Hawthorne Police Charge Man Whose Dog They Killed with Felony Threats


Hawthorne police are striking back against the man whose dog they killed on video in June, which led to an international outcry against the Southern California police department, resulting in more than 10,000 emails to the department, including a few threats.

On Tuesday, he was charged with six felony counts for allegedly confronting a witness who had video recorded the shooting. Not the witness who recorded the original video that went viral, but another witness who provided police the video, allowing them to edit it before disseminating to the media, claiming that it “exonerates” them.

That video, which can be seen above, shows the shooting from a closer angle than the first, but  the faces of the cops have been conveniently blurred and there is a significant portion of the video missing.

In the video, police can be heard telling Rosby something, which I wasn’t able to decipher.

But we can clearly hear Rosby respond by saying, “I can stay here and watch,” which leads one to believe they were ordering him out of the area and said nothing about his music being too loud.

The verbal exchange appears to have stopped there because then the camera pans back towards the house they were surrounding and all we can hear is the cops ordering somebody out of the house through a megaphone.

The video then cuts to the portion where they are placing Rosby in custody and his dog, Max, had hops out of the car window and is circling the cops.

Rosby can be heard saying, “Don’t shoot my dog,” while somebody behind the camera is saying, “shoot it, shoot it.”

So it’s obvious this guy is a cop apologist.

Now, according to police and prosecutors, Rosby returned to that witness’ house and threatened them. But they did not elaborate, which is a sign that they are exaggerating any exchange we had with the residents.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Prosecutors on Tuesday charged the owner of a Rottweiler that was fatally shot by Hawthorne police with a half-dozen felony counts for allegedly threatening a witness who recorded the incident.

Leon Cordell Rosby, 52, faces two counts each of felony dissuading a witness from prosecuting a crime, intimidating a witness and making criminal threats and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said.

Rosby was expected to surrender Tuesday morning at the Airport Courthouse. Prosecutors were planning to ask ask for $310,000 bail.

If convicted, Rosby faces up to five years in state prison.

Prosecutors allege Rosby went to the witness’ residence and verbally confronted the woman who took the video and her son. Authorities did not immediately disclose the nature of the threats.

Here is a statement from the department as to why the initially arrested him.

During this evolving critical incident and the extraction of suspects from the home, Officers containing the location were interfered with by an individual. This interference included loud, distracting music (from the individual’s vehicle), and his intentional walking within close proximity to armed Officers, while holding an 80-pound Rottweiler on a long leash-line. These acts, in totality, created an increasingly dangerous situation and demanded officers’ focus away from the matter at hand. By comparison, numerous citizens were filming similarly as the suspect, but from a safe distance and compliant to Officers’ regards.

The last line in the above statement is in bold because I wanted to highlight that their own witness was video recording from a distance not much further than Rosby. While it’s true the mother and her son were recording from their front yard, Rosby was recording from a public sidewalk which had not been taped off as police normally do to set up a legal perimeter where citizens are not allowed to cross.

There was no perimeter, so there was no way for citizens or police to determine what is, in fact, “a safe distance.”

Rosby was standing on a street corner across the street and three houses away from the house police were surrounding. If they were, in deed, concerned about his safety, then they should have been equally as concerned for the safety of the cop apologists recording from their front yard.

Or if they claim they were in fear for their own safety because of his 80-pound Rottweiler who was on a leash, then you would think they would have taken more precautions before arresting him to ensure the dog was secure.

It’s more likely they were trying to teach him a lesson because he had filed a lawsuit against them in March of this year.

According to the Huffington Post:

According to the lawsuit, Rosby’s wife called police during a non-violent verbal disagreement because she wanted Rosby to leave the house for the night. When Rosby agreed to leave, she called back and said no action was needed.

However, when “an army of officers” arrived, they started beating Rosby, according to the lawsuit. The officers allegedly said that they recognized Rosby as the “troublemaker” who had previously made a complaint about the lack of African-American officers employed by the Hawthorne police department as well as a prior complaint alleging that the department had engaged in racial profiling against him in July 2011, the lawsuit says.

Gulden said that since Rosby filed his first complaint against the Hawthorne police in 2011, he has been targeted and pulled over four or five times for invalid reasons, including a false accusation of having a license plate that did not match his car.

I exchanged messages with Rosby briefly on Facebook and he said he was arrested and has bailed out. He said he is in dire need of donations to help fight the latest charges. You can send him donations through his Paypal address: Justice4max1@yahoo.com

The following was posted earlier today on a Facebook page  seeking justice for his dog.

UPDATE: New charges against Leon filed yesterday. It appears like the woman who lives at the house where Max was killed took issue with Leon being there on July 7th and
filed a complaint with Hawthorne PD which
resulted in several charges of witness
tampering and criminal threats being filed
yesterday. There is an arrest warrant for
Leon right now – but mysteriously, they did
not want to arrest him while he was in court
yesterday! Perhaps, they want to arrest him
during the council meeting tomorrow – so he
may boycott it. Bail is set at 300K and to
make bail Leon would have to come up with
10% of that which is 30K. He picked up a
new attorney yesterday with more expertise.

From the conversations I’ve had with Leon,
the examination of his posts all the way back
to the beginning, and the videos I’ve seen
where he’s demonstrating, etc, he is a
peaceful guy: he lacks the capacity to make
threats and to try to intimidate. Plus, how’s
this for a valid point: he had no idea who
WAS or wasn’t a witness; no one knew
because no one has announced who shot
the second video and who submitted it to the
police. How can you even prove Leon knew
that this was a witness to ANYTHING? He’s
talking to people on the street – could be
anyone. Compare this to traditional
tampering: a guy goes after a witness after
it’s been established there’s a witness to
some crime/event and makes threats to that
person to not show up or to further
participate in the investigation or
prosecution. You lack intent and knowledge
and a threat – you have a classic “he said,
she said.”

The fight continues

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Pissed off

    Wow. These pigs are relentless in using intimidation to scare him more. What a bunch of friggin POS

  • Trausti Hraunfjord

    Beautiful freedom loving America… the free-est country in the world, blah, blah, blah… there are MILLIONS of Americans who believe America to be a democratic free country, better than any other place in the world. Only home-bred retards would still believe that the US is a freedom loving place. It is in fact less free than North Korea, Iran, Syria and Somalia. It is a police state, where people have NO rights, and the police has ALL the *rights*.

