Florida Bar Bouncers Caught on Video Attacking Customers; Police Show Up and Arrest Customers (Updated VII)

Two men were viciously attacked by bouncers in a Fort Lauderdale bar over the weekend in an incident caught on video.

However, when one of the men returned to the scene to explain to police what had taken place, he was arrested on charges of assault on an officer and disorderly conduct.

That video is not available at this time, if there is even one, but there is no question the two bouncers should have been arrested as well.

In fact, there is a strong chance that Alexander Coelho, the man who was punched and kicked in the head by one of the bouncers, did not do anything remotely close to what police blame him for, going down as another example of why we should never depend on the police for anything.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the most aggressive bouncer is applying to become a cop because he obviously has what it takes.

Unless a bullied bar patron puts a bullet in him first.

The video was posted on Instagram and the story the story was picked up by the Broward New Times. The quote is from Victoria Silva and not Mary Ann Crespo as was noted in the New Times story (Silva contacted me to set the record straight):

“This is a video of my friend Stephanie & her boyfriend, Alex. They were at Blondies yesterday, got a drink they didn’t like, asked for a new one (offering to pay for both) & then got verbally attacked by the bartender. When they asked the security guys at the door for the manager, this is what happened! I hope they sue Blondies and the employees get arrested! If I lived in Florida, Blondies would never get a penny from me ever again! This is horrible & disgusting. Please help them & share this video. It could’ve happened to anyone of you out for your Sunday Funday.”

According to sources, when the alleged victim, Alexander Coelho, returned to the scene to try to explain to the cops how he had been treated by the Dirty Blondes security guards, Coelho was arrested on two charges, battery on an officer and disorderly conduct. Friends of Coelho say he and another victim in the incident are “both nice and not the type of kids to start problems with bouncers.”

When contacted regarding the incident, Dirty Blondes management declined comment.

Here is the number Fort Lauderdale police list on their website to “report a crime:” (954) 828-5700. Maybe we can urge them to arrests the bouncers who clearly committed battery on the patrons.

And here is the Facebook page to Dirty Blondes, the bar where this took place.

UPDATE: After getting slammed with negative comments on its Facebook page, Dirty Blonde’s began deleting the comments before offering the following statement:

We deeply regret the matter, which occurred at Dirty Blondes at approximately 7:00pm on Sunday, July 28.

This is by all accounts was an isolated incident, resulting when four patrons, two males and two females, were repeatedly asked to leave the bar.

While we do not condone the actions displayed in the 15-second video circulating, no further statements on what led up to, during or after the incident ensued will be issued until we review the matter internally with all parties involved.

The two men involved in the matter were subsequently arrested, one for pushing an officer after the incident, the other for returning to the property an hour later. At this time, no charges were made against any members of the staff, and management has pledged to cooperate with authorities should an investigation take place.

Management would however like to offer a sincere apology to patrons and those who bore witness to the unfortunate event while enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

Dirty Blonde’s (954) 728-9801

Email: DirtyBlondes@ItsBetterOnTheBeach.com

Website: http://www.itsbetteronthebeach.com

UPDATE II: PINAC reader Seth pointed out another video, posted below, from 2010 where a Dirty Blonde’s security punched a patron, but this one seems like it was an all-out fight, unlike the most recent one.

There is also a discussion on Reddit about the incident where somebody posted Coelho’s mugshot.

Alexander Coelho


UPDATE III: A Facebook page titled Boycott Dirty Blondes’ has emerged and is asking if anybody has the names of the bouncers involved. At this time, the page has 154 likes, but that’s about to increase quickly as a lot of people down here are outraged at what they’ve seen in the video.

UPDATE IV: Another video has emerged that shows Fort Lauderdale police arresting the two men. The video is short but it doesn’t show any assault on a police officer and it surely doesn’t show any resistance.



UPDATE V: The most aggressive bouncer in the video has been identified as Kris Thomas, according to the Boycott Dirty Blondes newly created Facebook page, which now has 397 likes and growing fast. There is also a LinkedIn page belonging to a Kris Thomas who lists his occupation as a bouncer at Dirty Blondes. He apparently also had a Facebook page but has since removed it, according to Boycott Dirty Blondes.


