Miami-Dade Metrorail Security Guard Pulls Gun on Commuter, Viciously Beats Him

50 State attack on Michael Valencia-1
Michael Valencia ended up with two broken front teeth as well as a cracked molar from the attack by a 50 State security guard at a Miami-Dade Metrorail station.


A Miami-Dade Metrorail security guard violently attacked a commuter Thursday night after handcuffing him for no valid reason, jamming a gun into his ribs, smashing his face into the platform and punching him in the face and head repeatedly – the third time since last year that armed 50 State security guards proved to be completely out of control and an endangerment to the general public.

Not that anybody from the county is making an issue about it.

In fact, Michael Valencia, 21, who ended up with three broken teeth, one black eye and a busted lip is grateful the Miami-Dade police officer who responded to the scene did not take him to jail, but instead dropped him off at a bus stop, ensuring him that the incident will be fully “investigated.”

But that also means he could face felony battery charges against the guard, he said.

And considering 50 State Senior Vice President and Project Manager Fred Taylor spent 35 years at the Miami-Dade Police Department, including more than ten years as its director, and is known to insiders as the key link between the private security company and its multimillion dollar contract with the county, it is unlikely anybody in the county is going to put the blame on the guards.

At least if history is any indicator.

I have a long history with 50 State ever since they “permanently banned” me for taking photos in 2010, which is completely legal, and have been assaulted and attacked several times after that for taking photos, including a savage attack last year where they dragged me down the escalator in a chokehold and almost killed me. I filed a lawsuit against them, which you can read here. We are scheduled to go to trial in May. Videos of my incidents are below.

Also, last May one of their guards was caught on video tossing out an 82-year-old woman because she was singing the gospel, which also resulted in a lawsuit.

Although they have proven to treat photographers like dangerous criminals, they have no problem posing with young females and posting the images on Facebook.Metrorail-Guard1

Unfortunately, Valencia’s friend, Cole Nichols, attempted to record the latest attack, but had no extra storage space on his phone.

Nevertheless, the guard, described as a stocky black man wearing glasses, kept trying to swipe at Nichols’ phone as he struggled with Valencia.

Other commuters attempted to record the aftermath as Valencia sat handcuffed and bloodied at the security kiosk but guards chased them away, ordering them to stop recording.

The incident most likely was captured on surveillance video, which we will be requesting Monday morning through a public records request.

At one point, after the guard began punching Valencia on the platform of the Vizcaya Station, Nichols pushed the guard off, allowing his friend to get free. The two men started running towards the stairs but the guard pulled out his gun.

“He said, ‘freeze or I’ll shoot you,'” Nichols said.

Valencia froze but Nichols continued running. When he reached downstairs, he tried to enlist the help of another guard but that guard tried to detain him, so Nichols ran out the station and did not stop running until he reached his home in downtown Miami.

The incident began around 8 p.m. Thursday after Valencia and Nichols had gotten off work from the Human Rights Campaign in Coconut Grove. They first joined a few co-workers for happy hour at the Cheesecake Factory in Cocowalk before buying a 12-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon bottles and walking to the Coconut Grove station where they had planned to ride the train to Nichols’ home in downtown to drink the beer.

Valencia attempted to pay for Nichols and himself with his monthly fare card that contained about $20 of credit but the turnstile locked when Valencia tried to use it a second time for himself after Nichols had already entered.

That was when the 50 State security guard confronted them in an angry tone.

“‘Hey fucker, we see what you’re doing, go get your ass another ticket,’” Valencia described the guard as saying.

Valencia walked to the outside ticket vending machine and bought a single ticket to get inside. As he went up to the second-floor platform, they discussed how rude the guard had been, which made the guard even angrier.

“He comes after us with a brisk face and says, ‘if you want to say shit, say it to my face,'” Valencia said.

“I was like, ‘I’m not really here to start problems.’

“He says, ‘take that fucking smirk off your face.’

“I’m like, ‘I’m not smirking, that’s just my face.'”

The guard then asked if they had been drinking, pulling out his flashlight and shining it at the unopened 12-pack of beer.

“Are you going to throw a bottle at me?'” Valencia quoted the guard as asking.

The guard then ordered them out of the station.

The two walked up US 1 to the Vizcaya Station about a couple of miles up the road, paying for their fare and making their way upstairs to the train platform.

To their dismay, the same security popped out of the shadows and confronted them.

