California Police Arrest Man for Video Recording, then Kill his Dog (Updated III)

In one of the most shocking videos I’ve seen since launching this blog six years, ago, Hawthorne police shot and killed a dog while arresting the dog’s owner for video recording them from a half-block away on a public sidewalk.

Several cops were standing in front of a house halfway down the block, apparently to make an arrest over the weekend, while a man walking his dog was video recording them from the corner.

A group of other citizens were recording from across the street and captured the entire exchange, including the arrest of the man and killing of his dog.

At 2:09 in the video, the man starts walking to his car when he realizes the cop are going to walk towards him because he was standing there recording.

After he puts his dog in the car, he walks back towards the cops, turns around and allows himself to be handcuffed, even though he had not broken any law at any time during the video.

Makes one wonder what would have happened had he just gotten into his car and driven away.

As he is being handcuffed by two cops, the dog begins barking and eventually jumps out the window.

At 3:09, the dog is out of the car and running towards the cop.

At 3:23, a cop shoots the dog four times. The dog staggers and dies.

Last year, Hawthorne police jailed a man for four days for recording a traffic stop from a public sidewalk.

Call the Hawthorne Police Department: Call (310) 675-4443 or  (310) 349-2700.

Press Information Officer:
Lieutenant Scott Swain
(310) 349-2835

UPDATE: The man who was arrested, Leon Rosby, was charged with obstructing officers. He already has a pending lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department and believes that is why he was confronted.

The name of his Rottweiler was Max.

According to CBS:

Attorney Michael Gulden said his client Leon Rosby was watching and taking video of the Hawthorne SWAT team when police claimed Rosby was obstructing officers during the barricade.

Rosby is seen in video footage walking with the dog – which appeared to be a Rottweiler – near several patrol cars to capture the scene on his phone.

After an exchange with nearby officers, Rosby is heard saying the words, “civil rights violation” before returning the dog to his vehicle.

As officers begin to proceed toward Rosby, he also begins walking in the direction of the officers and is then taken into custody without any further exchange.

According to the Daily Breeze, Rosby was arrested because he had refused to turn down his car radio, which can be heard in the video.

The shooting occurred about 7:15 p.m. Sunday at 137th Street and Jefferson Avenue about two hours after police surrounded a house where a gunman had robbed two people inside. A crowd of spectators gathered in response to the large police response, which included several police cars and the department’s Bearcat armored vehicle.

As some, including resident Gabriel Martinez, aimed their cellphones at the scene to record it, Rosby drove up in his rented black Mazda. Swain said Rosby stopped in the intersection with music blaring from his windows. Officers told him to turn down the music because they were trying to hear what was happening down the street. Rosby pulled forward, parked and got out with his dog, but left the music still playing loudly.

“It’s distracting the officers,” Swain said. “It’s interfering with what they are able to hear. It’s not just a party call. It’s an armed robbery call. The officers need to hear what’s going on with the people being called out of the residence. That music in his car is bleeding over and it’s distracting them.”

It still doesn’t make sense considering Rosby walked back to his car, placed his dog inside, then walked back to the cops and allowed himself to be arrested.

Why didn’t he just turn down the music when he placed the dog back inside?

If he was so defiant about the music, wouldn’t he have been more defiant about getting arrested?

Here is a video recorded before the above video from when Rosby pulled up to the scene, parked his car and stepped out to begin recording.


Hawthorne Cops Shoot Dog


UPDATE II: The Hawthorne Police Department posted the following press release on its Facebook page, claiming they had to arrest Rosby because his “distracting music (more the individual’s vehicle), and his intentional walking within close proximity to armed officers, while holding an 80-pound Rottweiller on a long leash-line” adding that other citizens were recording from a “safe distance and compliant to officers’ regards.”

So I think it’s obvious they were more concerned about his physical whereabouts than his music, most likely because he had a much clearer angle of what was taking place than the citizens standing on the other corner who had absolutely no visibility of what was actually taking place in front of the house with the armed robbers.

Furthermore, it is routine police protocol to establish a perimeter with police ribbon if they are that insistent in marking boundaries.

But we see no marked perimeter. All we see is Rosby standing a half-block away from the nearest officer holding a cell phone in the air to record police.


Hawthorne police press release

Hawthorne police press release2

UPDATE III: Here is another video from a different angle of the shooting.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Jake G

    Cops are nothing more than violent sociopaths who need to be put down. This officer deserves the same treatment he showed that poor dog.

    • Upyurs

      So true. The dog owner should receive a huge payout from the criminals in uniform and then be given the option of shooting the pig 4 times, and to death if he likes. That’s fair; this pig is a cold blooded detriment to society; lock him up or shoot him to protect the rest of us.

      • Joe

        Payout’s just gonna come from the taxpayer.

        • Guest

          yup they just take money away from public schools and homeless shelters and not one penny from the police department

        • AwwwYeah

          Well, maybe after enough, the taxpayer will do something about the rogue police they hired.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            I’m pretty sure that the police departments are independent corporations with their own public liability insurance and I’d be willing to bet that if they had to keep paying out and paying out and paying out for the same cop, that cop would eventually be considered a liability and asked to leave.

            But, for that to happen, many, many more people need to learn the simple steps necessary to bring lawsuits against these ass-holes. If nobody bothers to sue the phukkers, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing with no consequences.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            They are not “corporations.”

          • Jon Quimbly

            Hawthorne, CA, is a municipal corporation.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            The city is. The department isn’t.

          • Jon Quimbly

            The PD is a separate entity from the city? Interesting. My only reference is knowing a pair of lawyers who worked defending both NYC and NYPD against lawsuits. I was left with the impression that that city’s PD was under the corporation, fiscally anyways. Varies by jurisdiction I’m sure.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            No, he was claiming that the police departments were separate corporations.

            The department is a division of the city, a political sub-division of the state. In some states those are known as municipal corporations, primarily due to the common law. To sue or be sued, you have to fit into a category that allows that.

            For example, in a purely common law system, a partnership cannot be sued as an entity, each individual partner must be sued, and joined in the same action. Corporations have the capability to sue and be sued, so some states created municipal corporations to allow that.

            Unlike what the sovereign citizen idiots believe, it is not a corporation in the business sense.

          • karen murray

            sovereign-new word u learned in class & whipped it out. u really do have a cop/god complex to call some1 or several some1s an idiot and not know them. is it your knowledge from going to school (maybe the psych 101)? your IQ? or that u still carry a gun?

          • Liege Maximo

            He’s a piece of shit pig, and nothing he says has any validity in the slightest. Disinformation agent, piece of shit, scum bag, pig.

          • bigpawn01

            f@ck the police

          • don

            this bully(dirty cop) should be fired and his family sent into exile

          • Truth hurts

            You people make me laugh. What kind of idiot would blame anyone, especially a law enforcement officer for protecting themselves from being mauled by an animal? You are all the same kind of retards who complain about the police until someone steals your shit or knocks your teeth out. Then you scream and yell for the cops to “do their jobs.” None of you would last 2 seconds doing that job. Dumbasses

          • KarenYou’reATool


            As you have failed to display your ability to form a complete sentence, I will have to assume you are one of the unfortunate American’s who possesses an extra chromosome. Seriously, not one single instance in any of your examples is grammatically or syntactically acceptable. I have absolutely no problem calling you a complete and total idiot. My only regret is that you were not here last week to lick MY windows before I spent most of the evening on Wednesday cleaning them.


            Just about everyone who graduated high school.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            judge not one intellect by their grammar. that is the fault of our school system. in fact there has been no link between good grammar and being smart, quite the opposite actually. people with higher IQ’s tend to have problems with their hand writing, grammar, spelling and others. look at any professors notes (except English, or language). further i find it ironic that a cop would be so bold as to call some one an idiot. statistically speaking law enforcement require one of the lowest IQ scores of American jobs. a score of 80 is enough to qualify. but then again, who wants smart cops? a smart cop might actually realize that half the orders they are giving violate our constitution, they might ask questions, they might think for themselves, they might realize that their harassment, and oppression are the number 1 cause of crime in this country. it’s funny cops always try to tell me i don’t know what i’m talking about. then i prove them wrong very time, even on the “laws” they are supposed to enforce, yet don’t even know. whats even funnier is watching them break the law then expect you to respect them telling you to follow it. lol. i remeber one who swore up and down that I “didn’t know shit, your homeless how could you know anything?” a few moments later i proved him wrong about having him think he had a legitimate reason to stop me. he didn’t. my how embarrassed he looked having a “bum” educate him on how to properly do his job. though there are cops who are smart, and ones who really are there to keep people safe. today, unfortunately, most of them are big, dumb, violent bullies with out the capability act or think independently. in the years I’ve spent being homeless there has only been one gang that I’ve had to stress off trying to get me, the police. i’ve been beaten three times by officers, one of them i already had a broken jaw. none of these times had i committed any legitimate offense, once because i knocked on the door next to my friends on accident, once for counting my money in an alley, and once for not answering his questions (which would be a protected action under the 5th amendment). i have witnessed hundreds of illegal searches, stops, and other civil rights violations. i have witnessed law enforcement break three laws, just to give some one a ticket for crossing an empty street. i realize not all cops are like this, but what am i supposed to think of them when these are th things i see every day. i honestly can not remember ever seeing a cop actually help some one,but i’ve seen them arrest a rape victim for drinking a single beer on her own porch to calm her nerves.

          • bigpawn01

            lmao yeah maybe they need to check out some of Einsteins grammar. The guy was a genius and could not write worth a shit.

          • Fun facts

            Einstein was dyslexic.

          • bigpawn01

            ouh shit!! Duck every body the grammar police are here. My grammar may be bad but my chemistry is above average. lol. Thank what ever gods may be for science.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL. Idiots are idiots. You can usually tell from their writing and grammar, or lack thereof. You know, things like using all lower case, inappropriate use of caps, poor spelling or inappropriate abbreviations for proper communication.

            You know, sort of like what you do.

          • correction

            don’t need as many commas

          • Frank Grimes


            This is the second time you’ve incorrectly “corrected” this ex-cop’s grammar. He may be a POS pig, but he can construct a grammatically correct sentence. (Surprising, really. In addition to having one of the lowest minimum I.Q. requirements, police departments will also REJECT applicants for having too high an I.Q. So there is LITERALLY no such thing as a “smart cop.”)

          • jonQ

            Have you gone to college? His writing is just as flawed as those he is trying to put down.
            “LOL. Idiots are idiots. You can usually tell from their writing and grammar, or lack thereof. You know, things like using all lower case, inappropriate use of caps, poor spelling or inappropriate abbreviations for proper communication.

            You know, sort of like what you do.”

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            It comes from legal writing, where more than one conjunction are separated by commas for clarity in statutory or contract interpretation.

          • excop-lawstudent is stupid

            dude… shut up! You’re a tool! This is a comment board… there is nothing proper about this.

          • Melanie Willick

            Or all the bullshit and lies you tell to put people in jail, or beat up innocent people because you feel like it! Grow up you arrogant fuck

          • Annonny

            Another sign of being an idiot, or a pre teen girl, is using lol.

          • Matthew R Webb

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          • jonQ

            Honestly, I’ve read through your trolling posts and your grammar is just as poor as those that you make fun of. This is not a place where grammar counts, that is for classrooms and the workplace, this is a forum to get views across about the unjust treatment of that man’s dog.

          • Scott

            Bad grammar or punctuation shouldn’t define a person or minimize their ability to have an opinion.

            Unless of course you think you are better than everyone else and feel you have the right to define people in that manner..

          • Dieter Gould

            Karen murray,

            Are you one of these Autistic children? Opps! They’re actually smarter than you, even with that extra chromosome… Advice! Go back to school, and learn Engrish! At least the Asians would understand you… Oh, one more… Take up a gramma crass too! By then, you may be able to write complete sentences, and actually speak English. And, if that don’t work for ya, then take up a courses in Wattoosie, and/or Zwahelee. Then, and only then, just maybe someone will understand you… And you don’t have to read Cursive either…

          • Myke McDonald

            Dieter. You are a bully and an asshole. I am autistic and am

          • OccupySac Ustream

            you might want to make sure you grammar and spelling are correct before getting on some one about it!

          • Jamie Marques

            wow, you really are a nasty piece of work. I wonder if your Mother knew you were going to be like that when you were born, because if I were in her shoes, I would of left you for dead in an alleyway.

          • Liege Maximo

            “Sovereign citizen idiots”? Really? You’re a piece of shit pig. Nothing you have to say is of any validity at all. I beat the police twice last year, because they are fucking idiots, and they ALWAYS fuck up. They don’t know the fucking law, they THINK they are the law…. But you know what you piece of shit pig? You’re not. You’re a stupid piece of shit.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            This from someone who is named after a toy (Transformers).

          • correction

            *this is from

          • ExCop-Lawyer


          • David Bruce Feldman

            you sir, make yourself look bad with your comments

          • OccupySac Ustream

            actually he was saying that he wished pd was a corporate entity so we could hold them accountable

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Then he needs to choose his words more carefully, because that is not what he said.

          • OccupySac Ustream


            Hugh Jorgan

            12 hours ago

            I wish police departments were
            private ‘corporations’ hired by the community in which they work. At
            least then they could be held accountable for their actions. As it
            stands now, they are *higher than civilians and can only be held
            accountable by their superiors.

          • Dave in NY

            how could it ‘not be what he said’ when you ‘have no clue what you are getting at.’… such a tool

          • Robyn Ryan

            We pay their salaries. They work for us. Demand the Mayor and City Council (also our employees) to give us value for our money, not violence.

          • John Johnson

            Violence is necessary sometimes Robyn, to protect you and yours.

          • Robyn Ryan

            Violence is the last resort of the incompetent. The military taught me that.

          • John Johnson

            Incompetent, until your life or the life of someone you care about needs that ”violence” to save your life.

          • Guest

            You do know that it is illegal to sue most corporations now because they run the country and own the politicians and police?

          • Matthew R Webb

            It is not illegal to sue a corp. Where did you come up with that?

          • Maurice Taylor

            “Unlike what the sovereign citizen idiots” Why do you choose to reference to sovereign people as idiots ?

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Because most of don’t understand the law and have tinfoil hat beliefs.

            I’m also not real keen on the racist history of the movement.

          • $10032468

            Scumbag cop becomes a scumbag ignorant lawyer that works for the King. All you have to look forward to is rolling over and taking it in the arse.

          • jonQ

            Again, great grammar ExCop…

          • pissed off

            who gives a fuck dumb-fuck

          • $10032468

            Look it up on Dunn&Bradstreet….All Police Deptments, courts, and prisons are incorporated. Wake up my friend. You are a dirty freaking pig…you should be ashamed of dishonoring your oath.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Dunn & Bradstreet doesn’t prove anything you idiot.

          • $10032468

            Look in the mirror TOOL. Everything is incorporated…including the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which is incorporated in Puerto Rico, you stupid Phcuk:) And you went from being one Pee-on to another Bigger Pee-on in the system owned by your MASTER the Crown of England.

          • ExCop-Lawyer


            I do have a question. If you believe, as a sovereign whackjob, that you are under common law, then why do y’all keep talking about the UCC?

          • $10032468

            You’re just a common slave, that is still asleep, and who believes they are free, but nothing could be further from the truth…Lol. You can operate in the common law if you operate in the private(Th Republic). All courts operate in Admiralty Law or Law of the Sea, which is all about commerce. UCC is Admiralty Law…or Uniform Commercial Code. But Judges attempt to get Jurisdiction over you constantly, because they needs peoples consent to operate their scam. If they can’t get jurisdiction they can’t charge you. Lol!! Lawyers(Liars) are ignorant piles of shit and EVERYONE inherently knows this, scumbag. Why do you think the Law Society wrote all there Law in Latan/Liar Speak? Answer: so common folk can’t UNDERSTAND it and realize they ALL work for the CROWN. Ignorance keeps you a SLAVE Neo. Wake up you TOOL 8==> and suck it!

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL. Typical whackjob thinking.

            The UCC is not admiralty law, it is statutory law, enacted by the same governments that you whackjobs claim are illegitimate. So why are you reserving “rights” under the UCC if you don’t “submit” to the courts?

            As far as not getting jurisdiction? If you are located within the state, they have jurisdiction, whether you consent or not.

            I laugh every-time that I read another report of one of you whackjobs trying that sovereign citizen mumbo-jumbo and end up in a cage.

          • $10032468

            Hmmm…Let me see if you can UNDERSTAND a definition…UCC stands for the Uniform Commercial Code. The Uniform Commercial Code is a set of standards that set forth some requirements for specific types of commercial contracts. All Courts are run using Admiralty law. Look it up anywhere TOOL. There is a private side and a public side. The public side is where TOOL ignorant Lawyers operate and the private is where TOOL lawyers can’t go. They need you’re consent at all times. Look there is no debating STUPID, so I won’t even try. I laugh every time a TOOL like you thinks they know what freedom is, while they are a SLAVE that licks you’re masters boots. There are plenty stories of successes TOOL. I rather be the master of my own fate than put it your scumbag TOOL life force sucking hands. You’re a Gremlin that deserves the worst this life has to offer, because you earned it everyday TOOL. Lol

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL. I’ll just let you talk and prove you’re an idiot.

            Buh bye.

          • $10032468

            You whimper and whine into your little corner…I will take pride I was the one who finally got you to STFU. Lol, just take a hard look in the mirror scumbag copper, how pathetic your life has become.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL. You’re still delusional I see. Did you skip taking your meds today? Are the voices in your head getting louder?

            Put some more tinfoil on your hat.

            In the meantime, I’m going to buy some more Alcoa stock.

          • $10032468

            Dear…scumbag cop/Liawyer,

            Cops are pussies who had their ARSE’s beat daily and felt need to get a badge for a WEAK attempt to control others. Lawyers: there is no lower form of life on the planet.

            Crawl back into your cousins womb scumbag copper.

            What’s it like to know you are hated everywhere you go, you fascist /commie? Thanks for helping create the Police State scumbag.

            I would definitely think about changing you’re screen name….fascist/commies are universally hated.

            Don’t worry, you will soon be living in our world, not the dirty scumbag Police State that you help to create.

            Get on back to you’re fascist/commie hobbies of pinching pennies. Alcoa? Lol, you must live in the South, where there is more Dumb Phcuks per square inch than anywhere else in the country. Lol

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL. Yawn.

          • Aya Mozas

            Mr. LawStudent! since you decided to lecture everyone about language and proper grammar and what not, let me tell you! i have met people from all sorts of places and all sorts of eduction levels, those that are truly smart, happen to me humble and very respectful to others opinions and levels of education. What you’re presenting here is a form of “idiotic arrogance” from a person who is nothing but a Law student who hasnt even graduated yet and possibly got to Law school after being a cop through some sort of hook up. However, aside from your arrogance and disrespect to others opinions, any one who watches the video can see that the cop killed the dog on intentionally, they could have shot him once in the leg and injured him without shooting him to death. However this sick, person made sure to shoot him 4 times infront of his owner, to kill him. not to mention that the cops could have avoided shooting the dog by simply allowing the owner to put him back in the car and close the windows. the dog seemed very obedient to his owner when he said go away. considering your a lawyer you should have thought of that, however being an Ex cop you probably gave it the blind eye since, you were a corrupt cop yourself.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            I would respond, but since your grammar and sentence structure was so poor, I have no clue what you are getting at.

            Try using short sentences that don’t run on forever. Paragraphs would be nice too.

          • John Johnson

            Aya, Is the gentleman with the phone and dog as you put it being ”truly smart, humble,and respectful to the officers and what their attempting to do at this crime scene. Did not like what happened with the dog being shot, but this gentleman,had he been acting like you say with humble and respectful intent would not have allowed this to play out like it did. You all may have good reason to not like law enforcement, but lets not lump every officer into the garbage bag. Be smart people, and not jump on the bandwagon.

          • Liege Maximo

            YOu’re a fucking piece of shit pig. Full of goddamn disinformation and lies. You’re a fucking traitor and should be treated as such. Fucking asshole.

          • Jon Quimbly

            PINAC. Where everbody comes to act out their anger and frustration.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL. Good for you. Does your mother know your using her computer?

          • HMD

            Does inappropriate us of the word your identify idiots as well?

          • OccupySac Ustream

            if you think that proper grammar means anything the real world, then ya.

          • correction


          • Frank Grimes

            You finally got one right! Kudos!

          • Chris Chrisley

            hey there mr. small, you really are a piece of shit aren’t you? what are you gonna do when the shit really hits the fan, and your fellow citizens no longer look to you and your ilk for permission not to whip your ass? how are you gonna handle it when there are no more dog-killers around to protect you? and the anonymity of your mother’s basement can’t hide your bile anymore? are you gonna beg for forgiveness, or just go out in a blaze of glory…like the spineless little punk you are?

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Oooh. I’m scared.

            What you propose may be more difficult that you think. I certainly won’t beg for forgiveness, and certainly not to the likes of you.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            Sorry to burst your bubbles but they ARE registered corporations. I never said they were private corporations. They’re still operated by the state BUT the state has given them separate corporate identities to operate through for PROFIT.

            Want proof that you can verify for yourself ? – check this out –

            The very fact that they are registered as corporations on Dun & Bradstreet means that their SOLE purpose and LEGAL DUTY is to maximize profits for shareholders/directors … THIS calls the motivation of the individual cops into question … did they beat the shit out of you with batons, taze you and charge you with obstruction because you were breaking a law by standing with your hands in your pockets or was it because they’re getting paid commissions to beat the shit out of you ?????

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            4409 is a sovereign citizen idiot who does not understand the law. I could easily post something on Youtube that states the opposite, but it would not be proof either.

            Talk to an attorney. If they don’t laugh you out of the office, you may learn something.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            Wow, that’s a really piss-poor reply. Now how about you address the issue of the Dun & Bradstreet screen captures, or do you think that calling the video presenter an idiot somehow invalidates the FACTS that anyone can verify for themselves ? Do you think the captures are fake ? Please produce the link/s you refer to in which screen captures show that many, many police departments are NOT listed along side other regular corporations on Dun & Bradstreet.

            As for talking to attorneys, I normally wouldn’t give any licensed lying, scheming, deceptive, corrupt attorney/lawyer/solicitor the steam off my piss but as it just so happens, I am in regular communication with a genuinely honorable attorney with 27 years experience so … NEE NER NEE NER NEEEEEEE NERRRR 😛

            Now, how to unsubscribe from this bullshit-fest ???

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize that you were one of the whackjobs.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            What a shame you can’t just admit that you were wrong and that the irrefutable proof on Dun & Bradstreet along with your own sense of self importance has made you look like a rude, sulky little child.

            Good luck with your law-school indoctrination on your way to becoming a lying, cheating scumbag. Bye bye.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            ROTFL. Bye bye.


          • Hugh Jorgan

            “Boo hoo, my argument failed so I’ll resort to name-calling”

            LOL @ the sulky little kid.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            LOL, that not “irrefutable proof.” Try reading the statutes and the law.

          • All4it

            I wish police departments were private ‘corporations’ hired by the community in which they work. At least then they could be held accountable for their actions. As it stands now, they are *higher than civilians and can only be held accountable by their superiors.

          • Maurice Taylor

            Actually they wouldn’t, much like Wal-mart is never accountable to their actions.

          • Doglover

            Even there cars say to serve, and protect. On this premise alone, the dog owner could sue. The public voice can be hard to ignore if justice is insisted upon. I personally will be tracking this case. I will sign any petition against the officer(s).

          • as

            No they’re not. They’re a monopoly on security funded by coercive taxation.

          • peterhoran

            They’re not. They are government actors, and employees of the city they work for, or in the case of Sheriffs, they are employees of the county. However, municipalities and counties are not covered by sovereign immunity. They can either be sued in situations like this where the victim alleges deficient training, or the officer can be sued personally. Almost invariably, cities and counties cover individual officers who are acting in their scope of duty, even if their actions are improper. Given the insurance that municipalities typically have, there is a potential for large judgments in such cases.

          • Doglover

            I hope Leon Rosby follows your advice, and sues! He has the evidence, it is an easy win.

          • Joe

            What? The public makes hiring decisions for officers now?

          • OccupySac Ustream

            we should be able to evaluate the mental health of any one who would be a cop every six months to ensure they do not become like this, and th public should have more say in who our law enforcement is. personally i would prefer at least an IQ requirement thats around th average persons.

          • JoshInca

            CA needs an initiative to make the police officers liable in some way for civil damages. Something like taking the settlement money out of their pension fund so that every cop suffers at least a little bit when one of his ‘brothers’ abuses the public.

          • psychokillers911

            I would advocate that law enforcement be required to purchase their own liability insurance to pay for any damages awarded in a civil suit. Much like medical professionals have malpractice insurance, this insurance would cover the officer for any civil damages awarded to plaintiffs in civil trials.

            Too many judgements against an officer and insurance companies would no longer wish to offer coverage to that person. No insurance and no job as LE.

            As a side note, I am required to have a $2 million policy on my truck so I am able to enter my work locations. This policy is fairly inexpensive so requiring police to carry at least $2 million in coverage is not being out of line in my opinion.

            It is time to stop making the public monetarily liable for the criminal actions of the police.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            In an ideal world that would be a great idea, however … since the Nazi’s who spread around the world and set up as reputable bankers after the little skirmish affectionately known as WWII are well and truly in charge, they actually want the cops to be nasty, vindictive, psychopathic cunts, just like Hitler’s “Brown Shirts”, to keep the masses in fear and to maximise control along with ever increasing profits from ever increasing corruption.

          • KeepDreaming

            Yeah… the day that happens in liberal utopia Kalifornia where the all knowing all powerful goobermint is god is the day hell freezes over.

          • 3GoldBars

            Now THAT’S the real problem.
            We the People” have become disconnected from what happens to us and have forgotten that they work for us!! We have to stand together, left/right/other, black/white/whatever. They want us fractured, disorganized, weak, and cowering in fear…

          • OccupySac Ustream

            well said! truth!

          • bigpawn01

            you speak the truth but its really gonna take something to get people to stand together.

          • TheMsmother


        • Fotaugrafee

          That’s why it should be administered by death. Catapaulted this dumb pig’s worthless ass right into a brick wall on pay-per-view.

        • americanexile

          Who the hell cares if the taxpayer foots the bill. Silence is consent, and 99% of the public won’t ever even know about this story or would give enough of a shit to do anything about it.

          You get the government you deserve.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            there are those of us will take a stand for our rights! and tough we are few for now, give it time and keep inspiring other to stand up for theirs. we should not fear the government, for it is they who ARE afraid. they are afraid that the public will see how hey have ruined our nation. they are afraid that on day the people will unite as one and take back our country! don’t just sit there and let bad things happen, you are not powerless to make a difference.

        • Casey Fluffbutt

          Give him that years pay from that fascist pig then, and sack the pig..

        • maxiemom


          Then people need to wake the hell up and do something about cops who behave more like they’re the military than cops.

          This nation USED to know the difference. It was one of our FOUNDING principles.

          • james

            unfortunately some of the cops were in the military, at least in my town, most of the cops are/were in military active duty. After you do your military tour some people who come back and become police. Even some of them would have a very hard time adjusting from military life to civilian life. As for the officer in CA, are they trained to handle dogs if they do encounter one? In my state all officers are require training to handle dogs and other animals in event they do enconter them

          • maxiemom

            Obviously not.

