcion described her reaction on Facebook, where we are friends:

Superhero moment: Just kneed a fully dressed, photo snappin beach creeper, white male approx 50, southern accent, wire rimmed glasses, dressed in pink gingham shirt, brown dockers in the cojones. A couple next to me caught him taking sneaky pics of me while I was reading. At first when I approached him he said he’d delete them. He didn’t. I grabbed his camera, he was fighting me tugging it so…i got TaeBo on his groin, got hold of his camera and flung it into the sea. Ya want your camera creeper?? Go swim for it. GIT OFF MY BEACH YA CREEPER!

While she received praise from several of her friends, I couldn’t help but point out that she actually committed assault, battery and strong-armed robbery while the “photo snappin beach creeper” committed no crime.

South Beach is a public beach, which means nobody has an expectation privacy, even if a woman chooses to remove her top.

And as numerous court cases have ruled, public photography is protected by the First Amendment.

The law also does not allow anybody, including police officers, to force a photographer to delete their images. And it does not require a photographer to obtain a model release unless they plan to use it for commercial purposes like in a magazine ad.

In fact, the law doesn’t even allow women to go topless on South Beach. It is just tolerated because we tend not to sweat the small (or large) stuff in Miami when it comes to exposed breasts, not to mention the fact that we have a huge influx of European female tourists who have long sunbathed topless.

In 2009, I wrote an article for Miami Beach 411 about a group of American women protesting for the right to go topless on all parts of Miami Beach as it is currently only tolerated on the beach.

At the time, New York was the only state where women are allowed to go topless in public. So there is no denying that we are a little repressed when it comes to breasts in this country, which is why it can be so scandalous when a mother chooses to breastfeed in public.

And that is why some American men who are visiting Miami from other parts of the United States end up over-oogling when they come across endless mounds of bare breasts on our beaches.

And it’s understandable why they would want to take photos. After all, this is not something you will see in the hilly pastures of Iowa.

To get an idea of how prevalent and accepted it is down here, Google “topless South Beach” and click on the images icon. You will even see a photo of Concepcion, breasts unexposed, holding up a tube of sunblock.

But as we can see here, just because you have the right to take photos doesn’t mean you won’t get attacked for it.

And if you think the local cops will come to your rescue, think again. We all know cops can be very ignorant of the law when it comes to taking photos in public.

In 2008, a Photography is Not a Crime reader named Howard was arrested for taking photos of topless women on South Beach. I never got around to writing about it, but I believe he was charged with disorderly conduct, which ended up getting dismissed.

Miami is a very aggressive city, which is evident in some of my videos with cops and security guards, not to mention that crazy lady who attacked me over photographing a fish.

Concepcion said that a group of men who witnessed the exchange were ready to pounce on the guy themselves, which would have made them guilty of battery, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would get arrested.

It’s a lawless land down here, which is both good and bad.

And when it comes to photography, it’s pretty much every man and woman for themselves.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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    funny, legally speaking the photographer did nothing wrong, only she broke the law and only the fotogs rights were violated, the fotog even had authority in that moment while she assaulted him to pop her one and knock her out. I would have done it, I would have that much stength to control myself, I have on two occasions had female bystanders try to block me from doing public photography ( these were both police scenes, nothing else)(and the female bystanders were not even apart of ther pics/vids) both time they phyiscally put there hands on my arm/hand and /or my camera. One got a kick to their ribs by me, the other got punched in her shoulder and shoved away from me. Only they broke any laws, I was in the right, the above photographer was in the right, this lady sunbathing should have gotten her face smashed, it may be nice to say and even I will want to think I should use better judgement and restraint in the future unlike my past encounters but attacking someone, hitting them and stealing their property just because you disagree with what they are doing (even though you are the ones thats wrong) Yes, this woman, this slut bitch which i’m sure she is needed a good knock to the jaw, its the one golden time its okay to hit a woman, when they are acting like ghetto animal and trashy (its all about me and what i think is right) shit. always have a backup plan, I even think legally speaking this fotog if he had a gun and the right concealed carry permit, or here we have an open carry law, in the event of a “strong armed robbery/grad theft – assault, yeah legally speaking if armed he could have lawfully fired upon this woman, as long as we all know and agree Photography is NOT a Crime we must defend its freedom across the board, even the most controversial and nitty gritty areas of the 1st amendment and doing photography In or From or Of a public space, which includes public space looking into a private area and every possible variety, its all legal and covered under Freedom of Press so long as someone is either In Public, Visible from Public or Visible as being in Public from a Private area, No laws are being broken and No civil liberties are being violated, the war on camera by police must end but theres a war on cameras that flares up anytime someone thinks they are being filmed or whatever and they object to their image being captured, guess what, its legal and tough shit, deal with it. I dont care if you have to follow someone around to the point of them being scared, take picture of them and their family and their house and car and whatever till you drive the point home of being allowed to take pictures of anything in this country, its amazing what i hear over the years, “you aren’t allowed to film this building” “you dont have my permission to tape me” or “children have special exception to being photographed in public” WRONG!!!! everyone anywhere doing anything can and will be photographed and beyond the 1st amendment use the police cameras as a secondary argument, I’m just doing what the cops are doing with their cams of watching you/spying on you in public settings. I feel like hunting this woman down and drawing her into a conflict with me, i want her to confront me and be aggressive, i’m gonna mace her first then put her in a choke hold and beat her silly, which of course would only be acceptable if she were to jeopardize my civil liberties by physically attacking me, this bitch doesnt need to be beaten up, dont get me wrong, but she needs a ore powerful lesson of the law and what really happened, her “Hero” blog or whatever and claiming she did a right thing when she was the one that was wrong is just making things worse, she will not have the same outcome challenging me, not that i wanna photograph her nasty ass anyways, but i will to make a point and i will kill to make a point also, if you arent willing to die yourself or kill others to defend any freedom then you probably dont understand or really even need that freedom.

