High School Kid Gets Bullied on Camera Before Getting Suspended for “Instigating” Fight After School Deputy Lies

A California high school student was suspended after a deputy accused him of instigating a fight with another boy despite the fact that a cell phone video clearly shows he was walking away from the boy who kept pushing and shoving and hoping to instigate a fight.

However, the assistant principal never bothered watching the video nor decide to talk to any witnesses to justify Kobe Nelson’s suspension.

Instead, she based her decision on allegations from San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy Louis Ortiz, who mocked and ridiculed Nelson for being too skinny then accused him of instigating. Ortiz also warned Nelson that he if returned to school within two days, he would be arrested.

However, the boy’s father, Tommy Purvis, a journalist friend who lives in California, is livid about the treatment of his son and is doing everything in his power to remove the suspension as well as complain about Ortiz.

He is meeting with the sheriff’s department Tuesday morning to complain about Ortiz lying about the events that led up to the altercation.

Purvis provided the following synopsis:

I was called Wednesday afternoon by Assistant Principal Gayle Ross from Etiwanda High School. I was told Kobe was being suspended for two days for being involved in a fight. I asked to talk with Kobe. He told me that a San Bernardino County Sheriff deputy was looking at him. It was clear that he was not hurt. I told him to be compliant, and we’d figure the rest out later.

I would have picked Kobe up from school, but I was four hours away by car. My wife went to pick him up from school instead. She also gave his friend from the football team a ride home. I briefly talked to Kobe. He told me a real quick version of the story.  His friend told me the same thing. Kobe had been pushed around, but he did not fight back.

I first saw the video Thursday afternoon. I’d just arrived home, and I wanted to first hear Kobe’s full side of the event in person before contacting Ross again. He told me that he was pushed around by a guy on the wrestling team. The guy was jealous over an ex-girlfriend that had been paying attention to Kobe. It was the same person that he had previously been bullied by at Summit Middle School.

Kobe told me that there were at least seven film versions of the encounter going around the school.

I called the school to speak with Ross, but I talked with her secretary. She confirmed that she was in the office when Kobe was brought in for questioning. Kobe was trying to walk off his anger after the situation when he was met by a campus security officer. The officer took him to Ross. She was questioning Kobe when San Bernardino County Sheriff Deputy Louis Ortiz came into her office.

Kobe made an effort to tell Ross that he was confronted, pushed, and thrown to the ground by his backpack. It was then that Ortiz began to mock Kobe. He told Kobe that the fight was his fault for being a victim. He told Kobe that if he bulked up than he’d be safer. Ross did not correct Ortiz.

I was told on Thursday afternoon by Ross’ secretary that an end of suspension meeting would be held Friday at 2 PM. I went to Etiwanda early Friday morning before work. I was not aware if Ross had seen the video. She would not watch it with me. She told me to turn it off, she’d already seen it. Kobe had been suspended for instigating the fight, not for physical force.

Ross told me that the Chaffey Joint Union High School Education Code gave her the right to suspend Kobe for instigating the fight. It would not be expunged from his records. I was told that Kobe had threatened to beat up the bully through the ex-girlfriend. I was given no proof of the allegations. Kobe told me that he never threatened the bully. The aggressor was simply jealous that his ex-girlfriend had tweeted about meeting Kobe over winter break.

I then sent Ross a follow up email, along with a text message from the ex-girlfriend to Kobe. I went to the San Bernardino County Sheriff to file a citizen complaint after work on Friday afternoon. I will send the complaint after I file it in the morning.

The assistant principal has since requested to see the video, even though she claimed she had already seen it. Below is the text exchange between Kobe and the girlfriend of the bully.

UPDATE: Email superintendent Matthew Holton through here.




About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Daniel Wood


    This is where you can email the superintendant, Mathew Holton. I suggest everybody do so in support of Kobe.


    This is where you can email Miss Ross herself.

    On a side note, shit like this is why some kids end up shooting up schools. They get bullied, if they try to defend themselves they get in trouble. If they try to walk away they get in trouble. They’re told by authorities that it’s their own fault for being bullied. Is it really surprising that some of them see no other alternatives than a gun?

    • FitzND

      Sent an email earlier today, and received a response in 6 minutes from the Deputy Superintendent. Not sure if it was copy/pasted or an actual response, but at least I know it was looked at by a human being.

    • george Murphy

      Thanks Daniel!! Great photo and great post, too!

  • LastManOutTheDoor

    E-mail link (click on the envelop icon) for Assistant Principal Gayle Ross, Etiwanda High School; if you think you might have something to say about the situation. I know I do!


  • Momofsmiths

    Shame on the deputy, but even more so, shame on the assistant principal – she has no business working in the education field if she has so little respect for the truth.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      This happened to a friend in highschool. He said to me, “I’m gonna kill you, Jude”, after another friend and I stuffed his hood full of leaves during lunch. A girl that was twice the distance away from him as we were thought he said “I’m gonna kill you all” and told the administrators that he was making a bomb threat (this was two weeks after Columbine). The asst principal did not care to hear my side of the story or my other friend’s story, because we’re “this guy’s friends and would lie for him”. Who cares if he was a> facing us; b> talking to us; c> we know WHY he would say exactly what he said; d> was only ten feet away from us instead of the twenty he was away from the person who reported him. Luckily, when he had his school board hearing, they wanted to hear our story AND admonished the dude who blew it off to begin with because he “didn’t have a fair interest in the truth as someone in his position should”.

  • inquisitor

    This actually looks more like gang activity.
    At 1:20 in the video there is a comment “Don’t go to the office white boy”.
    The actual instigator looks to be latin as is the lying deputy Javier Ortiz.
    This could also be a hate crime against a white student.
    Just a tip to your lawyer.

    A real shame the assistant principal made this obviously very bad call.
    One has to wonder why such an imbalanced judgment and decision was made.
    Something stinks.

    More good cops…

    • jiznik

      It’s not gang related. People say that type of stuff all the time at our school, but at the same time Kobe is not the best kid. He made fun of the band as we ran around the track and was suspended for that. But still I do feel bad for him and I’m kind of angry cause this has always been my problem with how schools deal with fights. They don’t listen and they just punish anyone who’s involved because they’re to scared to deal with the situation correctly. They don’t want to be responsible. This is particularly stupid because you can be jumped like in this case and stillstill be punished. Instead they should actually look into this stuff before putting on a student’s record that they got suspended even though it isn’t their fault.

  • Peter Holmberg

    I’m sorry, but I’m not from the US. Why would this event even attract the attention of the police? Can’t the school handle these issues by themselves?

    • lberns

      Schools have become mini-prisons here in the good ole fascist states of ‘merca, Peter. These are environments that are very attractive to costumed thugs.

      • Uncommon_sense

        actually they are more like collection-points for “customers” for OUR corporate judical/convictioon/imprisonment system

    • jcfromnj

      A good point missed by most Americans who don’t see the whole picture.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      I’m sure the rest of the world knows about our school shootings, right? That’s when it all started – 4/20/99 – Columbine. Police started being stationed in most high schools across the country after that. They try to keep control of fights and the like so they can’t ever blow up to the point of Columbine.

      Iberns has it correct, though – it’s very fascist in nature. They harass students and make you feel like you are in prison. It’s a convenient system in poor communities – you often have kids going from jail to prison and they never have to worry about living in the real world and struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder.

    • DocRambo

      Unfortunately, in this country, education courses, and the paths to obtaining teaching certification are not the most rigorous of academic disciplines, and many less that bright types end up as teachers. Many who do not like teaching, find that additional courses, at a graduate level, enable them to be administrators, and they can rise above the crowd and not have to teach, make more money, have a cushy time schedule, and with all the “zero-tolerance policies,” they do not have to use any rational thought processes, common sense, or “work” at any time. When a situation like this develops that could be handled by anyone with an IQ over 80, and a modicum of common sense, these liberal a$$wipes fail repeatedly. Hopefully, this family can find a lawyer with integrety and make these idiots pay. After seeing the video of the incident, what righteous, moral person wouldn’t solve this in the correct manner. Makes me think there is something going on between the assistant principal and the deputy, for her to be so intransigent and not do the right thing.