            Also, I read another article where a commenter pointed out that the officer who shot the dog, Officer Salmon, was involved in a lawsuit concerning police brutality and police corruption. Apparently he kicked a man in the head while he and his wife were lying handcuffed on the ground, and to make it look legit , arrested them on bogus charges. The good news is it was caught on video so the city had to shell out $1000000. The bad news is they didn’t fire the scumbag, and left him on the force where he could hit Mr. Rosby, provoking his dog in the process so he had a reason to kill. This is a very bad cop who should be in jail, not out on the streets.

        • Concernedcitizen

          Not a chance. This dude was in the wrong and the officer’s defended themselves. It’s too bad it was the dog that paid the price.

          • Sarah

            They could have simply asked the man to secure his dog in the car. That dog was no real threat, he was just trying to be a good dog and protect his owner. I don’t think any cop with a hair trigger like that should be on the force. If you can’t calm down and assess a threat properly, then it is YOU who are the threat.

          • KeepDreaming

            In the wrong? For doing what? Breathing? Filming? You my friend have been smoking too much fascist crack.

        • steveo

          No, no money for this one. They’ll get QI for this.

        • Allen Po’okela Pharr

          Payouts going to good use then, rather than someone who spurts out 15 kids.

        • Doglover

          He could sue the officer, and make him pay privately.

      • Zero

        As a child I have been attacked by a stray dog while coming home from school and three other times while trying to get away from the dogs.On TV and papers I have seen dogs attack small children for no reason sometimes killing them. So if a dog comes after me and I got my pistola payback time that mother fucker is dead just like the cops did!!!

        • Jemster

          Do the world a favor and get some therapy, please. Your issues are irrational and need a professional to sort out and get to the root of. I, too, have been attacked as a child by a dog and guess what…realized a) it was THAT dog and that dog alone that went after me and b) it was probably MY fault! Can your rational mind wrap itself around this possibility.. that is was the OWNER of the dog that attacked you who was at fault? Of course not. The papers and TV don’t give you the many, many stories about the dogs that are good citizens, who saved people’s lives, help them lives their lives to the fullest, etc. cause it’s too mundane for them. Finally, based on this response, I don’t think you’d know a friendly dog “coming after you” since all you see is a monster.

          • zero

            Your another dumb ass mother fucker that thinks everybody has deep issues and you have the answer.And if I was looking to do the world a favor I would probably find you and try to fix your problems. And for your info I have always had dogs around all of my children as they were growing up and a cat and I deeply loved those animals they were a part of our family, But one thing I never did was put the life of my dogs in harms way because at the time I would have probably killed some one for hurting one of them. So don’t try and fix my problems please try to fix your own…Dumb Fuck!!

          • Jessica

            you guys realize that this is WHY our govt/police are so crooked, right? because when something legitimately awful happens, rather than directing our anger at the people that fucked up, we bicker with each other about some shit that doesn’t even matter! can you even imagine what would happen if we stopped fighting each other about some petty shit and really let the gravity of our police force killing people and animals without any real consequences sink in, what we could do? we could harness our anger to make this STOP. We could do better. but as long as we are distracted and complacent, nothing will ever improve. that’s just the truth. NOBODY on this thread is a piece of shit or an idiot. We’re all just fucking pissed and feeling powerless to change what is going on. Realize that this fragmented “us against them” mentality is what is keeping us from moving forward. We are allowing ourselves to be played. truly.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            great comment. i wish more people would realize such wisdom.

          • Matthew R Webb

            So it is great to not have a differing opinion on issues?

          • Matthew R Webb

            The one who fucked up is the owner. He pulled up, loud ass music, pulled out his dog, did look suspicious, then failed to secure his dog properly. I am sure he didn’t mean to leave the window open enough for the dog to jump out. The owner failed to secure the dog. He fucked up. I can’t really blame someone for defending themselves against a perceived threat. I also don’t think the body language of the dog was aggressive. He looked bashful and the jump he made looked, to me at least, like the same kind of jump a dog does when someone comes in the house. It didn’t look like an aggressive move. In the end it is the owner that is responsible for failing to secure his pet. The pet is the one that paid the price for a whole bunch of idiots.

          • Wendy T

            Very well said !!! I would only add that the police officer who shot this dog. should face a investigation, without pay. and should lose his job. It was still animal cruelty. If the dog had actually bit him, I could of maybe understood. but this was bold out murder of a animal infront of many witnesses, children, women.

        • Anon

          I had a dog attack me when I was 14 years old playing in my neighborhood. It jumped to bite me, and I kicked it in defense. You know what happened? It realized that my foot hurts and it thought twice about trying to bite me again. I held my ground and it walked off, tail tucked. Death didn’t need to happen and I was just a young teenager. A grown ass adult officer should NOT have needed to use lethal force against a dog trying to protect its owner. Shame on him and shame on.

          • zero

            There is a difference between a fucking poodle and a pit you stupid little son of a goat..

          • youz-a-bitch

            your an ignorand fuckwhit zero… I hope your “pistola” goes off and shoots you in the leg (you probably dont, because your PROBABLY a 14 year old punk bitch!

          • Rockinghorseguy AnRockinghorse

            I wouldn’t start talking about the differences in breeds of dog until I was capable of differentiating between a “pit” and a Rottweiler.

          • msphoto70

            Before you call people stupid, maybe you should become a little more familiar with dog breeds.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            ya the poodles more likely to attack you!

          • Swig

            It’s protocol and the officer handled the situation fine. The only reason this video is getting so much press is because people don’t like to see animals getting killed. It’d be one thing if the officer shot the dog in the car, but it shot the dog as it was charging at him.

            Just another excuse to hate on police.

        • cris

          I hope one days a dog will bite your limbs off but not kill you.

          • zero

            I one day hope a dog bites your mothers dick off you fucking dumb ass mother fucker to say something that fucking stupid. So what the dog that attacked you and you kicked it and it ran away with its tail between its legs you stupid son of a bitch do you really think that every dog is going to turn and run just because you kick it. Fuck man think before you open your cock sucker you dumb ass mother fucker.

          • Mac

            So many cuss words and obscenities. You sure showed him…lol

          • Matthew R Webb

            You’re fucking right he mother fucking did fucker! Cause he aint taking no fucking shit from no fuckers. MUTHA FUCKA!

          • Tuskan

            You are a dipshit. Go back to your trailer. And please, do not breed.

        • as

          The owner was illegally arrested and then they killed the animal that was going to protect his owner. That’s not a stray dog. Why didn’t the cop use pepper mace?

          • Matthew R Webb

            He wasn’t being arrested, he was being detained. That is not illegal. The man did sort of make a target out of himself. They were most likely detaining him to figure out what his problem was. There is no crime in detaining a man who obviously looks like he is up to something. You can spray a dog with mace all you want, then what? How are you going to detain the dog after you mace it and piss it off? It is possible the dog would just run away, but then it is angry and fearful, it could attack someone by mistake.
            I am no expert, but I am not exactly sure how you deal with a dog. You can;t exactly reason with them.

          • Bob Sanders

            ” There is no crime in detaining a man who obviously looks like he is up to something.”

            The problem was he wasn’t doing ANYTHING wrong. Courts have consistently ruled that it is NOT illegal to record the police on public property. For these officers to arrest (or detain) this man for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong, they should be sued and fired. While I’m upset about the dog dying, I’m way more upset for these asshole cops arresting/detaining a man for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

            And FUCK YOU for suggesting he was “up to something” by exercising his constitutional rights. Hope your life is ruined while you’ve done nothing wrong. Asshole.

          • Matthew R Webb

            He was causing a distraction during a hostage crisis, he was told to turn down his music and step back, he failed to comply, that is doing something wrong. He could simply have turned down the music as ordered, backed up a little, and no problem. And yes, his body language and actions made him look like he was up to something. He was trying to lure the police into a situation like that so he could pile on top of his lawsuits. By the way, police can detain you for no reason at all if there is an ongoing investigation or crime. Learn your laws. At least in California.
            There is no constitutional right to distract police during the middle of a hostage situation. You notice all the other people who were filming and staying out of the way were left alone. You are simply a moron who jumps on the anti-cop bandwagon. I hope they don’t respond or some ass-hole prevents them from saving you if there was a gun to your head. You are simply an idiot.

          • Wendy T

            Very Good Question..Wish PETA would get involved and ask that very same question. This police officer should be setting in Jail !!!

        • KeepDreaming

          Copper wouldn’t have been in the position of even remotely being attacked if copper had not arrested a man doing nothing wrong!

      • Inali Silvermoon

        sadly with the fact animals even pets being seen as property they will get a slap on the wrist and sent on there marry way. The laws need to change on how animals are seen before any thing really can be done.

      • Anneetude

        No amount of pay out can replace what those bastards did. I come from a family of Police officers and Military. I am disgusted and enraged by the so called police today

      • Josh

        Not all cops.

      • Sinner

        That’s right, because the officers who wee merely trying to perform their duties and get back to their families safely are the problem. Nevermind that the entire issue would have been resolved if Rosby would have simply gotten into his vehicle and driven away. C’mon people. It’s time to start thinking straight. There are certainly crooked police out there, but these guys were well within their rights to protect themselves. The dog was unfortunately trying to protect his owner, and paid the price for being loyal. That’s sad. That life is irreplaceable. However, so are the lives of the officers.

        • Bob Sanders

          What exactly did they protect themselves from? Courts have consistently ruled that it is LEGAL for citizens to video record cops from public property. Cops pull rank and disobey these rulings because they know they’ll get a slap on the wrist and only have to apologize afterward. More cops need to be losing their jobs and be paying out the ass in lawsuits or else we’ll continue to see abuses of the law like this.

          Fuck you for suggesting otherwise.

      • Godzilla11

        You’re a moron. The dog owner is at fault for what happened to his dog. You don’t disrespect and get in the way of officers like that without repercussions.

        • Bob Sanders

          He “disrespected” the officers? The only people who disrespected anyone was those asshole officers who detained a man for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Fuck you.

      • Doglover

        I don’t agree the officer should be shot! But I agree with everything else you said.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Jake G, LEOs are right in this case. Don’t you think your painting all LEOs with a rather broad brush? Such generalizations reflect badly upon your decision-making ability. Even if the officers in this case had been in the wrong, there would still be not justification for your extreme statements.


      I refer you back to the original article to see the valid police justification for the incident which was deliberately creating a loud noise which made it difficult for police to hear. I respect our men in blue too much to place them at risk.
      Perhaps you were just joking or trolling for controversy. Either way your message merits a reply.

      • Detective Michael L. Varnado

        If the radio playing was so loud as to cause the police officers problems, then why wasn’t the dog owner arrested and his radio turned down as to aid the brave officers who were actually making the arrest. These two idiots weren’t doing anything but watching the guy and his dog. The guy that shot the dog has mental issues.

        • Proud GrandPa

          Let’s accept your premise that the radio was so loud as to cause problems. Why wasn’t the radio player immediately arrested? Because the police wanted to give him a chance to avoid arrest by turning down the radio. I am sure they were glad to give him a chance to do the right thing. That way they protect their fellow LEOs in the raid by maintaining silence and they don’t have to arrest anybody. Securing citizen cooperation is faster and quieter than arresting the citizen.


          As to what they were doing watching the dog guy, that is obviously due to the fact that they were on perimeter control. Its their job to look at anything that might harm the team in the raiding force or impair the success of the raid such as loud noise. If they had been neglecting their duty then that would be a different matter.


          Hope this helps. You don’t need to feel sorry for this dog owner. He got what he wanted… arrested… so his lawyer can sue.

          • as

            Cops should be trained to be able to handle high-stress situations, including loud car radios.

          • Matthew R Webb

            It looks like they were just detaining him at first.

          • wendy T

            The police officer should still be removed from his position. Its not the dog owner that ppl are concerned about. It is the cold hearted shooting of this poor Dog. that was only doing what dogs do. If the police officer was actually bitten by this animal, maybe that would be justification for this shooting.This officer was to quick to pull that trigger. And should loss his job. This is a matter for PETA…Women and children watched this poor animal suffer..Wow..Makes ppl afraid to leav their homes..If this is who we have protecting us..

          • Proud GrandPa

            Shooting the dog was the only correct response. The officer was protecting himself and fellow officers. See other comments in this thread. Thanks, WendyT, for addressing this.

    • Brandon

      Not all cops are like this, but these stupid ass holes need to be put in jail. Some cops get too power hungry and not to mention the “officer” or piece of shit that shot the dog was the one who approached the dog when it was aggressive and did not give the owner a chance to control his dog, completely his fault.

      • Sarah

        Exactly. Any calm, thoughtful person would have simply asked the man to secure his dog. Or I bet if they had calmly approached the dog with a friendly voice they could have taken him to the car themselves. That cop is a bit too trigger happy.

    • DariusSmith

      I hope you are not encouraging the death of more police officers.

    • ssibert

      You’re an idiot!

    • Martinconte

      Yea, that’s intelligent!

    • Godzilla11

      Wrong. The criminal who got in the way of Police business knowingly and egged them on is the one who should be held accountable for what happened to his dog.

      • JackBast

        What ‘criminal’? There was no crime there, the pigs just didn’t want to be legally filmed and decided arresting him and taking his phone would be easier on them later, thankfully it backfired spectacularly and hopefully they’ll be due a damn sight more repercussions for their for heavy-handed over-reactionary, dare I say racist actions. They could have uncuffed him to calm the dog, but no, they shoot instead.

        If ever there were police who needed watching by the public it’s that lot.

        • Bob Sanders

          It really is amazing all the people chiming in here saying this man somehow did something to deserve this. In fact, this is almost more chilling than the NSA and all the federal government’s illegal surveillance programs. If our society is unwilling to standup for someone illegally detained for lawfully filming police from public property and not only that but EXCUSE police for illegally detaining/arresting a citizen for exercising his legal rights, just flush this country down the fucking shitter already.

    • jon doe

      Dittos a 1000 times

  • Dieselducy

    THIS is why I HATE PIGS!! This is totally inhuman !!! THose cops deserve to die a slow and painful death. I hope he sues the HELL out of those police

    • titus laney

      what is totally inhuman was how this useless punk put both the cops and the dog into this dangerous situation

      • Dattele

        How was this dangerous to the well armed group of police Ms. Tit? How?

        • Bob Bullock

          The dog was trying to protect his master. The master was trying to get the attention of the cops for a civil rights lawsuit. He was baiting them.

          • Upurs

            You right-wing scum and your victim blaming. You probably blame the Steubenville night-long pack rape on the poor teenage girl who was assaulted and not on the jocks who commited the assaults.

          • Bob Bullock

            I was just observing the guy in the tape. Watch it closely. He keeps moving closer and the guys taping it are commenting on it as he does it. I am not blaming the victim, the victim is the dog. Poor thing. The cops were clearly out of line, but I just think the guy was baiting them. Making himself a target for some reason. Why did they pick him out of all the other folks who were taping them? He declared his intentions when he yelled, “civil rights violation”.

            No I don’t think any woman is to blame for rape, any more than I think the dog should have been killed for protecting his master.

          • NattyTati

            Maybe he yelled that out because they were actually violating the civil rights of one of the people involved in the arrest he was filming?

          • Bob Bullock

            That is a strong possibility. I’ve never seen civil rights decline faster than I have under this President. It’s ironic. Bush took it down with the patriot act, but the decline in the past 4 years has been like a land slide. Now citizens can be jailed indefinitely without trial or cause under the ndaa.

          • ClarkCrimcops

            While I don’t see how he baited the cops, let’s just assume for a moment that’s what he did.

            This raises a very important question:

            SO THE FUCK WHAT?

            People are “baited” all the time. The clerk at 7-11 is baited. Teachers are baited every day.

            These officers appear to be grown-ass men, and didn’t have to take the bait. After all police are big proponents of baiting. They should be trained better. They should be mature enough, decent enough not to take the bait.

            Something tells me you are not so vocal in your opposition to baiting, when police officers leave a $50k vehicle in the poorest neighborhood, keys just sitting on the hood, and call BAIT CAR!!!.

            If a suspect on “Bait Car” shot a K-9 that snapped at his hand, I bet those cops would have a much different reaction.

            You’ve reduced these officers to children in order to excuse their behavior.

          • zero

            You have a point there people are baited all the time but police have to deal with the extremes like suicide by cop, and bait cars are placed in areas where neighbors complain about theft and there are some neighbor hoods where people don’t lock their cars or front doors at night because some people still respect their neighbors shit, You can’t put a bait car in a neighbor hood where people don’t steal. And that’s just the way that shit works my friend..

          • ClarkCrimcops

            “You can’t put a bait car in a neighbor hood where people don’t steal.”

            Please tell me where this magical neighborhood is.

          • Bob Bullock

            I agree, they should have been above the baiting, but their “authority” got in the way. Cops have this superiority complex that makes them 6 ft tall and bullet proof, in their own minds.

            This is why you should not bait them, it’s like baiting a bear, someone or something will get messed up.

          • zero

            Bob one thing you have to understand the police were within their rights to protect their self’s, If that dog would have got a hold of one of those officer it would have been hard to get a clear shot off before it did some real damage. But I agree with you on every thing else.

          • Elena Ferrante

            What about pepper spray, if the officer felt threatened??? Senseless, needless violence, pure and simple…

          • zero

            Something you don’t know about pepper spray, It DOES NOT WORK ON DOGS you piss that size dog off with pepper spray and you will wish you had a gun.FACT!!!

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Wait.. Pepper spray.. Which was developed from Mail Carriers used Halt! To protect themselves from dogs and also works on Bears…does not work on large dogs? That sounds like something other than “fact” to me.

          • zero

            Man you just keep showing how stupid you are. Do you think that just because a mailman sprayed pepper spray in the dogs eyes he didn’t get bit. Its a fact that some where injured very badly you can shoot a fucking raging dog in the head with a gun and it doesn’t always kill it.. Man get the fuck off the internet and let grown people that has an idea of what’s going on debate

          • ConcernedCitizen

            Pepper spray doesn’t even work on all humans. I would have shot a 100lb rottweiler coming to attack me too. Dude was baiting the cops, he wanted his 15 minutes, and this is what happens. Should have listened when they told him to turn down the music.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            fyi pepper spray does work on dogs bro, why do you think mail men carry it. and the dog had already stopped barking and started sniffing the ground by the time they shot it. they took over three seconds beyond what would have been even considerable as justified.

          • zero

            FYI bro do you think that pepper spray always kept a mailman from getting bit? Hell No!! some were injured badly. Its also a fact that police have shot dogs in the head and have not killed the dogs. Some dogs don’t know they have been shot and just keep fighting until they collapse.Get Real Bro!!

          • Jerry Vas
          • Pixie

            Thank you, Vazquez, for putting this discussion to rest. I carry pepper spray to deter bear AND cougar. Of course it works on dogs. It works on MAMMALS.


          • titus laney

            yeah, you were there, huh

          • Darksideblues42

            Pepper Spray does work on dogs. It works on almost ANY mammal due to the fact that OC (Oleoresin Capsicum, the active ingredient) is the pepper plant’s defense against being eaten by mammals. Strangely enough, it has no effect on most birds, since birds are the primary seed vector for the spread of the plants and will actually eat even the hottest peppers on the planet by the hundreds if you let them….some parrots act like they are candy.

            Please do your homework a little better before spouting off half-truths and outright falsehoods.

          • Jerry Vas

            Here is proof that it works.

          • as

            Ever hear of bear mace, that, you know, blinds bears?

          • xghoulx

            THATS WHY OFFICERS ARE ARMED WITH MORE THAN JUST LETHAL GUNS! Baton, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns etc. Shoot to kill should be the LAST resort.

          • Bob Bullock

            they had no reason to arrest the guy in the first place, which makes shooting the dog unnecessary. Had they left the guy alone it would have been a mute point, but they took the bait.

          • your wrong

            They had no right to arrest the guy in the first place… he was doing no wrong filming them doing their job (as proved by the thousands of civil lawsuits regarding recording of a civil servant) the man and his dog were in NO danger until the police decided to be dicks…

          • your wrong

            robbery suspect was already in custody. the situation was over… they were simply clearing the scene… and also grammar nazis, go to hell… this isnt your interwebz… people dont need to cater to your needs

          • as

            …and the police wouldn’t have to be in the position to protect themselves if they weren’t violating the 1st Amendment.

          • Seth

            Yes, so that constitutes the use of lethal force with a gun rather than, oh, I don’t know, a standard issue taser? Pepper spray? Physical force? Asking the owner to call the dog off (which it appears that he was attempting to, if the police were to stop interfering with him)?

            I’m not saying the police shouldn’t have defended themselves, and I’m not saying that they initiated the situation, but why is lethal force the go-to option? Would you prefer if cops handled all situations like that? There is such thing as unnecessary force. Killing a dog that is trying to protect it’s owner and has yet to attack is excessive force.

          • Proud GrandPa

            TROLL ALERT
            (Not worth a reply)

          • BoxArt844

            You dumb shit left wing nutjobs, you never possess common sense nor environmental awareness. The idiot had his music blaring, which can be heard in the video. He also moved into the barricade scene. So yes, the idiot is in the wrong and put himself, the dog, officers, and everyone else at risk. The cop also made a bad call shooting the dog.

            It’s funny how liberals like you bring up other incidents while ignoring the 10 and 12 year old girls raped by an illegal immigrant. You’re all pathetic.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            What does this have to do with liberal/conservative? And why the name-calling & red herrings? This article sez nothing about children or rape or immigrants. How does injecting those issues into this matter move the conversation forward?

          • Plus 1

            Yes, iPhones and loud music are a great risk. Especially when the 2 pigs were standing on the sidewalk watching their pig brethren actually do the work. Therefore they weren’t “obstructed” at all, because they weren’t actually doing a fucking thing. Thank God the other “idiots” filming this exposed these jack-booted pigs for what they are. Their “bad call” won’t bring back the life of this animal.

            Did you hear the screams from the people who witnessed this needless slaughter of a pet trying to protect his owner? It’s always the victim’s fault to you Reich Wing bigots, especially if the victim happens to be black, or an “illegal immigrant”. I’m surprised you took the time out from your “Birther” party to actually comment on this. FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!

          • Pixie

            844, sorry to hear that you have this problem of deciding all (as in all “left-wing nutjobs”) think and believe the same. Didn’t your high school teachers teach you about diversity? Us “liberals” don’t all think the same. I am, in fact, environmentally aware.

            My one and only response to your post is this: Being on a public street during the day is NOT A CRIME. A crime scene is noted by police by using police tape. Crossing a police tape: that is the LINE that makes this possibly a crime.

            844, please point to where in the videos it shows this person crossing the police tape. If he crossed that LINE, then I agree he should be arrested. Otherwise, you are wrong and you need to go home.

            He had every legal right to be there, with his dog, and his long leash– and his loud music. This is still America.

          • zero

            I totally agree Bob

        • titus laney

          you don’t consider that dog dangerous?

          • Sam

            A dog trying to protect his master doesn’t make the dog dangerous. It makes it loyal. You could tell that dog wasn’t being a menace. It wasn’t until the cops started arresting his master illegally that the dog reacted.

            If the dog wanted to attack that police officer, it would have done a lot more than hop at him. That police officer wanted a reason to shoot that man’s dog. He never even should have pulled his firearm. They have other forms of deterrent. Firing your weapons always is and always should be, a LAST RESORT.

            These men are scum abusing their position and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, stripped of their badges and never allowed to become police officers again. These men are a disgrace to the badge.

          • michael92064

            Firing with a hard surface background with all the people around…not too bright.

          • Liege Maximo

            Pigs are not bright at all. Pigs are worthless pieces of shit who think they are the law.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            ricochet could have hit some one. but who said cops were smart

          • Zero

            The cops were smart they shot mother fucker before the dog attacked them. Hey look if I drive down the street and the police are conducting a house raid my ass is staying out of sight, Why piss off the police by video taping them…

          • D

            You’re the exact reason why the police get away with this shit. You can take your spineless ass back home.

          • zero

            Mike the police have a hard enough job to do without dumb fucks like you getting in there way, I don’t see you taking the job of being a police officer in this crazy ass world. And I will take my spineless ass home only if you bring your dog over you pussy!!

          • bunnyswanson

            It has not always been this way ZERO. Not a time in my life before 9-11 have the cops been this out of control. Some one has given them orders to shoot first. The recording of these paid professionals should be allowed for evidence for or against them. When there is no justice for one person, there is no justice for anyone at all. You may find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and realize i may be correct. The SPCA should have been called to restrain the dog. 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES is all it would have taken to prevent this horrendous reprehensible act of killing an innocent dog.

          • zero

            mike I don’t believe that I’m the exact reason for any thing the cops do you dumb fuck, But I do know if you fuck with them long enough they will arrest your ass period!!

          • OccupySac Ustream

            fear is their most potent tool. they like people like you zero. fearful, complacent, easy for them to manipulate. we can not allow the bullies that are currently infecting Americas law enforcement intimidate! us from our rights or soon we won’t have any rights left

          • zero

            You stupid bastard let me take you where I grew up at I will show you fucking bullies they would have guy’s like you selling drugs for them and sucking their dicks. For me police explorers kept me out of trouble and got to see a lot of things that were good. Your probably a trouble maker and I don’t fear the police I respect them because they deal with two faced people like you on a daily basis. I think you fear them

          • zero

            These cops aren’t stupid man they have family’s they want to go home to instead of being in the hospital getting a fucking finger put back on or stitches from some dog that jumped out of a car or ran through a screen door that the fucking owner couldn’t control.

          • Elena Ferrante

            Last time I checked, it was not against the law to tape. He should have gotten into his car and driven away, but he made a huge mistake, which cost his dog his life. And just for the record, Zero, I think your comments regarding the dog are inexcusable…

          • zero

            The last time I checked I wasn’t asking for your forgiveness, Like I said I would have shot that SOB five time’s and felt good about it. If your gonna cry about shit that happens to animals cry about the poor cattle that are brutally killed for you and your kids so you can have lunch at a burger joint or chickens or turkeys

          • memek78

            Look at what michael said that cop could have missed and maybe hit multiple people including himself and other officers not to even mention that they killed that dog right in front of the owner it doesnt get anymore heartless than that.

          • zero

            That officer did exactly what he was trained to do, everybody wants to shoot him for shooting an attacking dog, But you sure love him when he runs in your house that’s on fire to save your child…you fucking people crack my ass up!!

          • Reasonable289

            Because he job is to run to a house if he is there and save kids. The same as a bin man takes out bins, we don’t love him because he does. he does it for cash and kudos, the same as this sicko cop. Difference being you don’t see bin men killing peoples dogs and lying about it in court, trying to make out it was all in the name of law abiding citizens.

            Zero does your mother realise you are using the Internet?

          • zero

            Its not his job to run in the burning house you dumb fucker, Its the fire dept job in this country. His job is to keep people away from the burning house The cop that enters the burning house doe’s it because he probably has children at home or he is brave something you probably know nothing about , And I don’t know if my mother knows I’m on the internet or not but your mom knows I am I will let her get back at you when she is finished…you dumb fuck.

