Nevada Cops Arrest Man for Criticizing their Parking before Seizing Cameras from Witnesses


Law enforcement officers pounced on a man with a camera who was openly criticizing their parking habits outside a Nevada casino before pouncing on another man video recording the first altercation, seizing both cameras as “evidence” before turning to a couple of other witnesses and seizing their cameras as well.

Today, three months later, none of the cameras have been returned, but the man who was arrested has obtained footage from two of the four seized cameras as discovery as he prepares for his trial.

The man, who goes by MrMike Smith on Facebook, said the incident took place April 7 in Stateline, Nevada and involved Douglas County sheriff deputies and South Lake Tahoe police.

He is facing two counts of obstruction and expects to go to trial next month.

You can see his video at the top and will probably agree that he came across very obnoxious, not to mention he would not hold his phone in the horizontal position to record in landscape mode.

But that still didn’t give the cops the right to arrest him and take his camera.

And it gave them even less right to seize cameras from the witnesses, including the one in the video below.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • mm2kay

    I am pretty sure he was arrested for filming the wrong way on a cellphone. Let’s give the cops a benefit of the doubt. 😮

    • MongoLikesCandy

      I won’t knock people for holding it the wrong way. My iPhone fits discreetly into a shirt pocket so I can record without drawing attention. It makes for poor viewing but documenting illegal behavior will likely bring on an illegal arrest. Better bad footage than no footage.

      • Difdi

        So get a wide-angle lens for it.

  • Proud GrandPa

    Another embarrassing series of videos not by a photog but by a cop-hater. Was the charge really for obstruction as charged or was it angering LEOs? Here are some legal questions based upon the video:
    Carlos, are there no more and examples of police officers’ arrest law-abiding citizens taking photos of cops? If the only photos are these of cop-haters acting disorderly and maybe drunk or on drugs picking a fight, then we have won already.
    Is there any law in Nevada requiring cops to tape off an area in order ro demand a drunk move away from their cars?
    Did a passerby complain to the cops about the photog’s annoying people outside a casino parking garage?
    Did the cops have deliberately block in the parking garage to prevent another criminal from escaping?
    Should the charge have been disorderly conduct or public drunkenness?
    Would the photog have mouthed-off like this sober?
    If photography were a crime, why weren’t the other photogs arrested?
    Maybe the drunk who yelled that he hated cops, yelled at passersby, and yelled at cops really did something worthy of arrest.
    Why didn’t the cops just arrest the man at first contact? Why did they merely order him to leave the area?
    What problems does the photog have such as drug use, drunkenness, mental illness, and prior arrests?
    Is this kind of behavior lawfully-protected free speech in the USA? I doubt it. Any opinions, attorneys or LEOs?

    • $910553

      You make the choice rather easy for the upcoming festivities.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Huh? Well, that’s encouraging. What are the answers? Wish I knew. Thanks, Mat.

    • Herbert Napp

      My opinion is that you are biased. I’ve read your stuff here before. I know a -lot- of LEOs and agree with some of what you say but your overall tones and implications here are ludicrous.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Yes, I am biased. I like police and law. I also like freedom of speech and religion and freedom of the press including photography. There is no contradiction here. I believe that most police want to protect and serve, not compensate for inadequacies by bullying victims.


        Another of my biases is patriotism, free enterprise, and love of family. I suppose I have many more, but so what? One should debate the content of speech after admitting bias. Perhaps we all have a little bias, eh?


        • IceTrey

          The SCOTUS has ruled the police don’t have a duty to protect anyone.

        • JdL

          I like police and law.

          And apparently you have no glimmer of understanding as to what an oxymoron those five words represent. Cops nowadays, with very few exceptions, represent a criminal gang of brutal thugs who have zero respect for laws, natural or otherwise. You might as well say, “I like murderers and saints.”

          • Proud GrandPa

            I must respectfully disagree with your opinion of law enforcement. In the USA most police are basically honest and decent people. They have almost always treated me well personally. Those whom I know as friends are my kind of people… good, trustworthy, and dependable.
            I am sorry that you are judging the majority by the sins and crimes of a minority.

          • n4zhg

            When the “majority” allow the bad apples to continue as bad apples, they themselves become part of the problem.

    • Fotaugrafee

      Did you ask ONE question that really supported the cause, or still sucking the teat of the gendarmes (as usual)?

    • Fotaugrafee

      Oh, and FWIW, it’s kind of easy to be a cop-hater AND a photographer considering they don’t really have any respect for us and their lack of “privacy” when performing duties in an openly public venue.

      • Proud GrandPa

        May I suggest a way to ameliorate? Forgive.
        If cops have beaten you or stolen your camera, forgive them. And then go the extra mile and build helpful relationships with your local police.
        Sign up for a ride-along with the locals. Introduce yourself and bring them a treat (not donuts please), and buy the officer a meal for break time. Let him see your human face and heart. He/she will come to regard you as a feeling, caring person like him/herself. And who knows…
        You might come to see an officer as someone human and a potential friend. You’d both gain from that.

        • davdahal

          Maybe we shouldn’t have to ply the police with gifts of food? Maybe…just maybe…they should treat citizens like citizens because it’s their job.

          Pardon my wild ideas.

          • Proud GrandPa

            A wild idea, true, but effective. I did not always think so, and was eager to start lawsuits. But several wiser people over the years showed me a better way.
            What is the goal you want to achieve? Is it to win money in court? Hardly. Rather it is to safeguard freedom.
            Here is how this worked. A private Christian school was the subject of a police investigation. The charges were unfounded and later tossed, but on had to deal with police in the school right now. What do you suppose the wise principle did? Call the lawyer?
            She invited the officers in, gave them freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk, and answered their questions. Needless to say she won their hearts and one LEO even sent his child to the school!
            Same can happen for photogs. Show love and kindness. Forgive. LEOs want to do what is right. Help them.

          • WithinThisMind

            If they ‘wanted to do what was right’, then all they need to do is what is right. They don’t need to go out of their way to abuse. This is a case in which doing the right thing would have been much easier, so why didn’t they?

          • Proud GrandPa


            Maybe this answers your question as to why the officers just did not do the right thing:

            They may have done the right thing. It is not a slam dunk wrong as you seem to assume.


            Let’s address these questions to see why the LEOs thought they were doing right:

            I am not sure that the officers broke their oath in this case. The issue is not so much with content but with time, place, and manner and with threating movements and disorderly conduct.

        • WithinThisMind

          Why does this ‘forgiveness’ shit always only go one way? Why should I ‘forgive’ the cop abusing my civil rights, when he clearly isn’t willing to ‘forgive’ my existing? I pay my taxes, I’m already buying his food, house, clothing, gas, video games, etc… Why do I have to kiss up just to get treated like a human being?

          Any cop that doesn’t by default regard me as a feeling, caring person, ‘like himself’ isn’t worth my time, because I don’t make time for assholes.

    • ProCop

      Is being a cop-hater illegal? Not saying it’s right but the officer is suppose to enforce the law and not his ego.

      • Proud GrandPa

        True, being a hater of anything is not illegal. This is America.
        Yet there are regulations on free speech called time, place, and manner restrictions. I wonder if there are judgment calls allowed based upon sobriety, decibel level, time of day or evening, fighting words, physically threatening movements, and public intoxication.
        Appreciate help here in sorting this out by the law and the Constitution. Let thoughtful dialog continue. Thanks for posting,ProCop.
        On the other hand suppose the LEOs in fact overstepped their bounds at first but later were justified seconds later. I wonder what the bounds of the law are.

    • JdL

      What problems does the photog have such as drug use, drunkenness, mental illness, and prior arrests?

      I’d ask that question about the cops involved. Of course, for “prior arrests”, substitute “prior criminal behavior, excused by professional courtesy.”

      Grandpa, you have dropped your Christian, love-everybody facade and we now see you reduced to screaming “cop-hater”. You might do better by addressing the (very valid) reasons that people loathe and distrust police.

      • Proud GrandPa


        List to the first video again. The photog himself claims to be a cop-hater. These are his own words. Thank you for pointing this out. Perhaps others missed his statement.
        My personal Jewish-Christian love causes me to seek justice and love mercy. In this case I reviewed my original post and cannot see that my question about the photog is unreasonable. Surely you agree that his volume and word choices indicate cop hate and realistically raise questions about intoxication and drugs.
        As for the officers they are always under scrutiny as they should be. Sadly some cops depend upon alcohol as a legal drug to cover personal pain. They have my compassion… as do cop-haters. Show them both mercy.


    • Difdi

      No one ever needed solid, constitutional protections to say exactly what people want to hear or to act as they want you to act.

      I find it hard to be sympathetic for someone who put his hand on a Bible, swore an oath to his God and then broke it. I wonder why such a man is a figure of sympathy for you.

      • Proud GrandPa

        I am not sure that the officers broke their oath in this case. The issue is not so much with content but with time, place, and manner and with threating movements and disorderly conduct. No one was arrested for photography since the other photogs were not arrested for it. They did not participate in the unlawful behavior.
        If the photog had spoken to a third party about politics or religion or taxes in the same tone and volume, do you agree he would not have been arrested? Probably not. I also believe he would not have been arrested for speaking about the police cars to a third party and not moving toward the police. See the difference?
        I would never defend breaking the law or breaking one’s word… whether under oath or not. My sympathy is for a police officer who may be justified and falsely accused here. We shall see.

        • Dealer04

          I totally agree, if a job is hard, then they should get a free pass, and no one has a right to criticize them. One should walk a day in the shoes of a Nazi before they judge a Nazi, right? One should truly understand the life experience of a pedophile or child rapist before casting judgment too. We really shouldn’t be so harsh on people who stalk or harass people, if they have a hard life. One will never understand what a Nazi or rapist has to go through day in and day out, so therefore, it’s stupid for people to criticize them. It cracks me up too.

          Also, it is very hard to be a doctor. They have to go through 12 years of regular schooling, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency, and sometimes fellowship, and they work some terrible hours. Therefore, when they kill people, or rape their patients I don’t think they should be criticized. I also think they should get special protections from the law when they rape patients and kill people because their job is so hard. It’s just not fair.

          Life is so hard for doctors and cops. In fact, they really should be allowed to rape, kill, steal, stalk or harass more people, and pretty much do whatever they want. And if everyone just had the life experience to understand where they are coming from, I’m sure they’d agree with people like you and me.

          • Proud GrandPa

            Thanks for a creative reply, Todd. Yet I believe your interesting reply omits one important factor: What if the LEOs in this video acted in compliance with the law?
            As for understanding criminals and sympathizing etc., that is irrelevant in determining whether the LEOs have violated a law. In this case a good argument can be made that they have not.

    • $58984987

      All legit questions.
      But still does not justify the cop later putting his hands on the other person that was filming the first camera man’s arrest from across the road and then confiscating his camera.
      That was clearly not justifiable and illegal.

      • Proud GrandPa

        How about that, law students. Is it true that LEOs may confiscate cameras as evidence of a crime?


        If the people across the street had been network newsies, what then? Would the police have taken the camera? By the same reasoning that should be evidence as well. What do the courts say? I think they allow it. Or do police require a search warrant?


        What if the civilian across the street had refused to provide the camera and demanded a warrant first? What does the law require and what does the law allow?

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          It depends.

          A lot depends on the jurisdiction, and what their law is (both statutory and common law). BTW there is no nationwide common law, it is specific to each jurisdiction.

          Generally, it may be seized as evidence if there are exigent circumstances, such as a suspicion that the evidence will be destroyed or unavailable if not seized.

          I personally would not seize it under such circumstances, but that’s because it is a misdemeanor offense. Rather I would give the individual a choice. Allow me to download a copy from the SD card (I carried an adapter in my squadcar) or email it to me. I would explain that this would prevent me from having to seize the phone. It always worked.

  • juan santana

    Wow wow wow

  • harry balzanya

    This is a great example of a American who does not care enough about his rights to properly assert them. I will bet the other cameras were taken consensualy with lawfully phrased coercion. I bet the others did not know or care enough to know the rights they possess.
    If the goverment can portray everyone fighting for first amendment rights on the street as just like this guy they will win. The mob suckling fear mongering bublefuck law makers will take this video and run with it.
    Carlos please use your editorial discresion.