    Sick. Plain sick.

  • Anna-Marie Crampton

    Sure glad i don’t live in the US. I won’t even holiday there now. NO chance. Insanity. The police are out of control. How is their behaviour towards citizens acceptable? It isn’t… Such brutality. There is something deeply wrong there. Solution. Dump Obama? He is your problem imo..

    • JLA1125

      I will be retiring in two years and when I do I plan on retiring as far from this totalitarian police state as possible.

  • $22798478

    These new charges are “Get Even” charges. The judge will clearly see whats going on and start righting these wrongs. I’m going to guess that there is not evidence of anything in the arrest charge, and it’s his word against the so called complaining party. DROPPED ! The District Attorney’s in this country are just as guilty with Police Corruption because they work hand in hand with allowing it to thrive. The people need to wake up and start demanding change. I want to see every BLACK person out there rally in support of him until the the charges are dropped and a payment to this man for what was done to him is made. FTP!

    • Panther

      “I want to see every BLACK person out there rally in support of him until the the charges are dropped and a payment to this man for what was done to him is made.” ¿What would you like to see the WHITE, RED, and YELLOW people doing?

  • Baron_of_Greymatter

    I’ll bet they offered to drop the charges if he’d STFU about them shooting his dog.

  • Baron_of_Greymatter

    I’ll bet they offered to drop the charges if he’d STFU about them shooting his dog.

  • Colin

    US is a BIG country, and each little locale has different police force, with different rules and procedures. Most are just fine and do a good job.

    • Anna-Marie Crampton

      Question is, how long before this kind of behaviour starts to spread across state? Under Obama this would seem likely otherwise, WHY is he not trying to stop this kind of thuggery going on? Nada….

      • Colin

        Anna-Marie – in the US, except for things reserved in the constitution for the federal government (the military, customs, and the like) all other activities are specifically reserved for the states, and each state is different. Obama has no control over local law enforcement. And inside most states, each community has it’s own law enforcement agencies, and each of those has different rules and policies. In the county I live in, there about 12 police departments in different cities, plus a sheriff’s office that covers the parts of the county that are not in a city. Remember, the name of our country is the United States of America, and it really is descriptive of our country.

        • Anna-Marie Crampton

          I see. So, why is this happening under Obama’s watch? Why are some of the police turning rogue? Has it always been this way in the US and are we just hearing about this kind of corrupt, inept thuggery now?

          • JEHC

            Exactly, it has been going on and we are just hearing about it now because video cameras were not a common thing on the streets until a few years ago. This is not new, just now it’s easy to spread with modern media.

          • Colin

            Anna-Marie, no one says people are perfect. 98% of cops are good people doing a tough job. I don’t know what country you are from, but I can probably come up with some problems caused by people in your country as well. And as I said, Obama has essentially zero power over cops in one small town in California. Besides, I think he has a few bigger things to worry about on his plate.

          • Barking Dog

            They’ve been trained recently in violent tactics by Israel. There’s a program they use to send a lot of cops there for brutality lessons.


            I remember how odd it seemed after Tony Baloney pepper sprayed the girls for no reason and ran away how odd it was that they didn’t treat criminals in such a fashion.

            Case in point was that night there was a guy who ran into the nail salon and groped 2 workers. We watched as the cops cautiously kept this guy surrounded b y many while they waited for an ambulance, he down on his knees in the middle of the sidewalk.

            They didn’t go near him as he was big and might fight back, unlike the little girls of OWS the NYPD was so adept at assaulting for no reason.

            Still haven’t found out if those mysterious suits directing the brutality at OWS were Israelis, NYPD DHS or FBI

          • theaton

            Barking Dog, please provide a reference for your assertion that “they’ve been trained recently in violent tactics by Israel.” This isn’t just happening under Obama, this has been going on for quite sometime. Like everything else, it’s just increasing under Obama because the Obama administration chooses to not enforce law. AG Holder has gotten away with arming drug cartels and getting American agents and citizens of both America and Mexico killed. The bankers that nearly collapsed our economy have not been charged at all. Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine stole millions in customer money and was not charged. When those with power realize that they are above the law, we see them “going rouge.” I believe that about 2% of cops don’t like what they are seeing but they don’t say anything out of fear of losing their income. The remaining 98% of bad cops can get away with just about anything, even murder.

          • Colin

            Anna Marie, I am NOT defending the cops. Why they arrested the man seems bizarre if not illegal to me. Shooting the dog seems extreme-I am 99% sure they had pepper spray, which would probably have subdued the dog without harming him. But the dog was going after the cops. Again, NOT defending the cops in any way.

          • Jeff

            um, yes you are defending the police in every way, so please don’t type one thing and then conflict it with other words. The dog in no way whatsoever was acting like it was going to attack anyone. It was moving around playfully, which was very evident in the video.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            While I thought that shooting the dog was a severe over-reaction, the dog was clearly agitated & did not appear friendly or playful to me.

            Also, there is no need to put words or intentions into or onto anyone’s comment’s. They are perfectly able to express themselves. You might not agree with their words, but you do not have any magical authority to speak on their behalf.

          • Jeff

            I just corrected your dumb ass, not putting words in anyone’s mouth. You said it and I checked you on it. The dog was very playful and was pet-able at that point. Please get a dog cat lover.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            That does not make sense. How could you be correcting me, when you were talking to Colin?

            I can’t even pretend to understand the rest of your word salad.

          • Jeff

            That’s because you’re a “F’ing” idiot.

          • Proud GrandPa

            Right. Barrack Hussein Obama banned that rodeo clown for making fun of him. Censorship? That’s why we blame Hussein Obama.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            What does an event at the Missouri State Fair, have to do with this discussion? Nothing.

            As I have said before & will say again, we benefit from focusing on our common ground, not from muddying the water with personal, off topic politics. Proud GrandPa, you are better than this. Because I know you are better, I always read your posts, even tho I know we have different political views. I know we have excellent common ground.

