Jeff Gray Arrested for Recording Cops Days After Becoming PINAC Partner (Updated IV)

The good news is that Jeff Gray and Joel Chandler are now officially part of Photography is Not a Crime after having accepted my invitation to become partners, a move that will bolster the site to unprecedented levels in the ensuing months as we incorporate and expand our resources to continuing ensuring government transparency.

The bad news is that Gray is now sitting in jail after having recorded a traffic stop on his way back home to St. Augustine from Miami this afternoon, charged with obstruction of justice.

Clearly, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office just stepped into a huge pile of PINAC Precedent because they have no idea what’s in store for them.

Gray’s dash cam video, which was uploaded by his wife, Teresa, shows he was nowhere near the traffic stop when he was arrested. In fact, she had to turn the dash cam to capture his arrest.

The arrest begins at 2:00.

Teresa tried to use her phone to record the deputy, but he ordered her to “get that camera out of my face,” so she placed it on her lap and continued recording.

The deputy gave Teresa the old sob story as how their jobs are so dangerous that citizens must scurry away as they conduct traffic stops in order not to make them fear for their lives.

“He was walking around the deputy, making him nervous, there’s no reason for that, do you understand how dangerous traffic stops are?” the deputy told Teresa.

But Gray was walking nowhere near the deputy as the video will show.

Teresa said her husband began recording the traffic stop from beside his vehicle in a parking lot, but deputies in an unmarked car ordered him out of the parking lot, so he moved to the green space between the lot and the street, at least 200 feet from the traffic stop.

But that was enough to strike fear in the hearts of deputies.

“(The deputy) has an obligation to that citizen in that car and his family to go home to today,” the deputy told Teresa,  the irony that her husband would like to enjoy his Constitutional right to record cops and a night with his own family completely lost on him.

The deputy then ordered Teresa to leave, telling her, “take this vehicle and leave this parking lot, you’re not free to be on the roadway, county right-of-way or this parking lot,” perhaps expecting her to hover her way out of the area, refusing to even tell her where the jail was located.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayve Ivey

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office encourages citizens to call or email them on a page they title “How Are We Doing?”

Call them at (321) 264-5201.

Or post on their Facebook page.

They are also hosting an open town hall meeting on October 29, so that might be a good time to question their unconstitutional tactics.

BCSO town hall

We will be providing more details about the partnership once we get past this issue.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Teresa who said he is being charged with two counts of resisting arrest without violence and one count of trespassing. He is still in jail.

UPDATE II: Teresa paid the bail about an hour or so ago, only to be told it could be two to eight hours for him to be released.

UPDATE III: Jeff Gray was released from jail. Teresa captures it all on camera.

UPDATE IV: Jeff said that they refused to release his iPhone and other body-worn cameras he was wearing at the time, holding them as “evidence.”

Obviously, evidence against their Constitutional violations.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • zapeee


  • Jerome Solanum

    Looks like the link to their Facebook page isn’t right. It just brings me back to this same article.

  • Joel Chandler

    Given the obvious distance between Jeff and the traffic stop, and; Jeff’s history of being exceedingly civil I think the deputies working for the Sheriff Brevard County may find their case to be problematic.

    • Ian Battles

      Refuse to settle.

      Don’t just show them they were wrong, make sure they never forget it.

      • rick

        On top of financial penalties avoid the phrase “no admission of wrongdoing,” add administrative punishment for the police involved (part of their permanent record), and settlements might be a useful instrument against police misconduct.

    • Rob

      They deleted my comments from their fb page, which included the definition of 18 USC 242. I’m also unable to comment on their page now. Since you made the public records request of all social media comments on their page prior to my comment, their deletion is extremely suspect.

      • rick

        My comment from last night is missing. I posted something very similar once again. This time I took a screenshot.

        • Nunya

          Also deleted mine admonishing the Sheriff for allowing the Deputies to use the “resisting arrest without violence “statute to abuse citizens

          • Kilroy238

            Yeah the are pretty quick to delete anything people posts that don’t kiss their ass. However the sheriff’s person page doesn’t seem to be monitored as closely.

  • Voice-Of-Concern

    Is it too soon to start making requests for the Police Car’s videos & audio?

    • Joel Chandler

      Not at all.

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        Does one have to be a citizen of Florida, to make an Public Records request? Are phone or email requests valid, under Florida Public Records law?

        • Joel Chandler

          There is no citizenship requirement.

    • Truth For Students

      Its not too soon to request but I assume the police will have a legal exemption due to the ongoing investigation.
      Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the dashcam had some technical difficulties on or around the time of the arrest.

      • Joel Chandler

        As soon as records are discoverable by the defend at they become non-exempt and subject to disclosure.

        • steveo

          yeah, as soon as demand for discovery is filed by defendant or attorney for defendant. Usually this is contained in the form document the attorney files in the case notifying the court of representation. Which can be done as early as the day of arrest.

  • Truth For Students

    Just so everyone knows, if a courageous police officer with a gun and bullet proof vests gets scared then he can trump the constitutional rights of all Americans.

    • Difdi

      Of course, common sense says that if a reasonable police officer is so terrified of being killed by someone standing 200 feet away with a camera, despite gun, body armor and tons of backup available…

      Then there is no such thing as a safe distance, and police could simply open fire on anyone at any time and get away with it.

      • Uncle_Scrappy

        And they do. Just look at the following article out of Dallas TX Cop shoots man who stood up & made no aggresive move (Which the cop said he did) What is great about this story is, that if a neighbor hadnt had a video system recording this. The cop would have gotten away with it. MORAL OF THIS. We need more video proof of cops & their bullying ways.

        • Difdi

          The thing is, at least on paper, police have exactly the same right to self-defense as private citizens do, with only one exception — A police officer can advance into danger and still claim self-defense, where any other citizen would be considered the aggressor in the same circumstances.

