Boston Boondoggle Hearing Postponed Until Next Week as Internet Criticism Grows


On a day when multiple news outlets and websites harshly criticized Boston police for bringing up felony charges against myself and a PINAC associate for attempting to hold them accountable, a police attorney asked for a continuance in the hearing.

Now the hearing is scheduled for Friday of next week, giving police an extra week to ponder over how they will proceed with their complaint while giving the internet an extra week to mercilessly mock the Boston Police Department for the boondoggle it has brought upon itself.

Not to mention an extra week of citizens calling the public information office to inquire about the case, challenging Detective Nick Moore to follow through on his threat to charge them all with witness intimidation.

Surely, this is not going as they had expected.

Our attorney, David Duncan, gave us the news this evening, insinuating that the police department must have something up its sleeve, but not exactly clear on what it is.

But it’s clear that they realized they were not going to be able to drive this through as they had expected, especially when they saw how quickly we were able to raise the money to hire one of the most respectable lawyers in Boston.

They should also be aware that Boston civil attorneys have already begun reaching out to PINAC for a possible lawsuit against the department once the charges are dropped.

But I’m not going to get ahead of myself here because Taylor Hardy and I are still facing charges of illegal wiretapping and witness intimidation, charges that bring maximum sentences of five years and ten years respectively.

We’ve raised $4,217 so far with four hours to go in the campaign, more than $2,000 over our initial goal of $2,200 to hire Duncan to attend the hearing. Click here to donate or donate in the right-hand column of this site as the Indiegogo campaign is winding down.

If the magistrate clerk finds enough probable cause to lead to an indictment, then we’ll have to pay Duncan an additional $6,000 to attend an additional three hearings, which may not even include the actual trial, so the extra money is comforting.

If it doesn’t go to trial, then the extra money can be used for a PINAC-related project that we will discuss in the future that would include PINAC editors Joel Chandler and Jeff Gray.

While we’ve seen the illegal wiretapping charge abused by several police agencies over the years, this is the first time a police department has attempted to use a witness intimidation charge against a journalist for encouraging citizens to petition the government for redress of grievances, which is Constitutionally protected behavior.

Hopefully, this will be the last time.

Now here’s a sampling of what has been written about the case so far:

The Washington Times :

Public officials, including police officers, cannot be allowed to use their offices to insulate themselves from scrutiny or criticism, even harsh criticism. The law protects the public from being hurt by the bad guys, even with badges. From this distance, neither Mr. Hardy nor Mr. Miller appears to have done anything but bruise an ego or two. The real offense appears to be the abuse of the judicial system to intimidate. We hope the court explains this to the misbehaving cops, and why they can’t be allowed to do that.


The BPD has managed to dig itself a colossal hole in a very short period of time and it looks as if it has no interest in relinquishing its many shovels. Ordering someone from Miami (where Miller lives) to face charges in Boston over something so legally specious as declaring the posting of publicly available numbers to be “witness intimidation” is a prime example of how far some police officers will go to avoid having to admit they screwed up.

The longer this bizarrely wrongheaded crusade against the First Amendment continues, the longer the Boston Police Dept. will have to deal with irate citizens from all over the nation contacting itspublic phone numbers to complain about its intimidating actions. A simple apology and an offer to drop charges would have done wonders for the PD several days ago, but now, it’s far too late. Detective Moore’s actions — basically declaring that contacting BPD’s public numbers is a criminal act — have put him and those involved in a position that only allows them to actively make things worse. The bells have been rung and no amount of additional LEO blustering will un-ring them.

The National Press Photographers Association:

NPPA President Mike Borland said he’s astonished that it has come to this.

“It’s mind boggling that there are still law enforcement officers in major metropolitan departments who don’t know they can be photographed doing their job in public,” Borland said, “It’s downright maddening the steps being taken in Boston as a result of this ignorance. This snowball of a public relations disaster would not be happening if officers were properly trained and then properly disciplined when they break the rules.”

The Newspaper Guild:

In fact, it is the Boston Police Department that is trying to intimidate Miller and anyone else who attempts to exercise their First Amendment rights by shining a light on the department and officers’ conduct.

Demanding transparency from the most powerful of civic agencies is the right of all people and the responsibility of journalists and other watchdogs.

A Boston magistrate judge will determine at a hearing scheduled for Thursday whether there is probable cause to proceed with indictments against Miller and Hardy.

In the strongest possible terms, The Newspaper Guild urges the city to drop these spurious charges.