          • Proud GrandPa

            The subject of Obama’s hypocrisy in photog rights was the subject of this sub-thread started by the poster known only as ‘guest’. Here is his exact quote reprinted for your convenience:

            “Question is, how long before this kind of behaviour starts to spread across state? (meaning across the state borders to other states) Under Obama this would seem likely otherwise, WHY is he not trying to stop this kind of thuggery going on? Nada….”
            Proud Grandpa happily replied to this complaint about Barak Hussein Obama’s hypocrisy. Glad to be of service in exposing left-wing hypocrisy.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            The “guest” in question was an obvious troll. Right vs Left partisan politics are not going to change anyone’s mind. We both know that. If you can, try to resist rhe urge to feed the troll. I made that mistake earlier myself. I’m not perfect, but I try to be better.

          • Proud GrandPa

            Oh dear. How embarrassing. I usually am good at detecting trollish behavior and avoid giving them attention.
            Frankly I am unable to tell whether the guest was a troll or just a Euro-Socialist. Perhaps you’ve never met one, but they actually believe that.
            Thanks for pointing this out. Am still unsure though. When a post does not contain personal attacks or foul language but does contain intelligent content, I often reply. Perhaps the trolls are getting more clever.

        • Jeff

          Then why has DHS been going to every police station in America and telling them how to perform their duties, more and more are being federalized and you are plain stupid if you don’t think the Feds are on every corner. They are all over the place and in every police station across America and in every state fool.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Proof. extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

          • Jeff

            Hey idiot. Get a clue.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            So, you acknowledge you have nothing no evidence, much less extraordinary evidence. Apology accepted.

          • Jeff

            That’s it, amuse yourself fool.

        • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

          Colin, you act as if the Obama Administration has a tiny bit of respect for the Constitution. As you said below, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Let’s see yours.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Technically, I said “extraordinary Claims require extraordinary evidence>”, not Colin. As far as I know, Colin & I have no connection or knowledge of each other, beyond our passing interaction on this board.

          • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

            Sorry, I’m easily confused.

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        Moving the goalposts..

    • Rework Oh Ryan

      Um, no, they aren’t. Look at the Cato Institute’s website. They show that every major police force has committed similar transgressions against the people.

  • Colin

    What are you smoking, comparing freedom in the US to North Korea?

    • Trausti Hraunfjord

      What kind of medication are you on, not being able to see that the US is the very same class of “freedom” as the countries I mentioned? NO other “western” nation is as deeply buried in fascism as the US is. Everyone is a criminal, kids get arrested for selling lemonade outside their homes. Kids get arrested for eating candy in subway stations, people get arrested for taking pictures in public, people get arrested for pretty much anything… everything is forbidden. That is the trademark of the US. If you haven’t realized it yet, you should turn off your FOX news and try to open your eyes and senses for a change.

      • Proud GrandPa

        In the USA we still enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, right to own and carry guns, freedom of press, freedom to petition our government with grieviences, and freedom to remain silent when accused or questioned. I could cite more but that is a great start for why the USA is superior to commie nations like North Korea and Red China and superior to Mohammedan nations.
        Freedom and civil rights come from God. Our Christian founding fathers recognized that and protect our God-given rights. The commie nations did not have our Christian heritage of freedom.

        • Trausti Hraunfjord

          “Freedom and civil rights come from god”

          Stick that up your butt-hole where such crap belongs. From your god, you get your stupidity. Plain and simple.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Wow, as an Atheist, I have to say, that is a totally unnecessary way to respond. Just because not everyone (or anyone) shares your worldview, that is no reason to be abusive.

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            True… but I say it as I see it when it comes to religious crap. Unfortunate, but it is an insult to any intelligent discussion, to drag in religion as the bastion of freedom, And poor guy claims the founding fathers of the US having recognized god in some way or form… which was never the case. Not a single word about god in the US constitution. But religious people are at war with the rest of the world, and are trying to smear their god on everything they can which somehow will make them feel more important.

            And the way that “Proud GrandPa” laid it out, was as if no other nation had freedom of press (considering that almost all press in the US is owned by only 6 companies, large parts by Rupert Murdoch, there really isn’t much of a FREE press. Just remember how it was leading up to the invasion of Iraq… all the press did, was to lip-sync the white house when it came to the WMD claims. No one in the media seriously questioned the US regime at the time. Same goes on now, with the NSA spying, the media does not poke the sharp end of their pencils at the administration. It’s not happening, because the media is owned and controlled by people who are in bed with the administration on some level (one party system). So claiming free press in the US is laughable. Freedom of association… no, that’s not true. You can not freely associate yourself with an organization such as Wikilieaks without calling over you the wrath of the authorities…. never mind associating yourself to some Palestinian humanitarian organization… that will land you on terrorist watch lists. Many businesses in the US forbid their employees to be members of workers unions. It’s absolutely ridiculous. North Korea is by no standard a nation I would like to live in, but the same goes for the US. My brother visited my sister in the US when she lived there. He is an athlete, and is used to train every day. While in the US, he planned on running his 15 miles every morning… he set off the first day, and was arrested on suspicion of fleeing a crime scene. There was no crime scene known to the police, there was no reported crime in the area (Orlando, Florida)… there was not the current excuse of “terrorists everywhere” as it is today… this was back in 1993. After being detained for a few hours, he was free to go back home to my sister. He had been taken to the police station that was several miles from where my sister lived, and after he had oriented himself as to where she lived, he started running back home…. after less than 10 minutes he was arrested again, brought to the police station AGAIN… interrogated and then released.
            He then took a taxi to my sisters home, and never ran in the US again. He is a white Scandinavian who has never ever committed a crime, and he has never been detained in other countries when running or biking… simply because other countries provide REAL freedoms which the US does not grant by default. This domain (photographyisnotacrime.com) is filled up with cases where the police and other “security” people behave as if they have all the right in the world to detain, threaten and beat people for no reason at all, and there are countless stories of police in the US robbing cameras and phones from people who have been recording/photographing said police in public areas. That kind of thing does not happen in other countries…. at least not anywhere close to the same scale as in the US…. because… other countries do provide real freedom and respect for their citizens (of course there are exceptions from that … some countries may be just as bad as the US, but I am not aware of any specific country that could be named in that regard).

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            So.. why are you here? Seriously, what do you gain from being here? Given all the bitterness, bile & doom you spew, I really don’t understand why you are here.

