Pennsylvania Borough Wastes No Time in Demonstrating Newly Acquired Police Power


Less than a week after a tiny Pennsylvania borough announced the hiring of five new police officers to keep the community “safe,”, a group of at least seven officers barged into a woman’s home uninvited, kicking down a bedroom door before handcuffing her, then rummaging through her personal items, all because they were looking for her landlady – whom hadn’t lived there for years.

Robyn Ruckman managed to capture the first 2:31 minutes of Wednesday’s incident on video, but Turtle Creek police turned the camera off after discovering it.

But the little that she did capture on camera reveals a highly unprofessional group of police officers who don’t appear qualified for their job.

The officers said they had an arrest warrant for Roben Edwards, owner of the property where Ruckman has lived for two-and-a-half years.

Ruckman believes the warrant was for delinquent property taxes because she has received mail addressed to Edwards sent from the Turtle Creek Tax Collector.

But Ruckman had already told the cops that Edwards, in fact, lives down the street in this one-square mile borough of just over 5,000 people outside of Pittsburgh.

“I started talking to them from my second-floor window,” she said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Friday.

“They kept asking me if I was Roben Edwards and I said ‘no, she does not live her, I live here alone but she is my landlady and lives down that way.’

They told Ruckman they wanted to talk to Edwards about the length of her grass, which, she admits, needs cutting.

They had also rummaged through her mailbox and found mail addressed to Edwards as well as mail addressed to Ruckman.

But when they asked for her name, she replied with “citizen” and “resident” because “I didn’t feel I had to tell them my name.”

“They said, ‘come down here and show us your ID,'” she said. “One cop said if I didn’t come down there in 30 seconds, he would bust the door down.”

So she frantically put on some clothes, brushed her hair and grabbed a video camera before making her way downstairs and setting it up to record on the stairs.

“I didn’t even know where my ID was but I didn’t want him to break the door down,” she explained.

At the door, she told the cops her real name, but that wasn’t enough. They still insisted on seeing her identification.

“You know, I don’t even see a name tag on you,” Ruckman tells the officer after opening the door, which can be heard in the above video.

“I don’t give a shit what you see, go get your ID. You see, that says, ‘police,'” he says, pointing at his sleeve.

Ruckman walks upstairs to retrieve her identification with several officers following behind.

“They were like a pack of wolves,” she said in the interview. “They kept yelling at me, giving me different orders.”

“It was very hostile, very aggressive, very intimidating. I backed up into my bedroom and closed the door.”

That prompted one of the cops to kick the door down.

“There were three cops in my bedroom and I didn’t even know where my ID was,” she said. “I was nervous and shaking. I didn’t remember that I had left my wallet downstairs.”

” He told me in the bedroom when the camera was off that he was me as a threat, that he thought I was going to go get a gun.”

The cops handcuffed her, which is how she remained for more ten minutes before they finally found her identification and realized they had the wrong woman.

“Roben Edwards is in the hospital,” Ruckman said. “She is not doing well.”

Edwards is also in her 50s and short in stature. Ruckman is 41 and measures 5’10”.

Now the question remains, did police have the right to enter her house with only an arrest warrant?

Case law states that police can only enter a home if they have a reasonable suspicion that the suspect is inside.

They could probably argue that because records show she owns the property and because they found mail addressed to her, that they had a reasonable suspicion that Edwards was inside.

However, this is a tiny borough, so it wouldn’t have taken long to determine that Edwards has been renting the house to another person for at least two years.

The other question is, did police have the right to turn off her camera? Wouldn’t it serve to protect them in case she made false allegations against them?

The Department of Justice states that citizens have the right to record police in public, so why shouldn’t that right extend to one’s home?

Besides, is it normal for police to show up in force when citizens fall behind in their taxes, if that is the case here?

We don’t know what actions Turtle Creek officials took to resolve the issue that led up to this incident.

But we do know they had just hired five new part-time officers, two new cruisers and three new Tasers, according to their Facebook page. Most likely from the money of residents that did pay their taxes.

Turtle Creek

One of the two new cruisers added to the fleet. Also purchased three new Tazers for the department.

We also recently hired 5 new part time officers who are beginning training with the Chief.

Our officers deserve the best equipment and man power to keep themselves and all of us safe.

And we have since learned that their police chief is on vacation and won’t be back for another week-and-a-half.