“‘I told you guys to stay off the fucking rail,'” Valencia described the guard as saying.

The guard pulled out his handcuffs and began wrestling with Valencia.

“He slammed Mike’s head into a trashcan,” Nichols said. “He reached back and started punching him in the face.”

Nichols managed to shove the guard off Valencia and the two started running for the stairs, but the guard pulled out his gun, pointed it at them and ordered them to stop.

Valencia stopped, fearing he would be shot as Nichols continued running.

“I get to the bottom of the stairs and see another security guard,” Nichols said. “I told him the other guard just punched my friend and pulled a gun on us.”

But that security guard moved in to detain him, so Nichols took off running.

“I felt bad about leaving Mike but I was freaking out,” he said.

Valencia’s black eye, which is a result of being beaten by a Miami-Dade Metrorail security guard

Meanwhile, Valencia was already in handcuffs, but the guard continued beating him, ordering him to “stop resisting.”

The guard threw Valencia into the elevator, joined by another 50 State security guard, and continued beating him all the way down.

“He punched me in the face repeatedly and threw me against the wall and the other guard kept saying, “it’s because you’re a thug,'” Valencia said.

They marched him to the kiosk and ordered him to sit down with his knees up, continually pushing his face down into them.

“I was screaming hysterically, yelling that he beat me, asking someone to please help me,” Valencia said.

That was when a couple of commuters attempted to record the scene, but the guards ordered them away.

“I couldn’t see them, but I heard the guards say, ‘stop fucking recording,'” Valencia said.

Paramedics arrived, but refused to treat Valencia, just as they did to me after my Metrorail attack last year.

“I told them what happened and they said, ‘I don’t fucking care,’ and they went to treat the guard instead,” he said.

A Miami-Dade police officer named Gregory Carter seemed to empathize size with Valencia, informing him that the case will be investigated by a detective named Darling.

Carter drove him to a bus stop so he could go home, but the bus never came, so Valencia called his dad to pick him up.

His dad was sickened when he saw his son.

“He was very nervous, almost in shock,” said Rafael Valencia.

“This is what I saw in Cuba when I left in 1969. It’s not supposed to happen in this country.”

But it does happen in this country. More than most would like to admit. And it has happened way too often on the Miami-Dade Metrorail.

Miami filmmaker Billy Corben, who first notified me of this incident, is outraged and vows to demand some accountability from the county.

This is the third serious incident recently reported involving Metrorail guards from 50 State Security attacking passengers. Now, with a gun allegedly involved, it appears the violence is escalating. I’m frightened to think what they might do to somebody next time. Ultimately, I hold our public officials accountable. They’re supposed to represent our best interests, but it seems that once they grant these sweetheart multi-million dollar contracts, there is no oversight whatsoever by the County Commission. They just hand them a big check, a gun and a license to deprive people of their rights. I plan to attend an upcoming meeting to find out what they plan to do about this epidemic of physical and economic abuse against the citizens of Miami-Dade.

Florida statutes do not give licensed security guards any right to use force on a citizen unless they are either protecting themselves or somebody else.

However, that statute is frequently violated by 50 State security guards as we’ve seen in several of my run-ins with them as well as last year’s incident  with the gospel-singing grandmother, a company made up mostly of ex-cops and veterans.

I haven’t ridden the train since my attack because I know the cops, paramedics, politicians and prosecutors will not protect me from the guards, who have learned they can attack whomever they want, whenever they want, and remain employed.

Below are videos from my January 2013 attack as well as three incidents from 2010. Obviously, nothing has changed.

Here are some phone numbers and emails:

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez: 305-375-5071

Miami-Dade Transit complaints: 305-891-3131

Ysela Llort, Director of Miami-Dade Transit: Email

Eric Muntan, Director of Security at Miami-Dade Transit:  305-375-5251

Florida Department of Agriculture, which oversees the licensing of private security guards and companies:  (850) 245-5499



About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Mike Ross

    “Paramedics from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue arrived, but refused to treat Valencia, just as they did to me after my Metrorail attack last year.”

    I’m a fireman. That sounds like what we would call ‘patient abandonment’, and if it’s true, the paramedics involved are in soooooo much shit they may never see the light of day again.

    • Carlos_Miller

      What happens is that the paramedics are automatically going to side with the security guards, so they really don’t care who they beat up.

      This is a rotten, corrupt county.

      Just last week, a cop in Miami stood by for more than two minutes, refusing to perform CPR on a traffic victim who ended up dying.