      • http://www.rockinghorseguy.com/ TheFlashingScotsman

        And the most ignorant of the ignorant rise to the top, as principal. This one might even go further up the school district’s chain of command.

      • Jim Jones

        > When a situation like this develops that could be handled by anyone with an IQ over 80 and a modicum of common sense these goose stepping reactionaries fail repeatedly.


    • Matt Mccarthy

      In the wake of some of the larger school shooting in the 90’s, many districts began replacing disciplinarians with active police agents. In Texas for instance, legislation was passed in the early/mid 90s due to “gang violence” that allowed ANY public school district to incorporate their own publicly funded Police Precinct. Many did. So now you have like “John Hopkin’s Elementary Police Dept.”

      What’s truly horrifying is that in many places where these schools have been turned into outright prisons, is that behavioral issues are no longer under the school’s purview. So instead of getting ‘detention’ et al, some schools are just issuing criminal citations. i.e. “perfume girl” http://www.kidsandkartels.com/?p=172

      • Peter Holmberg

        Oh yeah, that explains it. Thanks.

        It’s pretty sad when the police starts actively looking for crimes and/or convicting youth for what in my country would be forgotten after a 15 minute talk between the bully, the bullied and a teacher or other school staff.

        • TheMick

          You also have to factor in the fact that most of our police force are no better than common criminals and gangsters themselves.

        • Uncommon_sense

          a school is no place for police, or anyone else with a gun. when i was a kid cops coming into the schools did not bring their guns.

          the really sad thing is that everyone in the system thinks she/he is doing the right thing when the cops get involved at school. i guess they are going to “teach these kids a lesson” and “set them on the straight and narrow” by showing them what it’s like to be arrested..

          in reality the right thing is for ALL ADULTS to teach ALL kids, but clearly school administrators and police are “too busy for that,” and most citizens are afraid of getting into trouble by talking to someone else’s kids.

          i dunno, i guess i just think a kid should be able to make some mistakes and recover from them without Johnny Law getting another checkmark next to his name for arresting him.

  • Jamesdiamond
    • Jamesdiamond
      • Elliott Whitlow

        Left a nice pair of messages on their page..

    • Mitch McKenzie

      Wrong facebook link.. Different Etiwanda High school. Your link is for a K-8 school district, not a high school.

      • Jamesdiamond

        read on the very top of the site it states that the high school page was merged with that one

        • Jamesdiamond

          Etiwanda School District

          Etiwanda High School was merged with this page · 295 likes · 31 talking about this

          • Jamesdiamond

            If you search for Etiwanda High School the link it shows redirects to that page and gives the message about it being merged.

          • Mitch McKenzie

            Note the facebook link below also states the proper school district name https://www.facebook.com/pages/Etiwanda-High-School/103807862991761?nr=251403561591501

          • Mitch McKenzie

            Also on the top it asks if this was done by mistake by facebook, which it clearly was, as Etiwanda Highschool is in the Chaffy unified School district. The page clearly says they are K-8 only, and the Etiwanda High School website clearly says they are in the Chaffy School district. NOTE THE LINK HERE : http://cjuhsd-ca.schoolloop.com/

            To help facebook, answer that it is not the right school as they ask you to tell them if it isn’t.

  • alexanderrogge

    Here is another example of bullying that is ignored by school bureaucrats. Even worse, it sounds like Ortiz is suggesting that fighting back is the answer. Maybe he’s right, since the school administrators won’t help. I was just like this victim, and I still am. The kid did the right thing by walking away and not escalating the violence. He should be rewarded for controlling the situation. That’s the sort of cool head that I’d want with me in a critical situation.

    By ignoring the problem of bullying, and punishing the victim, the bureaucrats only serve to increase the violent emotions that can be harbored inside a person. One day it could snap, and another tragedy will occur, after which those same school administrators will likely deny that they had any clue about why anyone would do something violent against himself or a school.

    Being roughed up like this isn’t so bad, one time. There wasn’t any apparent property damage or serious injury. The bully actually said something right, in that the victim shouldn’t go to the Office. Why not? Because the school administrators won’t listen. He should have simply left well enough alone, and told his parents. Bullying becomes more serious when it is frequent, in school and on the Internet, and when it begins to do damage to person or property.

    If only he could take the money that the government claims to be spending on his education, and move to a different school. This place looks like a prison, except that there aren’t any Corrections Officers like there are in a prison. Physical violence, even so slight as this, would be dealt with swiftly before it got out of hand. School administrators, however, like to ignore the problem until it becomes so serious that the news media begins asking questions, or there’s a tragedy as a result of the amplification of juvenile bullying by school administrators. I wonder how many course sections these administrators at Etiwanda High teach each semester. Maybe if they spent more time teaching, they would understand the plight of some students who are victims of bullying.

    • Robert McCall

      I went through horrific bullying in high school. Every day was some sort of new torture or beating. After two years of impotent responses from the faculty and my own parents I finally broke and retaliated in very extreme ways to the point that no one would bother me any more. Thirty two years later I still have classmates who know to avoid me when they meet me in public. And for all the blather about bullying nothing has changed. The cool kids can bully anyone they want and they get away with it. The only thing that ever gets through to them is pain and suffering in disproportionate measure to what they hand out.

      • alexanderrogge

        The bullying doesn’t end after high-school, either. Teachers get bullied by other teachers and administrators, schoolbus drivers get bullied by administrators, federal contract employees get bullied by federal bureaucrats, federal employees get bullied by other federal employees. Remember Challenger? Remember Columbia? Report a problem and recommend a delay, and the boss bullies you into submission. It’s everywhere, behavior that is accepted in high-school and never resisted by people who have no spine to stand up to these authoritarian individuals who learn to use their positions of political power to get what they want, which is more power.

  • Ian Battles

    Let’s call his boss and ask if it’s department policy to fabricate charges.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      No, no -we should all go beat up this guy and say it’s his fault for being small, right? We’ll just tell the sheriff that he’s too small and we had to do it!

      • Bob_Striffler

        Maybe the sheriff should be beat up for being small? I didn’t even get to see the sheriff so I’m talking about the size of his nuts being small of course!

      • TheMick

        That is the best idea I’ve ever heard!!!

  • Mark Moore

    In the video, Hispanic students on at least three (3) separate occasions, commit assault and battery against Kobe. At 1:20 a voice is heard shouting, “Don’t go to the office white boy!” Thus, the main instigator, the surrounding instigators, and Deputy Javier Ortiz all appear Hispanic, while the true victim, Kobe, appears white.

    On January 8, 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice promulgated a culturally Marxist policy that directs school administrators to reduce the discipline accessed against blacks and Hispanics. See http://www.php.com/doj-announced-guidelines-reduce-disproportionate-discipline-minorities-and-stop-criminalizing-school (January 8, 2014).
    Accordingly, the school administration refused to discipline the true aggressors – the Hispanic students – not because of traditional notions of fault and innocence, but rather because of culturally Marxist DOJ directives and policy that mandate a reduction in the discipline accessed against blacks and Hispanics.

    Whether at fault or innocent, Kobe is white and therefore fair game for the cultural

    • jcfromnj

      I’ll read it, very insightful….

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      No, they said to reduce discipline to a fair level because non-white students are often punished for the same infractions at a higher level.

      But please, continue on your pro-white tirade, racist.

      • Kenneth Bankers

        Umm so Punishing a white kid cause ( He started it BS ) He is white isnt Racist WOW. Love to live in your world where only whites do wrong.

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          What are you even talking about?

          I’m talking about the link above, which has nothing to do with this case and everything to do with Mark Moore’s insane nonsense about a new directive from the government to treat students the same when it comes to discipline.

      • guest

        Learn to actually know what you are talking about. Not to mention, when did it become racist to be pro white? Is it racist to be pro black ?

        It has NOTHING to do with minorities being punished for the same infraction at a higher level. Did you even read what was written?

        “The administration of student discipline can result in unlawful discrimination based on race…if a policy is neutral on its face— meaning that the policy itself does not mention race—and is administered in an evenhanded manner but has a disparate impact, i.e., a disproportionate and unjustified effect on students of a particular race.”
        In other words, even a fair policy is racist. It is a nonsensical statement.