As that means nobody is in charge, according to the lady who has been fielding calls from myself and numerous other PINAC readers since Wednesday. Not even Mayor Adam Forgie, who has not returned calls for comment.

Maybe it will take a few more calls to get some answers.

Call Turtle Creek Police Department at (412) 824-2500 and Mayor Adam Fogie at (412) 823-0154.

Ruckman believes her civil rights were violated and would like to speak to an attorney. If any Pennsylvania attorney is interested in speaking to her, please send me an email at the address below and I will forward it to her.

Here is a video she posted after the incident where she ranted against the cops.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Jon Quimbly

    For these guys, becoming a cop meant getting paid to be what they always wanted to be: assholes.

    • Tim Green

      grew up abusing animals and getting violently raped by their uncles.

  • Tom Curry

    I think the victim of this should contact the local aclu and proceed that way, time to reign in out of control cops, job is too important to be left to bullies and jerks.

    • Jon Quimbly

      Question is, what address did the warrant specify? Cops are often granted a pass for wrong-address raids.

      • sofedup

        Why do you think they show up in packs Jon Quimbly? So YOUR
        less likely too fight back!! If they only sent one officer to a Citizens
        house, cops would be getting their asses handed to them, &
        on a Regular basis!!! They figured that out a long Long time ago!!
        Now, it’s a Posse of 12 with full auto’s!!

    • revolutionnaire

      Fighting back through the legal system is nice – but it’s so intensive and such a waste of life. It would be far better and send a better message if people simply started fighting back directly against the perpetrators. Once enough officers are killed for their behavior by citizens standing up for their rights, they will hopefully get the message. Stop being passive servile pussies. Behavior like this is exactly why we have a second amendment.

  • rick

    Looks like Carlos posted her youtube rant.

  • rick

    Here is a 4th amendment question, are police allowed to search contents of your mailbox without a warrant? By search I mean open the mailbox and view the names of the addressee within.

    If that is allowed, wouldn’t that mean everyone has the right to open mailboxes and view the addressees name?

    • io-io

      I believe that the US Postal Inspectors may be interested in this.

      • io-io

        Mailbox Vandalism
        When a customer’s mailbox is vandalized, the local police department is often the first, and sometimes the only, law enforcement agency to whom the event is reported. However, mailboxes are protected by federal law(18 USC 1705) and it is a crime to vandalize them (and to injure, deface,or destroy any mail deposited in them). Therefore, any act of mailbox vandalism should be reported to the Postal Inspection Service.

    • DERP

      That’s actually not a 4th Amendment question, but congrats on joining the rest of the uneducated rednecks on this page in demonstrating a total lack of knowledge regarding civil rights. Before any redneck gets mad at me, go on and recite the Amendments in your head. Recite the Bill of Rights. Recite the preamble. Illiterate? That’s what I thought.

      • Shepard

        Why is this not relevant to the 4th amendment? My mailbox is mine. The contents of my mailbox are also mine.

        “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        Effects: “effects Movable belongings; goods.”

        So searching my mailbox is not a violation of my rights?

        And by ‘redneck’ are you referring to those people that wish to keep their rights intact? Those who are tired of having their freedoms reduced in the name of safety?

        Are you so scared of the world that you would prefer to give up all privacy to make yourself feel a little better?

        Keep on bleating little sheep.

      • rick

        How do I frame the question correctly and do you know the answer? Who is allowed to open and search the contents of a mailbox (not the parcels themselves)?

  • Sword Of Satan

    Cops who try to show powers without showing identification/Search warrants are no better than Terrorists and deserve a severe punishment. You know I like how cops in the states providing illegal acts against innocent civilians. You wonder why crime rate is high in the United States? Because certain pricks who pretend to be cops makes the good cops a bad name. Don’t get me wrong there are really good police officers who actually are very honored and have great public relations, those type are the good example, the one in the video, are no better than being terrorists, that’s what terrorists do, frighten innocent people and get the people unsettled. Wrong, a true officer which there are out there would never do this.

  • Mark Olish

    Unfortunately, this is what we have throughout the country, schutzstaffel posing as public servants. They lie under oath, manufacture evidence , beat citizens , steal personal property, violate Constitutional rights, all with impunity. File a complaint with “Internal Affairs” ? Please ! Internal Affairs is like having weasels in charge of hen-house security. I’ve personally heard cops brag about committing all the aforementioned things in public and laugh about it, that’s how much they care about I.A.D. interfering with them . Even with video, you can forget about the lions share ever being reprimanded , much less prosecuted.