          • Hero

            Zero please take your tongue out of the PD’s ass, you’re making a mess.

          • zero

            You know people like you make me sick, You bitch about the fucking cops but you call them when somebody runs you off the road or calls you a name or some shit. Your a Fo real fucking pussy

          • Plus1

            You miserable illiterate piece of SHIT, the police are PUBLIC SERVANTS who are paid with tax dollars “to serve and protect” and enforce the law, not to intimidate and play God as if they are the law.

            Here’s hoping you end up in a hard core ass pounding FEMA Camp some day where you belong.

          • zero

            Your a real dumb fuck retard man. You better check your fucking grammar before you start calling anyone illiterate you goat fucker. I know now why you like animals. If the police are your problem why don’t you become one and try and fix the problems you find instead of bitching about them you fucking cry baby donkey fucker.

          • steve91s

            The dog is smart enough to know when his master is being arrested legally or illegally? Like you said, the dog could have done more damage than just jumping on the cop but that was the first thing he did. Nobody knows what he would have done next. He could have attacked an officer, he could have attacked a bystander, he could have ran to the house where the police were focused on. He could have done a lot of things, nobody knows what that would be. But he was a dog on the loose and he wasn’t exactly reacting predictably. The owner is not responsible. Those windows should have never been down that low.

          • Maureen

            What ever happened to shoot to harm instead of shoot to kill? They could have shot the dog in the shoulder and he would have lived! If they were so scared, shoot him in the shoulder. The dog lives, the police don’t get attacked. That said, after watching this whole video, I don’t think the man or the dog did anything that would cause a logical person to think “Hmm…I shouldn’t do that because it will get me arrested and get my dog shot.” I’m a big supporter of law enforcement officers that do their job well. They have an extremely hard job and I’m grateful they do it. I do have a problem with people who abuse their power and their positions, however, and shooting an animal without due cause is a huge red flag about much more serious concerns with these officers.

          • zero

            Why don’t you try asking about 75% of dead cops what ever happened to shoot to harm instead of shoot to kill…are you for real??

          • steve91s

            My only comment to that would be, it’s not that easy to shoot a human in the shoulder, much less a dog, when they’re moving around.

          • pits4everluvd

            Steve, you are very right the owner was not being responsible at all, and he put his dogs life in danger, by not thinking about what he was doing, he obviously knew there might be an issue, otherwise he would not have put his dog back into the car..however you are wrong in saying the dog was acting unpredictably….that dog was acting absolutely predictably…he was doing exactly what dogs are supposed to do..he was trying to protect his owner, and was not doing so in any “crazy” way, he sounded off plenty of time that he was upset, he hesitated a great deal before coming to his owners aide, and then he was only trying to get the cops away from his owner, he never pursued them not once, until the first shot was fired..then he jumped up in defense…the cops were in the wrong, but so was the owner, he put his dog in that position, and as much as the cops should have had a different reaction(like they could have stopped arresting the guy who was obviously cooperating with them and said, he man, please go contain your dog before he jumps out…bc it was OBVIOUS that was going to happen) but they didnt and as deplorable as their reaction was…in THIS case, it was the owner of the dogs fault…and the dog paid the ultimate price.

          • steve618

            I would argue that a cop should never be allowed to shoot a dog, simply because the rest of us mundane citizens are not permitted to carry guns to protect ourselves from them. We are forced to rely on other methods. Cops ought to do the same.

          • xghoulx

            The officer(s) could of easily ignored the dog and just turned their backs and walked away, the dog would have done NOTHING more than stand there barking… But instead of persuaded the dog by getting very close to it and even reaching for it (for whatever reason) right before he fired the shots.

          • titus laney

            the racist black instigator caused this to happen.
            You people are so ignorant

          • Maureen

            All it requires is for the officers to say “Sir please control your dog.” An owner can command a dog to sit. An owner can also say “Please let me put my dog back in the car with the windows up.” Already in custody of the officers, it would have been an easy 15 second action that would have allowed this dog to live.

            As the owner of a large black dog, this is just so frightening to me. It would be a very easy thing for someone to look at my dog barking and assume he is being aggressive when he is being curious, playful, confused or scared.

            Shooting a dog, cat, or other defenseless animal should come with a much stiffer penalty than it does. As it stands, someone can shoot an animal and face no more than 3 years in prison (PC 597) and California has the STRICTEST laws. Seriously? That’s sick.

            Penal Code 597 PC California’s prominent animal cruelty law is a wobbler. If convicted of this offense as a misdemeanor, you face up to one year in a county jail and a maximum $20,000 fine.

            If convicted of this offense as a felony, you face 16 months, or two, or three years in the California state prison and the same maximum fine.

          • Elena Ferrante

            The dog didn’t have a chance. The officer’s actions were despicable.

          • zero

            If that dog was coming for one of your children you might think differently, but then again maybe not.

          • Commonsense

            Zero you are a worthless moronic tit. it’s no coincidence that your screen name is both your active braincell count, and the amount of people on this wall who actually agree with the rubbish you have written.

            One day you will be the wrong side of a bad cop and then you’ll understand. Until then I hope your arrogance doesn’t cause any harm to come to you, and that you are still living with your mumma

          • bunnyswanson

            When a dog is protecting it’s master, it is dangerous. But, i say again. WHAT IS THE HURRY???, EVEN K9 DOGS, protect its owner. Now i do not know about you, but a dog in my world is a member of the family. When you have the nerve to justify this shooting, when no real attempt was made to call SPCA, you have something wrong going on in your head.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            they shot the dog after it stopped barking and started sniffing the ground. that dog was not a threat. if it had wanted to hurt one of those officers it would have done so. thy took a minimum of three seconds after the dog stopped barking before shooting it, how is t still even being a threat while sniffing the ground? now if they would have shot the dog while it was still coming towards them and barking, one could say the dog was still a threat, and that the officers were in defending themselves, but they did not.

        • ComeOnMan

          Can I sick a dog on you so you can tell me what damage a dog like that can do?

          • bunnyswanson

            Hey,, the cops saw the dog. They saw the dog was a rottweiller. They watched the dog put into the goddam car in a hurry because they were walking up the side walk in an aggressive fashion and the man did what he should have done. LEFT THE WINDOW DOWN. Was there even time for the man to bend over and tie the god without the cops thinking he was GOING FOR A WEAPON or hiding?

      • AwwwYeah

        Oh, totally. Standing there video taping. What a position he put those cops in.

        • titus laney

          if he was white I would be saying the SAME thing. This was an armed hostage situation these officers were dealing with and this racist punk picks this moment to practice “sidewalk” affirmative action politics and cause this to happen to his dog. Do you think there was another course of action? Do you expect the cops to take off running? lol


          Listen, there is a time to speak out and expose corruption within law enforcement I agree, but this is NO example

          • miss-information

            and also the suspect was already in police custody… read the article and dont just watch the video!

          • titus laney

            yea, read someones biased opinionated inflammatory take on what happened. Watch and listen, don’t just read the propaganda

          • Sam Knudson

            I watched the dog back down when the owner ordered him too then the officer advanced on the dog in an extremely threatening manner while the other one man handled the owner. The dog felt threatened and reacted if the dog wanted to bite the officer he would have. That was a “get away” snap not an attack.

          • S.G.

            Cops have Tasers and Pepper Spray no REASON he couldn’t use that to subdue the dog or even his baton. There was are alternate methods he could have used, just as they use them against those who have weapons as well. Four to five bullets was excessive. They should have let the owner try and subdue his dog, the dog backed off when he heard his owner giving him commands, as seen in the video the dog backed off.

          • Seth

            I agree with S.G. whole-heartedly. Regardless of who was at fault for initiating the situation, there were alternate means that the officers could have used to subdue the dog. This was a case of ignorance, fear, and prejudice. I guarantee that if it was a labrador terrier, rather than a rottweiler, the officer would not have used his gun.

            Taser, pepper spray, physical force (possibly with baton), or even letting/making the owner handle the dog would have been a non-lethal solution. Instead, some stick-up-the-butt cop killed a dog for no reason.

          • Matthew R Webb

            I would like to see you fend off a Rottweiler with a stick. Just isn’t going to happen. Pepper spray will only cause the dog to flee, then become aggressive, and possibly attack someone simply trying to aid it. A zap from the Taser may have put the dog down for a second, but then he gets back up, is pissed, and on the attack. You can’t exactly cuff a dog and restrain them.
            In the end it is the mans fault for failing to secure his dog when he went to confront the cops.

          • Warren Crabb

            I agree. This idiot provoked the police at the wrong time and put his dog in harms way, unnecessarily.

          • as

            1st Amendment rights are now considered provoking police?

          • JB

            They could have just, oh I dunno let him leave. He didn’t do anything wrong after all.

          • Pixie

            I disagree. We need to press EVERY police encounter. Do not give them one inch of our rights. Draw the line and draw it fast.

            My first words are always: “Hello officer. I should let you know I have studied the law, and I know my constitutional rights.” It changes the discussion right away.

      • N.M. in Santee

        Music is way less distracting than a helicopter flying over. They have to endure that all the time. Its just an excuse to be worthless power hungry shitbags.

        • Proud GrandPa

          Since the LEOs reported that loud noise was a problem that placed their lives in danger, they were reasonable in ordering him to stop.


          No mention of the video as a basis for arrest. That is irrelevant. The man was unwise to taunt the cops while placing their lives in danger. Parking the car with the radio on and walking away was surely interfering. If I were on a jury, I’d vote to convict the miscreant.

          In this case the LEOs are correct. This was not about photos.

      • americanexile

        You’d think with fifty cop cars, and plenty of them standing around looking cool with their “assault weapons” (or is it “personal defense weapons”?), two could have dragged their asses over to the corner to set up a barrier or some type of clear boundary line.

        • bunnyswanson

          Arrogance is repulsive anywhere it is found. Especially in cops. Steroids are what I think is sending these men and women in combat mode over spilled milk.

      • anotheronewhorecords!

        why is he a useless punk?

      • Liege Maximo

        You’re a fucking moron.

  • Greg Dwyer

    I’m no cop apologist. The arrest was not warranted, but the dog jumped out of the car, approached the cops, and tried to bite them. I would have done the same thing in that situation.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      If they hadn’t been threatening the dog’s owner, it wouldn’t’ve happened. The dog saw a threat and moved in. That is what the cops are these days – a threat.

      • HpPavilion22

        the dog was fine until the cop slammed his machine gun into the guys stomach

        • Rob

          It was an AR-15, which is a semi-automatic rifle, not a machine gun. Other than that I agree with you.

      • Fotaugrafee

        Wish someone would shoot them!!

    • JoeyWall

      From Radley Balko’s Facebook:

      “More to the point, the police department could train its cops to deal with dogs without filling them with bullets. (BTW, this dog was defensive, not vicious.) I’ve interviewed the person who oversees dog training for the USPS. Postal workers deal with dogs every day. But they aren’t armed. Somehow, there hasn’t been a single case of a postal worker losing an arm to a rottweiler.”

    • Kevin Bankert

      You mean if you’d just wrongfully arrested a guy (i.e., assaulted and falsely imprisoned him) and his dog approached you, you’d shoot the dog? So kind of like the icing on the cake on a laundry list of crimes?

      • Difdi

        Hey, if you’ve just violated your oath, violated rights under color of law while armed and committed official misconduct, why NOT add a charge of animal cruelty?

    • Difdi

      The dog’s use of force was lawful, since the arrest was a felony (18USC242 — violating rights under color of law, enhanced with threat and use of dangerous weapon). The dog was attempting to stop a felon from getting away.

      It’s not self-defense when a felon shoots his victim or bystanders while trying to get away.

    • Joe

      The whole thing should never have went down. The man did nothing wrong. The police were handling the man in a way his dog probably felt threatening. So the loyal dog tried to protect his owner. It’s fucking sad, and it didn’t need to happen.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Joe. the man did something wrong. He obstructed police by making a loud noise which interfered with their ability to hear. He was incredibly stupid to leave the car radio on and walk toward the police. He got arrested. He broke the law.

        I agree with you. It did not need to happen. Read the article again. You will see this to be true. Thanks for posting the message, Joe.

    • Upyurs

      So you would have arrested a peaceful man for legally recording you in public, and then shot the man’s dog when, as a consequence of your unnecessary actions, the dog’s become aggressive? Wow, you’re a total asshole. A real peice of shit.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        There was something else to it. The others who were filming weren’t bothered.

        • upurs

          So the cops made an example of one man in front of others? (they probably chose him because he was bold and black and so a second class citizen?)

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            The others were black and Hispanic.

          • Proud GrandPa

            The reason for the arrest was noise so loud it interfered with LEOs’ abilities to hear. They felt their lives and those of their partners were at risk. That is why they acted reasonably and lawfully.


            Race, poor English, and photo journalism had nothing to do with it.

        • Fotaugrafee

          Of course, there always is when you’re a cop or former cop looking to excuse the blame of his brethren.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Try looking at my blog – if the officers are wrong, I say so. I call them like I see them.

            The shooting of the dog, while tragic, was justified.

          • Sad

            Why was the shooting of the dog justified? Was destroying the dog the only possible solution? Were others measures tried and failed first?

            I know that police officers have less than lethal options available to them. Why not exhaust those first?

            The dog owner was not aggressive and fully cooperative. He was being arrested/detained on charges that were not violent in nature. Why not allow him to secure the animal before the cuffs were applied? Or release him momentarily to gain control of the animal. I know officers are trained in attention to detail, did they not realize the situation they were facing from the get-go? The other civilians filming certainly did.

            The reason is because the officer just didn’t care. It may be ‘ruled’ as justified, but that doesn’t mean it was necessary. The dog was not an immediate threat to life, limb, or eyesight and there was plenty of time to at least try and resolve the situation without killing the dog.

            Unfortunately the police have become a militaristic force against civilians instead of the public servants their jobs were intended to be.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            There is no requirement to work through all of the other options in such a situation, and to do so takes a risk that an officer or the suspect would be injured. At that distance, the only option that the officers realistically had was to shot the dog. I would have done the same.

            Had Rosby properly secured his dog to begin with, this wouldn’t have happened.

          • Pixie

            EC-LS, of course there is a requirement. Lethal methods ONLY when other methods have been exhausted. Only then do you shoot to kill. He did not try other methods AT ALL. The pictures (lots of them, going really fast i.e. *VIDEO*) does not lie about this point. Which makes your point moot.

            This cop needs to go guard prisoners. Let his trigger happy self inflict his personal paranoia on those criminals, and leave the law-abiding public alone. He might do well in a prison setting.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Do you have any legal authority to support that? I ask because I can pull up hundreds of court cases that say the opposite.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Do you have any legal authority to support your argument? I ask because I can cite hundreds of cases supporting mine.

    • eagspoo

      Then you are a dumb fucking coward and you **are** a police apologist. Hey here is a clue: Not every threat to a cop needs deadly response! F-ing cops think someone who just maybe give them a booboo gives them the right to shoot them dead.

  • JoeyWall

    This one I simply cannot watch.

    Here is the Hawthorne PD Facebook page, join others commenting on this incident:

  • Jude I⚡caяiot

    I won’t hold back here in saying that I hope all of those cops are murdered by some hardened criminal in the line of duty. Fuck them. They caused the entire incident.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Actually, it wouldn’t even be murder – just executing criminals like Texas routinely does.

      • Difdi

        Violating 18USC242 while armed with firearms is arguably a felony. The violation is ongoing for as long as the victim is in custody if the arrest was to prevent him from exercising his rights.

        It’s a lawful use of force to prevent a felony, not murder.

    • tiny

      murdered wouldnt be the word, but dead would work for me! DOA for all of them motherfuckers! fact is there are no words for this shit! makes me sick to my stomach! OH FUCK, GIVE ME A SHOTGUN, ILL BLOW THEIR DAMN HEADS OFF THE COCKSUCKERS!

      • Jude I⚡caяiot

        You shouldn’t go around making threats. Let the real criminals do the dirty work – it’s what they do anyway. Them and the cops. There aren’t two sides… Just one, and they’re both horrible to decent people.

    • tomandyourmom

      You’re a fucking moron.

      • Jude I⚡caяiot



        Next please? Can it be somebody with something intelligent or interesting to say and not a half-wit?

        • tomandyourmom

          Look who’s talking, Jethro. Hugs and kisses, douchebag.

  • John B

    If I was the cop, I would have used pepper spray on the dog.

    Notice in the video that after the man is handcuffed the cops start treating him roughly.

    • busterhyman

      Pepper spray doesnt work on dogs dude. U have to have special dog spray like the postal dudes carry.

      • dkroy

        Pepper spray works on all mammals, where are you getting your information?

        • zero

          Where are you getting your info from, Ive seen it used on a pit bull attacking a poor golden retriever and it doesn’t work ..for sure so check your facts!!

      • Elena Ferrante

        Pepper spray does work on dogs…and that is what postman carry.

    • bunnyswanson

      It is quite clear the cops are making a point – Don’t question us. We can do as we please. that is the message I am getting. I will never call the cops to my home again. I’d end up taking the bullet for my dog if it happened, and then, of course, they’d shoot everyone in my house, my neighbors, the people driving past the scene, anyone with a cell phone. FUCKING NUTS!!!!! I hope those cops are held accountable. I will never forget this. I am so sorry to the young man who lost is dog. He is probably a nice guy. The bridge to heaven is met with all the animals we have come in contact with in our lifetime, they decide where we go. GO TO HELL YOU FUCKERS.

      • zero

        So what your saying is that all that fried fucking chicken, turkey sandwiches, pork ribs, steak fajitas,fish taco’s, lamb chops,bull balls, rattle snake nuggets you’ve eaten and sucked on are going to send you to heaven.Huuuum you can still get some help out there somewhere it might not be too late…. I just don’t know where..

  • Scott Benedict Lobdell

    Lieutenant Scott Swain (310) 349-2835

  • Boffin

    City of Hawthorn, CA Police:
    Press Information Officer: Lieutenant Scott Swain (310) 349-2835


  • Difster

    I really hope someone goes Dorner on those coproaches.

  • Mike

    Stealing other people’s videos again & re-posting them as your own? You’ve done that now in 3 of your last 4 blog posts.

    The original of this particular video (posted by a guy named Gabriel Martinez) can be viewed as YouTube video ID WDBZr4ie2AE.

    I’m cutting your RSS feed to our web site — I expect better ethics from from our sources.

    • Michael Blitch

      Carlos, unless you have prior written permission, and if you did media sources tend to convey that fact and cite the source, it is NOT appropriate to rehost or republish the material. If you think something will be deleted, then archiving may be ok, but you need to like to the main source of the material.

      • genewitch

        Er, it’s a youtube video. Complain to google if you’re mad about their terms of use. Carlos linking a youtube video and describing the story IS EXACTLY HOW NEWS REPORTING WORKS.

        He goes back and adds more info as the story comes in. It’s called breaking a headline, or whatever journos call it.

        If you’re mad because this video is getting more plays than yours file a DMCA takedown notice on all the copies and i assure you carlos will link to yours!

        • Michael Blitch

          He did not ‘link to’ the video. He copied the video and the REPUBLISHED it under his own account. It is quite accepted to link to material, and youtube allows embedding of videos into webpages and it has been done this way on the site many times in the past. the issue is copying the content of another and republishing it without permission.

          In the case of news reporting, you can write your own material, and then link to or cite your sources, not take it to post wherever you please. Your strawman argument about someone being upset of “getting more views” is immaterial. If he had permission, it is acceptable to post “republished with permission by …..”, but he posted it to his own youtube account and embedded that copy to this webpage. If that was done without permission, then it is illegal (copyright violation) and unethical.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            And instead of addressing this with him by e-mail, you do it here?

            I don’t know about the journalistic ethics involved, but I do know rude behavior when I see it.


          • Michael Blitch

            I was not the OP for that point, but I made a follow-up reply supporting that position. As photographers, proper citation and use of copyright is important, so just as you want to chastise me and call me names to seemingly change my behavior, I too was supporting the post about the recognition of alleged infringement in hopes Carlos changes his behavior.

            If he had permission to copy, then that is fine, though it would be a bit more acceptable to at least mention that fact. However he is doing the same thing so many content collection sites do, e.g. buzzfeed, by copying and republishing content under their own banner without ever citing the source.

            Carlos knows this will be a big story, so if he hosts the material himself early in the story news cycle, he will get more name/brand recognition as later media source my use him as a cited source. Also to consider is the potential ad revenue depending on his relationship with YouTube. That makes the behavior a bit more egregious. If he copied it to archive in case it was deleted, then that might have a newsworthy purpose, but in this case, copying copyrighted material and republishing it without express permission is not appropriate and that behavior should not be supported, especially when there is no need to do so.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            And you couldn’t have addressed that privately?

          • Jon Quimbly

            The Standard YT License grants YT permission to freely distribute the video to broadcast media. How are you gonna stop that?

          • Michael Blitch

            @Jon: YouTube’s License also grants is many other privileges. How is your point in any way related to this particular discussion?

            @excop-lawstudent Sure, but being such a public person a public discourse is probably more effective. When comments are made privately one has no idea if others have said the same thing, so even if 50 people responded in-kind privately, it is easy to ignore, but if there were to be a thread on the matter and those same people supported that, then it might have more effect. This also allow people, such as yourself, to publicly disagree and correct errors or dissuade our opinions by rational debate. People are more likely to support a position already made, i.e. follow, rather than risk standing-out on their own. When Carlos had his first run ins with the cops, a lot of people attacked his position as a troublemaker as it was easy since at the time he was publicly moving against the grain, but he stuck with it and now is a great resource for this niche news topic. Public discourse is an important part of the process. Otherwise what is the point of even allowing comments to each story?

            I think it is crappy to rehost content like that and we see stories about it all the time; ( or anything by Worldhiphopstar. How willing are you to stand up for a position when a friend or website you support does the same thing that isn’t appropriate? If I see a friend willingly and knowingly steal something I will just as readily report that if I saw a stranger doing it, knowing full well the relationship consequences. Call that kind of person an ‘asshat’ if you wish, but that is what I feel is my moral imperative. I’m willing to stand by my beliefs of moral right and wrong and I always post in my own name and am not afraid to hide that.

      • HpPavilion22

        this video needs to be posted by as many people as possible and shared with the entire world to show them exactly how the Hawthrone police department commits crimes and gets away with them.

    • Carlos_Miller

      That’s fine, Mike, do what you need to do, but at least link to your website so the rest of us can know what you represent.

      I have been reposting videos to my Youtube channel for archival purposes because there have been way too many instances of these videos getting removed by the owner down the line where they don’t show up on my articles anymore.

  • Darksideblues42

    Does anyone find it totally disturbing that a large number of the most recent photo posts on the Hawthorne PD Facebook page are positive items about the dogs they work with?

  • Tijuana Joe

    Never murder a dog on video, or you’ll be getting
    calls from Finland and New Zealand at 4 in the
    morning until the year 2025, like that moron
    in Cookeville Tennessee. Goodbye career.
    BTW What the hell were the grounds for arrest???

    • Difdi

      The grounds for the arrest was that he had rights and used them while black.

  • HpPavilion22

    judge is going to laugh his ass off and tell the black guy to go fuck himself ,, and the cops will be promoted to detectives

    • bunnyswanson

      A call to the SPCA was all that was needed. That is all. Rather than take a few minutes to keep this situation from escalating into a national crisis, the cops shoot like they live in the goddam jungle. Pathetic display of professional. They should be fired.

  • Difdi

    This is why California wants to make sure nobody but police can ever carry a gun in public. If any good citizens saw this happen while they were armed, the cops would not survive.

    • upurs

      Sadly, that’s total bullshit. Most Americans are gutless cowards; which why so many cower in holes clinging to guns they don’t use except when they snap and shoot a bunch of easy targets like kids. When are the gutless militia you got over there going to use their guns to prevent some tyranny? Oh that’s right, guns don’t prevent tyranny, people do.

      • AwwwYeah

        It must be nice, knowing most Americans. I live here and I don’t even know most of them.

      • Shake_Junt

        you obviously havent been to the hood where people shoot at eachother for petty things. this not being so petty, he definitely would’ve been dropped

        • tomandyourmom

          Sure he would have. In the “hood”. Bwahahahahaah. Pussy.

      • Areus Wade

        Nice try Officer Upurs.

      • Difdi

        Sadly, you’re right. After decades of making damned sure the average citizen is a gutless coward that wouldn’t use a weapon even if they had one, it’s not surprising that most gutless cowards won’t use weapons.

        That doesn’t mean that resisting criminals is stupid or impossible, or that militia-appropriate weapons would not be used if we had them, it only means that the anti-human rights special interests have been organized and working hard for a long time now.

    • busterhyman

      Well that’s not very true. A- The cops are in bulletproof gear and some of them carrying Assault Rifles. Even if you got the drop of them you would need 200+ rounds to win a battle against 4 cops and when the first shots went off SWAT (in that APC) would have jumped out and made you into minced meat.

      • Difdi

        Which only makes my point even more strongly. The government has a vested interest in making sure no one can fight back effectively.

        A handgun against body armor is silly, that’s what rifles and armor-piercing ammunition (both illegal to carry in California) are for. A handgun against an APC is beyond stupid — The proper armament for such a vehicle is either an anti-materiel rifle or a rocket launcher.

  • HpPavilion22

    is the dogs owner still in jail on bogus charges?

  • MindFury

    sad, but the dog was charging them, they could have tazed it,,,,,, fucking bastards…

    • Kevin Bankert

      Yes, but the dog charged them incident to a crime that they, the cops, were committing; i.e., a false arrest.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        And you know it’s a false arrest how?

        • AwwwYeah

          While it’s not 100% certain, there’s considerable footage of the man. He doesn’t appear to have done anything for which he should be detained.

    • disqus_owOP020tXs

      The dog only charged after the cop tried to initiate contact with it. The cops were more aggressive than the dog was.

      • disqus_owOP020tXs

        And what was he going to do, exactly? Arrest it? He was prodding for an opening to use his firearm.

        • Sam Contreras

          You pepper spray the dog and call animal control while keeping the dob and bay and re spraying if need be. Don’t be an ignoramus and trying and frame it like there is no other way to address the situation. But this is what happens when you give trigger happy pansies badges and authority.

          • disqus_owOP020tXs

            Um, I’m not trying to frame it that way at all. The cop made the wrong move. Read my earlier comment.

  • damir

    ok first why the hell will you rec the cops in the way like you did and know you get you dog killd first the cops has the right to shoot at the dog if the dog attacks him ,, this is why u don’t start shit to make you self something that you are not ,, Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.,,,,

    • Jon Quimbly

      Oh, you’re so right! It’s the guy’s own fault the cops killed his dog. Idiot.

    • Paul Sanders

      When the people fear the government, you have tyranny!

      When the government fears the people, you have Liberty!

  • Joe

    Those pigs are way more of a danger to you and I than that poor dog. I think somebody needs to put those pigs down.