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            Because it is a free world I prefer to live in… pointing out to those who believe they are free, when they are not, might help them to see things more clearly, but as you can see for yourself, it doesn’t work all that well… you certainly won’t accept there being anything wrong in your part of the world… (makes me wonder why you come to this website, which incidentally is dedicated to a claim of photography not being a crime… which would certainly not be needed, if it wasn’t such a wide-spread problem within the police forces all over the US to threaten and intimidate those who use cameras. Why are you here, if you think there is no problem? You certainly don’t accept me pointing out anything being wrong, Your “voice of concern” is clearly not concerned about the root of the problem this site is addressing (fascist police of a fascist system).

            In a free world, I can go where I wish, run where I want and visit websites I prefer to visit, take pictures in public where I want etc… I understand that the US is not the place where people can expect such freedoms by default, and you don’t understand why I am not singing star spangled banner for you while holding my hand over my heart…. you don’t “get it” when someone dares tell the truth about your country, and it isn’t the preferred boot-licking glorification about your country… the Hollywood propaganda, the brainwashed “best country in the world” kind of speech. Sorry, but your country is unfortunately as bad as it has been made by corrupt capitalists, lobbyists for big businesses and the public that never rose up to their responsibility. It is the world’s most dangerous country, a country that doesn’t respect human rights, doesn’t even respect it’s own population… allows you people to kill your own by tens of thousands every year, where money is everything, and human life is considered less important than a dog’s life. In the eyes of around 90% of the world, your country is a failed experiment that can at best compare to some really failed national states in Africa and the middle east when it comes to crimes, murders, freedoms etc.

            It is sad…. but the saddest thing of all, is that you (millions of your nationals) simply can’t see it. You don’t know the world outside your bubble in general terms, and that is why things are as bad as they are.

            Freedom is not a crime in the free world. People can run freely in other countries, but not in the US… as my brother had to experience. People can take pictures in public in other countries, also take pictures of police, without getting harassed or intimidated or beaten or arrested. Try thinking about that for a while. Why is it that the US is so hell bent on treating everyone as criminals by default? Well, it’s because the prison systems are on private hands, and it is a money generating system for the private owners. It’s all about money for the wealthy, and for the poor to pay up … or go to prison.

            Try getting more information about the land in which you live…. where women breastfeeding their infant will be considered as a terrorist threat… where breastfeeding women on airplanes can get arrested for being a terrorist threat (specific cases I am referring to)…. you will not find that kind of insanity in any other country on this planet…. and you can wish for this to be BS as much as you like, but it doesn’t change the facts one bit.

            Bitterness, bile and doom ….. that is your description of your country. I tell the truth about your country, and you call it bile and doom and bitterness.

            Fix what is broken, and the symptoms will go away (police harassing people photographing). Don’t admit there is a general problem, and the problem will grow bigger. The decision and choice is yours.

          • Mark Olish

            I hate to say it , but your right. The Axis Powers lost WWII , but fascism won it as far as America is concerned . Sadly, I think fixing this would require a full scale revolution and far too many people are invested in this corporate system for that to ever come to pass. You can read the proof of that on this comment board.

          • Colin

            Hey, guess what, you can say what you want in this country (see above), so I guess you have lots of freedom. Oops.

        • Voice-Of-Concern

          While I don’t agree with you about Gawd, I do agree with much of the essence of what you say here.

          I am glad you are on this board, sharing your passionate views.

          • Proud GrandPa

            Thanks, VOC. Let us both continue to share a common passion for liberty.

        • http://withinthismind.com/ WithinThisMind

          Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

          Well, actually, you are blatantly lying, but the point stands.

          Try reading your own bible someday.

      • Colin

        Kids selling lemonade-one excess. Kids do it on my street and no one says boo.

        Eating candy in subway – some transit systems, notoriously the DC transit system, are VERY strict on Food and beverages on vehicles. Signs are posted everywhere. If you can’t follow the rules, you are a crook. And why are they so strict? Because it saves all of us MILLIONS of dollars in cleaning these systems.

        VERY few people get arrested for taking pictures. The case here was brought on-not because he was taking pictures, but because the police told the guy to turn his music down. They were raiding a house (which requires a warrant) and they wanted to HEAR what was going on. He refused/failed to comply, so he was interfering with a police investigation. Please note that the people just a few feet further away were NOT harassed or arrested by the cops, just the guy who failed to do as he was asked.

        And I don’t listen/read Fox.

        • Trausti Hraunfjord

          Lemonade ignorance is widespread. Here you go Colin: http://tinyurl.com/lemonadecrimes

          Regarding candy eating criminals in subway stations… US is the only country on the planet where children do get arrested for eating candy. Even children who have not learned how to read your precious signs are detained as if they were common criminals.

          The raid WAS OVER when they decided to attack the dog owner. If you had followed this story from day one, you would have known so. The guy did have loud music in his car… is there a law against loud music in public places, when it plays inside vehicles? I don’t think so, but then again, it is the US…. anything can be forbidden so that people can be arrested or have their dogs shot… so that everyone can feel that the police is protecting the society at large….

          Don’t you find it embarrassing that you, who live in the US, have to get lessons about the state of your own country, from people who live outside your country?.

          • Colin

            Lemonade-you are right, it is stupidity, cops getting overzealous. No excuse.

            Many transit systems prohibit all food and beverages, for sanitary reasons, and to save millions in annual cleaning costs. Sorry, that’s the law.

            “is there a law against loud music in public places, when it plays inside vehicles?” In many states, yes.

            In Florida, if you can hear it more than 100 feet (30 meters) away from the car, it is too loud, and you can be cited. Yes, you have the freedom to listen to what you want, but so do I, and if your music interferes with mine, then it is too loud.

            But what the man here was arrested for was for interfering with a police officer. They told him to turn his music down, and he failed to do so. It’s clear as a bell: He walked back to his car, put his dog into the car, then left the car with the sound system blaring. It’s audible on the recording.

            As to freedom to photograph, the cops didn’t interfere with the people just a few feet further away, the ones who made the video. It’s really clear if you watch the video. Sorry, no PINAC violation here.

