California Cops Detain Men for Photographing Chevron Refinery from Public Street (Updated)


A California man was harassed, interrogated and detained for taking photos of a Chevron refinery from a public street Monday, doing his best to stand up for his rights while several cops surrounded him in an obvious attempt at intimidation.

But Daniel Saulmon has a long history of standing up for his right to record police – including being jailed for four days last year for recording cops –  so he didn’t back down to the group of El Segundo cops, not only refusing to provide his identification, but demanding the cop’s identification when asked for his.

Police acknowledged he was not breaking the law, but told him they were harassing him for safety reasons.

“I want to make sure you’re not a terrorist,” said the officer whose name tag revealed him to be T. Jones.

El Segundo police officer T. Jones

Another man who was with Saulmon and recording from a distance was also harassed. That man, who goes by Katoosha2006 on Youtube, has not uploaded his video yet.

And Saulmon says he has more video of the incident to upload, which he will get to tonight. But it won’t show anything different than what we’re seeing in the video above.

The two men got to know each other after I wrote about Katoosha2006 getting harassed earlier this year by Hawthorne Police Sgt Gabriel Lira, the same cop who had arrested Saulmon last year.

In a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Tuesday, Saulmon said they were both detained for about 30 minutes before police allowed them to leave.

For those of us who have found ourselves surrounded by a group of aggressive cops, it is refreshing he wasn’t beaten or arrested. Nor was he ever forced to provide his identification.

“I purposely didn’t have one with me,” said the 42-year-old man, who was traveling on a bicycle that day.

But for those of us who know our rights, it was a disgusting abuse of authority that would have melted most citizens.

UPDATE: Here is the video recorded by Katoosha2006.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Pissed Off

    A corporate police state!

    • steveo

      We’ve always had a corporate police state. That hasn’t changed since the Railroad Barons and the Vanderbilt s.

  • juan santana

    see i like this guy he know what time it is.just like it happened to Me in city hall of Hialeah

  • Modres

    I love how these cops think that knowing the name of the guy is going to help them determine whether or not he’s a terrorist.

    This is against the 4th Amendment and I don’t care what the Patriot Act says…

    • discarted

      Finding out the person’s name has nothing to do with terrorism. Instead, it’s all about obtaining a person’s name so police can see if that person has any warrants. Which will allow them to make an arrest.

      • kyle

        But he hasn’t broken any laws, so they have no cause or reasonable articulable suspicion to believe he has or is committing a crime. Thus, you don’t get to do a background search. Imagine living in a world where any officer could stop you, demand ID and run a search for no reason. Wait! That’s what these cops are doing.
        Taking a photo isn’t a crime. Taking a photo of a refinery isn’t a crime. So, leave him alone. This is harassing behavior by the police, and the officer obstructing the view of the camera is the real criminal.

        • Doug

          Cops run your license or identification whether they have RAS or not, if you voluntarily give it to them.

        • Bernardina Cortes Kimmerle

          Isn’t Arizona doing that? They can stop you and even ask for a green card if you look like an undocumented immigrant.

        • Lenbo

          Kyle Most of these comments are from delusional fools much like yourself. We live in a world that some bad people live in and sometimes they do bad things, and don’t you think an “oil refinery” is a pretty tasty target for one of these bad people to strike. The Police Officer had the reasonable articulable suspicion you requested, while it may not seem like a big deal to you from the comfort of mommy’s basement but to those of us who have to live in the real world someone hanging around a big target like that doing what you and those like you think is nothing but taking pictures and videos to show how stupid the Police are the terrorists call it “surveillance” and they do this to help formulate the best way to do their bad things. So instead of doing this stupid crap why don’t you non-productive clowns just say thanks and go smoke your medicinal marijuana.

