Atlantic City Cop Ordered to Pay $250,000 From Own Pocket to Citizen He Abused

Atlantic City police officer Sterling Wheaten
Atlantic City police officer Sterling Wheaten

We’ve seen so many police abuse lawsuits settled before making it to trial where cops admit no wrongdoing while guiltily dishing out thousands of taxpayer dollars that it’s surprising to see one actually make it to trial.

And it’s absolutely flabbergasting to see it result in a cop ordered personably liable.

The cop is none other than Sterling Wheaton of the Atlantic City Police Department, whom we became familiar with back in September when he drove up to a group of five fellow officers beating on a suspect and sicced his dog on him in an incident caught on surveillance video.

Then we later learned that Wheaton was already named a defendant in three unrelated lawsuits alleging abuse over the five previous years, including one where he is accused of ripping the phone out of the hands of woman recording him, only for her never to see the phone again.

Now we are learning that another of those three lawsuits involved him beating up a prosecutor from the state attorney’s office nonetheless, which is probably the last person you want to beat up if you’re one of these asshole cops like Wheaton who think they can do whatever they want.

A jury awarded Michael Troso $500,000, half which the city must pay, the other half which Wheaton must pay, who incredulously, is still employed by the Atlantic City Police Department, despite the liability he has proven to be.

He still has three pending lawsuits, including the latest one from the video below.

According to the Press of Atlantic City:

Michael Troso was a deputy state attorney general when he was arrested at the Trump Marina Restaurant on Aug. 19, 2008. Troso charged that he was beaten by the officers and falsely arrested the night of his bachelor party.

As a result of the charges, Troso lost his job and had a shadow cast over his wedding, attorney William Buckman said.

Wheaten must pay half of the award, or $250,000 in compensatory damages. The jury found he did not owe punitive damages, which are assessed to punish a defendant.

The city is responsible for the other half.

Treso is a now a DUI attorney,

And Wheaten is somehow still a cop, despite the numerous internal affairs investigations that have gone nowhere and the constant lawsuits, not to mention the fact that he was on a list in 2010 of cops who were on the verge of getting laid off, back when he was making $64,000 -a-year.

For a city that was considering laying off 40 police officers to help meet a budget deficit of more than $10 million, they sure as hell are not doing themselves any favors by keeping Wheaten on the payroll.

And now that he needs to pay Troso $250,000, we can certain he will be working all the overtime he can get.

So we’ll probably be hearing from him again.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Shawn

    Carlos, did you mean a deficit of $100,000 or $1,000,000?

  • FtP

    Hey Atlantic City PD! Bet you’re wishing Wheaten was held accountable the first time he violated somebody’s rights.
    One ‘pound of cure’ down and three to go.

    • censored1

      Lay claim to this corrupt cops SURETY BOND. …..Once a cop (and any other servant that takes an OATH OF OFFICE must be bonded with a surety bond…..once a surety bond is claimed and is paid out.. (usually insures for $10k) that person can NEVER be bonded again. ..can no longer be a cop….

      • Amy Barnes

        Do that AFTER you collect the money – then go after the certification board to revoke the certification of the criminal in costume.

      • war_elephant

        doesnt happen in NJ, no bond required

        • censored1

          That sucks…is new jersy still in the union?

  • Clark

    The tide is turning!

    • in-in

      Really? The ratio of cops violating rights to cops being held accountable for their actions is at least 100:1 on this site.

      • Clark

        Better than then 100:0 it used to be.

        • $910553

          I haven’t seen any follow-up showing that they actually WERE held accountable after they had exhausted their appeals. My bet is that the true number is far closer to “100:0” than it is to “100:1”. ESPECIALLY for their more egregious crimes, such as murder.

          • Erik Jay

            Kelly Thomas was murdered by Fullerton cops last year. Two of the six goons are on trial (better than 0, better than 1, even), one for 2nd degree murder, the other for manslaughter. No way they’re getting off, either, just check how the trial’s going. Those cops are goners. Now, admittedly, it’s a drop in the bucket — but I’ve been watching cops for half a century and there is more pushback now than I have ever seen. About time.

          • $910553

            And as I said below, if they ARE convicted, wait and see how the appeals go. Not only is “Law Enforcement” abjectly corrupt and treasonous, but the “Legal” system is as well. Or did that fine Detroit “Law Enforcement” officer get convicted for murdering Aiyana Jones? And did he lose his appeal?

          • Alex

            ErikJay – make it 3 cops – DA also charged cop Joe Wolfe, in addition to Ramos and Cyclops (Ciccineli)

          • ClintJCL

            They’ll appeal until they get something not as bad as they got.

        • ProudGrandPa

          Good news. Thanks for sharing. The system is catching bad cops.

          • theaton

            The system isn’t catching anything. As we’ve seen, the cop in this story is the defendant in multiple trials. He’s already lost one yet he is still a cop. Do you think he has changed his ways or do you think the loss will make him more agressive? The system is letting him slide. Some people are just tired of this crap and pushing back.

    • Sam Mdws

      Yeah… not at all. The plaintiff was a former prosecutor hence this outcome. If this was just a regular schlub like you and me, the jury would have side with the hog (no offense to pigs who are intelligent creatures).

      • ProudGrandPa

        Oh really?

      • Clark

        Gotta start somewhere. You still have to admit that this is pretty well unprecedented.

  • Jim talbot

    im glad the son of a bitch has to pay! I hope it cost him his job! maybe an online petition to get atlantic city to fire him might be in order. maybe make the police chief accountable for his police officers actions might change how things are done.

    • Elliott Whitlow

      File a lien against ALL of his private property, car, house, EVERYTHING, periodically check to see if he has bought a new car, if its a joint property state file liens against everything in his wife’s name. In short OWN HIM..

      • James Steelhaven

        Like a boss.

      • Dolt

        Except he will probably file bankruptcy and never pay a dime to Mr. Troso.

  • Ron

    They let good cops go and keep scumbags like this? Just what hold does this cop have on the department?

    • CincyChris

      ….by design.

    • ProudGrandPa

      Big liberal DEMOCRAT labor unions…

    • Dusty Thompson

      There I s no longer such a thing as a “good cop”. Anyone that hooks there arse to this crime syndicate posing as a Govt is the PROBLEM and never the solution.

      • Ben Marion

        You’re just mad at your parole officer.

  • Rusty Gunn

    As long as this two legged dog turd is wearing a badge, police uniform and pack’n a sidearm he’ll be a menace to the public at large.

    • wiseoldsnail

      he’ll always be a menace, ’til he’s locked up for the crimes he committed : assault with a deadly weapon for starters

      • kraz

        I’d go for attempted manslaughter even.

        • DarrinR

          Lets not forget the coked up dog too.

          • CTLovesNathanHale

            Kill all police dogs — damaged goods.

      • Robert

        Here is an idea,why not turn the tables and go after this scumbag!! Has anybody thought about that?

        • wiseoldsnail

          go after the scumbag cop? we’re doing it every day, all day … working to release prisoners incarcerated based on lying cop testimony … but i’m too old, now, to be in the active physical army that should be dealing the actual blows to the heads of thug cops

    • Sam Mdws

      Now, I don’t wish someone would shoot this fucker in the face… oh wait, that’s exactly what I wish would happen.

      • ProudGrandPa

        Get the hoop. Jerk this guy off the stage.
        Sam does speak for PINAC readers when he advocates cop hate and violence.

        • Sam Mdws

          Violence is an acceptable method of getting things done when you have no alternatives. No sense of decency or internal policies have stopped this monster. Should he continue to run around unchecked free to hurt and harass anyone he wants?

  • Bad Apples
    • Ron

      How come he is still wearing a badge? Is he connected politically? Does he have compromising pictures of someone?

      • inquisitor

        How come he is still breathing?

        • Rail Car Fan

          You just said what a lot of people have been thinking!

          Rail Car Fan

      • $910553

        He is part of the Blue Wall, and his Brothers in Blue support him. Just as the Melbourne, Florida police officers supported Officer Frank Carter, even AFTER he was caught repeatedly on his own dashcam pulling people over and ticketing them for non-existent violations. And even AFTER the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) reviewed the videos and concurred that Officer Carter had committed crimes in doing so. But 32 of his pig buddies on the force instead raised hell and got the POLICE CHIEF fired for even taking the evidence to the FDLE!

        • ProudGrandPa

          Union thugs… One guess what party the public employees union leaders belong to.

          • ClintJCL

            Union-bating, the last great fist-shake of a dead generation.

    • mad-dog1776

      we need a bully cops web site…

  • Mark Whittington

    No punitive damages lol, what a crock. Ok, I’ll tell you why he still has his job–and is not going to get fired, or pay any $250k; because they *love* cops like this in that cesspool he lives in (read ‘no punitive damages’), he was at work and regardless of what some clueless judge says, has no liability owing, and the city will prolly appeal and get the $ cut in half anyway. Hell, he might even get his own reality show, now that Duck Dodgers is gone…

    • Rail Car Fan

      “MW” said in part…

      “…the city will prolly appeal…”

      ?? What ?? I don’t get it.

      Rail Car Fan

      • Mark Whittington

        Well, meaning that just because they got a judgement against them, this means little; it is only round 1. An appeal is almost automatic, given the current forgiving nature of the courts toward criminals in the justice system, and judgements like this one, possibly just for public consumption, have become standard–while the final, watered-down verdict, 8 or 10 years from now (possibly) is buried on some back page in the Pokeepsie Register or whatever lol. Hope not.

  • James Morgan

    I’d like to have cameras there.. when he goes thru the sheriff’s office and shows up at his house to kick him out.. it no longer belongs to him.. and his car, bank account are now Tresco’s. And a significant portion of his $64,000 paycheck now gets attached and forwarded to Tresco.

  • OhSnapDJB

    I doubt if this cop will have money deducted from his paycheck like child support. But, we will see.

    • CTLovesNathanHale

      I’m sure these pigs all have tiny clitorus equipment and are impotent.

  • harry balzanya

    The cop messed with someone up the chain of the privlidged class. A message has been sent abuse the peasents all you want mess with people up the chain and pay

    • Erik Jay

      Except for one thing: The guy “up the chain” got fired and lost his shot at a state paycheck for life. He wasn’t high enough up that chain, eh?

      • Jonathan Corbett

        That was the best thing that ever happened to him. A private attorney will do much better than an ADA.

  • Skidmark Jones


    • BBT fan

      You, sir, win the Internet for today. Actually made me laugh, I’ll be damned.

  • dravo1

    The lawyer will have Wheatons pay garnished, no problem. Garnishment can take up to 25% of it. I’ll bet Wheaton just moves to another state to try and dodge it.

    • MattM

      can’t move. Long as this is held up by appeals, Troso can slap a lien on everything Wheaton and his wife own. Car, house, investments etc. Sure he can “move” of course.. in the sense he can abandon the liened property, but he’ll still be on the hook for it. and the subsequent credit issues that will result. And yea, he can file bankruptcies and all that, but he’ll get eaten alive eventually by legal fees. Don’t forget either this idiot is still a defendant in 3 additional lawsuits. Yea, they ‘protect their own’ but only to a point. Once they’ve cost the city a million dollars or a mayor his job, they’re typically sent packing. They’re going to cut him loose before long, and once they do Wheaton is going to toil the remainder of his life away working mall security, never being able to buy anything without a persistent fear it will be garnished.

      • CEDUPZ

        Hopefully the lawyer can just make his life so miserable, with tying up all his assets, and pay checks, constantly, never let go. cops need to feel, like there is consequences for being a DICKWAD. State sanctioned thugs, need to be reigned in.

  • $910553

    Wanna bet piggie wins on appeal?

    • jcfromnj

      Good Point…The cop unions will ramp their effort and the in the background are those civil service boards that will rule in his favor if he gets the axe. I’m close to AC, and have been following this trip wire for some time.

      • ProudGrandPa

        Yes, big corrupt labor. The postal union, for example, prevented the USPS from firing employees who stole soc sec checks in the mail at the post office. 60 Minutes did an exposee years ago. Big corrupt unions are one political party… Guess which one.

        • Glad I’m not your grandson

          Geez, pops, you seem like a one-trick pony. You are the only one here who has mentioned any political party. We get it, you blame Democrats for everything. Move on.

  • jcfromnj

    Where do you start with such a heartwarming story as this? The worm is turning, however slowly.
    Robinson vs Fetterman is a good point to start at with awards AGAINST LEO”S for their transgressions. This could be a trend as local governments look for a way to get out from under the mountain of payouts in the Crazy World of LEOville. The local paper that I read this story in stated that Wheaten was an Afghanistan Vet. I don’t want to come down too hard on fellow vet, but he was a time bomb waiting to go off. I think that there should be a cease fire on hiring returning vets on local PD’s until they have been declared non PTSD…

  • io-io

    It is good that there is finally an instance of accountability, however I think that this is far from being resolved. In reading the associated story, the city’s attorney is going to appeal and the other 4 or 5 officers (that were found not liable) are now counter suing. This mess will go on for yet another 5 years.

    Also, Michael Troso, who sued initially, was a Deputy State Attorney General and lost his job over this. There must be a bit more to this story on both sides. Plus there were no punitive damages awarded. None of this is a defense for Wheaten, who appears to be just a liability, no matter how you view it.

    The cities are going to need to start limiting their liability, either through better hiring practices, better training, along with managing their people better – in terms of who they choose to retain on the job.

    • ProudGrandPa

      It is good that there is finally an instance of accountability
      Huh? Most of the articles on PINAC are of accountability. They show rogue cops bucking their own department policy. Later their supervisors apologize and address the errant cops.

  • Fascist Slayer

    Don’t forget this family has money and the father is a lawyer. If this happened to any other Joe Blow, I’m sure the outcome would be very different. Also you can bet the decision to be overturned on appeal.

    • Sean

      It’s time to start shooting.

      • Erik Jay

        I am getting very, very close to it, Sean. I don’t know how long I can hold off.

        • violenceistheanswer

          All this sex talk…

      • ProudGrandPa

        Are you having fun making PINAC look ridiculous? Or is that a dishonor you’ve reserved mostly for yourself?

        • Sean

          Wow, you suck at trolling.

        • JdL

          Are you having fun making PINAC look ridiculous? Or is that a dishonor you’ve reserved mostly for yourself?

          Sam’s suggestions don’t “make PINAC look ridiculous” any more than yours do. Carlos isn’t responsible for comments, not even those of a cop butt-kissing sycophant like you.

          As for the substance of Sam’s comment, anyone who isn’t blind can see that unless things change a whole lot, very soon, many citizens are going to conclude that Sam’s suggested course is reasonable. People like you, Grandpa, can scream and whine all you want, but that won’t change reality.

    • ProudGrandPa

      There is another way. You don’t need a lot of money for a lawyer IF YOU BELONG TO A LEGAL DEFENSE ORGANIZATION.
      Do you suppose that previous civil rights victims could all afford their own attorneys? In the realm of religious rights and homeschool rights, there are several large, powerful national and international non-profit legal orgranizations providing free legal services.
      I’ve advised Carlos that photogs need to form similar groups. He doesn’t see that as his role, but maybe others will help. The ACLU does not help photographers consistently… only rarely. Any lawyers stepping up to the plate?

  • EyingTheLies

    Great first victory, now we need to make more abusive cops pay personally when they abuse citizens, might make them more respectful of the citizens who they are supposedly serving and protecting!

    • mad-dog1776

      we need to strengthen and dust off and reinstate police complaints…and make them more better known, lets start a war on the cops…

      • ProudGrandPa

        Complaints are only the first step, but a necessary one. After the complaints are sent, received, filed away, and forgotten, something more is needed.
        That is when you document and get your lawyer. Photogs need a national non-profit legal team. Otherwise you pay for your own lawyer.

    • Dusty Thompson

      The ONLY thing these PARASITES serve and protect is themselves and their Unions…

  • acnjcorrupt

    Best news of the year.

  • Luis F. Prieto

    Where can I send a check to help him pay? I´ll make it for $ 0.00 just to be a troll. Hope he gets jail time too. If cops can´t follow laws, they need a career change.

  • Matibob

    What about the fat cop throwing the majority of the blows in the video? I think each swing should be worth at least $10K.

  • jyatt7

    Cops are just about to get a comeupance and it will definitely be outside the law they hide behind !

  • Justin Kidd

    I think all these guys should go to prison for life – that’s what a normal citizen would get had they done the same to someone else. Huge double standard here!

  • Kelli

    Troso, Treso, Wheaton, Wheaten. Can we get a consistent spelling for these people? Preferably the correct one. (Seriously, misspelling the name of a person in a news story — especially a private citizen — would get you fired from a big news organization like the AP.)

  • HIStory Indeed

    Bad Cops have been around since the “profession” was pushed upon us. They’re not the exception nor are they the rule. Once they are so obviously guilty of baring the name, they should be let go, otherwise the entire policing idea loses face in the community.

    • ProudGrandPa

      Bad Cops have been around since the “profession” was pushed upon us. They’re not the exception nor are they the rule.
      Your view of history is mistaken. Nuff said.

      • HIStory Indeed

        Lol, why because you said so? Prove your point with references or go back to La La Land.

  • mad-dog1776

    this cop needs to be targeted and everyone who crosses paths with him file complaints and law suites, run him off and put his butt in a taco bell to pay off the 250 grand..

  • stk33

    Unless the language of the contract between the city and police union makes the city to pay any sums that the officers are ordered to pay for the things they do. I have no idea whether this is the case or even possibility, but I think it’s entirely possible.

    • ProudGrandPa

      That sounds exactly like the sweetheart deals that Democrats and liberal Republicans form with unions.

  • Nancy Robinson-Jackson

    they let that dog chew on him a long time . they had five guys already beating him when this guy slides up like they needed more help then started punching him in his head and encouraging his dog to bite him .there lucky the dog didn’t sever a nerve in the back of his neck .plus I didn’t really see the guy do anything but reply back to them. I carry my camera all the time now

  • Diocletian

    We all know if this kind of beating took place at a school every person involved would have been charged. This stuff won’t stop until all involved are criminally charged.

  • liber tarian

    What about the other pigs in that video?

  • AnneMarie Dickey

    This guy is a murder waiting to happen. He is going to kill a woman or a guy on a wrong address disaster.

  • friend

    I am canadian I studied WWII and propaganda for years. Canada was destroyed and conquered decades ago. American YOUTH, OBEY AND COMPLY and do NOT leave the United States of America you MUST stay-in the United States of America you may not leave. Pay all your taxes, fees, credit cards debts, college debts, bank debts and every other fee!

    If you did not know this video came from the United States of America you would think it is a documentary from Nazi germany, Russia or some other EASTERN BLOCK communist country. There are 1000’s of this videos on youtube from The United States of America. The YOUTH and the TRENDIES are too stupid to comprehend the transformation which has already taken place.

    The court systems are part of the CENTRAL gov. system. There needs to be MASS FIRINGS of POLICE from COAST TO COAST and if this DOES NOT HAPPEN the United States of America is DESTROYED.

    You are in the United States of America I command you to OBEY and COMPLY. This IS nazi germany and communist russia.

    Thank you centralized (federal) corporate bank gov. for MASS RACIAL IMMIGRATION and the DESTRUCTION of the Anglo CULTURE.

    The story is over!

    • inquisitor

      America is in the painful process of being repatriated back to Britain…and Obama is a paid henchman to assist in that process.

      • ProudGrandPa

        Did someone you know tell you Queen Elizabeth sells drugs too?

        • inquisitor


  • kraz

    While this is an excellent start and needs to become the norm, these cops still are not having criminal charges brought against them. It’s obvious why they are not held criminally liable but until every last one of them are, we are still are not seeing justice done.

  • Difster

    Well that explains it. He beat up a higher ranking member of the government elite and he’s being punished for it.

  • Ole’Wolf

    I was a federal cop for over 31 years- I started back in the .38 wheel gun days before vests. I recall giving more otherwise upstanding citizens rides home after drinking too much. I see this kind of crap and DO NOT regret retiring when I did! This idiot shouldn’t even be guarding a Mall. You NEVER EVER let a K-9 grab a throat or neck. His apparent inability to control the dog and flat out unprofessional stupidity could well result in the dog being put down. This boy ought to be castrated to prevent him breeding! Give me a chance and I’d tell him to his face!

  • hippybiker

    They should throw the pig in jail; and kill the worthless dog. Once an animal goes after a man, it is worthless because it gets a taste for blood.

  • John Smith

    I’m happy he’s still working, I need $250,000, and will be taking a road trip to Atlantic City.

  • gene

    All police departments should make sure that their cops know that bad cops can be and are being held accountable for their actions.

  • Amy Barnes

    Go after the POST certification – raise all manner of holy fire and brimstone against this certification body until they agree to revoke certification of officers implicated in abuse. Go after them in all manner of regulation there is available. Nail ’em, nail ’em hard, and nail ’em ALL.

  • John Landry

    If he is such a loose cannon, then why is he not fired? Is the Atlantic police force so corrupted that they would allow this to continue? I hope there is more behind this.