To the citizens of Boston, we urge you to let police and city officials know that you will not stand for these or any further abuses of power.

Ed Brayton:

So let me get this straight. They’re charging him with felony witness intimidation for encouraging the public to contact a public information officer to protest police intimidation of a journalist over his “crime” of reporting to the public what was said by a public information officer. It’s hard to imagine a more clear-cut case of police intimidation of journalists. Every single person involved should be fired. Immediately.


Indeed — an act of intimidation is involved. But it’s an act of intimidation by the BPD, which is sending a clear message about how it will handle citizen dissent.

What a accomplishment: the Boston Police Department has discovered a way to make it a crime for citizens to contact the person it designates to talk to citizens.

Simple Justice:

I’m not privy to Carlos’ plans, but there is no doubt he’s a fighter.  Neither Richardson nor Moore would have likely anticipated the embarrassment they brought on their department by making themselves look like such worthless, fragile twinkies, but if they thought they could intimidate Carlos (and perhaps the rest of the internet) into behaving as they command, they made a grave mistake.

The Digital Media Law Project:

One could be tempted, in the effort to craft a tidy narrative, to compare what happened in the police encounter with the videographer that started all of this to what happened afterward with the police and Photography Is Not A Crime. In both cases, something that would have been a normal, everyday encounter if done by a member of the institutional press – recording an arrest or contacting the Bureau of Public Information for information about an arrest – is transformed into something viewed (incorrectly) as foreign, and therefore, in the eyes of the police, dangerous, which leads the police to act unreasonably and unlawfully.

I just came across this petition asking them to drop the complaints on our behalf, so I’m curious as to how much sway it has.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Peter97210

    Nothing in the Boston papers?

    • Carlos_Miller

      The Boston Globe interviewed me the other night, but they were waiting until after the hearing to publish the story.

      • nrgins

        I guess they don’t want to be charged with “witness intimidation” by publishing the story before the hearing….

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    See what you get? See what you get when you fuck with PINAC? Boston PD you are worthy of the embarrassment, shame, and criticism you are receiving. Detective Moore I will be calling you tomorrow but I’m confident that you are to much of a coward to answer your phone.

    • pete

      Right on Jeff.

    • jack

      he wont answer..been trying

    • Ian Battles

      I’m still waiting for my warrant!

      They said they’d charge me with witness intimidation if I called! BPD seems to be lying about that, unless it’s in the mail already…

      Guess they don’t want to extradite me from Connecticut…

  • Steven

    Keep up the good fight Carlos. I say that as a guy who has LEOs as friends, who’s been deployed and done, essentially law enforcement in a war zone, and who also values and cherishes my rights under the BoR.

  • Dieselducy

    How the HECK can boston charge somebody from FLORIDA??!!

    • Steven

      If your actions affect someone in Boston, not unlike wire fraud, then the crime can be prosecuted where the effect is. I’m not agreeing with the BPD’s actions, just answering a question (albeit not very well).

      • Michael Turcotte

        Applying the territorial principle of criminal jurisdiction to a specific crime requires that a court determine exactly where the crime occurred. Many crimes, however, consist of several elements, the commission of which may have occurred in several states. The “gist of the offense” is the most important element of the crime. Under the common law territorial approach to jurisdiction, the place where the “gist of the offense” occurred determines jurisdiction. One state may not enforce the laws of another state, nor may any state enforce its own laws if a criminal breaks the laws outside the state’s physical boundaries.

        In this case, the gist of the crime “recording without permission” happened in Florida. So the Fine Upstanding Lady LEO must file with Florida authorities NOT Boston.

        BPD: Hi, I am an information officer from BPD. I would like to file a complaint against a blogger in Florida that called me, asked me about a police incident, and then posted parts of the conversation in a video he made for YouTube about the incident.
        Florida: ummmm…. please hold. (laughter ensues).

        • $910553

          Well actually, speaking as a Florida resident, they would NOT laugh at their Brothers in Blue, but would instead take the information and arrest Mr. Miller. And they would be screaming “Stop resisting!” as six of them held him down while two more kicked the sh!+ out of him. They routinely murder Mere Citizens for simply looking cross-eyed at them.

          • Flashing Scotsman

            Come on now. You only say that because of,….well,……um,….the recent history of Florida’s guys in blue.

          • $910553

            To quote a famous politician:
            You betcha!

  • Ron

    PINAC is getting national recognition. Thanks BPD :)

  • Tom Jankowski

    Face it Boston PD, you’re going to loose. You may want to use the week to try and figure out how to soften the blow of your inevitable defeat.