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          1. It’s racist to be pro-any race.

          2. I read the actual guidelines on a government website, not on some secondhand source that is free to edit them as they see fit, or interpret them in a manner that fits their worldview.

          • Bob_Striffler

            It’s racist to be pro-any race! Amen to that! But really none of this is about race. This was a typical schoolyard bully altercation over a white girl both the bully and the victim liked. It’s been re-played in thousands of playgrounds for hundreds of years. It’s possible it could have turned racist but maybe the kids there were cut from a better cloth then everyone here who is arguing this racial theme? From watching the video and comments from the victim, I don’t even get how it turned into this?

      • DocRambo

        Aptly named. Watch the video JI, even someone with your limited IQ, and socially stunted background should be able to see the problem. But, the kid is white, so he probably deserved it, right? (Sarc.){For the libtards out there}

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          The video has nothing to do with the directive Moore posted about. I find it hilarious that you insulted my IQ when you could so grossly misread my post, which was directly in reply to another post. Did you not read the post I replied to?

          It is you that is intellectually challenged.

          • DocRambo

            Take your meds you vile troglodyte. It has everything to do with it. Do not post while impaired.

    • Joseph Murray

      Cultural Marxists. What does that even mean?! You sound like a loon.

      • guest

        No, you sound like an uneducated bufoon.

        Cultural marxist is a real term. From wikipedia: “Cultural Marxism refers to a school or offshoot of Marxism that conceives of culture as central to the legitimation of oppression, in addition to the economic factors that Karl Marx emphasized.”

      • DocRambo

        Another low information voter. Probably a product of the California School System.

  • jcfromnj

    That School looks like a Recruiting Station for the Crips and Bloods, with a little Mexican Mafia thrown in. Nelson should get a Purple Heart for just showing up in that Hell Hole of a gang banger party….

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Wow, you can tell that from a really blurry video?

      Or are you just a racist shitbag?

      • guest

        Yes, being honest about racial issues makes you a racist “shitbag”.

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          No, assuming that there is gang activity when there is no evidence of it in a video makes you a racist shitbag. And a moron.

          • guest

            No, hyperbole doesn’t make you a racist shitbag or a moron.

          • Bob_Striffler

            There was no gang activity here. The victim himself would have mentioned it! The victim also didn’t mention it as a racial thing. It was over a girl! Like in high school, I never fought over a girl! (come on?) Judging from a facebook post earlier, I believe she was white. However being entirely surrounded by a different ethnic culture of any kind does lead to racially motivated assaults in many cases. Think twice if this is ever the case you may face. Moral of the story, always watch your ass in a smart way! The victim did the right thing for whatever reason in turning away! It pisses me off to see anyone forced into a violence they want no part of! And as far as the tough guy here, he got way more aggressive when he totally realized the kid wasn’t going to bust his grille! Like most punk ass bullies and cops!

          • putaro

            Well, they did keep calling him “white boy” which is a racist comment.

          • Bill Shaper

            What does gang activity have to do with racism? Please explain your thought process here.

          • truthhurts

            Are you able to read? Better yet are you able to comprehend what you read?

          • Bill Shaper

            A: the question was not directed at you and B: don’t bother engaging in a conversation if you are too immature to debate like an adult.

      • inquisitor

        Jude, the racism is apparent in the video when there is nobody but non-whites congregated around him referring to him as “white boy”.

        And it is in San Bernardino.

        Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          I know people from San Bernadino, they have very different opinions than you do on this. But then again, you’re not likely from there.

          • inquisitor

            You just go on ahead and keep telling yourself that.
            I will stick with my interpretation….and remain unscathed and live longer.

    • jcfromnj

      Jude, you are clueless dumbass, you live in politically correct bubble where no reality ever intrudes. First time you get a beat down from one’s of these gangbanger wannabe’s, you’ll know just what the real deal is. Don’t ever wake up….

    • Run

      It’s just a shitty area of the school. We’re not that ghetto, shit. you see a fence (for our pool) and a cinder-block wall and BAM we’re suddenly a school scouted by deadly gangbangers and deal fucking cocaine. We also supply arms for Al-Quieda, are planning ww3, have possession of 4 nuclear warheads, and we killed tupac.

      I took this too far but you get the point, don’t judge.

  • Freedom_Fighter_of_America
  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

    The Hispanic Cop was playing paybacks against the white kid. He conspired and lied and is guilty of official oppression. Fire him!

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Where is your evidence?

      Perhaps he’s just an idiot cop, like so many of them.

      • inquisitor

        The officer’s remarks to the white kid in light of video evidence makes it highly suspect and all the more likely.

        • G

          Hispanics are going to be the largest minority in America in the next 10 to 20 years. You wonder if they are going to deal with the racist bigots in their own groups or are they going to play the race card when it is to their own advantage. I can imagine them crying foul when they get caught and get charge and sue in court with hate crime.

      • DocRambo

        Your cognitive dissonance is overwhelming. What has impaired your thought processes that you cannot watch the video, listen to what is said, and not come away with the conclusion that this is hyperbolic racial bullying of the worst kind, aided and abetted by criminally negligent actions on behalf of the Latino LEO, and a totally incompetent assistant principal?

        • wAk

          kobe’s instigation is not captured by the video, don’t rush to conclusions.

  • Tom G

    After watching the video, this school has a big problem and it isn’t Kobe. It’s hard to imagine no teacher heard all the cussing? It will happen again too.

    • wAk

      it’s actually an extremely isolated area of campus; unless there was a PE, water polo or swim coach around it’s really hard to hear. At the time, the kids were mid-6th period (as hinted by the remark “im late for football”), and swim, and PE teachers were in class still.

      Kobe was supposedly the instigator and his parents twisted the story but that’s arguable, both sides are likely at fault. Kobe only didn’t want to fight because, lets be real, he’d lose. He has gained quite the negative reputation after “talking trash” to many students so what would stop someone from the crowd from joining in. the bystanders were wrong to support the bully, bully was wrong to want to fight, but the bully wasn’t the actual bully. Your perspective has been played. Kobe was the actual instigator and while this is true, it is wrong that the opponent was not punished so quickly.

  • Haeshu

    Fire the school administrator and the officer. This is an outrage, but all too frequently what happens with bullying situations at school.

  • Anon

    This has nothing to do with gangs. This is kids being stupid kids plus lazy school officials that probably suspended both students because it was easier than actually figuring out what happened.

    Just because you see a bunch of Hispanic kids together in a group you think they are in a gang? This is San Bernardino. Most of the kids are Hispanic. It is unavoidable to have a group of them together. They are not all in gangs. Talk about being racist…

    • jcfromnj

      in case your new to the street’s, that were the recruiting starts. I hope you live in walled off gated community in LA……

      • Anon

        “the streets”

        Give me a break. Do you even know Ontario? It’s not exactly a gang infested wasteland.

        • truthhurts

          Don’t mind these scared white men…afraid to leave their gated communities and enter the world where there are the big bad “non whites” just waiting to attack, rob and rape you little whiteys! Give me a break…I’ve never seen such a group of people brainwashed so effectively and constantly living in fear…it’s pathetic.

    • Bob_Striffler

      This cowardly lying cop was part of a gang? But I did get your point That kid was no gang banger.

      • Anon

        If the kid was a gang banger, there would be no pushing to instigate a fight. It would just be a sucker punch followed by kicks while the other kid is on the ground.

        I agree the cop was an idiot if he said those things, but it’s not shocking. Lots of people are dickheads. A larger than average percent of them are in the police force. If we fired all the dickheads, we’d have a shortage of cops. So long as he didn’t act in violation of the law, I don’t think he should be fired. He should just be ridiculed as a dickhead.

        • Bob_Striffler

          If they don’t fired dickhead cops when they lie when it’s easier to tell the truth. How would you feel to have him testify against you some day!? And thank god he wasn’t a gang banger for the reasons you stated. Also Gang Bangers fight like the cops did with Kelly Thomas, a whole bunch of them would have stomped him.

          • Anon

            He didn’t testify and he didn’t file a false police report. The cop merely said these things in front of the school official. That;s hardly a reason to fire someone. He didn’t even break the law.

