Canadian Police Arrest Man for Photographing Cop Car as Daughter Records Chilling Scene

A Canadian man receiving a parking citation in downtown Montreal decided to step out of his car and take a picture of the police car.

He ended up getting beat up, handcuffed and arrested.

All while his 17-year-old daughter video recorded the incident.

Now the video is going viral, a disturbing scene of a man screaming in pain as his daughter pleas for his safety, another chilling chapter in the War on Cameras.

According to the Huffington Post:

Boder told Huffington Post Quebec he made a brief stop in downtown Montreal earlier this month, parking at Peel St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd. so his daughter could run into a store.

When she returned, a police officer approached the car, issuing an $88 ticket for illegal parking. At that point, Boder stepped out of his car to snap a picture of the police vehicle.

And then things took a dramatic turn.

Boder claims the officer started screaming at him, asking “You do not have enough trouble?”

“That hurts,” Boder yells in the clip, as he’s pressed up against a wall by a pair of burly officers.

His daughter begs, “Let go of my dad!”

Dirk Boder was released an hour later with citations for illegal parking and obstructing traffic.

According to Global News:

After watching the video, Sgt. Laurent Gingras of the SPVM admits it doesn’t look good. But he also insists it doesn’t show the full picture since the public doesn’t see what happens before and after the intervention.

“He was obstructing traffic. That’s why they came to him, not because he was taking pictures,” said Gingras.

Boder is most upset about the fact that police took off with him, leaving his daughter stranded on the street in the dark. She even tried to call 9-1-1 to find out where her father was taken, but says they hung up on her twice.

Police eventually brought him back to the scene to meet up with his daughter close to an hour later. The carpenter was forced to take a few days off work, after suffering minor injuries to his hands. He feels humiliated about the incident and says his daughter has been crying constantly ever since.


Dirk Boder and his daughter (via CBC)
Dirk Boder and his daughter (via CBC)

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Ron Grounds


  • rust

    I’ve heard bad things about the Sureté, but usually it’s Clouseau stuff. This takes the cake. Fou-tois, flic!

    • a natural person, incensed

      oui oui!

  • rhn5595

    fuckin pigs

  • Ayhla Hades

    leaving her out on a street in a city in the dark how special

    • inquisitor

      Surprised they didn’t offer to “give her a ride” until daddy was returned.

      • Clayton Bromley

        That would be the reasonable thing to do, if they were even close to being in the right here.

        • Jonah Manke

          I don’t think thats what he meant Clayton but I could be wrong.

          • tiny

            LOL Jonah, your right. he did mean it like that. and i wouldnt put it past them that they wanted to, HMMM, give her a ride till the dad was able to come back. them be bully’s with guns/badges is all that is. rot in hell all of them bastards!

          • Jonah Manke


    • rmc

      if her dad was a first nations person, he would never have come back from that ride.
      camera or no camera.
      his mistake was speaking english.

  • BigGP

    Damn, she’s a hottie!

    • inquisitor

      …receding hairline and fish lips?

      • Nathaniel Hamrick

        quit being an idiot, i thumbed him down for inappropriate place for that junk, she’s pretty. drop the subject.

        • inquisitor

          It cannot be helped if gutterskank ugly is your standard of beauty.
          The bitch needs Rogaine.

          • ClintJCL

            It must suck to not be able to appreciate women.

            …THough this one seems a bit young for this conversation.


    Thugs are not just in the U.s.A. There is something really wrong going on with out of control roid raged cops…..and it seems that is the plan, put everybody in fear mode, and cops gone wild are called doing their job, why is it not assault when a dolt with a funny hat and badge beats up people, for where they parked a car, but is enemy citizen does same thing, they are criminals. the world is F’d UP! Cameras are all over public streets, that’s OK, if cops have nothing to hide,l ike they tell enemy citizen, than being vidoed by a private citizen should make cops feel good, right, they are heroes, their heroism needs to be saved forever!

  • a natural person, incensed

    to mr. boder’s daughter,

    you have met bullies before, at school, in the playground. sometimes you know they are just bullies. sometimes you know they are bullying you because you dare to stand up to them, or because you are female, or… their reasons “why” are many. their behaviour is consistent.

    well done, you, for videotaping what happened and for screaming THIS IS NOT OKAY!!

    there will always be humans who seek to oppress the rest of us. it’s up to the rest of us to say, “hell, no!”

    don’t lose faith in humanity… gain faith in yourself ; )

    • Proud Grandpa

      To Mr. boder’s daughter,
      This has nothing to do with photography rights. Your dad got what he deserved for threatening cops.
      Your photo rights were respected, and you were free to go and free to take pictures.
      What really happened? See Ex-Cop Law Student’s message below. He read the cop’s report. Your father made a mistake of judgement that looked like a threat to harm the cops. He was not beaten and restrainted for a parking ticket.
      You father made threatening statements and movements toward the police. His camera was irrelevant. He was not arrested for photographing a police car.

      • Kenji Makoto

        If the police were robots maybe, but all cops are frustrated people with subhuman intellectual capacities that abuse power whenever they have the chance. Yes, all of them, only idiots believe that punishment is a solution for any problem, it just fuels hate into the cycle. If you want to solve a problem you have to get to the roots of it and provide better conditions so it does’t happen again, not punish and abuse like a brainless idiot. Besides, I and many other people feel threatened automatically by the presence of a cop, it is our natural right too to try to protect ourselves from this figure of danger.

        • Proud Grandpa

          Wise words, Kenji. Please do tell more. What policies do you recommend to help? Thanks.

          • ClintJCL

            Euthanasia for the old.

        • Anonymous

          You have a subhuman intelligence level. Not all cops are cops for the power, in fact barely any are. Do your research. You only hear about the corrupt cops because they are an interesting story. And you get scared just by seeing a cop? That’s pathetic. Grow and pair and stop being a pussy.

      • Andrew Ateş Demirbağ

        Dear Proud Grandpa,

        Your a jackass. A parking ticket? hahaha have you ever been to New York? slap the ticket on the fellows window and say good day. If he refuses to pay THEN use force/warrant. ONLY use force when in threat of danger.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          I assume you mean “You are” (=You’re) instead of the possessive “Your.” Or it could be you’re not all that bright.

          • Erik Jay

            Ooh, an intellectual! I know what your favorite Latin phrase is: Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur. That’s always the favorite of poseurs such as yourself.

            No one with even a second-class intellect would make any conclusion about people’s intelligence from their spelling. Think Richard Feynman was a great speller? Einstein? Bertrand Russell? Churchill? And the counterexample: Your spelling is fine, but have you read “War and Peace”? I mean in the original Russian, like I did. Of course, I’ve also read Proust in French, Dante in Italian, Cervantes in Spanish… there are some REAL intellectuals in the world, ex-goon.

            I am still learning, but I’d guess I’ve dropped more books than you’ve read. And you know… so freakin’ what? Character counts more than intellect, every time. You seem to have an authoritarian one, but I could be way off and you could become a defense attorney, I suppose. I hope.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Actually I prefer Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

          • cocojanda

            you’re a clown

          • Monty

            Making claims about yourself on the internet, which no one can verify, is a waste of time. Also, the Ex-law enforcement individual who responded to you was most likely trolling. Way to give in and feed the troll.

          • Proud Grandpa

            Thank you, ExCop-LawStudent. I appreciate your wisdom.

          • Scott

            There are always going to be people who are smarter than others, people that are more attractive than others, and people who make more money than others.

            It is those that continually point out and use those differences to demean other people that are the real losers, both in the short run and the long run.

            Stick to the points ExCop-LawStudent. It will do you well here and in life.

      • AZRanger

        Proud Grandpa, why don’t you get your head out of your ass, and quit making excuses for an obvious abuse of power.
        The video says it all!
        Oh, and if you are telling me that he physically attacked those cops, take another look at that guy…..duh!
        Threatening statements, which I doubt he actually did (I think your source is a liar!), are NOT grounds for beating a person up! Unless he threatened their physical well-being, again I doubt that. He probab;ly said he was going to get his lawyer and cause them to lose their badge or some other such nonsense!
        Dumbasses like you are the reason these thugs are getting away with murder…literally!
        If we don’t curb this behavior now, there will come a time when they are going to just be shot down like the dogs they really are inside!


        • sobeit19

          I thought this was in the good old USA when I first saw the video.. These cops are infected with a roid sense of power and to hell with anyone and everyone.. I’m glad the little girl was ok, but seriously leaving her on the mean streets of the big city is low.. The problem with old me, like proud grandpa is that they live in a world that does not exist anymore and haven’t a clue until it happens to them or someone they love..

          • sobeit19

            “old men” sorry for the typo.. just furious that someone could be so blind that they would condone this behavior

          • Proud Grandpa

            My world included Kent State, Vietnam War protests, race riots, the honorable Richard Daley and his political machine, Black Panthers, Meir Kahane and the JDL, and Watergate-type politics.
            If anything, society and police have become more civil and kinder. Cops are tops in my opinion and based upon my personal experience… right up to the present.
            We also had hostile state boards of education run by liberals who tried to arrest parents for homeschooling children or for sending them to private Christian conservative schools. Our families suffered greatly in many states over these matters and remainded law-abiding and respectful. We eventually won in court.
            We also had hostile liberal local governemnts banning Christain Bible Clubs from meeting in schools or churches from renting public property on the same terms as other groups. We won those fights too… and stayed lawful. That is the American way.
            We did not violate the law or curse cops or damage property or disrupt public meetings. We won with honor and were good examples to our children.
            It is a far better world we live in now concerning American law enforcement. I like that.

          • Schlukitz

            I’ll just bet that you can’t wait for this country to become a Christian theocracy, can ya? Just the way that God intended fer it to be.

            Next, you’ll be tellng us how you want YOUR country back.

            Teabag much?

          • Mecheng

            If this were a Christian theocracy the pigs would not be torturing people, innocent or otherwise. I’m a “teabagger” myself because I believe in the rights of the individual, a concept we have today courtesy the first teabaggers 2 centuries ago.BTW I was also tortured, robbed, and purjored against by pigs and am far from the only one in this town. The feds only come in when the victim is black, illegal, or gay so there is no recourse. You lefties don’t own this issue, far from it. The police state is a leftist/statist invention.

          • Proud Grandpa

            Yep, thanks. I’ll share a cup of the finest house blend with you.
            Schlukitz confused morality and good ethics with theocracy. That is his deliberate choice. Thank you for bringing a realistic view.

        • Matthew

          hes an old grampa that has never dealt with the cops in his life, what does he really know? nothing!

      • Jeremy Hubbard

        lets hope it happens to YOU one day.
        In your perfect little world …the police would never lie would they?

        • Proud Grandpa

          Some cops are bad cops and those individuals lie.
          My personal experiences with police has almost always been positive, though I know of many exceptions in the area of religious free expression. We formed legal teams and solved that problem in court over time.
          The Bible says God hates lies and liars. If I were a devout cop wanting God’s favor, I would resign from the force rather than lie. Just my personal life standard…

          • DannyE

            Proud Grandpa, worshiping on his knees in front of the police…please wipe the spooge off your chin, stand up, and start thinking for yourself.

          • Schlukitz

            I kept wondering when the buy-bull shit would come.

            I didn’t have to wait long.

          • Proud Grandpa

            Troll Alert ==> Schlukitz
            Don’t feed the troll.

          • Schlukitz

            Aw. Isn’t that nice. Of all the people who called you on your self-righteous, ass-kissing, self-patting on the back bullshit, you picked me to respond to.

            I am so honored. Really I am.

            But, don’t you think that some of the other commentators might feel a tad slighted?

          • Jeremy Hubbard

            In todays world only sadistic scumbags make it as a cop…..I do agree with you that there are some good cops out there…unfortunately they do not last long. As for the injustice system you think has been cured over time with your legal teams…..forget that also……it is filled with criminals who couldn’t give a s**t how they fabricated or withheld evidence to send innocent people to prison so they can climb the criminal political ladder. Don’t get me started on how the same courts you love so much cover for their criminal minion cops!!!
            I can point you to literature that explains your lure to servitude and the love you have for those that treat you like s**t and guard you in your servitude….if you wish.

          • Jeremy Hubbard

            Proud Grandpa…
            here is 1 example of what your precious cops can escalate to with innocent people……here is Kelly Thomas and what your lovely cops did to him for no reason….he is dead because of the vicious attack that was being blamed on him (they practically claimed Thomas rammed his face into their fists). If not for video footage of this beating your ever so ‘protect and serve’ cops would have got away with it……do you see why people want to take photos or video of what is happening to them?
            Your loving cops have an ever increasing track record of inventing charges to arrest because they don’t like being on camera!!!!

          • Justice for Kelly
          • Jeremy Hubbard

            yes I know….that’s why I emphasized Kelly Thomas and the importance of good camera evidence.

          • Justice for Kelly

            The most telling quote from that article, “Without the footage…it was unlikely the district attorney’s office would’ve filed charges against the two officers.”
            A beating that ends with the victim looking like that and dying a short time later is unlikely to result in criminal charges. WOW!

          • Jeremy Hubbard

            yup….it’s sorry one sided system we are forced to endure isn’t it?
            And as is with this case (Dirk Boder) he is shackled in handcuffs and had his arms wrenched up almost out of the sockets because these cops didn’t like having photographic evidence taken against them.

          • Proud Grandpa

            JH, The problems we solved were with religious censorship and persecution of homeschoolers in America. We indeed won those in America.
            I did not claim we reformed the LEO system. That is a worthy goal… and, I believe, an attainable goal. Don’t give up. And please don’t yield to the tendency to react in violence.
            This may take generations. It will happen. I see improvement in my lifetime and cherish hope for my grandchildren’s world. That Is one reason I support photog rights.

          • Proud Grandpa

            JH, just an addendum. It may surprise you to know that I have said years ago in classes I taught that laws are unfairly enforced and trials are unfair. I have known about the ways leftwing liberals abuse power in America. They fear the power of an informed and independent populace who are not intimidated.
            We beat some of their liberal denials of our rights and we are still fighting the good fight. We are heroes and victors. And we are honorable and law-abiding.

          • Chad

            Since when does God hate?

      • Jr52

        The cops have been known to lie in their reports. They have to cover their asses. Anytime anyone strays from the norm, they say they are threatened. If they are so scared of the public, maybe they shouldn’t be cops. Find a different line of work where they don’t interact with the public.

        • Proud Grandpa

          I hear you, though am not sure that your take on things describes this situation. In this case the driver left his car and moved to the cop car.
          It may be that the lady cop was overly afraid and misinterpreted an angry male moving toward her. I agree with you that there are some (many) LEOs who are overly sensitive to perceived threats. We have a phrase for that: “Police paranoia does not override the Constitution.” I don’t think that applies in this case.
          I could be wrong though…

          • jeremy

            so the female cop was sexist, is what you are trying to say?

          • Proud GrandPa

            The cop had reason to fear for life and safety. As with FL’s Stand Your Ground, the rule of law is that self-defense is just.
            The driver was not arrested for photography. He was foolish and brought this upon himself. You’d never see any legitimate person from PINAC doing something like that threatening police. Use sound judgement when dealing with police.

      • sobit

        thank god cops don’t lie on their reports…………..

      • Donald McCoy

        Hey Proud grandpa crawl back under your socialist rock you puke. there was no threat

        • rmc

          quebec has always been a socialist country, so he blends right in.

          • Confused

            I am curious when Quebec became a country.

        • sobeit19

          socialist? you got that wrong Donald, more like fascist

        • jack

          Donald! where`s your troosers, your a total idiot/wanker

      • Christopoher

        So the cop wrote a report so its all true.. Really? and cops never do bad things . Right?

      • IcedTeaParty

        What threatening statements were captured on camera?

        See the CJ Grisham incident; the Sgt was forced to testify that the arresting officer lied on his report when it was exposed that the report did not match the video.

        The lies of the police are protected.

        The cheerleaders of the brutality of the police are not respected.

        THis is not an issue of balance; this is an issue of insidious disrepair, and drastic measures will be needed to resolve it. You, as we can all see, will not be a rational part of this solution.

      • Chris York

        what these cops did was illegal. the father was photographing the police and gathering his own evidence. he had every right to take photos and these cops only attacked him because he dared try to expose them for their wrongdoings.. the only reason these cops attacked him is because they took exception to be videoed or photographed. i say sue the ass off of them.

        • Proud GrandPa

          He did not have a right to park his car in a no parking zone. He did not have a right to exit the car and rush toward the cop. He did not have a right to leave his car illegally parked when ordered several times to move it.
          The cops were just in fearing the driver was hostile and a threat to safety. .
          Do you know what he should have done instead? He should have moved the car and then walked slowly and carefully to the area and photographed to his heart’s content. That is what a good PINAC agent would/should do.

          • Confused

            Because we all know a camera (these days more than likely on his cell), appears to be a threat to an individual that is armed with a gun. Whether he was asked to move the car or not, once or multiple times.He was given a fine,the abuse was never called for, these events did not take place in a country that you fought for rights in, they happened in a country that has different rights than yours, some may be better or worse, but still not yours.

      • robby breadner

        you know what follows is bullocks when someone utters: “got what he deserved” with reference to police. while we wish our protectors of the peace to always be correct and professional, it is not always the case.

      • ClintJCL

        He didn’t threaten the cops! You have no evidence. Just another aging fucking relic that won’t be in the ground soon enough.

      • Cristina

        Ur a moron and probably a fkn cop. A threat is only words, no need to show aggresitivity. Maybe someone should school y’all dirty cops aka.”tough guys who were bullied as children,”have something to prove” and just because i went to school for 3 years gives me reason to act like a complete fkn degenerate”who needs to learn to channel my anger. ” cops kill murder in cold blood and get away with it. Quebec has the worst justice system. The worst its shameful.

  • OhSnapDJB

    This is a PERFECT example of why u MUST teach ur children their rights and how to deal with police. She did good by videotaping it, but she was still confused as far as what to do next and that’s somewhat understandable. Another lesson to learn from this is: if u are going to film cops, make sure u start filming AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that the cops can’t say “the film doesn’t show the entire incident”. When I film cops, I choose my target beforehand, and start my camera 1-2 minutes before so people can see what’s going on BEFORE the actual encounter. I also make comments while filming the 1-2 minute intro like my name, location, time of day, traffic conditions, and what my intentions are. I also film other people in the area to see if they are filming also. You gotta beat them at their own game people.

    • be smarter

      Learn your rights.. but also remember the little things like DO NOT leave your vehicle if you are pulled over or are being issued a ticket by the police. As you can see from the video you will be arrested.

      • Haeshu

        Until the police tell you to get out of your vehicle “for their own safety” then arrest you for exiting your vehicle and making them feel threatened.

    • Tyler

      “When I film cops, I choose my target beforehand”

      That sounds pretty hostile and provovative – much more like someone spoiling for a fight than someone interested in protecting their rights.

      • OhSnapDJB

        There’s nothing hostile about it AND ur partially right, I’m not protecting my rights, I’m EXERCISING them. You see, the difference between you and I is you have the mentality “if it ain’t happening to me or people I care about then what do I care”. People like u live in this world where u think everything is all flowers and hallmark cards and that ain’t the case. People like u won’t make a stand until it directly affects u. People like u will probably NEVER understand that when someone’s rights are violated (even if u dont know them from a hole in the ground) then ALL of our rights are violated! It’s easy for COWARDS to criticize the methods of the people who are out there making a stand and it’s even easier to watch from the sidelines. My suggestion (if u can somehow find the courage) is challenge urself and join the fight for SOMEONE ELSE. Someone that u don’t even know. Go to bat for a stranger. Until then, u just keep ur COWARD ASS in the bleachers. And by the way, I wish I had more time to go out and film cops but I dont, I’m way to busy running a business and for the most part, cops don’t really seem to do alot. I could film every cop I see, but I’m not interested in filming them just driving around. I’d rather film an arrest or protest.

        • tiny

          BRAVO OhSnap! you said it perfect! cowards are those that will not do anything and call out anyone that does this! my only problem down here is, i dont want to go it alone, and there is no one else in all of SOUTH FLORIDA that would join me, seems not even one! i have asked many times, here and on my FB page. not one person replied, not one. too bad your not down here, or me up where you are, i would join you every time you went out. seems south fla., is nothing but talkers and sheeple slaves! oh well! i am so sick of this situation and those bullies with guns/badges! and the MSM, forget them! they in bed with em, having a damn orgy i think!

          • OhSnapDJB

            I hear u brother. But here’s the thing: all it takes is ONE! If nobody wants to join u then so be it. People can choose what battle they want to fight and if nobody wants to do what u do, then that’s their prerogative. Don’t let it discourage u. I have to reiterate that I’m not out everyday looking to film cops. But, if I am out and about and I happen to see cops in action then I MAY film. U have to know ur surroundings also. Make sure that u ARE NOT on PRIVATE property because the rules change. Make sure that u keep a good reasonable distance because even I don’t want to distract cops from doing their job. I’ve only filmed 2 incidents in the past month and both times I just happened to be coming out of the gym in downtown pittsburgh. Another thing is to not say ANYTHING, just film. Don’t draw attention to urself by looking for other people to join u. Do it by urself. Educate people as to what their rights are because most of the people don’t know. That wouldbe a good first step I think.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    To our good friends in The Great White North –
    looks like we infected you with our police state

    • tiny

      or they infected us{A} with that crap? either way, i say….LET EM ALL ROT IN HELL! god damn bastards! and nade, when the tide turns, and it will turn. them BULLYcops are going to be paying thru the ass, yes, both ways! and funy thing is, they wont be able to hide, GOV wont save theirs asses, they will be all on their own! mark my words it will happen! am I right BLAINE?

