Two videos have emerged from the incident in which San Antonio city and park police left a woman with a broken nose and black eye inside a gas station.

One of the videos had been deleted by police, according to the woman’s brother, who was arrested along with his cousin for interfering.

But he recovered it and gave it to a local television news station, which only showed a few seconds of it when they ran the story earlier this month.

Now the video has been posted in its entirety alongside a second video that was recorded by a witness not affiliated with the woman’s family.

Both clips show that Jason Al-Barati and his cousin were not interfering when police moved in to arrest them around the 5:30 mark.

And although neither clip shows police slamming Christina Oliver’s face into a window, we can hear that is what mostly likely took place around the 1:30 mark from the reaction of witnesses and the conversation in the ensuing minutes.

Seconds after that, we can see Oliver is being held face down as cops start shoving witnesses away from the scene, including one cop who walks out holding his baton over his head and another pointing a Taser at them.

San Antonio Police

Oliver had walked into the gas station to use the restroom, but ended up walking into a stockroom by mistake. She said she walked back out and was confronted by two cops, who accused her of shoplifting.

Police say she struck one of the cops in the throat with a closed fist. She says police punched her in eye without her ever striking him.

Either way, police already had her handcuffed and in custody when her brother walked up with a camera in the beginning of the video, wondering what was going on, so there was no need to slam her face into the glass.

But police probably knew that, which is why they eventually arrested Al-Barati for holding the camera.

Realizing they were eyeing her next, the second witness with the camera walked back to her car where she told a passenger that police had beat up the woman for unknown reasons before arresting the two men for absolutely nothing.

Oliver is still facing felony assault on a peace officer charges while her brother and cousin are still facing interfering charges.

Call the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office and ask them to drop the charges against the three family members. 210-335-2311.