            Oh, speaking of freedom, what country are you from, if you please? I want to check it against list of countries that CONTROL what parents can name their kids. At least 8 countries, mostly Northern European (which I assume you are by your name) limit what a child can be called. Denmark, Germany, Sweden Norway, Iceland, and others. Talk about lack of freedom! Would I be allowed in? Colin is an unusual name-am I allowed to visit? I really want to go to Telemark, to view and honor the brave resistance fighters who destroyed the Heavy Water production site. Really, I do. But am I allowed into the country, or would I have to change my name?

            (And please, don’t quote the recent ruling by a moronic US judge that a woman cannot name her child Messiah. Every lawyer I know just laughed out loud, as no judge has that kind of power. I mean, Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit, and no one cared. They laughed, but didn’t care. But in Norway, he would have been fined!)

            Don’t believe me? Check out the link below:

            Or, if you go to North Korea, be prepared. There are only 10 haircut styles allowed for men, and 14 for women. You do have a choice, just one of those listed styles. Oh, and your beard and mustache, they would have to go.

            In Norway, “Everyone shall be free to speak his mind frankly on the administration of the State and on any other subject whatsoever. Clearly defined limitations to this right may only be imposed when particularly weighty considerations so justify in relation to the grounds for freedom of expression.”

            Guess who would make the decision on the “particularly weighty considerations”? My guess the government, and the definition seems pretty shaky to me.

            France-that bastion of liberty, “As part of “internal security” enactments passed in 2003, it is an offense to insult the national flag or anthem, with a penalty of a maximum 9,000 euro fine or up to six months’ imprisonment.” Legal in the good old USA. Went as far as the US Supreme Court, and it is legal. Most of us might not like it, but it is legal free speech.

            Malta is not good either: “Blasphemy against the Roman Catholic church is illegal in Malta.” That would do me in right there.

            Want to move to Switzerland? Great. Have a pet? Sure, a cat (or dog, doesn’t matter). Well, be prepared to adopt a second. Switzerland requires pet owners to own at least two of a species. Sorry, no choice, though you do have 90 days after one dies to find a replacement. They might make an exception for fish though.

            Russia recently essentially told two of the top entertainers in the world not to bother coming back. Madonna and Lady Gaga were both told that if they returned, they would be fined or arrested for speaking in support of gay rights. Not for being gay, just saying you support them.

            Speaking of Lady Gaga, on her last tour, she had to cancel her concert in Indonesia, costing her local promoter (and local vendors) millions of dollars. Why? the government didn’t like her music so would not giver her a permit. A permit to sing. Covered by freedom of speech here.

            In Australia: “In 1996, Albert Langer was imprisoned for advocating that voters fill out their ballot papers in a way that was invalid.[41] Amnesty International declared Langer to be a prisoner of conscience.” Not just arrested, imprisoned.

            In Turkey, it is a crime to say anything negative about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the modern country. In the US, I can negative things about George Washington, our founder, so I guess Turkey is out on freedoms too.

            Cuba: Books, newspapers, radio channels, television channels, movies and music are all censored. Oops.

            Further South, in Brazil “”Freedom of speech is guaranteed, but there are legal provisions criminalizing the desecration (by speech) of religious artifacts at the time of worship, hate speech, racism, defamation, calumny and libel. ” I guess the beaches are off limits to you too, since you want total freedom.

            I could go on, but what’s the point. Your arguments are destroyed. Have a nice day.

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            :) Thanks for a very enjoyable (truly) reading. You are spot on, and that I do appreciate and respect. THANK you for taking the time to write this down.

            I am born and raised in Iceland, and the naming laws in Iceland are STUPID. Actually that is a very weak expression…. the naming laws are RETARDED in the worst possible way. Back in 1990 I lived in Denmark and my half Danish daughter needed to be named. I needed my birth certificate from Iceland for the Danish authorities. I got it, but my family name had been removed from it (Hraunfjörð). I contacted the national registry and told them that I needed the certificate with my family name. As a baby I had been given the name Trausti Jónsson… and at the age of 6 the family name was added (written in official documents)… the lawyer of the national registry told me that I had no right to use my family name, because it came from my mother. I asked what was wrong with that, and he informed me (!!!) that she was a woman. I repsonded: I bloody well hope she is!… he then told me that women were not allowed to pass their family name onto their children. I told him I had gone through school with that name, paid my taxes, gotten drivers license and passport with that name…. he simply said that I could not keep the name and hung up on me. I got a copy of the European convention of human rights, and after reading it through a couple of times, I got in contact with the lawyer of the national registry, and told him I would sue him personally, the institution and Iceland as a national state, should I not get my family name on my birth certificate. At first he said I could not and should not try to lecture him on anything regarding human rights, because he was a lawyer… when I finally got him to confirm the parts in the human rights convention that I could use against him (Article 12…

            No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

            He spat through the phone: If it is so damn important for you to get this paper, you will get it, but if your daughter ever comes to live in Iceland as an Icelandic citizen, the name will be removed from her instantly.

            I got the family name back, and a year later the naming laws in Iceland were changed to “prevent people from suing for human rights violations”…. a direct consequence of my threat, and a year after that they changed the laws even more, finally allowing foreigners to keep their last names if they become Icelandic citizens… because when they get children, their last names will be gone for good (due to the way Icelandic names are inherited…. my name (Trausti Jónsson…. without the family name) indicates that my father’s name is Jón … and I am the son of Jón…. (Jóns-son)… “Jón” is my father’s first name, his last name is Markússon (son of Markús)…. and my grandfather’s name is Markús Guðmundsson (son of Guðmundur)….. This is a naming tradition that goes back hundreds of years before Iceland was found by the first settlers, and as such it IS the way to go about naming… Personally I do not agree with this method, but I do understand that it is like that. Now I live in Peru – South America, and my 2 children here are named Hjara and Hjörr … names that would never be accepted in Iceland. Hjörr was last in use in Iceland by a Norwegian king who gave up his kingdom and became a commoner in Iceland around year 850. Hjara is the female version of the name Hjörr… and has never been registered in Iceland or Scandinavia (my own creation)… My son’s name is Hjörr Konungur Alheims Hraunfjörð (translated: Sword King of the universe Lava Fjord)…. that kind of a name would never be accepted in Iceland due to their retarded laws.

