Fullerton Cops Found Not Guilty in Beating Death of Homeless Mentally Ill Man

Two cops were found not guilty Monday in the horrific beating death of a homeless man despite a city surveillance video showing they choked, tased, punched, kicked and smothered the man for nearly nine minutes, only pausing when he stopped pleading for help.

Former Fullerton police officers Manny Ramos and Jay Cicinelli are now free to return to a career of law enforcement if they so desire, comfortable in the fact that they can pretty much kill anybody and get away with it as long as they claim they were doing it for their own safety.

In this case, they claimed that 160-pound Kelly Thomas was just way too overpowering for them, even though they outweighed him by at least 60 pounds, forcing the first two officers to have to call for back-up, resulting in four additional cops joining the beating.

But the video shows he never threw one punch.

According to KTLA:

Former Officer Manuel Ramos and ex-Corporal Jay Cicinelli were accused of causing the death of Thomas in a violent struggle in the Orange County college town, prompting angry protests and closely watched criminal proceedings.

A coroner’s report stated Thomas died of asphyxia due to chest compression and injuries to his head and chest during the struggle on July 5, 2011, at the Fullerton Transportation Center.

The prosecution had argued that officers’ beating of Thomas was unwarranted and that Thomas was not a threat to police.

Defense attorneys responded that Thomas struggled back against officers – who called for backup after striking him repeatedly – and that he succumbed to heart problems due in part to drug use.

It was a disgusting video but an even more disgusting verdict. Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote last year about the incident, describing the video.

“Now you see my fists?” Fullerton police officer Manny Ramos asked Thomas while slipping on a pair of latex gloves.

“Yeah, what about them?” Thomas responded.

“They are getting ready to fuck you up,” said Ramos, a burly cop who appears to outweigh Thomas by 100 pounds.

“Well, start punching,” Thomas responds, never once displaying any physical aggression towards Ramos.

Moments later, as Thomas is standing while Ramos is ordering him to get on his “fucking knees,” Fullerton cop Joseph Wolfe, who is not charged in the case, walks up and starts beating his legs with a baton.

Then Ramos gets into the act and Thomas takes off running, moving out of the frame of the camera.

The camera, operated by a dispatcher at the station, then moves toward the beating, showing Ramos and Fullerton cop Jay Cicinelli on top of Thomas as Thomas repeatedly apologizes and telling them he is unable to breathe.

The cops keep telling him to put his hands behind his back and lay on his stomach, but they are both laying on top of him, making it impossible to even breathe, much less move.

As the video continues, one of the cops can be seen kneeing him.

“Please, I can’t breathe,” Thomas pleads as the officers keep telling him to put his hands behind his “fucking back.”

The cops keep telling him to “relax” to which he responds, “I can’t, dude.”

More cops eventually arrive and a little more than four minutes into the video, they start tasing him.

And a little after five minutes into the video, as three cops are piled on top of him, beating him, tasing him, one cop looks up at another cop who just arrived on the scene and says, “help us.”

At one point he yells out, “Dad, they are killing me.”

Even after seven minutes into the video, when six cops are on top of him and all Thomas is doing is crying for his father, they keep telling him to “relax.”

Kelly Thomas


Fullerton cops

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Fascist Slayer

    Did anyone actually believe they were going to be found guilty??

    • inquisitor


      • inquisitor

        As an aside…this was posted on leoaffairs about the Valdes couple.
        It would seem their PINAC interview was submitted by the US attorney in consideration regarding their sentencing.


        The United States became aware of a video interview conducted by the
        defendants concerning this case. During the interview, the defendants
        claimed that they were selectively prosecuted and that they were
        unjustly convicted. Rather than accept any responsibility, the
        defendants claim that they are victims of the United States which was
        motivated by retribution. The defendants also made statements that were
        inconsistent with the evidence and their testimony. Most specifically,
        their reason for going to the Bass Pro Shop in June 2012. These
        statements are relevant to sentencing because they prove the obstruction
        of justice enhancement and show the defendants lack of accountability
        and remorse.

        Wilfredo A. Ferrer- United States Attorney

        • Amicus Curia

          What was the Valdes couple accused (and convicted) of doing? I never quite got that from the interview.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Selling guns, tax evasion and theft of gun parts from police station. In the first interview they cited a web address that they claimed had the case file and records? I tried once to get there back when I first saw the interview. I either misheard the address or typed it in wrong? Maybe Carlos can provide this?

        • Bob_Striffler

          How can you tell when an Attorney is lying?………..

      • Fascist Slayer

        Who is that?

        • inquisitor


          • Fascist Slayer

            OH.. LOL… Is the going to be posting here claiming they were innocent all along? Ok.. I’ll wait, maybe I’ll rip him a new hole.

    • Mook


  • sickntired

    some needs to do what the cops did do the dumb ass jury who let them walk

    • Ian Battles

      After all, beating someone into a coma apparently isn’t a crime in Fullerton.

      What a lovely precedent this case has set!

      • $910553

        You misunderstand. Beating a person to death is not a crime if done by “Law Enforcement”. As a Mere Citizen, however…

    • jcfromnj

      Yea, a jury of your peers, pod people too stupid to figure how to get out of Jury Duty. A Selective Jury process that will guarantee the Prosecutor and the Judge will deliver a verdict that will keep the LEO Union at bay. Same old same old….

