FBI Visits Oregon Man at Home, Inquiring why he Photographed Dam


An Oregon man who enjoys taking pictures of wildlife around a local dam received a visit today from an FBI agent and a police officer, inquiring what he intends to do with his photographs.

But Doug Tankersley handled it perfectly, forbidding them men from entering his home while documenting the exchange with his video camera.The men were gone in just over five minutes, having done their duty in keeping our country safe from a 59-year-old grandfather who enjoys posting his photographs on Facebook and Tumblr as well as a few framed favorites on the walls of his home in Umatilla City.

The truth is, the visit was nothing but retaliation from the Umatilla City police department over his insistence of standing up for his rights to take pictures near the McNary Dam, which is less than a mile from his home.

It was the latest incident in a pattern of harassment that began three years ago after he was accosted by a security guard for taking a photograph of a flower. A long story which he explains well on this Facebook page.


Mexican Hat Flower
Mexican Hat Flower (Photo by Doug Tankersley)


The audio of the video starts off low but picks up within 30 seconds of the video. The agent’s first name is Gary but it’s difficult to make out his last name in the video. He works out of the office in Bend.

“We are here to ascertain what your motives are with the pictures,” the FBI agent tells Tankesley on the video he posted on Facebook.

Tanskersley reminds him there is no law against photographing the flowers with his camera or photographing the dam with a camera from his remote control airplane, which he has done in the past.

“Yeah, I heard about that,” the agent acknowledges.


McNary Dam
The McNary Dam from a remote control airplane (Photo by Doug Tankersley)


The agent also acknowledges that photography is not a crime, but then explains his visit with the following statement:

“Sometimes there are nefarious things behind photographs and taking pictures of our infrastructure and things like that, you know, perhaps not you, but perhaps other people with bad intentions to try and get some intel in different ways to let’s say, blow up a dam or something.”

The FBI agent then insinuates that terrorists took pictures of the World Trade Center before the 9/11 attacks, even though there is no evidence to support that claim and even if they did, they were already countless photos of the buildings on the internet.

“You can tell me honestly you have nothing against the United States, nothing against that dam?” the agent asks.

“I got a lot of things against the United States. Are you trying to tell me you don’t?” Tankersley responds.

“You’re going to cause any harm to anybody or anything?” the agent inquires.

“I don’t have to answer that, but I will. No, I’m not going to cause any harm to anybody.”

“Then we’re good. I appreciate you answering that,” the agent responds before departing.

In 2012, the FBI visited the home of a Houston man because he had been photographing the weather.

So don’t be surprised if you’re next. Try to prepare yourself by having a fully charged video camera with plenty of storage space.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Jude I⚡caяiot

    The only reason they bothered the guy photographing the weather is that he might’ve uncovered the secret HAARP program that causes national disasters!

  • $22798478

    This is ridiculous. Why is the FBI wasting resources on this bullshit. It’s obvious that this is the local police departments way of getting even and harassing this man. Why is it that we all see through the BS in all the issues raised here on PINAC, but the system see things so differently $$$$$$$$$$$ hmmmmmm Can you say corruption ?

    The FBI needs to start running undercover stings by setting cops up. Set the bait and see if these crooked cops bite. Lets get the bad cops off the streets so the respect that they have lost is restored.

    If the U.S. was really so serious about pictures being taken then why is google earth still showing this dam ? Dumb asses !

    • Guest

      I agree, but there’s probably as many crooked FBI agents as there are cops. They really are pawns of the state and, as you said, dumb asses that need to get a REAL job.

      • Garner Scott

        Well Robert is right. But those clowns trying to get a real job in the
        private sector they could not get one. That is why they work for the
        Government. My taxes pay these fools with guns. They are unqualified to
        get a real job.

    • Tijuana Joe

      Good point. After 911 there was an explosion in the connectivity
      between local, state and Federal cops. This is what we get
      as a result : men in black at our door if we want to photograph
      the countryside, as NSA reads our e-mail and listens to
      our phone calls at will. The terrorists won.