          • kyle

            Lenbo, it’s not my fault you are a bootlicking fool, bending over to kiss the ass of a cop anytime he demands it. My main problem as a citizen and military veteran is knowing my name would be connected with a silly investigation into “terrorism” if I foolishly gave my ID to the cop for doing something that wasn’t against the law. I don’t need that. No one does.
            With that said, I served my country. Have you? And I know what terrorism is, I just don’t think it comes in the form of a guy on a bike taking a photograph from a public street. And if you think that’s going to ruin this country, well, you’d better run down and find safety in mommy’s basement, because you live in a world I don’t wish to be in.
            Lastly, I find it deplorable that a foreign company like BP — which stands for British Petroleum — has the ability to move cops around like they are chess pieces. You should be sickened by this, and if you are not, YOU are the non-productive clown.

          • Saul B

            Please name one instance — just one — where a person taking a photo from a public street was proved to be a precursor to an attack.

            Oh, right, you can’t.

            If the government only issued blindfolds to all citizens at birth, it’d make your so-called surveillance so much harder.

          • Dan Matthews

            Perhaps none that we know of, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

          • steveo

            then what are they waiting for and wasting the taxpayers money, arrest daniel and take him to the judge.

            These guys need some computer training. Daniel has been arrested about 6 times around that area recently. The letters are usually marked on the keyboard if they never took typing lessons. D….A…N (that’s next to the M, next to the comma), If they knew how to do that they could get every mug shot, address, phone number, SS#, DL #, workplace address that they wanted. Maybe there’s more than one spelled like his, but you could look at the pictures, That’s why they call them pictures. (Maybe they forgot their passwords) These guys even have computers in their cars which are networked with the State and Federal databases and at the expense of taxpayers. They probably, now, even have a button on the bottom of the screen that says send to Homeland Security. Might have to type something, though, that would put a crimp in lunch plans.

            No wonder real terrorists find it so easy to blow things up with idiots like this.

          • Dan Matthews

            I wouldn’t doubt that all cops involved, their watch commander and the DA have already sat down, viewed and discussed this video in order to develop tactics to share with others.
            Similar to the tactic now that more and more police officers being recorded by cellphone are suspicious of the cell phone being a “Gun.”

          • Vidiot

            Please cite support for your position that taking pictures or videos is reasonable suspicion of a criminal activity. Taking pictures or videos from a public street, whether it is surveillance for a terrorist act or not, is not in itself a crime. Police can certainly engage people who are doing this, but they don’t get to detain them, force them to identify themselves, or search them.

          • Guest

            Taking pictures from a public street is not against the law. However, common sense, in these times, makes us question why it is being done, as in the right hands it could very well be used for terrorist type actions.

            The police have certainly proven they are willing to overstep their boundaries in order to bully and intimidate the average citizen.

          • Dan Matthews

            But by engaging them, the police look for or try to create a reason/need for the individual to properly identify themselves.

        • Dan Matthews

          Kyle, there are situational videos on YouTube that offer suggestions on how to handle a police encounter.
          According to a few of the videos I have viewed, if a LEO “ASKS” you for something instead of demanding it, like an ID, you are probably not obligated to give it to him. If you give your ID to him when he asks for it, then you are offering the ID by choice.

          Daniel appeared to be there to test the cops to see how far he could push them. The videos I have viewed always tell you to say as LITTLE as possible to a LEO, as whatever you might say can be used against you. And one of the things a LEOwants to do when the stop someone is to get that individual to talk!

    • Dan Matthews

      The Name to Terrorist cross reference is currently in its sixty fifth printing……this year. You can get it at Borders, but it’s cheaper on line.
      The cops think that by showing a person they are associating them with terrorism, they will frighten them into compliance.

    • Joshua B.

      I almost fell of my chair laughing when the cop said ““I want to make sure you’re not a terrorist.” My first thought in response to that question would be to say “Do you intend to check my name against the National Registry of Terrorists?”

      • Modres

        Exactly. Who is he kidding? Though once he got the guy’s name, it could easily be “flagged,” couldn’t it?

      • $22798478

        You can’t fix stupid, and most cops today are just like these 3 idiots that showed up. No terrorist have been caught by a cop because they were taking pictures. Terrorist will drive by nonchalantly and get their info. Terrorist are not standing out in the open on a bike taking pictures. Terrorist use google earth and other internet sites to gather info.