          If acting in a lawful manner around police officer poses such a threat that it must be responded to with deadly force, then the same is true with the circumstances reversed.

          But while the law says police and citizens have almost exactly the same self-defense rights, in practice private citizens are held to the standard the law provides…while police are above it.

      • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

        They killed a little boy with a toy gun here yesterday. They hollered at him, he started to turn around of course, the cops went pee-pee in their pants. Here I thought open carry was legal even if it was a real AK-47 but it looks like just plain open season on us sheep.

        added link

        • inquisitor

          The toy was a replica and virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
          When told to drop it the kid did not and began to point the barrel in the direction of the officer.
          The law requires someone has to be over 18 to be in possession of a replica.
          This one is on the parents.

          • John

            “the kid did not and began to point the barrel in the direction of the officer.”

            That’s not true at all. The officers claim that “the barrel started to rise up.” That is *extremely* different than the kid actively pointing the gun towards the cop.

            The law in California only prohibits the *sale* of airsoft guns to those under 18. It says nothing about possession, and nothing about toy guns.

            If you are holding a gun of any type, your odds of being shot certainly increase. But because guns are legal — including airsoft guns — it is up to police officers to assess whether the thing the person is holding is a real gun, a toy gun, or simply a garden hose.

            (Not to derail the thread, but I hate the presentation of false information as “fact.”)

          • Difdi

            And even if it is a real gun, simple possession of a legal object (or even an illegal one) does not all by itself justify killing someone.

          • inquisitor

            An article on the story stated, as I repeated, that a replica was held by the kid and that has an age requirement of 18 in California.

            So your inclusion of an air soft gun and the mentioning of a toy gun were not relevant to my point in the context in which I made it.

          • John

            “Replica” is a superset of “Airsoft.” Many sources indicated it was an airsoft gun. Other sources have indicated the item the boy was holding was not a replica, but rather just a toy gun. The law specifically refers to “imitation guns” which includes replica guns. So my inclusion of that was entirely relevant.

            In any case, it is NOT illegal in California to be a minor and in possession of a replica gun. It is only illegal to sell or furnish such a weapon to a minor. See CPC 12552, and please stop stating false information.

          • actual_commonsense

            dont be an idiot, the cop shot him within what, 10 seconds of seeing him? he obviously is one of the brave men in blue that signed on to hurt people

          • Joseph Murray

            Weird how you take the cop’s account of the event as the unquestioned truth. You don’t bother with ‘The officers claimed that…’; in fact you say in the first person as if you saw it yourself! Tip: No one tells the truth if they think it’ll make them look bad least of all cops.

          • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

            The testimony from an actual witness seems to contradict the cops’ story. The kid didn’t get a chance to comply.

          • inquisitor

            All I needed to see was the side by side comparison photo of the replica and an actual AK-47.
            Cops are psychos…why increase the probabilities concerning your kid?

          • $910553

            Burn in hell where you belong with your GD pigs.

          • steve618

            The kid never even had a chance. By pulling up BEHIND him and yelling at him to drop the gun he instinctively turned around. He was likely dead before his brain even had a chance to register that it was police who had yelled at him. His death was a foregone conclusion with such cowardly police tactics. This one IS on the parents. They would be morally justified in putting a price on that murdering sack of shit’s head, because he certainly won’t be held to account for anything by the “justice” system.

          • inquisitor

            Walking around liberal California with a gun that looks indistinguishable from a real AK-47 that one is not supposed to possess unless over 18 and with a militarized police presence?

            Parents should know better that avoidance and reducing the probabilities of run-ins with the police psychos is the best policy these days.

          • John

            Uh… when did the killing of a boy by a police officer become a liberal vs conservative issue? Seems to me it’s an issue of police officers understanding that when you yell “drop the weapon!” everyone’s natural reaction will be to turn quickly toward the sound of the yelling.

            In any case, Santa Rosa and all of Sonoma county is one of the most conservative areas of the state.

            Once again, being a minor in possession of an imitation or replica firearm is not illegal. Only the sale of that item to a minor is illegal.

    • Tracey Bantz

      A truly scared officer may do a pat-down search for weapons if they can explain why they’re scared. However, I don’t think the courts have yet determined cops can tell you where to go, tell you to get lost, command you to leave them alone, prevent you from being in public, or require you to be somewhere out of the officer’s view. They are NOT your daddy.

  • eciff

    “Do you know how dangerous traffic stops are?”

    Yes! They are dangerous because cops are involved!

    • Difdi

      Give a coward a gun, wind him up real good with horror stories abut how he could get gruesomely killed and send him out onto the streets…and he becomes a menace to every living thing he meets.

      People who are menaced tend to react in ways to remove the threat. Is it any wonder traffic stops are so dangerous for everyone involved?

  • rick

    A thug once said, “you may beat the rap but you won’t beat the ride.”
    I’m guessing charges will be quickly dropped and they will skin their knees praying that it all goes away.

    Please take them to task!

  • Voice-Of-Concern

    “Get that camera out of my face!”

    Her camera was not in any officer’s face, unless that officer was leaning into the car. It’s pretty clear she was inside the car. What a whiny bully.

  • Jaybone

    Congrats to PINAC with the excellent addition of Jeff Gray and Joel Chandler. In all the videos I’ve seen of them, they conduct themselves professionally and politely. Their calm approach exemplifies how unnecessary the abusive behavior they often encounter is.

  • Anonrp

    What is Florida law in regards to trespassing? Can they just arrest someone for being standing and/or parked without the owner’s or agent’s permission? Can someone call BS on that?

    This just shows the double standard of we like to record you but we don’t like you recording us!

    • Seth Levy

      Pretty much all privately owned parking lots grant the local PD the authority to trespass anyone they want.

      • inquisitor

        I believe the actual owner of the property or an individual acting as a representative of the owner has to declare that someone is trespassing, but only after they have asked someone to leave who has refused to do so.