  • rick

    Too bad he provided ID and deleted his pictures. I hope he learns his rights in the public domain and tells these asshats to shove off.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Google McNary Dam. Sixteen pictures to begin with first page. I believe one link gives the plans, but didn’t check it.

    This borders on Keystone Kops’ antics.

    • cowie_cat

      The FBI is going to come to your door asking why you googled “McNary Dam”.

  • Dan Matthews

    Doug, by the sound of the conversation and the quality of your picture, I think they are jealous of your drone capabilities.
    Great gear!

  • the sage

    I do not consent to any interaction with you.
    This conversation is non-consensual.
    Any further questioning or discussion will be considered harassment.
    Unless you are charging me with a crime or have a warrant, then you are trespassing, please remove yourself from my property immediately and never return.
    Have a nice day.

  • the sage

    Of course this is just harassment,,,

    Hi, I am the world’s most notorious terrorist and when the FBI asks me if I intend to cause harm and chaos, in an effort to successfully execute my nefarious plans, I admit it, state my evil intentions and explain how I am going to do it way in advance to law enforcement as to guarantee my maximum effectiveness.

    • http://neville6000.deviantart.com/ Neville Ross

      ‘Do it? Dan, I’m not a Republic Serial villain. Do you seriously think I’d explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago.’ http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Watchmen

  • Guest

    A full-blown police state is almost here. These people are either very paranoid or scared of WE THE PEOPLE….and they should be.

  • steveo

    I’m starting to become convinced that the only way to handle these encounters is the Daniel Saulmon method. A Daniel quote: ““With officers who know me, right away they treat me well, the cussing stops. I know it sounds awful, but they respond to polite folks by running over them.”

    These people just do not respond to reason or polite conversation from an innocent American citizen. What is even more upsetting is that all FBI agents are lawyers. When the ignorant leos and security guards do this crap, we tend to brush it off as just plain ignorance, but when a person who has studied enough law to obtain a juris doctorate degree does this, it is quite discouraging.

    I fear that these episodes are just going to escalate, not deteriorate.

  • Proud GrandPa

    I am concerned by this one video of the FBI agent asking questions. I am unfamiliar with the photog’s history with local LEOs. Perhaps they have or are harassing. That much is not demonstrated by this video.


    This video is an example of FBI investigation into civilian interest in gov’t buildings as likely Mohammedan targets. I respect the need to ask. Why so? Because the FBI intent is to panic a potential Mohammedan killer into saying something to expose his plot. Good people like me or any of us would not be intimidated or panic-striken. We would be annoyed, but so what? We don’t have to talk if we don’t want to.


    I am pleased that the FBI got its answer and left immediately. You see the FBI has its orders to investigate this stuff and complete paperwork, so when the FBI guy got his answer, he had no reason to stay. I have no problem with that.


    Now I am not saying this is the only way or the best way to beat the Mohammedan mass murderers like Osama Bin-Laden, but the FBI policy has worked. The bad thugs have failed to pull off another 911-scale mass murder. Our gov’t successfully killed or captured the bad ones. Sweet!

    If the FBI had a legit terror action to investigate, not a mere fishing expedition or paperwork to fill out, then the photog in the video says he would answer all questions. So would I. And so also would all of us here. Cooperate with the police when appropriate. I’m cool with that.


    • Mario Gandolfo

      Thank you,my point exactly..I want that FED on my side when the s**t goes down..he did what he was supposed to do and he left..end of story and again I would have done the same if I was that FED..You want to blame someone here then have an internal investigation done on that police force and I would start at the top because the chief is the one who ok’d the request to call in the fed !!! there is much more here than meets the eye..

      • Proud GrandPa

        Yes, you comments are reasonable, Mario. As law-abiding citizens we like good law enforcement. Good law enforcement makes for the most freedom. Thank God for good police officers after the model of the FBI agent in the video.
        The FBI agent seemed uncomfortable being associated with the harassment activity of the local police. Perhaps with more maturity and experience some of our junior members on this forum will one day be able to recognize the difference. Let us reward and honor good cops and work within the law to fix bad police policies.