            I am really happy to learn that you have gained knowledge of the idiot naming laws in Iceland… seriously! I have done my share to fight that madness, and my input did change things to the better. A good friend of mine was born in Italy, and his given name was Cosimo Fucci, when he married an Icelandic woman, he was provided with a new name: Gísli Þór Jóhannesson ….. he couldn’t even pronounce it properly. This was before my fight with the authorities in Iceland in 1990.

            Currently I am on my 5th year trying to get a new passport after losing the one I was issued in 2005, back in 2009. I didn’t get anywhere with the last government in Iceland that was replaced earlier this year…. I have of course not given up in my fight to get my freedom of movement back, but it has been a very hard time not being able to move freely around… not being able to visit my family in Scandinavia, not being able to travel with domestic flights or outside of the country…. so I know all too well that freedoms, liberty and human rights can not be taken for granted. I will have my victory in the end, no doubt about that, and when I do get that victory, the laws in Iceland will have to change. Coincidentally, the reason for me not getting a passport, is directly linked to the US and the whole “there are terrorists under every grain of sand” stance. Before 2006, passports could be issued and delivered through every Icelandic consulate and embassy in the world, but America went insane with terror fears, and demanded that passports in Iceland had biological identifiers (fingerprints, retina scans and copy of the picture embedded in a RFID chip in the passport. To get this kind of a passport, I need to go to Iceland (or to one of the 7 embassies that have the required passport application centers…. 6 in Europe, 1 in China) … but how am I to leave Peru for Iceland or Europe or China WITHOUT a passport? Not possible. I need legal travel papers to leave… that’s just how things are. Just as you can’t leave the US without having a passport (unless you are a soldier going to invade some faraway country where said country violated US standards of McDonalds restaurants per capita)…. truly a f*****d up situation, but I fight, and I will get my victory, since 22 of the 30 united nations convention of human rights are violated in my case.

            You as a “Colin” could absolutely travel to Iceland and keep your name, same with Norway (I lived there for a year, and 12 years in Denmark)… without having your name changed…. it is “only” (and f*** that crap) when you change your nationality to Icelandic that you will face the “need” to change your name. I find that totally and absolutely insane and non-acceptable. The problem is mostly this: Only people who are violated in this way, are allowed to sue the Icelandic authorities. People who are NOT having their names changed, are not legally authorized to sue, because they are not victims of the violation…. this translates into: Those who are applying for Icelandic citizenship are in a very delicate situation, they have applied for Icelandic nationality for one or another reason, and they don’t want to jeopardize their application in any way…. that might result in them being rejected and sent back to where they came from….. so they don’t sue, they don’t raise this HUGE issue of human rights violation…. simply because they are afraid of not being granted citizenship.

            And that is F***ed up.

            You can see that you touched a nerve of mine with this… I don’t run some idealistic apologetic agenda for my own country… it is a good and safe country, but it does have it’s own big and small problems… some of which I am absolutely suffering. ….. but on the good side: we don’t invade other countries and kill women and children on daily basis… In Iceland the police doesn’t have guns, while *everyone* else has weapons (I had several rifles of differing calibers when I lived there last time) …. there is no (real) corruption, drugs are not a problem (only a few handfuls of kids trying out different substances… and a few die-hard idiots that got stuck in some time-loop, drugging into their 40’s or so. But all in all a good and safe country with a good system… far from perfect, but better than many other countries (just not on the naming front …. and passport issuing).

            Whew… that was a long rant… anyways, I want to thank you again for your post which I truly enjoyed reading.

            You have a nice day and … let’s ALL fight for what is RIGHT in our respective countries. Bad laws should be outlawed, and the people responsible for the bad laws should be held accountable for violating peoples rights (lemonade stands just being one of many fights that need to be fought) :)

            Enjoy your day.

          • Colin


            Thank you for your reply. It is most illuminating and informative. I also want to congratulate you on your command of English, which I know can be a difficult language to learn.

            I am glad I will be able to visit Scandanavian countries without imperiling my name (that was actually a joke) but it did not occur to me that if I wanted to become Icelandic I would have to change my name! Wow, bad enough to be limited on what you can call your child, but to force an adult to have to change their name is beyond belief!

            Have a great day.

  • Difster

    Sounds like the coproaches are setting him up for a fall. They’re trying to teach him a lesson for confronting them.

  • Difster

    We need another Dorner.

  • Paul goodwin

    Cop roaches, I like that! Down hear in the Florida keys its littered with lying law enforcement thugs. A friends son, an Eagle Scout, his brother an Eagle Scout, father a troup leader. This former scout is a talented mechanic, gets a call to go fix a boat, owner supplies parts, a water pump and lower unit grease. Mechanic meets boat owners wife does the work and leaves. Owner goes and uses the boat, it still has same problem, he goes to cops and has this former Eagle Scout arrested for stealing $55 of parts. Oh I neglected to tell you the boat owner is a cop!!!!!!!! Why don’t each of we citizens that feel we were cheated go file a complaint over $50 and see what response you get. This dragged on for over a year with state attorney wanting the mechanic to admit guilt and pay back the $, rightfully he told them to go fuck themselves as anyone would who did exactly what was requested. The arrogance and stupidity of people of authority is rampant down here in the keys, it’s indemic when persons of low self esteem and the influence of an oppressive institution that protects them, all nutrients have been provided to allow corruption in the judicial system to flourish. Oh yeah the case was dropped but now the boat owner cop now works for the state attorney. The more absurd the behavior the greater the potential for advancement. That’s how the system seems to work down in the keys. A quagmire of corruption !

  • Voice-Of-Concern

    I too am glad you don’t live in the US. We have enough home grown idiots that want to blame Obama for everything from abusive local police, to school shooting massacres, to events in Egypt.

    My crazy idea, is that we use this blog to discuss and promote US Constitution First Amendment rights of private citizens to legally, freely film, video and photograph in public places.

    The common ground we have is a patriotic belief in the US Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. Injecting Right vs Left, Republican vs Democrat, Christian vs Muslim, Godly vs Godless onto the discussion muddies the common ground and distracts us from our common purpose.