          • DocRambo

            Trying to destroy a principled student for not fighting and being white is more than enough reason to fire his racist a$$ in my humble opinion. Your response is unprincipled, racist, and self serving.

          • Anon

            He didn’t break the law. He was just a dick.

  • Heisenberg

    Maybe that kid that did the bullying is in the San Bernadino Sheriff Program.

    • Raylan Givens

      Either that or he was trained by the School Resource Officer assigned to the school district. Got to get them started early you know…

      BTW.. Awesome screen name… I never would have thought of that one,,,

  • Bob_Striffler

    I wish someone would post a number and e-mail for the sheriff’s office also. I’m on my way out the door or I’d look it up. I like how Ross, a person in a position of trust and leadership, holds up some kind of school charter or rulebook and in her mind that supports her indifferent inept negligence! She should be fired for her boldness as she herself would not want to be falsely accused and punished, then demand that this false accusation and punishment remain on record. Clearly in the somewhat (ant- social) inferior brainwave activity of hers, if the shoe were on the other foot she would be, oh so beside herself, as in her mind someone of her stature should be above false accusations. I wouldn’t even want a useless bitch like this in charge of any kids or in any other position of power! She’s not cut from the right cloth!
    As far as that piece of crap lying sheriff. They’re taught that when they lie, even when it’s just as easy to tell the truth, the manipulated bullshit process will stand behind their actions! Even in something like this a cop can’t be trusted at his word! But when he demeaned the kid and insulted him for not fighting, he should have had his tiny little balls kicked all the way up to his chin! ( the freaking coward)This entire cultural process of officers of the court is a cowardly disgrace! This isn’t isolated! It’s rule of thumb for public servants in general! If you look back on this site or across the web Judges, Cops, Chiefs of police and internal affairs all either A) refuse to even look at these recordings or B) claim they’re irrelevant and hold up some kind of paper bullshit document claiming it supports their position! They need to start having their heads bashed in! Freaking scumbags! That’s how they straighten this crap out in other countries. When they say heads will roll, they mean it! You’ll see them rolling down the street, with the body elsewhere! Here they currently know they will face no detriment what-so-ever, so it continues! “Woe on to ye also lawyer for you bear men with burdens, ye yourself would not touch with your little finger!”

  • Mark Moore

    Dear PINAC:
    I sent the below email to the School Board and the School Superintendent:
    Chaffey Joint Union High School Board Members
    District Office
    211 West Fifth Street
    Ontario, CA 91762

    VIA Email

    January 14, 2014

    RE: The Unjust Suspension of Kobe Nelson

    Dear School Board Members Sue Ovitt, Josie Estrada, and Shari Megaw:

    I write you to complain about the unjust suspension levied against Kobe Nelson (KN”), a student at Etiwanda High School for allegedly instigating an altercation with other students on
    school grounds. The facts, however, when viewed objectively, show a student, KN, acting in an exemplary fashion to avoid confrontation and only attempting to proceed into the school’s entranceway while dodging a gauntlet of assault/battery and taunts of a racist, homophobic, and profane nature.
    The facts, set forth below, were gleaned from a video of the altercation posted online by PINAC (Photography Is Not A Crime) at http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2014/01/14/high-school-kid-gets-bullied-camera-suspended-instigating-fight-camera-shows-happened/#more-28436. (0.00-1.23 duration)


    Start of Video-0.03: The dark-haired student (“DHS”) pushes KN. Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery, shoving, and provocation.)

    0.08-0.11: DHS grabs at KN’s backpack from the rear forcing KN to turn-around and face him. Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery, shoving, and provocation)

    0.10-0.11: A student shouts to KN, “Take off that fag pack!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Homophobic slur, verbal assault, teasing/name-calling, social isolation, and provocation.)

    0.12-0.16: DHS continues to push KN and invites a physical response from KN by gesturing with his arms, “Bring it on!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery,
    shoving, and provocation.)

    0.25-0.27: A student shouts to KN, “If you don’t fight, you’re a bitch!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Verbal assault, teasing/name-calling, social isolation, and provocation.)

    0.32-0.35: A student shouts to KN, “What the fuck you looking at bitch ?!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Verbal assault, teasing/name-calling, social isolation, and provocation.)

    0.37-0.42: As KN attempts to enter the school, DHS and other students grab KN by the backpack and drag him back into the schoolyard. In the schoolyard, KN is thrown on the pavement landing on his back. Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery, shoving, teasing, social isolation, and provocation.)

    0.48-0.50, As KN attempts to reason with DHS and re-enter the school, KN says to DHS more than once, “No we’re not fighting!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer.

    0.45-0.54: As KN continues to attempt reasoning with DHS and re-enter the school, a student shouts, “Hold the fucking ****, hold the fucking ****!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer.
    (Verbal assaults, teasing/name-calling, social isolation, and provocation.)

    1.05-1.10: As KN continues to attempt reasoning with DHS and re-enter the school, KN repeats to DHS, “No we’re not fighting!” DHS, however, continues to block KN’s entry to the school and finally pushes KN with sufficient force to knock KN to the ground. Meanwhile,
    the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery, shoving, social isolation, and provocation.)

    1.11-1.15: Unable to enter the school through his preferred route, KN decides to enter the school through another entrance and leaves in another direction. DHS, once again, grabs KN by the backpack, drags him backward, and throws KN into the crowd. Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery, shoving, social isolation, and provocation.)

    1.17-1.18: KN gets back on his feet and once again, attempts to leave. As KN is walking away, DHS pushes KN forward. Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Assault/battery, shoving, social isolation, and provocation.)

    1.19-20: A student shouts to KN, “Don’t tell the office white boy!” Meanwhile, the students howl and cheer. (Racist threat, verbal assault, teasing/name-calling, social isolation, and provocation.)

    The Chaffey Joint Union High School District, Bully Prevention Policy (06/29/2011), provides as follows:

    A pupil shall not intimidate or harass another pupil through words or actions. Such behavior includes: direct physical contact, such as hitting or shoving; verbal assaults, such as teasing or name-calling; social isolation or manipulation and verbal, written or electronic off campus
    expression.” (Boldness added.)

    In violation of the District’s Bully Prevention Policy (and criminal statutes), students on at least seven (7) separate occasions, commit assault and battery against KN. See 1, 2,4,7,10,11, and 12, supra.

    In violation of the District’s Bully Prevention Policy (and criminal statutes), students engage in
    conduct that involves Homophobia and a racist threat. See 3 and 13, supra.

    In violation of the District’s Bully Prevention Policy, students continually engage in egregious and ghastly conduct that involves the intimidation and harassment of KN. See 1-7 and 9-13 supra.

    Apparently, the school administration refused to discipline the true aggressors – the Hispanic students – not because of traditional notions of fault and innocence, but rather because of DOJ directives and policy that mandate a reduction in the discipline accessed against blacks and Hispanics. A policy steeped in political correctness, reverse
    stereotypes, and unfairness.

    On January 8, 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice promulgated a policy that directs school administrators to reduce the discipline accessed against blacks and Hispanics. See http://www.php.com/doj-announced-guidelines-reduce-disproportionate-discipline-minorities-and-stop-criminalizing-school (January 8, 2014).

    Is it the position of your school district that KN, although innocent, is not of Hispanic origin and
    therefore fair game? If not, why does your school district ignore the criminal conduct and violations of the District’s Bully Prevention Policy when Hispanic students commit assault and battery and engage in egregious and ghastly conduct that involves the intimidation and harassment of KN?

    Does your school district deny KN the right to a safe and healthy school environment; a right allegedly owed all students under the Bully Prevention Policy?

    Does your school district deny KN respect, tolerance, and acceptance; a right allegedly owed all students under the Bully Prevention Policy?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and truthful response.

    • Lee-C.

      Keep us updated on whether they respond or not.

    • why^

      you have passion, i’ll give you that.