    • sobeit19

      It’s what I thought when I caught the video without knowing at first it was in Canada… welcome to the good ole USA

  • Film The Police Always

    Has anyone heard of any cop deaths overnight. I want to celebrate with my morning coffee. Reading stories like this pisses me off (again) and I need some misery on their side.


      I apologize, but the last case I know of was in Oregon City, Oregon on November 4, 2013. An officer got shot in the face was deceased.

      • Tyler

        Your response to something that outrages you is to support someone celebrating the death of a random member of said group? What is wrong with you???

    • Johnny14

      that’s horrible! you need *some* misery on their side? The answer to unlawful arrest is bloodthirst? You’re worse than they are.

      • Levi Dietrich

        People are fed up…. endless streams of police raping,murdering, and extorting. Their reward is vacation and promotion… So even when a slight Overstep. (this wasn’t all that bad, but still poorly handled) The Anger Comes boiling out. The people are angry, and scared. and when the very people that we once relied on for protection, are no longer protecting and serving us, but the state, where do we go? Our cries are not being heard.

    • Tyler

      That is vile. Your response to something that outrages you is to celebrate the death of a random member of said group? Disgusting.

    • tiny

      love ya nick, this is my FACEBOOK page, well…one of them. i happen to think your right, what your saying is going to come to pass, maybe not tomorrow, next month…..but it will!!

    • Proud Grandpa

      This is the lunatic fringe kind of nonsense that detracts from the effort to protect photop rights. It makes PINAC look bad.

  • rickbooker

    strange comments from a “kid”. “he needs his hands for work”? while supposedly talking to her mother on the phone. I’m not defending cops in this at all. These comments just sound odd to me. Gives the whole thing a put on feeling for me.

    • ZRM

      He’s a carpenter.

      • rickbooker

        Yeah I get it. If you were a child and your father was being injured and screaming in pain while being arrested would one of the things you scream at the cops be “he needs his hands for work”??

        • Jim talbot

          well if he’s a carpenter, what else would you expect his hands for? unless he was a painter or a musician. so why would that seem strange to you? please fill us all in.

          • rickbooker

            the point is in the heat of things, at the time her daddy was getting injured and arrested THAT is what she just happens to say. Maybe you buy into this hook line and sinker but I chose to question things. THIS sounds hokey as hell. If it sounds fine to you then so be it. Move along there’s nothing to see here.

          • Leslie Braun

            Yeah or its in the heat of things. You’ve never had strange things come out of your mouth when you’re in an emotionally volatile state? Shes a 17 year old trying to protect her dad and being completely unable to. Dont be a douche about stupid little things.

          • Bryan Marks

            I think we’re losing the point…why were they arresting him and throwing him around and hurting him for parking in the wrong spot. This seems like a flagrant abuse of power, and even bordering on brutality. There is nothing here that tells me that they should be treating him like that…also the fact that they returned him after an hour with no criminal charges tells me that they are abusing their powers.

          • JusticeDied

            She has probably heard him express concern for his hands because using the is how he supports himself and his family. I bet she has heard that all her life.

          • Rastler

            I think it’s more or less because the mother on the phone was clearly being an idiot and not listening to her daughter – the daughter said call the police like 20 times yet the mother was still talking, I can only assume the daughter was being told by her mother 50x to clam down…

            so of course if she believes the mom is being useless she’s gonne be like, mom, you know our main income source? That’s under threat… that was clearly the game changer because you can tell in the tone of the daughters voice that it was in that moment the mother started complying and listening to what the daughter was saying…

            Maybe that makes the mother a gold digger, I dunno, but that’s how I saw this.

    • FitzND

      They both seem to be acting a bit in terms of their words, but that doesn’t really explain why the cops are manhandling him for a parking violation. The default police reaction always seems to be to violently escalate whatever the situation is.

    • Nephtys

      Did you not read the article? He’s a carpenter! Why and how would this be put on anyway… jeez


    Reality tv show, to show the true thugs. COPS only shows and makes ya believe it’s always the people are wrong and cops are thre to help you. A REAL REALITY show would show how cops really operate, and how they think, the world is their enemy, and they will make it right. In their own STEROID corrupted heads. The world can learn a lot, from the U.S. how to militarize the locals, and have then pronounce enemy citizen, NO TALKING OBEY. Yup Canada has sunk to the level of the U.S., and I thought they where different, nope.

    • Jim Jones

      The Montreal cops are notorious in Canada as thugs. Even 30 years ago there were newspaper reports about their arrogance and violence and they’ve continued until now.

      • Rastler

        This can be applied to just Montreal citizens as well though… it’s one of the more notorious cities in our nation, especially for people with malicious attitudes… many I’ve met while there were also incredibly xenophobic and especially hate anglophones. The whole attitude of the city is poisonous. Of course we all know there’s good people there too… but I’ve never felt more unwelcomed in any city in my own country than I do when I visit Montreal… and I live 30 minutes away…

  • inquisitor

    Sgt. Gingras…

    So obstructing traffic is something you do not give a verbal warning or citation for…but an immediate arrest and detention?

  • Robin Edgar

    At 30 seconds in to this video Dirk Boder’s daughter asks these SPVM thugs the following question –

    “You’re arresting him for parking in the wrong spot? Are you insane?”

    Good question…

    • Jeremy Hubbard

      20-30 years ago there would be shock and public outrage……..with that common police state behavior…..people blissfully walk past like they see nothing until it’s their turn to be disappeared off the street ….for absolutely nothing!!!

  • Lanore

    If this were in the US the police would have beaten the living crap out of the man. They just handcuffed him but did not beat him. They handcuffed him for a minor offense and this was wrong but did not beat him.

    • DianaMac

      Maybe it would’ve been different if his daughter weren’t filming the incident or if they were filmed maybe by a big male who would end up arrested too.

  • Jim talbot

    I hope those pigs get fired!

  • Dr Johnny Love

    Welcome to Nazi invaded Germany WWII.
    Cops all over the country think they are SS
    officers these days & that people have no
    rights at all anymore & that they can just
    treat us all like it’s a police state.

    • daPooper

      relating this to the holocaust that killed 6million people might be a bit severe…I am thinking the father has not been gassed and is still alive. I guess the cops overcooked it but the guy was likely an asshole at some point and wasn’t just being mr nice guy

    • Tyler

      I’m thinking you’ve never read any histories of pre-WWII Germany if you’re making statements like that in relation to an event like this, nor that you have any real idea what a police state is actually like.

      • its war, video everything!

        fact is, if this is not a police state, then when and if people like you talk it down and do nothing to stop it, it will become a POLICE STATE in time! go somewhere else you fool troll! and if your not a troll, your still a fool for saying that in reply to Dr. JOHNY LOVE. seems i have said this to you before, but your still here, leads to think that you are indeed a fucking troll? are you?!!!! o!!pp!!p!s!! !!! is a typo, damn KB! [and for gods sake, dont give us a history lesson on WWII! and i sure as hell dont want nor need to hear what your mind thinks a “POLICE IS, OR IS NOT!]

      • PatriotBob

        Tyler likes to show everyone how superior he THINKS he is. Please impress us some more, Mr. Wonderful.

    • Proud Grandpa

      Just a correction for you, DJ. The SS were military and served mostly outside of Germany. The state police inside Germany was the Gestapo.
      The SS did perform police-type functions in occupied countires. Maybe that is what confused you. Both were police states.
      As to the comparisoin with Canada and the USA, I must respectfully disagree. Answer me this… Would the cops have beaten the man had he stayed inside his car and moved it as they asked? Nope.

      • Schlukitz

        Sounds like Nazi Germany would have been exactly your kind of place.

  • Curtis Nixon

    svpm… You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    • Stop all the hate

      Where would we be without them? really? It is a necessary evil. Law enforcement.. without it… what would we become. Besides it takes a special person to deal with that kind of crap on a daily basis. No one else want to deal with crap every day! They deserve respect. /rant

      • Curtis Nixon

        where would we be? well, I can tell you where we wouldn’t be. Taxpayer funded lawsuits, resulting in taxpayers funded payouts, because taxpayer funded barnyard animals couldn’t be bothered to treat taxpayers with respect. Respect is earned. pigs like these, don’t deserve respect.

  • C’est la vie

    “A Canadian man receiving a parking citation in downtown Montreal decided to step out of his car and take a picture of the police car.” I’m pretty sure we all learned to Never get out of our vehicle when you are getting issued a ticket. I really dont think it had anything to do with the camera.Although I dont think arresting the man and leaving his daughter alone was appropriate, he really should have just stayed inside and taken the photo from inside his vehicle!

    • DianaMac

      So you aren’t allowed to move in a free country anymore? If you do and a cop doesn’t like it, he can arrest you without cause or trump up one? I don’t think so! Clearly this man was of no threat. I would like to think I can enter & exit my vehicle when I please. This isn’t the SS in 1940s Germany!

      • Tyler

        He didn’t get arrested for taking the pic. He got arrested & ticketed for standing in the middle of the street and obstructing traffic while taking the pic.

  • Madbunny

    wtf is wrong with these people? Notice the car got left there for the entire time as well. Also, that emergency services hung up on a minor trying to find out where the cops took her parent.

    Not sure what the courts are like up there, but I’d say this *deserves* a solid lawsuit. Only by videotaping and continuing to push for rights will citizens be able to keep them.

    • anthonyzweiner

      Montreal courts are a joke. They are swamped with cases and understaffed. Forget about justice or fair play. And if you don’t speak French, forget about it altogether.

      • rmc

        i was gonna say…they were speaking english…chances are they booked him for making them have to do that…

  • gadsdengurl

    Canada, like the UK, has long since been lost to communism.

    • DrCaligari

      Well, no it hasn’t, and besides, what the fuck does that have to do with anything?

    • Tyler

      That doesn’t make any sense. I think you probably mean “fascism”. Though do keep using communism incorrectly to name it, as it nicely signals the value of the expressed opinion :)

    • brian schneider

      You shouldn’t use words you don’t understand.


    They should be thrown off the force, no questions asked..

  • ExCop-Lawyer

    The officers were correct in what they did.

