Daniel Saulmon has proven in the past that he is not afraid of unleashing verbal tirades against cops who harass him for recording.

But his latest video shows just how brave he can be with his tirades.  And just how effective they can be in keeping cops at bay.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this in all situations because we all know there are way too many cops that are loose cannons just waiting to explode.

But if you’ve been harassed as many times as Saulmon, then you obviously get to the point where you just don’t care how you come across.

This is how he explained it in a previous PINAC article after his third arrest:

“My previous two arrests, I couldn’t have been more polite if my mother was there,” he said.

“With officers who know me, right away they treat me well, the cussing stops. I know it sounds awful, but they respond to polite folks by running over them.”

In the above video, Saulmon was in the lobby of the Gardena Police Department speaking to a Lt. Prendergrast on the phone about bicycle laws with his camera trained on a female police aide working the front window.

Then at 2:29 in the video, a cop named Roberto Rosales grabs him from behind, demanding to know why he was recording the woman.

And that’s when Saulmon unleashes on him

“Back the fuck up out of my face. Back up. Don’t touch me or my camera again. Back up, asshole,” were just a few of the choice words he used.

And although Rosales looked as if he wanted to punch Saulmon, he became less aggressive.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that he realized Saulmon was on the phone with a commanding officer or that there were several witnesses in the lobby not affiliated with the police department (one who appears to be recording) or that he knew there was surveillance video running, but Rosales tried his best to deescalate the situation.

After, of course, he was the one responsible for escalating it.

Rosales later said that he thought Saulmon was video recording her butt and he was simply defending her honor.

But Saulmon told him he wasn’t recording her butt, but it wouldn’t have been illegal if he had been recording her butt.

Lt. Prendergrast ended up coming out and sending Rosales and another officer away and stood there and listened to Saulmon rant for more than ten minutes.