    • ExCop-Lawyer


    • Difdi

      Just like proper formatting and artistry can turn an every day picture into a work of art, the lack thereof can turn a beautiful shot into something dull and boring. The written word is similar.

      For God’s sake man, USE PARAGRAPHS.

  • rahlquist

    One thing people need to get through their heads RIGHT NOW is that if you are in public now, you are incapable of detecting every type of photography. Spy devices abound, so simple, don’t do anything you don’t want the WORLD to see. You have no right to privacy in a public place. Better get used to it folks when they can hide video cameras in eyeglasses that are suitable for TV broadcast then you better know people are using those in stores, parks, and possibly even places they shouldn’t like locker rooms and bathrooms.

    • phantom_surfer

      Spy devices aside, the proliferation of very good cell phone cameras, both still and video and the viral effect of the internet have really changed the game, as far as exposure goes. Thank goodness for that, or we wouldn’t have champions like those who run and participate on PINAC to bring the truth forward to all that are interested, especially with the long standing history of police misconduct. This public vetting of misdeeds, in my opinion, has already and will continue to bring forth behavior modification as well as strengthening of our rights. Despite all the tactics that are used to nullify the law of public photography, especially in regards to the police, I do honestly believe that we are constantly moving in the right direction and making incremental progress toward our freedom as Americans.

  • Larry Coty

    She’s a disgusting byatch. I hope the next time she tries this the guy knocks her out.

  • joe

    Carlos, thanks for keeping us abreast of what’s happening on Florida’s beaches. (pun intended)

  • Keith Tipton

    He needs a tinier camera built into his hat or something. or maybe a fake camera to distract from the real one.

    • tiny
      her email address for those that dont have it, carlos, that is correct, you didnt do the story. the end of the story with me was just this. the person in charge over in MBPD, IA division said that now that they had the official word on how to handle anyone with cameras on the beach, they would not be arresting anyone on just anything they made up because the fact is, PINAC! well you know what, those that didnt know it back when but know it now are nothing but morons, bullies with badges/guns!
      well, back to LISA, she would have never done that to me. if she continues this crap, someone gonna take her out. she may be brave, and its still true. you cant fix stupid!
      so then, I was shooting today on south beach, anyone want to join me sometime? let me know and we shall shoot some hot babes topless, NP at all! [and for anyone that wants to video nude beach, also NP!!!]

  • jimwinters

    @larry, u must know her…she is a self absorbed pig

    • Larry Coty

      Nah, I can just tell from the horse face and the fake look. Can’t figure out, though: Is she 100% Jewish, or only 50%?

      • Rusty Carr

        Who give’s a fly’n phukk about her religion?

        • Larry Coty

          I do.

          • John Holden

            What does her religion have to do with anything?

  • KB

    So Carlos – what was her reaction to your comment about it being assault?

    • Carlos_Miller

      She questioned my manhood

      • KB

        She sounds like a real keeper.

        • jimwinters

          not really! very very single…one must imagine why :-)

          • Jenna

            She is actually married but her and her estranged husband haven’t lived together for along time…….can’t imagine why? She dates/screws other guys.

      • tiny

        what was your answer? 😀 😛 :)

        • Carlos_Miller

          I told her I was just looking at this issue through a legal eye.

          I would cut and paste the exchange except she has since blocked me on FB, so I am unable to access the original thread.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            It’s gone, but several others have posted there, including a request for an interview about her assaulting the individual.

          • Graham Shevlin

            I am starting to get the picture of this woman as a wilfully ignorant, narcissistic control freak with no concept of how to discuss or debate issues. Her website projects an image of a would-be showbiz loudmouth.