  • downer

    Where the hell is AL and Jesse? ?? Not even Oprah? Sad my wife’s friend went to high school with him. No riots? Amazing that a black man on crack gets beat and kicked off the last LA riots but a mentality ill man got beat and nothing,

    • inquisitor

      Al and Jesse are always busy getting white girls at massage brothels and…well…so is Oprah.

    • AlexW

      Why don’t you join your local National Action Network branch and start the rally yourself? Don’t wait for others.

    • fuck police

      because yall whites are scared to go to jail yall should be ashamed for not starting a riot over this the LA riot happen because that shit happens on a daily bases there you just dont here about it and good for them for starting that riot im sick and tired of these punk ass police officer to be honest only a bitch calls the cops anyways we dont need them all yall bitch asses can burn in hell i know i dont need to call no bitch ass police officer when im in trouble i handle that shit my self

  • inquisitor

    Before any physical contact…

    “You see these fists?” “They are getting ready to fuck you up.”


    Mission accomplished.


    • Bob_Striffler

      This truly speaks for itself about America!

  • Rob

    This just turns my stomach! What are the chances that new charges will be filed in federal court for civil rights violations?

    • Tijuana Joe

      Good point. The Rodney KIng attackers went to jail on Federal charges, and their attack was no where near as vicious.

      • Mook

        It was well publicized though. This case, like the many others we hear about every day, are swept under the carpet. You won’t see this story on the corporate financed prime time news networks. The public at lodge will instead continue to obsess over themes like Miley Cyrus, reality tv and the impending doom that is the polar vortex, oblivious to what’s really happening. We were also living in a different world back then. In an age where judges now routinely sell prisoners to private prisons, cops have a lot more power. This Gestapo will continue to gain momentum with each such victory. They have a pass to run free, terrorizing the american people.

        A scary time to live in this country!

        • Bob_Striffler

          Don’t forget to buy all that stuff they tell you to. American media is quite the treasonous sellout!

      • Amicus Curia

        Rodney King nearly died from that beating, which left him with a cracked skull. If it wasn’t ‘as vicious’ it was close enough.

        The feds tried Kings attackers because the public rioted. Without such public demonstrations, the feds are unlikely to bring a civil rights suit, even though they should.

      • Bob_Striffler

        I thought they were found not guilty in the Rodney affair and thus the riot or was that the one that happened in Liberty City? You see this happens often in free societies such as America so it gets confusing when there are so many!

    • Rick Myrtue

      Probably none.

    • $910553

      It does not appear that Mr. Thomas was a Preferred Species, while Officer Ramos is. As a result, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of Federal prosecution.

  • Daniel

    And this is why the public needs to arm-up and get ready. If you don’t know how, there are plenty of ex-soldiers with combat experience who are willing to teach you.

    • inquisitor

      Manny “The Butcher Meathooks” Ramos playing the bad cop on the sap gloves.

      Jay “Quasimodo” Cicinelli “keeping his eye out on you” playing the good cop.

    • Amicus Curia

      I’d love to interview a competent ex-soldier and find out what they have to say about constructive self-defense tactics. There’s a low grade civil war taking place on the streets of America today.

  • FtP

    Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit!

  • elizabee

    I honestly feel like I’m going to throw up, unbelievable.

  • Fascist Slayer

    FYI America in a Fascist Nation it’s not against the law for the Gestapo to murder citizens.

  • Fascist Slayer

    Hello America.. Is it just me or does the cop on the right look like he’s morphing
    into something from the Hobbit?? I guess in Fascist Amerika the demons are just planning on coming out in the open.

  • dravo1

    Keep in mind that Fullerton has already paid $1 million to the mother and will likely pay more to the father in his lawsuit. Fullerton will eventually go broke if they don’t smarten up.

    • inquisitor

      Prison time for manslaughter seems appropriate as well.

      • Bob_Striffler

        Murder one and the chair or gas them and put video of it on the air!

    • Amicus Curia

      Taxpayers, possibly, should be on the hook for not holding their officials accountable. They did unseat 3 council members and the police chief, but a tad late. Still, it’s shocking the perpetrators themselves were exonerated. WE are the ones creating these monsters and allowing them to flourish.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Money shouldn’t buy freedom for scumbags like this!

  • TimSto

    I to am appalled by this verdict! This was murder, plain and simple! The jury were people stupid enough to not be able to get out of jury duty!

    • $910553

      The jury were people specifically selected by the defense AND the prosecution to insure this verdict. The only reason the officers were prosecuted at all was because of the public outcry. Now they have swept that under the pig rug.

      NOTHING will change for the better until there are enough dead pig corpses stacked in the streets.

    • Amicus Curia

      Orange County is home to the John Birch Society. It’s open season on social undesireables there. Meryl Streep recently publicly denounced Walt Disney as anti-semitic and a bigot, despite his artistic/creative talent. It’s no wonder he chose Anaheim to create the 1st Disney theme park: Disneyland.

  • Lee-C.