    • Jim Abdu

      It will be very interesting to see what kind of damage control they attempt. Evans is an interim commissioner until the new mayor takes office in January. I’m sure he doesn’t want this hot potato or the spotlight but it’s too late, “The bells have been rung….”

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Detective Nick Moore is a traitorous piece of filth. The sooner he’s fired, the better.

    • n4zhg

      Firing him is too easy. Put him back on the gay bathhouse detail.

      • $910553

        He would probably enjoy that.

    • ray brown

      Contain yourself. Police merely investigate the possibility of a crime. Prosecutors determine if a crime has been committed. Of course certain overt acts that police may engage in such as hindering a recording being made contemporaneously may be a violation of a citizen’s Constitutional rights.

  • Jim Abdu

    Thanks Carlos for defending our rights and being on the front lines. Standing up has given you and PINAC great exposure! Bravo!

  • nrgins

    So, what, now you have to buy a new plane ticket for a different date, which will cost you even more money??

    • Guest

      He never bought a ticket. And now it looks like he won’t have to. I was confident, as Carlos ended up being, that the judge would rubber stamp an arraignment. It’s their natural inclination to wipe their asses with the Constitution and their oath to uphold it. But, sometimes, as in this case, they are publicly shamed into doing the right thing. They won’t pursue this now. Because even more than being traitors to their oath, they’re cowards.

      • nrgins

        Oh, I thought he had to go to Boston for the hearing. But I guess his attorney being there is enough.

      • Proud Grandpa

        Guest, your post suggests a possible damage-control maneuver. Here is how possible damage-control might work: The DA will drop charges announcing that he still believes the police acted lawfully and that the photog and Carlos are guilty of wrongdoing. That will satisfy the local press and PD egos.
        Next the DA will announce that due to some legal technicality made by police officers under very trying circumstances, certain essential evidence is inadmissible. It makes Carlos look like a bad guy who barely got away with it on a technicality.
        Later the PD can train its LEOs to avoid lawsuits by obeying the constitution and case law. That can be done privately without media attention.
        But this won’t work if…

        • Proud Grandpa

          This damage-control maneuver won’t work, if Carlos et. al. sue for violation of rights and false charges. The spotlight will remain focused on the errors of city employees.

  • HeyItsRaymond

    This is going to be an Epic Battle. I’ve already been calling them about every 20-mins when I have time. I wish I could be there to attend all the hearings and show support.

    • Proud Grandpa

      Let me caution you not to do that. Calling every 20 minutes is not petitioning government; it is harrassment. This is exactly the kind of thing that could be used by censors to punish Carlos for publishing the contact number.
      PINAC has never advocated jamming government phone lines or harrassment.

      • Proud Grandpa

        The post by someone calling himself HeyItsRaymond may be a Boston political dirty trick. It purpose may be to entice you into saying or doing something to support their charges. You should distance PINAC from anything that blurs the line between lawfully petitioning government and unlawfully interferring.
        Raymond may be just an overachiever on the phone and not an agent provacateur. Either could harm your defense.

      • HeyItsRaymond

        You can’t harass the government you fool. You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic in your post. (all of them)

  • Guest

    “Now the hearing is scheduled for Friday of next week, giving police an extra week to ponder over how they will proceed with their complaint while giving the internet an extra week to mercilessly mock the Boston Police Department for the boondoggle it has brought upon itself.”

    My bet is that they don’t even have the balls to go the week with the spotlight on them. Being the cockroaches they are, I bet they announce tomorrow that they are dropping everything.

    • Guest

      I was close. Just one day off.

  • quantumcipher

    Give ’em hell, Carlos. The American people cannot and will not stand idly by as our rights are systematically dismantled and infringed upon by those who falsely claim to protect them. It’s about time these frauds are held accountable for their own actions.

  • Freedom_Fighter_of_America

    I would think the Boston PD would lack Jurisdiction. If an alleged crime happens or is effected across state lines, it become federal jurisdiction. If the Boston PD lacks jurisdiction in a case, they can not proceed. I would discuss that angle with your attorney. Also, I’m sure Boston PD is keeping tabs on your blog and if they know that you’re attorney will only appear a certain number of times for that 2000, then they are going to make sure he appears those number of times and keep extending it, or making up new court dates to do 1 task just so you run out of money and then steam roll you.

    • jcfromnj

      Sun Tzu said:

      “Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight;

      whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle, will arrive exhausted ”

      Read Sun Tzu’s The ART OF WAR, and all your questions will be answered. Long before the first shot is fired, the battle is won or lost.