Kris Thomas

Kris Thomas2

The bouncer who initiated the attack by walking up behind one of the men and placing him in a chokehold, pictured left below, has been identified as Jovan Tut Dean and is said to be the lead bouncer. Below that picture is a screenshot from his Facebook page.

Jovan Tut Dean2
Jovan Tut Dean


The third bouncer has been identified as Michael Colon, according to the Boycott Dirty Blondes Facebook page, which has been getting its information from a multitude of people in the community who are outraged over the video.


Michael Colon


Michael Colon2


UPDATE VI: The mainstream media is jumping aboard this story with a short little blurb identifying the second man arrested as David Parker.

UPDATE VII: There is a fourth bouncer that needs to be identified. He can be seen at the very end punching David Parker out. This is the best image we have of him.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • tiny

    that a sleeper hold or what, lucky no on capped his ass for that punk move! come up from behind and WTF? then that other punk ass punching the other dude on the floor? wtf is that shit about? the security officer gave a statement or what, would love to see that. post it carlos when it comes out. that SO could very well lose his license for that shit!

  • http://hlwp.org Texas Killdozer

    Good grief. It looks like that bar is going to have a new owner soon.

  • NAX

    Immediately posted the link to the video on their Facebook excuse like 1 minute after they put it up.

    Love how they blame the guy getting punched in the face more than their staff.

    • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

      Well, he’s obviously a really bad guy if the police arrested him, right?

      • Dave B.

        This can’t be a serious question.

        • jp

          It was sacasm

          • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

            Thank you, JP.

  • Seth Levy

    From their Facebook page:
    “We deeply regret the matter, which occurred at Dirty Blondes at approximately 7:00pm on Sunday, July 28.
    This is by all accounts was an isolated incident, resulting when four patrons, two males and two females, were repeatedly asked to leave the bar.

    While we do not condone the actions displayed in the 15-second video circulating, no further statements on what led up to, during or after the incident ensued will be issued until we review the matter internally with all parties involved.

    The two men involved in the matter were subsequently arrested, one for pushing an officer after the incident, the other for returning to the property an hour later. At this time, no charges were made against any members of the staff, and management has pledged to cooperate with authorities should an investigation take place.

    Management would however like to offer a sincere apology to patrons and those who bore witness to the unfortunate event while enjoying their Sunday afternoon.”

    Sounds like they are sticking by their homies, wrong move IMO…

  • $19866595

    That place sucks anyway. YELP the $h*t out of it.

  • NorthoftheBorder Gold

    Did someone offer to send this to the owner of the bar?

  • $22798478

    Looks like that bars gonna get sued, and all their Facebook apologies wont help when a jury see’s this video. If I were those two guys, I’d be visiting Doctors! If I were that guy that was sucker punched and then punched while on the ground, I’d be having headaches that wont go away, and would back up my headache claims with multiple MRI’s. Time to cash in fellas !

  • harry balzanya

    I believe stomping on someones head into concrete is attempted murder.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Oh yes, Trayvon Martin tried that and got what the law allowed, because his intended victim believed his life was in danger.
      Florida has the Stand Your Ground protection for innocent victims. Thank you, Florida.
      I don’t say that these bouncers were trying to kill the customers, but that could happen. It happened to a friend’s grandfather long ago when I was a child. The bouncers killed him, but the police were unable to make an arrest. The customers and employees refused to talk.

      • latalent

        That’s where a real life Dexter would come in handy. 😉

      • Jon Evans

        Why are you bringing up Trayvon in this instance. There is video of this incident. You are talking out of your a$$ with the “Martin tried that and got what the law allowed”. But you missed the whole “….according to the only living witness whose credibility has been questioned often (and who happened to be the defendant)”. Leave the dead teenager alone. It’s over.

        • notliberal

          LOL. He brought it up over the pounding of the guys head into the pavement via kicking. Pounding another’s head into the pavement, proven from the type of injuries on Zimmerman’s head and the jury verdict of self defense, make these situations comparable.

          Sorry if the facts bother you.

      • SULTAN

        lol Trayvon Martin? I thought this post was about a guy getting beat up at blonde’s?