        Terrorist are laughing at these cops and these blogs that’s for sure. They are laughing their asses off at our cops because they are fools, and they are laughing at America because of what they helped us become. Our police seriously dont buy into this terrorist shit ! They don’t, but what they do buy into is using this terrorist talk bullshit to throw the verbal judo at you to CONTROL and BULLY YOU !

        Hold these dumbasses accountable. Ignore these blow-hards that come on PINAC just to cause problems. We know who they are (the police) and we know why they are here.

  • hazy

    You need to be calm when dealing with police. Being loud and obnoxious is not going to help defend the 1st amendment.

    • sixchain

      Be polite while I yell and berate you like a scared little Chihuahua. The police were pretty professional.

      • Jack Collins

        The police are servants to the people, they have to be polite. I as a taxpayer, while it may be in my best interests to be polite, do not have to show a cop any respect whatsoever.

        • Dan Matthews

          “they have to be polite” I disagree with that. I would make a general statement that “They have to be what their DA wants them to be or let’s them get away with being.” They don’t care what the law says, all they care about are the limits that the DA will allow them to “Get away with” within.
          Sorry if its confusing, to early for me to be thinking.

      • steveo

        you just don’t know daniel, he’s tried it other ways, this way works better.

        I also like how he deflected the ID thing. My name’s Daniel Saulmon. Don’t you have like a real ID? Yeah, that’s it. Do I need a driver license for riding a bike, now? Do I need your permission to go places in public? Do we have travel permits now, or did I miss that? And by the way, f you and your mother.

        • Ron

          “I’ll keep my hands out of my pockets if you keep your hand off your gun, how’s that?”

          • steveo

            see the leos know now, that daniel doesn’t give a shit about going to jail.

            You want me to keep my hands out of my pockets, Mr. Johes? Arrest me and take me to jail, axxhole.

          • Dan Matthews

            A perfect excuse for the LEO to shoot him and say “After I told him to keep his hands out of his pockets, he reached into his pocket for what I thought to be a gun.”
            Somehow justifiable by the ESPD.
            That LEO did not get those stripes by being stupid.

          • steveo

            daniel said that leo Jones could pat him down and Jones said he didn’t want to: just don’t tell me to keep my hands out of my pockets, if Jones shoots him, which I wouldn’t put past one of these guys, He would go through a homicide investigation, just like anyone else.

          • Dan Matthews

            True, but I think the DA would use the cops command to Daniel to keep his hands out of his pockets as a command that Daniel chose not to follow. Not sure what the terminology would be, but I bet the DA would end up justifying the shooting.

          • John Smith

            Well, I don’t know about a shooting, but for a simple obstruction charge under California Penal Code § 148(a)(1), hands out of pockets would suffice and pass constitutional muster.

            See: Smith v. City of Hemet, 394 F. 3d 689 – Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit 2005

            IANAL, so I could be wrong.

          • Dan Matthews

            I’m not sure what the point is that you are making here. Is it that a cop can’t tell a citizen to keep his hands out of his pockets?
            My previous comment was that a cop could use the excuse of a guy putting his hands in his pocket to possibly shoot him and the DA would see no problem with it.

          • John Smith

            The point is that he can order you to do so in California and arrest you if you refuse.

          • Dan Matthews


      • bj

        You call detaining someone without suspicion of a crime ‘professional’. You go ahead and lick cops boots but don’t expect everyone else to.

        • Guest

          In a case like this, the cops go through the process for a number of reasons and use any excuse. El Segundo exists due to the taxes paid by Chevron, so they will respond accordingly, right or wrong.
          I’m sure that the presence of the cameras stopped them from doing what they wanted to do to Daniel. To his credit, like John Candy in “Splash” he found a system that works for him and he is sticking to it!

          • steveo

            Yeah, but what’s stopping the leo from just rolling up to him while seated in his cruiser, and typing his name into the computer, daniel would have probably given him his name after some vituperation, why make this huge Kabuki dance on the street, was it just for Chevron’s benefit? Look we have your back, kind of shit?