    This is depressing

  • G

    Looks like that the feds will have to move in to bring these cops like they did with the Rodney King trial. Why is it that even when the cops are caught on video do something like this, they are either found innocent or even if gulity, don’t get the book thrown at home compare to citizen?

    • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

      That’s not going to happen with the current administration. The victim isn’t black.

      • ts

        What administration would have jumped/prosecuted on this? Bush? Ha Ha Ha.
        Clinton? Ha ha.
        You think some fuckin t bag repub would? Tell me, what future president would? I would love to hear who you think as president would go after these guys. Chris Chrisite? John Kerry? Hillary?????
        Fact is you don’t have shit to say other than Obama is black. you are a d bag.

        • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

          Of course you immediately jump out there assuming that I was a Bush fan. Or a Republican. I’m a Libertarian, I believe in strict adherance to the Constitution. Obama’s skin color has nothing to do with it, unless that’s where you believe his racist behavior comes from. But then, there is no shortage of people that believe that anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies is racist. That’s what MSNBC tells you.

          • ts

            I named 3 dems and two repubs. Where the hell did I say you were a Bush fan? or republican? — So you think if Obama was white then he would go after the fullerton PD? Anyway, you say you are a libertarian? Even better. Which dimwit libertarian would would sic the big bad government on the little ole Fullerton PD? You want big government in there messing with the nice little local PD that is just trying to do their jobs without big government trying to tell them what to do? Let the free market figure it out!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. vote Ron Paul!!!! Haaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha It really is hilarious that you say because the victim isn’t black that Obama wouldn’t go fed on them. Yet, you don’t want federal gov. in anything (since you are a libertarian). Hypocrisy much? Don’t bother responding you will only sound stupid.

          • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

            Three Democrats, two Republicans, but not a single Conservative. Or anyone that has any respect for the Constitution.

          • yorbles

            Ron Paul.Who did you vote for and how much did you campaign for them?Did you check their voting history on bills?Did you even vote?Troll.

        • DocRambo

          Another low information voter.Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS-gate, and the ObamaCare debacle mean nothing to this libtard. Selective law enforcement by the DOJ, FBI, don’t seem to have registered with this a$$wipe–can’t even watch a video, or look at pictorial evidence and draw the correct conclusions. Probably another product of the California School System.

          • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

            Hey, easy now. I’m a product of the California Public Schools. But I graduated in ’75, before the Communists took over.

        • Amicus Curia

          Jill Stein (Green Party candidate) has guts and would have done something about this if she’d occupied the White House (which she promised to turn into the Green House)!

          • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

            I’m still wary of the Green Party since they had Nader as their candidate.

      • Mook

        If he were black it would get a bit more attention but sadly, odds are they would still get away with it. This is the reality we now live in.

      • Bob_Striffler

        I don’t think it would happen under any administration anymore. The judiciary and all it’s officers of the court minions are far too powerful of a lobby! They hold office in the seats of both houses and at executive levels as Presidents and governors! That was never supposed to be!

    • Mook

      Imagine what really happens behind the scenes in other cases, where there is no video as back-up! These scumbags have free reign to terrorize whomever they like. It’s scary out there. Especially driving. Who knows what could happen if a pig pulls you over these days. I fear for my life.

  • Jim

    You want to change the url to include the word NOT before guilty!

    • Carlos_Miller

      Now it’s too late. Obviously, I was expecting a guilty verdict as I watched the live stream.

      • catherinecc

        It’s weird, in spite of the stuff you see every day, you’re still an optimist.

  • beedogd

    Killing these fucking pigs would be a commendable act.

    • $910553

      And not just the three that were “tried”, but the REST of the pigs who responded, watched, and DID NOTHING.

  • Anon

    Juries are made up of 12 people so dumb they couldn’t even come up with an excuse to get out of jury duty.

  • bj

    Of all the beatings and humiliations, this one is stands out for its sheer cruelty, harshness and depravity. The message the beating and the court finding sends out is horrifying.
    I don’t live in the US but I have to ask, what value are Constitutional rights if they are so routinely ignored and so absolutely spat on. as they were in this case? What happened to your republic?
    I hope to God the thugs who did this are held to account by some means.

    • Mook

      It is a terrible time to be american. I’d personally get the heck out of here if I had a means to. Cops in this country are the modern day Gestapo. Terrible humans…

      • Amicus Curia

        I’ve considered as much, but from what I see (riot porn online), all governments appear to be oppressive. I’m uncertain about Iceland’s, but that’s too cold for this hothouse tomato. Thanks, but I’ll stay right here and try to defend the America I love and hold those who would pervert it accountable.

    • Amicus Curia

      Some advocate ‘street justice’ for these, et ux, egregious miscreants. I’m not so certain vigilante action and mobs are to be recommended. Post their images on every lamp post in their neighborhoods, refuse to speak to or serve them in any fashion. Don’t look at them in their presence or acknowledge them in any way. Shunning is the only form of street justice I’d support. Over time, perhaps they’d move. I certainly wouldn’t want them for neighbors. They are threats to the community and enemies of the people.

      • bj

        I can’t see image you’ve linked but I agree with your point about street justice. Turning violent will only provide justification for attacks, beatings and executions by the police. The People must be better than this. The People ARE better than this.
        Let’s hope the Feds (FBI and DOJ) show some leadership.