    • lawman

      It’s true

  • adryan

    I know Alex personally, as well as his girlfriend, and he is a very mild mannered, nice guy… possibly one of the nicest dudes i know, not a trouble maker. This is just wrong.. those bouncers are animals.. Always seems like they’re waiting to knock someone out..

    • Seth Levy

      If that is the case why have you continued to give them business? His girlfriend said that she has been going for years, if I saw this type of behavior I would have stopped.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Can you have Alex email me at carlosmiller@magiccitymedia.com?

      I intend on following up on this story.

    • Proud GrandPa

      I have heard some bouncers are drug addicts and this ‘profession’ is the only way they can earn money legally. See what can happen when bouncers are not drug tested. Cocaine and meth use, for example, can make one fearful and angry.

      • hmm

        Baseless insinuations make people fearful and angry too.

        • Proud GrandPa

          Are you sure about the moral integrity and drug-free status of all bouncers? Is it not more prudent to consider the verified police reports about bouncers whose drug and alcohol use made them overly-aggressive?

    • Ron

      Please let your friend know that he should see a doctor immediately and that he should also see a lawyer immediately. Just because he was arrested doesn’t mean he has no rights to justice against those guys and Blondie’s. My office has handled a number of cases like this including some cases against the cops. Check us out at http://www.finiziolaw.com

      • Alexanders

        Mr. Finizio nice seeing you here, i hope you and your family is doing well,

        God bless.
        an old Comcast tech friend.

  • Difdi

    It would have been nice if they deeply regretted it BEFORE they were shamed in public on it. Maybe then they wouldn’t have gotten the public shaming.

  • Rodan!
  • $58984987

    “Happy Hour”

  • Pádraig Pearse

    More bouncers are nothing but shit-for-brains Neanderthals. If I owned this bar, I’d be pissed as hell at these bouncers. It’s your job to keep the peace and get the undesirables out the door. That’s it. You’re not payed to throw punches, even if it means taking a hit on your manhood. Christ.

    • Steve Austin

      The owners have defended the bouncers. Clearly they’re just as trashy as their bouncers are.

      Everyone boycott Dirty Blondes! Interrupt their business legally by protesting close by.

  • Hollywood

    That place had been like that since 2001 I use to bounce at the bar a few doors down u think that was bad watch what happens it the back door they been known to throw guys over the railing

    • Proud GrandPa

      I am not a litigious person by nature or practice. There are some cases, however, which require a litigator’s attention. This qualifies.
      Does the bar have insurance? Do the bar owners have deep pockets to make pursuing a lawsuit worthwhile? If so, then an aggressive lawyer should hire some undercover “patrons” to document crime at the bar over several months.
      I don’t drink alcohol, but I’d be pleased to put this bar out of business. Let someone who imbibes take a hidden camera out for a drink.

  • Victoria Silva

    The quoted post from Facebook is actually from me. Mary Ann Crespo forwarded my post to the New Times… and I’m glad she did. My friend, Stephanie, & her boyfriend, Alex, are nice kids. They didn’t deserve for this to happen. They were just trying to have their Sunday Funday together on the beach. It’s a shame, security are there to protect customers… not attack them.

  • Carlos_Miller

    Dirty Blonde’s has since deleted their statement from FB, the one I posted above, because they were getting criticized for backing up their thuggish bouncers.

    I hope they put that one guy in jail.

  • Sara

    Here’s my question… Why are there a crew of bouncers around, if this group is a bunch of nice mannered individuals? Any time security is involved, they are there to do their job and unfortunately in the line of business, dealing with drunken idiots, they get put in compromising positions often. If the group is offended for getting smacked around with an ego bruised because their pavement eating was caught on tape for the world to see, then they should have walked away and left when they were asked, not continued to get in the bouncers face. You don’t see that part of the film where they were asked more than once to leave the premises, nor do you hear the comments being spewed from the individuals mouths.
    As for the comment about “cappin his ass”, you need a reality check. There is a man still fighting for his life in a hospital because he was doing his $10buck an hour security job without any physical altercation but yet the guy who was asked to leave came back and shot a stranger, someone he didnt know, that was at work doing his job.
    If you can be mature enough to walk away while consuming alcohol and not act like a macho fool, then you would never have to worry about any bar brawls. (And I’d put money on it that this wasn’t the first time the customers have been involved in a fight….(they are probably just used to it in the playgrounds.)