    You should listen to Boder’s interview. He says that the officer is telling him to move from where he is parked, Boder admits that it is on a curve and a dangerous location, that when the officer got verbally heated Boder exited the car, and that the officer was concerned Boder wanted to hit him. Then, after Boder is issued a citation and is told to leave, Boder again exits the vehicle, allegedly this time to photograph the police car.

    He’s been told to move, twice, and has not done so. A citation did not work. He keeps popping out of the car like a jack-in-the-box. Yeah, at that point he goes to jail.

    • Tyler

      Nice to see a response that isn’t “fucking pigs”. Personally I’m having a hard time taking in the really ugly reactions I’ve been reading on here, especially when it seems quite obvious that Broder was both in the wrong and acting in a hostile/confrontational fashion. Not for taking the pic – he is well within his rights to do so, and I doubt the cops much cared – but for both breaking the law and being a traffic hazard in both instances.

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        He went to jail because he was an ass. If he moved when asked originally, no ticket. Jumping out of the car twice was stupid. Not leaving after the ticket was idiotic.

        I’m still trying to see the “brutality” he’s claiming. It didn’t look like they stroked him at all.

        • Concerned Citizen5998785481

          Well the brutality is fairly obvious to me from the video of the man screaming in pain with two large officers unloading their weight on him. Did you not see that part? There is also the plain fact that he suffered injuries to his hands. This article fancies the term “beat up”. The truest words in all of this came from the 17 year old girl who was in disbelief that they were arresting him for parking in the wrong spot. Big Fucking Deal…. Is that worth him getting beat up to you?
          Please ExCop-LawStudent, don’t become a lawyer and don’t go back to being a cop. You’re biased towards cops. What we really need is to change their attitude problems with harsher sentences for their fuckups, not paid vacations when they do things like this. Boder is the least threatening looking guy. I have seen in my life, and if an officer of the law (or you) thinks that the brutality that CLEARLY happened here is justified because of the man’s appearance or for a 2 second park outside of a corner store, you must not live in the real world.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Oh gee, I hadn’t considered all of that.

            I mean, I have seen real brutality and real screams of pain (these don’t even come close), and real injuries (ditto). If that is your definition of getting beat up, all I can say is wow.

            Only a pansy would consider that a beating. What Carlos got at the Metro station was much worse, and it was only a minor use of force. It was inappropriate in the encounter Carlos had, but we also saw everything that led up to it.

            What happened to Boder was nothing. If you can’t see that, you must not live in the real world.

          • Proud Grandpa

            Sounds like the drunks on COPS TV claiming police brutality. Was any damage done? Sounds like the LEOs restrained themselves.
            Under what conditions would you consider police self-defense from threats to be justified?

        • rc

          So your saying that it’s ok for the cops to bash you and arrest you for a traffic violation? So he got out once to talk, look at car, whatever. And the police didn’t feel threatened? But the second time (alleged photo) it was ok for them to arrest and assault the man for a traffic infraction? ExCop Law, you are what’s wrong with the law enforcement community. No matter what your upbringing it is not OK for anyone to assault another person. No matter their badge.
          We need to hold police to a higher standard. Hell ANY standard. They have complete immunity to do everything they want because when the SHTF they investigate themselves.
          Cops over the past 50 years have been uncontrolled and getting away with murder, LITERALLY.
          But you know this, because you are one of the Badged Criminal Sociopath we ALLOW to carry a gun and terrorize the public that writes your paycheck.
          Leech crooks that suck of the public tax dollars. While they beat, kill, extort, rape, confiscate, impound property for profit.
          Realize you have gone to far, and your time has come.
          You brought it upon yourselves.
          At some point people will retaliate.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            You’re not listening (or actually reading) very well.

            The first time that he got out, according to his own words in his own interview, the officers were concerned about his aggressiveness. How is that not feeling threatened?

            The second time he popped out of the car, he got arrested, and I saw no abusive conduct on the part of the police. Certainly there was not an assault or battery.

          • IcedTeaParty

            I’ve never met a more “threatened” bunch of people in my life. They are practically terrorized to dysfunction by family pets, parking violators, and unarmed citizens with camera phones.

            The police have long ago lost their capacity for de-escalation. They so often quickly resort to the primal denominator of violence to resolve everything.

          • Grendel4s

            That is exactly what this ‘ex-cop law-student’ fascist is saying, I’ve been down this road before with this asshole. This idiot actually thinks having an IQ 4 points over 3 digits makes them some kind of ubermensch. He also seems to think it’s okay for any cop to blatantly exceed their authority any time they please, for reasons that are ridiculous to anyone with any sort of moral center or intelligence. Until a person either by action or word, actually intends to commit violence, the officer is obligated to show restraint a word which is no longer in their vocabulary. Considering their (and his) lack of brains or humanity, this is not a surprise – but it is a situation that needs to be dealt with in a way that leaves no question as to really has the authority. We need to throw these thugs, their political leash-holders, and their corporate overlords, to the fucking curb, along with these idiots who support their tyranny. If we EVOLVE our concepts, our practices, and our beliefs, we can make not only the thugs, but lawyers, and other cronies, unnecessary They can then be separated from sane society, and dealt with accordingly.

        • Christopoher

          And all of that deserves a fucking beat down that’s right your a fuck tard now shut the fuck up!

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Ohhh. Another internet commando!

            Too bad you can’t spell or put together a single coherent sentence. Let me guess–McDonald’s or pizza delivery driver…

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            And aAll of that deserves a fucking beat down, that’s right you’re a fuck-tard, now shut the fuck up!

            There, fixed it for you. Next time you can ask your shift leader at BurgerKing to review it before you post it.

      • Proud Grandpa

        Yeah, I hate to see the lunatic fringe hi-jack PINAC. The senseless violence against police would be both a crime against man’s law and a sin against God’s law.
        The incident was never about photog rights.

    • da truth

      i agree with you to a point….because this is still not the right way.
      there are very many things missing between his being put in the van and the van going to the shop.
      even watching “cops” or “to serve and protect” should give you those insights, so i don’t feel the need to list them.
      people jumping to say the police are always wrong in these cases are only as bad as those who blindly side with the police (some going as far as going to sites with opposing views to their own and using inflammatory usernames….making devil’s advocate comments…i’ve heard they are called internet trolls or something to that effect)
      i’m solid in the belief that it won’t matter though, because as i’ve said in a previous post,
      the man should have spoken french.
      i’d like to know more about the people, like if they even spoke french…and if they would be trying to say something ridiculous like they didn’t know it was no-parking because of a language barrier…(ridiculous, because i’m sure they use they same no parking or no stopping logo as everywhere)…
      but i am in no rush to believe a report….by definition it is written after the fact, by people who are involved…

  • vaccine

    the guy illegaly parked, refused to move his vehicle, and became a hostile target while the police officer was writing him a ticket for obstructing traffic and illegally parking. I cant believe all you idiots, are defending this piece of shit that is trying to leach money off the system.

    we all know what we are and are not supposed to to do during an encounter with police. He made a decision to not move his vehicle and wait there for his daughter, the consequence of that is a ticket, he then chose to get out of his vehicle and start acting like a hostile target (even if in his mind he thought he was in the right) and that had the consequence of getting him arrested.
    In other parts of the world it would of ended up alot worse, the guy didn’t get shot, didn’t get tazed, wasn’t even hurt outside of his pride. He should learn to listen to the instructions of the officer.

    All i have to say is REALLY you guys are defending this guy REALLLY?
    (edit for spelling)

    • Joe Burns

      Get real!, these guys are supposed to be professional police officers. They were trained to diffuse the situation and not escalate it. The 17 year old obviously had more sense, it was a parking violation and they turned a molehill into a mountain. They risked their own safety by escalating, they put the man and especially his daughter in a risky situation.

      99% of people think the cops acted like thugs. Almost everyone is wrong and you are right?

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        Pretty much. It is a well established fact in both police work and the law that over 90% of the public are idiots.

        • checkers

          @excoplawstudent:disqus… i think i can speak for everyone on this board when i say SHUT THE F@CK UP. you b!tch-made armchair jockey pig.. constantly spewing lies, idiotic generalized statements and classist remarks.. you are the one who gets to decide what is real, who is in pain, who feels what.. you wannabe Paul Blart Mall Cop, i curse your paralegal ass with a lifetime of production assisting on the Judge Judy show. POOF!

        • Andrew Ateş Demirbağ

          Haha, is your uncle a cop? mine was and he has more sense than you. Defuse the situation was key and this as only elevated it. They were not professional what so ever. throwing a guy into a car and driving off?? Dude are you serious. Clearing the scene, waiting for back-up, making sure all those involved are safe. what is wrong with your dumb ass logic?

        • Andrew Ateş Demirbağ

          If you were ever a cop you were either force to quit or fired.

        • UPrick

          With that attitude you must have been a stellar pig. Too bad the disproportionate % of the idiots are pigs.

        • Trevor

          I have to agree with vaccine on this one. and @checkers:disqus, nothing you say can be taken seriously after that last comment. When I watch this video I see nothing at all that suggests that these cops beat or harmed this man in any way that wasn’t inflicted on himself. the man was letting himself hang while the cops were escorting him to the vehicle. Now I imagine that the handcuffs hurt while your arms are being suspended from them, but that is hardly the officers fault. as far as “cops are suppose to diffuse the problem not escalate it.” well obviously people, but sometimes that just isn’t an option. Did it ever occur to you that this man parked somewhere he wasn’t suppose to and got a parking citation, then made a big deal about it? contested the police over it, and did something to provoke the officers to arrest this man? yeah there are bad cops, but everyone is so quick to jump on these two and blindly defend this man. 90% of the people here are clearly bias towards cops and the government alike, because I see almost no objective views, because really, what do you know? were you there? No I doubt it. I’m not saying that the police are innocent, but what I am saying is that you cannot watch this video and tell me that they are guilty, because quite frankly there is no evidence to support that.

          • Tony Shuttleworth

            I really don’t see any police brutality here. The officers simply are trying to bring him to their vehicle and he is resisting. Listen to the begging of the video, one of the officers is telling him to “walk to the car” but Mr.Boder is dragging his feet. No wonder he had marks on his wrists after this is over. He was arrested because he would not leave the middle of the street and take his picture from the sidewalk. The officers had nothing to hide as they had already given him a parking ticket with their names on it. Although it was dark it was only 5:45PM and his daughter is a 17 year old college student. They should have waited for another police car to attend to her but I hardly think this was child endangerment. If was simply arrested for a traffic violation or for taking a picture of the police car this would be an absolute abuse of authority but if you take the time to get the facts in this case that is not what happened here. Both of the officers spoke in English to Mr. Boder and to the daughter so I don’t see how some people are making this a language issue. People need to put their biases aside and examine the facts in this case. So many people have said the cops beat him. Im not saying they did not beat him but I’ve looked at this video several times and neither of the two officers do not strike him during the filming of this video. If I missed it please refer me to the specific second on this video where someone sees mr Boder being hit or beaten.

