“Don’t Tase Me, Bro” Joins PINAC as Staff Writer (Updated)

Andrew Meyer and Carlos Miller
Carlos Miller and Andrew Meyer


The latest addition to the growing PINAC team is a man who was tased by police while trying to ask Senator John Kerry a question during a visit to the University of Florida in 2007.

Yes, that very one. The “don’t tase me, bro” guy. Mr. Andrew Meyer himself.

That story was one of the first pieces I wrote for this blog.

Meyer, who lives in Miami, is joining Photography is Not a Crime as a staff writer, meaning he’ll soon be pumping out articles on a regular basis.

He not only has a journalism degree from the University of Florida, considered one of the top journalism schools in the country, but a law degree from Florida International University, my alma mater, where I received my journalism education.

Meyer’s education, coupled with his passion for free speech, will give PINAC a solid journalistic boost as well as a fresh (maybe not so jaded) perspective.

If you haven’t seen the video in a while, check it out below.


Our goal is to double the viewership by the end of March. Or more precisely, reach a million views by March. A Million in March, as I’ve begun to call it because that has always been the goal.

The most I’ve obtained is 635,000 in a month, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to surpass the million mark with the addition of a second writer. Then once we reach that million, the challenge will be to maintain that number every month.

Once that happens, things will begin to fall into place in meeting our long-term goals where we can create entire new pages dedicated to public records education.

We plan to include a breakdown of all public records laws in each state as well as accompanying videos of citizens obtaining these records, which is where you guys step in.

We would like to eventually establish a legal defense fund for readers who get wrongly arrested for taking photos or shooting video.

We are working on creating several revenue streams to make this all happen, but it may take some time to reach that level, so in the mean time, we are mostly dependent on donations.

The ultimate goal is to provide continuous journalistic content and education to empower citizens to become their own media.
UPDATE: Check out the following video where Meyer discusses the infamous 2007 tasering incident:

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • inquisitor

    Well I cannot speak for his potential contribution with his law and journalism degrees and I certainly congratulate both of you regarding your new partnership.
    It is my sincere desire that you get what you strive for in regards to traffic to the site and all your future endeavors.

    But as far as the long version of the “don’t taze me bro'” video reveals, this guy acted like a complete fucking clown and in my humble opinion more than earned the voltage that he received. This was clearly not about free speech rights or police abuse, but a rehearsed rabid attention-getter.

    • uncommon_sense

      seems like you believe the police should be able to punish people. you have a point, we could eliminate the courts altogether.

      what could go wrong?

      • inquisitor

        Your insinuation and allegation as to what I believe has nothing to do with my stated points.

        • Eric

          Please tell us which laws he violated.

          • inquisitor

            I did that already on this thread.

          • Ron

            No you didn’t. All you said was he acted like “a complete fucking clown”.

            Is that a crime?

          • inquisitor

            Yes, I did post which laws he violated.

            I suggest you scroll through this thread and read one of the more lengthier posts I have submitted concerning the laws Andrew had violated.

            The post I refer to contains a lengthy analysis of the entire event.

            …no thanks is necessary.

    • pinbalwyz

      People should not be assaulted and roughed up even if they’re behaving like ‘clowns’. This young man was not threatening anyone or deserving (as you say) of something that could have potentially killed him. Having a bad heart, for instance, could have lead to exactly that and suggesting he ‘had it coming’ is tantamount to blaming the victim. I see, on a regular basis, far more egregious antics where the LEO’s exercise restraint and discipline.

      Mr. Meyers makes an excellent point in the 2nd video I agree with: WE are the biggest part of the problem, not those ‘others’ we dislike somewhere out there. Notice how some in the crowd applauded Mr. Meyer being manhandled, how not one responded to his pleas for help. Since when was being an ‘attention whore’ a crime or deserving of potentially lethal force? Mr. Meyers was quite articulate in advancing the idea we should be promoting what is constructive rather than simply protesting AGAINST what is not.

      The abuse of power shown is all too typical. Mr. Meyer has my support.

      “I have seen the enemy…and it is US!” -Pogo-

  • IcedTeaParty

    PINAC is one of my favorite sites, but I’m not yet impressed with this move. I may have missed his earlier writings on 1st Amendment issues related to police misbehavior, but in all of the material I’ve reviewed on issues of liberty and the Constitution, I don’t recall ever coming across the name “Andrew Meyer.” And outside the phrase “don’t taze me bro,” I haven’t ever come across anything he’s presented.

    As far as the incident which made him famous…there is nothing to see. He stomped his feet and whined like an entitled liberal when they announced they were ending the question phase of the event. It was not a conspiracy against him, but he whined the most so John Kerry agreed to hear his question.

    His question became a prolonged political statement as he started criticizing Kerry’s concession (people came to see Kerry, not Meyer), he started talking about the impeachment of Bush, and then used the ever-professional term “blowjob” in reference to Clinton’s behavior…not cool for a public event in an academic setting. When it was clear he was going to abuse the concessions that Kerry provided, they cut off his mic and began to remove him.

    He was no doubt surprised to see that throwing another tantrum wasn’t going to work a second time, and while I believe that tasers are overused, I want him to answer this; what makes you so special? Why do you deserve privileges above and beyond anyone else that wanted to speak? You have a right to speech, but you don’t have a right to demand the venue and medium.

    I acknowledge that you’ve submitted public apologies to the police department and the university, but I fail to see how acting like a petulant child and then apologizing makes you a celebrity.

    So what is he going to bring to PINAC? I hope it’s something better than impeachment theories and blowjob comments.

    And if this comment isn’t left up, can I assume it’s an acknowledgement that not everyone gets to ask or say anything they want at any time they want…much in contradiction to the behavior that Andrew exhibited on Sept. 17, 2007?

    • Carlos_Miller

      You don’t think I’ve read his articles?

      I didn’t bring him on because of the 2007 incident. It just sort of worked out that way.

      • IcedTeaParty

        I have no doubt you have read his work. I admit that I haven’t (has he written on these issues?), and I’m looking forward to seeing some of his material here.

        I just wanted to share my skepticism, and I don’t think the 2007 incident is anything to be proud of. I applaud resistance, oppose police misbehavior, but when I review that entire incident I have to ask…what was anyone supposed to do about the way he was acting?

        • Carlos_Miller

          He will be discussing all that in his first piece. You may be surprised to hear what he has to say.

          • IcedTeaParty

            I love surprises. Thanks for the follow up.

        • Carlos_Miller

          I was looking for a young journalist/writer with more talent than experience to mold him in the PINAC way.

          I want to do that with a lot of journalism students coming out of college.

          Offer them a paid internship for a short period because even if they move on to other news sites, they will always retain that PINAC experience. We can run the PINAC boot camp for journalists, showing them the right way to do it at the start of their careers.

          • IcedTeaParty

            Excellent plan. I like the idea…creating an increased awareness of the need to bring this 1st Amendment issue to the forefront.

            Just wondering if you got my message about the conference. http://peaksconference.weebly.com/

          • Bob_Striffler

            Yeah, de-program them!

        • pinbalwyz

          Many of us may recall youthful excess we later regret or awkward moments due to our lack of experience/polish. Should every young man guilty of bad taste be tazed?…or only if he does so in the same venue with a national political candidate?

          Has ‘might makes right’ become the official line for serious political candidates? The crowd behaved abysmally. Not one was courageous enough to even shout down the abuse. WE are, indeed, the problem!

          • Difdi

            The thing about living by the rule that might makes right, is that if you ever meet someone more mighty than you, you have no grounds to complain.

            Governments like to try to claim they can have it both ways, but morality and might are two different things.

          • IcedTeaParty

            Since the first page of his website immediately shows pictures and links to a campaign called “Don’t Tase Me Bro Live,” I’m inclined to think that it is not being considered a moment of “youthful excess.”

    • inquisitor

      It was clearly a stunt and had unexpected grand results for him that actually paid off…literally.
      Pitiful. Shameful.

      Meyer registered “Don’t tase me, bro” as a trademark in September 2007 and uses the publicity to sell t-shirts on his website.
      Meyer wrote a book titled Don’t Tase Me Bro! Defending Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, but he had not found a publisher as of April 2011.
      I believe he may have milked a television morning talk show interview and a commercial gig out of it as well.