      • n4zhg

        Unfortunately, unless the cop is also an EMT and being paid for it, there is no duty of care like there would be for a fireman or EMT on duty/call. I agree the cop is a piece of shit, but legally he’s in the clear. Now, if the cop had actively prevented others from performing CPR like the incident in WV in 2003, that would be a different story.

      • Pat Lane

        Yea but… you can’t not treat someone, even if they are a suspect or under arrest.

      • pinbalwyz

        Carlos, it’s the same in Mason County, WA. On 12-23-2007, I was beaten senseless with a baton while I was seated in a folding metal chair for the crime of reaching for my cell phone to dial 911. I’d done NOTHING illegal, and had to be taken to the hospital for my injuries. My arm has permanent damage from the attack. The security thug was armed, dangerous, and completely incompetent. The paramedics who arrived to treat me, initially, later would provide me NO information/records about the incident. The cop who arrived arrested ME instead of the assailant. The judge (on Christmas Eve) released me for NO probable cause. I had just spent the night in an isolation cell and had to beg for toilet paper. The company thug (Thomas J. Doyle, now in Texas) worked at the FEMA temporary field office for an outfit then called Paragon Security, a subsidiary of Blackwater corporation. Those familiar with the latter may recall it was a company replete with a culture of murder, mayhem, and violence. Thus, it was chosen as the security provider for federal offices in Washington State.

      • inquisitor

        This is why I stay out of Miami whenever possible.

  • javorius

    They are out of control. They are mostly assholes too. A lot of them seem to have been replaced around 2 months ago. I started seeing a lot of new faces. Unfortunately, the ones that were replaced were the seemingly decent ones.

    Be careful of a guy in a plain brown tshirt and cap. He is an undercover guard and will question you if he doesn’t like you. He bothered an older black man with a long beard who was juat sitting minding his own business. To make it clear, this guy was not homeless. Undercover pops out his badge and starts asking the man where he is going and stuff. As if its any of his business.

    The buses and trains are always late or broken. Sometimes I’ve gotten to work more than an hour late. And if that wasnt bad enough we have to be terrorized by the guards. One guard wanted to trap me inside a station and call the cops on me if I didnt provide identification. I wanted to jump out and run but was afraid of what could happen knowing their history of violencd. This is what we get for the extreme amount we already have to pay in fees? This is why I’m getting a bikE. P.S they’re always watching from their headquarters. Try stepping on the yellow part of the platform when there’s no train. Within seconds angry guy will come on thr overhead telling get the f away.

  • ARtP and security guards

    Ahhhhhhh security, making everyone feel safer!

  • LibertyEbbs

    “This is what I saw in Cuba when I left in 1969. It’s not supposed to happen in this country.” Well said, Mr. Valencia.

    • The Firewall

      Americans have been brainwashed to believe that they must unquestioningly obey sociopaths and murderers if they’re wearing a badge.

      Many Americans believe it is their duty as a citizen to be beaten, maimed or killed on command.

  • alexanderrogge

    If I’d seen that defenseless Michael Valencia begging for help, and saw what they were doing with the gun and the assault, I would have viewed that as a crime and protected the public safety. If the goon with the gun wouldn’t drop the gun, and instead had pointed it at me or anyone else, I would have moved to kill him in order to protect myself and the public safety. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you see another person in imminent danger and fearing for his life. To not react in this manner could open me to legal liabilities for any further injuries as a result of that inaction. We need more people to stand up for their rights and the rights of others.

    • The Firewall

      Thank you!!!!!

    • Clark

      It’s too bad they didn’t try this against a carrying off-duty cop…

      • spacemace

        Try what? Taking the train?

        • inquisitor

          The most nefarious form of terrorism?

  • Jeff Rielley

    Are there security cameras in the stations that could have recorded this incident?

    • Clark

      Probably, but I’m sure they weren’t working that day or that the recording system was down for maintenance, or the tape will just disappear.

      • Jeff Rielley

        So don’t make a public records request and just give up?

        • Bob

          Work on your reading comprehension: “The incident most likely was captured on surveillance video, which we will be requesting Monday morning through a public records request.”

          • Jeff Rielley

            I was replying to Clark, not making a general statement.

  • Chris McKenna

    Here is a copy of a letter I sent to my county commissioner this morning:

    Dear Commissioner Bell,

    I read today in the website about a young man, Michael Valencia, who was apparently assaulted by a security guard while on the Miami-Dade

    The guard, employed by 50 State Security, apparently also threatened to shoot Mr.