  • Voice-Of-Concern

    I live in America. You seem to be in a very different, sad angry place than the country I call my home. Where I live, people have rights & vote in elections that effect changes in laws. Where I live, the courts have power over the police, elected officials also have power over the police & the elected officials are answerable to the public.. Via elections

    • Trausti Hraunfjord

      Sorry for your blindness. I was born and raised in the oldest continous democracy in the world (1083 years of democracy), and I know all about REAL democracy. The US is a constitutional republic, and as such, it has NOTHING to do with democracy. And then there is the human rights part… the US does not want to sign the human rights convention, because it would give people some rights that the top elite does NOT want people in the US to have. If you are sued (and you have a great chance of getting sued in the US, you better not fight whomever that sues you, because it will cost you hundreds of thousands…even if you win. Better settle things out of court and pay whatever the person sues you requests. People who are arrested on bogus charges, most often accept to plead guilty, rather than to fight for what is right, because fighting will cost them, and if they lose, they may go to prison for a very very long time. That is what you people call “justice system”. Unheard of in other parts of the world, where justice is justice. You have 1.6 million people in prisons… that is like 25% of the world’s prison population, while the US only contains 5% of the world’s population. You have no rights and you have no liberty or freedoms. You just BELIEVE you do, because that is what you have been brainwashed into thinking. You are all victims of your own system.
      You have a one party political system…. ok… you THINK you have a two party system, while reality is: One coin, two sides. Not so different from the Soviet Union’s one party system. You have 14% of children in your country living under the poverty limit. You have 13.000 gun related murders per year… yes, you are killing your own by the tens of thousands, you kill your own children by the thousands every year. What kind of a society is that? Yes, it is a SICK society where such statistics make up reality.

      Your government is currently guilty of the greatest human rights abuse in the history of mankind…. and you, the people, don’t get off your butts to shake down your legislators and have that human rights abuse stopped. You just sit back and enjoy watching some stupid Trash-TV show, while you eat GMO stuff along with some fast”food” made out of anything but natural ingredients, wave your flag and tout that your country is the greatest in the world.

      You are the greatest in many fields: Most obese people, most violent people, most wars, most killings, most trash food eating, most ignorant, most prisoners, most police brutality, most imprisoned people, highest rate of mental illness…. etc. etc. etc. Is that something to be proud of? Not at all.

      Fix your damn country, and THEN you can be proud of what you did. Being proud of a fascist country is not something to be proud of…. unless you are the head fascist who made the country the way it is.

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        Wow, that was a pretty silly rant.

        Some of your claims are not supported by the actual facts. But hey, it’s clear that you are not interested in any views other than your own. No worries, i run into zealots all the time. I just tune out the noise.

        When you have something positive to add or want to participate in a discussion, let me know. Internet Flaming however is soooo tedious.

        • Trausti Hraunfjord

          Running into ignorant Americans is an every day happening for most people, so there is no need for you to feel special. You say that some of my claims are not supported by actual facts. Please take the time to point out which claims you believe to be wrong, and I will gladly provide you with information that proves those to be true. I have no interest in providing false information.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Here’s a better idea, why don’t we try to focus on common ground. If all you have to offer is rants about how you don’t like the US, I have no interest in listening.

            Perhaps you have some positive, realistic actionable ideas or other useful input. If not, I’ll just keep tuning you out.

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            It’s not about how “I don’t like the US” it is about what the US is like. I tried to offer you the opportunity to point out untrue statements of mine, even offered to spend the needed time to find proof (saving you from the bother)… but you have no interest in that. Fine. How can we find common ground, if you are not even interested in the facts?

            Actionable ideas…. unfortunately I think the US is beyond the point of no return… if you people would try to stand up and fight for your rights and try to stop the continued abuse of your own people and people around the world (wars, support of dictatorships, training of terrorists etc. that various US governments have traditionally been engaged in), I am sure the military would be used against the uprising population. There are millions of good and caring people in the US, but they have no power, primarily because they don’t organize themselves for a common cause. The one party system is all they see, and that’s why nothing changes. I wish… truly and honestly wish it was different. I still hope the American people WILL rise up to their responsibility and put their representatives up against the wall and MAKE them do as the people tell them. As it is now, the “representatives” (government) does as it seems fit against the will of the people, and they are not held accountable for anything.

            The election system is a sham and needs to be revised completely. There is so much that has to be done, and so few people who are willing to engage in activities that relate to making those changes happen. That is sad. Maybe we won’t find a common ground, but I do hope that a new ground is found, where people will understand their responsibility to keep politicians under pressure as their SERVANTS… same goes for police (public SERVANTS)… when police and politicians don’t respect the citizens they are to SERVE, things go from bad to worse, and that is how things have been going for way too long.

            Sorry if my “rants” waste your time, but I DO care about the world at large, and only want things to be better. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t type a single word.

            Take care and be well, and at least try to understand that from OUTSIDE the US, people have a better view of your system, simply because they have something else to compare with.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Photography Is Not A Crime is the name of this blog. That issue is why I am here. If you have anything useful to add to that discussion, that’s wonderful.

            In my view, you are not adding, but instead, distracting from the topic.

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            If your country was fixed, there would not be this blog (Photography is not a crime)… simply because in healthy societies, the police does not behave like crazy fascists towards people who shoot pictures in public places. Hence; It’s totally ON topic that I point out the bigger issues that need to be fixed. The problem of police treating people with cameras as being criminals, has it’s roots in the big picture. If you want to put a band-aid on the symptom, but ignore the underlying CAUSE, nothing will ever change or get better. So please enjoy things as they are, because you are not interested in any change.

            Enjoy your life under the gun.

          • Cromwell

            Great points you make, but don’t try to argue with people who can’t or won’t even admit there is a problem. Americans seem to believe that the US is the greatest country on Earth simply because they have never had the intellectual curiosity to go anywhere else. A daily diet of FOX NEWS, deep fried foods, lots of guns, and ever more deadly guns.
            GOOD LUCK with that. Oh one other thing very stupid old white men telling women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. If it weren’t so tragic and true it would make a very funny sitcom.