      I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.
      Surprise me…because I smell bullshit.

      Is that a roite bindele on Meyer’s left wrist?
      The power of the meme?

      Kerry’s Skull and Bones and masonry are also quite Kabbalist…as an aside.

      Getting a bit too deep here for this audience.

      Andrew Meyer
      Greg Palast
      Robert S. Griscti
      Howard Simon of the ACLU
      Luke Rudkowski
      Matt Lauer

      The network.

      Carlos writes in his first article…
      “Meyer topped these questions off by asking Kerry if he, like George W. Bush, was a member of Skull and Bones; the Masonic-inspired secret organization that has existed at Yale University since the 1800s.”

      Kerry, Bush and the Skull and Bones are just one head of the hydra.
      Who, and what group or tribe, set up the first masonic lodges in the U.S.?
      Who, or of what tribe, was Adam Weishaupt that created the Illuminati?
      Masonry and masonic secret societies are Judaic or Juda-ish…the cults of Abraham…Kabbalists.
      Just like one of the top illuminati families, the Bronfmans, run the International Jewish Congress and the ACLU.
      Evidence is being revealed that elements in the alternative media are tentacles of this very hydra.

      So Andrew can field a question to Kerry to gain notoriety and flail about like a victim, but one must delve further into the subject to understand it depths.


      • Carlos_Miller

        The guy was like 21. Lol. Didn’t you change a bit from 21 to 28?

        • inquisitor

          I am not quite sure what this question means in reference to the tazing incident itself and the speculation that he may have had pre-planned his disruption for the sake of publicity and had more self-serving motives than just free speech or Kerry’s opinions in mind at the time.

          As I am not speculating how he is now regarding his character and how he may have changed up to the present.

          • Carlos_Miller

            Speculate all you want. He even said there is a strong bullshit detector in my readership, so he knows what he has to prove.

            But I’m confident it will be a good move. We’ll just have to wait and see.

            Understand, I don’t hand out writing gigs to just anybody.

          • inquisitor

            And I have congratulated you and wished you well in my very first post.

            And you impress me as someone who has good judgment in how you conduct yourself.

            If I were still in the US and back home in Lauderdale I would buy you a beer and offer to volunteer some of my time to PINAC because what you are doing has meaning to me.

          • Carlos_Miller

            Thanks, man. You’ve been very supportive.

          • inquisitor

            I know it may not sound like that regarding this issue, but I truly admire your’s, Jeff’s and Joel’s work.

          • Bob_Striffler

            umm beer!

          • IcedTeaParty

            If he said that, then I already like him a little more.

          • Carlos_Miller

            Dude, everybody says that. It’s like piranhas in here.

          • Raylan Givens

            As far as I’m concerned his past (arrest) is not relevant to future writings and input. If he’s effective (and I’m sure he will be) in his new slot with your organization, then it’s another nail in the coffin of those that try and shut down the First Amendment, There are many more nails that need to be driven into the lid of this issue, and I think you’re on the right track. Good luck in your new endeavor(s).

          • pinbalwyz

            Before you kill a dog, first you call it ‘mad’ (or ‘bad’ in this case)?

            If they’d beat him senseless with batons (something I’ve experienced) and left him with permanent brain damage, would you applaud that? Where do you draw the line? The goons in the video clip clearly crossed it, IMO.

          • Difdi

            He was petitioning for a redress of grievances in a forum specifically created for people to do so.

            For purposes of 18 USC 242, a TASER is a dangerous weapon. People have, after all, occasionally died from being shocked with one.

          • Bob_Striffler

            18 USC has nothing to do with or even implies anything about broken bones. Which is of course, without saying, is a violation of a citizens rights. Let’s have the immune self regulated courts decide if it’s ok or not! Oh, they have, over and over again, haven’t they! Don’t u even watch the news?

          • Difdi

            A simple oral directive to stop exercising rights or you will suffer unspecified trouble with the legal system violates 18 USC 242. The statute goes on to specify that if there is a threat or use of a dangerous weapon (note the word dangerous, not deadly) the violation increases from misdemeanor level to felony level.

            Trained boxers and martial artists are considered to be using a dangerous weapon when striking with bare hands. Any sort of beating, by anyone, that is severe enough to break bones falls into the same category of force.

            You fail.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Wow! So kidnapping gently is not a felony? Remember the weirdo who kidnapped and held those women for ten years in his house? Not a felony huh? Have you ever read any case law that said false arrests are Assault and battery? No but that’s not what this ironic conversation is about, is it? It’s about whether or not America and American Jurisprudence history thinks (not you) whether it’s OK for a cop to lie when it’s far easier to tell the truth and in the process cause the innocent to bear punishment? Before you argue what you think should be law you’d better look up the controlling case law for your self! I’m not going to do it for you and I’m not going to play this with you like I did with EX-Cop Moron Law Student! Do the research, look it up and have a nice day!

          • Difdi

            Wow! You read what I wrote and then mentally assigned opposite meanings to every single thing I said just so you can ‘disagree’ with me without coming across as a jackboot-licking cop-loving apologist.

            Either you need to go back to 3rd grade for remedial English lessons, or you need to read what I wrote a lot more carefully.

            Or maybe ECLS is right and you’re just a wackjob.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            Of course I’m right! How could you doubt that? hehehe…

          • Bob_Striffler

            I re-read the thread and did misinterpret you? I was very angry and brain farted, I believe about the Kelly Thomas Thing! My apologies! EX-Cop troll however is as asshole and my opinion of him will not change! Again I re-read your thread and don’t know what the hell I was thinking?? Your guess is as good as mine? I’m baffled at my response? I was a perfect asshole on that one.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            Or it could be you’re just a moron.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            Difdi, you’re wasting your time with this one.

          • Difdi

            Oh, probably. He keeps stringing words together that contradict what he claims is his political position unless you assume he’s working from a dictionary unique to him.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            I think that he doesn’t understand what the voices are saying…

          • Bob_Striffler

            I’ve had my bones broken by those bastards! More than once!

      • Brad Wesley

        I’ve never understood why everyone gets so upset when someone tries to make money. Who gives a shit if he registered the trademark? Why does that bother you so much? Man, I don’t get this hatred for Meyer being displayed here.

        • rust

          Exactly. Once someone starts making any kind of money, all of a sudden what they say is useless? What kind of commie would say that? I mean, does the value of what you say increase the closer you are to poverty? If that’s the case, these are real gems I’m giving away here!

          • inquisitor

            Speculating and being critical of someone’s motives and behavior by citing how they later may have profited from that as an aspect of the analysis and one piece of evidence is not “commie”.

          • rust

            No, but how the profit motive is trotted out as a “smear” is a commie trick.

          • inquisitor

            He profited in more ways than one.
            I reported it.
            Facts are for those who may not have known those facts.

          • rust

            And again, I say, SO WHAT? It’s not like he’s SNOOKI or a Kardassian. Stop pushing your “profit is evil” agenda.

          • inquisitor

            Perhaps you should watch the complete version of the tazing incident.
            Because it has Snooki written all over it.

          • pinbalwyz

            It’s good to hear he has the sense to make an honest buck when the opportunity presents itself. He has a long way to catch up with President Reagan after he left office to capitalize on it, however.

          • Bob_Striffler

            And following the money is a fascist fear.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Always follow the money! And the flow of information!

          • Bob_Striffler

            One party out there equals money and it’s always obvious, seriously!

          • Bob_Striffler

            Now suddenly it’s the cost of freedom!

        • inquisitor

          Well first of all, I am not “so upset” as you characterize.
          And it does not “bother” me as you characterize.
          And my analysis of the event, his behavior and speculating about his motives is not “hatred”.

          But I have critical analysis of his tazing episode and suspicions regarding his motives that it was not just all so…spontaneous.

          And he is surely entitled to make money of his efforts, but that can be a factor in assessing if his motives were more self-serving than some could perhaps perceive on its surface.

          Perhaps he was not as oppressed as we may lead ourselves to believe.