      • vaccine

        by looking at the different articles on this website all i can see is the same anti police, borderline anti governemnt conspiracy bullshit. you dont think 99% of the people on this site arent a little bias? get real. Everyone knows how you are supposed to act during an encounter with police, this guy chose to ignore those rules and suffered the consequences. In many other parts of the world the guy would have just gotten himself killed if he got out of his car like that an acted like a threat to the officers.

        But the whole internet breaks and cries over a completely vanilla encounter with police? Get real.

        • Christopoher

          Tell you what Butt Munch when the cops come into your house at 4 am to drag you off to a FEMA camp make sure you’re not bias!

  • fuckthepolice

    Typical pigs hiding behind the badge.

    To protect and serve themselves and the government.

    Fucking sick.

  • Huck Farper

    F*ck the Police

    • tiny


  • Tyler

    The video clip won’t play for me, but I did see the one the girl took
    of the incident on Photography is Not a Crime’s youtube channel, so I
    assume I’ve seen the same footage.

    Firstly, there is no context –
    we have no idea what the man was saying or doing before the clip.
    Given the fact that he was acting in a massively self-entitled way by
    parking in a traffic lane to start with, coupled with the way he was
    acting and his daughter was swearing, it’s well within the realm of
    possibility he was being belligerent and not following police directives
    (eg, to step out of the street & stop obstructing traffic while
    photographing the police vehicle).

    Secondly, the guy sounds like a
    self-entitled and selfish bloke – you’d have to be, to park in the
    middle of a no-stopping zone while your daughter goes shopping. Drop
    someone off, perhaps, and the park somewhere else and wait for a call to
    come back or come back at a pre-arranged time – but just to stop your
    car in the middle of a traffic lane? Or stop traffic by standing in the
    street to snap a pic? Both dangerous and utterly self centered.

    “screams of pain” generally aren’t someone angrily shouting the word
    “ow!” every 10 seconds. To me it sounds more like petulant outrage than

    Fourthly, given the daughter was screaming obscenities at
    the cops I can see why they wouldn’t want to get involved with her. One
    can be upset and still act rationally and in a non-confrontational,
    non-hostile fashion. That being said, someone definitely should have
    taken the time regardless to explain what was going on to her.

    911 was performing exactly as they should to hang up on the girl when
    she called. 911 is for emergencies only. Every police dept has a
    regular, non-emergency call line. Hopefully the 911 operators told her
    that before hanging up, but there is no way to know without listening to
    the recording.

    Finally, a 17 year old isn’t a helpless child,
    either. If she’s old enough to go shopping by herself and has a mobile,
    she’s obviously old enough to be able to call for a ride and obviously
    has money to pay for a cab. She’s certainly old enough, even when
    upset, to act rationally rather than scream obscenities, insults and
    veiled threats (“I’m filming it!”) – that’s a tantrum.

    If they
    were arresting him just for taking pictures of the cop car, they would
    have arrested the daughter for filming as well; since they didn’t, one
    could assume that he was indeed being belligerent and blocking traffic –
    ie, some self entitled obnoxious guy was acting deliberately as a
    traffic hazard and refusing to obey the directives of law officers. I
    most definitely wouldn’t class him as a victim; if he had been acting
    reasonably, things never would have escalated to the point where they
    had to physically subdue him in order to arrest him.

    officers unfortunately regularly have to take actions like this in order
    to maintain their authority. Regardless of the pettiness of the
    infraction, they can’t simply let it slide when someone deliberately
    flouts their authority and breaks the law delibrerately, directly in
    front of them.

    • ExCop-Lawyer


    • inquisitor

      An excellent analysis.

    • Anonymous Canadian

      I agree 100%. Without context we have no idea what happened to cause the police to act as they did. I’m a bit disappointed Carlos posted this.

    • pete path

      I too feel entitled not to be beaten by police for a minor traffic violation.

      You, on the other hand, appear to feel entitled to make a lot of wild assumptions to justify the heavy handed policing.

      • sobeit19

        My thoughts exactly!

  • Bully cop

    “A dead Cop makes my clitorous Tingle”

  • notyou

    I hope they take their complaint as far as possible. If that doesn’t work spam this video and story anywhere you can.

  • chris lefebvre

    The only thing that I thought was weird is that she somehow recorded the video and made a phone call to her mom at the same time without the camera shaking and no audio of the mom on speakerphone. Did she have two phones?

    All that aside, It is a pretty brutal situation.

  • Dave_sNotHere

    Ignorant, mercenary thugs.

  • tiny

    happening north of the damn border as well!!! makes me wonder, did we catch this crap from them, or them from us [A]!!! montreal is a French town, aint it. maybe them French were getting back at a NON-french citizen? could be, we all know how them French-fry can be! they all crazy! ROT IN HELL FOREVER AND A DAY,,,….ALL OF THEM DAMNED BASTARDS!! AND THEY ARE IN FACT AND TRULY DAMNED!

  • steveo

    He was probably arrested because his camera didn’t record in French as well as English. In Quebec, I think that’s a requirement. Plus he wasn’t screaming in French.

    • Tony Shuttleworth

      One of the cops is English (anglophone) and the other is French and fully bilingual without a anti English bone in his body. Actually several of the French officers best friends are English. My brother works at the same station as these officers and I actually met them doing a ride along two years ago. People are so ready to jump on the English-French animosity bandwagon, without knowing the facts.

  • Proud Grandpa

    This has nothing to do with photog rights.
    At best we observe the possibly unjustified arrest of a man for unknown reasons. Photog rights were respected not violated, and the girl was free to go and free to take pictures. Yawn.
    At worst we observe the justified arrest of a drunk or drugged furious threatening man who left his car to punish an innocent meter maid for giving him a well-deserved ticket.
    What really happened? Most likely the man deserved the ticket and made threatening statements and movements toward the police woman. His camera was irrelevant. He was not arrested for photographing her police car

    • IcedTeaParty

      It’s good to see that you are still a cheerleader for the revenue man.

    • Schlukitz

      Typical Christian, you are. Passing judgement without even knowing the full facts?

      You were there, were you?

      You saw what happened, did you?

      You personally interviewed the police and the offender, did you?

      You have video of your own that is contradictory to what his daughter took, do you?

      Judge, jury and executioner…all wrapped in one, eh?

      Lock ’em up and throw the key away mentality.

  • jcfromnj

    Time to call out the PINAC Army !!!! The daughter has some brass though, You Canucks need to grow a pair and step up the plate. The Queen isn’t going to come to your rescue you on this one.

    • Carol A. Marshall

      Heads up….although Canadian parliament honors our history and our friendship with GB by placing the Queen as head of state via the Governor General, the queen hasn’t come to our ‘rescue’ in any tangible way for quite some time now, as far as I can tell. But, our peace keepers have stepped up and done their part in Afghanistan, in the war on terrorism, although this country hasn’t been a direct target in any major way. It is just the right thing to do.
      I do understand though that Prince Charles has generously given substantial donations to Canadian charities.
      But, I respect your thoughts although I feel not enough informed personally to have an opinion(on PINAC).

  • DragonTattooz

    You Canadians really should stop taking your cues from America. Our country sucks, don’t become US.

  • Guest

    omg! I can not believe they just drove away and, left that young girl alone on the street like that. What the hell is wrong with the police up there?? I have a 16 year old daughter and,I tell you someone would be paying through the ass if this was my child. These “BULLIES” need to be kicked off the force and,go back to playing cops and robbers like the children they are. I hope her dad is ok and,the family fights to have this ‘cops’ removed.
    Way to stand up to the bullies sweetie to defend your dad.

  • Jasops

    Everyone is so quick to judge the police. You get the briefest snapshot of the incident and the only info you have as to what lead up to the “incident” is what the supposed “victim” says. It’s bullshit. The guy was likely acting like an asshole. Police don’t just react for no reason. There are protocols they follow and when it comes down to it they need to react if they are threatened. Give your heads a shake and reserve judgement for after you hear the whole story.

    • PatriotBob

      “Police don’t just react for no reason.” Really? It’s not that they react, Jasops, it’s HOW they react…like beatings, shootings. I don’t hate the police, I simply hate what they do too often. Remember Rodney King? Was that okay with you>

      • Proud GrandPa

        Most cops don’t beat up slime like Rodney King. He was high on cocaine and wouldn’t submit to arrest. I agree that the cops beat him more that allowable which is unlawful, but they were justified in beating/fighting him. They had good cause in fearing for their safety. That honest fact makes the trial much tougher to decide.
        This kind of over-reaction doesn’t happen as a high percentage of the arrests in America. It is the exception, not the rule. Otherwise we’d hear about it constantly hundreds of times a day. We don’t.

        See all the COPS shows and notice how the police are careful to escalate violence as needed and no more. This is the rule; Rodney King’s beating is the exception. And the system convicted them. This means the system works. I have not problem with how it worked. And the cops have my sympathy for a tough vocation. Let’s not make it any harder.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Give your heads a shake and reserve judgement for after you hear the whole story.


      Sound advice for some of our PINAC stalkers who are messed up cop haters, not real photography rights activists. I am, however, doubtful that most of the loonies are capable of “reserving judgement for after you hear the whole story.”

      Cop haters minds are made up. They don’t want to be disturbed with the truth.

  • rewwssfgg

    One day the people will become so enraged there will be nothing the police ca do to stop the people.

    • Cynic in New York

      We hope that it happens but sadly for every government thug abuse there is always some “law and order” badge licker who will defend it.

  • Jenny

    This girl and her father are dumb. You obviously can’t see what happened prior to the camera being turned in. Who knows what he said or did. The start of the video clearly shows him resisting arrest. If hewould have just walked to the car like a man instead of ddragging his feet I’m sure his hands wouldn’t have hurt as much. People are stupid for defending this guy. He was clearly in the wrong.

  • fukthepolice

    I think those cops should be beaten in front of their families or better yet in front their department. All the fucken idiot Sgt. Laurent Gingras of the SPVM can fuck right off with the public did not see the whole isodent. We all know police get away with murder because they wear a page and lie threw their teeth when they break the law. no body is going to flip over getting a ticket for parking in the wrong spot. those fucken losers of cops were probbably pissed because they lost out on their donut time and actually had to do some paperwork. It’s fuckups cops like that that make it bad for the good cops who are out there.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      So, are you the one to do it, tough guy?

  • Al Beau

    Jackass cops exist every were in the world, but that does not mean we let them prolifate, but we want them eliminated from the police work force. Once and for all..