            A Kabuki dance: It refers to an event that is designed to create the appearance of conflict or of an uncertain outcome, when in fact the actors have worked together to determine the outcome beforehand

          • Guest

            I think I just posted a response to this that is something like –
            The police have a show of force to let the “Daniels” of the world know that the police understand why he/they are there and right or wrong, they are not going to put up with it, the law be damned.
            There isn’t a great deal of police activity in ES, especially during the day, so they seem to have no problem using their resources to get this message across.
            The police in general are aware of these blogs and they know they can use the “Daniels” of the world, and their posted videos to send the message, “Don’t F**K with us, we aren’t going to put up with it.”

          • Dan Matthews

            In my somewhat informed opinion, the police look at this as an opportunity to get their message across to the “Daniels? of the word, “Don’t F**K with us!” They want to be recorded like this and they want the video to be posted so other “Daniel’s” of the world will see it and see their attitude and as a result, stay away. If they are seen on video with a show of force, challenging, etc, they know that in doing so, some number of “Daniel’s” will get the message and stay away; not everyone has the colhonies(?) that Daniel has and will think twice about pulling the same thing off.

          • Dan Matthews

            I think it is their way of using a “Blog” to their advantage to get the message out, “Don’t F**K with us.” Daniel broke no laws, but they threatened and hassled him in force. I believe if you give this some thought, Stevo, you will see how they use it to their advantage without going through the hassle of an arrest. Chevron is no more than an excuse for them, but they are probably appeasing them at the same time.

      • Difdi

        How professional can it be to break the law and their oath?

        • Dan Matthews

          For any police officer, the “Law” and “Oath” are just guidelines. Their real boundaries are defined by what they know/feel their DA will back them on, legal or not.
          That’s my somewhat informed opinion.

    • steveo

      daniel’s been arrested for not having proper lights on his bike while he isn’t even riding it, blocking sidewalks, and some other really crazy crap. In the beginning, I think he was always polite and declined to give ID and stuff like that and he ended up face first with 10 leos on top of him. So far, no convictions and he’s 25 grand ahead. Now though, I think he’s just pissed off and like that guy on Network. He’s working toward election in the copwatcher’s Hall of Fame.

      • hazy

        You THINK he was polite in the past? That is an assumption and I assume nothing. What I know is that he’s being very aggressive to the point that if he met the wrong cop they’d arrest him.

        That is not the way you talk with cops, no matter how wrong they are. Demand them to give you RAS or PC for detaining you. If they can articulate a real law that you have broken, have broken or they believe you are about to break, then surrender your ID. If not just keep quiet. Let their actions dig their own graves and do not dig your own by acting stupid.

        • steveo

          that’s just it though, he doesn’t give a shit if they arrest him and the leos can feel that and they tend to back off from it. A “normal” person wouldn’t be able to pull this off, but he has so much experience that it’s real for him.

          The more I watch this clip, the funnier it gets. He has this 3 cops tied up on absolute bs with a guy on a bike with a camera on a public sidewalk. This is real Keystone Kops stuff.

          • Guest

            ROTFLMAO! You are correct Steveo, the more I watch it the funnier it is.
            I hope he doesn’t get blinded by the idea of the potential to make more money.
            The taxes that Chevron pays probably fund 80% of El Segundo’s city budget, that’s why they got there so fast and in such numbers.

          • hazy

            So you admit that is the way he has always talked to cops. Why argue he has tried other methods only to have this way succeed? It’s just a disingenuous argument.

          • John Smith

            Watch the encounter that’s currently in federal court.


            Seems pretty polite to me.

    • Rudy McGrudy

      Well, it’s kinda hard to tell a cop to his face that he’s a FUCK’N LIAR and remain calm whilst doing so!

    • bj

      Everyone’s different and circumstances dictate one’s state of mind ie rude, arrogant and oath-abusing cops. He’s got balls of steel and stood up for his rights. You should congratulate him, not criticise him.