  • snap

    I feel sick.

  • Alma Lovell

    Times have changed. A Hispanic cop murders an innocent white man and the people find him not guilty.

    • Amicus Curia

      What’s race got to do with this? A thug is a thug regardless of skin color or race.

  • whatthefuck

    So the cop gave him 3 seconds repeating himself 3 times and that’s all it takes for him to start swinging AS HARD AS HE CAN at an innocent american? Where the fuck are we nazi germany?

    • $910553

      Well no. In Nazi Germany, they only did such things to SPECIFIC groups of people. In the US today, ALL Mere Citizens are fair game for this country’s “finest”.

    • Mook


  • Ernie Menard

    It’s just sickening.

    • $910553

      It’s just typical.

  • PigSlaughter

    The Fullerton PD should be burned to the fucking ground.

    • $910553

      With every Fullerton “Law Enforcement” officer in it.

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

    Will the new opponent please awaken from your anger. Do not announce who you are. Be a smooth, careful and sophisticated opponent. Pick out your goal and study it. Live it. Learn it. Breath it. POUNCE! If it’s easier to pick their loved ones, then our approval is yours.
    Change the course, and steer it back to “The People”.

    Make them paranoid, make us proud.

    • Giovanni

      Check out the SCOTUS decision “John Bad Elk v United States”. I believe it was in 1900 or 1905.

      • Not a Lawyer

        And black people are still 3/5ths of a person and whistling is illegal on Sundays. There are newer laws that supersede Bad Elk.

  • Kenneth Brooks

    Again I call for a national discussion on when lethal force can be used against law enforcement agents in the performance of their duties. Is there any doubt that Kelly could have justifiably used lethal force against these two officers. This is why I believe in concealed carry-self-defense.

    • Amicus Curia

      Kelly would never have gotten off a shot in that situation. Besides, he was a diagnosed schizophrenic. But, the remedy of justifiable homicide by a citizen witnessing the murder/mayhem should be discussed and studied. What citizens need is a superset of the Black Panthers without the racial baggage. There’s a low grade civil war in progress on the streets of America today.

  • Kenneth Brooks

    Again I call for a national discussion as to when lethal force can be used against law enforcement in the performance of their official duties in furtherance of exercising the fundamental right of self defense. Does anyone doubt that Kelly Thomas had the right to employ lethal force against these two officers.

    • Bob_Striffler

      A national discussion when the media won’t even have one? Ha! Ha! Ha! According to the case law I’ve posted here on this cite, the citizenry had a right to put a stop to this beating even if they had to use deadly force!

  • Baddscorpio

    I hope someone tortures their asses to death…

  • truth

    beaner pigs are the worst

    • more tuth

      since he’s white we will never never even hear about it………………….if he was black the president would call a conference……………..

      • ts

        Truth and more thruth more like full of shit and more full of shit. You really think color had anything to do with this? Hey as long as its not someone you know huh, you don’t care right? screw off

    • Dave in IL

      That’s it, fight fascism with more fascism. Tribalism makes people stupid.

    • Bob_Striffler

      We all bleed red, except cops like this bleed yellow!

  • Kenneth Brooks

    A more interesting question is whether a third pRty bystander could have asserted the self defense of a third paru against the police to stop the beating. As citizens afe we obligated to ignore the destruction of a fellow citizen at the hands of the government?

    • $910553

      Try it and find out. I think you know the answer to that question.

    • Mook

      Nice fantasy but this bystander, without a doubt, would have been murdered on the spot.

      • Amicus Curia

        Which is why PLURAL is the operative concept. Do not confront street gangs alone. Isn’t there a black man on death row in Pennsylvania for attempting to defend his brother from a beating by Philadelphia police? I forget his name, but although it happened years ago, it’s reminiscent of this situation except Kelly had no one present to defend him.

      • Bob_Striffler

        Your right and because of our crooked media and crooked courts a bystander would have been murdered by the police!

    • Bob_Striffler

      “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as
      he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus
      it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an
      officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without
      resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

  • Kenneth Brooks

    This verdict saddens me, because I believe every single citizen is now in imminent fear of grevious bodily harm or death when interacting with law enforcement. Even the Federal Government espouses the right to summarily execute citizens who are merely suspected of certain crimes.

    • Mook

      It is a scary time to be an American. No one is safe. No one is immune to the brutality of the police force. They can rape, murder and steal and it’s all another day on the job as far as our Government is concerned. USA… highest incarceration rate in the world!!!!

  • Luc

    As a father, if anyone beat my son to death and got off even though there was video I would take care of things myself. A Pulp Fiction quote comes to mind. I hope Mr Thomas makes things right for his son, eye for an eye.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, cold pipe hittin…

    • $910553

      Better be careful how and where you do it, however. Whoever converted Kentucky Officer Jason Ellis into a “good cop” did it right.

  • Sean

    any police each and every one of these lowlife coward scumbags involved should not only have been convicted, but they should have received the death penalty for their cowardess acts. the jury that let them go should all be locked up simply for being stupid. fullerton police department, you should be ashamed of yourselves for having such garbage on your force. you are such an embarassment to every law enforcement department across the country for not putting these thugs behind bars before this happened, because im sure this isnt their first crime while hiding behind their badges like the cowards they are. if karma has its way, each of these cowards will be wiped off the face of the earth like annoying mosquitoes. then and only then will justice be served.