          • pinbalwyz

            I was introduced to the ‘altruism vs. egoism’ chestnut when I was a college freshman by a religious scholar who used it for his doctoral thesis. It’s an old (and IMO, tired) one used to smear everyone from mother Teresa to Joan of Arc. The better question is one an aid presented to chairman Mao: “What difference does it make whether a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice?” “And what emperor wrote this?” demanded Mao in response. Today, the question has been answered: capitalism exists in China. Being a hardened idealogue, Mao couldn’t get his mental arms around the notion.

            Mr. Meyer’s ‘motives’ are irrelevant. What’s material is what he exposed, and due to the miracles of modern technology, that is available for all to see. It’s also what PINAC has chosen as its favored strategy to defend our 1st Amendment guarantees.

            Will a police sting operation result in the acquittal of the defendant because of the PD’s motives? Uh…not necessarily. Any number of prisoners are serving time as a result. It’s Kerry’s motives and that of the goons which need to be questioned.


          • Bob_Striffler

            Caution is prudence! And talking about Kerry’s motives and goons….isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

        • Raylan Givens

          I agree. Who gives a shit if he made money? Everyone tries to
          make money. I’ll bet if he made a couple of million from that event and threw a couple hundred grand PINAC’s way, there would be no complaints and he’d be a hero.

          • inquisitor

            Be wary of all the “peoples’ heroes” that have been trotted out before you post 9-11 particularly in the internet alternative media, conspiracy media, the patriot and truth movements.

            And his making money was just one sliver of the entire analysis.

          • Raylan Givens

            I’m not into conspiracy theories and usually take things as face value. I think Carlos giving him the opportunity is fine. Besides, it’s his business and if Andrew succeeds then he does. If he doesn’t then you’ll have the bragging rights. No harm, no foul.

          • inquisitor

            You can keep the bragging rights…not interested.

          • pinbalwyz

            A bad sliver, at that, likely to fester. We *DO* live in a capitalist economy. If he didn’t make $, he’d be (no doubt) criticized as a ne’r-do-well and ‘loser’…or worse.

          • inquisitor

            The guy comes from the wealthy neighborhood of Weston and was able to get a degree in journalism and law. I don’t think he was hurting for money to begin with.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Love that money!

          • Bob_Striffler

            One party out there equals money and it’s always obvious! Seriously,seriosly!

        • Bob_Striffler

          One party out there equals money and it’s always obvious!

      • Carlos_Miller

        So you’re saying that he purposely got himself tased, even rehearsing the famous line beforehand, so he could cash in on all the publicity?

        • inquisitor

          I am saying he was looking for publicity and his attending was rehearsed in that he decided beforehand that he wasn’t going to just ask probing questions, but was going to make a spectacle of himself and create a fracas that would at least be youtube worthy…especially if security or cops were forced to be involved.

          I am not saying he rehearsed himself ahead of time in regards to being tazed or rehearsed the famous line beforehand, so he could cash in on the publicity. It would be too far a reach for me to claim that and it would be close to impossible unless every cop was in on it…which is not possible.
          But the tazing and the national meme would be one of the unexpected grand results I referred to, rather than a youtube meme of lesser repute.

          But yes, I do believe he did everything he could to get himself tazed well after his arm flailing and resisting. When you look at his actions even after being warned he would be tazed he pretty much wanted to be tazed. Which is why I know, through watching the ordeal on video, that my first paragraph and assertion is valid.

          When the video first went viral, I examined his behavior very carefully and with a discerning eye. My opinion today is no different than it was then.
          Then after the publicity, there were others and additional speculations by other observers that suspected the same thing.
          Not that this validates it, but I was not the only one in this regard.

          • Brad Wesley

            Wow, a political activist might have been looking for publicity. Halt the presses!!!

          • inquisitor

            Then you agree.

          • Difdi

            Since you too are obviously also trying for publicity for yourself, should we ignore you as well?

          • inquisitor

            I am anonymous. You do not know my name or my face.
            I don’t do commercials and you will never buy my book based upon my own self-created victimhood.
            Do what you like.

          • pinbalwyz

            Rape victims have complaint over being blamed for what they were wearing. Blaming the victim is one of the many fallacies used to discredit the victim.

          • inquisitor

            The guy is his own worst enemy.
            He wasn’t the victim, but he made himself one.

          • Bob_Striffler

            I heard women who are raped can somehow do something with their bodies to keep from getting pregnant?

          • Amicus Curia

            Like what?–master baiting?

          • Difdi


          • pinbalwyz

            What you’re saying, in effect, is Mr. Meyer did not have ‘clean hands’, but you can’t make that case. ‘Bad Taste’?–maybe. Still, the behavior of the goons (and the crowd) eclipsed that.

          • inquisitor

            The case was made in detail.
            Unless one wishes to blind themselves to Andrew’s actions prior to police interacting with him.

        • Anon
          • inquisitor

            Because that comment is not racist.
            Should the statistics indicate what I state, which they do, then it is a statement of statistical fact.
            How you feel about it or wish to attempt to characterize my statement is an entirely different animal.

            So when others say what you don’t like, you then cry racist, and troll while attempting to have them banned.

          • Anon

            What exactly do the “statistical facts” show? Please elaborate.

          • inquisitor

            As far as your concerned I am a banned, racist, troll…voiceless.
            Why ask me now after the attempt and insult?
            Like I owe you something after you sleight me?
            I am not your monkey.
            Research it yourself, shed the intellectual laziness.

          • Anon

            So you can’t defend your racist comments about “negros”. Good to know.

          • inquisitor

            I choose not to.
            Had you asked for the proof before making the charge and the call to be banned, perhaps we could have done business.
            But you blew it.
            Use a little more tact next time.

          • Anon

            Did I hurt the racist’s feelings?

          • inquisitor

            It isn’t about feelings.

          • Anon

            Sounds like it is.

          • inquisitor

            Those would be the delusional voices in your head talking to you.

          • pinbalwyz

            I think he was referring to your commentary containing references to the Illuminati, Masons, and Judaic/Talmudic influences/control.

          • inquisitor

            No he wasn’t referring to that.
            He was referring to the link he provided,
            Right there…within his post.
            Concerning another subject concerning negroes and crime.

            The Illuminati, Masons and Judaic influences and control are not even close to resembling racist terms or comments. So how could he be referring to that.

            And I never mentioned anything about the Talmud.
            Where did you get that I mentioned the Talmud?
            Show me.
            Or are you so vigilant in your efforts that you fabricate and insert details to bolster your position?

          • Bob_Striffler

            What and suppress free speech?

          • Anon

            Most decent people don’t allow racists to use their property to spread their hate. Free speech is only free from government intervention. Private parties can do whatever they want to stop your speech.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Repukelicans would want to stop demoncrats from speaking and demoncrats would want to stop repukelicans from speaking and that would create a hell of a fix to be in. Also I think you might not have read title 18 of the federal code on civil rights 241,242. It’s actually a felony punishable by imprisonment to even “hinder” someone’s rights and these laws specifically state “whoever”. Regardless of what the moderator would or would not do in regards to banning him or the law involved, it would seem ridiculous to do on a 1st Amendment website. Besides I’ve read plenty of Inquisitor’s posts and have not seen racial hatred at all. His references here are about secret societies!? And he questions the motives, which there is nothing wrong with. Inquisitor also points out a bigger picture, which some of us are well read on. As far as Mr. Meyers I’ll be happy to read his articles and will comment on them as I see fit!

          • Anon

            You should read the first amendment again. There is no law against banning unwanted speech from your private property. Even in public spaces, there is no law against blocking someone’s sign or even talking over someone else’s speech. The government can’t do it, but you can. You don’t have the rights that you think you have.

            And as far as Inquisitor goes, calling a black man a “negro” and calling him criminal and intimidating because of the color of his skin is racist. I don’t care how you hide it underneath a layer of conspiracy theory nonsense. It is just racist.

          • inquisitor

            I did not say he was criminal because he was black.
            I said the statistics will show that blacks will be more criminal.
            Intimidation was never a part of the discourse…you are making that up because you wish to exaggerate for effect.

            You better call up the United Negro College Fund and the Negro League and get on that racism pronto.

            The United States Census Bureau announced that “Negro” would be included on the 2010 United States Census, alongside “Black” and
            “African-American” because some older black Americans still
            self-identify with the term.

            The word “Negro” is used in the English-speaking world to refer to a person of black ancestry or appearance. The word negro denotes ‘black’ in the Spanish and Portuguese, derived from the ancient Latin word, niger, ‘black’, which itself ultimately is probably from a Proto-Indo-European root *nekw-, ‘to be dark’, akin to *nokw- ‘night’.

            “Negro” superseded “colored” as the most polite terminology, at a time when “black” was more offensive. This usage was accepted as normal, even by people classified as Negroes, until the later Civil Rights movement in the late 1960s. One well-known example is the identification by Martin Luther King, Jr. of his own race as ‘Negro’ in his famous 1963 speech I Have a Dream.

            During the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, some black American leaders in the United States, notably Malcolm X,
            objected to the word “Negro” because they associated the word Negro
            with the long history of slavery, segregation, and discrimination that
            treated African Americans as second class citizens, or worse. (Malcolm X preferred “Black” to “Negro”, but also started using the term “Afro-American” after leaving the Nation of Islam.)

            Since the late 1960s, various other terms have been more widespread in popular usage. These include “black”, “Black African”, “Afro-American” (in use from the late 1960s to 1990) and “African American” (used in the United States to refer to black Americans, peoples often referred to in the past as American Negroes).

            Malcolm had to make a splash and be “effective”.
            Demonizing a word once considered polite terminology is a propaganda technique perfect for doing just that.

            I, and my family never owned slaves, and I could care less where someone sits on the bus. For three years I worshiped at the all negro Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale with my negro friend, George, and his family by their invitation.
            At first, many did not welcome me…because I was white.
            Racists don’t do that, hang with these people, or break bread with them. I have since repudiated religion but that is another matter.
            George and I used to call each other “my nigger”…as a term of endearment.
            You wouldn’t know shit about it.

          • RaymondbyEllis

            I have no problem with someone using Negro, it is an antiquated term that does bother many blacks, but MLK used it constantly. However, when I read “Illuminati, Mason, and Judaic” to imply some conspiracy to control the world, all I need to know is why the Knights Templar, the Norwegians, and Swedes are left out. The latter two must be co-conspirators with the “Judaic” as the give so many Nobel prizes to the “Judaic”.

            Reynold’s wrap or the generic brands?

          • inquisitor

            The Knights Templar, the Norwegians and the Swedes were left out because my post was not an extensive, all-inclusive treatise on the subject. Nor did anyone specifically ask me about them.
            To delve further into the subject beyond some relation to this thread topic would be, as you have stated,….trolling.
            Damned if I do, and damned if I don’t as far as your concerned.

          • RaymondbyEllis

            So I was right in bringing them up, but you just didn’t have the time to get to them? But at some future point you will? So they are part of an extensive, all inclusive treatise?

            Actually you’re damned by the do, the didn’t would just damn you more.

          • inquisitor

            I am not here for you.
            I do not extend my hand out for you to hold and assist you in walking across the street.

          • Bob_Striffler

            I wholeheartedly believe blacks would show a statistical increase in crime. But I would also factor in poverty. Because crime follows poverty! It’s the way things are. I believe the stats would easily show higher crime rates in poor white neighborhoods as well!

          • Bob_Striffler

            Whatever you say is law is law. I guess?

          • Anon

            Please consult a lawyer.

          • inquisitor

            Yawn…it isn’t working for you.

      • pinbalwyz

        Thank you for clarifying your position. It spoke volumes.

        • inquisitor

          It shows that I don’t give assholes the time of day.
          Had he made inquiry prior to his remarks I would have been eager to accommodate.
          He blew it.
          And he can now, easily with a few clicks, enlighten himself.

      • Bob_Striffler

        Some are just not paying attention! Well done inquisitor! I didn’t notice his wrist at all. Kerry’s wife’s father was Skull and Bones. However it wouldn’t seem Meyer would be a follower if that was his first question! But things aren’t always as they seem, I’m well aware.

        • RaymondbyEllis

          Thanks, I forgot Skull and Bones. That reminds me, why was the Council on Foreign Relations left out? Or the Papists? And why no use of the word “cabal”?

          • inquisitor

            Do you have something to add or contribute?

          • RaymondbyEllis

            I did but you do have to recognize it.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Or the club of Rome etc… People don’t realize that the real power struggles are going on behind closed doors. Speaking of “Cabal” I might remind fellow posters that on or about page 407 of David Rockefellor’s own book he states clearly “People from both sides of the political spectrum have been accusing me and my family of being part of an international “cabal” trying to undermine America and create a (new world order or one world government or something real similar), I proudly say that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.” I suggest everybody go to the library and look on these pages to get the exact quote! It’s been a while since I’ve read it. Do so for yourself and be shocked to your very core! Back during WWII both the Rockefellors and Prescott Bush were brought before Congress on “Trading with the enemy.” Their excuse was, why should they have to cut lucrative business ties with the NAZI’s because of war with the United States. In their minds Super Capitalism trumps National Sovereignty, the oath to the Constitution, the Flag and every one of the 10’s of millions of Americans who died believing in our nation and its sovereignty! The love of money is the root of all evil! You see how power has corrupted the cops. What do you think about the level of corruption behind what Rockefeller’s power brings? Always follow the money and flow of information!

    • IceTrey

      We don”t care what he did, we care what the cops did.

      • inquisitor

        And the cops did what they did because…?
        That would be the point…for a…thinker, rather than a reactionary.

        • pinbalwyz

          Assault, battery, use of potentially lethal force (the usual) for what?–speech?–even tasteless speech? The video answers the rhetorical question and exposes what’s self evident.

          • LibertyEbbs

            Exactly! The taser is lethal force…less so than other weapons, sure, but it is lethal force and should never be used except in response to force that has the potential to injure. Hint: behavior that injures the pride or ego of LEO’s does not justify tasing,

          • inquisitor

            Put your other hand behind your back or you will be tazed.

            The choice is given. Get arrested or get shocked and get arrested.

          • LibertyEbbs

            Yes, he was resisting by refusing to put his other arm back. That is not what we were told tasers would be used for when they were being adopted. The reason is that the public circa 20 years ago would not have approved, so they did the classic bait and switch: they are less lethal than bullets so we will use them on physical threats only became using tasers to gain compliance and just to torture.

          • inquisitor

            The video clearly shows otherwise as to why things escalated and it had everything to do with Andrew and his behavior.
            Your interpretation is apologist at best.

          • squintaroony

            Liberty Ebbs is correct about how the taser was used. Tasers were marketed as less lethal defensive tools, and that is how they are supposed to be used by law enforcement. In the “Don’t Tase Me!” video, the taser was clearly used to gain compliance, not as a self defense tool. You can hear the officer repeatedly refer to the taser as a threat or consequence of non-compliance. The taser was deployed against the student after he had been taken to the floor and physically restrained. Whether force was justified in this case, or whether tasers are preferable to other types of force (hands on restraint, nightsticks, etc.) in order to gain compliance, are separate issues. The taser was clearly used as a compliance tool, and as a punishment, rather than as a less lethal defensive tool.

          • inquisitor

            You missed a few steps and Andrew’s criminal acts along the progression.

        • Bob_Striffler

          They didn’t use the Taser for a threat against them, they used it for pain compliance! I watched a video some years back of a kid who stole a car who was tased 28 times! The video was right here in Florida! But then again there are videos of 12 yr old girls (some for skipping school) being tased by our brave “frontline defenders!”! An eighty seven year old man was tased at the Atlanta Airport. “He was real strong for his age” said one of the 5 officers on scene!

          • inquisitor

            An officer can be seen drawing and pointing his tazer at Andrew while he was resisting officers when all were in a standing position.

            47 seconds later, after more resisting by Andrew and when first laid on the ground, Andrew is verbally warned that he will be tazed.

            45 seconds after that warning. and while still resisting on the ground, Andrew utters them meme, “Don’t taze me bro.”

            4 seconds later Andrew is tazed with the contacts, and not the prongs.

            Plenty of opportunity to recognize that a tazing is imminent.
            All one has to do is cease physically resisting arrest.
            Should you actually escalate the level of your resistance and attempt to break the hold of officers to flee, then the likelihood of you being taken to the ground is more likely. Should you resist on the ground from being cuffed then you increase the chances you will be tazed.

            Right or wrong. Choices were made.

          • squintaroony

            You are describing a Taser being used as a threat and compliance tool, not as a defensive weapon.

          • inquisitor

            I am not debating the use of the tazer in this regard.
            And I am aware that tazers were initially claimed to be used only as a defensive weapon and are now used as a compliance tool.

            But that is not my argument.

            My argument is what are you going to choose to do when one is pointed at you after and during your physically resisting arrest?
            Because Andrew was not going to escape.
            So, what is your best choice?
            How will you proceed when you are warned again and yet again that if you continue to resist you will be tazed?

          • squintaroony

            I might proceed by choosing to comply rather than risk death or injury, OR I might courageously continue to protest in order to make my point about first amendment rights and / or inappropriate police use of force. If the student made that second decision, even cynically, it does not exonerate the police for using excessive force.

            Or I might be too outraged at the violation to make a clear decision to comply, which seems like a more accurate description of the victim’s demeanor in the “Don’t Tase Me!” video, and a more likely description of his motive and intent, than the cynical motives you attribute to him.

            I also disagree that the student had much choice about resisting or ceasing resistance. He was already physically subdued and immobile when the taser was applied to him.

          • inquisitor

            I suggest you read over the post I wrote on this thread that describes how the events unfolded and what the consequences were for Andrew.
            Because none of that supports your opinion.

          • squintaroony

            You have acknowledged that the taser was used as a threat and compliance tool, instead of a defensive tool. You have acknowledged that the taser was applied to Andrew only AFTER he had been tackled, dragged to the floor, and restrained by numerous officers. That represents an inappropriate use of the tool, and an inappropriate level of force to be used against someone whose only “crime” was hogging a microphone – or nonviolently trespassing after being asked to leave a public forum.

            Whether Andrew intended to cause a scene by getting arrested, or merely intended to ask rude questions, has no bearing on the appropriateness of the officers actions. Neither does the wisdom or folly of his refusal to submit have any bearing on the appropriateness of the officers’ actions. Their unprofessionalism and excessive use of force represents independent choices that THEY made. A choice to assault someone who offers you no threat is a far worse choice than to ask too many questions at a public forum.

            Despite the boorishness of Andrew’s questioning, it was a mistake to have him ejected from the proceedings. It only creates the impression that Kerry was afraid to answer Andrew’s charges – a fact Kerry seemed to realize, as he can be heard feebly trying to address the question as Andrew gets dragged away.

          • Bob_Striffler

            inquisitor, that is what you do. Fine I’m cool with that. Whether he’s a dick or not! Tasers were supposed to be for protecting lying pussy ass officers! Of course with lying bullshit that’s not what they are being used for! They were not, as sold to dumb ass Americans, to be used for PAIN compliance! Like u ain’t seen them used on 12yr olds for skipping school or elderly people either!? The videos are there bro! Or any other god damned, and god did damn it, reason! I will challenge this man on the law! Guaranteed! I doubt he’ll answer to most! I know the freaking law bro! Just like I did with Ex-cop law student! I’m new to this site but been at it longer then u know. I beat 41 charges just to show that others were being convicted of shit that wasn’t even against the law! And that is outright bull shit! There was a guy here that spewed crap about how Carlos shouldn’t have a business plan or marketing plan, Ha! Who would spew that crap unless they had an agenda! Duh! People will spew their shit! That’s exactly how you get a Business loan from a bank or from investors! I know a lot of shit bro! I’ve been all over the world man! And I’ll Challenge the bullshit! It’s my nature and my character and my values! I valued a lot especially my family! And when the truth is not the truth anymore and it’s officially sanctioned it really pisses me off!

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            Guys, if you want to see how he really does, go to the Brevard County website and look at his record. You’ll see a lot of adjudication withheld cases, which usually means that he got deferred adjudication (probation). You’ll also see a number of guilty verdicts, and a pending case that is still open.

            It looks like most of the “41 charges” he beat were due to plea deals.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Hey guys I’m EX-Cop Law student and I spew my troll shit because I’m able to hide behind my former uniform and have free speech to talk shit but when it comes to challenging bob_striffler. It became a string that was a top conversation here. He em-bare- ass- ed me because of the law I told everybody I knew! I was totally spanked…publically! And it’s clear for everyone to see!
            As I’ve told your punk ass before Ex-Cop Law Student GROW UP BOY! WAH! I’ll provide a link to your last legal challenges to me? You need to study harder! Because last time I looked in this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty! Apparently even you and your cop friends don’t like that! So stick it up your ass punk! Same goes for your punk friends!

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            So you were not in felony possession of cocaine on 5/18/2000, for which you received deferred adjudication? Along with a charge of destroying evidence?

            And you were not found guilty for trespass in August 2002?

            What about the reckless driving (reduced from DUI) in 2005? And the contempt of court charges for violating probation and failing to pay your fine in 2005 and 2006?

            And I guess you really weren’t found guilty of resisting an officer in 2008? Or the trespass in 2010?

            When’s your next court date for abusing the 911 system?

          • Bob_Striffler

            First thing I want to say to you is your obnoxious! You call me a liar saying I didn’t have 41 charges I beat so I offered you indisputable proof on video in which you said “I don’t want to look at it!” WAH! See your a dickhead cop! So First on the felony cocaine possession I pled out after flying back into the country to face that charge that became a capias warrant (never was arrested for it) after well over a year later, more like 18 months! (A little odd?) Name someone you know who has cocaine possession and doesn’t get arrested for it? Well that capias was issued after the State Attorney sitting on the information for that long only after I threatened a 1983 claim! (Hmmm?) I hadn’t studied much law at that time! After that I couldn’t stop studying law! After leaving my home overseas for another 18 months… waiting on this continually continued case I virtually had to take the plea as I was destitute and even then it was a no contest and no Adjudication of guilt. The overwhelming number of cases I beat were not pleas of any kind! So I started studying law! That one is far from over and the big surprise ending will be posted here as well as will be in the news! (Someone’s going to get busted, big time or already has…I’ll leave it at that) None of this really has anything to do with the 41 charges I beat practically in a row though! It’s just your way of re-directing facts to try to justify those beaten 41 charges that are shameful to those who falsely and maliciously brought them against me! They were dickheads much like you! Trespass 2002? I don’t even remember that one as I’ve been charged for that so many times? Bicycle charge! I plead out to no alcohol involved reckless yet apparently there was a mistake so if you noticed it’s open again, at least on my Official Records which of course I could prove! I would have never have plead to that and my court transcript shows this as a matter of fact. I’m still in touch with the attorney who left this state because this place is so corrupt. That attorney is aware of what I pled to as well. It was reckless driving on a bicycle period! (Non-Criminal) Not reduced from a DUI! Remember dickhead I have both copies, the one with 41 and the one with 25! I’m not the one trying to cover anything up, so I didn’t change them, did I? Contempt of court? Well you got me on that one. I do have contempt! 2008 Resisting charge? If I was found guilty how come I don’t know about it? Trespass in 2010 I plead out to, overnight time served, as I had Thanksgiving plans. Yeah I’m a menace to society bro! You know it’s kind of funny how you left out two more convictions that happened in closed courthouses at night with no Jury, no public, no Attorney etc… which I also have on transcripts of. Everybody here in Brevard knows about those cases. I raised a lot of hell about that shit and have documented proof! Those aren’t over yet either! Much of what I sent to the US Justice department covers these convictions too. Sorry I can’t disclose further right now. None of it or your obsessive fixation on your pathetic discredit campaign explains the 41 charges I beat practically in a row or why they suddenly just removed16, does it?! That’s quite bizarre and I assure you is quite illegal! (Changing official records) As far as my two new Misuse of 911 charges (have I mentioned I’ve beaten two of these already) The new ones are still pending but I also have some really cool videos and about 8-14+ witnesses including the Manager of the premises this all happened on as well! Everyone who lives here has been involved in this situation on more than one occasion! However the videos really tell all! I can tell by what you post here that you and your kind really don’t like citizens with videos. But thank God for Video Cameras! It’s actually a pretty darn comprehensive look at how the system here works! Dickhead when all is said and done if 41 of my personal charges isn’t enough for you, there’s a whole lot more and I’ll give you access to all of it in my time, not yours! Of course you’ll whine and then not want to look at it like last time, then you’ll whine some more! In the mean time, on peoples rights here on this site? I’ll steer them right and you being an ignorant cop troll will continue to steer them wrong. I’m going to keep exposing you for it! Do you still live with your mother by the way? The videos of these 911 incidents really do kick ass as far as beating these two new Misuse of 911 charges. Everybody’s going to wonder why I was even charged to begin with! And how the charges lawfully continued?! That will all be explained as is documented! There has been a lot of National News about this very similar situation that arose the two nights in question! And no one in their wildest imagination would possibly think one could get charged for misuse of 911 for what I have on video and called 911! So until then Ex-Man Law Gopher piss-off!

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

            TLDR (OK, I read the first part, where it appears that you fled the jurisdiction for 12 to 18 months).

            Paragraphs would still be your friend.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Was he a threat to their physical well being. No, but any excuse will do! Even for political beliefs, that’s called a Mob Rule, not American!

        • squintaroony

          The cops did what they did because…they wished to gain compliance and punish the student for speaking, and for resisting. What they did was unethical, and their reasons for doing so were unethical, and that is a more pressing issue than the immaturity, poor decision, or grandstanding of a 21 year old college student. Expressing skepticism about the student’s motives doesn’t alter the character of the officers’ behavior. Their misuse of violent force is orders of magnitude more distressing than the students’ behavior, and in no way justified by the student’s behavior.

          • inquisitor

            When an officer attempt to place you under arrest or conduct an illegal search and you choose to physically stop him from doing so…

            …it isn’t going to end up well for you.
            Bottom line.

            And I again suggest you read over the consequences for Andrew and his actions because none of it supports your opinion.

          • squintaroony

            What? But you agreed with my opinion wrt the use of the taser just a few posts ago. How about a little consistency?

            When you asked “And the cops did what they did because…?” as a rhetorical question, you apparently wanted a different answer than “because they wanted to render a resisting suspect compliant.” But you have acknowledged, in reply to me, in this thread, that that is exactly why they “did what they did” (ie, tasering Andrew.) Neither Andrew’s motive for asking multiple questions, nor his motive for not immediately acquiescing to the threat, has any bearing on the appropriateness of the officers’ actions.

          • inquisitor

            My final word…I refer you to the video and Andrew’s actions.
            Speaks entirely for itself.

      • IcedTeaParty

        I care about both.

        Context is important to some of us.

      • Bob_Striffler

        I’m with you on that one! But I will always scrutinize what is written. If anyone remembers the Taser’s original use was to protect the police from harm! Not to be used as a tool of compliance through pain that has caused many deaths so far!

  • John

    Are you counting unique visitors or page views in the 1mm goal?

    • Carlos_Miller

      Page views because that would be the first to break the million views threshold. But then after, uniques.

  • Ashton

    I’m very excited for the expansion of PiNAC. It’s hard to find laws, let alone interpret them.

    I plan on starting a new YouTube channel(separate of my current partnered channel for film) for filming traffic stops, going through check points, Open carrying my hand gun(been OC for 8 months now, have never had a problem), public records requests, and just generally trying to educate my friends, family, and community about laws and their rights. Currently living just north of Atlanta

    • pinbalwyz

      Education is a powerful tool for change, highly underrated.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Georgia is an open carry state?

  • jaybone

    It sounds like great things are in store for PINAC in 2014. Looking forward to it and wishing you guys the best of luck.

  • rust

    You will not ask questions of people in authority, under PENALTY of PAIN!

    Thanks Carlos, you have made an excellent decision with Andy Meyer.

  • io-io

    I’ll reserve judgement on the historical past, but going forward – it would be an excellent move to have a paragraph or two that addresses the points of law (specific to the particular state that the incident occurred in). One of the aspects of the various comments associated with each of the posts, is to have the incidient happen in Kansas, followed with a lot of comments about the law in Rhode Island.

    Also, he has a law degree, but has he passed the bar? Otherwise, there might be an interpretation that in commenting – he may be practicing law without a license.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Hasn’t passed the bar but he’s not going to be writing as a legal analyst.

      • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

        Am I correct to assume that he intends to sit for the bar?

        • Carlos_Miller

          Yes, that is his goal.

      • pinbalwyz

        His observations stemming from the benefit of his education are welcome in this household.

    • pinbalwyz

      Interestingly, 1st Amendment guarantees protect the right of us all to discuss what’s common knowledge, even regarding ‘the law’ without committing the unauthorized practice of it. We, as citizens, are expected to comply with the law. Ignorance is no excuse. How are we to learn of it and where the boundaries lie without discussing it? Law isn’t some religion where the supplicant can only speak to ‘God’ through the office of a Priest (lawyer?).

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    Can’t wait to meet you Andrew! Welcome aboard!

  • Adam L. Labonoski

    What an excellent addition to the team!

  • Anon

    I look forward to your articles.

  • Luc

    I followed Andrew Meyer during that “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” incident. Andrew didn’t deserve the abuse by campus thug cops. Free speech in a Journalism College must be #1, not suppression of free speech like what had happened that day.

    Welcome Andrew to PINAC, I look forward to your writings in the future.

    I would like to read a summary of your arrest and subsequent plea deal and probation. Why did you take the plea and what have you learned since your arrest and retaliatory prosecution. I read your website back then but you were trying to be PC because of your probation hanging over your head.

    Best of luck on your new adventures with Carlos and the rest of the PINAC gang.

    Anyone who thinks Andrew acted like a clown, entitled liberal, petulant child, or any other derogatory description. I say, Fuck You! Andrew had the balls to confront an elite Skull and Bones scumbag.

    “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” The Man Behind The Meme – Exclusive Interview with Andrew Meyer

    • inquisitor

      I am apolitical and a-religious.
      So those factors do not figure into my analysis and opinion of this incident.

      I am convinced after having watched the original and complete video that Andrew had pre-determined he was going to be an interruption and that his actions once police approached him and led him to a police car was all…THEATER,

      “Andrew didn’t deserve the abuse by campus thug cops.”

      I wholeheartedly disagree and would not characterize it as abuse, nor the cops as thugs in this instance.
      The video proves this.
      All one has to do is watch the video and Andrew’s actions, the reactions of the police and Andrew’s escalation leading up to the tazing.
      I would argue that he did everything one should to escalate a situation for a tazing.
      Because Andrew was there, not just to get some answers to his questions, but to make a scene and create something that would at least be worthy of internet alternative media notoriety. Instead he got a bit more out of it than expected and got national mainstream media notoriety and created a viral meme.

      PURE THEATER. His dramatic verbal and physical actions give it away.

      “Free speech in a Journalism College must be #1, not suppression of free speech like what had happened that day.”

      Really? Was it free speech?

      From what I understand the event had been set up on the campus property and the event had a moderator with a rule that only one question per questioner was the venue.

      Andrew apparently violated the decorum of the venue and created a disturbance.

      One could even consider that he made himself a public nuisance and disturbed the peace.

      According to reports, Meyer was in line for access to the microphone, when former Ambassador Dennis Jett, a University of Florida political science instructor and the forum’s moderator, announced that one more question would be taken from the
      microphone on the right as seen from the stage. Meyer grabbed a second microphone which had been shut off, and demanded he be allowed to ask a question, asking, “Why don’t you answer my questions, I have been waiting and
      listening to you speak in circles for the last two hours?” He also stated, “These officers are going to arrest me,” and “You will take my question because I have been listening to your crap for two hours.”

      Should this account of the incident be accurate then would not have Andrew disenfranchised the person who’s turn it actually was to ask a question?

      When Andrew grabbed a microphone that was not his property and turned it on, thus using electricity that was not his property, did he not commit robbery?