      • Guest

        Doesn’t that depend on how you view his actions, even if your feelings about the law/situation are the same as his?
        It would be interesting to see the same scenario if his approach were calmer, just to compare the actions of the cops in the same setting, not taking anything away from Daniel and the tactics that work for him.
        Daniel’s approach is close to being the exact opposite of some advice that suggests you say as little as possible in a police encounter.

        • John Smith

          Or the same scenario if he were black.

          • Dan Matthews

            I think an African American on a bike in ES would not have faired so well.

  • rick

    As I understand it, when a government official DELIBERATELY obstructs a camera’s view (blocking lens with hand or purposely standing in front of second cameraman) they are engaged in prior restraint. Is this correct?
    Wouldn’t these acts of censorship open the city to civil liability?

    • Doug

      Maybe, but what are the damages?

      • rick

        I don’t know. What would Austin Powers say?

      • Rail Car Fan

        To the cops?

        How about a public hanging in the middle of the town square!!… then maybe “Badge Bully” cops would think a second time before doing s**t like this.

        Rail Car Fan

        • MongoLikesCandy

          I realize that you’re speaking in hyperbole, but can we not talk in what could be perceived as threats? Next thing you know PINAC will be labelled as a terrorist group and we’ll all be sent to Guantanamo.

          • tiny

            heya, can we get an enjoining cell ya think? just asking, and dont forget the water boarding….LOL that sounds like fun, like a water park i think, heya?

        • Guest

          My somewhat informed opinion, this is a great publicity show by the PD. They want the “Daniels” of the world to get the message, “Don’t F**K with us!” and it works. They tread the fine line of right or wrong, as defined by their DA and then use these blogs to get the message out to the “Daniels” of the world, they will be met by a show of force, intimidation and contempt, so STAY AWAY!
          What a great form of advertising for them to get their message out!

    • Dan Matthews

      If the cop was smart, he would have had some hair paste in his hair and applied it to the lens via his thumb.
      No real harm done to the camera, perfectly innocent as far as the DA is concerned.

  • Tijuana Joe

    It’s like the cops don’t even realize they’ve become tools for Big Business.

    There in 5 seconds. Over a camera. We saw how they bullied cameramen to defend evil BP.

    But call them if your kitten gets stuck in a tree. Or your moped gets stolen.

    They won’t even show up.

    • Rufus McGufus

      “But call them if your kitten gets stuck in a tree. Or your moped gets stolen.”
      Uhhhhhhhhhh……………TJ, you’ve been watch’n too much TV!

    • hazy

      I agree that police are the “security guards” of Big Business. But to argue with them over that is like arguing with the con man who just sold you snake oil.

    • Guest

      TJ, in this case it is even deeper than that.
      Chevron funds 80% of the El Segundo city budget, so they certainly get their unfair share of PD support.

    • Guest

      The police are aware of the type of activities Daniel is carrying out and they want to impress on him, right or wrong, that they are not going to put up with the “Daniels” of the world in their city. If the video was shown to the citizenry of ES, my belief is that more than 50% of the people would see Daniel’s actions as wrong and would side with the cops due to the fact that they are ignorant to the law. It might be different if Daniel’s approach were softer, but I doubt it.

    • Guest

      TJ, I believe that the videographers have not realized they/we have become tools of he police.
      Read my numerous recent postings to see my reasoning for this.

  • Todd

    While I am all for standing up for your rights this guy was really pushing it by yelling, being confrontational and extremely disrespectful before the officer even said a word. I’m surprised the police officers stayed as calm as they were.

    I’m by no means codoning the actions of the officers. I believe they were in the wrong for questioning him for merely taking photos and implying that he was a a terrorist but the photographer could have handled this much better too.

    • bj

      It’s called free speech and he’s pissed because he’s being unlawfully detained. Go try detaining a cop, even if they have committed a crime right in front of your eyes, and see what happens.

    • REALConservative

      I wouldn’t consider responding that way, but the fact is that being confronted like this is not much different than poor customer service, and people become predictably irritated when they receive unacceptable service.

    • steveo

      I think daniel does this copwatching full time now. He’s had more police encounters than Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s experimented with a lot of different approaches and this one is apparently working for him. He didn’t go away in handcuffs, like he used to.