  • alexanderrogge

    Where to begin? The most effective answer was to simply stop Ramos while he was putting on gloves and making threats of intimidation. That was the first red flag that something bad was about to happen, and that what appeared to be a law enforcer was actually a criminal who was about to cause the death of the victim. No legitimate cop should have approached a suspect as we can hear in the video. For the same reason that an officer named Nidal Hasan could have reasonably been stopped before he began the murder of 13 victims at Foot Hood, a cop who is acting strangely should be considered illegitimate and a dangerous threat. Just because they have a uniform doesn’t mean that they’re sane.

    Pretend that that scene didn’t happen, and we start with the victim on the ground. How incompetent are these guys? I’ve seen gang fights go better than this. First of all, if the victim didn’t match a suspect description and didn’t present a threat to public safety, running from the police isn’t a reason to chase somebody down and hit him. Then, once he was on the ground, it should have been a simple task to hold him there and restrain him.

    Screaming obscenities and making unreasonable demands of a person under duress doesn’t do anything except escalate the violence. Kicking, punching, and hitting with hard objects also escalates the violence. Then the electrocution started, followed by more of the previous violence, and still they were not able to subdue the victim? I suggest that these perpetrators knew that they were escalating the violence while they were doing it, and they used this escalation to claim that the victim was “resisting” them. The only way to resist them from the point of being smashed into the pavement was to do a George Zimmerman on them. The difference was that Zimmerman was able to react and save his life, but this victim died because he didn’t know how to fight and was unable to defend himself. He may be another victim of a depopulation agenda, like several other mentally-challenged individuals who fell victim to police violence when they didn’t immediately understand how to do what they were being yelled at to do.

    On the street to the movie theater, mentally-challenged individuals have been vulnerable to a police mindset that doesn’t allow for patience and an understanding that most people aren’t adjusted to knowing what sentence fragments like “hands behind your back” and “on your stomach” mean, especially when their lives are being threatened by a burly man who has suddenly appeared in their field-of-view and isn’t explaining why he is threatening them. There is too often an assumption that every person on the street is a criminal who has been taught the entire arrest and booking process, but that is a wrong assumption, and a dangerous one.

    I didn’t understand what Ramos meant by “put your feet out in front of you.” I thought that the victim did what Ramos was demanding, and that Ramos was interested in seeing his feet for identification. He didn’t say “straighten your legs out in front of you and cross your ankles.” He didn’t use touch to indicate what he wanted. Next was that nonsense about “put your hands on your knees.” Why would he want that? The suspect is already seated. Inform him that he is being detained for reasons stated; place him in handcuffs, stand him up, search, name, release or arrest. It’s really simple, even for a schizophrenic. The victim was not violent until he was being assaulted. Ramos, and whoever else was assaulting this homicide victim, are a disgrace to law enforcement. If there was ever a reason for cameras to be recording on every streetcorner, here it is. At least we have documentation of what happens when cops go insane, and can show others what not to do in similar situations.

  • PeterGriffinsToilet

    The Stasi is in full control, nothing to see here, move along…. I wonder if all posters at this site are on a list that is forwarded to their local precincts as “potential problems” . According to statistics relating our prison industrial complex and their thug suppliers (armed, badged scumbags like these guys) we imprison people at a higher rate than anywhere else. When you add in all the individuals like this gentlemen who end up dead in the street, or who end up with the shit beat out of them then sent home scared with their tail between their legs, uncharged the number of people terrorized/enslaved by the Stasi is enormous and uncountable. Kelly Thomas today, you or me tomorrow, until all the takers, people of color, uncooperative types etc. are enslaved by the “justice system” producing income for the corporate overlords with their forced labor. Caged slavery. This is conditioning, getting you comfortable with the idea of your neighbors being murdered in the street. We have also learned that to do anything to protect these neighbors or assert your rights in cases like this will likely leave you dead in the street or locked in a cell with trumped up charges. The LEAST impotent thing we are able to do is video record the thugs from a secure indoor location the Stasi has no access to. Because if you video from a public place, there is a good chance your phone will be stolen, and you will be caged under the guise of obstructing this or endangering that. Finally, this case shows that EVEN WITH video evidence, it doesn’t matter. These pigs didn’t shoot a man they considered a threat. A large group of them ganged up on an unarmed man and slowly beat him to death with their feet and hands for almost 10 minutes in the middle of the street while he begged for his life. Most importantly, we have now been told that these behaviors are appropriate and fine, and what you and I should expect in the future. It is too late to change this with a video camera. Like Kelly, our death will just be recorded in the streets for the future entertainment/training of the Stasi. If you make even a cursory attempt to institute changes or remove power from the Stasi, you will end up dead in the street or in a cell. Terrified and impotent, fully conditioned, they have the masses right where they want them. I am so ashamed that this is what has become of our country, mostly because the citizenry has been lulled to sleep by comfort and conveniences, where the sacrifice they would have to make to keep their country hold less value to them then the comforts they have and the things they own. What is a few dead neighbors while I am watching TV, or searching the net for porn?