    • $51343732

      True..a few years back I was brought in cuffed for a traffic ticket issue. The cops were hanging out in the room joking and laughing about busting down doors and entering someplace the night before illegally. They all thought it was funny, and one said “fuck the Constitution”.

    • Neville Ross

      Does anybody remember my little missive of info I posted on how another nation trains its law enforcement officials and how we need to be doing what they do with regards to training?

  • Herbert Napp

    Lunatic thugs with badges, I hope drudge links this.

    • Neville Ross

      Drudge doesn’t give a shit about incidents like this.

      • Herbert Napp

        Miller has been put on drudge at least three times that I know of.

  • FootinAss

    LMAO, what really interest me is that u actually filmed this, do u film every interaction u have? Were u doing something wrong and that is the reason u figured u would film the police? What cracks me up is that society is made up of all of these different types of people and will be the first little bitch to call the police. Im sure Mrs. Ruckman is no angel just like half of u here that did something wrong and got busted so now u want to knit pick. By all means be ur own police. Uphold ur laws u believe in. It’s Social Media sites like this that are a joke and so are the members of the sites. So next time a Drug Dealer is selling drugs on ur front lawn make sure u handle the situation. Go confront them tell them this is ur world and ur rules and see how that goes, bet ur sweet ass u will be right down the Police department filing a report after u pull the Drug Dealers foot out of ur ass. LMAO

    • FootinAss

      And no im not a cop, just a member of the Real society that laughs at people like u

      • brian schneider

        You seem dumb enough to be a cop.
        The rest of us are laughing at your “real society” of one.

      • eddy

        The only society you’re a member of is those who haven’t graduated from elementary school.

      • JdL

        And no im not a cop, just a member of the Real society that laughs at people like u

        The only thing “Real” about “u” is your illiteracy. Tip: if you’d like people to take you seriously, try spelling words correctly.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      The obvious troll is obvious

    • REALConservative

      Why do you hate the Constitution and the intent of law?

    • Ray186

      This is the same #$%$ argument that the police use to coerce confessions. “If you
      haven’t done anything wrong, why wont you talk to us? Any interaction with the
      police should be:

      1. I do not consent to searches.
      2. Am I being
      detained, or am I free to go?
      3. If you are being detained or arrested, the
      next words out of your mouth should be
      “I want a lawyer.”
      4. Keep your
      mouth shut, and do not respond when asked questions.
      Your already arrested.
      Nothing you say will help your cause.
      5. After consulting with your attorney,
      and only then should there be any interaction
      with the

      Contrary to popular myth, the Police are not your friends. There
      sole purpose is to obtain convictions. Whether or not you actually committed the
      crime is secondary. Here in NYC police officers aren’t recommended for promotion
      unless their conviction rate is high enough.

      Why would you trust or talk
      to anyone whose promotion / livelihood is based on whether or not they can tie
      you too or convict you of a crime.

      • rick

        Exactly, let them ‘push on a rope’

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      When the police knock on my door or pull me over, I always record them. I’ve had them do too many sketchy things in the past to not record them. The police don’t uphold laws, they uphold their power.

  • Tijuana Joe

    Maybe if they turn off the lights and hide, the cops can pretend no one’s

    Cops and camera confiscation in the news:
    “Legally speaking, it’s really a case-by-case basis, said Stanley Goldman, the Loyola Law professor.”

  • FootinAss

    I do believe u just violated my constitutional right by deleting my last Comment, Im not entitled to Freedom of Speech? i will screen shot this one also see how long it last then make a facebook page that shows how u are not for the constitution just whatever u want

    • Carlos_Miller


      Which comment got deleted?

      • rick

        Comments sometimes “go missing” for a few minutes. It seems to depend on what the settings are (newest/oldest/best), time elapsed since posting, and if the page is refreshed.

    • El Guapo

      Hey FootinAss…

      Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply if…. Ah who cares. You’re just going to kick down another door, or pepper spray/taze, or shoot another somebody because you’re ignorant of the laws you swore to uphold. Or pretend to be ignorant to get your way. Do us all a favor and stop breeding.