  • titus laney

    I am fully in support of the cops. They were doing their job apparently conducting an investigation of which the readers are not told about. This person is 100% responsible for his dog’s death. He was inciting unrest, racial tension, disrupting law enforcement’s ability to protect the community. He was not being arrested for simply recording them as you would like to have people believe. He simply made an ass out of himself, was being “rightfully” detained, and through the course of this “pillar of the community, put these officers in danger. They took the only course I think they should have considering the predicament this negligent fool put them in.

    • Steve

      So tell us, why was he rightfully detained?

    • No thanks


      • Media_lies2013

        You took the word right out of my mouth.

    • Carlos_Miller

      is this supposed to be sarcasm?

    • TimBL

      I’m no lawyer, but I did a few searches of the California penal code. “Inciting unrest” is not a crime. “Racial tension” is not a crime. It sounds like you’re just putting words together.

      All I saw him do was film the officers, put his dog in the car, and then walk up to them and present his wrists for cuffing. If you know of an actual crime he committed, please tell us. We are all baffled.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        Yet they did not arrest the other people that were also present and videotaping the incident.

        That tends to lead one to believe that there were other factors, besides the camera.

        • disqus_owOP020tXs

          It’s colloquially known as Contempt of Cop.

        • Upurs

          Yeah? What? The colour of his skin? Or the criminal record he might have because of his skin and the widespread racism of American police that leads to a much higher chance of contact with the criminal justice system if you’re black/ethnic? This shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it’s part of a trend in the degenerating police state capitalist USA.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            That’s BS. The black guy that stepped up filming next to Rosby wasn’t arrested, nor the Hispanic that filmed the clip that we watched here.

        • AwwwYeah

          There were other factors, you’re right… None that appear to be criminal offenses worthy of being detained.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            See above.

        • Proud GrandPa

          Exactly. The reason for the arrest was stated in the above article and is consistent and lawful. I see no civil rights violation.

          The article is clear about the actual reason for the arrest. The perp obstructed the officers with a loud noise. Photography was not mentioned.

      • titus laney

        you can stay baffled all you want.
        It is a cut and dry case of self defence at the end of the day

    • Troll

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Paul Sanders

      You are everything that is wrong with this country. Please don’t breed.

  • Pamela

    That’s great to post but unless you are willing to take a stand you mind as well go back and sit in your comfy sofa until it’s your turn…………..make a call and complain, show your power 310=349-=2700

    Let your voice be heard or don’t complain and sit back and take it……….

  • Jake

    This is bullshit! They murdered that dog.

  • ExCop-Lawyer

    I’m not saying that the arrest was legitimate, but by the same token, none of you know that it was illegitimate. For all you know they could have had a warrant for the individual and knew him by sight. It’s funny how you all jump to the conclusion that it was a bogus arrest without knowing more. I agree that it appears like a bad arrest, but you don’t know that yet.

    BTW, the arrested subject’s name is Leon Rosby, who has both an earlier lawsuit against the city and a felony record. I couldn’t find anything on what he was arrested for.

    The killing of the dog was sad, but had a Rotweiller charged me like that, I would have done the same.

    • disqus_owOP020tXs

      Protip: If you don’t try and approach a Rottweiler while your buddies are manhandling their master as you hold your arm out closing in on it like a dumbass, you probably won’t have to worry about it.

    • Kevin Bankert

      All I’ll say is that it really, really appears like the guy was arrested for filming them, which I’m pretty sure is perfectly legal in California. IF that’s the case, and IF there weren’t other factors, in play here, then the police precipitated this shooting by unlawfully arresting the guy. IF that’s the way this went down, whoever slapped the cuffs on him should be charged with a crime – some species of assault or false imprisonment, I would think – and the guy that shot the dog should face whatever charges you or I would invariably face if we shot a police dog that we felt was threatening us.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        They didn’t arrest anyone else that was filming. The group whose video was posted and another black guy that walked up next to Rosby weren’t bothered.

    • Upurs

      Too bad we don’t have record of the crimes committed by these obviously morally bankrupt and bent pigs; because they’re above the law in practise. This is part of a pattern of Police excess and abuse in the USA. You’re a backward crony state; a banana republic with a corrupt police force.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        So what country / state are you from?

        Or are you one of the sovereign idiots?

        • disqus_owOP020tXs

          Where he’s from doesn’t have any bearing on the argument he’s making.

          So what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            No, I was just curious since he was trashing Americans.


            See, simple questions can easily be answered.

  • Ryan Stevens

    That is nasty. Totally inhumane! Wow!

  • Upurs

    Just a shame the dog wasn’t MORE aggressive and ripped a few pigs’ throats out, and made America a better, safer place.

  • cfslls

    maybe your dumbass might grow a brain. I would have shot the dog too.

    • Upurs

      That’s because you’re a brainwashed right-wing (you know, like a Nazi) piece of shit.

  • cfslls

    Do any of you know the stress of lapd

    • disqus_owOP020tXs

      One thing I do know is that it’s not near the stress that they cause to innocent people.

    • Upurs

      Stress? Fuck off. Pigs are not as stressed as paramedics, nurses, or school teachers, how many dogs do they shoot?

  • Upurs

    Someone should name these pigs and where they live.

  • cfslls

    So all you idiots believe that dog didn’t deserve to be shot?

    • disqus_owOP020tXs

      The shooting was utterly avoidable. The cop shouldn’t have approached the dog like that in the first place. What did he think was going to happen?

    • upurs

      So you, being a fuckwitted fascist apologist, think the shooting of theis dog was necessary and unavoidable? Idiot.

    • Sgt. F

      If the man would not have been arrested, the dog would not have charged the police. The man was wrongfully arrested, while exercising his rights. So, no. The dog did NOT deserve to be shot. The man did not deserve to be arrested.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Sgt, the man has no right to make loud noise which prevents the LEOs from hearing while making a SWAT type attack. He endangered them. He deserved the arrest. Read the article again and you will see.

        • Chris

          Proud, you keep bringing up how the music was putting the cops in danger. Well if it was such a danger why did it take so long for them to approach him, why didn’t they go to turn down the music after he was in custody. The two cops who cuffed him were standing down the street doing nothing for quite a while before approaching him. After he is cuffed and before the dog jumps from the car, they take him in a direction away from the car and this ” dangerous ” loud music. While I don’t agree that he was arrested for filming, I do believe he was arrested for contempt of cop. Other people were filming, yes, but his stance was defiant and he is said to have said some things like, ” civil rights violation “. And did you notice in the video that he was offering no physical resistance but the cop grabbed him by his throat? Further evidence in my opinion that it was a C.O.C. arrest. If you can show me where I’m wrong about this please let me know. Thanks, Chris



  • anonymous

    Why the hell did he have to shoot, can’t believe this.

  • cfslls

    maybe you all should try bein =g a cop

    • n4zhg

      I score too high on the intelligence test.

    • upurs

      I don’t like committing crimes, cover ups and hurting undeserving people, so I could never be a cop.

    • Paul Sanders

      same here, too intelligent. They won’t take me. They want idiots that ” just do there job”

      This is a FACT

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        Only in the world of sovereign idiots.

    • Paul Sanders

      Maybe they should try being Peace Officers instead of thugs.

  • Rulas

    That dog showed loyalty 2 his owner. Even the dog knew the pigs were wrong. The dog has better morals than the pigs do.

  • cfslls

    R u stupid?

  • cfslls


  • Guess

    Are all people who complain about killing dog vegetarians? If not what is the problem to you as you are part of bigger killing anyway?

    • Jexie

      Because we eat those animals, we don’t kill them to make our dicks feel bigger.

      • Josh

        Maybe somebody ate the dog.

    • disqus_owOP020tXs

      Great point, only vegetarians have the moral ground to mourn the death of animals.

      And since we’re being so thoughful here, have you ever considered that the dog that was shot may have actually a rare form of artichoke?

      That’s right. Sorry Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores. This grievance goes out to the Carnivorous crowd only.

  • Bob Bullock

    He was baiting them and lost his dog as a result. They were wrong but he knew it would happen.

    • Jexie

      He’s perfectly within his rights to film them, exercising your rights is not baiting.

      • Bob Bullock

        He was, but he was trying to be seen by them, then yelled something at them to get their attention.

        Probably wanting to get some money from a civil rights lawsuit.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          You’re not going to get much money for the dog. It’s considered property, and you can’t normally claim emotional distress or pain and suffering. Of course, this is California, so who knows.

        • Jexie

          Oh, well if he yelled something at them then surely they should abandon their standoff and shoot his dog! Today’s cops are way too big on testosterone and ego and far too low on intelligence. Maybe a few lawsuits will get towns like this rethinking their strategies.

      • Proud GrandPa

        It wasn’t about filming the LEOs. The arrest was obstruction. He is guilty. The prosecutor and defense attorney will have to debate whether LEOs can hear well enough despite the loud radio, not for use of a camera.

        • Jexie

          The cops overreacted and the taxpayer is going to pay dearly for it. He was headed for his car to turn it off but instead the police redirected him to them to be cuffed – they are idiots pure and simple.

    • disqus_owOP020tXs

      You seriously think he knew his dog was going to get shot after he put it in the car and it struggled to get out the window?

      • Bob Bullock

        No, I don’t think he thought his dog would be killed. That is why he put him in the car, but I do think he knew he would be arrested and that he would file a civil rights suit against them. He was making himself too obvious and then yelled something I couldn’t make out towards them, then yelled “civil right violation” as he was putting the dog in the car.

        The dog was protecting his master and had no knowledge of what a police uniform was. He just saw them manhandling his master.

        • Guest

          Or he lived next to that house and was both concerned and scared which is why he approached and walked away numerous times. Ever been in a situation that you can’t decide to stay or go?

  • Jexie

    Cops: People who couldn’t cut it in the mundane office world so we put guns in their hands and in control of other people.

    • busterhyman

      and people who were bullied in school so they became cops to take out their vengeance on society & it’s scum. Bottom line is if you don’t wanna get your dog shot or get fucked with by the police, JUST KEEP ON DRIVING BY. Hang around and watch what happens!

  • citizen1

    If that was me it would be my mission to kill that cop when I got out of jail

    • tomandyourmom

      Internet tough guy alert!

  • Citizen1

    I would kill that cop soon as I got out

  • Jim Beem

    Should have shot the coon not the pooch.

  • Lewknukem

    You can have respect for cops who put their lives on the line. You do not have to have respect for cops like this who take zero risks in their line of duty.

  • Photog at Large

    Will be interesting to see what additional info becomes available re this incident (like what was the justification to handcuff him in the first place). It seems that the guy did not resist being handcuffed initially, so if the police planned to detain him – why not ask him to properly secure the dog and then proceed with their questioning/detention ?

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      According to Rosby, he was told to turn down the music in his car when he first arrived, but did not do so. He was asked several times because the officers said it made it difficult for them to hear and deal with the barricaded armed robber in the house. Once the robbery suspect was arrested, they told him that they were going to arrest him for failing to comply (obstruction), and he put the dog up. He then submitted to arrest, but he had not secured the dog and it got out of the car.

      The other photographers were not bothered.

      • Jon Quimbly

        Plausible, but it may not be true he was obstructing. Up to the DA and judge to decide, yeah?

        You can hear some music on the video, from across the intersection, but it doesn’t sound very loud to me. It could be they didn’t like him being on the same block as them. And they did not appear to be distracted or otherwise affected by the music. Up the the end of the video, they made no attempt to stop the music, either by approaching him at his vehicle, or turning it down themselves. It seems like an excuse to get him away from the scene, to me.

        If the arrestee recorded video, and the cops don’t erase it, we’ll have more info.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          True, but it does give them PC for an arrest that is not connected with his photography.

          According to a witness that a reported talked to, the officers asked Rosby to turn down the music and he refused.

          • Jon Quimbly

            Got it, thanks.

          • Pádraig Pearse

            But that’s the absurdity of policing in America. Everything is an arrestable offence. Cops are no longer trained to diffuse the situation, but rather escalate it seems. Someone should not have to go to jail because of a loud car stereo.

      • Upurs

        The pigs said “jump” and he failed to say “how high, master sir?”, so they locked him up and shot his dog as retribution. End of story.

        • tomandyourmom

          What the fuck is wrong with you?

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            He’s a troll. Ignore him.

  • Jon Quimbly

    I understand how everyone feels about cops shooting dogs. I am just as sickened and angry about it. But threatening cops with violence is just stupid. There’s a lot of that here, and it makes you the same as them, in a way.

    Plus, making threats via the internet offers no anonymity. PINAC’s logs could easily be subpoenaed, unless Carlos’s tech talent disabled them (hint), plus his system remembers your email, if you submitted one with your post. Even then, Amazon may keep upstream copies of web requests, in which case you’re just as screwed. And don’t forget Obama’s got his eye on us via NSA.

    There’s a legal way to deal with cop situations like these: call, FB or email them what you think, without threats. They’ll get the message – they may not like it (just take a look at Hawthorne PD’s FB page!) but they’ll actually get the message.

    • genewitch

      The tech talent doesn’t keep logs. You’d have to take comment logs up with disqus!

    • sam

      Why do you bring up Obama … WTF George Jr. started this assault on our rights and it has not stopped. I like when people bring his name up, cause i bet you didn’t have a bad word to say about George Jr. when he got that ball rolling. Yes Obama has not stopped that ball at all. But put the blame on the person who started all this…

      • Jon Quimbly

        I have no problem Obama. But that he continues this nonsense is a black mark on his administration. I’m fairly sure that Presidents don’t get much leeway on whether programs like this exist – the permanent government controls all that (CIA/NSA/DIA/etc).

        But being the constitutional lawyer that he is? He could have, and still could, take a stand. Recording all our calls, emails, internet traffic and more? The most blatant violation of our rights, pretty much ever.

        But he’s safe and secure: he’ll have lifetime pension income, health insurance and Secret Service protection. And the NSA will have a copy of our disagreement. :)

  • FedUp

    Guy talks shit to cops. Cops arrest guy. Guys dog attacks cop. Cop shoots dog. And its the cops fault? You people are fucking retarded! Kill yourselves!

    • Upurs

      You are a detriment to your society and our species; please don’t breed. You’re too stupid and you have the values of a Nazi.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        Uh, you know you just replied to yourself…

        • Upurs

          Uh, learn to read; it was a reply to the cretinous halfwit Pamela.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Yeah, I can see that after it refreshed. It showed on mine screen initially as Upurs responding to Upurs – that glich in WordPress that sometimes jumbles replies with there are a lot of posts.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Guy is minding his own business, not bothering anybody or breaking any definitive law. Police arrest guy. Guy’s dog defends guy and is killed.

      It’s the police who are the criminals here.

  • ExCop-Lawyer

    Carlos, you’re asking that everyone be sensible. They aren’t.

    I agree that it would have been logical for him to turn the music down when he put the dog up, but that is not what he did. There is also a video clip of Rosby talking about the incident and the Daily Breeze quoted a witness who verified that officers asked him to turn the music down and Rosby refused.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Let’s see if Carlos corrects the title now that we know it is misleading. I am sure Carlos is sincere, but now that he knows the reason was NOT for videography, Carlos can change the title. Will Carlos correct it?

      • Carlos_Miller

        Just because the cops said it was over the music, then we have to just accept that at face value?

        Even their press release states that he was standing within “close proximity” to the cops when he was a half-block down and there was no police tape up.

        If you notice from the video, we couldn’t really see what was going on with their investigation, so the cops didn’t mind those people recording.

        They did mind this guy recording because he had the right angle on them.

  • Jefferson Street

    That music was totally bangin yo. Don’t no why the cops was so mad and shit and what not. Can’t they be yellin and shit and what not over thems sounds and shit ?

  • Jeff

    Fuck those cops, seriously assholes. I can think of so many other ways to deal with an upset dog than shooting it, and not even doing a good of it at that Bravo you asshats. How fucking sad is that, I’m sure some pepper spray was in just an easy reach.

  • shgada

    You should have been taking care of your job instead of fucking with a civilian! God fucking damned inferiority piece of shitfaggot ass fuck you in your moms asshole cop! I hope your family dies during a vicious rape!

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Yours first.


  • Joe Wallin

    Maybe Google glass will end all this, because we will all be wearing them!

  • rm

    (310) 349-2835 is the number of the cop that shot the dog

  • JonesJ

    Fine covering this story, but don’t pretend he was arrested for videoing (like the link-bait title specifies) when the story clearly defines why he was arrested. Don’t ask others to be objective if you are going to purposely mislead people with an incorrect article title.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Those were updates. When the story was first posted, no one knew why he was being arrested.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Did the misleading title change too? If not, why not? If there were updates, Carlos should post change the title to “man arrested for making noise” and coincidently videoed police.”

        • Guest

          Changing a title is not always possible and in some cases leads to dead links as it changes the URL to the article as well. It depends on the platform the article was posted on. Just a thought.

  • Bee

    Fkn stupid ass cops had to fkn right to shoot the poor dog!!! Who was just defending his owner!!! Stupid cop i hope someone shoots you !!!

  • Myumyu

    While I do feel bad about the dog, I think everybody’s reactions are a bit too much….
    Yes, what happened to the dog is awful and I hope they at least eased his pain.

    However, let’s look back at the situation:

    – The guy is a jerk, and as either no respect for anybody, or just want to pissed people
    – The guy turned his back to be handcuffed, the cops that were coming didn’t wanted to arrest him, one proof is that it took them 20 seconds to get the handcuffs
    – He has a dog that is consider as a guard dog and can be dangerous, in some countries, this kind of dog should have a muzzle when in the street.

    – He puts his dog in a car wide open, and of course any dog would want to protect his master
    – When the dog approach everybody were scared, and not especially for the dog but for the cops.
    – The cops tried to be careful, and I think they wanted to take the leash. However you really should be stupid to think that you can touch an unknown dog like that without him wanting to bite your fingers.
    – Then the cop is stupid enough to think that the dog wants to attack them while he is defending himself…. But like I said, you never know…

    I would it was bad luck, it could have went better than that. However we cannot totally blame the cop to react when a dangerous dog is trying to eat your hand

    • Guest

      Did you consider:
      – that he lived next door to the house they were surrounding and was concerned.
      – that they told him to turn around and put his hands behind his back.
      – the dog was docile until it appeared to him that his owner was being assaulted.
      – he was rushed because he didn’t want his dog harmed or to interfere with the police.
      – no one was scared until the people filming started yelling.
      – had the cops tried to be careful it would have consisted of asking the owner to properly secure his dog before they cuffed him as he was clearly not resisting or aggressive.
      – that a taser or pepper spray would have been more than sufficient.

      I blame the cops and the owner alike. The situation could and should have been handled far differently but I suspect this is a case of poor training as this is not the first uncalled for incident involving the Hawthorne PD and the owner for obvious reasons.

  • PhillyTurntUp

    fucking disgrace. I just tried to claim the page as owner, go to their facebook page and click the settings icon, claim as business owner. Use this info to take it over and post the real shit people should see. HawthornePD


    12501 Hawthorne Blvd.

    Hawthorne, CA


    Just put Chief in where is asks for position.

  • Aren Grey

    What a bunch of fucking retards! And i mean you people who are saying that a human deserves to die because they killed a fucking a dog.


    This is what is wrong with this country.

  • Mike

    Don’t forget to let the hawthorne PD know how you feel on their facebook like everyone esle it doing, pieces of shit these bastards are

  • Coz

    Fucking pigs

  • banks

    why couldnt they have tasered the dog like this?

  • andrewsnodgrass
  • Logic

    Good shooting to me!!! Jackass put his dog in a bad situation, by being 415 PC! Next time the moron will drive on by. You can take pictures all day long, but jackass is the only one to blame for the dogs getting shot! The police officer who shot, was only reacting to the situation. Sucks for the poor pooch, because he was only trying to protect his retarded owner. Anyone who says otherwise is a buffoon, who puts animal life ahead of human life.

  • Dr. Q

    Hawthorne police break handcuffed man’s jaw:,0,6717990.story

    Hawthorne police taser autistic child:


    This dude should be arrested for animal cruelty.

  • Mario Gandolfo

    fucking PIGS…you would be dead mother fuckers…

  • thelaister

    This guy really pisses me off. He’s a complete fucking asshole for putting his dog in that situation. I don’t like cops but they had a 130 dog coming at them. It was going back and forth and they could easily believe they where in danger. Maybe they could have avoided killing it and maybe they would have gotten bit. Under those circumstances they are well within their rights. You can tell they didnt want to kill it.

  • Jenn

    I get why ppl are upset about the shooting. Put yourself in their position. You’re conducting an operation that requires precision. Or the two hostages become fatalities. Then you’ve got some guy causing issues with your operation you’ve asked he states it’s a violation of his whatever he said I’m assuming constitution about the music. He knew he was in trouble Bc talking back to a cop it verbal assault and he was or could’ve been arrested. They are there for our protection and if it weren’t for them the people getting robbed could be dead Bc no one would come to their rescue. The dog, charged at the cop. Now this of yourself with a dog you don’t know it’s mass and you have to protection what’s so ever to not me mauled to death by the dog. It hesitated if you notice then the owner starts screaming and the dog charger. Of I had a gun, and a dog charged at me and wasn’t going to give me kisses and be friendly you’d better believe I’d be killing it be b4 it killed me.

    • Julant

      If this was such a sensitive operation where something like a car playing loud music would affect the outcome, then there’s a real simple solution. Follow basic police protocol and establish a perimeter!
      There was no perimeter set up, no yellow tape blocking the area off for operations, nothing. The police created this situation by allowing bystanders to get so close to the scene that it caused interference. That was completely their fault, and everything that happened as a result is due to their failure to maintain a proper buffer zone.

      • Proud GrandPa

        I don’t think SWAT sets up tape before a raid. Doesn’t that usually happen at a crime scene after its over?


        There is always a perimeter at SWAT ops. Since the police explained the reason for their request/order to turn off the radio, what does that tell about the perp? He was trying to get arrested.

        • Julant

          This incident didn’t occur before the raid. The raid had already happened, and by all accounts, the robbery suspects had already been taken into custody. This was nearly two hours after the initial contact by SWAT, so the police most certainly did have ample time to establish a proper perimeter. They plain failed to do so.

          That failure invited the possibility of something bad to happen. There’s no doubt that the guy did things to push buttons, but the police did not make sure there was a clear line to be crossed that would justify a response. Put up a tape line, and the guy decides to cross the line, then it’s crystal clear exactly when he made a conscious choice to disobey. Keep people honest, and remove the temptation to do something stupid. Not to mention, you know, ensuring the safety of the general public in the area.

          The police also claimed that the loud music was interfering with communications during the op. That means they allowed the guy to get too close for the situation. One other thing to consider: If those cops were directly involved in the robbery case, then what were they doing standing a block away? Police watching the perimeter typically aren’t need-to-know parties when it comes to the central activity. This sounds more like an excuse to justify their actions and cover up their failure to follow procedure and control the scene.

  • Jon Quimbly

    “His attorney Michael Gulden says that Rosby is planning on filing a lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department.”

    • ExCop-Lawyer


      Filing a lawsuit is easy. This will get dismissed on qualified immunity.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Sadly I must agree. He will have to sue the department instead.


        I agree it will be tossed out. But his arrest will most likely lead to a conviction. Just play the radio!

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          If the officers are granted qualified immunity, the claim against the city fails too.

      • Jon Quimbly

        What about the arrest, if the charge(s) are dismissed or a judge/jury decides it was a bad arrest -does that affect a qualified immunity defense?

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          The jury won’t (it’s not their role) decide on probable cause for the arrest. That is a question of law for the judge.

          If there is not probable cause, qualified immunity is not available if it was already clearly established that the arrest could not be made on the grounds relied on by the officers.

          In this case, there is plenty of case law supporting the officers’ arrest, so it would pretty much be a slam-dunk for them being granted qualified immunity. See Gomez v. City of Whittier, 211 F. Appx. 573 (9th Cir. 2006); In re Muhammed C., 116 Cal. Rptr. 21 (2002).

  • Dave

    This makes me fucking sick… I don’t even know what to say… This is just sick and the cop should shot himself. Fucking pigs…

  • Bob

    Does it really do any good to call the police? After all, they already know they’re corrupt. I would think that it’s the politicians who should care more about pubic opinion. I tried the city website, but it appears to be down. Perhaps they’re hiding?

  • Lora Casimano


  • Bob

    Another good place to leave comments, “coffee with a cop” in Hawthorne. Ask if it’s safe to bring your dog or will they shoot it too.

  • Sarah

    Disgusting. That officer should be stripped of his uniform and put in prison. Best place for him.

    Equally disgusting, however, are the generalized comments about how all cops are bad on here…

    • Bob

      Yes Sarah, not all cops are bad, but day after day videos are posted of police brutality, violating civil rights, lying and making up laws. It becomes harder and harder to put any trust in them.

      • southerngent

        You never hear of instances where cops did some good. They seem to spend most of their time making life harder for the poor and minorities when not doing paperwork.

  • Twistedm

    Dog killers info:
    Lieutenant Scott Swain
    Desk:(310) 349-2835
    Cell: (310) 345-2348

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Except, of course, for the fact that Lt. Swain did not shoot the dog.

      He’s the spokesman, you idiot.

  • Lora Casimano


  • Guest

    You have a strong case, talk to your attorney and file a Federal Civil Rights case against them. I know this because I currently have a Federal Civil Rights case against the Sebastian County Sheriffs Department in Arkansas for similar incident. Read the official complaint my attorneys filed in Federal Court here:
    I’d even reach out to PETA to help spread the word about what they did to your dog. Stay strong, stand up for your rights, and God bless.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Braden, there are a lot of differences between your facts and Rosby’s facts. Your arrest was BS, without any probable cause. The Hawthorne officers have PC for obstruction.

      Second, the dog charged the officers and the officers handled it the only way they could.

      Third, in most jurisdictions a dog is considered property, and your damages are limited to the actual value of the dog. There are not damages available for emotional distress or pain and suffering.

  • Lora Casimano


    • navellint

      Post to craiglists as a tranny into watersports and leather.

      • Guest

        That’s funny. After seeing this I needed a good chuckle.

  • Guest

    It doesn’t look to me like this dog ever attacked anyone, and it looks to me like one of the cops used poor judgement in attempting to handle the dog.

    No one could blame that dog if it had chosen to attack the cops, if the dog felt that they were threatening his/her owner.

    The cops knew this, and shouldn’t be blamed for shooting the dog if they truly felt that they were threatened.

    The owner of the dog is responsible for this because he did not control his animal.

  • Rick

    This terrible shooting dog that man who shoot the dog probably won’t get on much trouble…Great work officer I hope you get fired you piece of shit

  • neverthefuckyoumind

    the name of the pig that killed the dog & where he lives?

    • southerngent

      Escalation doesn’t do anything positive, it just gives ammunition to the other side to do more of the same. Sit in city hall and stand-up in ways where violence would be entirely their fault. Don’t take the low road because it’s messy and never ending. (The south knows where feuding leads.)

  • Guest

    They didnt have to shoot that dog ! out of all the officers there none of them had a K-9 unit or knew how to deal with a loyal dog. Tht dog wasnt going to bite him until the officer grabbed for him. AND TO ALL THE DUMBASSES SAYING HE WOULD HAVE BIT OFF HIS ARM OR SOME SHIT MAILMEN ARE NOT ARMED AND I HAVE YET TO HEAR A STORY OF ONE OF THEM GETTING MAULED BY A DOMESTICATED DOG.