  • Al Beau

    Beside she will be considerend as an adult in less than a year, its about time for her to wake-up and learn how the law works and to use it… Id say you are not a kid anymore.

    • reldra

      She does need to learn how the law works. But 17 or 27, if police arrest someone and they have someone with them who is visibly upset yelling ‘you can’t leave me alone’…that should be enough for the police to attend to that. Whoever it was either is not familiar with the area, is fearful or maybe having an anxiety attack. I heard her speaking to her mother…but mom obviously didn’t have the car to come and get her. Absolute negligence.

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Coward police need to have the same treatment they dish out. Bullies with badges. Nothing without them but sociopathic abusers.

  • James Michael

    Criminal thugs do, what criminal thugs do……

  • viccuz

    This kind of abuse happens with all police Departments and it’s getting worse. Those who wear the badge are above the law or so it would seem. The Police Force can never police itself and should have a civilian task force who is independent from them to investigate incidences of this nature. Those found quilty should be sentenced to the maxium and never be allowed to work as a Police Officer again. We have to make tougher laws that govern the Police Depts. After all they should know better!

    • Proud GrandPa

      Yes, that is the way it is now. Our police and sheriff deputies are all subject to civilian review. They are vetted before hiring and can be permanently fired for criminal activity. Is it possible that there are still departments without civilian review boards anywhere in the USA now? I wonder.

  • asdf

    What were the charges? Come on, reporters.

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    Yes, because obstructing traffic such a good reason to beat and cuff someone.
    Actually, it was the Cops who were obstructing traffic…

  • Jeremy Hubbard

    Sgt. Laurent Gingras of the SPVM mentions the word intervention……intervention?
    I would say stir up unnecessarily…..I would say provoke a problem……I would say police brutality
    …..Intervention would be the last thing on anyone’s lips.
    Good for you police state….keep it up….it’ll bite you in the a** eventually!!

  • Jr52

    These cops have no common sense. They leave a girl all alone at night? They treat her father like a criminal because he stepped out of the car and took a picture? What kind of people are the departments hiring? This is all too common now. We are in a sad state, when the police no longer serve and protect, but bully and harm. God help us!! In the video she tells her mother to call the police because the POLICE are acting like criminals. I’m sure the department will back these thugs up, because they always do and to admit wrong is not what they do. They would have to address this issue then and they would rather sweep it under the rug. Something has to be done to stop this. I don’t know what we can do, but there has to be something. It has to stop! This reminds me of westerns I’ve watched, where the town is owned by a criminal and he has his hit men keep the townsfolk in line. We are back in the wild west!

  • anthonyzweiner

    Lived in Montreal. This is mild. Montreal cops are like Nazi Gestapo. They pay special attention to “foreign” license plates. Stay away. You have been warned.

  • Cody01877

    Canadians; You gave up your guns and your only means to resist tyranny and state sponsored terrorists acting under color of law, people who think their authority and badge should have absolute obiedence. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN???? 4000 years of history shows the only way to oppose tyranny and/or to stop despotism and goon squads is through violence and warfare you were stupid idealistic and now you will pay the price for your stupidity.

    • Chuck Topher

      You sound a little nutty and are seriously misinformed. We have all the guns we want in Canada. We cannot conceal, open carry or have full auto. Other than that firearms are very available in every size, shape and form. So is ammo btw. No 1 box limits here. What we do have different than you is a proper licensing system, mental health checks, criminal background checks, requirements to prove proficiency and stringent laws on safe storage. I am a proud gun owner and very happy that my country does not just allow anyone to get a gun. Unfortunately criminals do not care about any of that and just like any city in the US they buy their guns illegally. No slaps on the wrists though, get caught with one, even if it has never been used and you have no ammo, 3 yr minimum mandatory sentence.

      • Bill Jarett

        So its illegal to carry a gun to defend yourself from the criminals who ignore the law?

        • Chuck Topher

          Unfortunately it is illegal to carry a handgun or restricted rifle unless it is to a range or competition. It does suck and one day may change. We have only had a pro gun government for a couple of years now. Im pretty sure it will not change though as with any country it is a very hot topic. Carry rights wont get worse but they wont get better either. Just the fact they got rid of the long gun registry was a very risky thing to do. 30mil people in our country with only 2mil gun owners (all approx #’s) makes it very hard to make big changes. We are bigger in size than the US but smaller in population than California. To be fair there were only 200+ gun related deaths in all of Canada in 2011 and California (with its crazy gun control) had almost 3000.

          • Bill Jarett

            Chuck- I believe you more homogenous society that puts a higher priority on civic institutions and social cohesion is the reason for your far lower violent crime rate. You won’t find hordes of homeless people in Canadian cities because the authorities force them to get the needed mental/drug addiction help they need.

      • Christopoher

        I’m sorry is there a law that allows hand guns? I thought you could not have any handguns in Canada.?

        • Chuck Topher

          Yes we can have any handguns we want. However we can only carry them to and from a range for target shooting and competitions. We have IPSC, 3-gun and other competitions at tons of ranges both indoor and out. The only guns banned here are full auto and a gun variants that can be easily converted to full-auto. The RCMP version of “easily converted” is a joke though. The last one banned took 20+ hrs at their gun masters’s shop to convert it. They also ban by look and appearance and name unfortunately. AK-47 – NO WAY, VZ-58 – Sure go ahead!! Essentially same gun same bullet. Short barreled rifles or SBR’s (anything under 18″) are treated like handguns and are allowed but only at licensed ranges. I would love more gun freedom but my main point was we have lots of options and have not given up all of our guns.

          • Bill Jarett

            Slippery slope, but from what I have heard Canadians are generally more awake about the threat to individual liberty then the general population here in the US.

          • Proud GrandPa

            Canada suffers from excessive leftwing liberal censorship. They cannot enjoy the same religious freedom we do in the USA.

          • Chuck Topher

            We definitely suffer from excessive left-wing liberal censorship but we have the same rights to religious freedom as you do. I am not sure how you tie the two together? You have a Constitution we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are very similar. Not the same but similar.

      • Richard

        Your proper licensing system means you have a firearm at the whim of your fascist government. In the US our fascist government may admire your fascist government but most Americans haven’t been mindwhipped to supporting our fascist government as you apparently have, a cheerleader for your own eventual complete enslavement.

        • Chuck Topher

          We register and license handguns. Long guns have no licensing or registration thanks to a change in government (somewhat equivalent to going from Democrat to Republican) that removed an ineffective tracking system created by the very type of government you mention. It was put in place as a hard reaction to a man shot a bunch of women at a university in Montreal actually.

          • Proud GrandPa

            More guns equal less crime.
            The best defense against illegal handguns is legal guns.

          • Richard

            Thanks for the reply. Nothing you said changes my opening premise. “Your proper licensing system means you have a firearm at the whim of your fascist government.” You no longer have the necessary mindset to even envision personal responsibility. You have long since succumbed to the government-sponsored myth that government will make you safe. Your contradictions course through your logic even as you plead your case. Criminals will get guns no matter what, you say, but you’re happy the government licenses your handguns so criminals wont’t get them. Exercise in illogic. Man, you either understand your full birthright to complete freedom exercised responsibly or you buy the psychiatric and religious condemnation of Man as a beast (the government happily subscribing) and take a number and wait in line for the day when your very existence, what sort of existence and even how long that existence will be is the decision of your “government” with your own somnolent, beat-down, propagandized, engineered complicity. History tells the story but people don’t want to listen to history, they want to listen to the big-breasted blonde on the news channel. A determined clique of insane politicians, aristocrats and in this age, uberwealthy, get control of the mechanical cables of a society’s government and they work ceaselessly to protect their position through time by elevating themselves and enslaving at the point of club, sword or bullet the people whose blood, labor and creativity they suck like the vampires they are. So enjoy your Canadian “utopia” and don’t migrate south, where enough of us resist this slide into a police state and still talk back to our would-be masters, and yes, where many of us walk around fully armed, fully legally, much to the troubled sleep of our truly insane, treacherous, treasonous would-be masters.

      • Proud Grandpa

        Chick wrote We cannot conceal, open carry or have full auto.
        Canadians cannot open carry and cannot conceled carry. So…? You mean Canadians are defenseless outside of their own homes? I don’t like that.

        • Chuck Topher

          We can have firearms in our vehicles. Truth is there is more to defense than having a gun on my hip. I do agree it would be nice to have the ability to carry but my main point was we never gave up our guns. I am allowed to carry in my vehicle and there are tons of options for doing so. We certainly don’t have the rights Americans have but we also don’t have the gun issues Americans have either. There is no perfect system but background checks and mental health checks should be a part of any system that cares somewhat about safety. As i said previously criminals will get guns no matter what the law staes. And Chuck is not a chick 😉

          • Proud GrandPa

            Oops! Pardon my read on that, Mr Chuck with a U.
            .Thanks for clarifying gun rights in Canada. One may own and place in a vehicle but not open or concealed carry on one’s person.

  • pajman sarafzadeh

    so if a cop tells you to move your car and you refuse, guess what happens.

    and then if you refuse arrest, guess what happens then

    this is a video of spoiled children misbehaving and paying a very legal and legitimate price.

    • IHateFatChicks

      So, how’s the whole “gay, transgender” thing working out for you?

    • Richard

      oh how incisive a commentary

  • RalphLawlerLAC

    Shame on these officers.. they forgot their oath.

  • 1Oldbrokensoldier

    Like the old saying goes there are 3 sides to this story, the police, Mr Boder’s and the TRUTH. I for one do NOT know the full story and I’m sure NONE of the other commentators on this story know the truth either. Having said that I HAVE lived and driven in Mtl and I can say the cops there usually turn a blind eye to minor traffic infractions, other wise they would get NO real police work done EVER. It “seems” to me these cops were out to be dicks, no matter what his original offense. Police ARE public servants and are SUPPOSED to be trained in dealing with people at their worst and most fragile. There should have been a better way to handle THIS situation

    • Mike Wood

      Yeah, “supposed to be trained public servants” lol… I’ve worked with cops for years, and seen the unprofessionalism, incompetence, & certainly lack of expertise! = training? yeah right! And yes, of course not all cops are the same, but many are.

    • BlueCollarCritic

      In the new police state they are no longer ‘public servants’, they are ‘Officials’ which implies you must obey them and that they are at a higher level in society then the rest of us.

  • Informed Dissent

    Do Canadians have any constitutional protections against police as in the US?

    • MsDragonSlayer

      no. No matter what is on the books, they never get enforced. We are all targets at their mercy. It’s a police state here.

  • jonklement

    There is a term for this: “Legal Abuse”. It’s growing and growing and growing in our society.