      • steveo

        This is incorrect. In order for the leos in any jurisdiction in FL, to arrest someone for trespassing on private property, there has to be a written trespass warning on file with the Sheriff’s office and usually has to be renewed every year. These warnings are of course easily obtained by way of a public records request. There also has to be prominent signs displayed in the parking lot or building that warns citizens that they can be trespassed from that area by any local leo.

        Our local ACLU, challenged the “trespass program” by the local PD and found that most if not all the trespass agreements on file with the Sheriff were out of date or didn’t exist at all.

        • Difdi

          And without a valid trespass agreement, police have no more standing to order someone to leave a given piece of private property than any other random bystander.

          • steveo

            What I find is really interesting is that leos are experts in FL trespass law when a citizen wants someone trespassed from their own property and asks for leo help. But when leos want to intimidate a citizen, like in Jeff’s case the leo denies all knowledge of the trespass requirements.

            Like for instance, a former roommate wants to keep a deadbeat “friend” from crashing at their apartment. the leo will instruct the complainant to go to the Sheriff’s office to fill out a trespass warning notice, then serve the warning notice on the “friend”, then the leo can arrest the “friend” if he comes back. Otherwise, the leo tells the complainant that the “friend” could eventually claim that he is an “occupant” of the apartment and then the complainant would have to go the eviction route.

  • Rusty Gunn

    S.O.S. Just sue’m ’til their buttholes bleed.

  • Joel Chandler

    Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
    Honorable Wayne Ivey
    700 South Park Avenue Bldg. J
    Titusville, Florida 32780-4008
    Telephone: (321) 264-5201
    Fax: (321) 264-5360
    Region Number: 7

    The above maybe found at
    and is provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    • Difdi

      Honorable by title, perhaps not by reputation. We’ll see.

    • $910553

      Let me assure you that Sheriff Ivey is anything BUT “honorable”.

      • Difdi

        I wonder what the reaction would be if you addressed mail to him as “Dishonorable Wayne Ivey”?

        • $910553

          I would expect a visit from his piggies. Or their Brothers in Blue, if such was done by someone OUTSIDE their jurisdiction. After all, the Brothers in Blue stick together.

  • Flashing Scotsman

    Hey, it’s great to hear about Jeff and Joel becoming part of the site. You guys will make a hell of a team. Go get ’em!


    had the same thing happen to me today except I had more witnesses than they had cops. needless to say I got them on tape refusing to tell us their badge number (im the one who called for police assistance due to an auto accident we were just in) the thugs came up bulling and threating right off the get go. I stood my ground and im home tonight! ill be uploading the video soon to my facebook and youtube pages!! and truly im not even a cop watcher (I AM NOW) I just couldn’t believe the way they were treating us when my girlfriend is A CORRECTIONAL OFFICER!!! how dare they employ these thugs. it makes the true justice deparment look like shit!

    • Wandering_Bard

      Chase – Post the link when you upload it.

    • Scott Postlethwait

      What are the links to your YouTube channel?

  • bc_motoguy

    could there be a more appropriate way to mark the new partnership? this is your bread and buttah.. looking forward to Jeff’s writeup of the ‘inside scoop’.

  • pete

    Carlos. Awesome that you got Joel and Jeff on board. Love their stuff. Also, let us know what we can do to help Jeff out (if he needs it). He has done so much for the cause IMHO. I doubt he’ll need a legal defense fund because this is beyond bogus. But if he does, I’ll be glad to help.

  • bps

    You can not be charged for resisting arrest unless there is lawful arrest. Probable cause has to exist before an arrest is done otherwise it’s an unlawful arrest.

    • io-io

      He was also arrested for Trespassing….

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        I thought I saw an earlier post (not on this thread) from one of the regular commenters on here, who lives in Florida, who said that for trespassing is waaay more complicated than most folks or most cops think it is For example, was he warned properly & given a proper opportunity to leave the property?

        • Freedom_Fighter_of_America

          The police can not decide that they are trespassing on someone elses property. If a parking lot is open to the public, the police can not say they have to leave the parking lot. The police are not the owners of the lot of where they are. The police can not decide they are trespassing unless the owner told them to leave and they refused to leave. That is not within the power of the police to take upon themselves to decide.

          • Difdi

            There’s also the fact that police, outside of exigent circumstances (such as hot pursuit of a fleeing felon), are not exempted from trespassing laws. If the parking lot is barred to non-customers, I’d have to wonder if the police bought anything while they were there?

          • steveo

            The legal term is “lawfully present”. Most businesses invite the public and you are lawfully present at that location until you are “uninvited”. A property owner or a property owners representative can uninvite you for some reason or any reason, but then you are no longer “lawfully present” and have to leave. Leos can’t uninvite you unless they are designated as property representatives.

    • Difdi

      It is lawful in Florida to resist arrest without violence in the event of a false arrest. Resisting without violence amounts to going limp and making the officer(s) lift and drag you around rather than walking on your own.

      An arrest for obeying every lawful order and exercising a protected right cannot be anything but false no matter what charges they trump up later to justify it. An arrest is either lawful at the moment it occurs or it is not.

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        Jeff looked pretty self ambulatory on the video.. it’s almost like some cops make things up on arrest reports. Say.. does anyone know how long it takes for an arrest report to become a Public Record, in Florida?

        • Joel Chandler

          Once it is released to the arrestee it becomes subject to disclosure to anyone.

          • Difdi

            I wonder if the fact they’re holding onto his two cameras as “evidence” has anything to do with that?

    • jj

      no u can be charged with obstruction same as resisting w/o violence as u obstruct a lawful investigation.But this case,is not right.He didn’t obstruct anyone.I am retired leo florida

      • Difdi

        Exercise of a constitutional right is not in and of itself obstruction of anything. To obstruct an officer requires an unlawful act. Otherwise every time you invoke your fifth amendment rights, ask for a lawyer, don’t consent to a search or ask if police have a warrant you’d be arrested for obstructing an investigation.