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            Thanks Cromwell… I have had similar discussions countless times in the past… leads to nothing, but I still feel the need to speak out… if I didn’t, it would feel to me as if I was a part of the problem. Like seeing someone aiming a loaded gun at a child, and do nothing about it, or seeing someone giving a toddler a loaded gun to play with …. (hmmm… not the best examples to use, since those are normal every day happenings in the US… where several toddlers die after playing with guns every year) … but you probably get the picture :)

            It is a sad situation… one I would really like to see change into something better, but my hope for the US to evolve into a civilized human caring nation, is still-born. Won’t happen for as long as I live,even if I would live for 500 years.

          • bc_motoguy

            Keep it Real, the Revolution is spreading. http://www.lemonadefreedom.com/

          • Trausti Hraunfjord

            LOL :) Some people use their sourness to rebel… I like that!

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Brilliant insights… unless it is directed at me, in which case it is astonishingly wrong, in every simgle particular you mention.

            But hey, that’s what a sock puppet is for, right?

    • tetonmoon

      You’re so frickin’ wrong. First of all our judicial system is beyond broken and incestual. There is only apx 3 percent of all accused felons who make it to court, most are plead out innocent or not due to prosecutorial misconduct and inter relations within the system, ie: Judges married to prosecutors, etc etc. The manditory min scare the hell out of people innocent or not, knowing that in MOST CASES vialble and important informaiton will be thrown out as for all judicial officials have financial gain in incarceration via investments into the privatized system. Our judicial system is nothing more than a racket filled with extortion not justice. Our laws are so expanisive the insanity is impossible to comprehend. As for elections, yeah you can vote, for whomever over spends the other guy. You can vote in one of two parties bought and paid for by special interests and you are not one of thier interest. Niether is any other person, place or thing. Its like a big competition of billionaires to see who can collect the most billions off the destruction of families and enviroment. Our presidential puppet de’ jour at any given time is not popular vote and even if electorates have the common vote for a third party and refuse to sway from the two party criminals running; in most states said person can and will be jailed. You are living in a dream world if you think we have any say in laws or justice or politics or anything. You live in a dream world if you think we own anything in America. Go ahead pay off your home, but forget to pay taxes for a year and see what you own. Or try to build an off grid house and see them tear it down, or arrest you for collecting rain water, or growing your own food, or drinking unpasturized milk, or raising pigmy goats.. and on and on.. Your a fool .

  • Jeff

    Another senseless brainless, soulless thug cop shooting of mans best friend. Time to start shooting back.

  • Jonah Manke


    • Jonah Manke


  • John Kruzelock

    The lairs up the ante with bullshit. The more bullshit, the more money he will get when he sues.them.

  • Proud GrandPa

    What is it about California? Does anyone know more about the attempt to outlaw photos of celebrity relatives? I’ve got mixed emotions about it.





    This would give LEOs a legal justification to ban photogs at almost any event with a celeb family present. Think about it.

    • Joey Bach

      Proud Grandpa,

      The issue with the paparazzi is not with events as much as it is with daily life. If a celebrity attends a event with there family, it would be hard to for the state attorney to agree to file charges. The LEOs and City/County/State would need to be sued for violating first amendment rights. Then the LEOs may change policy.

      I look at the complaints of the celebrities as valid.

      Since the LEOs are having issues of not violating rights, it will take the route of the courts to ensure that their behavior remains in check.

      As for photography at events, this can be controlled by event organizers so that everyone has a good time and that if photography is present then it is down respectfully. These celebrities want to ensure that their private activities are not infringed with. I can imagine that at public events it would be impossible to not have photography taking place. The only issue is where/when will photography be allowed in order for the public event to be enjoyable.

      I believe in protecting the children of the celebrities in their private activities. I look at public event photography is where that protection no longer applies but where some limits can apply.

      Here is a little story from my photography background:
      I have been a layperson taking digital images at a major conference in Vancouver, Canada. I was able to get great shots and was coached early on in the event by a social columnist with a local newspaper who indicated that I need to shoot head and shoulders for great people shots. I took a variety of shots to document the events. I even got in a little tete a tete with the RCMP protective detail which was hilarious. I was mad at my digital camera batteries running out and the individual with the RCMP was mad that I got very close to the PM. The tete a tete occurred after I had retreated from the PM (Prime Minister) — my camera did not have any ability to shoot head and shoulders at great distances. The RCMP officer was upset that I got close and I was upset about not having enough battery power — a humerous situation. I was able to get in and get a few shots and when my batteries failed I got away. The conference was a long 4 days of work but it was enjoyable. The slide show of the images presented at the show was enjoyed and one amazing image got the result that I wanted.

      • Proud GrandPa

        Interesting story you tell about the RCMP and the PM. You can be proud of that one.


        As an amateur whose photo experience centers upon family and vacations, I am confident that no one will photograph my loved ones. There would be no money in it. But what about the celebs’ families?


        You suggest correctly: As for photography at events, this can be controlled by event organizers so that everyone has a good time and that if photography is present then it is down respectfully.

        for all other life events one cannot control photogs. I think of church, school, music, art shows, restaurants, hospitals and dental offices, picnics etc. The children would be hassled and worse. We would have no defense.
        I don’t want whatever defense lawmakers devise to be an excuse to ban all photogs. It could happen, but we need some input early on to prevent a bad situation. This will make for a lot of rules though for specific situations. I see that as the least objectionable solution.

  • Silence DOGOOD

    NO SHIT . .and citizens like me are making plans to escape this Prison called “land of the Free” . . . yea shit get out before this ship sinks . . .

  • crazyassmofo

    The officer thought he saw the dog pull a knife.

  • Ben

    Wow. I’m from The Netherlands, can’t believe this. People of Hawthorne better watch out with cops like that roaming the streets. The land of the free and the home of the brave? No. Weel can’t lynch Leo so they murder his dog and trow all legal bullshit at him. At least that has changed.

  • Karrie Bradshaw


  • billdog1969

    the D.A. should investigate these cops

    Sign this petition below and help end police tyranny. Far to often police officers are caught on video abusing or killing citizens illegally, but nothing happens to them. They will get off, will be suspended with pay or in rare cases fired only to get hired at another police station with a clean record. Drs., Nurses and Aids lose their license to practice health care if they abuse or kill patients. This should be the same for police if you are not going to prosecute them at least forbid them from ever policing society again. They make all cops look bad. It’s time to clean out the trash so good cops can shine once again. Before we lose all respect for authority, and take steps to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens.