Oklahoma Police Beat Man to Death Before Confiscating Cell Phone Camera that Captured Beating

Oklahoma law enforcement officers beat a man to death before confiscating his wife’s cell phone after she video recorded the incident, leaving the key piece of evidence in the hands of the killers.

Police said they needed the phone as “evidence” but the United States Department of Justice has made it very clear that police can only seize a camera without a warrant if they believe the camera contains evidence of a crime and if they believe this evidence would be destroyed if they don’t act fast to obtain it.

In this case, the phone likely contains evidence of a crime committed by police which would increase the chances of it getting destroyed now that it is in their hands.

The incident took place Saturday night outside a movie theater in Moore when a woman got into an argument with her daughter and slapped her before storming off.

The woman’s husband and father of the girl, Luis Rodriguez, ran after his wife in an attempt to restore harmony to the family, but a group of cops intervened and demanded his identification.

Police, of course, claim he started fighting with them, which is why they had to kill him.

But family members say he was only trying to sidestep them to prevent his wife from driving off.

The Rodriguez family
The Rodriguez family

According to News9:

Lunahi Rodriguez said that five officers beat her father to death right in front of her, in the parking lot of the movie theater.

“When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face, it was, he was disfigured, you couldn’t recognize him.”

By the time it was all over, Nair Rodriguez said that she knew her husband was dead.

“I saw him. His [motionless] body when people carry it to the stretcher,” she explained. “I knew that he was dead.”

Nair says her husband was only trying to defuse the fight she was having with her daughter. She said when police asked her about it she told them what happened.

“I told them I hit her and he was just trying to reach me. Why didn’t they arrest me?”

Lunahi added, “My mom was taking a video and asking, ‘What are they doing this for? Why?’ And they didn’t give really an explanation.”

News9 said that another family member provided them with an audio clip of the incident but it doesn’t appear that they have posted it.

The incident involved three Moore police officers, including one who was off-duty, as well as two off-duty game wardens.

Last year, Kern County sheriff’s deputies confiscated phones after killing a man as well, which led to an FBI investigation.

In 2012, Miami-Dade cops entered a home without a warrant and confiscated a phone from a girl after killing her father in the driveway.

1n 2011, Miami Beach police began confiscating phones after killing an unarmed man inside a car, shooting hundreds of bullets and striking four innocent bystanders, which lead to a policy change regarding the right for citizens to record (which they seem to be respecting for the most part).

The Free Thought Project has provided a list of apps that allow you to live stream video, ensuring your video survives even if they do confiscate your phone.

Call Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillings at (405) 793-5138.

Jerry Stillings
Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillings

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Ronnie Drury

    3 more on Vaca. Geez

    • Rogue Reflections

      I am in the wrong business!

      • pinbalwyz

        No, you’re just early for the party.
        – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

    • sonny free

      Anyone no the latest news on these police have they been fired or indicted?

  • Fascist Slayer

    I really don’t understand what the problem is and I don’t understand what this family is crying and sobbing about?? I really don’t. Massive surveillance of an entire nation and
    beyond, secret prisons, secret courts, secret laws, secret judges, secret police, secret interpretation of laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence, secret wars,
    militarization of local police forces, declaration of martial law for unarmed suspects, the largest prison population on earth, there are more men in U.S. jails, prison, on parole, or on probation than were enslaved in 1850. Internal spy drones, millions of internal domestic spies, internal checkpoints, street lamp post that listen in on conversations, mysterious boxes affixed to power polls doing only God knows what, mysterious black boxes now being mandated for all vehicles with Giant Monster car corporations stating that they “now know when everyone breaks the law”. Indefinite detention without charge or trial under NDAA, DHS hording billions of rounds of Ammo, TSA deployed onto public streets, propaganda media, a call for the arrest of journalist, 5 year olds deemed and labeled terrorist for playing with certain toys, citizens being arrested, jailed and deemed suspected terrorist for openly filming law enforcement in public. citizens being detained and taken to area hospitals and given 8 cavity exams, X-Ray’s and Colonoscopies for minor traffic violations, Constitutional Free Zones, Free Speech Zones, votes being counted in dollars, not ballots, eugenics programs, endless wars, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. And now Americas are in shock that their family members are being publicly murdered by the Gestapo? Really America? Really?? What do you all expect in a fascist nation, rainbows made out of Skittles?

    • inquisitor
      • Fascist Slayer

        LOL… Meanwhile, be scared of toothpaste.