  • Phillip D Breske

    Two words: Pepper spray.

    I dearly and truthfully wish to read about the grizzly death of these cops.

    On second thought, I hope their kids all die in a fire. And I hope they hear about that fire on their cop radios and show up to the scene just as the bodies are being taken out of the house. And I hope those bodies are burned almost completely, except for their faces, which I hope will be barely recognizable. And I hope the arms and legs are torn off when the bodies are lifted into the body bags on the scene. Then I hope these cops live for a long, long time, remembering every day the charred faces and limbless torsos of their little kids and crying themselves to sleep every fucking night until they die of broken hearts. Fuck them. Fuck them right in their pig prick asses.

  • bunnyswanson

    here is the question: What is the hurry? Why are the cops not taking the time to deal with issues in a professional manner? Call the SPCA perhaps would have saved ALL OF US from having been subjected to the killing of a family pet just because his owner saw the cops out of line.
    what is the hurry?

    • advocatus leonibus

      because they are asshole thugs who are not interested in doing the right thing for anyone. They are trigger happy bullies who enjoy the power trip to compensate for small penises. SOMETHING is wrong, HORRIBLY wrong in the departments training or hiring procedures or both. Contemptuous scumbags who think that they are above the people they are supposed to be serving. I don’t ever like to wish death upon anyone, but I’d happily shoot off that cops right testicle any day. Fucker. Is it any wonder some people prefer dogs to PEOPLE? They are more HUMANE than people…

  • memek78

    They didnt have to shoot that dog ! out of all the officers there none of them had a K-9 unit or knew how to deal with a loyal dog. Tht dog wasnt going to bite him until the officer grabbed for him. AND TO ALL THE DUMBASSES SAYING HE WOULD HAVE BIT OFF HIS ARM OR SOME SHIT MAILMEN ARE NOT ARMED AND I HAVE YET TO HEAR A STORY OF ONE OF THEM GETTING MAULED BY A DOMESTICATED DOG. Yes there have been attakcs on mailmen but there were other factors that caused them to die not just a dog ripping someones hand off. THAT COP WAS OUT OF LINE!

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting the dog to charge at the officer from the title of this video. The dog basically kneels at the officers feet then puts his paws up and he shoots him? Are you kidding me?

  • RegularGuy55

    The real animals in this video were wearing blue uniforms.

  • King-James

    Stupid pigs!

  • Happi

    Too gun happy, I am sure the cops carry pepper spray or mace which should make those dogs back down. If the cop felt threatened he should have used that before firing a few rounds at the poor dog. That is horrible. And what is worse he left it to suffer? I hope that cop looses his job.

  • Robert Townsend

    Facebook wont Let Me share this video link on my page

    • Guest

      I had an issue with that as well. Only the link itself shows up. They clearly do not like it.

      • advocatus leonibus

        copy and paste the url into a status update directly on facebook – I got an error trying to link from youtube, but it did show up when I did that manually.

        • Guest

          Interesting. I actually copied and pasted the youtube URL directly and had the issue.

    • Paul Sanders

      ***PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning–any person and/or institution and/or Agent
      and/or Agency of any governmental, public or private structure,
      including but not limited to any government with internet screening
      capabilities, also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its
      associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my
      profile information nor any of the content contained herein
      including…, but not limited to…… my photos, and/​ or the comments
      made about my photo’s or any other “picture” art posted on my profile.
      You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from
      disclosing,copying,distributing, disseminating, or taking any other
      action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein.
      The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s),
      student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The
      contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and
      confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is
      punishable by law.


      copy and past this in your profile. I have gad zero issues since doing this

      • Guest

        I understand your intentions for posting such a thing but you may want to actually research things before posting them. This is copied from a note I posted to facebook sometime last year. Though I reference facebook many times, the same applies for all sites.

        Unfortunately this will not help protect you in any way and literally has nothing to do with your facebook content. When you created your account on facebook you agreed to their terms of service which regardless of who or how the site is owned or operated, is in affect and will remain in affect until they remove it or change it unless their TOS otherwise violates US or local law. It clearly states that by your usage of the website and uploading of your content you grant explicit rights to facebook and it’s partners to any and all content uploaded or posted on this site unless you specifically set your permissions to reflect otherwise but this never negates facebook’s rights as the content could not even be displayed to you if it did. The only way to remove facebook’s rights to your content is to completely deactivate your account and then submit a request to them to remove any and all content related to your account. The UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE governs sales and transactions of tangible property not content posted online. Data is not considered tangible personal property as it cannot be physically felt or touched. Due to it’s nature it is considered intangible property which is protected by patents, trademarks and copyrights. As an example, when you snap the shutter of your camera and the image you take is transferred to a digital medium it is considered copyright protected. Keeping all your source images is the only way to prove ownership unless you properly file for a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. A post such as this one does more harm than good as it creates a false sense of security. Just in case you want to have a look at the wording of the code you referenced it can be found here All in all, set your permissions and do not post what you do not feel comfortable giving to the world because even with permissions set properly websites can be hacked, bugs do happen and more importantly fb holds the right to change their terms of service at any given time without prior notice to it’s users which could easily leave all of your content exposed regardless of permissions.

        In other words, what you have posted is not only pointless but is more damaging to your reputation and puts both you and anyone who posts it in a position of being deceived.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          He’s a sovereign citizen. That means he doesn’t understand the law, and thinks he can just “opt out” of the laws he doesn’t like.

          There’s a reason that sovereigns consistently lose in court – they’re idiots.

          You’re wasting your time talking to him.

          • Guest

            Though I did address him it was more directed to anyone who saw it and thought oh this is a great idea 😉

  • Sher Yar

    These days policeman try be extra cool ….. Trying to use their balls more than their brains.. But in this case they used none

  • karen murray

    the murdering of the dog was totally unnecessary, is it just the cops who r so stupid that they do not understand that dogs BARK. at no time did the dog lunge or attempt to bite any office. if the dog did bite we would have to quaritine him, we do not know what those cops have, he may come down w/ a case the mean & ugilies. I truly feel sorry for the dogs owner. cops have badges, carry a gun & want to use that gun. so they kill dogs & kittens. I feel it will, as it has happened a few times, grow in the shooting of humans. we are becoming more of a police state second by second. more laws r passed telling us what to do, to keep us safe & if u don’t do them here is a ticket & or jail time. that is right loose your FREEDOM. or do you really have any

    • Justified

      A human can’t “murder” an animal, anymore than an animal can “murder” a human.

  • Another one who records!

    Obstruction my ass! if that was the case, he would have been arrest on the spot. they just killed a part of him. We film these fools because they do shit like this all the time! just look at the numbers and the bulshit cases on our people. They already had swat officer’s in the dam house so, so what in the fuck were they worried about? And you wonder why our people don’t trust the police. That’s why Dorner got that ass!

  • David

    I wish i could have those bastards in front of me…

  • Laurie Remiker

    OMG!!!!! I just can’t believe what I had just seen..There was no excuse! These cops now a days are to trigger happy, and it makes me sick.

    • NoOne

      Go to hell Laurie I seen you doing bad thing’s and I know the person you real are. I seen you and it the TRUTH

      • Laurie Remiker

        o really! and what bad thing’s have I done? and why can’t u show who u are? And just how do u know me? See u know nothin. Why cuz I don’t do anythin.

        • NoOne


        • NoOne

          I known you live in that area for some time’s

        • NoOne

          Seen the post’s I put about up THERE about what Bill and ART been sayin they seen! They aint gonna lie

      • Laurie Remiker

        U tell me what I have ever done to to animals?

        • NoOne

          I seen what you did to her cat’s, ain’t you even lie to ME. I know you’n went to TRHS before they done torn down the old high SCHOOL and built that new discusting one

          • Laurie Remiker

            hahaha ur too funny. Then just who do u think I really am lol

          • NoOne

            LOL you are too cute 😛

          • Laurie Remiker

            btw there are 2 people with my name lol

          • NoOne

            THem people’s aint you though are they? YOu the one I talkin too and you the one’s I meant LOL

          • Laurie Remiker

            ok what’s the name of the old high school?

          • NoOne

            washington. duh. gimme some better question’s

          • Laurie Remiker

            it took u that long to look it up lol

          • NoOne

            It took me 5 minute’s to seen you’re question’s, no minute’s to known you’re answer’s. HOWbout this anser?? Where I sit on fourth of JULY in two rivers? ANSWER picnic hill’s park, just lake side of the bleacher’s but behind the tape’s the fire department put up behind the baseball diamond

          • NoOne

            Here some more– what do a FIB do on the I43?

          • Laurie Remiker

            fucking illinois bastards, pass everybody and drive like shit!

          • NoOne

            LOL fib’s are the worse! When i seen them coming i drive in the left lane real slow they some fuker’s

          • Laurie Remiker

            so u gonna finally tell me who u are?

          • NoOne

            My name is Lurie Remaker. You worse then the Averys!

          • Laurie Remiker

            well excuse me!

          • NoOne

            LOL your such a turkey sometime’s. Same old Laurie I rememeber

          • NoOne

            Here some more, what stand’s in the place of the old Hamilton bulding on the downtown?? (HINT it a trick question’s!)

        • NoOne

          Let just sat that you’re cousin Bill been sayin some thing’s

  • Mr. Nice View

    Good god thats a piece of shit of a pussy ass cop. Im ex Air Force and a Correctional Officer, they train you how to deal with fucking house pets. And 3 gun shots is not a way they fucking train you. Let me guess, it’s a black guy’s dog so it must be a threat to that little cops life? Come the fuck on.

  • drew may

    This dog would have never died if they didn’t arrest the man for doing what he was legally aloud to do. There were many people doing the same thing, including the cops. They choice to arrest him because he was smarter than the rest of the people recording. He went up close enough to see what he wanted to see. The cops didn’t like it, so they tried to “big boy” him. I hate to say it but, I would have had to put the dog down to. He or she is capable of cause a lot of damage. I side with the man holding the camera. It’s not that I don’t like cops. I don’t like the ones that don’t know they law or know the law but use force to get what they want. Police the police when ever you have a chance. Make sure they know that they have rules and you have right. Law’s are made to protect you, not confine you!

  • David C

    The dog was protecting his master, from people he perceived as enemies. The officer was acting in self-defense. And remember that in every case a human life is worth more than an animal’s. However if the officer hadn’t have tried to arrest the man for a BS reason it wouldn’t have happened at all. I wish we had better people representing the criminal justice system.

  • FU

    you fucking dick, your going to fucking shoot it and then let it suffer?!?!? I hope you get yours!

  • Liege Maximo

    Disgusting piece of shit pigs. I’m not even surprised. This shit is martial law. would have loved to seen that pig take one in the fucking skull instead of the dog.

  • abolish

    RIP doggie but the headline’s wrong. They arrested him for bumping loud music outside an active crime scene, not for taking pics. Even the people who recorded the earlier video commented on how loud it was.

    Obviously if they were arresting people for taking videos, then they would’ve arrested the folks TAKING THE VIDEO YOU’RE LOOKING AT.

  • Vincent Mueller

    It’s the dog owners fault what happened.

    Turn down the music like the officers ordered and lock your dog safely in the car.
    No one gets hurt…

    • Paul Sanders

      wow, i am guessing your women tells you what to do.

      We would never have gotten liberty if our forefathers thought that way. you should be ashamed if yourself.

  • jesse s


  • Andy

    So let me get this right….

    Rosby refused to turn his music down for the cops who needed the quite to hear what’s going on at a gunpoint robbery.

    Leaving his music blaring, Rosby (seemingly) intentionally drew attention to himself by filming the cops, and yelling something (I’d like to know what he said). When the cops come, he puts his Rottweiler in the car with the windows down… and instead of just turning the music down, approached the cops with the intention of being handcuffed…….

    The dog jumps out and attacks its owners captors.

    I smell a rat.

    Rosby knew how his dog would react.

    IMO, the officer had a right to defend himself. Personally though, if I was the officer I’d of tried kicking the dog away first. But hey, that’s the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome for ya. Officers are trained to use guns and that was his instinctive gut reaction.

    • dontworryaboutit

      what he was yelling was something along the lines of, there is no blacks or mexicans in the hawthorne PD…. I was also told, what we do not hear in the video wasnt Rosby telling the tack to sit or anything but actually said get them…

  • One

    That guy called “Zero” what an absolute arsehole. He needs to remove his head from up his own backside. That guy was an idiot granted, but then again he is not in a position of authority, trying to gain peoples trust. He is not paid by taxpaying citizens to serve and protect.

    Those cops behaved horrifically, and really do deserve all the criticism they get. Police are trained how to deal with animals, and had that animal been somebody elses on that street, or one of theres he would be alive today.

    Whereas if that dog owner was as much trouble as they suggest and HAD sicked the dog on those officers, perhaps they would not be so cocksure the next time!

    Idiots with guns, lawless thoughtless, heartless, moronic idiots dressed in police garb. Zero you and your family should be ashamed of the things you say and your views.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      If the owner sic’ed the dog on the officers, you shoot the dog and charge the owner with aggravated assault on a police officer.

      Yeah, that’s a good option.

  • Paul Sanders

    your 8 times more likely to be wrongfully killed by an officer than a terrorist!

    You tell me who we need protection from!

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      That’s BS. Another made up stat by a sovereign idiot, just as they make up law (which they don’t understand anyway).

      • Jude I⚡caяiot

        Not at all. In 2012 alone, 587 people were killed by the police. Every year from 2001 to now has similar numbers.

        How many Americans were killed by terrorists in America since then? 3000 or so on 9/11 and a few more at Ft Hood.

        So you are more likely to die by the police than terrorism. As for innocent people?

        Every year, at least 20 people are killed as innocents or bystanders by the police in this country – and that is what is reported on many sites… There are likely more.

        And again, terrorists have killed almost no people in any given year since 9/11.

        • thruth

          the terrorit were made up by your government to spread fear they were the ones involved in 911 they also made a ritual in ground zero afterwards they sacrifice all those people cause there was an alightment of three planets making a triangle and earth in the middle on that day

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            Even if you weren’t actually insane and you were correct, then that simply agrees with what I said…

  • benem

    amazing how people who believe that “ALL COPS ARE PIGS” are the same people that have bad experiences with law enforcement.

    personally, I’ve found that not deliberately antagonizing people makes them easier to deal with, regardless if they are wearing a uniform or not.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      I had plenty of bad experiences WHEN TRYING TO HELP THE POLICE, which led me to realize that most cops are pigs.

  • Paul Sanders

    I didn’t see any yellow tape. so those of you defending the cop have no moral ground to stand on. complete NAZI tactics.

    These are not peace officers

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      They are war officers.

  • Mel

    Looked to me, from the video I seen on the news, the dog may have been maced first. I seen him turn away from the cops and put his head down looking at the grass then the video cuts off and you hear the shots. Im really am starting to dispise cops. This isnt a first and im sure it wont be a last. People if you want to go provoking cops please leave you pets at home because no matter what your pet is doing they are going to kill it and call it justified. Disgusted!

    • Guest

      That was not the unedited video as there was no pepper spray or mace used and no cut off of the video.

  • Erica S.

    There was no reason whatsoever for Officer Swain to murder this innocent dog. It was completely unjust and unethical. I hope Officer Swain endures severe consequences for making such poor decisions. It’s cops like this that give the police force a bad name. I am thoroughly disgusted.

  • Ventura Hernandez Jr

    The pig who murdered that mans dog has a phone number: lt. scott swain (310) 349 2835 please call and let him know what a piece of garbage he is. I did

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Except, of course, for the fact that Lt. Swain did not shoot the dog.

      He’s the spokesman, you idiot.

  • Jim

    Leave a message…Watching the video i see no reason that the man should have been arrested.This is just the typical ploice BS to cover thier ass. We out number the cops one thing we need to remember.

  • OccupySac Ustream

    youtube has deleted the freaking video>:( wouldn’t that be obstruction of social justice? clearly the video would be evidence against this officer? the dog is no longer acting hostile when it was shot. in fact the dog was sniffing the ground at the moment the officer opened fire. now i could understand if the officers would have shot the dog while it was still coming towards them barking, but after it to and starts sniffing the ground?

  • OccupySac Ustream
  • Jim

    maybe i missed it,but i do not see the cops at any point come up to him,and tell him to turn of the radio,or turn it down.

  • Carlos_Miller

    Video is back up. This time on Viddler.

  • xghoulx

    Why does “shoot to kill” seem to be their first option with any scenario nowadays? Even when dealing with an animal… Isn’t this why EVERY officer is equipped with a baton, pepper spray, stun gun etc? Why was their firearm the first thing drawn? I honestly feel more afraid of being shot for no reason by an officer (here in OC/LA) than any other crazy with a gun.

    • xghoulx

      Let’s play a game… You are an officer and there is a dog you are unsure about, do you:

      A) Pull out your baton in case it attacks.
      B) Use your pepper spray to temporarily disable it.
      C) Use your stun gun to temporarily disable non life threatening animal.
      D) Shoot it four times with your gun.

      The correct answer is ANYTHING but D…

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        Actually, the correct answer is D.

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          I’ve seen plenty of cops do anything but D and it worked just fine.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            I have too, but not at that distance.

            The potential for harm is too great, the dog is too large, and you do not have reaction time.

  • Justified

    Wait- So a guy instigates the police by running his mouth and videotaping them, and then his trash dog tries to bite the police and is shot and killed, and we’re gonna call it a crime? He got what he had coming. The crime is that this guy will be back on the streets again. Too bad the cops only killed the dog.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Of course it’s a crime. You can run your mouth at police, it’s called THE FIRST AMENDMENT and it’s been upheld in courts. They then harassed him and assaulted him and his dog tried to defend him. They are in the wrong.

      If you want to live in a country where the police have ultimate power, that’s on you, but I hate this movement to a police state.

  • Jojo

    Dumbass got his dog killed.

  • Tom

    Intellectual exercise: Rewrite this text, changing the place to some communist totalitary regime country in dark ages of cold war. And try to spot a difference.

  • Stephane Daigneault

    ostie de police a peut faire nimporte quoi et nous acusser de tout ce quils veulent et peut importe quoi sois coupable dun crime reel ou dun montage policier pour ce couvrir cest toujours a nous de subir les consecence de leur geste criser moi donc tout ca dehors tabarnak,.ANARCHIE ON the world.

  • andrewjtalcott

    what can you do?

  • sad in NH

    That dog was doing nothing to him. He didn’t even bare his teeth at the cop. Which as anybody knows is a sure sign of aggression in the animal world. Now I know where they get the nickname PIGS. That cop was a low down dirty shame.

  • Proud GrandPa

    This explains it. The perp is on his way toward becoming a career criminal.

    Apparently this isn’t the first time that Rosby has had issues with the local police. His prior record includes convictions for resisting arrest, battery and driving under the influence. Rosby, a black man, has filed six complaints alleging mistreatment and racial profiling by the Hawthorn Police.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Proud GrandPa hums words of the favorite, “I fought the law and the law won.” Maybe Rosby will learn from more jail time. He was out for money. Some trash provoke police for money. Such behavior is unworthy of respect.

    • Proud GrandPa

      There is yet another aspect to this money angle. I suspect that Rosby deliberately left the dog in the car with the open window to set up exactly this result to get his dog killed and win a money settlement. He didn’t give a rip about the animal, thinking only of himself. Greed and dishonesty lead to death. Same thing happens to gang boys too.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        He won’t get much. No exemplary damages for the loss of a pet.


    I am so upset by this. First of all this man did nothing wrong. Yes his music was distracting, but how about you say “Sir we are trying to do something here please can you move and turn that off?”. Also he did not resist any sort of arrest, WHICH SEEMS ILLEGAL considering you are allowed to video tape police in action. The dog was confused and trying to protect his owner. This man should of be unrestrained to handle his dog. I literally started crying watching this. IDIOTS WITH GUNS. Then you let the dog suffer?????????? I stand up for cops when people talk poorly of them, I know that they protect but this is ridiculous. The more stories I hear of police abuse of power the more I am starting to understand other peoples qualms with them. I feel so badly for this man, I am an animal lover and I CANNOT imagine how he feels right now. The police department WAS 100% WRONG HERE. If the man this happened to reads this, I am so sorry they did this.

  • titus laney

    The racist black instigator caused this to happen.
    You people are so ignorant

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      The cops are the instigators these days.

    • MaineBrookies

      Us black people, you mean?

  • Halkirk

    I’m thinking the police are just covering up for their bad behavior while at the same time trying to establish a precedent for their future actions. Even if taking into consideration that the police are troubled by the loud radio, do the officers not have enough common sense to think that maybe the ‘perpetrator’ might NOT have been able to hear or understand the directions of the police given the fact that the ‘perpetrator’ is much closer to the radio noise than the officers are themselves? It’s unfortunate that bad decisions on the part of a few can have such detriment to so many who more often than not, make good decisions.

  • Andrew Ogiba

    The guy posed zero threat.. they had over 6 cars and sub machine guns.. He was exercising his rights when one of the police officers becomes big headed and illegally arrests him. It sickens me that police around the country have the nerve to do such actions EVEN WHEN they know they are being video recorded. The problem is that there is absolutely zero accountability and they know it. Also, the officer that shot the dog baited it to attack him. Why would he approach a rottweiler that is being protective of his master? Why not get to a safe position and call animal control or have the owner do something with it? These cops are all a bunch of fucking retards and thugs with a badge and gun.. I seriously hope there is a at least a 1983 claim here, if not criminal charges against the officer.

    • Rob

      They were AR-15 semi-auto rifles, not sub machine guns.

  • hayduke

    gangs in blue, hope they sue these guys into the next century!

    • UP YOURS

      why cause that black guy was acting like a clown walking back and foward he was obviously trying to get arrested showing off his cellphone while recording walking like a posse i just feel sorry for the dog but is his owner fault why would you stop to record a crime scene and than leaving loud music on his car WHAT A BIG CLOWN HE IS OBVIOUSLY WAS TRYING TO GET ARRESTED TO GET SOME MONEY

  • Emily Swan-Bradley

    While I have a high respect for Police Officers and Law Enforcement, there was no perimeter set up other than police cars. At the same time I do think that they should have tazed the dog rather shoot it. I am saddened at the loss of beautiful animal because the owner could have given the dog a command to sit or stay. Both sides are at fault, and the poor animal took the fall. So Sad!

  • Tara Sherman Trainor

    This is just beyond outrageous to me!!!!! When will the police be held accountable for these kinds of actions????????? Makes me sick to my stomach..

  • Antony

    You people blind or what?. Dog jumps to bite an officer at 3:20 (Why it’s not in post time line) so there was a reason to shoot to not been hurted,also if guy(dog’s owner) was little bit more clever – he could lock the car and left windows closed for 34 to left dog some air but not to jump off. (if he was much more clever – he better stand far from that place) Instead of dropping gasoline to this fire watch this situation clearly. Human could take puppy from a dog breeding farm and grow another 4-paw-friend.Doggy can’t do the same process.
    There are a lot of situations where cops did it wrong – but this case not of them.
    Bastards in form exists – it’s true – but when you keep watching on it from one point (time to time) – it’s simply stupid. Be objective.

  • Detective Michael L. Varnado

    I am a white police detective from Louisiana. I am now retired. The action of the policeman who shot the dog is unacceptable. He should be charged with cruelty to animals and fired. ASAP. This was horrible.

    • o well

      times have changed since obami step to to the white house declaring himself the saviour of the black people

    • Ali Itil

      i wish all the cops were like you, we are all human and make mistakes cops as well, but in most the cases, they dont admit their mistakes and ignore people..

  • ludacris

    why cause that black guy was acting like a clown walking back and foward he was obviously trying to get arrested showing off his cellphone while recording walking like a posse i just feel sorry for the dog but is his owner fault why would you stop to record a crime scene and than leaving loud music on his car WHAT A BIG CLOWN HE IS OBVIOUSLY WAS TRYING TO GET ARRESTED TO GET SOME MONEY

  • William Slocum

    honestly I think most of us would shoot a dog if it tried to bite our limbs off. its pretty scarey seeing a big dog come at you with intent to kill and save his master. you’d most likely react much the same way out of self defense even if its not moraly right.

    • William Slocum

      And at the same time they should apologize to the dog owner and pay him accordingly for his lose

    • Ali Itil

      so it means that a big guy approaching you without a weapon deserves the same treatment, + there are 4 them, this is how much a man they are / end.

  • Fox

    bravo! congratulations! fucking bastard pussy cop! you killed an innocent animal just because you are a pussy! “oh no a dog can bite you and kill you” pfff if you cannot be a man to resist a bite of a dog, how could you be a cop? fucking pussy! why do you have pepper spray? why do you have a stun gun? but no.. it is easier to kill it… fucking coward!

  • maxiemom

    The cops created the situation in the first place.

    What was he doing that was so bad, worthy of being arrested? Videotaping them? That is NOT against the law!!! In fact, it is a violation of the constitution for those thugs with badges to arrest him for recording them.

    Now, killing the dog….. those BASTARDS were obviously provoking the dog by mistreating his owner. ANY dog would behave that way. They made it worse when they behaved like utter toolbags when the dog ran toward them. They ramped up their body language, shouted, jumped around: in short, they did EVERYTHING THEY COULD TO AGITATE THE DOG!!!

    They caused the dog to react. They also carry non-lethal ways of handling dogs. There is no excuse in this world for what they did to either the man or his dog.

    Those cops should be fired and jailed. They’re thugs. Cops AREN’T the military and they need to stop behaving like it. We aren’t even safe when they’re around.

    I wouldn’t blame people arming themselves against scum like these thugs.

  • Fayetteville Citizen

    Just because they are in uniform they think they can do whatever they want. This is bullshit!!!! He was never asked to back up. He was never asked to turn down his music. There was no perimeter set up for ANY individual to notice. The officers should be terminated immediately!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Disturbing as hell… I’ve never had to look away from a video before, but that was honestly unbearable

  • SarahSanity

    this is just sick. something needs to be done. poor defenseless animal.

  • Ann Quirk

    Absolutely disgusting! :-(

  • LoveYourDNA

    Social Media to the rescue once again! Get a petition going and sign!!!

  • matt

    This story is not about the dog killed, (despite it destroyed me to see that poor animal suffering ) the shame is that this dog wouldn’t have been killed if these policemen (not sure they deserve this title) would not have been that racist … shocking to see white people filming without any troubles and this black guy being tretaed like a killer … shame on you hawthorne police !!! Where i live, in France… , these guys would be in troubles for what we see on the video … … our laws are rude regarding racsim behaviour (even more if the police behaves in such a way) , and i am proud of this !

    • matt

      it sounds USA remains underdevelopped regarding differences made between white and black population

  • D


    • Concernedcitizen

      His owner didn’t listen to the cops. They fucking told him to back the fuck up, and he didn’t. He also left his window open. I would like to see what you would have done if that fucking dog was snarling at you, you fucking internet tough guy. No, I am not a cop, but I am also not a fucking idiot.

      • ClarkCrimcops

        “His owner didn’t listen to the cops.” If you think you have to do everything a police officer tells you to or risk having your pets shot in the street then, I’m sorry, you are both an idiot and a pussy.