  • alyapathy

    Similar situation happened to me at ALMERIA MIDDLE SCHOOL. i was bulled the entire year. I was harrassed by a group of girls.i was a tiny little thing at 93 lbs ponds.girls were bigger than me. Called me a whore and spit at me while i walked by to class. They JUMPED me in the locker roomand i got suspended SIMPLY BECAUSE I ” WAS INVOLVED” O NEVER instigated or did anYTHING.my paremts talkd to.cop qho got inbolved and primcipal.he didnt so shit, if anything made tjings worse.they never put a stop to it.girls begab to orderpizzas t my house, egg my house, amd stickvhocolate muffns in my gas tank.. as a result i became very suicidal at age 12. Fight tbe case, because cops and teachers wont di ahit. Im 22 right now ans let me tell u this bullying contined to.highschool and ruined my life and slightly affected my.ability to.commnicate w people

    • Mark Moore

      Alyapathy: Hang in there friend! God holds a special place in his heart for people like you who suffered injustice.

      • ts

        rrrrrrrrright……..lets see if I got this straight, god makes people bully other people and then he feels badly that people get bullied. yeah right.
        Alyapathy – if you are suffering, try to get some real help. Not god help. God help does not work, it just makes things worse. So…………..,
        Hang in there friend! I have a special place in my heart for people like you and anyone who suffers injustice.

        • Bob_Striffler

          TS you’ve never read the bible and don’t challenge me on verses you’ve never read! I won’t contradict your belief. Your hearts right, I can’t deny that and love you for it bro! But the bible is full of even historical wisdom you’ll never know unless you study it! Not read part of it, study it. It even predicted the future we’re living now! I’m no bible thumper and spent lots in the box, locked up! You don’t understand the sacrifice, trust me? But there is so much more even than that to the bible! And I’m a hard ass man! I fit that definition! The bible is brilliant spiritually! It’s not without pain though!

          • ts

            yeah I usually don’t post anti religion stuff, don’t know why I decided to pick your post Mark, so, sorry Bob and Mark.

            I don’t like it when people post political stuff either. Left or Right.

          • Bob_Striffler

            No worries! Your right about the left and the right…two sides of the same coin!

    • Bob_Striffler

      Hell no sweetheart! Know that you are not alone here! Your sweet and you are strong or else you never would have made it to talk here! Never suicide! At least work with us to get the last laugh! Keep posting! Stay strong! AARRGGHH!

  • jwalsh

    UPDATE: Email superintendent Matthew Holton through here.


  • Daniel Wood

    Wow, I actually got some responses!

    From the principal of the school:

    Mr. Wood,

    Thank you for the information. I will investigate and get back to you promptly. Is there a number I can reach you at?

    Don Jaramillo, Principal

    Etiwanda High School “Commitment to Excellence”

    And from the Deputy Superintendant….

    My name is Lynne Ditfurth and I am the Deputy Superintendent of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District. It is my responsibility to investigate and respond to complaints that are brought to the District’s attention. I appreciate your concern regarding the bullying video and want to assure you that we will begin an immediate investigation. We will work with the school site, students and families to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Thank you for sharing your concerns.


    Lynne Ditfurth

    Deputy Superintendent, Personnel

    Chaffey Joint Union High School District

    (909) 988-8511 ext. 2660

    • jwalsh

      I got the reply too!

      • Daniel Wood

        Was it the same reply?

        • jwalsh

          I got the same reply from Lynne Ditfurth.

          • inquisitor

            And that will be all you will get.
            As they have to tread lightly regarding legal liabilities.
            No doubt has already consulted with the attorney.

          • jwalsh

            I’m ok with that….I do what I can do.

          • inquisitor

            And thank you for that.

          • Bob_Striffler

            Ah yes, the paper they always hide behind. Like it was made of Kevlar or something!

    • Bob_Striffler

      There is a heavy metal band called Anthrax! Maybe everyone should send CD’s of this band out when these things occur that we know the citizenry victims and their Bill of Rights will not prevail anymore in our Judicial system! That would be free speech wouldn’t it? They might think twice when they open the package and see that the bands name is ANTHRAX! I like the band I’d be just telling other people that, wouldn’t I?

  • Luc

    Years ago when my oldest son was in middle school he was bullied by a couple of junior gang bangers. One day he had enough and fought back, he was suspended for 2 days. When I picked him up from the Principals office, I told the Principal I was going to celebrate his suspension with gifts and outings. I informed the Principal that if he didn’t prevent the on going bulling that he would be seeing more of me.

    That day was the last day anyone tried to bully him.

    • Kenneth Brooks

      You could now sue the school for a civil rights violation as the Supreme Court made clear that self defense was a fundamental right applicable to all governments i. The US. See McDonald v Chicago (2010). That’s right. I think that you could sue these people on that theory. I will refer you to an attorney. Gimme a call. My number is on the State Bar we site.

      • Luc

        Thanks for the offer but this was well over a decade ago. My son is 6’7″ 220 lbs now with waist long hair and a full red beard, no body bothers him. He’s majoring in materials engineering. Neither one of us want any court drama. :-)

  • Alma Lovell

    In Southern California whites are the minority and there is rampant racism against them. There is a reason so many white people are moving out of so cal and away from the third world conditions.

    • truthhurts

      what forms of racism occur?

  • nigel

    I’m shocked that Don Jaramillo would allow this to happen in his school. When I went to Etiwanda he fought for me when I was taken to a due process for having a pair of blunt scissors in my bag. He always seemed to be in the interest of doing the right thing. I hope that he fixes this situation.

  • BC MotoGuy

    School FB page deleted my comment – dont think they can delete comments attached to shares although they arent displayed unless shares are clicked. is that right?

    • m.forb

      Correct, they can’t hide shares. They deleted my comment also, but my share is still visible.

      • Jamesdiamond

        Same with me, i’m the one that found the site and made the first post, just got into work and checked and it’s not longer there and it had likes on it before I checked when I went to bed.

        • Bob_Striffler

          Well let’s keep slamming them anyway! That’s how we do things, ain’t it? Over and over again re-send that!

  • yulva

    Looks more like prison behavior than school behavior. I hope the father sends his son to a private school.

    • Kenneth Brooks

      Why? He pays his taxes. The members of our public unions that are bankrupting the state should at least have the decency to perform their functions competently.

    • Bob_Striffler

      I know this is probably without taste and don’t take it as an insult…but you’re really cute and smart too! Thank you! You’re right!

  • Cody

    I live two minutes from that school PLEASE give me the name of that short ass wrestler ill show him someone to fuxk with guarantee he won’t push me around like that

    • was

      he’s not a real wrestler, so i’ve heard. heard he never goes to practice. but also, you need to sit down kid.

  • Kenneth Brooks

    He has more self control than I did. Back in the day similar situations would happen to me; however, my family are southerners. They would have kicked my butt if I didn’t at least try to cold cock the bully. Yeah, I got in fights, but only for awhile. After they wake up remembering that thet fought,ie., sore, they would leave you alone. Don’t do any of that hollywood crap. Watch MMA. That is how you fight. If your abhor fighting like me simply snap kick the groin so his head is about chest high and then el ow smash to the head. This stops alter ations quite quickly. Remember the elbow is the hardest striking weapon of hour body.

    • Bob_Striffler

      MMA really? From TV land? I gouge eyes, bite, choke and use any item available. I’ll gladly kick a bitch when they’re down, stomp on their ribs or their head to anyone who tries to hurt me or mine! I’ll punch them right in their God Damned throat! I’ll pull a knife and cut them everywhere but the bottom of their feet if need be! Then if it escalates after that I’ll use fine tuned gun control and hit what I’m aiming at! Especially after I first try to avoid it like that kid rightfully did! The schoolyard dumb shit I saw…the victim did the right thing. That kid bullying him was a punk anyway! And I’m getting old now, would still do it and have in the not to distant past, except it hurts like hell now, for weeks after, even when you win. When you do this like you said, word spreads from the people who’ve seen you do it and others tend to want to buy you a drink. I’ve never been an instigator and generally, not always defend the weak! I’m an open book and as real as they come!

  • Kenneth Brooks

    “Real Americans love to fight.”
    General George S. Patton, Commander Third Army

  • Kenneth Brooks

    Given the deputies ethimicity I believe this should be investigated to determine whether the deputy’s decision to blame the white kid as being racially moti ated. In addition, it appears that the bully had some accomplices yelling racial remarks. Could this be a conspiracy to commit a hate crime?