    • Carlos_Miller

      I think you need a reality check. That one thug suckered punch him from behind the other bouncer, then pounced on him and punched him several times more, then kicked him in the head, then disappeared to the back, thinking he had been slick.

      He deserves to go to prison. And I hope they do the same to him there.

      • rick

        So, the violence he does is wrong, but the same violence done to him in prison is okay?

        • Carlos_Miller

          Karma is a bitch.

        • tym mothy

          yes. simple enough answer?

        • jimmarch

          Prison hell…the moment one of these “professionals” tried to stomp somebody’s head in while they were on the ground it was legal for ANYBODY witnessing attempted murder to kill the assailant dead right there. That includes the victim or any witness.

          • Rail Car Fan

            Ahhhh… My kind of thinking!

            Rail Car Fan

    • Eddie Hoover

      Security staff can “Observe and Report.” That’s it. The only time they can use force is if they are in danger. They have no extra rights or powers over a normal citizen. They are not police. If they asked someone to leave, the only legal thing they can do is call police and let them handle it.
      At no time did the security staff have any legal justification for their violent behavior, and that includes patrons using disrespectful speech.

    • Shep

      Sara works there as the resident slut.

    • Sara Fucker

      You must be a whore

    • $58984987

      I would agree that it is possible there were interactions that could have occurred prior to the start of the filming that could have led to this melee on the part of the bouncers.

  • http://www.righttorecord.org/ Mario K. Cerame

    Horrible. With the video, maybe justice can be done.

    I really want to know more about the fellow who was arrested for assaulting an officer/resisting arrest.

  • guest

    I’m a local and have seen the bouncer’s get physical with multiple patrons, including kicking someone one the ground and continuing to beat him up for no reason. Nothing ever happened and management threatened to arrest the patron as well. Place is absolutely disgusting.

    • steveo

      Then probably this is a very good place to stay away from.

  • steveo

    I have a hard time figuring out the mind set of leos. If the gentleman came back to the property after he was given a trespass warning, then he should have been charged with trespass after warning. The management would have had to tell him that he would be arrested if he returned, however. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor and has to be witnessed by the leo or leos who file the charges. Battery on a law enforcement officer would also have to be witnessed by the leo who was battered or by another leo who sees the suspect batter the other leo.

    The management said he pushed one of the leos after the incident. But the defendant said he came back to talk to the leos, I don’t get it.

    • Henry

      Why they cut off that part when that arrested guy push police officer . That’s why he get arrested not for fight.Fight is another case They can deal with if they talk to cop not push hem hard in chest.

  • chclttrffls

    Place has ALWAYS been a complete sh!t-pit!!! Will NEVER spend another dime there until there is new ownership, management, and staff!

  • Chris

    Feel free to file a complain with the state liquor board as well. Stuff like this can cause them to loose their license. https://www.myfloridalicense.com/render_comp.asp?form=0080-1&ext=133&comp=smk&prof=smk&SID=

  • happy customer

    If you are a drunken asshole that is asked to leave a bar you should do so.

    • not a happy customer

      Do you work for the bar in question? Or do you like getting beaten up by thugs? You come across as if you’ve had a few head knocks.

  • Rafa C.

    Who’s the idiot that wrote that sorry ass statement? Did he/she even see the “15 sec video clip”? Doesn’t sound like it.

  • abullets

    well, look at the bouncers. tattoo’d thugs and n*ggers. does anybody actually expect them to know how to be professionals?

    It’s rare to find a bar tender or bouncer who isn’t a douche bag thug, especially in areas around colleges and beach environments. all the thugs equate working at a bar with meeting lots of girls, and don’t give a **** about the job. Losers. Hope somebody torches that shitty bar.

    • Kaemaril

      Really? Nice first paragraph. The asterisk was a nice touch, nobody can find a word with an asterisk in the middle offensive.


