Jeff Gray was out taking photos at the Port of Jacksonville when he came across a sign advising him to report suspicious behavior.

You know, the old “If you see something, say something” mantra that urges citizens to report other citizens taking pictures in public as possible terrorists.

So Gray did something most of us would never do. He called the number and reported himself as a suspicious person.

But Jacksonville Port Authority officials are so sharp they already knew about him.

After all, they had harassed him two days earlier, telling him it was against the law to take photos at the port.

But that was on Tuesday.

By Thursday, they had discovered it wasn’t against the law to take photos at the port, which is why the woman Gray spoke with on the phone told him that “if he’s on public property, there’s nothing else we can do about it.”

However, she also acknowledged that he was a troublemaker with his own agenda involving Youtube.

And that, fortunately, is still not against the law.