          • jimwinters

            hahaha…blocked…we have so much in common!

  • rick

    Once again a photographer is assaulted and battered. I would fully support the man pressing charges.

  • phantom_surfer

    When this happened just north of Malibu, the cats that assaulted the paparazzi for taking pictures of Matthew Mcconaughey kooking out in the surf got arrested. The link includes videos of the attack. Don’t know what the resolution was, but this lady essentially did the same thing by attacking the photographer like she did.

    She was way out of line, and dare I say it, a typical transplant who wants to reap the benefits of their adopted town like Miami Beach, and expect that Miami Beach is as uptight as New York, where they don’t allow topless bathing, as far as I know.

    The instance of her bragging about it online is just plain stupid. She should be embarrassed, in my opinion. If you’re out in public and your showing off what ya got, you better bet that people are checking you out and yes, sometimes taking pics. Like the article states, the law is very clear on expectation of privacy in a public places, whether it be boobs, bodies, surfers, or bike riders, anyone has a right to take your photo (commercial use without consent excepted).

  • Brett Schnaper

    nobody ever touches my camera. might be the spiked wrist band around the lens. people are totally polite to porcupines.

  • Bullies For Romney

    I also guess she never heard of

    • JDS

      The above link is NSFW.

      Now, how to explain this to my company’s IT guys…

      • Bullies For Romney


  • squintaroony

    I am aware that the photographer was within his rights, and Ms. Concepcion was not – but I don’t feel like cheering for this particular photographer. While legal, his actions seemed more like those of an “upskirter” than a legit photographer, and he should have anticipated that Ms. Concepcion would be made uncomfortable by his snapping her photo. That doesn’t justify her assault on the photographer, of course. But when does photography of unwilling subjects become harassment? If you follow someone down the street or invade their space with a camera, despite their protests or requests that you leave them alone, the photography might be legal but the stalking and harassing might not. Likewise, there’s a social norm that says you don’t stare at a woman’s breast, or eavesdrop on conversations, in public. They don’t have the force of law, nor should they – but violating them certainly does earn one the epithet “creeper.”

    But it does not excuse assault or strong arm robbery.

    • Rusty Carr

      I personally don’t give a fly’n phukk if the woman was upset or not. I personally don’t give a fly’n phukk if the guy stooped to the level of an upskirter. What I DO give a fly’n phukk about is that he was perfectly within his rights to photograph this bitch, she was on a public beach and had NO EXPECTION OF PRIVACY!! Bottom line, THAT’S IT!

      • squintaroony

        Well, that’s not quite it. He wasn’t quite an “upskirter” as women have ome expectation of privacy wrt what their clothing covers, whereas this woman chose to uncover her breasts in public – which is fine – but she showed a bit of hypocrisy when she complained about a man photographing what she’d made publicly visible.

        But I still think his actions, while legal, were rude and creepy for reasons having little to do with photography, and everything to do with how people are supposed to treat each other when they interact in a public venue. The fact that her own violations of public propriety were far worse – and illegal – doesn’t absolve the guy.

        • Rob

          While upskirting is definitely ethically wrong, many courts have ruled that it is legal in public, as there is NO expectation of privacy.

          People need to stop getting so offended by people with cameras. If you don’t want someone to take pictures of your junk, don’t expose it for them to take pictures of it, and wear some damned underwear.

  • nrgins

    She should’ve put a sign next to here: “This shizzit is a photo-free zone. Snap me, I’ll snap you.” Or something.

    Gosh, I hope that guy files charges. He probably doesn’t even realize he could.

    Carlos, did you try to contact this woman and see what she had to say? Would be interested in hearing her opinion about possibly facing criminal charges.

  • Tiger

    So has She Been Charged with anything?

  • Tijuana Joe

    Reminds me of a funny Miami/tits story. Remember that hottie on the cover of
    REO Speedwagon’s album Hi Infidelity? Turns out she was a bartendtress
    at Wet Willie’s on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach mid-90’s. Tamara. Hell of a cutie. As I sat there

    sipping a liquid concoction she leaned over one time and I saw some beauties. Big and bouncy, yet perky. Tried to snap a photo and she got ticked off. To this day she knows me as the pervy camera bug.

  • Tom Jankowski

    For those who think Lisa owes the guy a new camera:

  • Haeshu

    What a boob this guy was! Bawahahahahaha!!!

    • Cleaver


  • Farid @ Idaho

    I moved to Miami from St. Louis in 1986. My wife & I strolled along the beach our first day there and I started to notice about a half-dozen women sun-bathing topless. My prudishness piqued, I walked over to a police officer and wanted to know why he wasn’t doing something about these women.

    “Well, I guess because no one has ever complained” he said straight-faced.