    • Rail Car Fan

      You realize that “Paragraphs” are your friend..!!

      Rail Car Fan

      • Bob_Striffler

        Do you know how many times I put paragraphs in and they just go together after posting?

      • PeterGriffinsToilet

        You’re right, my apologies. Sometimes I just get so emotional after reading stories like this, I end up in an angry flow or zone and don’t always pause to even look up. I hope my larger points were not lost in the jumble.

      • Amicus Curia

        So is a sustainable attention span.

    • Bob_Striffler

      I use my real name, I’m easy to find and I’ll hopefully be ready when they come to snuff this rooster! It may happen sooner then you or I think! I’ve received death threats for quite a while now! That’s why I already have two videos of standoffs I’ve had with the police! I didn’t hold back then and I won’t when the time comes!

      • PeterGriffinsToilet

        The important part, IMO, is making sure that “when the time comes” is the same for everybody, all at once.

      • Amicus Curia

        It’s true–speak out against the corruption and they WILL come looking for you to retaliate. This is not a tin hat hypothesis, but as real as these videos. I’ve personally experienced it for as little as criticizing an agency or attempting to photograph an official denying a handicapped young mother accommodation. This is no exaggeration. Burying our collective heads in the sand will not eliminate the problem. We simply must STOP creating these monsters and allowing them to flourish.

        • Bob_Striffler

          I’ve had all I can possibly stand and will one day soon provide the videos of the two stand offs I had with the police where I practically begged them to open my door! It will happen one day I have no doubt! The cops told me I’d leave in a body bag and when I told this to the judge in open court, the Bailiff started giggling like a bitch, so I called him one and asked if he was freaking retarded! At which point they dragged me out of the court! Oh then I beat those charges too! But I’ve received worse death threats then that. Even two City Council Members here received threats for speaking out about the behavior of the police here in Brevard County! They were harassed resigned and left! That’s America Strong!

  • Tink


  • B2K

    5 fat worthless copse can’t cuff one man

    • Bob_Striffler

      The poor bastard only weighed a hundred pounds! He cried for his father while they beat him to death! His father was a former cop! Now the father repeatedly hears his son’s cries for help and it’s never going to go away! Judicial Rape of the system!

      • Amicus Curia

        It must be like hearing your child scream for help as they are burned to death.

        • bj

          I’m a father but I can’t even imagine the pain his parents must have felt when watching that video and hearing their son’s screams. The strength the father showed immediately after the jury finding (in the interviews and live streams from the street) was nothing short of heroic. I cannot put the two together; the level strength in the face of that kind of pain. I was left speechless and in awe.
          He called for constructive change, not violence. Some other people who ARE advocating violence could so well to listen to his words.

  • Boomer

    For the first time in my life of 59 years, I’m actually afraid of the police in this country.

    This entire attack was recorded in both audio and video, and with a few legal tricks, a few outright lies, and a jury of people who couldn’t think beyond their tidy little homes, a man was beaten to death and that action was endorsed.

    Add in the actions of Ramos’ family and supporters during the trial and you get a clear image that once someone puts on that badge they’re immune from any real oversight.

    Kelly Thomas’ father Steve, on a local radio program last night, noted that this verdict sends a clear message to citizens and law enforcement alike that anything goes, as long as you can make a convincing enough argument after the fact that your life was in danger.

    Even with the overwhelming video evidence of what happened to him, the murderers of Kelly Thomas will go free, and I would imagine will probably resume their law enforcement careers. I really didn’t understand the LA riots in ’92, even though I was appalled at what I saw in George Holliday’s video. Now, I think I understand much more clearly what that rage was all about.

    I’ll never trust anyone in law enforcement ever again.

    • Bob_Striffler

      I’s the god damned judiciary and our filthy media that are the enablers to this freaking nightmare we live under! And our legislators that are supposed to be a check and balance should be tied to the bumpers of cars and torn apart!

  • ACAB

    All Cops Are Bastards. All bullets will be returned!!

  • Bob_Striffler

    Great America is evil and I fucking hate these shithole full of scum! The Muslims are right America is the great Satan! Anybody who don’t like what I said stick it!

    • Amicus Curia

      America has many warts. It also has many virtues. Ultimately, it is my own, my native land and I refuse to abandon her in this hour of need.

      • Bob_Striffler

        It’s orchestrated media owned by a Mob Rule fake Government is what has abandoned America and has deliberately and openly RE- PROGRAMMED the American People, not me or you of any of us mere mortal citizens. WE are canon fodder now! The root of the weed is clear to see! Everybody knows that it takes action and not words to get rid of weeds! It’s become words on paper that are the weeds supported by a corrupt institution that manufactures these paper words that cause death, destruction and moral decay! This oppression (weed) is being forced on a populous that has lost their collective voice, to even use words of truth to counter these words of weeds! Moral of the story action speaks louder then words! These glorified wordsmiths have declared self-regulation and immunity for their words and through these words send warriors out to do their bidding unchallenged. The results of bidding are victims, those of us here and elsewhere. This war on accountability is being suppressed yet has been going on with many of us involved, for decades. After decades with the situation continuing to degrades a person comes to the realization that mass media controls the talking points and the words of truth will continue to be re-directed or suppressed at the whim of the Mob Rule!

