JC Playford, a Southern California news videographer well-known to us here at PINAC,
was standing in the parking lot of Escondido City Hall, hoping to interview a city councilman about the recent scandals involving the city.

The councilman ended up assaulting him.Mike Morasco

Escondido City Councilman Mike Morasco shoved and kicked Playford while slapping his camera away, ordering him to turn off the camera when all he had to do was get in his car and drive off.

When Playford kept recording, Morasco ordered a park and recreations employee to call police on Playford.

But when police arrived, they told Morasco there was nothing they could do to prevent Playford from recording him, not even bothering to talk to Playford to get his side of the story.

When Playford visited the police station to file a report against Morasco, not only did they refuse to take his complaint, they followed him for more than a mile before ticketing him for jaywalking as he explains in detail in the video phone interview below.

Playford said he will continue to try and file a complaint against Morasco.