      • William Slocum

        exactly what I was trying to explain to people, but people are so ignorant.

  • Robyn Ryan

    your tax dollars at work.

  • concernedcitizen

    You guys are right. The officers should have wrestled with the dog, and his razor sharp teeth. Forget blaming the idiot who didn’t lock up his dog. I would love to see what would happen if that dog was about to attack some of you.

    • inquisitorX

      The initial bark and rush of the dog makes the cop draw his gun which was appropriate.
      But then the dog hesitates for a few moments. This is where other options could have been used.
      Examine closely the officer once he draws his gun.
      He does not do anything to diffuse the situation in a non-violent way, such as walking backward or placing the suspect between himself and the dog.
      Instead he draws his gun, points it at the dog and then continues to get closer, sticking the gun closer and closer inching towards the dog’s face.
      The officer had no other intention than to create the inevitable reaction he was looking for, which was to do everything he could to look menacing to the dog and then plug it with holes once it lunged at him or attempted to bit him.

      One of the few options would have been to stay behind the cuffed man and then informing the cuffed man to calm his dog. Then the man would have to be uncuffed to then secure his own dog back into the car. That is the only way that could have gone down without having to shoot the dog. Then the cops could have cuffed him again and taken him into custody.

    • Doug Johnson

      The dumb pigs shouldn’t be arresting a man for filming public servants paid with tax dollars from the side of the road not hurting anybody.

  • inquisitorX

    So it would seem that if one is going to film police at crime scenes then it is vital and important to be able to control yourself and your environment. Having a dog with you is a potential rogue element that could be beyond your control. Best to leave the pets at home…or to have securely rolled up the windows to make sure the dog could not jump out of the car.

  • Guest

    The United Military Police State of America. One nation that can burn in hell.

  • Patrick Downs

    OUTRAGEOUS! You can’t even hear the music in his car loudly, and you can hear the man and others talking. If the music was that loud you’d hear it on this video, and I doubt the dog’s owner would have been able to hear the cops talking to him from nearly half a block away. A total lie, the cops covering their asses. I am generally pro-LE and I am disgusted.

  • Astonished
  • Cops like dick in their ass

    I hope that cop who killed that dog literally gets raped in jail till he dies. What a fucking piece of shit. How could anyone do such a horrible thing. What a fucking pussy cock smoking faggot little bitch. To hard to hold a dog down huh? Nice training you have fucking pathetic not in shape cops.

  • zoey

    It’s still not right to just shoot the dog. If they’re really trying to protect themselves from the barking dog they can just let the owner of the dog makes him settle down. And first of all. The dog is angry because they handcuffed his master. He is just concern about his master and he doesnt know what is going on. Im sure those police knows better how to make the dog settle down than shooting him right away.
    Police now a days thinks they are gods and can do anything they wants. What a heartless police man. If they do that to my dogs, i fight for my dog also. dead or alive. The dog is innocent.

  • Lou

    Die fucking killers in law … Stupid cops !

  • harry cox

    these cops are pussies

  • rachel

    what makes me mad is the asshole didn’t even shoot the dog appropriately. it’s like he wanted it to suffer. hope it comes back to him…

  • CP

    there was absolutely no need for that.
    I support cops and firemen and that line of work where you put your life on the line for our safety, but this is not what I support.

  • Steven N. Ewald

    Really sad story, and I’m all for recording cops, but in this case it looks like the cops acted legally. There’s nothing to suggest that any of this happened because he was recording them. He was asked to turn down his music, which he didn’t, and agitated the cops to begin with; technically an arrestable offense for obstructing their line of hearing at an active crime scene, but I doubt he would have been detained for this. What he was detained for was bringing what they suspected was an aggressive dog (they were right) too close to them. Lesson learned– don’t bring your untrained rottweiler around cops actively engaging an armed suspect, and don’t leave it unattended where it can go attack a cop unless you want it to get shot. The dog’s death is truly sad, and it’s completely on the fault of it’s irresponsible owner, who deserved to get arrested. Fuck that guy.

  • ucdscholar


  • acab


  • Troy

    Some fucking heroes.

  • Melissa

    I’m truly at a loss for words! I know I’m just a dumb citizen and all but I feel like so many things could have happened before that officer took their gun out and shot the dog. There were four other officers that could have attempted to “kick” the dog away, why not throw the man in front of his own dog in between him and the officer so they weren’t at risk? If this man already does have a record and the police officer had his license plate, would it have been a big deal if they would have let him try to control his dog and if by chance he would have tried to flee, they have his information so it is not like they wouldn’t be able to find him! If they were doing their jobs right, why would they be worrying about what was on that video in the first place? Questions Questions Questions….

  • marshallbrinson

    To shoot an innocent animal and then leave them suffering in the street should have that Office fired and charged with Animal Cruelty!!! That is as blatant as it gets…PITIFUL!!!

  • ash

    thats fucked up

  • Rob

    That’s just heartbreaking… I’ve put myself in harm’s way before to help an agitated, injured dog, and taken the bites. I sucked it up, put a band-aid on the wounds, and went to see a Dr. to get the all clear after leaving the animal with the vet. These cops are fucking pussies.

  • Lynda Nelson

    Another dog shot by Police but guess what????? the owner acted in bad form and should have never antagonized the police. It is still illegal in several states where you cannot record the police………… old and antiquated but still on the books as a law. Then he puts his dog in the car but doesn’t secure him Bad move asshole owner and doesn’t turn down the radio……… now you are arrested and now your dog paid with its life!

    • Britaney

      Everybody there was recording… There making excuses for there actions by blaming it on him recording

      • Lynda Nelson

        Not only was he recording he had his radio in his rental car blasing away. The cops were there to arrest ARMED robbers and this jackass is disrupting the activites of those policemen. And when they approach him because he IS being disruptive he turns around and puts his hands behind his back a clear indication that this asshat has been arrested before. I’ve seen many videos of dogs getting shot and I have protested through the proper channels. In this case I sent a letter of support to the police.

  • Britaney

    That’s wrong on so many levels. Any dog would try to protect there owner. There’s nothing wrong with letting the owner get control of his dog, he wasn’t resisting or he wouldn’t have walked to them after he put the dog in the car. He was yelling dont shoot my dog, they could have let him control him and then finish the arrest. Not like he expected the dog to jump out the window. SICK

  • Bob Zimmerman

    cops did the right thing by shooting that dog.

    • TheHutMaster

      Bob, PUNKS like you are the reason this world is as it is. I bet you mother is proud of you.

  • rhadak

    The fool got his dog killed for no good reason. If, as many of the commenters here have claimed, the police cannot be trusted and are immune to the consequences of their actions then what this fool did was to poke an angry beast with a sharp stick. What did he think was going to happen given the circumstances?

    He strutted around in the open videoing and making sure that police could see him. He purposely left his car with the music blaring during a standoff, thus obviously demonstrating that he wanted the police’ attention; which is what he got. Then he put his dog in the car unrestrained with the windows open. The dog jumped out the window and went after the officers. The police shot the dog, killing him as could be expected given past police actions.

    This fool has no business owning a dog given his complicity in the dog’s death and he’s definitely no hero. Both him and the police are at fault.

    • Britaney

      I don’t think the fool expected his dog to jump out the window. The fool was just putting him in the car to walk to the cops. He could have kept the dog in his hands when the police confronted him but he didn’t, he tried, but yes failed to restrain his dog from getting to the cops.

      • rhadak

        Anyone who owns a dog, expects the unexpected. It was his responsibility to protect his dog. At the very least he could have rolled the windows up halfway. Or kept on going instead of stopping and making a scene. He was already handcuffed before the dog was shot so at that point, no matter how he tried, there was nothing else he could do to protect his dog. He’s an irresponsible dog owner. I have no sympathy for him given the consequences his dog suffered due to his stupidity and neglect.

  • F U K The Police

    Obstruction??? How did he obstruct an arrest he was nowhere near them. Show me the law that says you can not video the police. Murdering bastards. Strip them of their badges. Police are nothing but bullies, never amounted to anything in life so they became cops to abuse hard working americans. Taser a human kill a dog.

  • ken

    I’m so sick of this country. cops can make up and enforce their own laws while the government can “legally” steal from our citizens. What the fuck is the point of trying to make an honest legitimate life?

  • Dontneedknowmyname

    Fuck cop… I’d shot them 4 times to understand how dog deal the pain…. For fucking sake!

  • Ken Stubbs

    The cop was wrong to kill the dog, but the bum that owned the dog was trying to start something with the cops by not turning down his music and by taunting them with his recording them. The jerk should have secured his dog better as to protect him from any potential harm. I could really care less about what happened to him, because he was acting like a thug, and drawing attention to himself and his dog. The poor dog was the loser, and should not have been able to jump out the window.He was only being a dog, and trying to protect his thug owner who really didn’t care about his welfare.

  • internet warrior 4 lyfe

    I an so sick of americans talking shit and not doing anything about it. Let me go facebook why im so upset and continue with my daily life. We are so backwards here. Not one of you would go to a protest to fight for your rights. Instead change your facebook picture and copy paste someone elses opinion instead of finding your own. You all make me sick.

    • Julant

      I drove almost 2 hours down to south GA to protest the unlawful execution of Troy Davis for a murder that, from all the evidence in existence, he did not commit. It is a very powerful experience to take action and stand up for your beliefs. Sadly, not enough people are willing to do so.

  • Tina Spillman

    just wrong killing max. was no reason shoot dog that many times that’s way there taser gun carry tranquilizer to sadate it was wrong.

    • stupidcunt

      You have never tried to taze a 200lbs man. It doesn’t stop them……

      • Hey Troll

        Bullshit,unless they’re wound up on dope it’ll drop them in their tracks or they wouldn’t buy them, that wasn’t a 200lb. dog and you don’t know what you’re talking about

  • Zeek

    I Usually justify cops, because they are affected by all the shit they see on the street and that they protect us from… but this video almost made me cry and left me shivering… R.I.P. Max you were a loyal friend to the end. That was totally uncalled for.

  • George Aquino

    Stupid cops there scared of the dog they were afried to loose there pussy ass arm they shot the dog and the dog just tried to protect but no stupid officer had to shoot it that cop its dumb and an ass

  • Sophie

    Disgusting! People like that make me sick!

  • Outraged

    That is horrifying. After watching that video, I want to shoot that @#$%^& Cop! They need to learn some communication skills. Should have just talked to the guy nicely and explained that if he didn’t comply,he would be arrested and how stupid do you have to be to not see that that dog would try to protect his owner and furthermore, I thought that cops were trained to assess a situation first. They should have picked up that that dog was not secure. I hope those cops lose their jobs at the least. What a piece of $*!&!

  • Andy

    Disgusting, they could have handled that so much better. At least our cops would have made the man lock and secure the car before taking him away, these officers are very poor and their senior officers need to be pressured into dealing with this.

  • Jaime sheen

    What’s the cops name? Lets get it posted publicly – ya know, in the name of justice.

  • Happy


  • Peter Graves

    Frakking coward! shoot an animal that could very well be controlled is the same as killing a child wanting to defend his father!

  • JustSaying

    How about the dog owner. If he doesn’t stick his nose in something that had nothing to do with him the dog would still be alive. Cops get blamed no matter what happens. How about people using some comman sence and stay away from an active scene.

    • TJ

      Very true!! People think that the cops are the bad ones. Why do people have to try to get so close that if something goes wrong they are now in harms way. Blame the dog owner. I he keeps driving nothing would have happened to the dog!!

  • TheHutMaster

    This PUNK cop best never set foot in my state. We shot assholes like this for sport. I think 1 to the knee, then the other knee in about an hour.

  • Astro

    18 USC § 1001 – Statements or entries generally. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—
    (1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact;
    (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or
    (3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry;
    shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both. If the matter relates to an offense under chapter 109A, 109B, 110, or 117, or section 1591, then the term of imprisonment imposed under this section shall be not more than 8 years. You lied in your press release so I expect all of you to turn yourselves over to the magistrate for breaking the law.

  • Megaera

    Those fucking bastards deserve to be shot! How dare they do that!!! They were the ones in the wrong! Violating that mans rights for no reason other than abuse of power. Then shooting that poor dog! I hope the karma bus runs their asses down!

  • kmc

    this makes me want to watch videos of cops getting shot

  • DEbz

    Armed with a gun must do something to their brain cells, a little common sense, and this senseless murder never would of happened…that dog stopped…at any time, any one of those cops could of and should of grabbed it’s leash…but no…that would be too easy…it breaks my heart to hear the man saying over and over again, ‘Don’t shoot my dog’…and the ahole cop shoots his dog instead of grabbing a leash…hell is too good of a place for a cop like that…

  • Common Sense

    So if he was arrested because he was recording police than why weren’t all the others recording this and the event across the street arrested as well? Just saying it doesn’t make any sense to imply a conspiracy theory that it’s the reason he was arrested when many others doing the same weren’t messed with.

    • Steven Schroeders

      They singled 1 of them out to scare the rest, standard tactics… Get informed :)

      • Darwin

        Scare tactic!!! ROFLMAO!! Steven, I have an award for you, please google my name + award if you need help figuring out how to claim it.

        • Steven Schroeders

          Trolling fail, the us is a police state, if that shit was pulled in a “democracy” the cop would be fired :)

          • Darwij

            America is a Republic, not a democracy. Please follow above instructions for you don’t even know the form of government you live under.

          • Steven Schroeders

            i don’t live under it, i am happy right over in europe :) I left, so should you, it’s only going to get worse 😉

      • Commen Sense

        Really? How about the fact that the crappy video posted actually backs the police report, you can hear music over anything else in the video. Through body langue you can see there was an exchange between this guy and the cops. Though the part of the dog getting shot really sucks, many states have laws on the books making it legal to put down a dog showing aggression and again it sucks because obviously the dog was trying to protect it’s owner. Realistically though what could have been done? Pepper spray doesn’t work on animals, tazers might but not all cops carry them. So what you have by the video is speculation, sure you can claim your rights, however your first amendment right can not interfere with another’s fourteenth amendment right, and this reported by other news stations was a hostage situation. So what’s more important, a person’s right to video tape and blast loud music and interfere with a crime scene or said person’s in that building right to get out of there alive? It really is common sense. By the way America is a Republic, not a democracy so consider yourself schooled. If you feel the need to respond back make sure it is with facts.

        • Steven Schroeders

          it just shows how dumb the cops are, it could have been resolved easily by uncuffing the guy, giving him a simple fine after he calmed down the dog, i’m talking from experience 😉 Saw it happen and went down as i said above, similar situation 😉 But what you don’t get is that they are being trained to kill without thinking about it :'( A cop needs to be able to act fast when appropriate the moment the dog jumps out you have to decide the right thing, they didn’t they are trained to pull a gun at the slightest sign of agression :/ This wasn’t even agression, he taunted the dog, the dog attacked and he shot him 4 times because unlike you i know a dog only attacks when provoked apperantly :/ and if you say these aren’t facts then you obviously don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few yrs :) But don’t take my word for it just google Hitler’s rise to power :/ Because with all the laws circumventing your amendments you soon will be living in a totalitarian country 😉

  • leslie

    Although the cops went about it in the wrong way, WHY did that dog owner have to do what he was doing? I feel for the dog more than anyone. We have to take care of our animals, they depend on us. The dog was just being a dog.
    WHY didn’t the guy just get into his car and drive away? He was acting like a hot dog.

  • shedevil

    YOU FUCKING MOTHER FUCKER……poor animal was portending his owner.

  • Bjj Fightzone

    if it was my dog there would be some dead fucking cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would tie them to my truck and drive them down the road!

  • Jenny Green

    OMG, I am SHOCKED. I don’t care where you are, those policemen need to be fired! They were totally abusing their power. What a horrible horrible person. Now you aren’t supposed to play your music that loud, granted, but arresting someone is a bit extreme and so is killing the man’s dog. The police should be responsible for the loss. So much for protecting us, it’s more like an angry parent who does something horrible to prove a point.

  • dennis m

    on the video, the dogs barks and comments of the video people are all louder than the car radio. the police story that the man had a loud radio is a lie.

  • Daniel A

    If the police officer in question had not shot the dog then the dog most likely would have continued to attack the officers. I would have done the same.

  • a concerned citizen

    These ass holes need to be arrested, and say bye to their pensions

  • jwal1270

    as a dog owner, it hurt to watch that video and my heart goes out to this guy for losing his dog like that. that being said, when you go looking for trouble…sometimes you find it. had this guy just minded his business, a.) he most likely wouldn’t have been arrested and b.) his friend would still be alive. either way, sh@tty deal for the guys dog :(

  • Willie

    Those officers.. if you can call them that should be fucking disgraced with their actions there was absolutely no need for the dog to be shot at. Simply release the suspect who has done nothing wrong to control his pet. Its shit like this that angers me more than anything else on this planet!!

  • Tina

    Let’s see… black man, white cops?? Bunch of cowardly assholes to shoot that dog.

  • Jenniffer L. Korsund

    Fucking bastard pigs. I don’t usually like to say that. I know some pretty decent cops. The fact is, they came after him because he was closest, because he was black and because he had that dog. They had no right to detain him. None! The only reason that dog attacked was because the police were breaking the law; not the man. They had no need to shoot that dog considering the many other options they have available to them. Speak out against this. Police are our servants, not the other way around!

  • Jenniffer L. Korsund

    My boyfriend asked me why I put myself through watching that stuff because it upsets me so badly. I told him I need to be upset over these things. I need to be aware so I can respond and attempt to make a change.

    This was so heartless and pointless. When I calm down, I’ll be sending letters to the appropriate officials. This shit has to stop.

    We used to love letting our dogs off the leash on hiking trails and in the park we ride with them off leash on our bikes. I live in Santa Ana and now I’m afraid to take them out even on the leash considering how often these things happen now in these neighborhoods. The sad fact of the matter is that I don’t have that much to worry about because I’m white. That’s just fucked.

    I’m so fucking angry right now. Thank you for that. That motivation fuels change.

  • Scream

    it wont be long before we all turn against the cops. You either do your job, protect and serve or we will protect ourselves. Come shot at me or my dogs you piece of &%* cop. Most of you cops are AS!holes who mistreat the law abiding public. I have had a rookie cop pull a gun on me for no reason, I’ve never been arrested or even in trouble. You think you have the power to decide if I live or die by your gun. I am a military Vet. I have been trained with much more detail than you and I will protect myself.

  • Mark Campbell

    so I don’t get it…were the cops supposed to stand there like real still and let the dog chew there faces off? Honest question because I am not sure what they were supposed to do.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      They were supposed to do their job which, in this instance, DID NOT entail arresting a man for filming them. They committed several crimes in this video but, as is common among many, blind support for the police will mean no charges laid where they should be.

      1. Theft: the police removed his camera illegally

      2. Violation of the 1st Amendment: specifically, his right to film the police who, as agents of the state, were trying to ‘silence’ him via the theft of the camera. Also, violating his right to ‘assemble’ as he was not in their way nor was he hindering their work.

      3. Violation of the 4th amendment: specifically the removal of said camera. (illegal search/seizure.)

      4. Civil rights violation: specifically the police approached him without due cause other than his filming which, pursuant to the 1st Amendment, he was free to film.

      5. Willful destruction of private property: shooting the dog.

      These are just 5 off the top of my head that they could be charged with. If the people of the United States truly believe that this incident is OK in their eyes then, you deserve your fate. To quote Ben Franklin: “if you give up freedom for security, you deserve neither”

      • Daniel A

        As for the first amendment, I am a Media student so the first amendment is beaten into our brains, the actions take by the police were justified. Once someone enters an existing perimeter line that the cops set out with their cop cars. Is the camera being taken theft or the fourth amendment? Pick one. If a persons life is at risks they have a right to protect themselves. Second amendment.

  • UnderstandingDogOwner

    I understand people becoming upset when an animal is killed but you must take into consideration that the dog was actually coming for the officers and a 60lb Rottweiler if it managed to bite an officer would not let go until the threat is removed.

    Another factor, mace (or pepper spray) DOES NOT WORK on dogs their sinuses are immune to it and it only serves to make the dog angrier. The only other option would have been to tazse the dog and there is no guarantee that the officer had a taser since not all officers are certified to carry tasers and 2 that it would have worked. For a police taser to work both barbs must implant into the body of whatever is being fired upon to complete the connection if one misses it will not work. A taser can be used without the barbs but the current would have to be constant because when it stops in big dogs it will only serve to act much the same way mace does. I am a fierce animal lover but I do not feel the officer acted out of line once the dog started barking

    You also must take into consideration that you only see what the video shows you and that’s it. From what I see the real mistakes fall on that of the man filming. 1 the man could have simply complied to the orders given and things would not have escalated the fact that he did not only adds to the logic that he wanted things to escalate. 2 if he stood there filming without talking back or trying to get a “better view” in order to sell his video to whatever news station again things would probably not have escalated. 3 judging from where the police cars are in the street he appeared to be very near the “perimeter line” and instead of listening to officers for safety reasons

    The article above mentions a marked perimeter and I must point out only crime scenes end up being “marked” with yellow tape not active scenes. An active scene perimeter is usually set by the police cars where they block off the entire block.

    In my opinion it says something that even before the shooting occurred the people filming could not believe this man’s blatant disregard. I believe if I were in the officer’s shoes I would have done the same thing because it appeared the dog would not have stopped attacking otherwise.

    • james

      i agree, the first thing any dog would do, is protect the owner. The dog would not know the difference between a cop or a normal person. The dog would either bark or in some cases attack if the dog feels the owner is being threatened. Based on the video The owner did not give any commands to the dog to stop or kneel. i would say both is actually at fault. As for legal view point , none of the laws were violated on both sides. At best the police officer should be suspended without pay for a time.

  • crusader2010

    California NAZI’s, It’s happening more and more, It will get to the point where The citizens will start shooting first. and not call 911.

  • Joel

    and what were the extra shots for?? How is that defense??

  • jtrine

    Is this cop being charged for anything? If not is there a petition out for justice to be carried out on that low life? I’d gladly sign!

  • No name

    It all could have been avoided if he turned down the music like he was asked to. Of course he had to disrespect the police and this is what happens. The dog lunged at the officers twice, what else were they supposed to do? The guy is an idiot.

  • Sean Grimes

    there should have been a riot to kick those cops ass. They should be locled up!

  • fuck you pigs

    Who gives a Fuck about one’s spelling and grammer what are you in fucking Jr.High? Fucking morons bottom line is this fucking pig is a piece of shit that deserves the same death hopefully in the line of duty with his brains everywhere I will not shed one tear for him or his family! I like dog’s/ animals better than most humans anyway especially when I see bullshit like this pathetic pig.

  • frontstmaui

    At what point do we keep our noses out of business not their own? Every other person in compliance recording the scene was not approached. The dog is dead because of the owner.
    Bad things don’t happen to you because you are bad. Bad things happen because you are a dumbass. Unfortunately, in this instance, the dog paid the price for his ignorance.

  • frontstmaui

    I respect Police Officers and have no problem with them. You know why? Because I don’t break the law. Anyone who has a problem with law enforcement is generally “That Guy” who is constantly putting themselves on their radar…

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Fair enough, so, what law did this man break?

      Was it his filming them? NO, that’s protected by the 1st Amendment.
      Was it his walking his dog, on a leash might I add? NO, that’s protected by the 1st Amendment as well.
      Was it his being black while filming the police? Maybe, but that’s not an actual crime, that’s an unspoken law amongst many on the force.

      So again, I ask, what exactly was his crime?

      • Daniel A

        Entering the perimeters of an active and live police investigation uninvited. Allowing your pet to actively attack citizens. Inhibiting an ongoing police investigation.

        • Bawlsy

          Then why no police tape around the perimeter? That is police regulation to do and was not done so no lines were crossed.

          • Daniel A

            They are on a crime scene investigation. Not an active SWAT call in. They were dealing with an armed robber who was understood to be dangerous.They were more concerned with the lives of those that could be in direct harm by an armed and dangerous man than putting up police tape. Just as a man can’t come into an office with a large and dangerous animal and inhibit you from doing your job, you can’t do that to police. If they feel that you are threatening their lives and extraction of armed and dangerous suspects they can and will detain you to keep them from making a mistake while listening or paying attention to you rather than the situation at hand.

        • strega2012

          Hard to stop your pet when the cops have you handcuffed though, isn’t it?

          • Daniel A

            Not if your pet is ell trained and takes commands. A well trained dog and a good owner could have stopped it with a simple heal. If you have to hold your dog back, an 80-pound Rott at that, then you need to learn to respect the police in the first place and not afford yourself nor the dog the opportunity to put yourself in harms way.

  • Steven Schroeders

    give that pile of dogshit the same treatment as he gave that animal :/ This is ok, but killing humans isn’t? this is MURDER!

  • Tijuana Joe

    Previous Scott Swain censorship controversy.
    This guy is bad news.

  • Bsteel3172

    Dude was being a Dbag and got his dog killed, that simple, pulled over just to be a D!ck and his dog paid the price. I have dogs, it is this guys fault this happened. Like Chris Rock said, “turn down the radio”

  • Jadeamber

    Omg,, wtf is wrong with them?! They didn’t even shoot the dog to kill it they only hurt it and left it there to suffer which is worse and so much more cruel!and on top of that they are parked in the entire street way you think people wouldn’t come outside to see what was going on? Fucking cops if I was that guy I would go to jail for assaulting a police officer, police are not above the law yet they think they are… to those cops FUCK YOU!

  • Scott

    Seems to me that who ever shot this video was specifically video taping the dog owner and not the officers. It’s as if this whole thing was planned by the dog owner and the videographer. It’s rather strange that this video would focus so much on the dog owner, even following him as he crosses the street if the dog owner truly did not have any other motives. Seems like these two are looking for a payout from the city and the department.

    • strega2012

      I doubt the guy wanted his dog shot dead, though.

    • Jadeamber

      There are 3 videos from very different angles that show the dog owner drive up to the incident and obviously needed to get down that road which the police entirely blocked off, they had no right to arrest him or shoot his dog, they are the ones obstructing he has a right to be on the sidewalk doing what he pleases it’s public property

  • steveo

    Another SWAT raid. I hope people start recording these on a regular basis. In FL, anyway, the higher courts give leos more latitude in telling bystanders what to do. I don’t agree with it and I’m not sure, what the exact rules are, but I think that a photojournalist should be able to record police activity at a safe distance and be able to actually see the activity. If you can’t see the activity then what good is the freedom of the press.

    Hawthorne has the highest violent crime rate of any of the jurisdictions in LA. They have the highest murder rate by far. So, there’s that. And while I won’t even watch the section where they shoot the dog because I can’t even imagine doing such a thing, a Rott. is a pretty dangerous dog. plus copwatchers have to learn that you don’t want to give the leos any excuse to arrest you. Here they have an excuse which the court will probably side with the leos for. A SWAT raid, usually is a lawful execution of a legal duty, because the judge signs some kind of warrant for the activity. This photog gave police three excuses to arrest him, one the music, two probably he parked his car illegally, and three the dog.

  • Ron

    They are now claiming they were trying to protect the suspect from the dog.

    “Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said the shooting was in the interests of everyone’s safety.
    “I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too,” he said.”

    Read more:

  • John

    well…the dude DID pull up to a police scene, take his big dog out, start filming, but most of all–his music is loud as fuck. That’s a police scene and they probably need to know what the fuck is going on. I don’t feel bad for the dog owner, he should have known better

    • JuanTizmo

      Welp, I hope one of your pets gets shot during a noise complaint.

      • John

        cry harder, little boy

    • Matthew R Webb

      Yeah, the owner should have just kept driving and minded his own business. If he wanted to film he should have secured the dog properly in the car and then got out to film. The poor dog made what looks to me like a playful jump, not an aggressive lunge, and was shot because cops tend to shoot first.
      It is terrible because the dog was just being a curious dog. The cop probably just saw that it was a giant Rot and took it as being aggressive based on its breed. Just like people are afraid of Pits because the idiot owners.

  • Anon

    No comments for extremely stupid, extremely low IQ cops out there. I hope justice is made in a whole different way. I do not forgive, nor to I forget. Expect a turn of events.

  • Matthew R Webb

    It actually looks like the dog is being a little playful, not aggressive. Right before the cop jumped back and shot him, the dog jumped up, but it looked like a playful jump, not an aggressive lunge. The dog seems like after it jumped out of the car it came over, but it was being somewhat bashful. Now I am no dog behavior expert, but I do not see an aggressive dog in this video. An aggressive dog would have come charging and bitten from the start. This dog did not do that.
    All of that aside, the guy should have just kept going or made sure his dog was secure. Not to take anything away from the responsibility of the cop for shooting a dog for no reason, but it could have all been prevented had the guy just kept on his way minding hos own business.
    We all have a right to film the cops, but this guy sort of put himself out there. I don’t really get why they instantly have to put him in cuffs instead of talking to him like a normal person. They could simply have told him to turn down his music and back up a bit.
    I don’t really buy into the thought that the cops recognized him as someone suing the city/police and arrested him based on that. There are probably over a thousand cops in that one city, they deal with thousands of people a week, not sure they would notice one guy who has a pending legal case against the department. They are usually too busy with other crap to keep the face of one guy suing in their minds.
    Again, I just don’t see aggressive behavior in the dog. He didn’t seem like he was on the attack, even when he jumped up it didn’t look like a violent out of control animal. It looked more like the same jump a dog does when someone comes into a house.
    I do get that in the heat of the moment that cop may have thought he was being attacked. When the dog jumped he got scared and shot. I am not saying what he did is right, but I can see from his perspective how he took that as a threat. It doesn’t look like any other cops pulled their guns or reacted too much to the shooting. Kind of strange for them to have such a calm reaction to murdering anything.

  • $910553

    I see that Police One has found this site.

  • fkpolice

    fuck the police

  • James D

    We want the name of those 3 Nazi Thugs! 2 of them for false arrest and false imprisonment and for violating Mr. Rosby’s Constitutional Rights and 1 of them for Murdering his Dog!!

  • JC

    This man cooperated fully. There were a hell of a lot more people video taping them him. WHAT would

    that asshole cops dog have done. Daaahhh. Fire that prick NOW, that was some of the poorest police work I have ever seen. I would love just 5 minutes one on one with that asshole.

  • Fuck The U.S.A

    I have lost all faith in my country – we created and coined the word terrorism. Once our country eliminates them overseas they will gain focus on us domestically. Police are now issued machine pistols and assault rifles. We are becoming Israel. In my opinion, America died today.

  • gingin

    totally un called for…inhumane…cruel…I have no respect for cops anymore….they are worthless….sick….and have some type of control issue….they commit crimes and can get away with it….they kill dogs for no reason….there are no non corrupt cops. I hope someone pays him the same respects one days.

  • Brandon Forester

    they would have had to shoot me too if they killed my dog in front of me

    • $910553

      “Law Enforcement” will be only too glad to do that as well.

  • Guest

    If you guys want to see this get justice, here’s a fb page we’re starting:

  • Martinconte

    This is very sad. I feel for the dog. The owner seemed to be compliant but we do not know what was said between him and the police. If he was instructed to turn his music down (it may have been a distraction) then he should have left the area or turned the music down. By not following directions he shows a defiant attitude that got him arrested. Too bad the police did not have a tazer since it was the perfect time to use it. As the dog appeared to lung for the officers foot he could have zapped it and not killed it. But we were not there and we were not facing a dog defending it’s master.

  • Skyler Villanueva

    I believe if that was the case for walking to dangerous to the so called officers (more or less the trunk of two patrol cars) with no set guidelines to cover the heresay (officers regards) to stay distant, then they should have apprehended him in a timely manner and not wait. The two cops who arrested him were picking each others assesand standing in the back. I feel like calling to help this guy out. Ill be the lawyer. r for crying out loud. That swain guy said cops were distracted by music. In both videos only two heads were turned in that direction, so where is the distraction there? Not only did the Rott make a move towards, what to him were people attacking his owner, but he made a brave move to step up for his owner. I know if I had my old dog he would do the same damn thing and you bet your ass he’d lock down on his neck too. The lawsuit better go in favor of that dog because any pet owner stands next to their pet like family and that family is gonna stand their ground when it comes time. So to sit here and hear lawyers and a police PR talk about feared for his life, is ignorant and stupid. If he was gonna kill it why did it kick itself in a circle for 30 more seconds? I’d like to see this cop reprimanded for his so called “heroic action” according to other officers, but we all know when you have a badge your right, even when your wrong. This why there is Anarchy people. Dumb people on the wrong side of the law. Approach with better judgement next time cops and don’t jump straight to conclusion, let the guy out of the cuffs to properly restrain his dog then proceed to do whatever it they do.

  • TerriLynn

    Justice for Max the Rottweiler!
    Poor boy. :'(

  • Don’tworryaboutit

    You guys never talk good when a cop does right, just when something bad happens… That guy is actually what’s wrong with society these days… Let the cops there job instead of pestering them… He seems to have a wrap from trying to get an easy pay out

    • Skyler Villanueva

      Your an idiot. The dog was running after the first shot, he had enough. So what was the point of three more shots. You don’t have a heart if you think he was justified. Why bother posting? Have you not had the companionship of an animal before?

  • Wendy T

    Animal Cruelty !!! Where is PETA ??? These Cops should be in Jail !!! So many witnesses, women, children…You have the legal right to take pictures and video’s on a public street..But they had no legal right to shoot this poor dog, that poor Dog was only doing what any dog would of done !!! this was a cold hearted Violent Killing !!!


    thee should not kill and that true and cops do play A lots of dirty crimes and do get away with that mostly but when the time cops pass away in their time as cops dies they wont be going to heaven as well that TRUE ……

  • Hannah Coy

    That poor dog. He was only being a loyal.

  • judy

    It is obvious this guy wanted a confrontation with the police. I am so sorry the dog had to be killed but I think it is the owners fault that this happened so he could be in the headlines and for a lawsuit! What is this world coming to? If we keep trying to get in the headlines for our own agendas and frivolous lawsuits we will all suffer a huge price.

  • JM

    The man should have secured his dog better. It bums me out that the police officer did not use his non-leathal options.

  • Masha_Rou


    I just read this article and saw the video….and it breaks my heart to see that Police men can do such thing…..Its so ok to kill an Innocent dog….Why is it ok……..Why…..So we can kill animals for NOTHING…….Can then we start killing people…..or is it any different…..please tell me why….and I am sure that this guy was not even punished……Do they have even a heart ????

  • Dingy1

    I hope that dog is waiting for that cop at the Pearly Gate. That was totally uncalled for!!! Sue the crap out him!

  • Dan

    Hope this guy got a common law attorney. The regular ones work for the courts first and you second. If anyone knows him tell him to look up sui juries law rob johnson. for 118.00 you get 5 hours of talk with him. sue the crap out of these morons

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      ROTFLMAO. Are you trying to get him sent to prison? Johnson is a sovereign idiot. They don’t do to well in court on the average.

  • nouse

    how about asking him “hey do you have someone who can come here and pick up your dog?” This is just terrible….I don’t want to know what I’ll do if I see someone being violent towards a dog..even a cop!

    • Maria_Rou

      I agree with you….. Why is it ok for them to do that ??? I cried so much when I saw this video….that poor dog…..

  • Maria_Rou


    I just read this article and saw the video….and it breaks my heart to see that Police men can do such thing…..Its so ok to kill an Innocent dog….Why is it ok……..Why…..So we can kill animals for NOTHING…….Can then we start killing people…..or is it any different…..please tell me why….and I am sure that this guy was not even punished……Do they have even a heart ????

  • Poor dog

    The dog owner is an idiot. He obviously wanted to instigate a reaction from the officers, being so close to the vehicles closing off the street and yelling. The poor dog paid for the owner’s ignorance. If the dog knew how retarded his own owner was, he probably wouldn’t have tried to protect him. Too bad dogs are so loyal.

  • Lisa Labia Gelato

    That cop should be ASHAMED of himself!!! Absolutely appalled!!! My father was a cop many years ago, when being a cop was something to be proud of. Now they should hang their heads in shame!!! What an outrage!!!

  • Sebastian Draven

    god damn… i fukn hate cops… more and more each day…

  • Nurse.jason

    This man got his dog killed. You have to be smarter then your situation. Even if the cops were up to no good he placed himself and his dog in danger because he couldn’t mind his own business. That poor dog max suffered the ultimate price because of an ignorant pet owner and police who could have pepper sprayed the animal..


    That is one of the most horrific things I have seen. That cop had no right doing that and the sad part is nothing will happen to him. It was self defense he will claim and is nothing but bullshit!

  • brydie

    America is sooo fucked, That would never happen in nz! love where I live, cops have guns but only in an emergency and hardly ever

    • brydie

      and you can video if you want too that just shows that they have something to hide, heaps of things are done differently over there, like if you have a baby in nz you don’t have to pay the hospital everyone has the right to use it for any reson if you need it that’s what its there for, I might be wrong but if you break your arm and don’t have insurance in USA you don’t get your arm fixed?? that right or??

  • PigsShouldburn

    Piece of shit pig. Bring your gun to your head and kill yourself, and then burn in hell.

  • will

    wow i dont even like dogs but think that cop should be shot. how can you have a credible respectable police force who go around doing that, he must lose his job. the USA is madness i cant understand how anyone can condone this behaviour with video evidence like this there is no justification of that officers actions. injustice truely has been served if he is not inprisoned!

  • Mike


  • Linda

    It is evident by the video that there was no interference going on so yes please share your video with the lawyer for Mr. Rosby. I can not believe the statement that the police department issued. You should not have put him in handcuffs none of this would have happened. Most importantly you should NOT have a policeman that is so afraid of dogs that his first instinct is to kill it!!! There was NO reason for that dog to be killed and that coward should be ashamed!!!

  • Corey

    that officer should be shot

  • One pissed muther fucker

    Fuck you Hawthorne Police Dept

  • WTF TV

    The dog was not even doing anything just barking, you could see that asshole just standing there pointing the gun at him and as soon as he took a step closer he just open fired, that dog was no threat, and even if it was, shooting it is not the answer and counts as animal abuse. Cop or not you should be arrested yourself you smug bastard.

  • ClueBy4

    If the dog had been properly attended to by the owner, none of this would have even happened. If the police respectfully ask you to leave the scene of an incident or to turn your music down, you do as they ask. It is not worth it to be defiant and stand your ground for something so stupid. And who paid for it? The dog. Pathetic.

    • Woop DeDoo

      Maybe you missed the part where he WAS leaving the area…..

  • Anonymous

    The cop that shot deserves to get ripped apart by dogs.

  • aaron

    haven’t we had enough of the so called, to Serve and Protect. what does that mean these days. kill and get beaten. that’s all we seem to get from the police.

  • DJ

    I just want to say this. The dog DID attack the cop. i would have shot it without hesitation if it was me. I could give a number of reasons why he was taken in to custody after reading the report. the only reason people are being bitchy about this is because “the poor little doggy died”.

    • Woop DeDoo

      The situation should not have existed in the first place. The man was entering his car and was going to leave the area. Good. Then leave him the f–k alone. Instead, it escalated to that point.

      The more I see this sh-t the more I feel strong urge to be a defense attorney. The pigs– especially CA pigs— are completely out of control. Everyone knows it. It’s not just about blacks or hispanics anymore. They’re thugs to everyone.

    • Jim Chambers

      My biggest problem with shooting the dog was after seeing it was no longer a threat, why didn’t he end it’s suffering? One more bullet would’ve put the dog out of his misery, it would’ve been humane, and it would’ve shown some level of compassion.

    • Geist

      The dog did not really attack the cop. If both him and you are too stupid to recognize a real threat, neither of you should be equipped with anything to shoot anyone, much less be authorized to do so.

  • bekind

    Not to get involved in this banter or anything but shouldn’t we be focusing on the situation at hand? Not peoples grammar or swear words? A situation unfolded and the dog was the one who paid for it in the long run. That seems to have gotten lost in all of this fighting.

  • David Bruce Feldman

    the man was not doing a damn thing wrong, this is a perfect example of police that are out of control…

    • Beck Morashiv

      Defense attorneys make me sick. You are scum like the dog owner who instigated a response from the PD from the get-go. The police neutralized a threat. An aggressive breed like the Rottweiler. You should be going after the obnoxious bastard who blatantly pulled over to gain attention from the officers doing their job at the crime scene. At the end of the day, suing the city is a loss for the good citizens of Hawthorne. They money should be used for training officers who put their lives on the line daily in Hawthorne to make them better. Please do not give this ignorant dog-owner a jackpot pay day.

      • David Bruce Feldman


      • Geist

        The dog was neither aggressive nor a real threat. Judging by their aggression and their resort to lethal violence, that cop needs to be shot far more urgently than the dog. So stop lying.

      • Kirstin

        Acab, you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s clear you are one of those folks who believes that people are guilty until proven innocent, and even then they’re probably guilty. It’s clear you believe that people are not entitled to a defense in a court of law.

        Are you also against the 4th through 9th Amendments to your Constitution? Just curious, since you seem to think that stripping accused citizens of their rights is a pretty cool idea.

  • David Bruce Feldman

    This is the bottom line….there was absolutely NO reason to approach this man with the dog because he was videotaping. It is the police that started this and caused by their actions the death of that innocent dog. And yes, I want justice…will we get it…not sure..

    • Cyberxion

      Yup. Everyone’s so quick to blame the dude for videotaping, but unless what he was doing was in fact illegal, then there was no reason for the cops to come back and cuff him. Hell, even if it was illegal, it’s tough to make the case that THAT particular dude deserved to be arrested rather than the dozens of other people who were standing not too far away from where he was, who were doing THE EXACT SAME THING. Had they just kept on walking they’d have been able to do their job just fine, but they didn’t, and now here we are. They caused that dog’s death just as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow.

  • sbs

    This is appalling. If the owner is being arrested, police should know that the dog is going to be upset. That is not a reason to shoot it numerous times and kill it. Is it possible we need to do a bit of animal training as we had to do sexual harassment training and other types of training for public servants? This does not bode well for a police department that has issues with the public.

  • WE Hate Pigs

    Why did he pull his 9 instead of his Taser? Then call animal control. It would have been just as effective.

  • Ray

    Sad that the dog got shot, but the owner is a dumb ass punk who puffed out his chest, trying to be a big man for no apparent reason. He is the one who put himself and his dog in that position. If he would’ve not got involved in something that he most likely had no business in, none of this shit would’ve occurred. The dog did jump up at the officer and that’s when another officer opened fire. Quit blaming the cops on this one.

    • xghoulx

      If the dog was going to attack it would of immediately done so when it jumped out of the window.. They could of simply turned their backs and walked away and the dog would of just stood its ground barking. NOTHING MORE! And I have no idea why this stupid officer persuaded this dog by approaching it and even reaching out to it before firing the shots… He truly provoked the animal!

  • Kristina

    The problem with things like this is that most of the time the people that the cops are treating poorly or doing wrong to dont have the funds to go out the next day and get a lawyer to ensure justice is done. This is disgusting and these officers should be ashamed of themselves and their actions. Most likely if any of the officers receive any kind of punishment it will be with pay which is a whole nother case of BS. If this was a regular person who killed another persons dog, they would go to court and that person would be charged with animal cruelty. Why is it that just because the clowns where a uniform and a badge is it ok? I only hope that this gentleman receives what is owed to him. He will never be able to get his dog back, but something has to be done about these pieces of shit, we call officers. The ones who are suppose to protect when really all they do is protect themselves!!!!!

  • PrettyDew

    I screamed out so loud that my dog Friday was frightened. I had to calm her down. This was a wicked act and the officer who killed this pet is a coward!

  • Chris Lewerenz

    Cops are all worthless. One more reason I don’t give a shit when I see them on the news upset about….well, just about anything. Cut your pay, increase your hours, get shot at, don’t care-Plenty of good boys coming home from the sandbox that are far more deserving, and would do the job better.

  • David Bruce Feldman


  • Alber

    That poor excuse of a human being should be put to death. It irks me that those things called cops, they walk around harassing civilians and toying with their guns whenever they have a chance…just because they couldn’t make it to be in the ARMY. Angry, useless, fat pigs that do nothing but harming civilians and their best friends.

  • Miguel Angel Medina Figueroa

    Stupid cops.

  • guest

    others who’ve posted comments, I am NOT going to assume or invent facts in this
    case which are not true. I’m so horrified by this that I’m considering contacting
    the U.S. Attorney General’s Office and asking them to investigate and take
    action against the police for violating this man’s civil rights and asking the
    Attorney General to issue a public opinion informing all law enforcement that
    being videotaped is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL, so that innocent people are no longer illegally
    detained, arrested, jailed, and/or possibly having to pay unnecessary and expensive
    legal fees. With a few minor
    exceptions, (ie: obstruction or interference with police (getting in an
    officers face with a camera while performing duty), or a risk to police safety,
    etc), there is a free speech right in this country to film police officers in public,
    in the performance of their public duties.
    In this age, it seems to be common sense for an officer to assume that
    every move is being recorded. The Hawthorne California Police themselves CREATED
    this situation. The man was NOT
    interfering in any way with what was going on.
    Police were wrong for stopping him in the first place, and placing him
    in handcuffs on top of that. I would
    NEVER have done what these ignorant cops did.
    If you wanted to request for whatever reason that he not videotape, the
    Police could have approached and said, “Sir, Can we talk to you” and make sure the
    dog was secure in the car first before you go grabbing and pushing around the
    owner (which in this case, they did for no reason). Obviously the cops will state they shot the
    dog because they didn’t want to get bit.
    But from what I see, they wouldn’t have had to shoot the dog if they let
    the owner calm and control the dog, which it appears from the video that the
    owner would have been able to do. I’m white and Pro-Cop, but this looks to me
    like 3 white cops were bent on bullying and intimidating a black man who was
    well within his rights to do what he was doing, and then place him in cuffs for
    no valid reason, in violation of his Civil and Constitutional Rights, without
    even an apology that the man’s dog is now dead.
    Do you have a family pet that you love?
    Would you like to have it shot for NO REASON? Asking me to condone this is like asking me
    to condone the Rodney King beating.

  • Marissa Rigney

    Ummm the same officer that shot the dog was walking TOWARDS the dog REACHING HIS HAND TOWARDS IT? Instigation much?

  • Marissa


  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Poor dog? It attacked the officer what was he supposed to do let the dog take his hand off? You people need to read the article the guy was breaking the law if its anyones fault the dog died its the owners’. He refused to turn down his car radio and didnt have the brains to roll up the windows with a guard dog in the car. The police arent the bad guys they are doing theyre jobs so quit hating.

    • Geist

      The dog owner did not pull the trigger. The cop did, hence he’s the murderer. And if it was a choice between this guy’s hand and the dog’s LIFE, than yes, the dog should have taken his hand off. Which, as a matter of fact, is a ridiculous statement anyway – the dog did not attack the officer nor was he overly aggressive. Trust me that it would look WAY different if he actually attacked that guy. The dog was simply nervous because of his owner being forcefully taken by a number of strange and aggressive people. The dog did not use lethal violence at any point – whereas the cop did not hesitate to.

    • xghoulx

      If the dog was going to attack it would of immediately done so when it jumped out of the window! They could of simply turned their backs and walked away and the dog would of just stood its ground barking. NOTHING MORE! And I have no idea why this stupid officer persuaded this dog by approaching it and even reaching out to it before firing the shots… He truly provoked the animal!

  • Katie Meek

    They need to be trained to deter first and then if needed kill. A tazer would have been effective and would have saved the department a lot of trouble.

  • carlos pereira

    to bad if u don’t understand what im writing cause im not from this fucking country. im sure u will understand the sound of my ak47 bitches, fuck the police

  • carlos pereira

    I hope the mother of that fucking cop die chocking her self on my big fat burrito full of cum, buster… it had to be a mother fucking white cop….

  • Just someone

    Alright, let me shed some truth. First of all, the dog should not have been shot, hands down. If you ask me, the dog was more nervous than aggressive. The poor thing was terrified. They could have AT LEAST used non-lethal force. Now, if the dog had latched onto the officer, then I can see the gun being fired, but still there’s the option for a taser. The man being arrested had intentionally done a lot of things. He obviously doesn’t like the police and is out to get them, and garner their attention. He already made a lawsuit, so he probably wants to see what other dirt he can throw on them. He blares his music with the windows down and blatantly stops in the middle of the intersection, “Hey! See me coppers?!” In positive he brought the either brought the dog on purpose or left the windows down purposefully, or both. He knew that by placing the dog in the car and complying would make him look good in court, and possibly help him with the current lawsuit. We all know he knew his dog would jump out. Conclusively, he was looking for trouble and he got it. However, the dog should still be alive. The man was a nuisance, but the officers acted with their emotions and not wit their training. Hence, the problems we see all the time these days with police misconduct.

    • Just someone

      Sorry for spelling errors, did this with an iPad. You get it though.

  • TomKi

    Who doesn’t know that the police department was playing violent games?

  • Godzilla11

    This fool was disrespecting and disregarding Police business. The horrid actions toward his dog are his own fault and he should be held responsible.

  • zoey


  • neeser

    my son in law is a cop…i would hope to God he would handle things much wiser….

  • ParrotsCustom CarAudio


  • Jay

    Dog today an innocent person tomorrow, we all know what we saw, sorry cops u guys in the wrong this time, u not just killing a animal u killing peoples sense of justice, compassion and trust. Making the world Sad!!

  • DA


    • PersonalResponsibility

      You are an idiot. He wasn’t arrested for recording the police activity. He was arrested for interfering with the police doing their job. K-9 dogs are trained members of law enforcement. They perform a duty. Your dog is a citizen like you. And dash recording doesn’t just protect them; it protects you. So arrest away. It is your right.

      • Cyberxion

        Yeah, because he was totally keeping them from continuing to walk in the other direction, right? I mean, filming them must have thrown up a barrier that stopped ’em in their tracks, right?

        All sarcasm aside, the whole thing was a mess, but the actions of those policemen led to this dog’s death more so than the owner’s did, for the simple fact that all they had to do was carry on with their business like they were doing and leave the guy the fuck alone. He wasn’t doing anything illegal, though of course they’re trying to spin it that way.

        That said, DA is fucking nuts.

  • Abu

    The press release distorts the truth.

    Are there any cops or police stations anywhere on Earth who can admit to any wrongdoing?

    Mace and taser could have been another option to deal with the dog.

    Cops really do have low IQs it seem.

  • Jen

    Your fucking badge is NOT a crown! As a dog trainer I can say that dog was NOT about to attack the cop, he did it because he is a dick! And I agree with Jake G if not that he should be let go as a cop and shamed as a pet owner!!!

    • xghoulx

      I agree, if the dog was going to attack it would of immediately done so when it jumped out of the window.. They could of simply turned their backs and walked away and the dog would of just stood its ground barking. NOTHING MORE! And I have no idea why this stupid officer persuaded this dog by approaching it and even reaching out to it before firing the shots… He truly provoked the animal!

      • PersonalResponsibility

        The dog was not provoked. The officer reached for his leash and the dog jumped. It could have been handled better, but they also could not have left the dog loose. Which the OWNER did when he left his dog unattended and unsecured in the car.

  • Laurinashahid

    WTF! This video was so upsetting! These cops should be held responsible for this!!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DEPARTMENT! I am appauled to say the least!!! This is going to make it a very long day for me…. This was uncalled for and definitely beyond their scope of the law!!!!!! Damn that dog wasn’t doing anything to deserve what he got…. and the owner of the dog who was arrested wasn’t breaking any law!!!!! this has got me steaming!!!!! Where do I sign the petition to have these ass wholes be held responsible!!!!! SEND ME INFORMATION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • PersonalResponsibility

    This is absolutely the dog owners fault. Even the other spectators recording described him as ‘crazy’ and ‘disrespectful’ and said they were afraid of the dog. The police were doing what they are paid to do and it is often dangerous. This man was disruptive with his music, then engaged officers. The arrest was warranted. The owner placed his dog in a very unfortunate situation. The recording issue is mute as there were many others present recording and observing. Stop blaming other people for your own stupid actions and the world would be a better place!

  • Tammy W

    The dog did not deserve to die for loving and protecting his owner. The cop that shot the dog deserves the same action. I am disgusted with the animal cruelty. Anyone hurts or kills an animal deserves the same treatment. Dogs are loyal, the best companion and unconditional love…..

    • robert

      Rotties are the best. I had one, I adored that dog. She would do anything for me. I was always terrified some ignorant fool would hurt her. Fortunately, she lived long and died of old age.

  • Carmelo Junior

    No citizen has the right to obstruct, film at close range, walk a fighting dog while law enforcement officer are on official and dangerous duties. This guy was WRONG!

    • Geist

      Which pales in comparison to the wrongdoing of a cop who MURDERED A DOG FOR NO REASON.

      • Carmelo Junior

        This dog was a fighting dog that would inflict some serious injuries. We care more about dogs than human

        • Geist

          In fact, I do, because unlike a fetus, a dog like Max there is a sentient, full-developed, living being.

          And the officer there would not only inflict serious injury, but kill a sentient being. Should we put him down for good, too? He’s clearly a threat to his environment, much more than Max ever was.

        • Cyberxion

          So your argument then is that because Max came from a fighting breed, it was okay for the police officer to just gun him down in cold blood? I mean, in spite of the fact that the video makes it clear that the only thing that the dog was doing was trying to get in between his owner and the cops?

          You’re kinda fucked in the head, aintcha?

    • robert

      Where do you get that it was a “fighting” dog? There was nothing about that in the story, not even in the police report.

      • Carmelo Junior

        These breed of dogs have been used to fight and in war for centuries. They can easily kill a human being.

  • Vanessa Hangey

    If the police officers were really doing their job they would have had the dogs owner apprehend his pets actions by either asking the owner to gain control of his dog by voice commands or un-cuff the owner for him to take control of his dogs leash. The man was co-operating with the police and even walked/turned towards them to be cuffed. I’m sure the man would have co-operated with the police if they asked him to gain control of his pet. It’s very simple to say…Can you please calm your dog down or put the animal somewhere so our officers are in a safe distance and out of harms way; but none of that happened. The situation could have been handled better.