        • steveo

          They do that too. At a recent DUI checkpoint (that was declared unconstitutional by the Circuit court) the written guidelines directed the officers to ask all the drivers where they were coming from and where they were going and if the driver refused to answer, the leos were instructed to arrest the drivers for 843.02 obstructing or resisting without violence, tow the car, etc. Heck, at a checkpoint, they’re not even stopping you for a RAS. The inch and mile rule. Give them an inch…….

          • Difdi

            It would have been interesting for someone to walk up to the checkpoint, observe for a bit, then place the LEOs under citizen’s arrest.

            Florida laws considers citizen’s arrest and out-of-jurisdiction police arrests to be the same thing legally speaking. All the citizen needs is probable cause that a felony has been committed, and from that point on it’s legally the same as a police arrest (for purposes of resisting, fleeing, escape, etc). The procedure is that the citizen makes the arrest then calls the chief of police (or sheriff, depending on exact location) to come pick up the arrested individual(s) for processing and booking. The LEO who picks up the arrested individual is responsible for Miranda rights.

            As for what felony you’d arrest for, that’s easy. The checkpoints have been declared unconstitutional. Ten years in prison is a felony punishment by any measure.


  • io-io

    I am going to guess that the Sheriff’s Community Meeting at the church will be open to the public, however since its private property will be closed to video/audio taping and photography, with a no camera/cell phone notice posted on the door. I wonder if the local TV station will be there – with an exception made just for them but not for anyone else.

    I suspect that if you call the church they will tell you that the Sheriff’s office has “just” contacted them and requested that they let the Sheriff control all aspects of the meeting on their private property – and to enforce all trespassing ordinances, along with setting the video/photography policy during the course of the meeting. It will probably be one of the best “controlled” events that anyone can remember attending.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      Meh.. on the other hand, we can reach out to the Church, and request that they support the First Amendment.. freedom of religion & all that. You never know.. they might want to support the First Amendment…

  • Fotaugrafee

    Jeff is like a hero to many of us, including myself, but there is no way that stop sign (if that was his location) is 200′ away from the traffic stop. I do think it’s plenty adequate, but for the sake of argument, that’s no more than 80′ from the vehicle that is pulled over.

    The shame of it is that the footage doesn’t show where he exactly he was located when taken down, but it’s plainly obvious he wasn’t “standing behind the patrolman while he was doing a traffic stop”. And NO, I personally don’t “understand how dangerous such a thing is” unless Jeff were close enough to grab his the cop’s firearm.

    I wish Teresa would have told him to “Fuck off, I have every a Constitutional right to record this interaction”, especially after the shitty way he told her “you better…”.

    Fuck you cops.

    • Difdi

      If you say that to a bad cop, there’s a risk of making a furtive movement giving the officer no choice but to defend himself with 30+ bullets.

      • Fotaugrafee

        Let him, I don’t have anything to lose right now. I’d totally be a martyr for the cause, just further proof that these swine can’t be trusted & abuse their authority. Bring on the civil war!!! 😀

    • steveo

      If a person can’t record police activity from a reasonable distance, then there is no freedom of the press.

  • Gary W. Geiser Sr.

    Left a message!

  • Anthony

    I live in Brevard County, I witness the way BCSO violates peoples rights on a day to day basis. I listen to my radio scanner now and then, heard an officer trying to find a reason to pull a guy over for whatever reason, another officer suggests he just tells him that he didnt stop at the stop sign he had just stopped at… And thats just one example…

    • Proud GrandPa

      It is getting so that one must video record whenever the car is running merely for legal self-defense. I think someday all cars will have multidirectional video cameras operating. It would transform accident investigation and car jackings. It would also eliminate bad cop crimes and help parents of teenagers too.

      • Lefim

        Speaking of which, Carlos, any idea when that article about car cameras affordable by citizens is coming about? I’m most interested about the setup the Russians use in their cars to protect themselves against scams, and ended up catching a meteor on film.

  • Paschn

    Sadly, because of a citizenry hamstrung by ignorance and cowardice, If it makes it to court, they damn well might be convicted. We’ve been “led” away from the power of Jury nullification and simply cannot grasp the concept of castrating a chickensh*t or illegal law through the simple act of finding the victims of said laws “not” guilty.

    • Donald Williams

      Carlos beat his, and this is a way more cut and dry than that case was.
      Contact the feds and see if you can get them charged under 18 USC § 242, it’s a pipe dream sure, but eventually they’ll have to respond to a couple of them, this shit happens at least ten times a day in Florida.

      • Paschn

        I’m getting an uneasy feeling about this growth of “5th column” cops. Bad enough the blow-flies in D.C. are committing open acts of treason with immunity, it now appears they are passing along this elevated status to the filth-in-blue. Lucrative “training” agreements with Israel, rather than having it done in house or given to an American corporation w/o international connections.

        The statement, (which, ironically is part of the oath treasonous filth such as those in D.C. and cop shops swear to), “…..all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.” is taking on a very insidious meaning. Uncomfortably akin to the Central Bank “regime change” we are duped into calling the Russian Revolution which culminated in 60,000,000 Russian Christians and Muslims slaughtered like cattle, as well as 7,000,000 in the Ukraine and 60,000 in the Danzig Corridor. Not to mention millions more throughout Eastern Europe.

        • Voice-Of-Concern

          By the Noodly Appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, stop spamming us with your incessant anti-antisemitism!

          It’s sooooo tedious

          • Proud GrandPa

            Stop calling him anti-semitic. There was nothing anti-semite in his post. The commies murdered jews, christians, moslems, and each other. If paschn sees similarities between the central bank manipulating the commie revolution, so be it. That is a matter of fact to be discussed, not a matter of censorship by the likes of you.
            Censorship is the last resort of deceivers. They cannot argue with facts.