    This appears to be the latest in a long line of assaults and batteries committed by guards
    employed by this company. It seems they also have tried to prevent people from
    taking pictures while on Metrorail property, especially if the pictures or
    video disclose the guards doing something questionable.

    As a county commissioner, you have the power and the ability to investigate the allegations
    here. At the very least, a thorough review of 50 State Security is warranted, especially
    since the possibility exists that their behavior could expose the county to

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, and if I can be of any help, please let me know.

  • dravo1

    People often wonder where LEOs that get fired end up. Now you know……..

  • Pat Lane


  • pinbalwyz

    WoW! That’s some incredible footage, Carlos. You are doing the Lord’s work–seriously. These private security goons are too often even more dangerous than the police as they’re even less qualified and more poorly trained. They have, however, NO qualified immunity from personal liability for their thuggery. What I saw was assault and battery, flat out. It was a public space and photography is legal in public venues. Actually, it’s legal where the public has legitimate access. You had business there, presumably, waiting for a bus/train. Sadly, not even all photojournalists are sympathetic with defenders of 1st Amendment principles.

    If I was in Florida, I’d ask to come with you. But, it’s a long commute from Washington State. Hang in there and try not to get hurt. BTW, the manner in which you were being treated by the Metro goons is the SAME way (A)narchists treat photojournalists in public venues here in Washington State. i.e. There’s plenty of corruption to go around.

  • The Firewall

    If you refuse to defend yourself, expect a beating – or worse.

    • $910553

      But if you DARE defend yourself, also expect a beating. And probably worse.

  • Suleiman Yousef


    Contact me at 7864998826

    I’m an investigator and want to take on this case

    • Tijuana Joe

      I’m confused.
      Do 50 State goons do anything except beat the crap out of people?

      • theaton

        They collect a pay check.

        • pinbalwyz

          Like some lawyers, they’re also great at holding up chairs.

  • steveo

    I don’t know what it is with these transit cop/security people. The citizens in the San Francisco Bay Area are trying to get the Bart police agency which employs about 200 sworn officers disbanded, you can read about this on Police one dot com. There has to be some serious problem with self-esteem with the people they hire or they are just a bunch of Travis Bickles waiting to erupt. “What you talkin’ to me?”

    • $910553

      Well at least the BART pigs managed to shoot one of their own successfully not that long ago!

  • Jeffrey Marcus Gray

    Some thing simply must be done about this grave threat to the public. 50 State is reckless and out of control and if this keeps going the way it is somebody is going to wind up getting killed by these thugs. It’s infuriating how law enforcement always sides with security regardless of how wrong the security guards are. I will not be satisfied until the responsible parties at 50 state are charged criminally and convicted.

    • pinbalwyz

      Is it the uniform? Like the Yankees, they just can’t take their eyes off those stripes?

  • Rob C

    > emphasize

  • Michael Libby

    thanks for reminding me of the original post where you mentioned the last run in you had with 50 State. I used my Pacer account to pull a lot of your current file.

    Wow….55 entries so far, it has taken a year, and you still haven’t gone to court yet. To my untrained eye it looks like they are playing legal hardball and making you fight for everything. This is probably about $25k in legal fees 50 State will end up having to pay.

    I note with some humor that in one point of their answer to the complaint they claim they were not acting under color of state law yet in another they contend they should get qualified immunity. I don’t think you can have it both ways.

    I chuckled when they had to admit that through an honest error on their part, they thought they didn’t have to give you parts of the MDT record (like a copy of the ticket, notes to the cop etc.). Sure, an honest mistake….

    I almost peed myself when I noticed their motion to prevent you from talking about certain things at trial. Critical important things central to this trial like how wealthy they are, whether the jury should send a message to the community, don’t talk about their prior bad acts. Do they have something to hide? Or have they been down this road before.

    Hang in there Carlos and start thinking of some new camera to buy yourself and a really nice vacation with your lovely girlfriend…..

    • pinbalwyz

      Actually, Miami Metro is beginning to look like the goose that lays the Golden Egg. Aspiring pro se litigants from across the nation looking for a bonanza have to do as little as visit Miami Metro, camera in hand, to file a civil rights lawsuit against them. Heh. Who knew? Thanks, Carlos for letting us know where to dig.