        • Bob_Striffler

          What really are America’s virtues? A lot of nice stuff and let’s not forget all the virtuous saints. The thing about saints especially well worded ones is Saints are easy to find when they actually and personally have nothing at stake!

  • Mook

    These scumbags should be beaten to a bloody pulp, lit aflame and dragged through the streets. The police are our nation’s enemies.

  • Amicus Curia

    There’s not much left to say, which would be dangerous in the face of our Nazi overseers.

  • Bob_Striffler

    Does Mister Meyers think that Filthy cesspool of a courthouse should be burned to the ground?! They were scared a riot was going to happen back when they viciously murdered this disabled kid so they shut off service to the cellphones in fear of a flash mob! I hope like hell a riot ensues and burns Fullerton to the ground as well! What a filthy untrustworhty rat-hole America’s Judiciary is! This is why I a dance a jig every time a cop gets killed in this country! What the hell fake kind of law does Great America practice! This is far worse then what finally caused the Arab Spring in Egypt! AAARRRGGGHHH! Fucking NAZI scum!

    • Amicus Curia

      While there are far too many violent/incompetent LEO’s, it is we who tolerate/create them. All cops are NOT bastards! Sentiments to the contrary is only yet another variety of bigotry. More than the police, it is the jury which I’d like to have a chat with.

  • Bob_Striffler

    Doesn’t American policy now call for pre-emptive strikes? Why yes, yes it does!

  • Bob_Striffler

    America needs a few elite teams of “Inglorious Bastards” to deal with the NAZI’s and carve swastika’s into the survivors skulls as a reminder!

  • john

    bring that fat f and crooked eyed bastard around me and my friend out of uniform. That is just wrong.

  • Bob_Striffler

    After Bad elks came a string upholding the precedence set in plummer which came before bad elks! Then a few later upholdings came this “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.
    Then of course there is this 2006 case in Indiana which upholds Runyan and plummer, yet there was no cop killed in this case. But they make the point clear!


    Then of course there is this old case out Georgia “
    One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910). The list goes on from texas to NC!

  • Bob_Striffler

    And here is vide of the Fullerton prosecutor claiming the right of citizens…..


  • c
  • Bob_Striffler

    Pre-emptive strikes, how about retaliatory strikes? How about both as an only obvious means of protecting people from this horrid Un-American abuse since we can have no trust in the judiciary! Or is this the REAL America and they’ve been playing you for a long time!

  • Bob_Striffler

    My favorite police brutality video! See if you can guess why?


    • nobootlickinghere

      And THAT is the only way this will ever stop. I get so sick of watching YT videos of “suspects” being beaten – and the onlookers simply shout “stop that! You’re hurting him!”. If those standing around screaming actually took action and made the cops run for their lives, they might just think twice the next time.

  • Lisa Williams-Sears

    Those cops should all be fired!

  • Kenneth Brooks

    The roots of this problem lies in the Reagan era when he shut down funding for mental health. In 2009 ninety percent of the mentally disturbed citizens in San Jose died during the arrest. Why did ‘t Kelly’s family take care of him? Where is the church? So many fallacies of American society is demonstrated by this situation I could spend hours discussing. What I will say is this. If these offi ers kill again it will be the fault of the jurors-it will be as though each juror performed the killing.

    • Bob_Striffler

      The jurors, what they were allowed to learn from what and how it was presented and the jury instructions manipulated them or the jury was fixed. Because nobody in their right mind could have allowed those cops to get away with that cowardly and horrific American disgrace! The Judiciary is not independent, is corrupt and is no longer trustworthy of being the sole arbitrator and administrator of justice and the Constitution. It has and is trashing and abusing that authority and trust blatantly! It has over and over again proved this not just by what was caught on this video but the tens of thousands of videos across the internet that show police abuse, practically legalized! Remember all cops are members of the judiciary and their lobby as “officers of the court! If this was limited to just police abuse and not across the entire judicial spectrum, you would not easily find so many cases of the bilking of wills probate and estates etc…. You would not so readily find the surreal rulings where even big business prevails over Constitutional rights. Example the supposed “Citizens United” Ruling, corporations are people and money is free speech! You think the citizens were really united on that? Laws are being used by a small numbered Mob Rule to legalize jobs leaving this country by the millions thru ignoring tariffs which were supposed to protect those jobs. AKA NAFTA! Immigration laws are being ignored specifically to help flood the labor market even further, which was supposed to work under supply and demand as well as the pricing of goods and services! Thus lowering the average Americans buying power and standard of living. Yes laws and the Judiciary in particular is the tool for this Mob Rule AKA Trickle Down Economics, Supply Side Economics and now it’s been re-named again and being touted as Free Market Solutions! It’s why Anti-trust Laws are also being done away with! Americans can’t compete with cheap foreign labor that benefits the few and no country has ever economically survived consuming more than it produces! This is economics 101! Who owns Washington now that American Worker Unions have been decimated and have lost their collective bargaining voice as a check and balance against big foreign multinationals? But look the law says so! That piece of paper law is not made out of Kevlar! Don’t think of this in narrow terms. Look at the bigger picture! Think outside the box! Jefferson warned the Judiciary is the largest and most dangerous branch of government! How is it that Lawyers (officers of the court) the Judicial branch are over represented by holding office as legislators in the other two branches and at executive levels across the United States! That’s way, way , way too much power!