          • inquisitor

            There is no anti-semitism contained within his post.

  • Paul Sanders

    I am the last person to back corrupt officers. I would like to see the other video. I can understand the officers point of view. I wouldn’t want you behind me if I was an officer. I would like to see what happened before the arrest. there is not enough information here,

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      Being behind an officer, from a distance, is not a crime. Perhaps you heard the leo order Jeff’s wife to “Get that camera out of my face!”? First Amendment violation right there. Also, that officers actions do not suggest fairness or following the actual law (as opposed to Contempt of Cop fake laws), was his mode of operation. Or did you even watch the video?

      • Proud GrandPa

        VOC, none of your comments apply to actions committed BEFORE the video started. What if the photog really did interfere say, by shouting or cursing the cops and threatening them? You don’t know.
        Why was the video censored by the photog himself?
        Rule for PINAC photogs: Start recording well in advance of the first contact with LEOs.

        • inquisitor

          Perhaps that footage was shot by Jeff but cannot be posted here because it is wrongfully in the possession of the police as “evidence” even after Jeff’s release.

          Should we not put the criticism and blame on the wrongdoers rather than the victims?

        • Nemo

          There WAS footage from before contact with the LEOs, Gramps. The LEOs confiscated it, remember? Any other unreasonable requests?

    • inquisitor

      There are four armed officers present at a simple traffic stop.

      None of the officers were in any danger and the photogs maintained a more than safe distance from the officer making the stop.

      There really is nothing more to…analyze.

  • inquisitor

    @ 4:53 it looks as if the officer had ordered the passenger out of the vehicle and were about to commence with something resembling a sobriety test or a search…on the passenger.

    Explains why they were telling this woman photog to leave and that she is trespassing because they did not want it to be recorded. As the cop is clearly checking out if the lady has stopped recording yet prior to doing what he is about to do next.

  • Joe Blow

    This is classic example of what scum ANY florida sheriffs office is composed of. I have witnessed how they throw he lamest of charges on people and treat people like dogs. I saw fist hand the lame Tazing of a young woman in front of the Crestview jail Okaloosa county. She was hit numerously in front of that jail on and screaming for her life back on decmeber of 2006. Our schools praise that the Policeman is your friend. That is the biggest joke since Obama getting elected when it comes to Florida sheriffs. These slime bucket cops in florida also release peoples photos, even for the minorest of offenses to scumbag sites like . I have a feelig the extortion those sites charge to remove a persons mug ($400-$500 range). I have a feeling these two scumbag agencys are tied in with each other. I am glad I am gone from that Pig state. I think Florida should be given back to spain for a dollar. Thats how much that overrated farce of a state is worth.

    • harry balzanys

      How do you tie this to Obama this sherrif is a Republican.

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        Buh buh because because…. ummmm… Bengahzi! Need i say more?

        • Difdi


      • $910553

        Sheriff Ivey is sucking FedPig dick to beat the band. May he burn where he belongs.

  • Uncle_Scrappy

    I love the part where the officer orders his wife “To get in that seat & leave” I have been reading an article on a parent complaining to Officials in TX about a HS Coach BULLYING because his team beat their son’s team 91-0. What we need is a law to prevent Police from bullying citizens like they seem to think is a perk of their job.

  • Beeker N

    Here, is the page with the arrest list, scroll down to Jeffrey Marcus Grey. The bond is $1000.

    • Luc

      They probably don’t publish the addresses of Police that get arrested.

  • John Hoog
    • jj

      I am a retired deputy.It was a false arrest.The only way he can be charged with trespassing is if the owner of the private property was present and first asked him to leave in the prescence of a deputy.Then if he don’t leave,then he can be arrested.Second,he was very far from the traffic stop.Its a false arrest.Get a lawyer and sue them.They will drop the charges.Do not plea to nothing!!

  • John Hoog

    Access to public records – Florida Constitution, Declaration of Rights I.24.a –

  • DeadMike68

    Just left a message on their FBpage.. It is a totally disgusting abuse of their perceived authority. Those Low rent and questionable IQ’s ( a bucket of warm water has a higher IQ than these thugs ). Hope fully Jeff takes this to federal court for the violations of his and his wifes constitutional rights . He ought to file charges of Terrorist threats under the color of Law, ect. This is just another example of the attitude of the current LE to try and subjugate the populous . These cowardly acts were in my opinion totally disgusting and unnecessary…the whingeing of the cop was totally self serving and an abuse of his authority to abuse and threaten and abuse his Wife.

  • Difster

    The whole notion of “obstruction of justice” is absurd when it’s not justice that is being done to people stopped in their cars for victimless crimes and being forced to pay ransoms to the king.

  • Florida_Native

    I hope Jeff takes them all the way. Apparently the Brevard County Sheriffs Department either doesn’t bother reading court opinions or else thinks they are above the law. The AGs office republished an opinion from the 11th Circuit regarding the rights of citizens to record law enforcement. The officers involved cannot claim ignorance and make it fly. Someone and I hope it’s Jeff needs to take them to court and make it hurt so they will stop thinking they are above the law.

  • Nunya

    You all need to do a FOIA on the charge “resisting arrest without violence” You will find that this is the most abused statute in Florida. It’s a catch all and go to charge when the cops want to arrest you and you haven’t done anything wrong. Trust me on this. A southern florida newspaper did a story on this awhile back and also found it to be abused by cops, most charges dismissed or found not guilty.

  • Florida_Native

    I’m sure the Brevard Sheriffs Depart is now monitoring this site. With that in mind there is an article a link to which is below on 2 malcreant so called officers who were just found guilty of Federal Civil Rights violations and who will be serving time as well as permanently losing their LE credentials. Among the charges they were convicted of was writing a false report regarding the arrest of the Reverend James Manship who had the audacity to videotape the pair in action. I guess in Brevard County though so called officers are free to file false and misleading reports in order to arrest someone for videotaping them. If the Sheriff had any integrity he would arrest the so called officers and charge them for writing a false report. Won’t happen here though. Hopefully Gray will take the individual officers and the department to the cleaners in Federal Court.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      Manship was a Priest who was arrested for video taping. Here is a nice quote from the article
      “You can’t use police reports as weapons to harm people,” Manship said.
      “There were 27 drafts of my police report, 27 drafts of fiction, upon
      fiction, upon fiction to try and discredit me.”