    • harry balzanya

      I appreciate the poster named pete whoposted it in the forums provided.I dont think its good for your message Carlos on the main page.

      • pete

        Hey Harry. No worries. I forwarded the video to Carlos and posted it on the forum in the event Carlos didn’t think it was worthy of front page news. I like to dig around YouTube for some reason. 😉

        • harry balzanya

          Thanks for finding it pete

          • pete

            Any time! My wife thinks I’m nuts. LOL.

  • Ray186

    Both camera guys have just won the lawsuit lottery.

    • Peaceful Streets

      If only that were the case. Most victims of police abuse are lucky to just have their charges dropped.

  • Alejo

    wow… this is getting out of control

  • Lee


    Any chance you can start linking to the video, as well as embedding it? Frequently, the embedded videos fail to load, and I can’t figure out the youtube link to go watch them for myself.

  • peck2

    Way past time to stop using cameras and start using guns against these costumed revenue thief thugs. A few years back I was arrested and charged with several counts of aggravated assault for defending myself in my home against a drunken violent intruder. 12 out of 13 involved LEO’s lied under oath against me. I was acquitted of all charges. In my book…ALL cops are nothing but targets.

  • G Seim –

    Call them folks… Douglas County Sheriff in NV, (775) 782-9900 – South Lake Tahoe Police Department, (530) 542-6100.

    The man was being a bozo, but that does not excuse the officers actions here and certainly does not excuse the assault of whiteness and theft of evidence.

    • Ron

      This is why you should never let it sit for months. Post your vids up on this site immediately and get timely action taken.

      • Big Bubba Bumpa

        If you are so big on filming cops and protecting your videos why not purchase the phones that allow instant stream upload as you film? That way it is already on the net before they get their hands on the phone. Nothing they can do. Lock the phone and don’t give them the password. Video is safe and live as it happens.
        Just curious, that is what I would do if I was so inclined to filming cops.

  • Peaceful Streets

    Another story of a coward cop that doesn’t like to be filmed or criticized for believing that badges grant extra rights.

  • Nevada WatchDog

    See more on this story

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Does the site do any writing of its own, or do they just reblog everything? The article there is a reblog of the post here.

      • $58984987

        Are you the PINAC police?

        Just asking.
        Because it seems like you are posting often to others like a cop walks a beat.
        Is there limited space here?
        Does it take up too much of the bandwidth.
        Does commentary have to pass some unknown and invisible set of arbitrary criteria set by you in order for it to be posted without scrutiny or criticism?
        If, so where is this list? Perhaps it should be posted in its entirety and publicly.
        Would save you some time perhaps and taper off the neurosis instead of patrolling the comments.

        Some may even be more comfortable with that instead of having your cold nose stuck breathing up the crack of their asses while you are tailgating them up the rear in these instances.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          Why, because I asked a question?

          He answered it. I wanted to know if it was all reblogs or not. There’s nothing wrong with it if it is, I was just curious. I will reblog occasionally, when I see a post elsewhere that I like.

          • $58984987

            The “why” I specifically addressed in my post.
            It is already right there in front of you for you to read.
            What is with the redirecting tangent?
            You think I was addressing one brief micro-moment of your presence here or just one question?

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            It wasn’t really a reply to you, it was more for the others that read the comments.

            I really don’t care what you think.

      • Nevada WatchDog
  • $58984987

    The camera guy is surely an immature ass.
    But that is not against the law, but perhaps not a wise way to behave in such situations.
    Is it really a big deal when you have multiple units on a call that a cop parks illegally or blocks a street when their lights are flashing?
    Certainly not big enough to pace around frantically and froth at the mouth about while protesting like a rabid animal.

    Now the cops asking him to leave because it was a crime scene was not consistent due to the many pedestrians that had walked that very sidewalk. So that was a BS claim. But perhaps they had just decided to make it a crime scene at that moment and had to act.
    In this instance the camera guy could have crossed the road where the cop cars were parked and probably got an even better camera angle from a safer distance. But Cujo didn’t think to take that option.