  • Guest

    Obviously there’s wrong right here. The guy’s face was smashed. That didn’t just happen. But there’s bureaucracy here which interferes with justice.

  • Tony Mena

    Obviously there’s something wrong here. His face was smashed, that didn’t just happen – bureaucracy interfered with justice.

    • Bob_Striffler

      The judiciary is broken and downright blatantly untrustworthy! Just-us interfered with justice!

  • AlexW

    justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails,
    and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized
    conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor
    property will be safe.”

    Frederick Douglass

  • yorbles

    I just sent this tape to my senator and asked her to push to prosecute on a federal level. send it to yours if you care and show your friends.It is a start.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Your Senator is full of shit like my Senator and will tell you that’s the Judicial Branch and they have no authority over it. I have video recorded conversations with my Senator Bill Nelson to confirm this! These Senators only goals are to make money for themselves and their higher donating contributors! After that it’s supposed to trickle down. They’ve known for years that it doesn’t “Trickle Down” but it’s real easy to line their pockets and increase their standards of living! Money and power is their heroin! And once your addicted they can’t see anything else! They know that many of us know this and that’s the real reason for the FEMA Camps!

  • Zachary Frank

    Cops have a hard job, no doubt. But these two are nothing short of callous killers. Hopefully justice can be served

  • lee

    i hope there children get beaten to death by homeless people

  • Frodo

    If this were some random citizen this would have been a very different verdict. Homeless people get less sympathy than a dog.

  • bzflagkilljoy
  • William Marquez

    Does anyone know how many murder trials only take two days?

    • $910553

      Any trial the prosecutor has no desire to win will not run longer than that.

  • CV

    America you have left two murderers to walk free.

  • Jol

    This is so disturbing i feel sick. So this homeless guy gets absolutely destroyed by 4 cops for what? Not putting his feet out straight and not putting his hands on his knees? This is sickening. Thank god I don’t live in America.

    • o0THX11380o

      Yes, and all while being tasered in the face repeatedly… This whole thing makes me so mad. Just look at the cops’ pictures. They couldn’t look more like degenerate criminals if they tried. Hopefully justice will find them eventually. What they did to that man was beyond horrific.

  • Fuck you.

    I’d stab both those motherfucking cops in the god damn throat with a fucking serrated blade, fucking mutts.

  • Chickenfried Zombies

    this breaks my heart

  • Bob_Striffler

    3) Ha! HA! Ha! Way to go Andrew, Carlos and Jeff! I’m so freaking happy! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody go watch this link that millions and millions and millions watched!!!!!!!!! http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/vide… They watched it on the mainstream! Now guess what happens? A Shitload more will now be watching!!!!!!!!! Thank you Carlos! Jeff! and Andrew! Kudos my brothers…that means something! The barrier is starting to be broken! Everybody needs to be vigilant and work that much harder now! Oh and EX-Cop Law Student…piss-off! As always! Thanx for providing the link Elliot Whitlow!

  • Bob_Striffler

    I remember you from the 70’s wanting to beat up pacifists, pussy! I grew up bitch! You got me confused with somebody else! AARRGGHH!

  • Bob_Striffler

    AARRGGHH! Free speech huh! It ain’t just talk! I’m sick of it! Be a man and print that and I’ll back it up! It’s what we need and you know it! I’ve heard all the tough talk and seen all the tough smack for years on the airwaves! Wake up, this ain’t the American way and I’ll be god Damned if this shit gets forced down my throat! The real loudmouthed punks need to start being scared themselves! Instead of talking their shit on the airwaves while talking about Jesus in the same breath!

  • Toma

    Ramos looks like a cartel member.

  • Ian Lammond

    You people are lucky i don’t live in your country!

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    With this miscarriage of justice why should I or people like me continue risking our lives doing what we do? If Stoll and Erskine had beat me to death instead of just illegally arresting me they most likely would have gotten away with it. This has a profound chilling effect on holding government officials accountable.

  • FernSaidIt

    If you could talk you could breathe. Dont do drugs. Dont be a smartass to the law. And if it takes more than 3 dudes to control a skinny bum you have a weakass team. Go lift and run and stop eating greasyass donuts.

  • TheOne

    don’t restrict gun laws, I guess we need them against cops. I’d rather be a murderer than murdered.

  • JoergenGeerds

    Just in case the whitehouse petition wasn’t mentioned here yet, it’s missing a couple of thousand signatures.

  • Bob_Striffler

    Journalist’s last blog post was about Kelly Thomas right before being beaten to death herself.

    And if America’s fake freedom bullshit isn’t predictable enough, some idiots want to pass another feel good law in regards to Kelly because America didn’t have the integrity to do the right thing from day one, as usual! These scumbag cops want their jobs back! I say give them their jobs back, they’ll be easier to find out there on the beat! Talk about predictable, I’ll bet they successfully sue for wrongful dismissal!