    • 1shot 1kill

      That’s nothing compared to what just happened in Dallas,TX. that was caught on video. Check it out.

  • DocRambo


    • Florida_Native

      I noticed they are purging some of the comments. One Carlos had up is now missing. Others posting have complained comments are being purged. I wonder if what they are doing is a violation of Florida public records law?

      • Florida_Native

        Correction: The posts appear to have been resorted. Carlos’ post is still there. The comments about posts being purged are also still there.

    • Luc

      Take screen shots after your comments. Not sure how, just press the PrtScrn on your keyboard and paste…

      • Lefim

        If you have Photoshop, you can save your screen print as a photo by selecting
        “File > New > Image from Clipboard” then select your fav medium (jpg, png, whatever) to “Save As…” in. I’m sure competitors have something similar on their products.

  • jj

    jj John Hoog
    • a few seconds ago • 0 0


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    I am a retired deputy.It was a false arrest.The only way he can be charged with trespassing is if the owner of the private property was present and first asked him to leave in the prescence of a deputy.Then if he don’t leave,then he can be arrested.Second,he was very far from the traffic stop.Its a false arrest.Get a lawyer and sue them.They will drop the charges.Do not plea to nothing!!
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  • elizabee

    I don’t even feel like I live in America anymore, when did this change?

    • byby liberty

      Look up “PATRIOT ACT”.

      • inquisitor

        Or the much earlier War Powers Acts that were never repealed which pretty much make America a battlefield in a constant state of declared war with its citizens being belligerents at best or enemies of the state at best.

  • Beeker N

    Holy cow…… just based on the number of comments on FB, I wonder how many emails (I sent one to the “how are we doing” address and CC’ed the Mayors of Titusville, Cocoa, and Cocoa Beach) they’ve gotten.
    Also, the phone of “Community Relations Coordinator (giggle)” Lindsey Deaton who’s name and number are listed on the posted flyer for Tuesdays meeting…. I would imagine is getting bombarded.

  • skepticR

    This video doesn’t show anything. It begins well into the stop. Why has the beginning been edited out? Is it because it shows he actually WAS interfering with the traffic stop? If not why not show the whole thing?

    • Proud GrandPa

      Yeah, good point.

    • John

      I don’t understand why this got 5 downvotes… it’s a legitimate question. If the beginning of the video shows Jeff did nothing questionable whatsoever, then that’s fantastic — wouldn’t that just be more evidence in his favor that he would want people to see? What would there be to lose?

      If, on the other hand, the beginning of the video shows he did something that might be questionable or even illegal, can’t every person with a camera potentially learn from it? Is the goal to simply root for a sports team? Or is the goal to actually educate law enforcement and photographers on First Amendment rights, particularly with respect to photography in public places? Are we having a discussion here? Or are we just going to yell and scream and outshout anyone who dares to express anything contrary to the most extreme belief?

      I have never seen a Jeff Gray video where he physically interfered with police or even got too close. From those I have seen, he is always calm and polite, insistent of his rights without being overly adversarial, and he explains himself far more than he is required by law to do. In the videos I’ve seen, he is guilty of nothing more than being difficult and testing the patience of police — neither of which is illegal. So what’s wrong with asking the tough questions here? At worst, the truncated beginning of the video shows something everyone can learn from — an “oops” that would educate everyone on what not to do. At best, it completely exonerates Jeff and proves the point he is consistently trying to make: that there’s no harm in taking video.

      Perhaps there’s a pretty benign reason why the video starts where it does, i.e., there is no audio before that point, but skepticR’s question is a perfectly reasonable one. I don’t see why answering that question would undermine the mission…. which to my knowledge is still to ensure that photographers can take pictures in public — including of public officials performing their duties — without being suspected of a crime.

      (I suspect the crazies will downvote this.)

      • inquisitor

        Perhaps the camera that Jeff was holding will have this very footage but you are not able to see it because the cops wrongfully confiscated it and are holding it even after his release.

        The footage posted here seems to be the best that is available as of now and was done by a second photog.

        • John

          I was referring to the rest of the dash cam video. Of course, the footage on Jeff’s camera will also be important.

          • inquisitor

            You never mentioned nor alluded to anything at all about dash cam video.
            Nothing you posted had anything to do with referencing or communicating anything even remotely related to dash cam footage.
            So you did not refer to dash cam video in the slightest.
            And now that you stated that you were referring to dash cam footage and then I re-read your post…there is still no connection or relation between the two.
            Perhaps you should go back and edit your post to make it such.

          • John

            I mentioned “the video” multiple times, meaning Gray’s dash cam video, which is the video posted on this particular post (which Carlos mentions in the post). That’s the only video any of us have seen.

            You may have missed in Carlos’s post that the video in the post came from Gray’s dash cam, which may be why you were confused by my use of “dash cam” (which usually refers to police dash cams) rather than “Gray’s dash cam.”

            (And I cannot edit, as I prefer to post as guest.)

    • inquisitor

      Perhaps you are not allowed to see it because the entirely of the situation is on the camera that police have confiscated as “evidence”.

    • Carlos_Miller

      You saw two minutes of nothing happening before the arrest. Would you prefer watching seven minutes of nothing happening?

      The video was edited to save everybody time. Once they release Jeff’s video, you will see and hear the actual interaction between them rather than just watching a routine traffic stop where Jeff is nowhere near.

  • Gomer Pyle

    more reason to FTP

  • Joe Riley

    WOW….Time to start the paper trail campaign!!!!