    I’ve lived in Idaho the past 20 years, and I can attest that I haven’t seen that problem here.

    Sigh …. the good old days ….

  • Farid @ Idaho

    And by the way, Carlos, the first video of an Idaho policeman demanding ID while filming made it’s way to youtube last week. I’m a reporter for the paper here in Pocatello and so I talked to several high-ranking officials about the tape.

    After reviewing it, the captain agreed a mistake had been made and didn’t try to justify the actions he found improper.

    I’m writing a 10-part series on our police, covering 1st amendment issues, recording them, gun rights, and a lot more.

    I think police typically reflect their community. Out here, 1st and 2nd amendment rights are huge and the police get it. We don’t have to tell them we are recording and we don’t have to tell them we’re armed, on our person or in the car. “It’s your right,” said the captain.

    I see what you go through and I feel very bad for you. Sure, it’s still 1966 out here, but the police are generally respectful of our rights.

    Watch that video on youtube (type in Idaho State Police and “Hershey”). That’s as bad as it gets around here.

  • Tim

    I’ve got a feeling that Lisa Concepcion is making this story up (I’m assuming she’s the one who broke the story originally).

    Let see if “someone” actually files charges…

    • Melody Migas

      I was thinking it was made up, too. Did anyone else or the camera guy say anything?

  • sambacomet

    I reccomend more thorhough fact checking ,NY was not the only state allowing women to go topless not by a long shot,it’s legal in most states. Topless laws that specify only female gender fail constitutional equal protection challenges.

  • Margaret Menge

    Interesting. But let’s point out: Just because you have a right to do something, doesn’t mean it isn’t repugnant. Show some respect. Look, then look away, guys. Let the women enjoy the sun.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      I don’t think anyone here (well, at least the mature ones) would disagree with you.

      Our issue is that she apparently believes that she has a right to privacy that doesn’t exist in public and is willing to use force and destroy other peoples property to enforce that non-existent right.

      If she is so insistent on not being photographed in that manner, she should keep them covered.

    • John Holden

      I dont agree or disagree with you, but it is not legal to do what she did and it is legal to do what he did. Period. Assaulting someone is actually much more repugnant than taking a picture.

  • Dutch

    Scrolling through her photo page on facebook one thing stood out: She is very taken with herself. Conceited came to mind. Over 95% of her photos show that same plastic practiced obnoxious smile.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      In Texas, that is known as an attention whore.

      • Graham Shevlin

        Oh yes, she would fit in at any of the major showbiz locations in the USA. Her website screams “wannabe showbizzy narcissist”

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          One of her comments says that she is a narcissist. She claims the title like it is a good thing.

  • righteous_indignation

    That bitch should hang.

  • Who post their real number?

    FYI: Lisa’s cell phone number is (201) 406-7690.

    This was obtained from her public facebook page.

    Feel free to call her and give her your opinion on the matter. Her facebook page list her as a “news personality” and that would make her a public figure.

    I think she prefers to be contacted between the hours of 10pm and 6am. But I may be mistaken.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      I would be careful. Harassment is normally a criminal offense, and believe it or not, there are ways to determine the calling number. Even when you block it. Calling in the middle of the night is much more likely to provoke police response.

  • ExCop-Lawyer

    Now she’s denying that it ever happened, which gives you the option that she is a liar.

  • JdL

    Incidents like this put the lie to the notion, still prevalent in society, that women are the Gentler Sex. Women can at LEAST match men in being nasty control-freaks.

  • HighStandards

    Ugh, saggy old lady boobies are saggy. Fugly old broad. Miami is full of people like her, old people who think they look good and really shouldn’t show off what they don’t have.

  • Richard Priest

    A real photographer would find a willing model and end up with better pics and far less drama.

  • Richard Priest

    Too bad Lisa’s parents achieved conception.

  • tiny

    Howard Hal
    heya CM, hope all is fine, well Lisa in her own words, she is a pussy for sale! i wouldn’t pay to see her naked! well here it is for the whole world to see.
    …..>>>[LisaTakesMiami And you’re still a dork. Hahaha with no life still obsessing. Your comments speak volumes. At this point you seem like some stalker with a thing for prostitutes. Keep digging your hole. Do you honestly think I care what you think if me flea?? And that comment about being on the beach sometimes…please. Roam where you choose, makes zero impact on my life. Enjoy the beach. It’s lovely.]<<< WHORE LISA BE, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? NOT ME, I FIGURED SHE WAS ANYTHING BUT. well everyone has to make a living, dont they! and where would washington D.C. be without whores, pres billy wouldnt have gotten any head that day! and LISA this one is for you, SQUIRT SQUIRT!

  • Ticket Listers

    She thinks she is prettier than she really is!

  • What?

    With her it’s a “joisey thing!”