        • inquisitor


          • Fascist Slayer

            Didn’t the U.S. Media and government issue a travel warning to Americans not to go to the Olympic Games because of a threat of toothpaste?

          • inquisitor

            Ah, yes…toothpaste “bombs”. Got to watch out for those.


            Meanwhile many of the 70 agencies of the DHS are stockpiling huge ammo purchases…for “target practice”.

          • jeffy1951

            Yes they are …. and the “targets” are US !

          • pinbalwyz

            Yes, the targets are Americans since the US Government appears to believe its own people should be treated as the ‘enemy’.
            – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

          • Rogue Reflections

            Pin: That is so true!

          • Fotaugrafee

            Only those who DO NOT COMPLY!!! 😮 We must bow down to the police state!

          • pinbalwyz

            Ah!…but, it’s not enough to OBEY Big Brother–one must LOVE Big Brother.

            Latest alarm sent by dispatcher to car 54 heard on the police scanner: “White male–dancing in the street.”
            – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

      • Dave

        Read “SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS”. It represents a study of how to conduct an economic war against society. It was sponsored by the Bilderberg Group, research funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the Harvard Economic Research Project. Lord Acton (1834-1902) predicted this when he said “the issue which has swept down through the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people vs the banks”.
        So, it is not the republicans vs the democrats but rather the people vs those elected officials who continue to promote the global banking elites agenda. GET INFORMED

    • Luc

      That pretty much sums it up! Welcome to Militarized Police States of America.

    • Voice of Reason

      Wow. That is the longest conspiracy post I have ever seen. You need to see a psychiatrist.

      • Fascist Slayer

        Humm.. Yea.. I really wouldn’t open my mouth if I lived in a country where my nations Olympic Speed Skating team can barely make it around the race track all while it’s nations media brags and boast that they have Cruise Missile technology sown into the fibers of their bodysuits. Instead if I were you, I would bend, fold and contort my legs behind my head and neck, lean forward and perform Autofellatio on myself, and in your case I would go for Gold and toss my own salad while I was down there. I’m embarrassed for you.

        Wahoo!! GO TEAM RUSSIA!!! Shine Russia Shine!!!!

        • Doogie Howzer

          Snowden ? Is that you ?

          • Fascist Slayer

            Привет и благословения мои русские братья! Спасибо
            президенту России Владимиру Путину для защиты американского героя, Эдварда Snowden!

        • I_Won_Drug_Warz

          his/her/xir response was even more off topic & rambling.
          Time to check medication levels

      • PeterGriffinsToilet

        Please define “conspiracy” as you are using it above. Are you suggesting something Fascist Slayer said is not correct? If so, what specifically are they?

      • bj

        I wouldn’t have expressed things the way F.S. did but instead of being insulting, why don’t you look at each point he/she is making and argue it. Let’s look at the first ones:
        -Massive surveillance of an entire nation and
        beyond YES THERE IS
        -secret prisons YES THERE ARE, RUN BY CIA
        -secret courts/secret laws/secret judges SORT OF TRUE. THE FISA COURTS ARE SECRET BY DEMOCRATIC JUDICIAL STANDARDS

        If they are some of the things we DO know about, imagine what we DON’T know about. He/She is not a nutter. Even if you disagree, it’s nasty to tell someone to get mental help.

        • $910553

          Ah, but that IS the “Law Enforcement” way…

          • bj

            Meaning Voice of Reason is a cop?

          • $910553

            Well either that, or he prefers his coffee and donuts filtered…

        • inquisitor
      • Marjorie A. Hall

        I think he is right and very on top of our situation. The rest of us need to open our eyes and ears and wake up, arm yourselves before it is really too late. How will our grandchildren live? Perhaps as the North Koreans do in prisons as slaves? WAKE UP, AMERICA!!

        • not_a_cop_not_a_lawyer

          yes! Wake up! The Sky Is Falling! The Sky is FALLING! Waaaake Uuuup!
          (eye roll)

          • Fotaugrafee

            Wow buddy, I’m not one of the super-extreme whackjobs that listen to Alex Jones. But if you believe there is utterly nothing going on, you’re fucking ignorant…or blind.

        • Fascist Slayer

          The Armada that sails against you, that sails against us all, carries in its bowels an unspeakable bastard crossbreed, an incestuous genetic mutation of FASCIST evil not defined in any dictionary, described in any text book or foretold in any history story, a black darkness of deception never before seen by the eyes of mankind. Most unclean, a beast birthed from the womb of misery and fathered from the seed of perdition. God forbid it succeeds for there shall be no more thought or consciousness. Tell to all whom you know and love…..but shhhh the beast is listening.