  • Till Constantin Lagemann

    It’s funny because something pretty much exactly like this happened to me once in Berlin, Germany. After one of my friend was aggresively sent out of the club for no reason, a bouncer started chocking him from behind with no warning while another person outside who is somehow affiliated with the club punches my friend in the stomach. I (had no drink at all) and my friend started moving in trying to calm down the bouncer so he doesnt choke my friend to death and suddenly I was sucker punched without any warning nor minimal reason in the right face of my head and my friend also in his head at approximately the same time. After having been K.O. for several minutes I got back consciousness and the second I looked back at the bouncers my friend was violently hit in the face with a big glas bottle and the pepper sprayed in the face from down under while he was half unconscious. In those seconds I though my friend was going to die and I quickly called the police and an ambulance. However, the police arriving ten minutes later turned out to be no help at all and all that happened was that another person unknown to me who was also physically harrased by the bouncers was handcuffed for being to “unpredictable”. The bouncers weren’t put to terms nor were there any legal proceedings. In addition my friends and I who rarely were conscious due to the violent injurious we received from the bouncers were treated like delusionized assholes by the police officers for no reasons.

    Well, what I am trying to shout out is that the reason I think the police acts so incompetent regarding bouncers is because somehow they are scared or feel affiliated with them since both of them are functionaries for security.

    So, BIG support from me and I hope this and my case will get justice someday.

  • southflrprtr11

    That guy on the ground getting kicked in the head definitely could’ve used Stand Your Ground.

    • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

      SYG wouldn’t apply as he wasn’t in a position to retreat safely. It would be a normal self-defense case.

  • Steve Austin

    Too bad Coelho doesn’t carry a gun. It would’ve been a beautiful story had it ended with the deaths of three violent thugs.

    Anyone who remains a patron to Dirty Blondes is willingly contributing to the moral decline of our once great nation.

    Please spend your money at a place that doesn’t hire violent thugs instead.

  • Morek

    this is why these morons work at place like this and will never work at a high end venue. The victims should contact the S.A.O and use these videos as evidence to press charges so these morons learn their lesson.

  • Morek

    Also if you notice the video the Big guy in the green shorts could be charged with battery… hes restraining the white male when he was not being combative at all… All the bouncers could face legal problems from what this video shows…

    • $58984987

      Also of note is that the patrons are not even in the bar but off to the side on the sidewalk.
      Is the sidewalk upon which they are standing public or owned by the establishment?
      If public and not establishment property then this would also be a significant detail.

  • Shep

    The video is evidence of felonious assault with intent to maim.

    The bouncers should be incarcerated immediately as they are a danger to the community.

  • jonny amerika

    this is why you don’t go to FTL – sorry folks, but us boys up north know police run cities when we see em, and FTL is up there with NOLA, from what i’ve seen. the storm troopers in FTL are worse the SS in NYC, having run in with both of them. Helps when youre an attorney thou, even the biggest, dumbest bull can be stopped by a superior who knows the bulls about to get spread. sad when you aren’t, that’s when you get arrested for getting beat up – guy must have been charged with assaulting these “bouncers” hands and feet i guess. probably accounts for why i don’t believe in the law despite my “education”. beyond that, if you go to a place that has these three morons “bouncing” you either should leave immediately upon discovering that they hire active felons or you should except this kind of shit. i know most of FTL is a trash bag, so these kinds of d-bags are hard to escape but i bet 20 or 30 of you heads who are most pissed about this could jump these scumbags and exhibit a bit of old school american justice. run em out of town. or create a fb page about it. either way.

  • ghost

    A lot of those Fort Lauderdale bouncers miss treat people and take their power to far, I have seen it and experience when I was off duty and I wasn’t even drinking. My own friend was throwing up the bounder to move, but he didn’t give us enough time so he send the cops up to us for no reason. That bounder are joke they low paid security pretending to be cops

  • Local

    I’m also local and have witness this behavior by said bartenders.
    While at the bar on a Saturday a man next to me left a poor tip and the bartenders followed him out back and beat him until he couldn’t move. Come to find out, the victim lives on my street. He couldn’t get out of bed for two days and was too unsightly to work for the rest of the week, which led to him being fired for missing too many days.

  • Douchers Bar & Grill

    Stomp on my head and try to freaking kill me???? Bar would need a new bouncer or 2 fairly quickly after that. And I’d need a new grill on my truck.