    • Bill Larson

      Freedom of speech only applies to your interactions with the government, private individuals and organizations are free to delete your comments as much as they like, and you cannot do anything at all about them doing it.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      You have no free speech rights here. It is not your blog.

  • Jaysin R Clifton

    don’t you need a warrant for someone’s mailbox that is for federal employees and the owner only. they might have violated federal law touching her mail.

  • robynstorm

    this story is about me. is my video. my landlady is here. she was at magistrates. thy old her no warrant for her. yep. she was just in my yard. she also has the occupancy papers… OF ALL THING! Hmm.

    • rick

      Turning off your camera was a costly mistake on their part, but if they KNOWINGLY entered your residence without an arrest or search warrant then termination is the least of their problems.

      I don’t see how criminal charges can be avoided after deliberately trespassing into your home, handcuffing you, and searching through your possessions.

      Criminal trespass is a third degree felony in Pennsylvania. Read section (a):

    • Kenneth Bankers

      So your saying there was no warrant what so ever? Oh wow someone fucked up hardcore. If there wasnt a warrant to begain with this is way past wrong. When you can more details please.

    • Haeshu

      Please, please, please contact the ACLU or an attorney and sue these bastards. Your life was threatened and you did everything you could to de-escalate while these idiots escalated things to the point where I was scared for your life. I can only imagine what happened after they turned off your camera. They need to be made an example of. I would be happy to contribute to your legal prosecution fund if you need help. Haeshu

    • DERP

      Answer the door next time moron.

  • Pissed Off

    Welcome to the police state!

  • steveo

    I’ve never heard of a police breach like this unless they are serving a serious violent felony warrant. The story on why they were looking for this Ms. Edwards and if they actually had an arrest warrant would make great copy. I think maybe the people of this township should disband this police force and go with the sheriff for police services. Maybe even vote for dis-incorporation.

    Maybe they didn’t have any description or pictures or arrest photos because there weren’t any. But they still could have pulled up the DMV information.

    Delinquent taxes is a civil issue and a local police department wouldn’t be serving foreclosure, the sheriff does that and there wasn’t any talk by the leos of an eviction. This is really a bizarre situation.

    We had a real problem in my city with code violations because of the recession, but the most I ever saw the city do was post notices on the property and hire a landscaper to cut the grass and send the bill to the property owner.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      It wasn’t a breach or forced entry. Robin opened the door and stepped into the threshold. At that point, the officers were entitled to detain her there, or to follow her inside if she retreated back into the house.

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        So, unless they break down the door, it’s perfectly ok.. for the police to barge in? am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with that? If nothing else, it makes the citizenry FAR adversarial if approached by police.

      • Haeshu

        They asked for her ID, which she didn’t have any obligation to show. She tried to cooperate by saying she was going to get the ID, asking them to stay outside while she went to retrieve said ID she was under no obligation to show. It was then that they started acting belligerent and cursing, entering her property after she asked them to wait outside, searching her home without a warrant and touching her camera to turn it off so there was no evidence as to what was transpiring.

        I think her rights were seriously violated. I would have probably shot those police because I would have been scared for my life. I don’t give a shit if it is legal or not, if someone is threatening to harm me, my wife or my children, I will die defending myself and them. Those who wouldn’t defend their family in the face of danger deserve whatever comes to them. I was scared for her watching this and wished she had a gun so she could protect herself. Police shoot people who are much less threatening than these cops were to this woman and they get two weeks paid vacation for the ‘trauma’. She had every right to defend herself against these criminal thugs.

      • tony

        ever watch the show cops? ever wonder why they always ask if we can come in your home on CAMRA? probably because you need to be granted access by the landowner. if she had a screen door and she was in the threshhold, according to your info, would they have still be “entitled to detain her” if there was another door separating them? reguardless of ur answer its wrong, just sayin

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          Did you ever take English, grammar, or spelling?

          Just sayin’.

  • revolutionnaire

    It should be encouraged nationally for citizens to start using lethal force against police officers like this. The time has long passed where the duty of the citizens to start fighting back has become necessary. Things will only keep getting worse and worse as the police slowly push the envelope further with each passing day. Remember: cops don’t wear bullet proof vests on their faces. I’m tired of people making excuses for them.

    • rick

      How about we first try a citizenry that is educated and well informed on civil rights and how to deal with the police?