  • steve618

    I wonder when one of these thugs will end up messing with some CCW holder who l@wfully defends himself.

    • Difdi

      Doesn’t even need to be self-defense. Coming to the aid of another person who is the target of an unlawful attack is also legal.

  • Rail Car Fan

    One of these days one of the “Badge Bully” 50 State idiots is going to try something like that with someone who’s “packing” (and doesn’t give a damn) and is going to find his shiny silver badge with a hole through it facing the ceiling!

    It’s a wonder it hasn’t happened already… and when it does I won’t be the first person to say “I told you so”.

    By the way Carlos…

    This little incident (as well as the others), should help your upcoming court case.

    Rail Car Fan

    • $910553

      You need to understand that whoever does so will be charged with 1st degree murder, and unlike the Fullerton case where the prosecutor did his best to acquit Officer Manny Ramos, the prosecutor in THIS case will be as corrupt as that filthy hoar Angela Corey.

  • Jonathan Corbett

    If he’s shown to have pulled a gun on them as they were trying to escape, under FL law he’s guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and faces a mandatory minimum 3 year prison sentence. Let’s hope he gets it.

    • $910553

      Hahahahaha!!!! You actually think the “law” applies to pigs????

      How fucking stupid ARE you, anyway???

      • Clark

        Except these aren’t police, things will fall apart quickly against them.

        • $910553

          There was a pig at the scene who did NOTHING to the guard. Things will NOT fall apart when the pig is complicit.

          • Clark

            The police are only one part of the justice system which reaches all the way to the Supreme Court. Even if the entirety of the local justice system is corrupt, I’m sure somewhere along the line, things will get put straight.

          • $910553

            So just what did the “Legal” system do to Lon Horiuchi for murdering an unarmed woman with a baby in her arms??? For it is NOT EVEN REMOTELY a “justice” system.

          • pinbalwyz

            The plaintiffs should have hired Jerry Spence. He won for Karen Silkwood. It’s said Jerry never lost a case in his career. In fact, Jerry offered to prosecute Horiuchi for free–that’s right, pro bono for the State of Idaho!

          • $910553

            And then the Do(I)J told Idaho they were taking over the case, and promptly dropped all charges.

          • pinbalwyz

            The cop is guilty of misprision and should be sued for it. Amend your complaint, Carlos, to include him. The public confrontations are quick. The heavy lifting and time spent comes in preparing for court, discovery, motions, summary judgement, voir dire, trial, and jury instructions. But, that’s ALSO where the $ is!

        • pinbalwyz

          Agreed…their filings look like they came from an attorney who can’t hold his liquor. Qualified Immunity??–my God! Rent-a-pigs have NO immunity, qualified or otherwise–especially given their obvious lack of qualifications.

      • Jonathan Corbett

        I spend a significant portion of my time fighting to make sure the law applies to “pigs” of all kinds. Be a little bit more respectful, continue the fight, and justice slowly comes.

        • $910553

          As it did to Manny Ramos? As it did to Richard Sylvester? As it did to James Harris? As it did to whatever pig murdered Aiyana Jones? As it did to the LVMPD pigs who murdered Eric Scott? As it did to the Pima County Sheriff’s pigs who murdered Jose Gurena? Shove it up your pig sucking ass. The only way “justice” comes is as it did to Jason Ellis. At the hands of a Mere Citizen.

          • Jonathan Corbett

            You’re a troubled man. Seek help.

          • ExCop-Lawyer

            He’s always been troubled. Most of us just ignore him.

          • $910553

            Or at least the pig suckers do. They’re too busy enjoying that filtered coffee and donuts.

          • Rail Car Fan


            What happened to the: “Nice Try. Thanks for playing”,?

            Rail Car Fan

          • $910553

            Your pigs have murdered THOUSANDS of innocent Mere Citizens in cold blood across this country. Your “Legal” system won’t even slap their hands. And I’M the one who’s troubled???

            I’ll soon give your pig buddies the “help” they deserve. May you and your “Legal” system burn with them.

          • Jonathan Corbett

            #1 they are not “my pigs” — I’m not on the side of the police, I’m just not on your side either. #2 your comments are bordering on death threats. Treat lightly or you *will* be reported.