  • $910553

    This filthy POS is “Law Enforcement” for me. Not only do these maggots pull THIS crap, but they also were helping the Tampa Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives run weapons to Communist terrorists supporting former president Zelaya in Honduras under Operation Castaway. Tampa’s version of the Phoenix Field Division Operation Fast and Furious. The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like Brevard County pig.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Obama at fault again…

      • Voice-Of-Concern

        Xtian Gawd’s fault again…

      • WithinThisMind

        Because there was absolutely no government corruption before Obama was elected, and it was totally a democratic president that started the whole ‘patriot act’ shit.

  • Ron

    When can we see the video that Jeff took?

    • Carlos_Miller

      They held on to his cameras as “evidence.”

      He has a lawyer working on getting them back.

      • io-io

        So what do you think the odds are that the video will be intact? 50/50? Also, you have to wonder if they will actually get a warrant or subpoena in order to “view” the data officially.

        It would also be interesting to read the official complaint as viewed against the video to see if it matches. If it matches too closely, without a warrant or subpoena then you have to wonder. Also, matching the date / time on the complaint vs the date / time on any warrant to view the video.

        Has anyone been to google earth to actually map / measure the distances at the intersection? Also, to lay down the exact path taken from the car to the stop sign? Also, obtaining the name of the person receiving the traffic ticket as a material witness.

        It would also be interesting to see if the property owner has provided the sheriff’s office with a blanket written permission to enforce the trespass laws on their property?

        • Carlos_Miller

          His phone is locked, so they won’t be able to get into it without a password

        • steveo

          See Smallwood vs. State: recent Fl Supreme court decision that forbids leos/SA from “searching” smartphones without warrant.

          This case is also pertinent to Jeff’s case because this is a search of the smartphone incident to arrest. Leos will usualy maintain that they can search anything incident to arrest. Not so. “We further hold that, while law enforcement officers properly separated and assumed possession of a cell phone from Smallwood’s person during the search incident to arrest, a warrant was required before the information, data, and content of the cell phone could be accessed and searched by law enforcement.”

          • Difdi

            To which bad cops answer “We didn’t search it or delete anything without a warrant. The owner must’ve forgotten to press record.”

      • Somee Guie

        Please consider adding Bambuser or one of the other ‘live streaming’ apps. to your toolbox. Bambuser really isn’t that complicated, and saving the video offsite has quite the advantage.

        • Nathan Deckinga

          Something like this should be required now.
          Bambuser & ACLU have apps that stream to the cloud – I use and suggest Bambuser.
          At least have an auto backup app that copies files to the could quickly – can be as simple as G+ for it.

  • AlexW

    “I’m going to do all I can…”
    “These guys are going to pay”

    These words can be used against you in court. Your history as a first amendment activist can be distorted into an “angry guy who routinely bothers” police as a “hobby”.

    Yes, its not true… but if I were deliberating

    in the jury room it would be harder to argue in your
    favor against placating people.

    Why give them more ammunition? Consider making a new video

    Where can we donate to your defence fund?


    • Carlos_Miller

      By the time we turn their asses inside out through public records requests, the jury is going to be just as angry as Jeff.

      • Proud GrandPa

        I hope this is not mere talk. Go for it!

    • inquisitor

      an “angry guy who routinely bothers” police as a “hobby”…

      I don’t interpret what he said to remotely resemble this characterization.

  • Michael Mayo

    To anyone that might be attending the town hall meeting in Brevard County, please take your video camera. I would really like to see the sheriff squirm.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Yes, and the open meeting laws apply too from the federal level.

  • Boomer

    I had to go back and listen to this again. The last cop to speak with Jeff’s wife tells her that she’s not free to be on the roadway, the county right of way, or in the parking lot. I have serious doubts about how she’s supposed to get the car out of there when she’s not free to be on the roadway.

    Whenever I hear that chest thumping from LEO’s, such as “I tell you one time, and one time only,” it just reminds me that you don’t have to be intelligent in order to be issued cheap jewelry that allows you to act like the world belongs to you.

    What a joke, an absolute joke.

    • Difdi

      Car, nothing. Unless she can flap her arms and fly, she herself can’t get out of there without setting foot on the parking lot, county right of way or roadway.

      • inquisitor

        …and flapping her arms would be purposefully mistaken as her attempting to strike an officer…and thus she would be riddled with hot lead.

  • Peacefulstreets Lewiscounty

    My post to Brevard County’s FB page. (which mangled the formatting)

    It is actions like the unlawful arrest of Jeff Grey, that are reinforcing the public’s negative view of police across this country. Video evidence clearly illustrates that he was not interfering with this traffic stop; and thus there was no probable cause for arrest.

    The officer’s claims that Jeff’s presence was impinging on his safety are flimsy at best. Why is officer safety always held to be more important than public safety? I’m actually pleasantly surprised none of the officers involved drew a weapon. Jeff’s arrest is a clear violation of his 1st and 4th amendment rights. It could also be argued that his wife’s 1st amendment rights were violated when officers confronted her.

    As another poster stated: The cameras aren’t going away. They’re only getting better, smaller, and cheaper. We are watching. This conduct will not be tolerated.

    “Those of us who are public officials and are entrusted with the power of the state are ultimately accountable to the public. When we exercise that power in a public fora, we should not expect our actions to be shielded from public observation. Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies?” – Judge Emory A. Pitt of Maryland, Seventh Circuit, ACLU v. Alvarez.

  • steveo

    An individual in FL can only be charged with one count of 843.02, that would be a violation of double jeopardy. As for the trespassing, that’s really ridiculous because Jeff was either standing on the “sidewalk” or the street. In FL, as per Statute 316.002 (47), the sidewalk is defined as the area from the curbline to the property line. And even if he was standing on private property, the leos would first have to ask the property owners to give a trespass warning. They don’t have the legal authority to give a trespass warning on someone elses property unless there is a prior written agreement on file and they would have to have the proper signs posted.