      • revolutionnaire

        I’m not opposed to that; nor am I opposed to non-violent solutions. However, the people who are dead because of police brutality, civil rights abuses, excessive force, etc. probably wish they could have defended themselves. How many more people have to die before people start fighting back? The line is crossed every time officers act like this and abuse their authority. It needs to be kept in check through resistance by the citizenry. The educated public and scholarly arguments have little relevance when someone is being beaten to death and people are just standing around video taping. In such instances, deadly force needs to be used to neutralize the attacking officer like a rabid dog. The same can be said for when police barge into your home, violate your civil rights, start ransacking your private property, etc. They don’t give a FUCK and will do whatever they want, knowing they will get away with it 99% of the time. And even if they’re sued, the case goes through the courts for several years, and finally some settlement is reached – it’s the taxpayers that end up getting shafted and paying for it!

  • Voice-Of-Concern

    Finding mail addressed to target of the Warrant is classic Post Hoc reasoning.

    The police had to enter the home or mailbox, first, to find the mail. It defies logic that the reason they knew (wrongly) that the landlady was there, was due to facts they found after they entered.

  • Michael Ross

    Carlos, I’m going to get a bit controversial here, but you’re slipping.

    You’re losing focus on what should be your core mission, as given in the title of this blog.

    You’ve published a story here which only concerns photography in the most tangential degree; the switching off of the camera. If you want to turn this into a police misconduct blog, that’s fine – but be upfront about it and change the title.

    This is my opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it :-)

    • JdL

      You’re losing focus on what should be your core mission, as given in the title of this blog.

      I couldn’t disagree more. Do I detect jealousy on your part? Police misconduct is an integral part of the purpose of this blog, as indicated by its title, “Photography is not a Crime“. Notice the word “crime” there? Did you notice that the cops forcibly turned off the woman’s camera?

      Carlos, please ignore the rantings of whiners like Ross, and keep doing what you’re doing! And Ross, if you don’t like the way Carlos runs his blog, why don’t you create one of your own?

      • Michael Ross

        Rants and whines? Come on. I was polite and called it as I saw it. I really do think this blog should concentrate on cops, security, managers, and sundry officials and jobsworths giving photographers a hard time; that’s what it’s been about, traditionally.

        That’s my opinion and mine alone, as I made clear, and I think it’s defensible. If you disagree, fine – I’m happy to debate in a civilised fashion. As for Carlos, it’s his train set; he can run it any way he likes.

        But whiners, rants, jealousy? Come on! I think I deserve better than that.

      • Jude I⚡caяiot

        I agree with you, JdL – it’s all connected. The police get away with arresting photographers because they get away with arresting other people for other things that aren’t real crimes. All of their abuses are connected, and this one even features photography.

    • Haeshu

      The fact that the police entered this home illegally, after the resident asked them to stay outside, and then found the camera and TURNED IT OFF, makes this story extremely relevant.

  • Meme

    If you wait until it happens to you, it will be too late. There are many Patriots out there who have been warning of this since the Kennedy Assassination…. If you say you have nothing to hide so yea, it is ok to have invasive technology you are an idiot. Look at this innocent person…if it happened to her it WILL happen to you, just a matter of time.

  • Haeshu

    These cops were acting criminally here. This was burglary when they stepped in after she asked them not to.
    A word of advice: If you do feel compelled to open the door to them, open it, step outside and lock it behind you. She looked like she had the type of door with a twist lock in the knob. Open the door, twist the lock, step outside, then close it. If they asked why you locked the door, say it is a habit. If they ask you to open it, tell them you don’t consent to any searches.
    Shame on them for breaking in, touching her personal property and shutting off her camera. They should be arrested, tried and convicted.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Here we go again. It is not burglary. You cannot show that the entry was unlawful, and you cannot show that the officers intended to commit a felony inside the property.

      • Haeshu

        They were uninvited and she clearly asked them to wait outside while she went to get her ID. I am unfamiliar with what committing a felony has to do with this. Here in Florida, if you so much as reach into a person’s car to get their keys so they can’t drive away, it is burglary. If you enter their apartment, even when the occupant is home and they answered the door and they know you and you just rudely walked in, without intending to steal anything, it is burglary. People are charged with this all the time here.
        Maybe you can elaborate?