          • pinbalwyz

            Is this a script from THRONES? Not bad. Throw in a little Shakespeare and I do believe you’re ready for prime time. :)
            – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

          • Fascist Slayer

            Humm…not sure what that is, but thanks.. I guess. Also thanks for the link to the blog. The first story was interesting, how shocking an American bound in chains being beaten and dragged away, and an African American one at that. I’ll add this blog to my daily read, thanks
            for the info.

        • BobTrent

          North Koreans in prisons? I understand the entire country to be a prison.

    • Rail Car Fan

      Fascist Slayer…

      “Paragraphs”, are your friend.

      Rail Car Fan

    • Elric Phares

      You are a pile of garbage to say such cruel things about that family. They are crying because their family member was killed. You are a callous ignorant loser who has his head buried so far up his arse so far all you smell is your ow crap. Why dont you seriously screw off and die yourself garbage boy. I hope something like this happens to you it would be great karma.

      • Fascist Slayer

        Hummm.. I guess rainbows are made of skittles after all.

        • Elric Phares

          The world is a harsh place this is true, but you saying why are they crying like they just stubbed their toe is plain cruelty. Why say anything against the grieving family members that is just being mean for no reason and they were the victim.

          • Fotaugrafee

            Because people like him at the Alex Jones version of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    • Tandalayo…..

      Fantastic, concise, brilliant dissertation on what is actually happening here in America…Thank you a million times over. …

      • Fascist Slayer

        You are to kind. I’m wrapping my arms around you right now and giving you a big hug!!!

  • Rob

    Video will come out from somewhere. Cops think they’re smart by taking the camera of the closest person so they can destroy the video, but never look at the guy over there in the shadows that captured the entire thing.

    • inquisitor

      I am sure the “good” cops will get involved and justice will prevail.


      • $910553

        And Proud Grandpa agrees with you. And ExCopLawStudent agrees with you. And Jonathan Corbett agrees with you. Because, after all, there are only a few bad apples in the “Law Enforcement” barrel. And the “Legal” system will take care of them…

        • Rick Hiltz


        • inquisitor

          Don’t leave out Josef.

          • pinbalwyz

            Josef argues the abusive/lying cops are only the tiniest fraction of 1% of the rest. This self serving estimate is so far off the mark as to destroy his credibility.
            – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

          • inquisitor

            He destroyed his credibility with his very first post.

      • Fotaugrafee

        First I’ve seen of this, awesome coverage!! Love the exploitation by 20/20 of these cocksuckers!

    • inquisitor

      I am the guy over there in the shadows with a Glock ready for some cop to attempt to enforce his unlawful authority upon me.

      • BobTrent

        Yes, so 20, 50 or 100 of them can hunt you down.

    • BobTrent

      This is one reason why streaming smartphones are valuable. If video (and audio) are transmitted to a remote server as the video is being shot, confiscating the phone will accomplish nothing. Nothing except more evidence against criminals wearing badges.

  • OhSnapDJB

    sad story but all of us need to be prepared whenever we step outside. cops are not here to help us! Learn how to “Cop Proof” ur phone and password protect it. also, use BAMBUSER to film so that even if ur phone is taken, the footage will be saved to the internet and NOT ur phone! very very sad story.

  • Doogie Howzer

    I bet most of the people reading this that are outraged don’t even have a live streaming app on their own phone !!

    • inquisitor

      Some just need to get a police baton upside their head one time to dispel the cobwebs of their naivety.

    • Rusty Gunn

      I’m one of them but I’ll be rectifying that soon.

  • ARtP

    I wonder how long before the coroner says death was from heart attack or natural causes.

    • Guest

      So you think the coroners are covering up for police?

      • Dusty Miller

        NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW!! They wouldn’t do a thing like that!! (Not in the Andromeda galaxy perhaps.)

      • FtP

        Two most recent, David Silva and Thomas Kelly.
        COD: Heart disease and drug use, not the police batons bouncing off their heads.

      • Grindstone50k

        Actually, the Oklahoma ME is famous for being terribly corrupt.

    • barcroft

      Or ‘excited delerium’?

    • http://421a.douglasavenue.com Erin Winking

      FWIW, Oklahoma does not have coroners. They have the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, who is appointed by the Board of Medicolegal Investigations; which contains only one member of law enforcement on it (from the OK State Bureau of Investigation) out of five members.