  • ray brown

    In order to discourage kids from making videos at school their videos are deemed not to exist even for evidentiary purposes. This is akin to all party consent states foisting inadmissiblity on one party consent recordings.

    • Bob_Striffler

      One day the eternally dumb government will realize people shooting videos is preferable to them getting pissed and shooting their guns instead! Of course it will be too late with the scumbags we have in charge. Especially when these government officials realize that we the people know they are hiding behind their supposed rights to screw the citizens out of their rights! Does anybody really think that’s what our founding fathers had in mind?

  • Alex S.

    Is the bully Andrew A[xxxx]? [Edit 1/16: link deleted] No, it’s actually Andrew Espinoza according to the victim on Twitter. Sorry for the early misidentification.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Looks like his punk ass to me!

  • http://peacefulstreets.com/ Peaceful Streets

    I’m still hurting over the Kelly Thomas trial. Cops are cowards. Cops lie. They are scum.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Me too!

  • zeerow7

    I’d love to see a picture of this model of manliness Ortiz.

  • NickD

    This kid was all kinds of smart for not defending himself/fighting back. If he had he probably would have been disemboweled then accused of hate crimes.

    • Bob_Striffler

      No hell that little douche-bag was a punk! Yet nobody should be prodded into a fight or violence of any kind! He did the right thing! Absolutely!

  • ehssenior

    I attend Etiwanda and I have dealt with a fair share of bullying and even death threats and none of the staff did anything to twart them or make them stop they simply told me to not let it affect me and even suggested that it was my fault. The school is a joke. Even after being assaulted and my home being vandalized by students bulling me at school nothing happened to them at school. This issue needs to be brought forward as this school and the officials in charge are horrible at making a safe environment.

    • Bob_Striffler

      God bless you and stay strong! We’re trying to change that bro!

  • leon

    Why is this on pinac? this place is turning into cop block

    • Kenneth Bankers

      “However, the assistant principal never bothered watching the video nor
      decide to talk to any witnesses to justify Kobe Nelson’s suspension.”
      Video is why.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Oh darn that would be bad as social media replaces what mainstream don’t inform on!

  • MrDamage

    The young man in the video displayed manly virtues of discipline and self control which will continue to reward him throughout his life. And when the little snots who pushed him around in school and thought that muscles and aggression were manly learn that muscles combined with aggression is a fast track to nowhere but lifelong recidivism, they will whine about the white kid that was so much more successful than them because oppression.

  • Bob_Striffler

    This is off topic and I know I get a little bit angry seeing all this truth here on the Pinac site. But this morning believe it or not I couldn’t stop laughing…..it was very therapeutic! Watch devil baby and Carrie telekinesis here. After devil baby just scroll down to other link.


  • Feliz

    This is happening at Etiwanda High School? I went to Colton! Just down the freeway. It is an utter shame to see a being bullied and the being told by an officer that he needs to bulk up. What the fuck is that? I’m sick of seeing kids be bullied by jealous little assholes and being blamed for their problems.

  • Randy

    Got a canned response:

    name is Lynne Ditfurth and I am the Deputy Superintendent for the Chaffey
    District. I am responding on behalf of Mathew Holton, Superintendent and our
    Board of Trustees.

    have reviewed the video and understand your concerns. We will not tolerate
    bullying, harassment or an unsafe school environment for any student. We are
    currently working with the school site to thoroughly investigate this situation
    and will take the appropriate corrective action for student behavior that is

    privacy prevents the District from sharing student information with anyone other
    than their parent/guardian. However, we will follow our stated policies with
    regard to student discipline.

    you for sharing your concerns.

  • William Marquez
    • Bob_Striffler

      Dude I love Josie the outlaw! Seen her videos in a cave or something last time! God bless her! She’s real cute too! God bless Josie the outlaw she’s the bomb! Group think! Hell yeah! Amen it is oppression! She needs to comment here dude! She is brilliant!

  • Modsquad

    The school has their own Facebook page, remarkably with an article on preventing bullying. I posted a link to this PINAC article and lo… they removed it.



    • Bob_Striffler

      Dude Modsquad I like that! I saw and went to your school site and found this link on bullying! You’ll get this response in an e-mail! No Hypocrites bro! This school doesn’t feel the need to abide by the rule of law we do! It happens all the time! Here http://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/definition/index.html#frequency Love you bro! Stay strong for the truth! And thank you for posting!

      • Nathan Soberano

        Kobe is a bully. He’s already gotten in trouble for mooning the band
        on campus and for apparently following around the animal advocacy club
        on campus and making fun of them for being vegetarian. The wrestler in
        this video was trying to start a fight because Kobe had sex with his
        girlfriend at the time and then proceeded to talk shit to him about it.
        He was definitely instigating.

        Stop getting self righteous over something you don’t know the full story for.

        • Bob_Striffler

          Look Nathan I’m not self righteous, I’m a sinner like you too. But the video showed bullying, assault and battery of someone who wasn’t threatening in any way. The video showed Kobe avoiding that fight! The truth of the video showed the Cop Lied and the Administrator ignored the video. These facts and not so much this fight are what’s important to change the attitudes of those in power. If and what you say happened, could be relevant, just not to this, what’s on video. Kids fight over girls all the time, I did too. I also have mooned people before, none of which legally allows for assault and battery on video to be ignored. Having a girlfriend who cheats on you isn’t fun and quite shameful. I’ve experienced that myself as well. I have also picked on people who messed with my girlfriend back in the day just like this wrestler did. Thank God they didn’t pass laws based on my wrongful thinking back then. On this pinac site cops lie and make excuses all the time. During a sports event does the referee get to say “oh this isn’t fair, because!,” over an instant replay? No! When a cop catches a citizen breaking the law on video, does that person get to make excuses and say I did it because of this or that? No!

          PS I was a vegan for a couple years and love animals more than I love most people! Animals don’t call the police on you, don’t get alimony and there are no lawyers involved! Unconditional love! I hope “All Dogs (do) Go To Heaven,” I’ll hang out with them!

          • Melissa Lee

            And what you don’t see is what’s not on the video. My 8th grader knows Kobe as a delinquent who talked back the the administrators. My 11th grader knows of him as well and has told me many stories of Kobe tormenting people; including breaking a wrist. So on this day, we watch the kids stand up to him and put him in his place. What we don’t see is the tantrum that he threw in the office. We don’t see the constant interactions between Kobe and his teachers that make him well known even with that deputy. Remember there are two sides of every story…

  • William Marquez

    We will not have any change until we stop voting for the two parties that say what you want to hear for your vote but once in office fall into line with the others. Vote for anyone else! In the 80s while in high school I started paying attention to poly-ticks (numerous-blood suckers) and I’ve watched this country vote R get mad vote D get mad vote R get mad vote D. Over and over expecting change while we head the same way no matter what side is in power. To me its simple if D and R move this country to the same end result its time for no more D and R.

    • Bob_Striffler

      A+ William! But who do we vote for when there will be no other parties allowed. They will be assimilated like the libertarians were with the republicans or the illegals with the democrats and both parties want and will get the same ends? D=Communism and R = Fascism? We end up with part communism and part fascism, don’t we? The lessor of two evils! That ain’t nothing to vote for so we don’t vote and the rich elites manipulate us further thru the media they own! It’s called programming!

  • IcedTeaParty

    Let her know that she’s at fault if she can’t handle a little heat from the internet.

    I sent her a message with the PINAC story link.

    Everyone should do the same.

    • OhSnapDJB

      I did and i was not very nice

  • OhSnapDJB

    I’ll be calling 2moro

  • Bob_Striffler

    2) Ha! HA! Ha! Way to go Andrew, Carlos and Jeff! I’m so freaking happy! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody go watch this link that millions and millions and millions watched!!!!!!!!! http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/vide… They watched it on the mainstream! Now guess what happens? A Shitload more will now be watching!!!!!!!!! Thank you Carlos! Jeff! and Andrew! Kudos my brothers…that means something! The barrier is starting to be broken! Everybody needs to be vigilant and work that much harder now! Oh and EX-Cop Law Student…piss-off! As always! Thanx for providing the link Elliot Whitlow!