    As per the 843.02 charge, read my letter from the 12th District State Attorney, Jeff could send the State Attorney in that district a copy before they embarrass themselves any further.

    Here’s the info on only one charge of 843.02 > (pg 13 Brown v. State) This one is primo because this was written by the SA in Brevard county, don’t know if he still is, but this SA is a real expert on 843.02. Good for Jeff.

    Here’s the case law from the SA on right to record in FL and distances, etc. go to page 7, third paragraph.

    They would have been smarter to charge loitering/prowling, but that’s also pretty bogus.

  • krauti

    The sheriff also has his own little presence on facebook. I’ve posted there also. Not sure if anyone else has yet but why not get him there as well.

  • Ron

    A few of the usual suspects on here have gone quiet …

    • Proud GrandPa

      Yes, we drove them off by sensible exposure. I haven’t see their senseless death threats against LEOs in over a week. Maybe they had to reapply for welfare and forgot PINAC.

      • Ron

        Ha ha, very interesting that it was YOU that replied. :)

        • Proud GrandPa

          I didn’t threaten to harm police. Suggest you take a look in the mirror. HeHe

          • inquisitor

            They could gang rape your whole family in front of you gramps and you would only praise their actions.

  • Florida_Native

    A link to Jeff’s mugshot is now on the online edition of Florida Today one of Gannett’s newspapers.

  • Nunya

    Not only did the BCSO delete my comments, I can no longer post a comment on the page. Here’s another BCSO forum page:

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    Hi all, I am at home and doing fine. My attorney Eric J Friday has been on this case since just minutes after I was arrested thanks to my wife who made all the right calls. Mr. Friday is in contact with the state attorneys office working on getting the charges dropped and for the return of my property. I want to thank everybody for your help and support. The way PINAC readers help citizens with call floods,social media floods,email floods etc is awesome. Carlos,Joel and I will keep everybody updated as this develops.

  • Kasbohm

    This will have to be battled out in court I’m afraid. Mr. Gray has the right to film public officials in a public place. However, if an officer tells a person to leave for public safety reasons (not just the cops safety, but the person being pulled over) and a person does not leave, the police can then charge them with trespassing per florida law.
    In my opinion Jeff’s actions were not hostile in any way, therefore not giving the officers the right to arrest. However a jury may decide different. Good luck Jeff and god bless.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      1) I could be wrong, but I am under the impression, that the most police can legally do, is Arrest someone. My understanding, is that the DA is who decides what Charges, if any are made.

      2) If the person is not moving on, because they are performing a Federal Constitutionally protected activity, such as new gathering, I strongly doubt that any State statute could hold up as enforceable.

    • Florida_Native

      “any law enforcement officer whose department has received written authorization from the owner, his or her agent, or a community association authorized as an agent for the owner, to communicate an order to leave the property in the case of a threat to public safety or welfare.”

      The department needs written authorization first which I doubt is the case here. The public safety threat is also questionable since Jeff was only filming. The tactic police used here is discussed on police web boards with the more educated officers advising against the tactic citing case law to the contrary.

    • Nemo

      Your posts are a threat to public safety. I order you to leave, and never post here, or anywhere else on the internet, ever again.

      Get it, now, Kas? By your standard, all cops need to do to censor is to invoke “public safety”, and they can censor anyone, anywhere, /even if they are doing so to cover up them in the act of committing a crime/. And cops do indeed commit crimes. In fact, they do so practically every day. You WANT to give them the ability to cover that up, on their own say-so. Whatever you believe, that is what your post MEANS.

  • DocRambo

    Need any help with legal expenses? I suspect your atty is salivating over this one.

  • Kilroy238

    Check out the sheriff’s personal FB page.

  • The Objective Review

    You cant comment on their page they filter comments and block users unless their comments agree with their “agendas” however you can comment here all you like they threatened me with legal action then I informed them Im a member of national and international press this page will be staying for citizens to comment “How are we doing”

  • Guest

    Are the Pinac 3 planning on attending Sheriff Ivey’s town hall meeting tomorrow?

  • The Objective Review

    Censorship was rampant throughout Nazi Germany. Censorship ensured that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted people to see, hear what they wanted them to hear and read only what the Nazis deemed acceptable. The Nazi police dealt with anyone who went outside of these boundaries. Censorship dominated the lives of the ordinary citizen in Nazi Germany.

    Censorship was enforced by a number of methods. First, the secret police or the ‘normal’ police ensured that the rules were kept to. Secondly, anyone who wanted to go outside of the desired party norm faced the most serious of consequences. Third, people in general were expected to report anything unacceptable to their local party chief. Those who knew something but did not report it were deemed as guilty as those who went against the system. Censorship ensured that the Nazis had the German public in their grip as they bombarded them on a daily basis on how their lives had been improved from the day Hitler became Germany’s leader.

    • The Objective Review

      Sounds alot like Sheriff Ivey just saying…

  • The Objective Review

    We have lots of info on Brevard Jeff contact us!

  • The Objective Review

    I was just wondering cause i pulled into a gas station saw a stop in another county went back to truck grabbed my camera took photos and after the stop was done questioned the officers and had no problems in another county. I wasnt even dressed up i was in old jeans and a tshirt on my way to a party just happened to have camera in the truck. Was my first cop shots and went smooth what seems to be the problem in Brevard? Just saying….

  • iratejoe

    Full arrest video up now on jeff’s youtube channel.

    Hopefully we will see a follow up article here soon.

  • snakeguy
  • Michael Mayo

    How can they still be holding his personal belongings? The case was dismissed. What the hell is going on with these crooked thugs?

  • daryl look up Brian Stoll and see what a piece of work this deputy is definitely should not be working with everything he has been convicted off not just charged talk about letting the inmates be incharge
    Name Search