    • JdL

      likely Mohammedan targets.
      Mohammedan killer
      Mohammedan mass murderers

      You’ve really drunk the Kool-Aid, GrandPa. If you did five minutes of research on google, you’d realize that there are WAY more mass murderers who profess to be “Christian” than “Mohammedan”. How many innocents has Obama killed, for example, with his endless drone attacks and ongoing prosecution of multiple wars abroad? Probably more than Bush, another mass murderer.

      Cooperate with the police when appropriate. I’m cool with that.

      That would be about 1% of the time that cops are demanding answers, if that.

      One’s first reaction to any cop or federal agent demanding answers should be, “I have nothing to say.” If, upon careful review, I judge that I’ve got material answers to a genuine crime, I’d modify that. MAYBE. There are plenty of documented instances of sincere people coming forth to report a crime, only to be accused by the cops of having committed it themselves. Cops as a whole are lazy and don’t give a S*** whether you’re guilty or not if they can pretend to have “solved” a crime. Prosecutors, as a group, are even worse. It’s real important to stay out of the grip of the criminal injustice system, and the best way to do that is to refuse to talk to cops.

      • Dan Matthews

        Thank GOD we have not gotten to the point where people are being killed for expressing an opinion that might be contrary to yours, JdL.
        And please don’t tell me that Stan’s for Jewish Defense League, I know they are better than that.

        • Dan Matthews

          Please tell me it doesn’t stand for…..

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Get out, racist, statist garbage.

      • Dan Matthews

        What kind of a response is that?
        And who are you to tell anyone to get out?

        • Proud GrandPa

          Thanks, Dan. I wondering that myself. The words “drive by troll” come to mind and “not to taken seriously”.


          If Jud had an articulable argument, one could address it. Otherwise I ignore such responses as unworthy.
          Note to Jude: If you care to form thoughts into sentences without foul language, I will take you seriously and give you the respect you crave and the courtesy of a reply.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            Fuck off, racist fucktwat. I didn’t even use foul language to begin with.

          • Dan Matthews

            I’ll only speak for myself and say that I think you are way beyond what makes sense in this blog. People are entitled to their opinion even if, as in your case, it makes them look foolish.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            Cool story, you racist apologist.

          • Dan Matthews

            You have a very limited vocabulary, eight grade education? Seventh grade?
            Careful, your mommy may catch you using her computer.

          • englishvinal

            Indubitably a first class “Paid to Post Balancing Information” TROLL….
            No doubt paid by the ADL…. or some other constitutional protection trashing foul agency.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            I WISH I was paid for pointing out the obvious about people. Man, I’d be rich.

          • Dan Matthews

            But you are making up for it now.

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          It’s the kinda response I reserve for racists and statist apologists like that fucktwat.

          • Dan Matthews

            I believe the opinions Proud GrandPa expresses, agreed with or not, show that he puts some thought into them.
            Your comments, on the other hand, don’t seem to be contributing to the spirit of the blog, but that’s just my opinion, and we know all about opinions.
            NU’FF said.

    • ColleenPatriciaWilliams

      Please. There is no credibility, as all the images, including plans, can be found on Google. My guess is that these guys had waay too much time on their hands. It is kinda boring out there.

  • http://www.blog2.tshirt-doctor.com/ Pissed Off

    Just another episode in their unending war against cameras.

    • MeFein

      Hi Doc, good to see you here.

      • http://www.blog2.tshirt-doctor.com/ Pissed Off

        HI!!!! Good to see you!!! Have you visited my site lately? :O)

  • hamilt0n

    This is bad advice. The right move in a situation like this is to STFU and close the door.

    • Dan Matthews

      Is it possible that by doing that a judge could be persuaded to sign a search warrant that would allow them to come into his home and ransack the place?

      • CryptoCoin420

        pretty sure if they wanted to do that they would and could find a reason to do so. Judges? Warrants? HA! dont you remember where we live??

        • steveo

          Badges, badges, we don’t have no stinking badges. Here’s my warrant, right here on my hip.

      • Elliott Whitlow

        Sounds like the basis for a great lawsuit, remember the supreme has been pretty clear that exercise of a right is not a basis to override that right. Its gonna be hard to overcome the view that a warrant would be retaliatory for his refusal to talk to them.
        Honestly if they had PC they would have already gotten the warrant.

  • DocRambo

    Didn’t the NSA tell them about the Dam(n) Photography Contest being sponsored by Al Jazeera?

  • rick

    Is the safety of your equipment more valuable than your freedoms?

    “I reluctantly pulled out my driver’s license and held it up for him to see. He snatched the license out of my hand and went back to his truck…The security guard demanded I delete the picture of the truck. Initially I refused. Then Officer Campbell stated I could delete the photo or go to jail for illegal trespass. Fearing more for the safety of my equipment than myself, I eventually complied and deleted the photograph of the security vehicle.”

  • Farid Rushdi

    I grew up in DC — my parents and all my brothers work/worked for some level of government.

    To get more money for the next budget year–or even to keep what you had the previous year–you have to justify the need. And this is how you do it. You find things for your people to do, you increase the width and breadth of your mission, and you get more money.

    They go out and look for things to do to make sure the paychecks continue.

  • Don’t talk to the cops

    “But Doug Tankersley handled it perfectly”

    No, he didn’t. Don’t talk to cops.

    • CryptoCoin420

      exactly, they are not there to help you, at all.

  • Ray186

    Wow what a was to escalate the situation. The police can’t get him to stop, so they call the FBI. They must all feel like tools now.

    • Dan Matthews

      Did you mean “tools” or “fools”?

      • CryptoCoin420

        i think both fit just fine. take your pick.

      • Ray186

        Tools. Male sexual appendages.

  • Mike

    The FBI agent was very professional. If local LEOs could be just as level-headed, learn to not be confrontational from the beginning, and learn to deescalate situations, law enforcement would earn a lot more respect and have a better reputation.

    I think Doug Tankersley would have been better off not talking at all though. One slip-up in memory could all of a sudden find you charged with lying to federal agents.

    • the sage

      The moment he leaned onto my doorway is the moment he would have lost a hand.

    • Mario Gandolfo

      Na I would have talked to him too..itr only bettered his case and make the local police look like complete assholes for wasting his time where it could be well better spent..

      • joe

        the Supreme Court says citizens should never speak to police, if under arrest or not.

  • Mario Gandolfo

    I am in no way defending those that are NOT of good intentions concerning the LAW side of the matter,but NOT ridiculous if they want to come to your house and inquire and if you have nothing to hide then “No harm and no foul”..If they were assholes about it that would have been a different story..stop trying to find the bad and be glad that they did a follow up just to make sure..In my opinion this was NOT about deprivation of freedoms allowed but more along the lines of ” BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY”..It’s a whole new ball game out there in the world and especially in this country with all the extremists running around free..look at Boston bombing..could happen anywhere anytime any place to ANY building or STRUCTURE.. further more the FBI was there on his own through the local Police who obviousley are quite the assholes in their own right..The FBI dude was nice,cordial,quiet and went away convinced and if I was an agent I would have done the same thing..he(the agent) clearly saw he was NOT needed there and if I were him I would file a complaint with his FBI superior that it’s a open/closed case of personal harassment of that police department on a U.S. citizen…

    • JdL

      but NOT ridiculous if they want to come to your house and inquire and if you have nothing to hide then “No harm and no foul”.

      You can believe that if it makes you feel good, but the evidence I’ve seen overwhelmingly suggests that the government’s agents do NOT have good motives.

      If they were assholes about it that would have been a different story..stop trying to find the bad and be glad that they did a follow up just to make sure.

      Don’t be fooled by superficial courtesy; it’s a technique they use to lull you into a false sense of security. These guys are out to bust you by any means, fair or foul. Say NOTHING to them except “Goodbye”.

      • Mario Gandolfo

        The guy who took the pictures is obviously tit-for tatting with the local law and seeings how the local law could not bust this guy other than verbal,the law decided to take it to the next level by calling in THE FED..why can you people not see this is a clear case of a local yocal police force vendetta here!!!! oh and for all you two steppers who say I would give up my rights ?? you or any one person INCLUDING the law comes through my door unannounced or without a warrant will be shot on sight with intent to kill..

    • Doug Tankersley

      As for who alerted the federal watchdogs to my “nefarious” deeds, I don’t think it was the local police, though I could be wrong. I am pretty sure it was dam security, dam employees, and a USACE Park Ranger who filled out one or more SAR’s (Suspicious Activity Report) on me. I am not trying to protect the local police, I have separate but, related beefs with them, but I don’t think they contacted the FBI themselves. The FBI agent said they routinely contact, and are escorted to a person’s house by local authorities, as a courtesy to the local authorities. While I will concede this could be pure BS, I have no reason to believe otherwise. I have had security and a Park Ranger say this would be “going higher”, even after I challenged them to either arrest or ticket me. I know it looks like local LEO’s set me up to try and intimidate me, but I honestly don’t think that is the case. I do believe that was the motivation behind the security guards and Dam employees though.

      Since this came down, I have considered lending local law enforcement a hand in traffic control by sitting at the top of the hill going out of the dam, and photographing all the employees in a hurry leaving work at 5:00 PM every day, and speeding up the hill at 35-40 mph in a 25 zone. Maybe I should set the camera up on a tripod, bring a hair dryer along to point at all the cars, as if I were checking speed with a radar gun.

      Not sure what my next move is. I plan on continuing to photograph down there. If they continue to bird dog me, I will document it. If I even suspect there is a remote possibility they might be watching me I will document it.

      What I still do not understand is why they even needed to come talk to me. Like others have pointed out, this is a waste of resources. The agent had to drive from Bend to Umatilla, a distance of 215 miles, and about 8 hours driving time both ways, to ask me my intentions, when I am all over the internet with this stuff on Facebook and Tumblr. I am hiding nothing. He said he looked at my Facebook page and other places, but no further. Do I believe that???? Sounds like BS. If it is true, then it is time to earn your keep, Gary Loren(sp), Mr. FBI. Do your job, in other words, park your butt in front of the computer and learn who the hell I am, ask a few questions, of your thug comrades.

      • Mario Gandolfo

        It’s unfortunate that in this day and age they feel the need to check on any little thing..for the electronic age it sure seems like the DARK ages instead..Keep doing what you do sir and I think now that Johnny FED has paid a visit and saw no viable threat that you will be left alone and if you are still harassed by the local doughnut eaters I would seek council with a lawyer and if there is grounds “SUE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM”..

      • http://neville6000.deviantart.com/ Neville Ross

        This is the same FBI that took years to go after the mob (and only when Joesph Valachi spilled his guts!) What else is new from these people?

  • CryptoCoin420

    As if these photos are not publicly available. Just like the twin towers were already all over the internet long before they were took down by the terrorists. This is completely ridiculous! Talk about a police state.

  • Marie Scherer-Whitehill

    MMM so your telling me that everyone that loves taking photos of anything any time we are now terrorists. As well this just makes me think to the this man had photos on Facebook and if his sittings were sit private just shows me and others that we are for sure been spy ed on for sure. And why are we the people paying for the FBI to come to homes like this. Really!!!! If they are looking on FB and the actives that is man was doing they would be able to tell that he is not a Terrorist!!! The government needs to get their acts together. Now they want to take guys away from up, spy on us, take our freedom of speech, and so much more, and now taken photos could be a crime!? Time for the government to step back….. We the people are going to stand and keep moving forward!!!!!!!

    • steveo

      Guaranteed they already have all of his bank records, history of telephone calls, 10 year statements on credit card purchases, who his internet provider has been and all his search history. They know what high school, college he attended, where he worked most of his life, all the vacations he took and where he buys his groceries and records of all the guns he owns. If you don’t believe this watch, “Enemy of the State”, that movie was done nearly 15 years ago, Just think how fast they can get all this information,now.

      Plus if I was him, I’d get a rf sweeper, they probably have a gps tracker on his car.

      • Dan Matthews

        Can’t they track him via his cellphone and reverse the charges?


    Just consider ALL the people who enjoy photographing the Hoover Dam!
    Oops… seeing people there, might give Oboy a reason for new false flag location!

  • steveo

    I never thought that the German Chancellor would compare us to the Stasi, but she may be right.

    Government surveillance is an extremely sensitive topic in Germany, where memories of the dreaded Stasi secret police and its extensive network of informants are still fresh in the minds of many citizens.

    “The more a society monitors, controls and observes its citizens, the less free it is,” she said.

    • http://neville6000.deviantart.com/ Neville Ross

      Don’t forget the Gestapo, as well.

  • Dano

    When the people fear the government…that is tyranny.
    When the government fears the people…that is freedom

  • Jim

    More interested in protecting assets than citizens.

    There you have it.

  • kyle

    This could be the most colossal waste of time I’ve ever seen the government expend!

    I mean, once the agent found the guy’s motivation was harmless (which should have been the second he saw the guy’s tumblr account), shouldn’t he have turned his eye toward the local police’s motivation — who have been harassing the man AND CALLING THE FBI ON HIM?!

    For him to say ‘we don’t get involved’ in local jurisdiction matters is utter bullshit. The called for the agent to come and ‘investigate’ is the reason he had to drive from Bend to the guy’s house in the first place! If the agent doesn’t have the balls to tell these local security guards and cops to cease and desist bothering this photographer, well, he can expect more fruitless expeditions to this guy’s property — and properties like it.

    I am sicked that the FBI has this much time to waste when clearly the events of the past week show they should be huddled around their laptops and desktops reading our private emails and watching our Skype conversations…!

    Now then, this poor photographer now has an FBI file thanks to those retarded rent-a-cops… which is another reason to tell the agent to kiss off.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      ‘we don’t get involved’ <– um, then who is it that is designated to investigate, when local police are violating civil rights? I was under the impression that the correct group for that IS the FBI

  • era of terra

    Funny he mentions the ’94 WTC bombing because that was an FBI sting. He should be asking that agent why they chose to use a real bomb instead of a dud like subsequent FBI ops.

  • Dave

    It’s called McCarthyism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism

  • http://www.facebook.com/stupidshitobamasays Stupid Stuff Obama Says

    Exercise your rights and freedoms… or lose them…

  • Triumph

    Best not to talk to government officials. Notice that the FBI agent said that besides photographing flowers he was trying to “get back at officers” and possibly “instigate something”. Things will always be twisted. The less you say the better.

    • Dan Matthews

      “Excuse me agent, those are very serious accusations you are making as well as being slanderous. Can you please tell me where you obtained your information, as I would like to ask for an investigation.”

  • Doug Tankersley

    Hi All,

    Figured it was about time I weighed in here.

    It sounds like some of you think this happened all at once. It started about three years ago, and it was then that I was first alerted to this nationwide problem of photophobia. I admit I didn’t handle things well then, especially when I finally deleted the photo. THAT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN! At least not on purpose. Since that time, I have educated myself a little better as to what I can, and can’t do, and what the cops can and can’t do. I still have lots to learn.

    As for the FBI and the local police, though I may be wrong, I don’t think it was the local cops that alerted the FBI. I think it was both the dam security and some of the dam employees, and an Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger. They were originally the ones that hassled me about taking pictures thirty feet off the main public access road that runs through the wildlife area of the dam. It was the Park Ranger who said “this is going higher up” when I told him to arrest me if I had broken any laws. Anyway, they have a form they fill out called an SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report. They send it in to Homeland Security (I think), who then sends it to the FBI to follow up on. That is what I think happened anyway.
    Don’t get me wrong. I have a beef with the local cops, and I think they know they screwed up. Because of my photographic activities they have threatened to arrest me and throw me in jail. I think I still have the audio recording of that. And I have received to traffic tickets, one for an expired insurance card, the other for not wearing a seat belt. Both were thrown out as the car was insured, just didn’t have the current card in. The seat belt charge was thrown out, as it was written to a municipal court and should have been written to a county court, and the judge said the cop decided he didn’t want to pursue it. Fact is, he knew I had to take my seat belt off to get my wallet out and show my license. I told him that at the time. The man is a coward.
    So you know what I did in the interim? The time after the ticket was written, and before I went to court. I live on a road that is a loop. Once they drive by my house, they have to come back by. I saw the same cop that wrote the tickets drive by. I grabbed my camera and went to the corner and started filming. As the cop approached, I stepped into the street and filmed the cop waving and yelling out his window, “Have a nice day.” I then took the video down to the police station and filed a formal complaint against the officer for “Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.” The officer that took the complaint was Lt. Kennedy. He was also the cop in the video. He told me he would get back to me when I said I wanted that officer cited, and he never did.
    Yeah, there will be a lot of you with criticisms about what I said or didn’t say. I decided to talk to the FBI agent partly because I thought to do otherwise might just arouse more suspicion. In hindsight I wish I would have talked to him just long enough for him to ask that all important question. “Are you planning to blow up that dam?” What I wished I had said is something like, “You see that concrete you are standing on? That is mine, free and clear, as is the house and property. Directly behind you is the dam in question. What kind of idiot would blow up his own back yard? You should get out there and do your job that you are getting paid to do, and do your homework on me, because I am hiding nothing. Then if you have any questions come and talk to me.”
    Yeah, I could have handled it better, but there is an old saying that goes something like, “When you are up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp.” If you have never been in a situation similar, it is hard to function. I mean how many times has the FBI come to your door, asking questions like, “Are you a terrorist?” It is kind of unnerving.

    • rick

      Do you use any cellphone apps that upload in real time? Also, did the G-Man leave a business card with contact info? Or were you supposed to take the word of the plainly dressed man that he works for the FBI?

      • Doug Tankersley

        Hardly use a cell phone at all. They are nothing more than electronic leashes. He did not leave a card, nor did I ask for one. My bad. He did show me some identification when he first knocked on the door. I gave him some lame excuse about letting someone in, told him I would be right back, and used the time to get my camera out to film them.

        • http://neville6000.deviantart.com/ Neville Ross

          Actually, Doug, you can use said camera to send your picture to a cloud server or your own computer (you should also be using encrypted systems to keep them from prying eyes.)

  • silly

    He entertained those two LEOs for far longer than he should have. I would have told them to go away, and get off my property.

  • harry balzanya

    America pillars of democracy our infrastructure freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom to be secure in ones home. Etc etc. When armed men go to a mans home to threaten harrass and intimidate people engaging in lawfull constiutional protected act they have destroyed the infrastructure they are the terrorists, this agent failed to protect this American.

  • Dan Matthews

    Monday morning quarterbacking on my part.

    I think if a representative of the Federal Government showed up at my door accompanied by a “local” LEO, the first comment to make might be, “If you (FBI) are going to talk with me about anything at all, I certainly do not want it to be overheard by anyone local, you can leave now, officer.”

    If the officer does not leave, conversation over, “Have a nice day.”
    If he does leave, respond to the FBI agent anyway you think is appropriate, or don’t respond.
    The point being that the local LEO, who you have had issues with in the past, doesn’t get to listen in real time and only views from a distance, but assume you are being recorded just the same.

  • David

    phishing at its finest. the act of fishing, performed by the law is illegal.
    he should have asked them if they were fishing without a license!

    • theaton

      The FBI shouldn’t have been there but he broke no laws.

  • markgriz

    @2:21 “twin towers before they were dropped”

    And admission. Quick call Alex Jones :)

  • Waffles McDongledong

    Video doesn’t load. Although judging from the comments, “I do not consent to any interaction with you.” is entirely redundant, idiotic, and a pure sophism. Never say something like that, it not only makes you look like a massive jizz burger but .. well, proves you’re a massive jizz burger.

  • Contrarymary

    Never EVER respond to their questions, we are not required to without representation, it is all voluntary. I repeat, never respond to their questions, no matter what you think or feel.