      I’ve been watching these sort of issue’s for some years now, and the FED’s for the most part will not involve themselves in a local pissing contest. It’s difficult to get them to weigh in on a local beef, I’ve tried it myself. Unless your in the Rodney King category, or a George Zimmerman, your on your own…

  • pete

    There really is something rotten with the BPD. This is the same outfit that pissed on the 4th amendment of citizens trying to find an 18 year old two-bit wanna-be terrorist. These guys are truly the keystone cops. And the best part is they probably doubled the viewership of PINAC.

  • OhSnapDJB

    All the BPD did was increase video camera sales. It would be funny if some store ran a special on their cameras along with a pamphlet of the Constitution, Massachusetts law regarding filming police, AND the LEO’s work numbers. Bad move BPD……get ready for thousands of people FINALLY waking up!

    • Ron

      and they have increased visibility of PINAC. Well done, BPD!

      These guys must be secretly working for PINAC, surely?

  • ray brown

    The issue is whether or not individual police officials are acting on their own ignoring a citizen’s Constitutional right to make one party consent audio recordings of public employees acting in an official capacity. This is a regurgitation of Glik v Cunniffe. If the ordinary yahoo is aware of these rights why aren’t individual police employees?

    • $910553

      Because the “law” is no more relevant to them than it is to ANY “Law Enforcement” officer in this country. Try the “I didn’t know it was illegal” defense before any court in this country as a Mere Citizen. Then look at how well that has worked for the Blue Wall, and how many times that has been proven.

      • Ian Battles

        “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”

        …unless you’re a cop and can claim Qualified Immunity.

  • ray brown

    The Massachusetts audio recording law was patterned after Federal law. The state neglected to take into account that the Federal law was in response to Supreme Court opinions regarding Constitutional issues. That’s why Federal law permits one party consent audio recording. The Achilles heel of the state law is that it ignores a basic standard of reasonable expectation of privacy. Mass law was crafted so as to prevent any avenue that law enforcement might use to circumvent all party consent recording requirements. This necessitated the abridgment of citizens’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights in particular. This is the failing of Mass law.

  • Tijuana Joe

    Notice to Boston cops: when you’re in a hole, stop digging.
    Give Carlos back to the people!

  • jcfromnj

    Well, I’m on board for this for a number of reasons, not to say that I don’t have some concerns with it. This is similar to what happened in Baltimore MD with the issue of video recording the police.They were knocked down in court, but shifted to the tactic of arresting video recorder’s for ‘loitering” in pubic as a ploy. This is just as flimsy legally, as the “loitering” defense was shot down long ago as unconstitutional, as that would only apply to the sale and distribution of drugs in the public.

    It looks like the only effective way to bring them to the table is to do just what they are trying to
    prevent, contact. How can you possibly extradite EVERYONE from all across the country to appear in Boston ? The logistics and financial cost would sink the city, folks it can’t done, it”s a bluff and they know it….

    • $910553

      The cost is NOT on them. The cost is on Mere Citizens. And they care naught about that, especially when the Mere Citizens who must pay are not even from their jurisdiction. A common practice in Lowndes County, Georgia, during the early 70s was for Lowndes County deputies to stop cars with New York or New Jersey tags on I75 and charge them with speeding, even though they were clearly doing well within the posted limits. The ticketed could then pay a fine in person, or try to get a court date when they would have to drive BACK to the county. And if they blew off the ticket, Sheriff Futch’s deputies would be glad to arrest and jail them next time they drove through.

  • ray brown

    Will it take them a week to figure out that your First Amendment right to make one party consent audio recordings of public employees acting in an official capacity may not be limited to “in public”?

  • LBrothers

    It’d probably be a good idea for the BPD to shelter in place for a few months until this idiocy blows over. Keep squeezing their nuts, Carlos.

  • James Michael

    The people of America are quickly awakening to the fact that both the police and the courts across America are nothing more than extortionate, treasonous, terrorist, criminals….. and think that while they live off our dime, they can do whatever they want with impunity. Well that IS coming to an end, because we are tired of paying them to enslave murder and extort us…. That is a fact!

  • James Morgan

    Carlos.. they’re definately not going to throw in the towel. Some “higher ups” are probably now in “Damage Control” mode. I lived in the Boston Area for 14 years.. My read on them is that they’re now shopping around to see if they have a ‘TAME’ Federal Judge to issue a bench warrant for your arrest on federal witness intimidation charges, with a judicial gag order thrown in to silence you, your attorneys, and most importantly your Blog.

