Toronto police proved they are no different than American police when they attacked a man for video recording them making an arrest, yelling at the man to “stop resisting” when the man was clearly not resisting, then charging him with assaulting an officer when he didn’t even come close to that.

The incident, which took place last year, was captured on a hotel surveillance camera, a huge piece of evidence which no doubt prompted the lawsuit Karl Andrus filed earlier this month.

According to the Toronto Star:

Karl Andrus alleges in a statement of claim that he was threatened with arrest as he used his BlackBerry smartphone to document another arrest in the lobby of the downtown Sheraton Centre Hotel, where he was also a guest.

Andrus was told that he’d “filmed enough” and, although other guests were around him, was told repeatedly to back up.

And then, “suddenly and without warning” he was “violently attacked” by an officer and “subjected to various forms of strikes and pressures,” he alleges.

Security video shows Andrus, who suffered numerous injuries including rib fractures, being taken down by a number of officers. He was also charged with obstructing and assaulting police

The Star, unfortunately, annoyingly used a black bar to cover people’s faces in the video.

However, they included footage from the surveillance camera as well as Andrus’ Blackberry, which shows us he has a very strong case.

Named in the lawsuit is Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who two months ago slammed his officers for turning off dashboard cameras, being untruthful in court and racist remarks.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair