Before I launched my blog, I didn’t think I could agree with conservatives about anything because I was a self-described Raging Liberal, which also meant I didn’t agree with the passivity so many liberals possess either.

But after I launched it, I learned a lot of conservatives believe the same as I do when it comes to recording cops; many who became my strongest supporters from the very beginning.

It didn’t change my political views, but it made me realize we are not as divided as a country as we are sometimes led to believe.

Wild Bill for America

Or maybe the real division is between the cops and the citizens they are sworn to protect, but that is a division only the cops can mend.

Here’s a guy named Wild Bill for America, who spent 20 years as a cop, before becoming a founding member of the tea party and posting videos titled “How to hurt a liberal” and “Curing liberals.”

On the surface, I shouldn’t have anything in agreement with him, but I completely agree with everything he says in this video.

He recommends asking two questions if confronted by a cop because you are recording:

1. Why does it need to be turned off?

2. Am I doing anything illegal by recording?

If pushed, he recommends telling cops that your camera is collecting evidence for a possible criminal or civil proceeding, reminding them that it is a crime to tamper with evidence.

Today, I am pretty much apolitical, not seeing a huge difference between the two parties, not describing myself as a Raging Liberal anymore.

When asked, I describe myself as a liberal with libertarian leanings, but that is not as catchy as the former for a t-shirt.

UPDATE: There are reports that this guy is a fraud because he has never revealed his real name, so there is no way to verify whether he is a former cop or not. Regardless, he gives good advice, so I’m leaving it up.

UPDATE II: So it turns out his real name is William Finlay and has an extremely active Facebook page where he is followed by more than 27,000 people.


Raging Liberal

Photographing an anti-Bush protest in Miami in 2007 with my Raging Liberal t-shirt. Photo by Danny Hammontree.