    But in usual fashion, the cops show their tyrannical, fascist underbelly when confiscating other people’s cameras…as evidence.

    • Big Bubba Bumpa

      Just trying to get him out of the way and to stop acting like a moron. The other people weren’t being complete ass-hats. The second guy was being cool too, even seemed like the cop was being cool to him for the moment before the phone went all out of frame.

      • Jase

        Seriously being cool?
        The cop told him to finish filming the arrest and then hand over his camera/phone.
        Would you be cool with that?

        • Proud GrandPa

          Is this the law in America? May an officer seize a video camera at the crime scene as evidence when he knows the video holds evidence?
          If that is the law and approved by the courts, then there is no violation of law or of rights here. Does anyone know the law?

          • Jase

            No comment on the legality of it, simply debating if it is “being cool” to tell someone hey finish filming that and then turn in your camera.
            That is being a asshat.
            Being cool would be saying hey I need a copy of that video.
            Notice in the story, it says NONE of them have had their property returned.
            If the police confiscated your cellphone that would leave you with the choice to go without for how ever long they decide to keep it, or buy a new one for hundreds of dollars.
            According to the ACLU: “Police officers may not generally confiscate or demand to view your
            photographs or video without a warrant. If you are arrested, the
            contents of your phone may be scrutinized by the police, although their
            constitutional power to do so remains unsettled. In addition, it is
            possible that courts may approve the seizure of a camera in some
            circumstances if police have a reasonable, good-faith belief that it
            contains evidence of a crime by someone other than the police themselves
            (it is unsettled whether they still need a warrant to view them).”
            So the courts still have not decided if they need a warrant to even see what is on your phone once you are arrested. So without a warrant there is no legal basis to confiscate a phone.
            Lastly, do they really need to confiscate a video of this “crime”?

          • Heyoka

            This is a custody situation, the chain of custody is broken if the object of the video has control of the video. The officer has entered into a situation of “conflict of interest”. If he is the subject of the video for unlawful acts, turning over the camera and the video destroys the chain of custody and the evidence potential of the video. This has nothing to do with crime scene evidence. If that were so the cops could seize the people who even looked at the scene. A photo is simply recording a scene the same as writing it down… “…secure in their papers persons and effects”… 4th Amendment. Cameras are neither illegal or contraband, they are the personal effects of the owner. Funny how the exclusionary rule has no stated exemption in the 4th Amendment. Stealthy encroachment is the key here. There is no authorization expressly stated in the Constitution that grants the government the right to restrict any amendment. Since the courts operate as an Article III Branch of government that includes the courts. Read Hamilton’s statement in Federalist Paper 84. It contains an in depth statement on how enumerating rights in a bill of rights would afford those disposed to usurp a plausible pretext.

            Then go look in the mirror and say DUH!!!

            Do ya think the police give evidence back to criminals when they ask for it??? Stupid questions…. Can’t believe how gullible people actually are. Years of Adam 12 and Cops have done their job…. Did you folks ever think how desensitized these things make us and how “elite” the cops are seemingly portrayed???? Guess what the Federalist Papers discussed this in 1787. Yep times have indeed changed people are stupider now….

            Ignorance may be excused by a beneficent government but it is prosecuted by a tyrant… Stop being ignorant. If you people would inform yourselves these wanna be lords would be laughed off the public forum for even suggesting such BS. One last word from Lincoln:

            “We must prevent these things being done, by either congresses or courts — The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both Congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it —”

            One last question is who is “we”???? Rhetorical I agree. It did not say whine to the tyrants to change, it did not say crawl on your hands and knees to plead you case to you servants, it did not say curl up and sob, it said “We must prevent….”. Get off you butts and call you rep night and day and your senator, get informed so you can call them on their stuff without being led on a merry chase on why the get to disregard the Constitution. The Declaration of Resolves, the Declaration of Independence, Elliot’s Debates, Volume IV by Madison, the Federalist Papers and the Constitution are all available on line in pdf form so you can do searches. The only one to blame is yourself if you do not. Others have given their blood for these things are so morally deficit as not to afford your time to your own freedom???? God forbid….