          • $910553

            Woo hoo! Another one bites the dust. A pig from the Orange County Sheriff’s pig sty is now burning where he belongs. You might remember that the Orange County pigs were one of five agencies running weapons to Communist terrorists supporting former president Zelaya in Honduras, along with the Brevard County pig sty, the Miami-Dade pig sty, the Osceola County pig sty, and the Tampa Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives pig sty, under Operation Castaway, which was Tampa’s version of Fast and Furious. Congressman Gus Bilirakis of Florida’s 12th Congressional District heard about their treason in July of 2011 and asked for an accounting. Since then, NOT ONE of the five agencies involved has seen fit to give him that information, nor has EVEN ONE of the “Law Enforcement” officers who work in those pig sties done so either. Hopefully soon a shi+load of this pig’s Brothers in Blue will join him and burn where they belong for their treason.

          • pinbalwyz

            Please provide a link. I hadn’t heard/read the story you’re referencing about a LEO dying in Orange County. Florida?…or the one by Anaheim, CA?

          • $910553

            He was with the pig sty when they were running those weapons to Honduras. He may not have been actively involved, but he surely was part of the effort to shred all documents and delete all files related to Operation Castaway. But then undoubtedly those screaming “I SEE NOTHINK!!!” in their best imitation of Sergeant Schultz are still “good cops”…

          • inquisitor

            Bordering on death threats? Really?

            Oh…you’re one of those guys.

          • lberns

            Or Kelly Thomas.

          • $910553

            And Eurie Stamps. And Amadou Diallo. And THOUSANDS more across this country.

          • pinbalwyz

            It’s true. Cops are arguably more dangerous and lethal than hoodlums.

          • pinbalwyz

            Even patriots need to be discreet. Don’t get baited into making public statements you may come to regret. BE CAREFUL, Brother.

            There’s room for patriots young and courageous enough to stand with their fellows on the line as well as those of us who still have the strength to crack the law books and use what’s left of it to reveal the truth. Peace!

        • lberns

          How many people should be hurt before the slow machine of justice reaches it’s conclusion? Also, would you respect a rapist?

          Now I’m not one who advocates shooting the state’s armed mercenaries (not that they don’t deserve it), but the saying “My right to self defense does not end where someone’s state issued costume begins” is valid.

          You need a good dose of William N. Grigg:

          • Jonathan Corbett

            The respect requested was for me, not for the pig. 😉 I agree that your right to self-defense is not lessened by a costume, but his comment promotes the killing of random officers.

          • inquisitor

            You went from stating that his comment “bordered” on death threats and now you state his comment promotes the killing of random officers.

            Which comment of his are you specifically referring to?

          • Jonathan Corbett

            The one where he says: “I’ll soon give your pig buddies the “help” they deserve.”

          • inquisitor

            And you interpret that as a comment…”bordering on death threats” and “….promotes the killing of random officers”?

            That is a bit of a stretch.

            Why not just consider one of his previous posts…

            “I would suggest killing every pig in this country. Once enough of their dead corpses are stacked in the streets, they should begin to get the message. And if their family members are injured or killed in the process, well “If they weren’t associating with criminals, they would not have been harmed.”

            Let them enjoy the fruits of their pigs’ labors.”

            —that has a bit more bite to it.

          • pinbalwyz

            More bite, but not a meal–merely a snack.

          • pinbalwyz

            Not close enough, and no banana, Jonathan. Don’t emulate the witless badly trained goons. That statement doesn’t even come close to constituting a ‘true threat’.

            As a courtesy to Matism, I want to offer the following information: A true threat need not be communicated directly to the person/official who is the subject of it to be criminal/prosecuted. i.e. Do not threaten anyone identifiable or by name even if you THINK they’ll never hear about it. They don’t have to for you to end up in the slammer for it. Be careful. Stay safe.


          • $910553

            Oh rest assured that I do NOT promote “the killing of random officers.” I only encourage justice for those officers who swear an oath to the Constitution before they pin on that badge, yet who then spit on that oath yet still pretend to be “Law Enforcement” officers. And even then, I do not encourage harm against any of THOSE who are actually held to account by the “Legal” system. That only leaves the traitors who are not touched. And out of a national force of roughly 700,000 ‘Law Enforcement” officers, how many of those could there posssibly be?

          • pinbalwyz


          • pinbalwyz

            Jonathan, so long as his remarks are sufficiently general, they’re still protected under 1st Amendment principles. But if he issues a call to action with more specificity, he could be criminally prosecuted. There’s plenty of cops, DA’s, and possibly even judges reading this blog. Why not let them worry about it? Matism is just expressing his outrage, as should we all. Some are more articulate than others, but there’s room for all voices in this chorus calling for American’s to reclaim their government, their justice system.

