Surveillance Video Prompts Lawsuit Over Arrest of Citizen Video Recording Police


Toronto police proved they are no different than American police when they attacked a man for video recording them making an arrest, yelling at the man to “stop resisting” when the man was clearly not resisting, then charging him with assaulting an officer when he didn’t even come close to that.

The incident, which took place last year, was captured on a hotel surveillance camera, a huge piece of evidence which no doubt prompted the lawsuit Karl Andrus filed earlier this month.

According to the Toronto Star:

Karl Andrus alleges in a statement of claim that he was threatened with arrest as he used his BlackBerry smartphone to document another arrest in the lobby of the downtown Sheraton Centre Hotel, where he was also a guest.

Andrus was told that he’d “filmed enough” and, although other guests were around him, was told repeatedly to back up.

And then, “suddenly and without warning” he was “violently attacked” by an officer and “subjected to various forms of strikes and pressures,” he alleges.

Security video shows Andrus, who suffered numerous injuries including rib fractures, being taken down by a number of officers. He was also charged with obstructing and assaulting police

The Star, unfortunately, annoyingly used a black bar to cover people’s faces in the video.

However, they included footage from the surveillance camera as well as Andrus’ Blackberry, which shows us he has a very strong case.

Named in the lawsuit is Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who two months ago slammed his officers for turning off dashboard cameras, being untruthful in court and racist remarks.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Catherine Todd

    “Named in the lawsuit is Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who two months ago slammed his officers for turning off dashboard cameras, being untruthful in court and racist remarks.”

    This is REALLY scary. Canada and United States? What is happening here? What’s coming next? Something we are surely not aware of, and it’s only going to get worse. I’m glad I don’t live in the United States anymore. It’s becoming a police state more and more, along with our Canadian neighbors. Add in the war with “illegal immigrants” while we use them and need them as workers, but refuse to hand out work permits – and Americans won’t do those jobs so the immigrants aren’t taking anything… it’s just crazy and now it’s scary, too. God save us and thank God for websites like this that make the truth known! People have to stand up for their rights or lose them. “Rights” are not free. The price of freedom is ever vigilance.

    • Roger Krueger

      I think it’s a positive thing… it’s NOT that it’s happening more, it’s that it’s being documented and reported more.

      Being a cop is a tough job. A lotta stress, a lotta power. Some folks can’t handle it. Same today as it was 100 years ago.

      But now there’s video, not just jailhouse whining.

      • wadejlong

        you are dead on balls accurate!

    • wadejlong

      welcome to the North American Union.

    • Proud GrandPa

      I agree that Canada is getting scary. They also censor free speech and religious free speech now in ways that the USA will never allow. Ministers are persecuted for preaching against the homosexual agenda or for telling people the truth when the liberal, politically correct censors don’t like it. May the good old USA always protect our freedom of religion and freedom of speech.


      In the video there are other guests clearly allowed to stand closer to the officers. This would indicate the sole reason for this incident is that the victim was recording it. I am sure this will be corrected in time with better training and a few lawsuits, but what price do we innocent citizens pay in the meantime?

      • Fotaugrafee

        Awww, isn’t that tough shit? Maybe those ministers should keep their shitty religious values AT HOME where they belong? Too bad, so sad.

        • ProudGrandPa

          Caught you! I nailed your bigotry. It is people like you who outlaw freedom of photograph. It is people like you who censor others beliefs.
          You have a problem with religion discussed and preached in public? So your kind eventually arrest and gas Jews and arrest and murder other people of faith. It is a slippery slope. I caught your bigotry. I “photographed” you in your own words being a narrow-minded bigot.
          Support freedom of speech instead.

        • Chris Meyerson

          I got an idea get all the flaming ass clowns to keep what they do in their bedroom to them freeking selves WTF….

          • Fotaugrafee

            Ummm, assuming you’re talking about porn, here’s an idea. CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL, asswipe!



    • Pixie

      It’s was hard for me to believe this was happening… until it happened to me.

  • rick

    Police hate it when their official narrative and the video…don’t…quite…match.

  • steveo

    Business owners…Think real hard before calling in the leos. Hotel security is normally trained a whole lot better than this or they weren’t there at all. When you see an incident in a Vegas Hotel, which are always happening because people get drunk and lose money, their security is amazingly discrete and normally get the offending guests off the floor and out the door in minutes, if not seconds. It is better to let the leos take care of disturbing people out on the street rather than in your lobby or casino.
    This kind of thing is extremely bad for business. Also, this journalist has the right in the US anyway of including the owners of the property as defendants in his lawsuit and they would have to prove that they had no part in the prior restraint of the guest. Bad publicity and expensive.

    • Guest

      Except when you get knocked the fuck out, in a club (Body English) like I did in January 2012. To cover their ass, they didn’t manage to get my assailants, find them on video anywhere, and the ol’ “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was the perfect ending to that all by LVMPD.

    • Fotaugrafee

      Except when you get knocked the fuck out, in a club (Body English) like I did in January 2012. To cover their ass, they didn’t manage to get my assailants, find them on video anywhere, and the ol’ “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was the perfect ending to that all by LVMPD.

      Of course, “business owners” don’t want to face the potential liability of having such an attack aired to the public. It’s probably bad for business.

  • Jaysin R Clifton

    Canadian bacon

  • Stepping On Shadows

    Thugs are thugs.

  • steveo

    Seeing this is Canada, I’m not sure of the rules, but in the US, notice the two women are left standing to the left of the videographer and given permission to stand there by the leos, but the recorder is not allowed to stand there. Journalists can go wherever any other bystanders can go.
    Also, it is interesting that they didn’t charge him with trespassing because 1)he’s a guest at the hotel 2) the leos weren’t authorized by the mgr of the property to give him a trespass warning, so that charge wouldn’t have any legs, at least here. So, in Toronto at least, the leos also use the good old standby “obstruction”.

  • IceTrey

    It does look like he shoves the cop.

  • Rail Car Fan

    “Badge Bully” cops are still “Badge Bully” cops no matter where they are.

    Rail Car Fan

  • the sage

    Just before the cop tackles him, he hit the cop in the face.
    You hit a cop in the face and your are going down—IMHO.

    • Seeker103

      Agree. No matter what else was going on, once he punched the cop in the head @2:55 there is no more negotiating. You’re going down hard.

    • rick

      What punch? Pertinent portion of video at 0.125x speed. He may be turning his body or even pushing cop’s hands off of himself, but no punch is thrown!

      • the sage

        I wrote that he hit the cop in the face.
        I did not say he punched the cop.
        But one can clearly see the guy hit the cop in the face with his left arm-hand coming up in an uppercut type motion.
        It was probably an automatic defensive move because the cop was pushing him back further, but it was a hit to the face nonetheless.
        It is what then prompts the cop to now tackle the guy and move him against the wall.
        Clearly visible in the video.
        If you cannot see it, then SpecSavers has a two pair for price of one special.

        • Fotaugrafee

          OK, so what gives the cop the right to get PHYSICAL? You hit me, you’re going down, cop or not. Fortunately, this guy has it on video.

          • the sage

            Your question has nothing to do with my observation and point.
            My point is that your actions, whether justified or not, have consequences.
            Hit a cop in the face and you will end up with cops on top of you like this guy and find yourself with an additional charge.
            And many cops are corrupt, unstable psychos with badges and guns just waiting for their next kill…just looking for an excuse.

          • Chris Meyerson

            True that, but this is why people in this country need to start taking the fight to the cops, Post their home addresses and Pictures make them feel just as unsafe as they try to make us be… and if that doesn’t work then I guess the next step is direct action. Cops that beat and kill deserve no less the same for their actions..

  • brian schneider

    “Ministers are persecuted for preaching against the homosexual agenda or for telling people the truth”

    Not true.

    • Proud GrandPa

      True in Canada. Web search it.