    They couldn’t ‘shut you up’ by throwing charges at you and thinking you can’t afford a lawyer.. now they’ll up the antie.. I’ll bet at the bail hearing they’ll ask for a ridiculously high amount ($250,000 or more) thinking you can’t pay it and keep you locked up to both silence you and ‘teach you a lesson’ about “sticking your nose where it don’t belong”.

    Within a week, you’ll probably have the FBI or Federal Marshals coming to your door to arrest you or serve you with a search warrant to seize all your computer equipment, files, and anything they think will piss you off.

    • James Michael

      Yup will do their best to hide all of their criminal acts here and a so called “honorable” judge is the best way to do it. Of course 99.9% of them wouldn’t know honor if it were chewing on their tails…..

    • Proud Grandpa

      you’ll probably have the FBI or Federal Marshals coming to your door
      Carlos, I thought of this also. Just to be on the safe side perhaps it would be wise to camp out somewhere and make laywer contact only via the web.
      The real purpose of this legal tactic would be damage control and censorship just as James Morgan said. They will try to get a gag order or just rush you away and hide you awhile. I believe both of these will fail and you will be free to speak, but they are frantic… seeking some way to silence their critics. I am pretty sure they won’t find help in the federal system.

      • $910553

        My bet is that they could easily judge-shop and find one without any problem.

        • James Morgan

          They’ll find one eventually, but not easy. Most judges know what type of heat this will bring down upon them from the Court of Appeals and Bar Association. Having decisions overturned/quashed/or remanded with prejudice is a black mark against them. The only judge I knew in the entire New England Area who was completely fair, balanced, and honest the Honorable Judge Souter.. now Retired Former ‘Most Honorable” Justice David Souter of the United States Supreme Court.

          • Frodo

            What does a “black mark” really mean if you don’t give a shit to begin with?

          • James Morgan

            It doesn’t to those who don’t care.. but many want to go higher up in the Judiciary (Federal District Courts of Appeals & dreams of the Supreme Court) try and have spotless records.. or they don’t get the higher paying and more privileged appointments. Most of them now are presidental appointees.. and black marks mean that congressman may not approve them and do “proxy fights” that POTUS doesn’t want to spend time on.

          • $910553

            That didn’t seem to make any difference to the prosecutor of the Reese family in New Mexico, who was recently appointed to a federal judgeship by Obama.

      • Phred

        If you do camp out somewhere, don’t take your cell phone with you. The NSA will find you!

    • jcfromnj

      Sounds like a Doomsday Scenario. Remains to be seen if they will go to Defcon 5 for an issue that they have so little skin in. A plan B might be in order, a short vacation to another climate.Why would any Federal Judge risk a shit-storm for an issue with so little upside,unless he is totally politically compromised ? If nothing else, it WILL be interesting, and worth keeping an eye on. A model of sorts to base future action on. Depends on who comes out on top with this.

      • James Morgan

        You haven’t lived in Massachusetts have you. Here’s a fact that you probably didn’t know.. You probably saw on the News how James “Whitey” Bulger has been sentenced for all the racketeering and murders he did for over 20 years in the Boston area.. Well you know who was the head of the State Legislative Body during most of that time.. his Brother. Whitey even “Won” a state Lottery for 14 million dollars during that time.

        From what I saw during my time there.. the odds that they will not do something extremely stupid is about the same odds that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series Next Year. They don’t see this as a “No Win” situation.. they see it as a “No Lose” situation. They’re going to try and throw everything at the wall and see if something sticks.. and if they lose.. it’s not like it’s coming out of their pockets.

        • jcfromnj

          It’s not necessary to live in Mass to know how the game will play out (I was right on the charged being dropped, no big deal though). It’s ALWAYS the politics that trumps the law, or what what passes for law. It’s who has the best story line that get’s to go home with all the chips on the table.If you don’t get this simple premise, your going to be proven wrong….

          • James Morgan

            Okay.. I admit you were right about this one.. I figured that their ultra powerful Police Union would be calling the shots.. From what I heard.. they didn’t get their chance.. that the Mayor’s office (sensing a PR Nightmare.. got the message out to drop the charges before it’s covered on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and Fox News).. I don’t think they thought twice about escalating until the ‘Washington Post’ came in on Carlos side, that along with one of Beacon Hill’s Top Attorneys.. they probably thought all Carlos could afford was some fresh out of community college lawyer.. not the Respected Legal Rockstar they faced.