  • Paul Kisling

    I see wage garnishment in this cops future.

  • FascistNation

    I don’t know what to enjoy more; the fact that some scumbag prosecutor gets the shit beat out of him by those he protects, that a pig has to pay him a quarter million (we’ll see on appeal), or that he is now a scumbag attorney defending people from scumbag prosecutors—make that cooperating to make friendly deals with scumbag prosecutors to plead his unknowing clients. Either way as an attorney he can force the payments until he gets them for fairly cheap.

  • lorkoos

    It boggles the mind that the city would keep a person on the force who has already cost them $250,000.

  • jessica200sx

    Those are some fantastic cops right there, it only takes 6 of them and a dog to subdue 1 crap talking punk kid. Fine police officers indeed.

  • Abbie Hoffman

    Wow! They are such real men hu? It takes more than one to tackle a man and beat him? And not only that, It takes a dozen and a viscous dog. This pretty much proves how girly and wimpy cops really are. If they were not girly wimps they would not need badges and viscous dogs to win arguments. I am sorry but this is going to far. Americans need to revert back to the days of old and make people like these cops pay for wrong actions. Like we still do when somebody beats a female family member of ours. I guarantee it would stop.

    • Porkov

      Nothing worse than a viscous dog. Any idea how it got that way?

      • Abbie Hoffman

        Probably from officer Sterling molesting it.

  • Ken

    It shows just how fanatical these municipal police departments are that they are forced to pay out large sums of money and yet they continue to keep psycho cops on the force.

    The problem isn’t just psycho cops, it is psycho departments full of psycho cops.


  • terrylrt1

    Need to start treating terrorist cops like terrorists. Fvkng POS.

  • Lynn Taylor

    Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks like the guy in the video was taunting the cops.

    • CopBlock

      Assault and battery resulting in great bodily harm is acceptable…as long as you are being taunted. Good to know!

    • Sho Rembo

      Every hear of the First Amendment?

      Look up “Officer scaredy pants” on You Tube.

      Now, tell me why the guy here, who we couldn’t hear, was beaten and had a dog forcefully attack him.

  • Trent Nelson

    They should all pay something we don’t know what he was yelling at them not what was said back or why he started yelling in the first place taunting the police to begin with however they were already beating him up before the dog showed up how come they’re not having to pay anything? Or are they?

  • Freedom_Fighter_of_America

    How can we donate to this fine upstanding officers legal defense fund? People should bow before this officer and respect and accept his authority over them and lick his boots while they’re at it. He is far more superior than any of us combined. I recognize and accept that, why can’t everyone else. Lets get a legal defense fund going and help this good officer pay off this debt.

    • ProudGrandPa

      The cops already have a legal defense fund… it is called the Democrat Party and labor unions. And they fund it all with your tax dollars.
      Photogs and just orginary folks need a legal defense team to protect them and a consistent legal strategy for setting precedents. It worked in other civil rights venues. It will work for photog rights too.

      • ProudGrandPa

        But there is not national civil rights law firm devoted to phtog rights… yet!

      • rickne

        Yes most cops are Democrats ,incorrect again.

  • Joe

    The cop will still be okay in the long run. Wheaton PD can spike out their last three years of salary for a 90% pension pay out. His fine is two years worth of benefits, not much vs. the decades taxpayers will be paying.


    Low I.Q, armed state and city sanctioned thugs, what a country we are! DOOMED!

    • ProudGrandPa

      Having a good time?
      Remember that tv commercial for something (insurance, home electronics, burgers?) and some clerk kept saying, “Doomed!”. I respect your right to be a pessimist if you want, but your style cracks me up.

  • Stanley Robertson

    Some pigs just don’t deserve to live or breathe!! At some point people, we have got to stand the heck up to these thugs, these gang members with guns, badges and sociopathic minds. When oh when are we going to stand the heck UP!!!

  • bajasurfer

    How the phuk can this cop still be on the force ?

  • ProudGrandPa

    Now we are learning that another of those three lawsuits involved him beating up a prosecutor from the state attorney’s office
    How is this guy still a LEO? The police system opposes police abuse. My congratulations go to the DA and police officials who got this guy. My displeasure goes to the public employee union… which makes it difficult or impossible in liberal states to fire bad actors.

    • ProudGrandPa

      Conservative states or administrations do not go for sweetheart deals with corrupt labor unions. They fire bad actors. Look at Ronald Reagan and Scott Walker for good examples.

      • rickne

        Scott Walker has been indicted for corruption ,no? Ronald Reagan destroyer of the middle class,tripler of the National Debt and deal maker with terrorists. Your post would indicate there is no police misconduct in Southern states-incorrect.

  • kraz

    When he and the thousands of other corrupt cops at local or federal level are held criminally responsible, then I will feel justice has been done. When they do time as anyone else would for the same crimes, then I’ll start having faith in the system.

    • stacker

      They should be held more accountable than civilians. Then we might get the kind of policing that a modern nation should have.

      • kraz

        ^Totally agree.

  • Elaine

    They should ALL be fired and never allowed to be policemen again!

  • LouGots

    Nothing like the sound of sizzling bacon in the morning. Sizzle, piggy.

  • Dusty Thompson

    This crime syndicate posing as a Govt does NOT have my CONSENT to be governed…

  • Dusty Thompson

    The Public Sector Unions to which these nasty low lives belong has created a 4 TRILLION dollar unfunded liability. And this after all the huge salaries and benefits along with the many Grants they receive along with the Confiscations they create daily. Whom again are the real criminals?

  • sez-who

    And yet . .that idiot child whatzizname apparently could have just walked away all fine at the beginning of the video, and for reasons of his own spent a good 5 minutes walking back and forth yelling at and taunting the officers. This is no way excuses the behavior of the officers, but – whatzizname behaved like an unpleasant fool. He didn’t deserve to be pummelled by 5 guys and a dog, though. Wheaton stopping with his dog just to join is . creepy.

    (edited !)

    • Reading and Comprehension

      HAHA, good one! You realize that Troso and the guy getting mauled in the video aren’t the same person, right?
      Their connection is they both had the (mis)fortune of meeting Wheaten.

      • sez-who

        Well, I feel silly now! Sorry about that, Troso, wherever you may be . :(

  • jim kirby

    Not “incredulously” but “incredibly.”

  • Frodo

    Wheaten beat up the deputy attorney dude when he was still a rookie. They’re not going to fire him and lose the $60,000 they just spent on training him. Better to fire the deputy state attorney instead, which is what happened.

  • Galileo2

    Public sector unions protect their own — no matter what they do:

  • Alex

    I wonder how much OT this tax eating leech will write for himself to pay off 250K. Real shame other costumed tax eaters weren’t prosecuted for beating up the victim – as well.

  • Hotwax
  • madeuce42


  • Piggy Pig

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the cop and the city simply refused to pay. All Troso could do about it is sue them again, and they could ignore *that* court order, too.

  • ClintJCL

    What a douchebag.

  • CTLovesNathanHale

    This Wheaton maggot needs to have a hungry dog pick him apart over several weeks while he moans for his mommy and the video should be required veiwing for all the masonic scum who want to enter the “force”.

  • StoneAge

    Precedent set – Now just warn the cop that he is PERSONALLY liable for any damages brought forth due to mistreatment. Now that cops know they are personally liable (well – he still has a job with the police so the settlement will STILL come out of taxpayers $$) they might think twice about taking out the billy club etc.. It’s a good thought anyway.

  • 2Buku4U

    ef’ing thugs

  • marco

    Anyone remember Rodney King? Looks like this guy just hit the lottery. The guy should have just left but the cops had not reason to beat the guy and release the dog on him, Which one is Wheaton?

  • twain

    is it really necessary to have 4 or 5 police stalking about the street with automatic pistols @ their ready to intimidate passers-by; no wonder atlantic city is losing its luster & appeal to visit or gamble. perhaps the casino’s should take over security in & for the city thus saving the tax payers some money; then they can spend it else where.

  • Dennis Richardson

    This idea of a city having to pay such large payments when losing a lawsuit is ridiculous. Make the police officer pay. I hear he has insurance. We can only hope these other lawsuits injure him and Atlantic City enough for him to be fired, lose his pension or at least make his insurance premiums increase. Get his guy out of law enforcement. Put his picture every where. Call police if he comes into your business while off duty.

  • Dennis Richardson

    Did not Sterling Wheaton’s insurance company pay the $250K jury judgement?

  • Atlantic City