For more than eight long minutes, Raymond Rodden, who is no stranger to PINAC, was allowed to stand on a public sidewalk and video record a woman going through a sobriety test with a Tucson police officer.

Rodden continued recording even after the woman’s friend walked up to him, telling him he was not allowed to record her friend.

Rodden calmly assured her he was allowed, not even getting upset when the woman kept placing her hand in front of his lens.

A nearby police officer, of course, sided with the woman, telling him to turn off the camera.

Naturally, that gave the woman the perception that she had the right to assault Rodden, which she did, forcing the camera to shut off.

When Rodden asked police to arrest her, all of them claimed they had not seen a thing.

So now Rodden is going to do his own investigation, including requesting a copy of the dash cam video from one of the patrol cars.

According to his Youtube description:

~ (1:13) Unidentified Female #1 is being investigated for a possible DUI

~ (1:46) Officer #1 states “Go ahead and film. Do whatever you do. Just try not to get involved in his investigation.”

~ (4:57) Officer #1 ask Officer #2 “Officer (name unintelligible), are you okay with him right there?”

~ (5:02) Officer #2 replies to Officer #1 “Yeah, that’s fine”

~ (6:08) Unidentified Female #2 exits the black Scion tC that was involved in the accident and which the Female DUI suspect was driving. She stands approximately 12-18 inches from the videographer, extends her arm and places her hand approximately 4-6 inches from the camera in an attempt to block her “friend” from being filmed. Her actions are clearly in violation of ARS § 13-2909 Disorderly Conduct (…)

~ (6:59) Instead of telling the Unidentified Female #2 to not harass the videographer, Officer #1 states ” Hey Raymond, she’s asking you nicely to stop. Can you go ahead and cut it out with the filming? That’s her friend, okay.”

~ (8:34) Unidentified Female #2 grabs videographers camera and attempts to take the camera. Causing the camera to shut off and for some reason stop working completely. Her actions are clearly in violation of ARS § 13-1203 Assault (…)

| General Notes |

~ After the Unidentified Female #2 assaults the videographer, the videographer tells Officer #1 that he wants to pursue charges of assault against her. Officer #1 ignores the videographer.

~ Officer Hicks (PR #51093) arrives on scene and demands that the videographer “move across the street” because he is now “interfering with the investigation.”

~ Eventually the supervising Sergeant arrives and he speaks with the officers on the scene. Miraculously nobody has seen the assault and he states that the videographer “was acting disorderly towards her since he had his camera in her face.” And “that she claims that she was only trying to keep the camera out of her face” despite the fact that the video clearly shows that the camera was never closer than 12-18 inches from her and that she was the aggressor who approached and began harassing the videographer.

~ The videographer (Raymond) is going to file a Freedom of Information Request with the Tucson Police Department to obtain the ALL police reports, call logs, 911 Audio, radio traffic recordings, etc…in an attempt to identify ALL the parties involved.
Additionally, the videographer (Raymond) will request copies of the all the Mobile Video Recorders (also known as “dashcams”) as it appears that one of the cameras would have been pointed directly at the area where the assault took place.

~ TPD Case Number: 1311170082

~ Contact Sergeant Maria Hawke, TPD Public Information Office at (520) 791-4852, and ask why Tucson Police failed to protect and photographer that was conducting Constitutionally Protected Activity and why they then failed to arrest the perpetrator.

~ Contact Jessie Ronquillo,, TPD Operations Division Downtown at (520) 791-5032 and ask why Tucson Police failed to protect and photographer that was conducting Constitutionally Protected Activity and why they then failed to arrest the perpetrator.

~ Contact Tucson Police Internal Affairs at (520) 791-4426 and request that an inquiry be contacted into this incident.

~ Contact the City of Tucson Prosecutors Office at (520) 791-4104 and demand that the female involved be arrested and prosecuted.

~ Contact the Citizen Police Advisory Review Board at (520) 791-4213 to at and follow the following procedure to request that an inquiry be contacted into this incident.

( Any citizen who is not satisfied with the Tucson Police Department’s investigation of a complaint may file a complaint with CPARB by calling the City Clerk’s Office at 791-4213, by writing to CPARB at P.O. Box 27210, Tucson AZ 85726, or by completing the review request form at this website. Citizens may also attend CPARB meetings and speak at the call to the audience portion of the meeting. Additionally, a member of the Tucson Police Department attends all CPARB meetings and is available to take initial complaints.