  • Christopoher

    I think the daughter is smoking Hot and she is lucky she was not beat down also. If they both would have been black or even ugly white people they both would have been beaten down and never seen daylight for weeks .
    There is no excuse for what the cops do today but being pretty still can save your life. or safe you from a beat down she would a yelled at the pigs like that and was a ugly white girl this would not be in the news. In fact only reason it is in the news are they are white and good looking people.

  • Josef Roesler

    Canada is a third world country, would you expect to have any rights there?

  • anthonyzweiner

    Montreal police are like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Spent much time there. They single out “foreigners,” especially those with U.S. license plates. Mafia runs the city. Everyone in power is corrupt. Four Mayors removed during the last ten months alone. The cops are brutal, stupid, and corrupt. Stay away (especially if you don’t speak French).

  • Marty Marino

    The guy shouldn’t have double parked…obstructing traffic! Same would happen in the States too!

  • Jesus Jones

    I HAte fucking cops

    • HUGS

      Do you like kissing cops?

      • ExCop-Lawyer

        I think he’s saying he prefers to be the catcher, not the pitcher.

  • Platos son

    Time to sue BIG Time……

  • Platos son

    What the hell is wrong with these abusive cops…..when you sue them they finally wake up and realized that they work for the citizens and not the powerful elites.

  • Alex06

    I’ve had former cops tell me that they’ve seen other cops arrest people because they get angry easily and want in on the action (which is why some of them became cops in the first place). And the rationale behind it is “If I cuff them and they defend themselves, I have the right to arrest them, if they don’t, then, what can they do? Either way, I get away scot-free”. That’s magical thinking – You’re getting yourself into trouble.

    Guys, if you wanna become a cop for the wrong reasons, just get yourself checked into a psychologist’s office. Anger and violence issues can be resolved in a peaceful manner.

  • Jay Dillon

    Come to think of it lets start photographing every cop we see. No expectation of privacy for those folks anymore.

  • weedy454

    animals, savages, psychopaths, only sick twisted assholes wanna become cops !

  • Umlaut

    Guys ease up. Proud Grandpa is merely offering reasons for why the cops may have over reacted, so as to offer a picture of the world where all cops aren’t villains. This does not mean that there are no bad cops -there are some really nasty buggers out there- but there are also dangerous civilians. Sometimes the situation is unjust and troubling but the bad guy can be of either party. In this case, the cops overreacted.

    • terryherckenrath

      So sick of hearing that not all cops are bad. If you are a ‘good’ cop and do nothing about the ‘bad’ cops, you ARE a ‘bad’ cop. And the fact that cops very rarely are disciplined just exacerbates the problem.

  • Dave Maisey

    having watched the video, i see no abuse, it appears the police were putting someone who was resisting in the back of their car. i didnt see any punches or kicks or attempts to leverage on the hands. this guy was resisting, and we dont know what happened before the video started. this shows no context and gives no information on the situation. no sense guessing one way or the other until there is more information.

  • overstep

    2 Words : Class – Action

  • cocojanda

    There are countless examples of police brutality and violence against innocent law abiding citizens… This isn’t one of them. Not even close. Dude got out of his car when he wasn’t supposed to, approached cops while running his mouth and he got arrested. NOWHERE did I see anything that resembled getting beat up either. I’m all for protesting unfair treatment by the cops. I’ve received more then my share of abuse at the hands of police. This is just a loud mouth trying to make a scene and “fight the power”. So weak! I’m sick of people crying wolf for stuff like this.

  • AngryCanadian

    Yet no matter what anyone says or does this thing will continuously happen. No one person has enough power to make a serious movement against such a large problem. Police brutality will always happen, but if you make the stakes higher for the cops (Such as handing out assault charges on the cops that are convicted of police brutality) then absolute hell will break lose because you can no longer trust your law enforcement. We need to make a change so that one day the cops will understand the law better to know what they are allowed and not allowed to do to another human while arresting them. They should have a penalty of Instant job loss if human treatment laws are not met, because isn’t law enforcement one of the faces of the government? If so, how can we change this problem?

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      “If so, how can we change this problem?”

      First, don’t do stupid things that get you arrested.

      Second, don’t whine about it when you do get arrested.

  • S

    From what I can actually tell if there was a reason to use force the police didn’t use excessive force to gain control, he was clearly resisting arrest! but who’s to tell what actually led up to this, what wasn’t caught on tape?

  • dopehatgunn

    It’s interesting how many people are defending the officers, on here. In my opinion, regardless what Mr. Boder said or gestured to the officers, he was still just a man with a camera in his hands. Hardly a scene that should put fear into a cop. They are trained to restrain people without the use of force. Without causing significant bodily harm, yet we continue to see them do so. I was in the military for 12 years. Too many times have I seen what power of authority can do to someone or change them, even if it’s just for that moment where the power trip kicks in. I would say this was why Mr. Bodens daughter was left behind. Perhaps the officers were more focused on themselves than the environment around them. A man with a camera cannot go back to work due to injuries sustained by police officers while he was filming them. Should say enough right there.

  • frank

    cops dont know how to do there job right instead of handcuffing someone that clearly cant overwhelm one officer let alone 2 …and you slam him to the ground …it dont matter what happen b 4 or after the video taping…the was to much force used on s citizen that was doing i minor infraction …that could of easier been taking care of wit talking and writing a ticket not getting aggrresive like that…i think the cops in montreal should consentrate on all the drugs that r getting passed throu montreal and all the crack heads there consentrate on getting those guys off the streets ….and for leaving a 17 year old stranded on the street like that?…really you cops gives good cops a REALLY BAD NAME ….do your job dnt let the job do you….end of my rant

  • Santina

    To the police out there who are only in this for a power trip, shame on you! Police like you who jump to quick conclusions on whether or not someone is dangerous; are the reason why several innocent people get killed everyday. This is certainly not the first incident, and sadly… it won’t be the last. To the Police who are out there to help people, and who are risking their lives everyday to save other people… Sadly you are now the diamond in the ruff, and your numbers are slowly diminishing due to the lack of education required in today’s standards. I wish you all the safety you need, and all the compassion this world can give you. To Mr. Boder’s Daughter, you’re right when you say “This is not okay!” and it really isn’t, to you I say good job on standing up for freedom, and the freedom of your father. To Mr. Boder, your actions for parking in a illegal spot are certainly actions that could happen to anyone, if you were in the car however, and the car was idling.. there shouldn’t have been an issue, just a simple move. I would have probably taken a picture of the car too to fight the ticket, the more proof the better because once fighting in court it’s word over word. We all have one life to live, and one life to share with all the people we love, now is the time for unity and understanding. We’re going to have to fight for our freedom, or we’re going to lose it.

  • wpguser

    The video shows nothing except some guy getting arrested. What happened before and after is just the cops words against his and his daughter. People form their own bias and believe what they want. Hint to Mr. Boder: getting arrested wouldn’t hurt so much if you walked to the police car instead of forcing the cops to drag your ass. When you are being arrested, it is not really the time to prove your innocence, that’s what the court is for.

    • Proud GrandPa

      Quite correct, WPG. Mr. Boder brought this upon himself since he did not have a right to park his car in a no parking zone or a right to exit the car and rush toward the cop. Why did he leave his car illegally parked when ordered several times to move it?
      The cops were just in fearing the driver was hostile and a threat to safety. .
      What he should have done instead? He should have moved the car and then walked slowly and carefully to the area and photographed to his heart’s content. That is what a good PINAC agent would/should do.

  • Synergie

    Hmm maybe the daughter should sue for mental damages, since she is constantly crying since?? What cops LEAVE a minor alone in the dark at night like that? They should have at least waited for someone to come get her before they just left a minor standing there alone. She could have been raped or attacked in that timeframe. And the Father could sue for lost wages for injuries to his hands, that were absolutely UNNECESSARY in this case. There is such a thing as ROE (rules of engagement) that police MUST follow. They can’t just jump to step 9 because they want to… The preliminary steps are DIFFUSING the situation without violence!! I seriously doubt that the man posed any threat real or perceived to the cops to warrant immediate jump to physical force on their part.

  • Mjones2nd

    If he was stopped in a no parking zone or no stopping zone, then he got the ticket for a reason, he chose to escalate it by antagonizing the cops, he got his minute of fame and his daughter got a lesson in who not to p1$$ off in Montreal. We also miss the beginning, was he asked to put the camera away? and he got belligerent when told to do so? a lot of Police do not want themselves photographed due to the job they are in, he should be happy he didn’t do it in the US, they probably wouldn’t have been so gentle.

    • unibopper

      Nonsense. Montreal is a disgrace. Car theft capital of North America. Bicycle theft huge
      too. So many cars stolen cops can’t keep up even if they
      wanted to. Average theft investigation lasts less than two weeks before
      case closed. Mafia runs City, pays off cops as cars are moved to
      the port, packed in containers and shipped overseas. Most cops are belligerent French Quebecois, who by nature dislike all Anglophones.
      Whole City seems on the take. Politicians regularly get arrested. Four
      Mayors in less than a year! Its a local joke. Millions in taxpayer
      funds spent on useless investigations. Lots of noise, posturing, press and
      editorials, but nothing ever gets fixed. Paving and snow-plowing
      contracts routinely awarded to contractors offering biggest kickbacks.
      Corruption is part if the Montreal culture, deeply imbedded for decades. All
      efforts to wipe it out proved useless and expensive. No way a capable or honest cop could last long in such an environment. And this guy had every right to photograph what uniformed City employees were doing to him.

      • Mjones2nd

        Yes he does have every right, however were was it done? on the sidewalk, no problem, but did he go on the roadway to do it, then he could have been impeding traffic. Make no mistake, I have very little respect for the Quebec Police and the way they do things, but in this case we are only seeing one side.

      • PeacefulLife

        Looking back at a few years of press stories, you DO have it right ubopper.
        I say stay out of Montreal. Haven’t they separated yet and stopped nursing of the warm teet of the Cdn taxpayer?