          • Proud GrandPa


            You wrote, ” It contains an in depth statement on how enumerating rights in a bill of rights would afford those disposed to usurp a plausible pretext.

            Isn’t that conditional upon something else? Ought not there to be a plausible alternative explaination for the behavior that caused the arrest?


            I suspect there are others here who won’t consider the possibility that there are lawful limits to other free speech such as time, place, and manner limits?


            I agree that our gov’t has become tyrannical and over-regulated. We should oppose these acts of tyranny. In my personal beliefs I tend to agree with you and lean toward individual rights and individualism as opposed to collectivism and big gov’t.


  • Deez Nuts

    “16-2 Applicability of chapter – Exempt vehicles.

    A. The provisions of this chapter regulating the operation, parking and standing of vehicles shall not apply to vehicles operated by the police or fire department any public ambulance or any public utility vehicle or any private ambulance, which public utility vehicle or private ambulance has qualified as an authorized emergency vehicle, when any vehicle mentioned in this section is operated in the manner specified by the State Vehicle Code in response to an emergency call.”

    Yeah, those cops are dickheads for parking like that! AREN’T WE FREE IN AMERICA?!

    • Proud GrandPa

      So the police were legally parked and the photog was mistaken. That leaves the issue of the photog’s words and deeds. Even if he is wrong, can the police order him to leave the area? I think so, if his behavior is disorderly.

      • IceTrey

        I don’ think he was pissed off because he thought the cop was parked illegally but because he blocked the driveway.

  • JustaVetSailorfromPennsylvania

    Just yet another case of the Badged Uniformed Fascists Thugs having no respect for citizens or for their rights of citizens. They beat people, steal property, kidnap and then throw him into a cage. A Police State is we are quickly becoming.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Do you have that statement saved so you can just cut and paste? Instead of actually contributing something relevant to the article?

      Not that it matters, I’m just curious.

      • JdL

        Do you have that statement saved so you can just cut and paste? Instead of actually contributing something relevant to the article?

        Why don’t you apply that query to yourself?

        At least, for once, you didn’t try to goad the commenter into picking up a gun and shooting cops. I guess I should be grateful!

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          Since I’ve never encouraged anyone to shoot anyone, much less an officer, I would recommend a remedial reading class. Then you would truly have a reason to be grateful.

  • steveo

    Not sure where the two counts of obstruction came from. In FL, a person can only be charged with one count, no matter how many leos say they were obstructed or how many times. Can’t think of the case right now, I’ll look it up. Obstruction is always the favorite charge of leos toward the untermenchen or the sub-humans that make up videographers and skateboarders and defense attorneys.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Failure to leave and then resisting, most likely.

      • Proud GrandPa

        What legal basis did the LEOs have for the order to leave?


        Do the police have to mark off an area with tape first?


        What does the law require to justify an order to leave? Is it lawful to refuse to leave when the LEOs have no reason to order one to leave?

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          Don’t know, wasn’t there and it’s not apparent from the video.

          • Proud GrandPa

            Thanks. That’s why my original post here raised so many questions. We have the forum’s cop-haters quoting their usual, automatic canned hate for all occasions. I know most issues are not so simple and black and white.
            We need more information.

          • ts

            just like religion, We need more information or Proof.

          • Proud GrandPa

            And as with faith we need new information to learn. We live by moral principles and the laws of God and of man, which brings us to my questions on this thread. How might a law-abiding, moral photog honor those in authority and obey the law while photographing? Did the photog in this case violate the law? Let us have facts.


            I respect ExCopLawStu’s intelligent comments. I also respect his admitting the limits of his knowledge.
            Thanks, ts, for bringing up the matter of faith in this context. I had not intended to do except as a reference to my personal background. Your direct reference is refreshing. Glad to read you.

  • Sam Cole

    no there both going to a Fema camp

  • Mike

    another case of some loser who got bullied through high school… so he became a cop

  • ccbarrpics

    I went to UNDERDOGTAHOE’s youtube page and viewed a number of his videos. There is one video that attempts to explain how MRMIKE got into filming the police which I found informative. Here is the link to that:

    Anyhow, from his videos, I do not find him to be a cop-hater. In fact in one of his videos where he is protesting the police, he reminds his own son, who also had been filming and interacting with the police, that there are good cops. Does not sound like a cop-hater to me.