  • joe

    typical so Fla morons drunk w power meaning the bouncers ….. a simple you have to leave would have sufficed …an itch for violence one of the main reasons ft lauderdale has lost its luster as well as the police who make you feel uncomfortable….. not only blondies but all of ft lauderdale is on my boycott list, one of the main reasons i moved to palm beach ……. tired of the ignorance and the testosterone filled atmosphere !!

    • $58984987

      You are right. Most with a sense to recognize this moved further north years ago.
      I remember when in Miami at a Cuban owned gas station they would not let me pay for gas and discriminated against me because I was white.
      Not that I have anything against Cubans, but they used to bow up and try to kick my ass when I would party with las chicas. They didn’t like the idea of a white guy with a cuban woman.
      Months later I moved to Martin County and also spent some time in Vero Beach, Port Orange and St. Augustine. Not so much party towns, but better public schools and atmosphere when settling down with the family life and raising kids.

  • Urban.J.F

    Bouncers were just standing their ground. Seriously though, the fact they haven’t been arrested is a joke.

  • AJ


  • Thomas Hanson
    • $58984987

      ….oh yeah…a real…entrepreneur

  • Andy Funk


  • Eric

    You’re wrong about Colon (#3)…you can see him come in and throw a punch on the guy who got slammed. He doesn’t get knocked down at the end either, he’s hidden behind that fat fuck

    • Carlos_Miller

      Yes, I’ve since corrected that part. It was David Parker who got knocked down by a fourth bouncer.

  • Guido Nation

    Why are the bouncers dressed like complete trash? Why would an owner allow one of his employees to wear a tank top with his nipple hanging out? This is a stereotype for Lauderdale which resembles the trash at Jersey Shore.

  • Dianne Renusch

    I would not go to that bar, and it goes to show you cannabis smokers don’t get violent only people that drink booze.

  • Tom

    Why are these Idiots still on the streets? They need to be taken to court!

  • Ryan Andersen

    I have been in this bar many times and the bouncers do not even acknowledge you unless your acting like a stupid asshole. I recognize most of the bouncers in these videos and there all really cool guys. Chances are most of the people getting their asses kicked #1 probably not from the area (most likely jersey shore blow out fuck heads), and #2 provoked the whole thing. I hope that the bouncers at blondes keep laying the smack down on these stupid fucking idiots. Keep up the good work guys:)

    • Nemo

      Being from elsewhere is grounds for being assaulted by employees of that bar? Having been assaulted indicates being guilty of the “crime” of “provoking the assault”? Interesting legal theories you have there. What’s next, “she must have been asking for it”?

    • MiamiGods

      You’re a complete moron. I hope this shit happens to you next.

    • Max Hackworth

      at least one of the guys is a multiple Felon. they should not be allowed to be bouncers.

    • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

      So verbal provocation alone is good enough for a potentially deadly attack?

      What a maroon.

  • John

    The guys were dropping the N word they should be knocked out. Bunch of tool bag clowns

    • Peepaw

      So a head stomp is justified? Uncalled for and potentially lethal. I hope this crap shack is sued.

      • Pat Riot

        I think that is assault with a deadly weapon.

    • MiamiGods

      Nobody care what they said. I don’t give a crap if they went off about the dudes mom, nobody deserves to be jumped like that. Those bouncers are a bunch of pussies.

      • John

        Going off on a dudes mom or racial slurs is two different things. They had it coming

        • MiamiGods

          I highly doubt racial slurs were made but the point is it does not matter what they said. They got jumped by a couple idiot ass bouncers if they wanted to fight them, fight, don’t jump them like a bunch of pussies.

  • Zia

    I wrote the bar an e-mail explaining how disgusting this is to all of us. I also asked that they tell that coward that he is a disgrace. Here is the email address: DirtyBlondes@ItsBetterOnTheBeach.com

  • ericbrady

    Here is a link to DB’s deleted facebook page comments.
    They were getting slammed…

  • Joe Jones

    If a bar owner is stupid enough to hire GHETTO THUGS and call them “bouncers” then he should be completely liable for their actions. The bar should be sued out of existence.

  • BoogieMan

    The Big Guy could be Obama’s son. And the other guy LOOKS like Obama, LAST YEAR. A good baseball bat would have come in handy that evening.

