Another Pennsylvania cop tried to convince a citizen that audio recording him in public is a felony, an act of intimidation that doesn’t carry the same weight as it did a couple of years ago when they would actually carry out arrests on these charges.

The charges would never go anywhere, but that still hasn’t stopped cops from threatening to arrest citizens recording them on these charges.

But now the cops at least know better not to follow through on an arrest if the citizen asserts their rights.

It is not clear exactly what part of Pennsylvania this took place, but it is very clear that recording cops (or anybody else for that matter) is not illegal if they do not have an expectation of privacy.

But as they’ve recently proven in Florida, another two-party consent state whose wiretapping law includes an expectation of privacy provision, police in Pennsylvania continue to lie to citizens, hoping they will not know better.

But the citizens are getting much smarter about these things, so the cops are just making themselves look stupid.