    • ccbarrpics

      I do want to add that I am fully aware of him saying that he hates cops in the video on this page. I’m just adding in that in another video on his youtube page where he is calm, he does not say he hates all cops, but rather that he has anger over how some police treated him.

  • Peter Dalton

    For Christ’s sake you idiots!
    The president has cameras watching every move he makes, he’s not afraid, why are you?
    This gang mentality has to stop. I know its all because of the unions power to sway judges, it’s criminal, cops do suck, big time. There are 700,000 police abuse cases on file, and only one percent is investigated. Now we can collect own proof. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT… IDIOTS!

  • MattBracken

    Welcome to the USSA, comrades! Tip your hat and bend your knee as the Stasi swagger by, and they may not notice you.

  • stacky512a

    sue them over and over and over and over

  • Pissed Off

    Just another episode in their unceasing war against cameras.

  • J Dubya

    Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock……….

    You can “feel” it coming, can’t you? Corrupt authority constantly squeezing and pushing and spying and violating……

    Critical mass has almost been achieved.

    Are we going to knuckle under, roll over and piss ourselves OR break it off in their asses?

    It’s time to decide and find your RESOLVE.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock………

  • Nevada WatchDog

    the latest with Mr Mike like the story below from Mike Lake Tahoe Cop Watchers facebook:

    On July 4th we tried to stop some dude from beating up his girl on the strip Saturday. Long story short we got jumped with belt-buckles and a knife. I got stabbed in the back of the head and split open my skull, Wife and nephew as well as two locals got %@!$ed up. I got hospitalized and released today about 1.


    Kudos deputies. Kudos.

    We are Cop Watchers but we are not your enemies and you have proven as much. We respect your doing your duty even for those you do not like.

    Thanks for keeping me around a little longer. The knife had penetrated through my skull and barley missed hitting my brain. I could not have taken much more when Rodriguez tackled the largest one and his fellow deputies rounded up the rest.

    We are all for the just law. We thank you.

    Just so you know I am still Mike though, we do not agree with the unconstitutional checkpoint at the summit on the 4th.

    Thanks Deputies. I owe you one.


    • Proud GrandPa

      Thanks for a great post. Your words are mature, conciliatory, and balanced.
      It is easier for a DA or LEO to consider your criticism when they know you and know you respect them and care. Several thousand years ago a king wrote that the wounds of a friend (meaning a friend’s criticism) are easy to take to heart. Pardon my paraphrase.
      Citizens should photography police and other branches of gov’t. The light of day helps keep us all honest.

  • Nevada WatchDog

    Hi Carlos:

    Here is another video of Mr. Mike getting arrested in Carson City for “cop blocking”

    I just found your awesome website with the story about my friend Mr. Mike AKA Mike Barnhart from Tahoe. Here is your link

    I started a blog about Nevada and South Lake Tahoe police / government corruption based on my experience. see and

    This was shot at one of our ANTI corruption protests featuring the “worlds largest crime scene banner”:

  • gg allison

    He should not have been arrested. Other citizens were walking in the “crime zone” while he was being assaulted. They were not arrested?

    that being said it really was unfair and not warranted to criticize their parking jobs when their emergency lights are on. If they werent responding to a call and parked like that they deserve criticism but for a lights on situation I wouldnt be so quick to judge.

  • Deep Space

    Ho hum. More Traitorous, Oath-Breaking PIGS that need to be Arrested, Tried & EXECUTED.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Ho hum. You first.

      • $58984987

        Their time is coming. No worries.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          LOL, we already know that you don’t have any moral compunction against murder, based on your post in the Pennsylvania thread.

  • ebola131

    To Protect and Serve…now a joke.
    Are you a citizen or a subject?
    Publish their names, addresses, car make model, plate, wife and kids photos.
    Put them on the same plane as the People.
    They are not the military.


  • Vil

    If a pig ever demands your property, tell them that they have to take it from your cold dead hands.