  • Douglas Oscar Garner

    I ever see a black attacking a white I’m gonna kill it.

  • Douglas Oscar Garner

    filthy niggers,If i still lived in south Florida i’d kill them niggers just for the principle

  • Bing Simmons

    People come to Blondies and treat patrons like there servants. This isn’t Disney folks. They used a well known police tactic called “shock and awe.” I was knocked out by :someone” at Charlie Brown’s in S.Beach. The bouncers dragged me outside and went back in and shut the door. AI was bleeding and unconscious. Luckily a friend was there and called an ambulance. That’s business in South Florida. If you don’t like it Stop at Orlando on your trips.

    • Rob

      Orlando’s not much better man haha

      • Bing Simmons

        right on

      • Bing Simmons

        Maybe they should stop at the Canadian border… lol

  • steveo

    excuse me, but why would anyone go to this place??

  • John

    Should have hit dudes girl

  • gerald gronenthal

    thugs given a license to maim it’s a joke to hire bounces with that attitude violence should be there last resort fire everyone of them

  • Rob

    Imagine if one of these guys had a concealed weapon

  • Steve Austin
  • unknown

    Pussy ass bitches trying to act like they all jacked ,,fuckers dont even know how to fight cant wait till I c them straight up gonna sucker punch these bitches. ..

  • singanary

    the witnesses and two males involved should sue the bouncers and the place. maybe when it hurts their pockets they will fire these idiots.

  • bambam123

    Video of the arrest:

    smells like bs from the cops, also the arresting officer works off duty at the elbo room.

    • Photog at Large

      Saw the vid before it was deleted. Unfortunately, the initial victim did in fact make contact with the police officer. He had a every reason to be upset, but good rule of thumb is to not touch the officer. He already had good video evidence of the assault. Will be interesting to see how it all eventually plays out.

  • Bill Larson

    The video of the guy with the police is after he’s already in cuffs so isn’t definitive as to if any pushing of an officer occurred before he was arrested.

  • Slp999

    Frickin juice heads! They become bouncers so they can maliciously kick ass without consequences! If these were white on black attacks, media would be dipping their biscuits in the gravy! I’d watch my back if I were these bouncers! Whites seek revenge on the niggers!

  • PopTheLid

    Those are the bouncers? What a bunch of wussies.

    I hope that place goes out of business and it will. You can’t resolve problems by having felons attack your customers from behind and stomp on their heads without someone getting pissed enough to just go have a drink with a few friends and look for the skinny geeks and the fat hippo head bouncer.

  • Gonzo

    I’ve worked at plenty of bars, from experience as a bartender some customers could be rude and out of control, I’ve witnessed from drinks being thrown at bartenders and plenty of other disrespectful acts which we obviously handle in a professional way(either calling the cops or having the bouncers escort them out) but what should have been done by those employee was to escort them out of the facility and ignored them. The video is disgusting, but thats the reality of hanging at a bar with such a bad reputation. I would seek the owner and have a few of those employees fired. In reality, who ever filmed this knew that something was brewing…. words must have been exchanged and disrespect must have crossed the line. Those bouncers are a hell of a liability for that venue and yes they should have been prosecuted too, it doesn’t give them the right to attack people. Miami is ten times worst