    • Randy

      link no good.

  • pinbalwyz

    A major reason to record all officials (not only LEO’s) is because of the frequency with which they lie. The lies can be more injurious than a physical assault. They don’t trust you (surveillance is now ubiquitous), you definitely shouldn’t trust them. Do NOT announce they’re being recorded in a public place or where they have no expectation of privacy. It’s also advisable to have a witness if you’re planning on contacting them. The next problem (for which there’s no apparent answer) is judges and supervisors don’t seem to care that these apparatchiks lie. But, we should.

  • Jackie Mailloux

    The video itself is disgusting. I cannot even believe the way this child was able to handle himself after being essentially assaulted over and over again by the other young man. I wish that he did not even have to go to this school though- all of the comments in the background were crazy! Everyone cursing and telling him “Don’t go tell the principal, white boy!” Kobe deserves a medal, not a suspension!

    • Nathan Soberano

      Kobe is a bully. He’s already gotten in trouble for mooning the band on campus and for apparently following around the animal advocacy club on campus and making fun of them for being vegetarian. The wrestler in this video was trying to start a fight because Kobe had sex with his girlfriend at the time and then proceeded to talk shit to him about it. He was definitely instigating.

      Stop getting self righteous over something you don’t know the full story over.

      • Jackie Mailloux

        Nathan- you are correct that I do not know what happened before, or after this incident. The simple fact remains though that someone took a video of this incident and it is clear that this kid did not fight back when most of us would have. And did you notice how he was being mocked by all of the other kids around him, and racial slurs were being thrown around like it is just okay? I am not self-righteous at all, young man- just not blind or deaf. In addition, the main problem that concerned me enough to make a comment in the first place had nothing to do with the other kid, but rather the school administrator who would not even look at the evidence that was on video. I could care less who had sex with who’s girlfriend- that does not matter to me in the least. :)

        • Nathan Soberano

          The video has nothing to do with his suspension. The video was of the supposed fight, and he was never suspended for getting in a fight. He was suspended for instigating the fight, which he did when he fucked the other kid’s girlfriend and bragged about it for a week to the “bully”.

          • Jackie Mailloux

            Wow. Lol You know, most of the time, I do not make posts to something that I have read in the media. There is a reason for that: I have an understanding that there are two sides to every story. I thought that when I watched the video I saw everything I needed to see, but it sounds like I was, perhaps mistaken. If I am being honest, Nathan, I think what upset me most about what I saw on the video was all of the cursing and racist remarks in the background- it made me really sad that anyone would have to be surrounded by that at a place that is supposed to be for learning, etc… If this kid did what you are saying, I can understand why the supposed “bully” would have been pissed. I thank you for offering a different perspective to this- I will think twice next time before hitting the “reply” button, like I normally do! Lol And just a side-note here: I think that both of these guys might want to find a different girl to hang out with, as she played a pretty significant role in what happened as well…

  • Julia Angelo

    Something like this also happened to me at Etiwanda High too. I was bullied by a bunch of black girls for no reason in PE in the locker room and was approach while getting dressed to go to the next class several times they threw shoes at me, so I threw them back, then this one black girl came up to me, she wouldn’t leave me alone so I took my burrito that I had from lunch and told her to take it back to her poor family and then she hit and slapped me. I did not return actions on the girl because I didn’t want to get suspended. One of the PE teachers said they saw the whole thing but yet did nothing until it was over. We went to the office and we all saw the principal the black girl told her that I said take this burrito home to your poor black family and I had a black bbf at the time. (I am white) I told them I did say that but not with the black in it. Then they told me that I was suspended for 3 days for basically doing nothing and she also was suspended for 5 days. The way EHS attends to the bullying is so ridiculous. They really don’t care. I was an A, B. student and transferred out of there my sophomore year. oh by the way this was back in 1995.

  • GuyFromSchool

    I am from this school and I know this kid. This kid does not deserve the media attention over this ,because he himself is a bully. Last fall he was making fun of all the kids who did band by flashing his butt or chest at them. Also he started this fight because he started brag about himself and he escalated the situation. The kid shouldn’t seen as a victim for he himself is the bully.

  • Sara holland

    My son goes to a middle school and had an encounter by this high school kid. My son was in the 6th grade and Kobe was in 8th grade. He would cuss him out for no reason and it scared my son. So he should remember what he did to my child. It’s sad cause he has bullied other kids as well! Hope he will stop it now .there is a problem and he needs help .

  • Nathan Soberano

    Yeah my little brother goes to school with the kid getting pushed around here. I asked her about the incident and she told me all about it.

    Let me tell you what actually happened.

    The article says the fight was because the wrestler kid’s ex girlfriend was paying attention to the Kobe. Well, for one, it wasn’t the wrestler kid’s ex-girlfriend, it was his girlfriend, and for two it wasn’t because she was paying attention to him, it was because he had sex with her.

    The kid who was being “bullied” had had sex with the “bully’s” girlfriend about a week before after the bully and the girlfriend had gotten into a fight and Kobe had been talking trash about how he had sex with her to the bully ever since (Notice how at the 6 sec mark, you hear someone yell “That’s why you don’t talk shit”). The bully had enough of it so he told his friends to come along and bring a camera while he beat him up. The bullied kid was then suspended because for the past 5 days or so he had been talking shit and aggravating the wrestler kid to the point that he tried to start a fight, hence the suspension for instigating a fight.

    So it looks like what happened with this story was this. Two teenagers got into a fight over a girl, and both got suspended. When one was explaining what happened to his dad, he twisted some of the facts a bit so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his dad. His dad, a freelance reporter, was furious and decided to write a story on it. Now this story about how one asshole had sex with another guy’s girlfriend and proceeded to instigate a fight with the guy over it has been recast to be an anti-bullying story and everybody is getting up in arms over a bunch of teenagers being overly stupid and macho.

    Seriously people, stop getting worked up over something you don’t know the whole story for. In the end kids do stupid things, they say stupid things, and they get into fights over stupid things. All we can do is hold them (both the wrestler kid AND Kobe) accountable and hope they learn to be kinder people.

    • Hal Jalikakik

      Well said and thanks for giving the true background on this story. People love a bully story, in fact you still hear that the Columbine a-holes were bullied and that’s why they did what they did which has been completely disproved and is nonsense. This is a great example of how public perception can get so screwed up by the “news”. Thanks again.

    • Bob_Striffler

      2) Look Nathan I’m not self righteous, I’m a sinner like you too. But the video showed bullying, assault and battery of someone who wasn’t threatening in any way. The video showed Kobe avoiding that fight! The truth of the video showed the Cop Lied and the Administrator ignored the video. These facts and not so much this fight are what’s important to change the attitudes of those in power. If and what you say happened, could be relevant, just not to this, what’s on video. Kids fight over girls all the time, I did too. I also have mooned people before, none of which legally allows for assault and battery on video to be ignored. Having a girlfriend who cheats on you isn’t fun and quite shameful. I’ve experienced that myself as well. I have also picked on people who messed with my girlfriend back in the day just like this wrestler did. Thank God they didn’t pass laws based on my wrongful thinking back then. On this pinac site cops lie and make excuses all the time when caught on video. During a sports event does the referee get to say “oh this isn’t fair, because!,” over an instant replay? No! When a cop catches a citizen breaking the law on video, does that person get to make excuses and say I did it because of this or that? No! State of mind evidence only carries so much weight in criminal cases. You know Nathan while your bringing up justifications… Even if a married cop of 20yrs. finds out his wife is cheating on him, it’s illegal for him to beat-up the man she’s with. Also there is her side as to why she no longer wanted to be with her husband. There are reasons this girl didn’t want to be with “Wrestler Man,” too! But even this is irrelevant to assault and battery and this truth might not bode to well for Wrestler Man either! Who knows? (Lots of variables) The video does!

      PS In regards to your response to me below, I was a vegan for a couple years and love animals more than I love most people! Animals don’t call the police on you, don’t get alimony and there are no lawyers involved! Unconditional love! I hope “All Dogs (do) Go To Heaven,” I’ll hang out with them!