  • Tom Jankowski

    Here’s 50 state’s contact info: 915 NE 125th Street, Ste. 106 North Miami, FL 33161; Tel: 305.891.7000; Fax: 305.981.0753; Email:

  • me
    • $910553

      The “Legal” system is not about to do that.

      • pinbalwyz

        It’s God awful slow and often lets the miscreant cops slide, but it’s also sometimes effective. Don’t disparage people who don’t want to risk getting shot but are willing to labor in the courts for justice. There’s nothing wrong with a holistic balanced strategy. Some of us would quickly die if shot or incarcerated–seriously.

  • inquisitor

    In the following video link couldn’t the officer have done one of two possible things?

    Wait in his car and attempt to call the house he is parked in front of in an attempt to get the owner to round up his dogs, then get out of the car to write the dog owner a ticket.

    Wait in his car, call animal control, animal control comes out and rounds up the dogs, then the cop exits his car and issues ticket.


    Then the officer had the nerve to yell at the guy about how he had to shoot his dog.
    The officer didn’t have to shoot his dog.
    The officer had options that would have perhaps delayed him in serving a ticket or citation, but would not have put the officer’s safety in jeopardy resulting in having to shoot the dog.

    • pinbalwyz

      The officer used, IMO, poor judgment. I don’t believe, however, he broke the law judging from the video. I agree, he should have exercised prudence by calling animal control who are trained and have the tools to control aggressive dogs. The owner bears a lot of responsibility for letting his animal remain outside, unfenced, unleashed, and at large. The dog could as easily have been hit by a car. The owner was, in my opinion, irresponsible and shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog. The cop shows too much fondness for touching his gun. The cop’s PTSD makes him a lousy street cop. The next victim could as easily be a citizen. He should be restricted to desk duty guarding policemen’s badges or something equally important. I love animals. Even after erring by exiting his car, the cop could/should have used his baton to discourage the dog. It was a careless needless death the animal suffered. The cop is a liability.

  • stk33

    Does anybody have an insight into the underlying reason why all security guards in all places are attacking photographers? Do they honestly believe it presents some danger, or all these talks about the security are only the smokescreen for something else? Is there perhaps some training they receive that instructs them do do it? Why?

    I mean, everybody knows that there are tons of bizarre laws that nobody is enforcing, even though they are on the books. They enforce only when there’s some real interest, some interested party that puts pressure on them to do it that way. In this case the interest must be so great that they go out of their way to stretch the law and make it look legitimate. And in those videos one can see how panicked they are. So I wonder, what is the core of their panic? I can’t believe they genuinely believe it’s terrorist threat, they can’t be all so uniformly stupid. Then what?

    • inquisitor

      It is the psychology that is resultant when you put a psychologically immature and insecure someone in a uniform with a badge and a weapon, make them a paid member of a group or gang, instill in them that they have authority, train them that they are to lie and push beyond the actual law, beyond their authority and beyond reality with little consequences or liability.

      And from the top down you have a system that is militarizing itself under the guise of protecting the nation and the public from terrorists while they deprive that very same public of their rights and freedoms by intimidating and bullying them.
      Thus making the authorities the actual terrorists.

      Once you realize that it is the common citizen who is considered the terrorist by security, by police and by the government then it all makes perfect sense.
      It is a war declared upon…YOU!!!

      The government spies on you.
      Every phone call, every email, every electronic transaction…because they need to keep you safe from those that they deem would threaten your freedom and the liberties of the American way of life. And this can only be done if the government takes away your freedoms and the liberties of the American way of life.

      • hiel

        Goggle German “Brown Shirts” and you will have your answer.

    • axis

      Google Italy “Black Shirts” and you will have your answer.

    • pinbalwyz

      They were told by an incompetent/corrupt superior to do what they’re doing and fear for their jobs. They’re also ignorant.

  • pinbalwyz

    Unbelievable TERMINAL Incompetence!

  • Jack Mahoghof

    Carlos, what’s the status of the lawsuit for their illegal assault?

  • Lance Maboyle

    It is amazing they give untrained morons like these loaded guns. A recipe for DISASTER!

    • Jfp

      Whose untrained???

  • Juan F Paredes


  • Frank Abay

    security guard going scared fro people from last year. there was an 3 time guard behave out of control with people.