  • Marti Settle

    9 years ago my friend’s 23 year old son left a bar in Tulsa. He was stalked outside the club by the bouncers (American Indian fighters who practiced kick boxing). Scott had just graduated from pilot school and was celebrating his graduation. He was not drunk as he was the designated driver. The bouncer, an American Indian named Jason Nicholson led his pack of bullies out of the club, across the street and into a nearby parking garage where video cameras captured what happened. The gang surrounded Scott (a cheerful, happy non-violent young man) and assaulted him for NO reason. Jason Nicholson (who goes by the name “Native American Nightmare” landed a left uppercut to Scott’s jaw (blindsided him) and hit him so hard that he was lifted 18 inches off the ground. When he came down on the concrete, he landed on his head. He immediately became unconscious. Somehow someone finally called an ambulance. The police arrived and told all the young people in the area to leave (they were the WITNESSES). The medics lifted Scott onto the gurney and forgot to strap in him.As they were lifting the stretcher into the ambulance, Scott was dropped off the stretcher again landing on his head. He was gushing blood and delirious. Evidently the medics thought he was simply drunk. Unfortunately, within 6 hours his head was filling up with blood. The was NOT a brain surgeon on duty that night and that weekend so he was not seen by a doctor until Monday. He was then rushed into surgery to relieve the pressure from his brain. Too late. They had waited too long.Scott was brain. His mother had to make the decision to turn off life support on Thursday. Her life has never been the same. It seems that bouncers are beating the life out of our young sons all over the country. They are murdering unarmed young men and women, roughing them up for nothing. We need a national “bouncers law” to protect people from this class of violent, mean and brutal people who do not care what they do. There are at least 40 to 50 young people killed by nightclub bouncers every year. This situation is 100 times worse than the death of a single black man (Trayvon Martin). People need to demand safety for your young college age children. I still miss Scott and my friend Debbie has to live with the pain, grief and loss of her first born child forever.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Violent, lethal attacks for no apparent reason? Sounds like a drug-or-alcohol-related crime. Does anyone know if the bouncers are required to take drug or sobriety tests in FL?
      Trayvon Martin was a drug user and racist thug. He attacked an innocent security guard of another race…who stood his ground. That is not a tragedy. That is justice. You dead pilot friend is a tragedy. His family needs justice.

      • http://withinthismind.com/ WithinThisMind

        So in addition to being a religious bigot, you are a racist. Good to know.

  • Marie Hudson Heath

    The 4 bouncers in U60311 Frankfurt murdered my son Lee in 2011 – bloody mindless thugs -hope they die a slow painful death

  • Gomer Pyle

    typical cops,,,arrest the people ATTACKED !,,, but not the ones doing the attacking

  • notliberal

    That video is going to cost Dirty Blondes plenty of money and ABSOLUTELY should result in the arrest of the bouncers. The incident happened outside the bar, and all the bouncers had to do was walk back inside. Instead, they blind side the guy with a CHOKE HOLD and go after him and his friend with multiple people (read overwhelming force).

    The police only made the matter worse by arresting the wrong people. Truly embarrassing to Ft. Lauderdale PD. The DA should drop charged immediately and order the arrest of the bouncers. All the authorities actions are doing in reinforcing this type of behavior.

    But Carlos, your ridiculousness shines through here, as well, and as it does far too often.

    This statement is embarrassing to you:

    “another example of why we should never depend on the police for anything.”

    Really, Carlos?

    • Kenneth Bankers

      Realy Do a favor to us by looking up police abuse on Youtube. Tell me how many Videos come up? I have friends who are cops and guess what? I dont count on them for anything when in uniform. They are great when moving day comes and durning sports seasons. Other then that they have told me NOT TO CALL POLICE. when you get that advice from a cop you listen.

  • BoycottDirtyBlondes


    *Message from the Official Boycott Dirty Blondes Team*

    We need EVERYONES help!

    Facebook has banned the page Admins for 12 hrs. This is not a time we can
    afford to stop reporting the updates to the situation. PLEASE go to the Facebook
    page and let the fans know we’re not gone. We WILL RETURN in full force as soon
    as Facebook lets us back in.

    We’ve filed a request for review with Facebook and may get back in sooner
    than 12 hrs.

    We believe this may be due to an attack from people who want us silenced. By
    “flagging” our content they MAY have been able to spark and automated
    ban from us posting by Facebook.

    Keep going, SHARE MORE THAN EVER. Don’t let this die!

  • volcrush

    feel bad for jovan. real nice dude. like most those bouncers. been going there for years. stopped because it got filled with the typical grimy sofl trash unfortunately. hardly any girls there anymore. just tatted up juice heads. saw plenty of fights there and they were always started by completely wasted assholes.

  • Xerxes

    All these bouncers and people that act like them will be gone in a generation or two just wait. The people worth living on the planet will enjoy ridding Earth of their ape kind.

  • Donteventry

    Till Constantin Lagemann,

    a lot of bouncers are on a power trip and smack people just for fun and for their ”kick” because they are protected and work together with the police..
    the only way to get these cavemen bouncers sued is to film ”undercover”…