He calls himself Surveillance Man, but the Creepy Cameraman has a better ring to it.

Especially when you see the reaction of the people he records.

I’ve wrote about him a few times last year, even getting him to respond to an email interview, but he has never identified himself and we have no idea what he looks like.

All we know is that he lives in the Seattle area.

His goal is simple; to highlight the irony of people not minding  themselves being recorded by surveillance cameras, but throwing a fit when he begins to quietly record them.

People react with insults, threats and even physical aggression. There’s the security guard who assaults him, which you can see him coming from a mile away, then accusing him of setting him up and asking him to delete the video.

And the other security guard threatening to call the cops because he is video recording the bank from a public sidewalk.

And the Asian man doing karate moves and the missionaries hoping to sell us all on Jesus.

But nobody has the sense to pull out their own camera to record him, which might cause him to melt considering his reluctance to identify himself.

Either way, his videos are hilarious, so I hope he keeps it up. Check out the rest of his videos below.