      • Nathan Soberano

        Sigh… you are being self righteous. This entire post is self righteous. Kobe broke the rules, he instigated a fight by picking on a kid until he was pissed off enough to fight him. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t fight in the video, he wasn’t suspended for fighting. He was suspended for causing the fight, which he did. He broke the rules when he antagonized the other kid the way he did.

        • Bob_Striffler

          Well if you feel that way, do what wrestler guy did someday and get arrested, what can I tell you? The other “little kid” was ashamed because his girlfriend dumped him! Don’t worry Nathan, us grown-ups have experienced the same thing!

  • captdg

    Wonder what officer Ortiz and the student that puled Kobe down by his backpack have? Evidently Officer Ortiz must be related to him ,otherwise why woudnt he arrest him?

  • george murphy

    This is exactly why I will never re-enter the public school system as a teacher, ever again!
    It is staffed by adulterers, fornicators, liars, child molesters, race baiters, liberal communist union losers, gossips, and, incompetence.
    This is an outrage, and Ortiz is apparently biased against Aryan kids; but, he is favorable towards Latinos, as is plain to see here.

  • frank

    Every single person in this video participating to what happened to KOBE needs to be suspended and worse, there all guilty, and need to be made examples of. If you do not get a handle on this right now it will get out of control…

  • Johnny Rebel

    little punk ill kick his but for doing what he did !
    ill treat him like the punk he is .
    kobe should have whooped his but with the back pack
    he got suspended anyway so might as well have.

  • Stormblast

    Fucking bastards! And the idiots who run that dump of a school didn’t do anything about it. This video triggered a serious SI episode because it made me absolutely livid. I’ve gradually learned to hate humanity…..

    • Bob_Striffler

      Me to!

  • Mary Snow

    I wrote a comment on the schools facebook page and I emailed the superintendent in the hopes helping Kobe!!!!

  • gtr3

    Anyone have the facebook of this punk ass bully? I use to go to this shit hole called Etiwanda (North Fontana, 20 miles from San Bernardino, 50 miles from LA) where the security cracks down harder on dress code rather than the drugs,marijuana, and sex that kid’s be doing in the bathroom during class hours. Would love to confront this bully myself, I know he lives in my area.

  • Mark Michigan

    Funny how on their Facebook page. they have a post from Oct 8, 2013 “This week all of the Etiwanda School District middle schools will participate in Bullying Prevention Awareness!”

    My reply (and posted on EVERYTHING they have on their wall) “We fight for Kobe Nelson”

  • SDEA

    i go to the school, i don’t know the guy but i heard he does tons of bullying himself, but then again I might be considered to fall under the same category if i was to stoop so low and become enslaved by rumors. it still is, however, a popular opinion that this guy talks a lot of smack…

  • calgrappling

    let’s all just stop calling him a wrestler, he’s not a wrestler so everyone tells me. i’m on a different school’s wrestling team and we’ve all never seen the kid

  • Bradley Speck

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  • Campus Maximus

    Blessed are the Columbine shooters. For they had the courage to slay their bully oppressors. :)

  • Guest

    short angry mexican picking on a taller white kid = no big deal. short mexican being bullied by taller white kid = hate crime?

  • Pearlbuck

    It’s open season on Whites, thanks to certain Whites. Most of you pathetic white “Progressives” don’t have to deal with situations like the one this boy has to face every single day. So you blame everything in the world on white males to make yourself feel like good people, and make kids like this one your sacrificial lambs.

    You’re scum, and there is a spot reserved for you in the lowest circle of hell–right between Judas and Brutus.

    • Do Whatchyalike

      Well geezzz, I wouldn’t get THAT dramatic about it. But it’s true to an extent. Reality is, it’s no more than whitey getting back what he gave out got so long. So it’s not any more ‘inhuman’ of a thing to do than whitey, himself, has done to others for eons.

      That being said, white America has changed a lot due to a rapidly evolving society over the past 50 or so years. And though racisim still exists, it only runs rampant among the lower class end of the white population. Whitey has made consistent and dramatic progress at making racisim more and more relegated to the lowest among them.

      What all this has to do with the previous post, I really don’t know at this point. I lost track a few sentences ago when my mind drifted off. Hmm… Interesting. 😉

      Anyways, I think what I am trying to say is that it sucks to be Whitey in that regard, but I am a firm believer that everyone needs to give 100% as a people. We can’t have this ganging up on anyone anymore. Everybody just chill, you know? Bullies suck though. I wouldn’t mind tarring and feathering me a few of them, myself.

      • Pearlbuck

        Don’t bogart that joint, mon.

        • Do Whatchyalike

          Hehehe It was a good one… & I actually remember it.

  • Mrs. M

    I feel that the law should ruin the bully’s life forever!!! The law shall created a system very much like “Sexual Offender Registry” they should be a “BULLY OFFENDER REGISTRY LIST” that when something alike happens the perpetrators (the bullys) is/are added to this registry list and remains there forever, so their futures are to be busted forever, when they tried to get back into school NOBODY likes them, later on in life… when they tried to get into getting a job or getting an scholarship they are on this list in RED! The bullies are FUCK FOREVER! That is JUSTICE TO ME! OBAMA CREATE A “BULLY OFFENDER REGISTRY LIST.”

  • Robertz1

    California…….land of ilk and nutty. Sorry Kobe.

  • D.B. Cooper

    California’s “Zero Tolerance” policy was already a proven failure when I was in school over 30 years ago. THIS happened at my middle and high schools on an hourly basis. I too was suspended for being an innocent victim of bullying. I didn’t fight back because I was afraid of getting suspended, but I still got suspended anyway. Now, I tell teens that once you are hit, you can’t be the nice guy anymore. Go after the principal’s job, and get the bully thrown out of school.

  • D.B. Cooper

    When I was in the military, everyone, including bystanders, got in trouble. Therefore, the entire crowd broke up fights between two guys realll quick.

  • Caroline Snider

    It is becoming clear our society is to wrapped up in their own idea of who is “cool” who deserves to be included, and who has a right to make such decisions, I watched when a woman talked to the school board here how she found her son hanging in the stairwell after an intense period he was bullied by other students, It was a heart wrenching thing to see the e-mails and texts that were sent to this young man telling him to kill himself, He was not worth the trouble of even being talked to, and he was an cry baby if he went to say anything.
    The school board was getting ready to take a vote on changing the rules on bullying, When this man was recognized to speak. He has a son who is a team captain on a Basket ball team in the area, He stood there and said, The only way to convince some people they are not really needed to the society, is convince them they don’t belong, So the poor little crybaby took his own life, He did not have the guts to face down the tormentors so he got what was deserved, turned and walked out.
    From personal experience, this last year has bought home the results when someone turns and takes on his tormentors. My husband was tormented by myself and his father and the society we lived in for 31 years. Last year he turned, first on me, then on others that wanted him to be their door mate. Then this memorial day he turned on his father and his fathers friends, one of them took off down the road like he had demons after him, My husband told him if he did not scram he was going to need a ride to the ER to extract his torn off arm from his rear, I was supposed to accompany this man to after party drinks, My husband was to be excluded, He inserted himself anyhow. Then his father felt that my husband was rude and trying to tear traditions apart that had been built over decades, admittedly we worked very hard for decades, to build these traditions without him, thinking he would just work again on the holiday. BUT his father slapped his 59 year old son. And then wonders why he was put on his rear, with his son standing over him telling him on more interference he was not going to be this nice.
    I keep thinking that as a society there has to be a negotiated peace, between disagreements, Encouraging people that are bullied to stand for their own rights can turn deadly, it seems though that is what is happening, Either the hate and disappointment is turned inward, or when the one bullied turns like a trapped tiger and fights then some one always come out on the short end and many times hurt.
    This young man was bullied, it was wrong, his only out now is seeing people hurt, rebuffed, even the possibility of loosing their work and lively hood, For what to exclude a young boy from the world, In my own situation I have been. chastised.

  • jane wembli

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  • Andrew Kirk

    This is a racist event. Ciop shpould be fired for racism and the tank top tudent expelled.

  • justin

    its really funny because i know andrew the kid the pushed kobe , kobe picked on andrew for years and harrased him and his little brother kobe is just playing the victim which is bullshit