Supporters of the protester who was arrested Saturday for assaulting a CBS videographer are claiming that the videographer assaulted the protester first, even going as far as posting a video they  believe backs up their claims.

But I’ve watched the clip several times and all I can see is the videographer defending herself from the protester, who began the altercation by shoving her sign into the videographer’s lens to the point where the videographer had to back up.

The videographer then pushed back, which prompted the protester to push even harder back.

CBS said the incident prompted a group of protesters to confront them where they had to run back into their van.

A website called The Antimedia states that Dianna Jordyan Carrol was placing the sign in front of the camera lens because she believed CBS would distort the truth.

During Saturday’s #OpFullerton rally against the Kelly Thomas verdict, an altercation between Kelly Thomas supporter, Jordyan Carroll, and an unnamed CBS reporter, changed the course of the entire day. Carroll pushed a sign that read “We are the voice of Kelly” in front of a CBS reporter’s camera to block the reporter’s shot because Carroll did not feel the corporate media would report the truth. “I’ve been present at multiple protests depicted as “riots” and etc. I, also, unlike many Americans, have my eyes open. I watch the spins they put on almost every ‘report’. “What reads, bleeds” an old saying, axiom, describes mainstream news,” said Carroll.

Moments later, Carroll was struck by the CBS reporter. Carroll responded by hitting her back.-

If anybody is distorting the truth, it is The Antimedia site, trying to tell us night is day and day is night as they assault photographers – not much different than police do.

What do you guys think? Did the CBS videographer strike first?