    • johnamitchell

      Oh, so true. Just look at Adam Kokesh… Sad state of affairs in Amerika today…

  • Kizone Kaprow

    “If it doesn’t go to trial, then the extra money can be used for a PINAC-related project that we will discuss in the future…”

    There’s a sucker born every minute. Donate now. Donate often.

    • Proud Grandpa

      I take it from your comment that you don’t donate very often to causes you believe in… charitable or humanitarian or civil rights causes. It is normal and customary for excess funds to be placed into a pool for future use in line with the ideals of the charity.
      Churches, political campaigns, medical and societal charities, and educational organizations all do this. Both federal and state courts have ruled this practice lawful and ethical.

    • Ron

      You think the Boston PD are in on the take?

      Those cunning rats.

    • JdL

      There’s a sucker born every minute. Donate now. Donate often.

      You work for the BPD, right?

      I WILL donate now, and donate often. I have no fear that Carlos will spend the money in any way I would disagree with.

  • dnl70

    I just now saw your site (linked from techdirt), & made you a donation and signed the petition. Freedom of Speech, including the ability to photograph or report the misbehavior of government workers, is the most important part of any democracy. When the Boston Police attempt to suppress this, then we know they are guilty.
    The longterm good news: with ever smaller cameras, automatic live uploading, google glass, etc, it will become harder for police to hide their corruption and beatings. In Russia, nearly all cars come equipped with always-on car cams, recording everything. Maybe we should too.

  • Pegr

    They have some kid answering the phone now. He wouldn’t give me his last name. I asked if his last name was public information. He told me he was doing as he was told. Clues appear to be in short supply at the BPD.

  • Tom Jankowski

    I wonder if the BPD would also use the extra time to try to find out who donated money so Carlos could get that really good attorney and then try to charge the ones who donated with some sort of offense.

    If so, I could soon be a fugitive since I donated $10 to Carlos.

    • Ron

      Well, when they threatened to arrest anyone of the PINAC readers who called with arrest, that actually increased the calls.

      So I say, go for it BPD.

  • JB

    lets remind them that there is a us constitution that requires are servant government to take oaths of office lets count the ways that the BPD has violated the rights of the accused. 1Who was the injured party? ans No one 2 first amendment Violation of the tight of the press 3 making a false arrest etc….. Look these were public officers making a traffic stop and were being video from a distance correct. well then there is no expectation of privacy and there should be no arrest WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DEMAND THAT THUGS WITH BADGES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.!

    • $910553

      Good luck with that!

  • ray brown

    If it’s taking the PD another week to figure out if a crime has been committed how the hell are a couple of yahoos 1300 miles away supposed to know?

  • io-io
  • JdL

    These pathetic excuses for human beings, these miserable parasites, have bitten off more than they can chew! They’re cruisin’ for a legal bruisin’, and you’re just the man to give it to them (with some help in the form of contributions from those of us who have your back).

    Go Carlos!

  • Frank Talk

    Petition signed. Wish I was in a position to donate. Good to see this story picking up traction.


    The Growing Militarized #PoliceState Must Be Stopped The First Task Is Disbanding #DHS They Are The Head Of A Growing Monster. They Have Made Us Less Safe!


    I called them, talked to a brain dead operator, asked for PIO got transferred, told them I was upset about Press Intimidation, she played dumb, told her I was recording conversation(not) please charge me with felony, she hung up…

  • Jonathan Corbett

    Fuck the man, Carlos. :)

    • hal

      100% agree with you.

  • hal

    Like some said all that had anything to do with this needs to be looking for a job. They are idiots with a badge.I will be calling. And recording. They read this so they therefore cannot claim they did not know.

  • freeman John

    This is for Carlos, Dear Carlos, I have been indicted by the Pa attorney Generals office, due to wiretap laws. But it is even deeper, I was filming crime and the filing of charges when the alleged video was made.

  • freeman John

    The Attorney Generals Office is aware, the State Police, The DA ‘s office , Domestic Relations, and All the Judges and anyone else who has seen the video is aware of the accusations i have made of forgery and fraud. I have proof, and so do they. yet they push for my arrest, instead of the criminals I was to expose. Really???? come on Carlos,I have a brilliant boy to raise, to help us be free.I need help. john arndt, mifflinburg pa

  • freeman John

    forgive me Carlo, my urge to rant has made me forget my manners. I am behind you one hundred percent. Where is the victim? The state cannot claim it.