  • Billy Bong Kearney

    bet it was just cause they were speaking English:( and then I wonder why I dont want to go back to the city that is supposed to be my home

  • Richard

    To certain of my Canadian neighbors: Your proper licensing system means you have a firearm at the whim of your fascist government. You no longer have the necessary mindset to envision personal responsibility. You have long since succumbed to the government-sponsored myth that government will make you safe. Your contradictions course through your logic even as you plead your case. Criminals will get guns no matter what, you say, but you’re happy the government licenses your handguns so criminals wont’t get them. Exercise in illogic. You either understand your full birthright to complete freedom exercised responsibly or you buy the psychiatric and religious condemnation of Man as a beast (the government happily subscribing) and take a number and wait in line for the day when your very existence, what sort of existence and even how long that existence will be is the decision of your “government” with your own somnolent, beat-down, propagandized, apathetic and politician-engineered complicity. History tells the story but you don’t want to listen to history, you want to listen to the big-breasted blonde on the news channel. A determined clique of insane politicians, aristocrats and in this age, uberwealthy, get control of the mechanical cables of a society’s government and it works ceaselessly to protect its position through time by elevating itself and enslaving at the point of club, sword or bullet the people whose blood, labor and creativity they suck like the vampires their members are. So enjoy your Canadian “utopia” and don’t migrate south, where enough of us resist this slide into a police state and still talk back to our would-be masters, and yes, where many of us walk around fully armed, fully legally, much to the troubled sleep of our truly insane, treacherous, treasonous would-be masters.

  • Matthew

    I work in security, as a supervisor, this is completely unacceptable, if one of my agents let a verbal confrontation go this far i would terminate his employment on the spot. A traffic ticket should not escalate to a grown man being dragged away from his daughter. The police in montreal should undergo a thorough psychological examination every few weeks and should be Punished when things like this happen to make an example to other officers. Your job is not to harass honest tax paying citizens.

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      First, police work is not security, and the skills do not translate from one to the other.

      Second, when an individual is being cited, it is up to him, not the officer, how far it goes. Boder could have complied with the officer at first contact.

      Third, you can’t just fire a public employee on the spot–we got away from that to do away with patronage jobs.

      Fourth, it sounds like you are projecting you own issues when calling for psych exams.

      Fifth, the officer’s job is to issue citations in cases exactly like this one. It’s not harassment.

      • Guest

        first, security and police ,m firemen, ambulance, first responders all have the same code of ethics, even if the work is not the same.

        Second, Boder did comply according to reports, the officers in question over exaggerated(as the often do) and had no reason to arrest him, Thats why they settled out of court for 12,000. cause when you arrest somebody you need a reason, and traffic ticket is not a reason.

        Thirdly: You can fire anybody on the spot, even unionized, if you can prove they broke rules and regulation.

        4) You sound like an idiot when you talk like a hypocrite.

        5) Cops are government peons that troll the streets to collect more money. detectives, investigators, prosecutors, judges are the ones who serve justice, Those patrol cops are just glorified metermaids.

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          1. Security is not a first responder.
          2. In many jurisdictions, a ticket can be grounds for a custodial arrest. See Atwater v. Lago Vista, 532 U.S. 318 (2001). They don’t even have to offer to give you a citation first, they can just decide to arrest you. The violation is the reason.
          3. No, you can’t. Not everywhere. For example, in Texas, a police officer may only be fired after an investigation. See Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. Sec. 614.022, et seq.
          4. LOL, yeah, OK.
          5. Well, now we know why you’re just a rent-a-cop, instead of a real officer.

          BTW, they haven’t settled with Boder. No $12,000 (not even $12,000 Canadian, which is like $11,200 in real dollars). You sound like an idiot when you post stuff that is demonstrably false.

          • Guest

            so dumb. when you say 11,200 “real dollars” you come off as one of those redhot redneck gun totting bible preaching american losers.

            dont make fun of security or cops or anybody’s profession. And im not a rent-a-cop, im a security supervisor for a very well known and respected agency in montreal. What do you do for work?

            And yes they did settle the Boder case, dec6th2013 was the date.

            Keep talking it just makes you look very silly. Bye girl

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            You got a link?

            I have difficulty taking a mall cops word after the fiasco in Ohio.

          • Guest

            pathetic. get a job old man, and a wife, and some kids, and maybe then you wont be so miserable.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Yeah, I didn’t think so.

            It wasn’t hard to figure out that you were full of it – settlements are never that fast.

          • Guest

            lol i just wanted to waste your time since you have so much of it, goodluck finding a job and a woman who loves you and a purpose in life. Take care old man

          • Guest
          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Typical mall-cop thinking. You ask him about the $12K settlement that he claims Boder received, and he posts a link to a Tom Cruise settlement.

            Yeah, that is close enough.

            What a maroon.

          • Guest

            lol u mad bro? jeez ur so miserable, i wonder what happened in your life to make u like that… or what didnt happen… goodluck friend, im going out with my lady for some dinner. ttys

          • Matthew

            Since you deleted post after realize how stupid you looked:

            you always generalize, Your area might have different salaries than mine, did you ever think of that?

            Im sure you have lots of opinions sir. and im sure you feel safe behind your computer on the internet unexposed. but im also sure you’d change your tune a bit if you had your name and face up behind the comments you make.

            Just to inform you, so you are a little less ignorant, where i am, im montreal canada, the officers start at 45k. the security agent start at 40k. not much difference. Depending on the work you do on a certain contract you can get up to 55k starting as security full time. My agency, has many high priority contracts such as armored transport and highrise buildings dowtown, POI contracts… on Those types of contracts the agents start at 55k.

            And you still havent told me what it is you do for work? or do you just sit around at home writting your little comments here and there and collect the cheque at the end of the month?

      • Matthew

        there’s a reason you are an ex cop. u couldnt cut it. To be an officer of the peace you must be : reasonable, patient, logical, courteous, smart. All of these attributes of which none you posses, so you got fired or quit after years of not ranking. Stuck in your ways you are an angry selfish fool. Goodluck little fellah

        • ExCop-Lawyer

          Let me know when you have something to contribute.

          • Guest

            hypocrite you dont contribute anything to society.

  • Davie

    ok thats just retarded. arested for parking in the worng parking lot? wtf is wrong with cops. dont they have anything else to do? and what troubles me the most is that the daughter is 17. they arrested the father and left the 17 year old daughter alone in the streets of montreal. sometimes im just ashamed of saying im canadian. stay strong mr boder and his daughter…

  • Terry

    The girl is not a kid, she is 17 years old and capable of travel; do you really believe that she is totally reliant upon her dad for transport? She is heard speaking to her mum on the phone – mum could have helped her travel if she really was a dumbass.
    The dad was screaming … obviously a low class attention seeker.
    Dads legs are clearly seen going in all directions, resisting arrest and obstructing the police officers.
    Why did he get out of the car to photograph the police car if he was breaking the law and illegally parking?
    Send him to jail and tell that kid to ‘shut the fuck up’ and to stop being a spoilt brat.

  • Guest

    Why are there always so many stories out of Montreal where police are violent, love to arrest people for no reason and yet always get off with no penalties when they are in the wrong or when they are the mayor etc, slap on the wrist and walk away. (Do they get a bonus for every arrest?) I have no desire to go to Montreal where bullying by the forces seems to be the norm. Dreadful.

    • catherinecc

      Because Montreal is a mobbed up shithole.

  • David

    “parking” is unattended, he was obviously ‘live parking’ which means IF there were an emergency he was present to move the vehicle out of the way for ’emergency response’, which is in fact not parking but merely ‘standing’. this guy has a good case against that company for violating his rights.

  • mike

    the biggest gang in the world….”i can ride my bike with no handlebars…”

  • DJswoosh

    If the interview statements made by Ex-Cop Law Student are correct, then Boder is in the wrong. I’ve been in the same situation. I was issued a parking citation, however I was not at fault. Basically, there were time restrictions and I arrived after it was okay to park. An officer was issuing tickets and started writing me one even though I had just arrived after the time restriction ended. I explained that I had just arrived. He was rude sure, but I kept my cool accepted the ticket and explained that I would like to know the procedure for contesting. This pissed him off for sure. I was super polite, went to work and headed to the police station at the end of the day. I had his name, badge number, everything. I spoke with an officer there who was very nice and explained to me what my options were. I contested it in court and won. I didn’t even have to prove anything. I explained to the judge that I have received tickets for parking illegally and that my records would show that I accepted my mistakes and paid the fines. I was a good citizen and have never done anything wrong. The judge looked at the paper in front of her and dismissed it. The moral here is keep your cool, Boder obviously didn’t and got what he deserved. I also participate in MMA, those are fake screams. I also worked in night clubs as a DJ and saw many people through out of establishments, and that is not force at all. If you think either is the case, then I would classify your opinion as a first world problem. Open your eyes just a little bit.

  • Bernard Garret

    obstructing traffic?? So they don’t ask him to get back into his car and rough him up and arrest him instead? Did they even arrest him or just drive him around and bring him back for an hour? Then they fucking left a 17 year old girl on the street?!? Are you kidding me!! Cops have too much power these days and know it. They are not scared to do whatever they want and need to be brought back down to reality. They know their lies will be believed and they will twist shit any way they can.. Cowards

    • ExCop-Lawyer

      Thanks for proving you’re an idiot. Try reading the comments. After you do that, come back and make your comments.

      • Bernard Garret

        Why dont you eat a dick. In no way is what the pigs did here acceptable or lawful. It doen’t matter how the man acted, or what he said to them. The cops are “trained” to difuse a situation without using force or taking their problems out on civilians when they are having a bad day. I dont give a fuck what this man did or said, it was a traffic violation, nothing more. When cops can act like this for the smallest of things it only gives them leeway to use more deadly force for other things (and get away with that too). This is not acceptable and you are a fucking idiot for thinking it is. Perhaps these big bad thugs need to get the sand out of their vaginas and do their jobs properly. Again, eat a dick ExPig-Law Student, you fucking moron

        • ExCop-Lawyer


          Since you apparently don’t know that you can go to jail for a traffic offense, you may want to rethink your position.

          Plus, you already explained why they took the action they did. They are trained to “diffuse” the situation. Sometimes that means taking the a$$hat to jail.

          PS, how long have you been a catcher instead of a pitcher? Just curious.

          • Bernard Garret

            I dont need to rethink my position. It still stands that there was no reason for this and even the pigs know they messed up. There was nothing to difuse in this situation, certainly nothing life threatening.

            PS- Since your dad introduced me to the lifestyle at age 3..

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            Well, obviously you have grammar issues, using “your” instead of “my” in the PS.

            Did you report your dad, or just accept it?

  • Rex

    All Right! Striking another blow for Officer Safety! Cause, you know, stuff like this really makes people like and respect the police.

  • Cristina

    This exact situation happened to me.. I wad waiting in front of palais de justice for a friend, instead of asking me to move since I’m in my car they decide to slap me with 1200 of tickets!! . And then when they told me to move they acted surprised when i told them hell no and at this point I’ll leave my tickets on the at and go get my friend myself! It wasn’t my car nor did i have a liscence!! Acting tough since it was the day during the police brutality protest, putting me in handcuffs slapping me on the hood of their car,brought me to get my fingerprints and charged me with obstruction of justice. 1500$ in lawyer fees and i still found guilty. The justice system is fked up! I hope u pursue and win something i wish i had!!