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          The entry has to be unlawful, and if they had an arrest warrant, it wasn’t unlawful, for the reasons I’ve already stated. Second, what is the underlying offense? You have to meet both elements. That’s true in both Pennsylvania and Florida.

          • Haeshu

            They had the wrong house. The person they had the warrant for didn’t live there. Seems to me that they need to stay outside if the resident says that they are at the wrong place. If it is later determined that she was lying and she was in fact who they were looking for, they should arrest her for obstruction and maybe resisting. I don’t think they had any right to enter her house after she told them from the second floor window that they were at the wrong location.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            You obviously haven’t read what I already wrote and cited about this.

            Go read it and if you have questions, come back and I’ll address those.

  • John

    Don’t these assholes have a picture of their suspect prior to serving a warrant?

  • Adam K

    All she had to do was say where this Edwards person was…

    But either way, the police could only go into an area of a house, if the warrant specifies such.

  • Wolve Rine

    Way to go Oathkeepers, you are doing a hell of a job, a hell of a job. Ain’t that right, Brownie!

  • Rob

    I say turning off a cell cam is at the very least tampering with evidence.

  • Confidential

    It is Pennsylvania, and that explains a lot of things. Good luck whatever your name is.

  • Jon Webber

    Pa , is turning into a communist state , I own a piece of property there and they put in a unconstitutional ordinance that gives the town the right to kick people out of their town! It says all landlords must pay them 100 a year if you have rental property, not per unit , so the asshole on council that has 50 rentals pays a hundred a year, and a person with one pays the same.And that you must show them proof of insurance , get an agent if you live more than 20 miles from the property, and then pay them for an inspection as well. I will not comply and never will! PERIOD!

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Of course you need an agent if you live more than 20 miles away. That is just common sense… Somebody needs to be on hand to take care of any emergency problems.

  • Robert Baker

    Just left the mayor another message and the chief of police is still on vacation. I was told he would be back Tuesday. I am now making this a morning ritual and will call them in the morning and evening till I get someone this head in the sand response is disgusting for a government not to respond to its people.

  • Robert Baker

    Called again to day left the mayor another message. Called the mayor and police dept got sent to two more places before getting the dept again and was told the chief would be back on Thursday. The classic I will not respond from the mayor and the phone run around from the police. HMMMM pattern here?

  • Jude I⚡caяiot

    We here and the rest of the internet made this little borough famous. If you Google Ruckman’s name and the word “police”, you’ll find a search result for the Mayor of Turtle Creek’s Facebook page. If you click it, you’ll find out the page is now gone. Oh, and the result for the Mayor’s page, contained in the text, there were complaints about this incident… I guess there were too many.

  • Robert Baker

    Calling again the Mayors office. Let see answering machine again. Left Msg calling Police magicailically no the chief is still not back from vacation.

  • Angela Burnham

    I wish I could hear more about good cops, instead of the reject wannabes.

  • key

    retrain these faggots

  • DERP

    So…. instead of making a Supreme Court Civil Rights issue about this, why didn’t this white trash dolt just answer the door? Believe it or not, cops aren’t always out there messing with semi-literate, uneducated drama queens… believe it or not, they sometimes are trying to do their jobs. So… answer the door (they clearly knew someone was hiding in there) and avoid all of this? I can’t wait for all of the white trash redneck high-school dropouts to respond to me.

  • James S.

    These little town cops should all be fired. I support the police 99.9% of the time, but this is wrong.

  • CsGoGear

    Turtle Creek police , the name says it all. Officer Doofus'(s)

  • ccbarrpics

    I just thought I would update this comment thread. The warrant being served at that building was over uncut grass according to this news report:

  • Tim Green

    so happy she managed to record some of it. this video needs to be wide spread.. it is unprofessional to act the way they did, and even more unprofessional that they were clueless if they had the right person. the main cop needs to be identified and his picture along witth he video needs to go viral.

  • George


  • sonny free

    Just another case of cowards hiding behind badges that they disgrace every-time they pin it on. but your correct in saying they abused animals and raped by their uncles but you left out they dressed up as little girls as kids and now they are full blown transvestites when off duty.x wife of a TENNESSEE cop said her cop hubby would wear her bra& panties and paint his body with red lipstick and make her hold his gun in her mouth while he masturbated.after that was told he is still a cop armed with a gun stalking the streets of TENNESSEE,kind of makes you a little afraid of seeing him coming. my opinion