    • the sage

      disrespectful is not a crime.

      • Dan Matthews

        It doesn’t mean you won’t be hassled as if it were.
        The LEOs will continue doing whatever the DA allows them to get away with.

  • steveo

    A Police Officer’s Peace cannot be disturbed. This is called an axiom of law and a matter of stare decisis, in legal circles. The laws for “Disturbing the Peace” simply do not contemplate a “Police Officer” as a “person” defined under those laws.Technically speaking, you could walk up to a Police Officer, load up on vituperative, venomous, expletive, epithets, unload them flat in his face, and, considering no other person was within ear shot except another Police Officer, then there’s not a damn thing he could “lawfully” do about it. However, I would not advise this. If you do, don’t forget to get it on camera though, just in case he really gets mad.

    Terry Ingram. Police State: Ten Secrets The Police Don’t Want You To Know! (How To Survive Police Encounters!) (Kindle Locations 183-186). Terry Ingram.

  • Mr. Smith

    The City of El Segundo (and subsequently the PD) is essentially bankrolled by big business. Look at how many large corporations are located in the city…Mattel, Chevron, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Boeing… Not surprising that Chevron can get them to respond to a call in seconds.

    • motrhed

      With that many big names in town, it’s doubtful Chevron funds “80%” of the city budget now

      • Dan Matthews

        I have to admit that it is my WAG and probably on the high side. But many of the companies mentioned are there in name and office, but not manufacturing, save Raytheon and Northrop, and they aren’t half of what they were.
        Suffice it to say that Chevron has clout in ES.

  • Harry Balzanya

    Terrorism has little to do with it a telephoto lens can capture them breaking the law dumping oil in ground water into wetlands code violations OSHA violations etc etc. That is what they are afraid of when you have chemicals that can take out the whole town. Having documented safety violations is not good. They are really not that simple. They know terrorists are not going to stand in front of the place with a camera. A environmentalist will. That is why they have the corporate stooges harassing people. The corporate stooges are simple they actually believe the terrorist story.

    • Dan Matthews

      In this particular clip, Daniel was no where near an area where that activity would take place. Chevron is not dumb, the old adage “Don’t shit where you eat” comes to mind.

  • Jeff

    Ya know, when we give the authorities enough rope to hang themselves they often do. This guy went way overboard and makes the photography rights side look crazy. His over the top actions make anything these cops do pale in comparison. If I were keeping score ths would clearly be cops 1, photography rights 0. What a FAIL

    • REALConservative

      What was over the top? What was “crazy” or “overboard.”

    • motrhed

      “Ya know, when we give the authorities enough rope to hang themselves they often do.”
      no, they often hang us. They get protection from persecution unlike us. You sound more like a cop than a photog supporter

  • ericbrady

    Yeah, this guy is a lil crazy. Being kind and respectful goes both ways. I’m sure officers would enjoy a normal conversation much more than being put on the defensive. You can still politely say “I’m sorry I’m not going to show any ID unless I’m being detained” without dropping the f-bomb. Totally agree photographer has the right to take these pictures and if I lived there I’d probably organize a photo rally of sorts in the same spot without getting into any unlawful assembly trouble.

    • steveo

      daniel’s got about 199 clips, mostly copwatching on his youtube channel. the earlier ones were like that. he said stuff like you say, politely etc, and he got mugged and arrested and all that. Now he’s got that “I don’t give a shit anymore attitude” and the leos tend to back off from that, they believe him when he “directs” them.
      I’m telling you, nobody else, could pull this off, that first banter back and forth with Officer Jones, he just doesn’t know what the heck to make of daniel. Take your hands out of your pockets. NO! Don’t tell me what to do, who the fk are you?? (that leo’s never heard that from anybody before) Oh, and Officer Jones, when you deal with me, be polite. (The guy’s riding a bike around, for Christ sakes in the middle of the afternoon) and why doesn’t he drive a car? because then they can’t arrest him for some bs traffic charge or not having a DL or “illegal parking”.

      • Carlos_Miller

        Yeah, this guy is a little jaded and it’s understandable why. They’ve put him through hell, only for him to come back madder than ever.

        • steveo

          Daniel is the epitome of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” I love this guy.

      • ericbrady

        Thanks steveo, his demeanor certainly makes a lot more sense now. I appreciate what he’s doing. He’s still a lil crazy in my book but that can be a good thing too. I’ll check out his other videos.

      • hazy

        Post the past videos of him being cool headed.

        • steveo

          if you know how to use a keyboard and a mouse, you can find them.

          • hazy

            It’s not the responsibility of the opposing argument to provide evidence for your own argument. However, for the sake of my own curiosity I tried to find some video of him interacting with cops politely. I found this.


            So you’re right. He has talked with cops more politely in the past, but even then he is a bit argumentative. In this video right here, he gets pulled over for speeding. The cop even let’s him go without issuing a ticket for the expired registration.

            Think that a cop finds out your registration is expired and claims you were speeding 10 over 25 and despite that he says you are free to go. You then argue that you didn’t speed and ask for his name. Is that the action of a wise person?

            It is always better to be polite and not argue. Arguments are to be presented in court not on the street. Don’t let past bad instances with bad cops jade you, it will hurt you in future interactions with police.

    • the sage

      You should be able to simply state to the cop that any conversation is not consensual, you will not answer any questions, remain silent, and that you regard any further questions, conversation or acts by the police to be harassment.
      And you simply say nothing and continue filming.

  • nrgins

    They detained them to make sure they weren’t terrorists? What did they do, have them lift up their shirts to see if there was a “Smile, I’m a Terrorist!” t-shirt underneath them? LOL

  • Bernardina Cortes Kimmerle

    Hmmm… A photographer in front of Chevron…sounds a bit like corporate protection? Corruption?

    • the sage

      Check to see if their pension fund is invested in Chevron stock or if the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, CAFR, for the town, city and state is also invested in Chevron.

  • steve618

    This guy Daniel is actually providing a valuable public service by “detaining” these cops who would otherwise be engaged in public nuisance activities. His fellow citizens owe him some thanks. Let the cops know that YOU are detaining THEM and perhaps they’re more likely to just let you be.

    • Guest

      Don’t be fooled. The police are using this recorded video to get the message across to the “Daniel’s” of the world that if you come to our city, this is what you will be confronted with.
      Go someplace else with your games.
      I think it was a great planned response by the PD to in so many words/video bytes say “Don’t F**K with us!”

      And all they had to do was show up, the blogs take care of the rest!

  • Guest

    With all due respect Daniel, you are dealing with the wrong people and so is anyone else doing this. It’s good that you are challenging them for your rights, but the real impact is with the District Attorney. The DA follows up on the charges leveled by the LEO’s and decides if he will prosecute. So, unless I am mistaken, the DA is the one calling the shots by condoning the actions of the cops, legal or not.

    If the DA’s stopped prosecuting these types of charges or told the various PD’s to follow the law, it is very likely these false arrests would come to an end.
    But, if the DA needs the PD to get elected, this will never happen.

    If the DA is backing the PD in any phony charge situation, then the DA is the one at fault.
    The cops will continue to get away with whatever the DA will condone.

    • motrhed

      Even if the DA refuses to persecute, once arrested and detained, you can not be UNarrested and UNdetained. Hence the jackbooted thugs win anyway

      • Guest

        Agreed! But if enough pressure is brought on the DA, it is very likely that he will direct the cops to end the BS charges/arrests.

      • Dan Matthews

        My personal feeling is that any time the police deprive you of time and/or money, no matter what amount, they feel they have won. If it goes beyond an arrest and conviction, they win even more, legit or not.
        The only way one wins over the police (DA) is by winning a judgement against them, and we know how seldom that happens.

  • steveo

    Must be no crime in this place. No robberies? No burglaries? No sex assaults? No aggravated batteries? These leos got it good. After this they probably said, “Well, time to get some lunch.”

    Daniel’s even got a helmet on, they should be commending him on his adherence to road safety. They should invite him to go speak to the elementary school.

    • Dan Matthews

      Actually, very little to speak of in the beach cities and the police are proud of it and as a result, the average citizen is happy with the job the police are doing. If you can look on line for the Beach Reporter, the local paper, they list the weekly crimes by city, not great reading. Some strong arm robberies, car vandalism, surf boards being stolen, etc.
      And yes, the LEOs have got it good, with strong support from the citizenry.
      During the day when crime is at its lowest, you can expect this kind of response from the local PDs and quite frankly, I think they actually like having the video taken and posted so they can get their message across of “Don’t F**K with us!” They have found a way to use these blogs to their advantage, as they know they are deterring many of the “Daniels” of the world from coming into “their” city.

    • Dan Matthews

      A side comment, Steveo. I’m not accusing anyone or profiling or whatever, just stating statistics that make sense.

      Very few of the local crimes are committed by people who live in the beach cities. As a result, the crime for all the beach cities can be linked according to the amount of public beach parking they provide. The more public beach parking, the more “outsiders” in the area, the more crime.
      Just seems to correlate for obvious reasons.

  • Dan Matthews

    The actual reason for this activity is being missed by most of us.

    The ES PD could care less about what Daniel is doing and the pictures/video he is taking. They don’t care if he is wearing an explosive vest or not, to some degree. :-)
    They (PDs of all the beach cities) have a nice quite city where they enjoy the support of the citizenry because they keep the “crime rate” under control.

    They meet all challenges with a show of force and quite honestly, probably look forward to these videos being posted to get the message across, “Don’t F**K with us” right or wrong.
    They just want “Trouble Makers” like the “Daniels” of the world to understand that it would be much easier for them to pull these stunts someplace else, and they are using the blogs that these videos are posted on as their media.
    And you know what, it works.
    How many of us, after watching this video, really want to go to ES to do what Daniel did?

    There are no violations in this video(s) that their DA will go after them for.
    As a matter of fact, they probably hold classes on how to deal with these situations and use them to their advantage.

  • Dan Matthews

    I’d bet money on the fact that this blog is viewed by 2 dozen police agencies every day, at the least, and some valuable(?) information is obtained.

  • Dan Matthews

    Daniel, you mentioned a good idea, but instead of printing your name on your shirt, wear a name tag similar to the cops and point to it like they do.

    If you have to show them an I.D. tell them you have to sit down and remove your shoe and sock, as that’s where you keep it since it was stolen. Keep it inside your sock beneath the sole of your foot.
    They will either decline it or have to take out their gloves.
    You could also put some Elmer’s glue between your toes, let it dry and make sure they see it when you take off your sock. Tell them you have no idea what it is, but you’ve had it for two months.

    Some of the wood glues dry to a yellow color, looking strangely like dried yellow pus; think of adding a very light green tint to it.
    You can view examples on YouTube by sorting on PUS.
    Make up any excuse you want as to what it is.

    • the sage

      Keep your ID wedged in the sweaty crack of your ass. Upon illegal request present ID from said buttcrack and ask if he would like that with extra “cheese”.

      • Dan Matthews

        Well, uh, see, hmmm, I think, uh, perhaps, but if…………..
        I use my ID at Home Depot too.

  • Dan Matthews


    Officer: “I need to see your I.D.”
    You tell him why you don’t have to show him your I.D., etc until you feel you have no choice.
    You: “Here you go.”

    What you hand him is a white, laminated card with your picture on it, just (and only) your name, all having been stamped and signed off by a notary; “I, certified Notary of the County Of Oz do hereby affix my seal to this identification of Larsen E. Whipsnade, this 31st day of June, 2012.”

    Better than his name tag, legal(?), and no information other than your name.
    Be sure to carry no other I.D. Unless it is in your athelet’s foot ridden shoe.

    Officer: “This isn’t an ID.”
    You: “Are you saying that I am lying, officer?”

  • nonamebutisupport

    where is the rest, and what was the resolution?

  • Temper

    LOL. It’s not illegal to film but we are going to harrass you.