Where is the video? Illustration by Bobby Stewart

Where is the surveillance video? Illustration by Bobby Stewart


Despite the fact that St. Louis MetroLink claimed to have surveillance video showing Ken Suitter sticking his camera in the faces of train commuters, which is what led to his arrest, police dropped the trespassing charges against him this week.

Obviously, the footage doesn’t exist, which makes one wonder just exactly who did they  think they were fooling when they posted the following statement on their Facebook page.

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The question remains, who exactly made that statement?
Was it an intern? A clerk? A manager? An even higher official?

But more importantly, who approved the statement, which essentially libels Suitter, accusing him of crimes he did not commit?

As it is right now, St. Louis County police are putting all blame towards MetroLink, claiming the bi-state agency “failed to notify” them of a change in the photo policy – even though the idiots were about to review the policy before they arrested him without reviewing it. Read document below.

“This guy is the commander of the Metro unit,” Suitter said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime.

“If anybody should have known, it should be the unit that oversees Metro.”Exactly.

Suitter would like to sue them, but doesn’t have money to pay for an attorney, so if anybody licensed in Missouri would like to represent him on contingency, send me an email to the address below and I will forward it to him.

In the mean time, maybe we can find out who made the decision to libel him on a tax-funded social media page.

Here is their main number as they don’t have a special media number listed for such inquiries; (314) 982-1400.

We deserve an explanation.




Bobby Stewart