      How was his snatching a microphone, turning it on and speaking out of turn not a robbery similar to when a cop snatches a citizen’s cell phone. There was even a later attempt by the moderator to take the microphone after Andrew’s question and Andrew refused to relinquish it.

      Also the venue had a rule that profanity was not allowed. I believe Andrew had also violated that rule and it was also one of the reasons why the moderator was insistent to take the microphone back and have Andrew cease after his first question had been asked.

      At this point, after having broken a couple rules of the venue, disenfranchised another questioner by taking their turn from them and snatching property and not relinquishing it can it still be considered free speech?

      When an officer attempted to cut Meyer off escort Meyer out of the hall, Meyer broke away and continued to shout. Kerry then intervened and

      requested that Meyer be allowed to ask a question. Meyer was then brought back to the microphone with police officers on either side of him.

      Meyer then handed his camera to the woman who was standing in front of him in line and requested that she record him. Kerry then finished answering a previous question, and Meyer was then recognized by Kerry to ask a question.

      Video begins.

      At this point, Meyer’s video began. Meyer spoke for approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds, beginning by citing the book Armed Madhouse and its author Greg Palast’s description of the 2004 U.S. presidential election and reports of election irregularities.According to The Washington Post, Meyer’s question turned into “an increasingly agitated three-parter.”

      Meyer questioned Kerry’s concession of the 2004 U.S. presidential election, Kerry’s support or lack of support of the efforts to impeach George W. Bush, and Kerry’s involvement in the Yale University secret society known as Skull and Bones.

      After Meyer used the term “blowjob”, (in reference to the impeachment of Bill Clinton)
      and while he was asking about Kerry’s involvement in Skull and Bones,
      Meyer’s microphone was cut off. Later, Steven Blank, ACCENT chairman,
      said, “We make it clear that any profanity and vulgarity by anyone
      asking questions will result in a cutting off of the mic.”

      So it is also bullshit if anyone claims that his microphone was cut off because of the Skull and Bones question.

      Removal and arrest.

      After Meyer’s microphone was turned off, two University of Florida police officers attempted to take him away and arrest him. Steven Blank, ACCENT chairman, later said “They [the police]acted independently of Accent.”
      Some members of the crowd began to cheer and applaud.

      Physical contact by the police occurred right after Meyer remarked, “Thank you for
      cutting my mic!” Kerry responded to the police action, “That’s all
      right, let me answer his question”, but two police officers continued to hold Meyer and attempted to forcibly move him towards the exit. Meyer repeatedly asked why he was being arrested. He struggled for several seconds shouting, “Get off me!
      What are you doing? What is going on?” while a third police officer kept
      a Taser aimed at him.

      Meyer managed to get back towards the stage and stated, “I want to
      stand and listen to the answers to my questions!” A fourth officer
      joined in, and single-handedly managed to remove Meyer to the back of
      the auditorium while being escorted by the three other officers. Meyer
      was carried part of the way by officer King, holding Greg Palast’s book
      up in the air with his one free arm and shouting, “Why are you arresting
      me? Help! Help!” Close to the exit, Meyer broke free for a short moment
      and then was wrestled to the ground. Two more officers joined in and
      Meyer was now held down by four officers on the body and two on the
      legs. The officers managed to handcuff only one hand.

      As Meyer requested to be allowed to leave of his own accord, they
      informed him that he no longer had a say in the matter and threatened
      several times to taser him if he did not comply. Meyer asked again to leave, and yelled “Don’t tase me, bro! Don’t tase me!” but was drive stunned (referred to in the police report as a “contact tase”) in the shoulder by an officer with a department-issued X-26 Taser when he failed to comply.

      I managed to take control of Meyer’s right hand and restrain it into
      one side of my handcuffs. Due to Meyer’s erratic flailing, the inability
      to attain Meyer’s left arm from his resistance, and increased potential
      for injury with one cuff on, Sgt. King attempted to deploy a contact
      tase to no avail. He then instructed The officer to apply a contact tase
      to gain compliance in order to place Meyer’s left hand into the other
      cuff. The officer gave verbal commands and informed Meyer that he would
      be tased if he did not comply. Once The officer applied the tase, Wise
      assisted Meyer’s left arm to where I was able to apply the other cuff.
      Once he was restrained, he was escorted out of the Auditorium where I
      checked the fitting and applied the double-locked function on the cuffs.

      —Police Report, Statement of Officer Pablo De Jesus, Jr.,

      Meyer continued screaming for help as the officers removed him from
      the room. During the altercation, Kerry urged everyone to calm down,
      joked that “Unfortunately, he [Andrew Meyer] is not available to come up
      here and swear me in as President” and continued his response to
      Meyer’s question, which he referred to as “very important”. Senator
      Kerry later released a statement saying that he was unaware that any
      Tasing had occurred until afterwards.

      Police [in background]: “Get down!”

      Senator Kerry: “Hey officers … could we … Hey folks … I think that if everybody just…”

      Police: “Do it now!”

      Senator Kerry: “… calms down this situation would calm down.
      [unintelligible] …I’ll answer his question. Unfortunately, he is not
      available to come up here and swear me in as President.”

      Andrew Meyer: “Why are they arresting me? Did someone do something here? Are they arresting?”
      Senator Kerry: “Let me just say, because it is a very important question.”

      —YouTube Video Tape starting at 2:34

      Meyer was then escorted off the premises, remaining uncooperative with police during questioning. He was detained overnight in the Alachua County Jail. A large gathering of students protested outside the jail that evening.

      After the incident, Meyer was arrested for inciting a riot and charged with resisting an officer and disturbing the peace and taken to Alachua County Jail. Meyer spent one night in the Jail and was released the following morning. Police recommended charges of resisting arrest with violence, a felony, and disturbing the peace and interfering with school administrative functions, a misdemeanor.

      Meyer’s attorney, Robert S. Griscti, stated he would seek to have the charges dismissed. Meyer later issued a public apology for his “failure to act calmly”, stating that he “stepped out of line”. He initially insisted there was no reason for his arrest and demanded an apology from the Alachua County Police Department, although he sent written letters of apology to the University Police Department, as well as UF President Machen and the Gator Community. The state attorney agreed to drop prosecution of Meyer’s case in return for Meyer serving a voluntary 18-month probation. If Meyer got into legal trouble during the probationary period, he was to be charged for the September 17 incident with resisting officers without violence and interfering with a school function. According to the University of Florida, Meyer also accepted sanctions from the University for violations of the Student Code of Conduct. The sanctions were not made public because of student privacy laws. He returned as a student in the spring semester of 2008.

      News articles about the incident have reported that Meyer had posted on his website numerous comedy videos. It has also been pointed out that Meyer made arrangements to have himself filmed and have speculated that the incident may have been a stunt by Meyer. The reported behavior of Meyer when no cameras were present is also cited as evidence that the incident was a prank. The police report claimed that “as [Meyer] was escorted down stairs with no cameras in sight, he remained quiet, but once the cameras made their way down stairs he started screaming and yelling again.” Additionally, the report asserts that Meyer was “laughing and being lighthearted in the car, his demeanor completely changed once the cameras were not in sight.” The police officers have claimed that during the ride, Meyer said: “I am not mad at you guys, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were just trying to do your job.”

      On October 24, 2007, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement released a report on its investigation of the incident. The report concluded that Meyer may have planned a ‘disruption’ of the forum. It also cleared the police officers involved of any wrongdoing in subduing Meyer, saying that the officer’s actions were justified. University President Bernie Machen stated that “I have full confidence in the police department” and that the two officers previously placed on paid administrative leave have been fully reinstated.

      • Carlos_Miller

        Every time a politician opens his mouth, it is nothing but theater, so what’s wrong with confronting theater with theater – especially when you have a captive audience?

        The fact that Romenesko (a well-established media insider blog) reported Meyer’s addition to PINAC as a staff writer is testament that his so-called theater had a last effect.

        Now it’s up to him to capitalize on that effect, whether it is positive or negative, which obviously differs depending on whom you ask.

        But whether you agree with his actions that day, you can’t deny that it took balls to do what he did.

        We didn’t really talk in detail about that incident because it’s history and we were mostly talking about the future, but my impression is that we was overcome with passion that day and things just got a little out-of-hand, something I’m very familiar with considering my tussles with Metrorail security guards.

        Nobody plans to be dragged out of an auditorium and tased in front of live cameras. Nobody plans to be dragged down a moving escalator in a tight chokehold as happened to me in 2013. Nobody plans to punch a security guard in the face as I did in 2010.

        These things just happen when egos and passions and anger and stubbornness collide.

        Most people know that, which is why they rather contain their passion or anger to themselves (or restrict them to internet ramblings) because they don’t want to get physically abused or jailed and have their permanent reputations altered.

        But a few are willing to take a chance, willing to accept the consequences that come with that, in order to shed light on something they perceive as important.

        It’s been my experience that people like that tend to be more honest and genuine about their intentions than those who are more guarded about their passions.


        • pinbalwyz

          Good point! If I were on assignment, I’d welcome Mr. Meyer as my partner. We need more like him, even if you find cause to criticize some of his delivery. Hell, today’s science reveals 21 year old folks have brains that haven’t fully/physically matured/developed. Not so long ago, if you were 1 month shy of 21, you couldn’t vote in this country. Mr. Meyer is guilty of, if anything, having a heart larger than a peanut.

    • inquisitor

      Luc eloquently states…
      “Fuck You! Andrew had the balls to confront an elite Skull and Bones scumbag.”

      I am sure Kerry was shaking in his boots and the public was awakened from their slumber.
      Yeah right.
      Ineffectual and quite late to the party as both Bush and Kerry had been confronted on this Skull and Bones issue during interviews on mainstream news shows.

      • Pat Lane

        Yea… why are people acting like this whole “Skull and Bones” thing was kept under wraps. It wasn’t. Seemed like everyone in my collage knew about it. There was even a movie about it “The Skulls”. Not about Bush and Kerry, but about the society. It wasn’t a secret.

        • inquisitor

          It was a theatrical question to go along with the theatrical disruption that Andrew set out to accomplish for himself.
          The question meant nothing but to sensationalize.
          The arm flailing and wrestling with officers attempting to make an arrest just more of his inciting and dramatizing his arrest.
          How many times did he yell, “What did I do?”
          Comical actually.

          Once in the cop car his demeanor changed satisfied with the results of his efforts.

  • http://freedomsphoenix.com FascistNation

    My only problem with Andrew Meyer was his self-launched fade into obscurity when he essentially asked can’t everyone just forget the whole thing. I suspect that decision still sticks in his craw today. But he let the University Pigs and Potentates off the extremely embarrassing hook they found themselves upon. Mr. Meyer had effectively set the hook, then decided not to reel them in. Pity. His college education might have been paid for right there on the spot. No one can know what Mr. Meyer was going through until you have stood in his shoes. But there is no point in grabbing the tiger’s tail if your aren’t going to hang on for the terrible ride.

    • pinbalwyz

      Good point!…and I’ve my share of scars to prove it. It’s a hell of a ride. One, even at my ‘advanced age’ amounted to watching your grandmother wrestle with an alligator…and WIN!

  • WeAreWatching

    Arent you taught in Journalism to not inject bias when reporting? Carlos Miller is the laughing stock of the Journalism community.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Transparency is the new objectivity because the latter never existed in true form.

      • LibertyEbbs

        Got yourself a real stalker, looks like. Congrats on getting Andrew on board and thank you for this site.

    • pinbalwyz

      Duke (Hunter S. Thompson), the father of Gonzo journalism, didn’t agree. There is no ‘unbiased’ reporting. Even what you choose to cover reveals a bias. Thompson not only acknowledged this, but embraced it, as do many of his acolytes today. Reporters have no friends–or shouldn’t have if they’re any good. The good ones don’t WANT any! Friends get in the way of telling the truth.
      “Journalism is printing what someone doesn’t want published. Everything else is public relations.” -G. Orwell-

    • Bob_Striffler

      The Olympians are watching! OOOOHH! We been watching you for years that’s why we’re here on Calos’s site instead! OOOOHH!

  • BaitersBeware

    Carlos Miller was not long ago begging online for $2,000 bucks to pay his legal defense and now he’s claiming to have “offered Journalism students paid interships.” Lol, the guy films most of his baiting with low end camera lens. What a joke. Carlos what happen with the Nancy county law suit? Use it all to fix your hair line? Oh wait, that was free too.

    • Carlos_Miller

      We’re filing it this year. My lawyer last year filed the six-month notice of intent that is required before suing a government agency in Florida.

      • Guest

        Good, Pay that Ticket you owe.

        • Carlos_Miller

          The red light camera one? Going to try and fight that one.

      • pinbalwyz

        Ugh! It’s only 4 mo. (sometimes less) in Washington State as the required notice to the Risk Management office.

    • pinbalwyz

      It’s not the lens, but who’s behind it. Carlos isn’t doing cameo/portrait photography, but photojournalism. Why would a photojournalist bring an unnecessarily expensive rig to a dangerous setting where it could be seized, stolen, or destroyed? If Carlos is no longer as financially insecure as he was, so much the better as it will provide him more confidence and attract others. Raining on someone else’s parade doesn’t make yours any brighter.

      • inquisitor

        Superbly stated.

    • ndmike12

      I would have donated to Mr. Miller’s cause in that case even if he were a billionaire. If nothing else, there is deterrent value in a public display of financial support to fight such insane charges. It reminds people who might need reminding that the public is paying attention, and that it won’t tolerate such abuses.

    • Bob_Striffler

      sounds like sour grapes

  • Bob_Striffler

    I’ll read what he has to say! I’ll comment as always then. I say give the “Don’t tase me bro,” guy a chance. Of course I really hope that he hates the Nazi Bastards like I do!

  • Bigmike101202

    Wow,,good job..

  • Pat Lane

    I hope you accomplish your goals and I hope he has learned something valuable from all of that.

  • pinbalwyz

    Cool beans. Congratulations! Mr. Meyer sounds like a tremendously talented asset for PINAC. I look forward to his by-line.

    • inquisitor

      …or a huge liability.
      Time will tell.

  • rust

    There are a lot of people who have said that Meyer got what he deserved, that he should been beaten even more. News operations have outright lied about him, what his motives were and what he was seeking.

    There are so many people equipped with cameras these days, but it’s sometimes a liability to haul out your recording device for the FEAR that you will be assaulted, arrested, beaten or murdered by Enforces. Is this the kind of world you want to live in? A world where Hollywood’s entertainment cabal can produce literally anything they want, where pundits express open hate toward those who disagree, even to the point of criminal expression of death threats (Morgan vs Jones), and where legally and lawfully the Guvmint can make you disappear!

    The misapplication of law to shut people up is a travesty, a criminal act against liberty itself and should be grounds for dismissal for anyone in the chain of Justice, from grunt level Enforcer to AG. This includes tin-pot dictator “Judges” who threaten sanctions against those who speak out.

    The next time someone gets tazed for speech, consider what the PTB are trying to do.

  • Bob_Striffler

    I’ll read his articles and comment on them as I always do! Got to give the “Don’t tase me bro guy a chance.” I just hope he hates the NAZI’s as much as I do!

  • Bob_Striffler

    I’m having a problem posting

  • Terry Ehlert

    “Thank you Sir, may I have another?”|……………………(animal house lol)

  • doctor flexmatrix

    Andrew Meyer inspires me. Go Andrew! Witness!

  • Elliott Whitlow
  • Bob_Striffler

    My response to Ex-Cop Law Students further attacks on me!

    Hey guys I’m EX-Cop Law student and I spew my troll shit because I’m able to hide behind my former uniform and have free speech to talk shit but when it comes to challenging bob_striffler. It became a string that was a top conversation here. He em-bare- ass- ed me because of the law I told everybody I knew! I was totally spanked…publically! And it’s clear for everyone to see!

    As I’ve told your punk ass before Ex-Cop Law Student GROW UP BOY! WAH! I’ll provide a link to your last legal challenges to me? You need to study harder! Because last time I looked in this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty! Apparently even you and your cop friends don’t like that! So stick it up your ass punk! Same goes for your punk friends!