  • sir charles

    they are nothing but violent sociopaths….. all they understand is violence. the only reason the cops stop beating on blacks and brown bk in the day is because the people finally had enough and decided to fight bk.literally. As soon as they saw people fighting bk not taking shit from these pussies all of a sudden more civil rights laws came to place. they backed off . so the only way they understand is when someone gets violent with them….. these fkrs should not have the jobs they have. they just pussies that got bullied in jr. high and high school or didnt get laid till theire late 20s and fell for the first piece of ass they ever had…… fat fucks!!

    • PersonalResponsibility

      So we don’t need law enforcement?

      If no, what do you propose… anarchy???

      If yes, are you willing to do their job? If yes, why aren’t you doing it? You obviously would be a better candidate.

      You are stereotyping ALL cops.

  • Paula

    I refuse to watch the video again, it is so sad, but from what I remember, no one was in the car but the dog. At the moment of the shooting, I remember the music stopping. Was it really his car playing the music? Someone had to of turned it off.

  • laurie

    oh god this makes me sick way too many times this happens and they never get in trouble for it

  • George

    Well that guys was an asshole, if you’d be a cop would you like him to be taping you so close? Not to say the cops are kind of assholes to, but they have more power a difference low IQ people don’t realize, what can you do

    • xghoulx

      Who has the lower IQ, the man filming the police to make sure there is no injustice going on? or the cop who could only think of one deadly and dangerous option for dealing with an upset animal? “ahh, barking dog! I’m gunna shoot it! bang bang!”

  • Domlaay

    Someone needs to start a petition for the man and his dog.

  • dorothea

    fuck the stupid police

  • JM213

    I feel bad for the dog. Remember, Police are trained to shoot if threatened. Dog owner fucked up for bumping music near police activity and walking up and down like an idiot with his phone camera most likely talking sh*t to the officers causing attention. When sh*t like this happens, KEEP A DISTANCE!!!! I don’t know WTF he was thinking!!!!! If the dog owner ever reads this, DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO GET PAID!!!! You are the Biggest Looser!!!!
    I Love Dogs!!!!!

  • Christina

    Fuck these cops and they wonder why ppl hate the,m, this is the reason why. When their dogs go after you and you kill it yu serve life in prison but when they do it its all right,
    FUCK YOU COPS, i knew why i hated all of you.
    it was a innocent dog, protecting his owner.
    if you are gonna kill a dog at least put it out if its misery after you shoot it

  • Laurie Cestnick

    Disgusting act of violence. That officer needs to step down. He should not be allowed to represent the people nor be allowed anywhere near citizens let alone be trusted to protect them. HE must be let go and never allowed to be an officer again. He must be charged with animal cruelty.

    • Had Enough

      So what would your point of view be if the officers had just stood their and allowed themselves to be mauled? Stupid liberal cu*t.

  • Gabriel T


  • You People

    So tired of everyone posting this video and blaming the police. You are the same people that can’t take responsibility for your own actions.

    The guy was told to back up several times. It was his choice to disobey orders and to antagonize the police. If he would have just listened in the first place then his dog would still be alive today.

    Maybe it was unlawful for the police to tell him to back up, but either way they guy could have followed simple directions.

    I think it is sad that the dog died, and I wish the police would not have shot it, but dogs can cause damage. Especially when they are protecting their owner.

    So to all you rebels out there crying about this video… maybe you should just listen to a police officer once in a while. It will cause less pain for them, and less pain for yourself.

    • Cyberxion

      “Maybe it was unlawful for the police to tell him to back up, but either way they guy could have followed simple directions.”

      In summary, “You People” thinks that it’s better to let cops abuse their power than to confront them. Okay then.

  • GavTheGothicChav

    Dog got out, approached the police officers to defend it’s owner. Officer realizes it’s a potentially dangerous dog, feels threatened on duty, shoots dog. Doing his job. Dog should of been securely locked in the car. Drivers fault.

  • Rhion

    What a dum ass why would you drive over there with your dog and act like that?

  • The Bandicoot

    I’m not quite sure what to say on this… I feel very bad for the dog. I couldn’t imagine what was going through it’s mind while this was happening. I know Rotties are very protective of there owners. I have had them for years and years and years. I stopped having them due to there aggressive tendencies towards people they think are a threat to there owners.

    If the man cared for his dog, and didn’t use it for posturing, he would have fully secured the poor animal in the car, not leaving the window open enough for the animal to escape. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad ownership. The dog is the one and only true victim here. (this is for the present case, not the issue before hand leading up to said shooting. I.E. The robbery that took place before hand)

    Do I feel that the cop did the right thing here? No. I feel there could have been better ways to handle the aggression. Sadly though, the cops of today are trained when it comes to animals being aggressive, they shoot first then ask questions.

    Please, before you go correcting my use of I.E. and not I.G. I am stating “that is” and not “for the sake of”. I might not be the sharpest tack in the box here, but I at least try. I look things up if I feel they may be used improperly, out of context, or if I just don’t understand.

    I am human, humans make mistakes. I am flawed just like every one else on this planet. People talk differently, write differently, and they ALL make mistakes. And yes, I might be more flawed than others, but there are others who are more flawed than me. I love my flaws, I have learned to live with them and use some of them to my advantage. To pick on one for there flaws is just heartless, as heartless as shooting a dog that just wanted to protect the human he cared for.

  • TheMsmother

    oh my God… It is time for vigilante justice

  • Rottielvr
  • Had Enough

    “The N****r Lotto – You Gotta Play To Win!”

    smh I don’t think you all are cop haters as much as you are n****r lovers.

    • Steven Schroeders

      retard :) I don’t hate cops, only the american one’s 😉 I get links daily of video’s with abuse of power 😉 like they say : “Only in America” :)

      • Had Enough

        “Only in America” do n****rs run wild with impunity because little lap dogs like you don’t want to offend your beloved pet silverbacks.

        • Steven Schroeders

          you are an idiotic person :) Just shows you that you don’t rly have a clue about what’s going to happen, those FEMA camps won’t be empty for long 😉 You might think that your an internet tough guy because i live on the other side of the planet, but i have no interest in dealing with neanderthals :) Oops, i gave you a compliment :) Texas redneck by any chance? :)

          • Had Enough

            I see now, you’re one of these ball sacks that live in some liberal European country who are too stupid to realize how blessed you are where the only black devils you see are on American television. Love diversity so much? Take a look at what has become of London. It’s a fucking war zone! Why? Because liberal f****ts like you were so eager to have a black cock flopping around in their mouths they couldn’t import the feral beasts in to GB fast enough. Now it’s starting to look like Detoilet, Ookland or Apelanta, or any other crime ridden shithole here in the states.

          • Steven Schroeders

            I am not at all liberal, the system in place is beyond repair, but they will drag it out for as long as possible so only the elite will have a say in anything, and blacks, Muslims, etc. live in harmony here you fucking racist twat, Ofc there are some bad apples in there, but generalizing like a retard isn’t doing any1 any good :) We have 1 of the highest standards of education available in the entire fucking world, social safety nets for those that can’t work, not don’t want to, but simply can not :) The problem is not the ppl, but the entire system that gives them no other choice but to become these “feral beasts”. Give any person no other choice than to live on the other side of the law, and guess what? He will live on the other side of the law, now piss off because there are too many ignorant ppl that don’t get that being narrowminded isn’t the answer :)

    • Cyberxion

      I’m guessing that you don’t talk like that offline, do you? Nah, you just post online, where the anonymity of the internet keeps you safe.

      • Had Enough

        As a matter of fact I DO voice my opinion. Unlike you, I haven’t been conditioned by the libtard media to bury my head in the sand so as not to appear *GASP!* racist. Hug my sack you little b***h.

  • mrbrockpeters

    FUCK THE POPO!!!! That was a beautiful dog!


    WTF? That guy did NOTHING WRONG!

  • Paul Adams

    Are you guys kidding me?? I would have shot that dog too if it lunged at me like that, That dog was ATTACKING at that moment. WTF was he supposed to do? Offer it a snack or place it under arrest?

    • wayfound

      Tell the guy to secure the dog before arresting him for … yea more on that later.

      • Paul Adams

        So the guy can go back to his car then its a high speed chase through cities where he could kill innocent people? Think before you speak! The cops were right. They didn’t taunt the dog, the dog jumped out of the window then jumped at the cop. Praise to the cops for hitting the dog and not accidentally shooting someone. That guy should have “secured” his dog before he walked up to the police to get arrested. He had a case pending… he was just looking for trouble and found it.

        • Geist

          Praise the cops for shooting the dog instead of a person? Are you out of your fucking mind?

        • wayfound

          The guy should have never been confronted or put in cuffs to begin with. A 52 year old guy taking some video, like everyone else in the picture, gets his dog shot because of one insecure cop.

          Write him a ticket for disorderly, or some other bogus charge to get him to leave. But putting a non violent 52 y/o guy in cuffs because the cop, or maybe a few cops, felt disrespected ??? Don’t these guys get psych evals before being handed a gun and a badge?

          They are being paid to uphold the law, not their ego’s.

    • Steven Schroeders

      you wouldn’t taunt the dog to force an act of agression would you? The officer did 😉

    • Geist

      People like you or this cop, who are so quick to pass judgement on when to open fire, should not be allowed near firearms in the first place… or sentient beings, for that matter. You are far more dangerous than that dog. So think for a moment what, according to your ideas of when it’s okay to shoot someone, would be the proper treatment for you.

  • J

    So typical to have someone associated with these unjust actions to only point out that someones grammar is wrong. The whole point of this is to show how wrong the cops actions were. Wrongfully arresting a man and completely negating his civil rights and then shooting his dog right in front of him… yeah lets focus on our grammar. fucking idiot

  • Mark

    I feel sorry for the dog but I definitely believe it is the owner of the dogs fault. Think of it from the cops point of view. They are risking their lives with a gun man inside that house and that civilian decides to stand and be as distracting as possible. I hope all dogs do go to heaven because he didn’t deserve that but the officers were probably under incredible amounts of stress. Try walking a mile (as the saying goes)

    • Ernest Crunkleton

      The cops have the Right to have another job, if they cant handle the stress and refrain from killing an animal perhaps they should find another line of employment, hopefully after being reprimanded and discharged.

  • Disgusted

    OMG outrageous!!!!! The person who said that THIS cop is nothing more than a violent sociopath is so right… who the hell could do something like this to a dog trying to run to his owner? Why didn’t you assholes make sure the dog was secured before arresting that man. What was he doing…taking pictures?He was not near you!!!….. and you waited till he was leaving? Can’t pass up a chance to ruin someone’s life , can you??? Cowardly BASTARDS!!!!!

    • Tina G

      The dog was not going to it’s owner it was jumping up to attack that officer!!! Watch it again!!!

      • Steven Schroeders

        the officer taunted the dog, the dog reacted. But hf in your soon to be police state :)

  • Disgusted

    And you cops wonder why we HATE you????

  • Tina G

    This REALLY pisses me off!! I don’t blame the police for shooting this dog as sad as it is… I am sorry… but this guy was provoking the police!! They were obviously called to control some kind of serious situation with 4 police cars parked in the middle of the street!! This guy deliberately put himself and his dog in danger when he deciede to walk the outside of the scene filming and creating a distraction… I didn’t see anyone else doing what he was doing… Even the dumb asses recording it were smart enough to keep a safe distance!! If you listen to what they are saying it’s almost like they knew this MFer was going to provoke the cops!! If you listen closely you can hear him and the police exchanging words, he put his dog in the car and walked up to the officers to surrender arrest!! Unfortunately his dog paid the price for his fucking dumb ass actions!! His Rott as a loyal protector was doing what I am sure was trained to do “Protect his master!”… Disturbing as it is… This guy put his own dog in harms way!! You gonna play the race card?? Your dog don’t know what race you are stupid fuck nor does it care!! It only knows you are it’s livelyhood and will defend and protect you to the bitter end!! You can clearly see that his dog jumped up to attack that officer then the officer pulled out his gun and shot it… I am a certified dog trainer and I know a dogs body language when a dog is about to attack!!! This dog was definately going to attack!!

    • Mark

      Finally somebody who is not a complete follower. It is good to know not all people have lost the power to observe and decipher what they are actually seeing. It is obviously the owner of the dogs fault this whole thing (other than the original stand off) happened. Have a wonderful day

      • Steven Schroeders

        taunting a dog and then when it attacks you shoot it and blame it on the owner, good for you :/

        • Mark

          ummmm taunting and risking the lives of the police and then they throw your ass in jail and risk your dogs life….good for you. The cops had to be there THEY HAD A JOB TO DO. The jackass didn’t have to be there at all. He didn’t have to taunt them, he didn’t have to turn his radio up so they couldn’t hear. Clearly his fault. If you guys can’t see that then it is another example of our school system failing and idiots just wanting to “Fight the man” “fight the power”

          • Cyberxion

            When it’s your ass on the line we’ll see if your resolve to let it happen without a fight holds up.

          • Steven Schroeders

            see, you are ignorant :) But you are probably a rich kid :) Because otherwise, if you had any intelligence, you would see how your government is screwing you over every single day :) You just don’t have a clue about how the real world works …. Btw, school is for knowledge, not intelligence :) I prefer being intelligent and not being a drone like you… “The man” is what is the essential problem in this world, they make a lot of money by screwing you over in any way possible, yet you think employees of “the man” are there to protect you… I love ignorance, makes for good trolling material :)

          • Steven Schroeders

            and btw, this could have been resolved by asking him politely to turn the volume down, didn’t think about that did you? The reason for them not asking is : They were out to get him! Then Max jumped out and the Down syndrome killer(cop) saw a chance to inflict a lot more than just an overnighter :) But hey, don’t take my word for it, do some actual fucking research :/

      • Geist

        The only part that matters – that the dog was killed – was the cop’s fault. No matter what the dogowner did or did not do – the cop pulled the trigger. No one else. Simple as that.

    • wayfound

      What about the kids who’s video you just watched?

      • Steven Schroeders

        :) They weren’t suing the police dept. Were they? You don’t know what kind of a shithole we live in do you? :)

    • Steven Schroeders

      but you don’t know human body language :) Stepping towards a dog and bending slightly over it to prove dominance wll be seen as an act of agression by the dog and ofcourse he will attack :/ and don’t tell me i can’t read body language, because i can spot a lie from a mile away just by looking at someone :/

  • CyberGenesis

    It’s funny how the fact that Cali is an All-party consent state is left out of the story entirely. Sorry about his dog, but his photography of people who hadn’t given consent actually /is/ illegal. The other side of this is it’s Cali – there isn’t another state with a better record of idiot cops doing something that ends in something(one) dead and a PR nightmare.

    • Kirstin

      Then that’s clearly something that needs to be changed. The only rule that makes sense is one-party consent. If you can hear it, or if you can see it, and if the subject doesn’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy, it should be legal. Anything else means your rights as Americans are going to get trampled on again and again and again.

    • brian schneider

      “CyberGenesis • 15 hours ago−

      It’s funny how the fact that Cali is an All-party consent state is left out of the story entirely. Sorry about his dog, but his photography of people who hadn’t given consent actually /is/ illegal.”

      No it’s not illegal. Photographing/recording in a public place where there is no expectation of privacy IS LEGAL.

  • roflmao

    it is saddening that someone would go through all this trouble to make a smear page. words are power, and you have chosen to waste them frivolously; to make an illusion that there is something here to be had. I hope one day people would be worth respecting again.

    • Cyberxion

      People are. The problem is that you’re a cynical ass. Lighten up, maybe stop sitting in the dark lamenting the human condition and venture outside. Meet people. Make friends if you’re capable. Perhaps then you’ll realize that the good apples far outnumber the bad.

  • sickofbslynner

    That poor dog died because his owner is a punk a.. bitch.

  • Joey Menendez

    At which point did the officer attempt to take control of the leash? I dont see if. If I am missing something please point it out. From this angle I see the 3rd officer approach the scene from the police car with his weapon drawn and already intent on firing.

  • Bill

    The 2nd video on this page makes it clear that the dog was not a threat to the officers. Shooting the dog was not called for. The owner of the dog was not able to control is his dog because he was handcuffed and restrained. He was pleading with the officer not to shoot. Since the man didn’t resist arrest, he should have been set free so he could restrain his dog. He could then have been arrested after the dog was safely out of danger. I hope the city of Hawthorne police department and this officer pays dearly for this totally avoidable tragedy.

    • Cyberxion

      No doubt. The dog may have had the hairs on the back of their necks raised, but from the dog’s perspective they were harming his owner. Of course he’s gonna get a little testy and try to get up in the middle of them. At no point did I see the dog lunge to bite though, so that was just a sickening overreaction on the part of the policeman who shot him.

  • Fucking Guest

    This sick fucking asshole deserves his entire family raped and killed in front of him.

    • Mark

      You have problems

  • Jake T

    I’m just really sad… This situation seems so avoidable and so unnecessary. I called both the precinct and his desk number for an explanation but it is the 4th of July.

    Something needs to happen for this, we CANNOT have Cops shooting in the streets every time a dog tries to protect its’ owner.

  • Carlos

    F*ck the police!!

  • Barking dog

    I don’t believe in humanity.

    • Cyberxion

      The problem is that you think that shit-stains like the ones who killed this guy’s dog represent all of us. They don’t. There are some pretty good people out there if you can work through the cynicism. I know that it’s hard, but it’s worth it just for the realization that the world can is awesome in spite of people like this, rather than bad because of them.

      • Barking dog

        I like individuals, but on wlarge scale humans are fucking garbage.

  • Carey Decker

    This is so wrong, how you gonna handcuff a man for nothing then shoot his dog. This cop was way out of line. He had no business! I hope they do something about that. SO SO SAD!

  • Chambacu01

    Rosby was defiant but not violent. The officers should have let him handled the dog. Brute force was used when it wasnt necessary by killing the poor dog.

  • Rek

    Should sign a petition for the Congress
    It’s not a matter of innocent dog
    It is about the police State.

  • josh

    why are cops allowed to Rule our world?,how is it we dont have rights?,WTF is wrong with our country,Why did we allow this Path to Happen?,We’ve given our freedom away by Continuing To pay Taxes to THese dumb fuks that PUT AMERICA in a Whole while they Feed their pockets..COPS HAVE BECOME THE BIGGEST GANG in america!

    • Had Enough

      LOL, grow up, little child.

  • josh

    Cops want their dogs to be treated like Humans,then So should his dog..THEY KILLED the dog for them Atttack its owner..which had every RIGHT to video tape

  • Vhunting

    Here is “the rest of the story”. The police did ask, and then order the arrested man to turn down his radio. He refused, then called them several names. Meanwhile, at the scene, the officers were listening for a “come assist call” from inside the crime scene. The man with the radio was an inconsiderate problem maker, placing a police office in potential of harms way. Later, when his untrained dog attacked the police, he had actually placed an officer in harms way.
    Lighten up. Next time you are in trouble… telephone the arrested guy to come help. do NOT call a cop.

  • adreamcatcher4u

    This is totally unacceptable!! If someone that wasn’t a cop did this they would be charged with animal cruelty!! That dog suffering and flipping all over the place until he died is wrong!!! There was no reason to shoot the dog with the owner right there. He was cooperating with the police they should of just let him control the dog. This is why i have no faith in the law!!

    • Had Enough

      Fine! Then when a groidle of feral silverbacks are breaking their way into your house at 3am DON”T CALL THE MEAN OLD POLICEMAN! Just cower under the bed, soiling yourself like the little whimpering bitch that you are, and pray you’re not gang raped and thrown in a dumpster with your throat slit. (Although experiencing “DIEversity” firsthand is the only way you libtards will be rid of your white guilt and self-loathing)

      • adreamcatcher4u

        You don’t even know me and to call me a whimpering bitch shows that you don’t know me. You want to jump all over me and look at you not even brave enough to put a picture beside you name!! I simply stated my opinion on the video as others on this thread did too!! Go find someone else to run your mouth off to!!

  • Dave in NY

    wow- I can’t believe the comments are against the police! You (man with dog) weren’t helping, so stay out of the way.. and if you think it is too much to ask you to turn your radio down, then enjoy your dead dog. Good news is you probably won’t learn a lesson and next time, it will be you that is shot. When I see a situation, even raised voices in a bar, I make my way AWAY from it.. somehow, I’ve never been in a fight, had my well being threatened or have been in trouble with the law. And when I AM harassed by the police, I cooperate and don’t talk back or, as you did sir, act confrontational. 90%+ of the ‘police brutality’ cases start with disobeying their SIMPLE instructions.. survival of the fit.

    • Cyberxion

      My first inclination was to damn you as a piece of inhuman, inhumane shit, but that was quickly replaced by the desire to pity you. For the cowardice and complacency that allows you to weather abused and harassment.

      No, the problem isn’t that you don’t have a heart, it’s that you don’t have a soul.. And I pity you.

    • Had Enough

      I am a dog lover, and yes, this vid was indeed hard to watch (I would’ve much rather had seen the feral silverback get put down instead) but you are correct. If an officer tells you to do/don’t do something – you obey. If some thug feels he’s been dissed he will at least be alive to bitch about it to the aclu. I feel sorry that this poor dog and so many others who had such stupid, arrogant owners and paid the price for that stupidity.

  • Doglover

    These cops are not the kind of people we need in law enforcement. It disgusts me how cops are able to get away with such bullying, and disgraceful behaviors. The dog owner needs to be compensated, and all the cops involved should lose their jobs. It will take a long time to recover from this major taint on the Hawthorne police dept. Cops like these incite hate towards cops in general. This dog owner also needs to be compensated for the trauma at watching his dog murdered by an overzealous officer. The public should not be quiet until this man loses his job. This is the second time I have seen this video, and I didn’t realize the first time that a former police officer was filming. Know who you vote for and why from city to country wide elections. I know this citizen will be waiting to hear about justice for Leon Rosby, and his sweet Rottweiller.

  • seamus mcdermott

    Nazis. Nothing less.

  • DoYourFuckingJob

    Their actions are way beyond legal limitations. This man was not committing any crime, and if he was? He gave himself up with no fighting, running or anything but the most respect for the officers breaking their oath to arrest him. The man simply turned around and allowed himself to be handcuffed by your Hawthorne officers. His dog did NOT attack, there are no “buts” to that statement, so stop trying to come up with reasons that the officer had ANY right to shoot his dog. The angle of this camera was right on target to where you could see exactly how the whole entire situation unfolded. Where is YOUR evidence? Let us see the film from your police cars and the officers. SHOW us that you are not committing a CRIME YOURSELF. Does the officer that shot the dog deserve to be shot or something else to get “even” with him? No. But, he does deserve to be tried in federal court for his malicious course of action. Stop picking on citizens and their animals, or others that they care about. THE PEOPLE, gave you your power that the majority of law enforcement that we’ve seen in person and on the news (obviously they don’t air everyday situations; only police brutality and high profile suspects). Stop trying to show who’s boss and do your fucking job. Thanks.

    • DoYourFuckingJob

      majority of law enforcement *abuse from what we have seen*

  • alli

    This is aboslutely disgusting and i’m astounded that this is happening. Those cops are fucking sick sons of power happy bitches. Hopefully someone takes their badges away because they are definitely not doing their job which should be protecting people, not killing innocent dogs.

  • Lars C.

    Police terrorism in the US

  • heartbroken

    WAY TO QUICK WITH THE GUN!!!!!!!!!….That could have been handled differently!!!
    GUN HAPPY!! COPS TODAY!!! That poor dog…. OMG!!………..
    Shouldn’t have been! Was only barking,
    and that’s what any dog would have done. I’m heartbroken :-( That poor baby.

  • Doglover

    Wow, seriously? i hope they got put in fucking prison for that, police/cops think they have power when they are just as bad as a prisoner.

    i hope they got what they deserved.

  • joey

    Those cops are a bunch of pussies on a power trip.

  • Martin Šťovíček

    This website is so stupid. Read the press release! The police are encouraging people to submit their footage to aid with this investigation.

    About the perimeter, I have no idea if the officers are obligated to mark it out with a ribbon. Although if they communicated the boundaries to the bystanders, then any person with common sense should realize that that’s sufficient. Of course some people are stupid and think that nothing will happen if they come closer than the freaking wall of people standing behind them.

    You know, to me everyday, it gets more and more logical that the police have the rights to arrest you when you’re not complying with these simple requests. There are laws in place that should stop you from being obstrusive and that day, they were correctly exercised. It’s for these stupid retards who think they can just stroll anywhere they please.

    It’s sad that the dog is dead, but his owner is to blame.

  • jon doe

    These MF’ers need to be shoot themselves. They are nothing more then corporate thug criminal drones with a license to kill and murder any thing or anyone they set their sites on including the bastards who hire and train these criminals in uniform.

  • catherine todd

    This is so sad. Literally brought tears to my eyes. Those damned police need to be shot themselves. They did not need to kill the dog! They could have let the owner put him back in the car and rolled up the window. These policeman are sadists and nothing better than thugs. They need to be fired and jailed themselves. And get shot a few times for a taste of their own medicine! NAZIS. POLICE STATE.

  • sunshine677

    The guy was an idiot to put his dog in danger. Everyone else was complying with the police request, the guy was deliberately trying to provoke the police. How horrifying that the poor dog was the one to pay with his life.

  • Grant Moxham

    look, this comes off as the police throwing a tantrum over someone videotaping them, then when, to their disappointment, he is COMPLETELY co-operative and lets them arrest him, decide to “punish” him by killing his dog, then have the fucking GALL to charge him. it seems to be intended to send this message: ” try to record us doing something, and we’ll kill you, or your family or pets. fuck off, citizen” it doesn’t even matter if that IS the case, that’s what a lot of people are thinking. whatever those officers where thinking and intended, it LOOKS like they are trying to intimidate people into recording them doing anything.

  • royalspirit

    We should amend laws and limit police powers otherwise they will abuse it. It is not true that taking video or photography will affect police work and duties. It is just their alibi. To much police power will put public safety at risk. There should be a balance of power between the people and the police after all the authority and power comes from the people and we pay them from our taxes. They are liable to us. When they commit human rights violation, they are violating the law when they are suppose to uphold the law.

  • Glenn Festog

    Every state that has passed concealed carry legislation has had reductions in crime, cops don’t need legislation to conceal carry, therefore its armed citizens who reduce crime. Dumb-ass.

  • Maria Garcia-Eggly


  • WyrdestGeek

    Well this is two years late now, but the info you were looking for can be found here:

  • phuq obama

    In this case I think the cops are in the right. This dumb nigger pulls up with music blaring, they axe him to turn it down but he disregards and purposely causes an issue. Rottweilers are very dangerous dogs and the fact that he did not secure his dog says something as well. Yeah cops can be thugs but in this case they are trying to handle an armed robber who may have hostages yet this dumb ass nigga thinks he can just play stupid. He is as Chris Rock defines a “Nigger”. Not a Black Person.

  • phuq obama

    No that dumb ass nigga should have secured his dog in the car and turned down his music like he was axed to do. Sometimes the cops be in the right. Plus they was handl’n some other dumb ass mutha fuck’n nigga who robbed some niggas of they shit.