      It really is one of the most non-partisan, non-political, non-biased offices I have ever seen in twelve years working in news.

      Of course that didn’t stop them from being involved in a scandal, but it didn’t have anything to do with them being police stooges.

  • Rusty Gunn

    I’m think’n this would be the exact kind of crime where it would be legitimate to open fire on a police officer.

  • Paschn

    I’m wondering how long-if it will take the people to make the connection?


    These are not isolated instances we’re seeing here. This is a pattern. A pattern intentionally brought about by the STATE and elected officials by making obviously flawed decisions on what type of swine to hire for these posts, the type of “training” they receive, the decision to allow a terrorist nation to “train” them on how to handle “domestic terrorists” and a chronic/acute refusal to come down HARD on the Sycophants-in-Blue, their administrators and those “civil servants” putting this type of filth into positions which include badges and weapons.

    • James Morgan

      It is a pattern.. but a pattern which has been happening for decades.. only now hand held video recorders are exposing it and they’re not happy about it.

  • Tijuana Joe

    Let’s not jump to conclusions here.
    The deceased might be a gun owner or a Sovereign citizen.

    • Rick Hiltz

      so what does it matter is he any less of a living being ……..does he not get the same rights and protections

      • $910553

        Not in today’s “Legal” system.

    • inquisitor

      Oh…your one of those guys.

    • Grindstone50k

      Well, he was a brown person in Moore. They don’t take kindly to that.

  • steveo

    It’s better if you require the leos to arrest you, in order to confiscate your camera because you’ll get to see the judge within 24 hours (in FL we call this 1st Appearance) where you can throw an absolute fit over them violating your Constitutional rights and you can get State Attorney names, etc. and have your motion heard by oral argument and it’s all recorded. And if the judge ignores you, drive up to the District Appellate Court and file an emergency motion there.

    If your camera is taken and you give it to them willingly, I’ve written about this before, I think it’s on the forums, but go to your Circuit Court or whatever jurisdiction of courts website in your community to find out who the head judge is. Then show up at his office in the morning when they open and ask his secretary how you file an emergency motion.

    She’ll tell you how and it’s alot easier than you imagine. You can even hand write the paperwork. You’ll have to serve the motion on the State Attorney and probably the town/county attorney, the secretary will let you know.And the judge will set your hearing for sometime around noon, if he thinks it has merit and in this case, because this involves prior restraint and a serious violation of the 1st Amendment (which is on going because they still have the newsworthy publication that is being censored), he’ll set a time for your hearing. You’ll probably hear from the State or District Attorney (make sure your cell phone number is on the motion) before the hearing and they’ll try to work something out with you to avert the hearing with the judge. They’ll tell you that you can pick your recording device up sometime that afternoon, if you’ll give them consent to copy the video, if they have to apply for a warrant, it might delay things, so I would give them consent as long as they agree to give it back after they make a copy. They might want to keep the original on the SD card (because of the best evidence rule), but at least they’ll give you a copy of the contents of the card for publication.

    • Doogie Howzer

      lol, you obviously have never been arrested before with a video camera

      • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

        His advice is good for Florida, not so much for Oklahoma.

        • pinbalwyz

          The advice is way too optimistic for Washington State too.
          – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

      • jcfromnj

        Stevo, WTF are you smoking ?

  • James M Morriss.

    Where is the video from the theater’s cameras, dash cams, etc.? This camera of hers will mysteriously disappear in about 2 weeks. I predict a vanishing memory card.

  • Erik

    Holy Crap! I was at the Warren around 3:30 on Sat. Blew the showtime for Lego Movie and there were no seats so we left. Talk about close to home!

  • JdL

    Cops: the largest and most lethal criminal gang in America today.

    • pinbalwyz

      Josef argues they’re almost all sweethearts.
      – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

  • The right way

    Stop with the phone calls. The family should visit the courthouse and submit a petition to a judge seeking the return of their cell phone with video intact. Court personnel should be able to instruct them on where to submit the petition and serve on the police department.

    • IcedTeaParty

      This is not about what the family should do, this is about what the police should not have done.

      I just laugh at people who recommend following state-designed protocols to resolve state-effected crimes.

  • IcedTeaParty

    Other info…another family member was apparently able to continue audio recording without being detected, so allegedly this likely-poor quality recording is probably available.

    Additionally, one of the five officers was off-duty, and two of the five were OFF DUTY GAME WARDENS…look for that to turn into a finger-pointing game that merely prolongs the agony of this families tragedy.

    And think about how these two game wardens just placed all of their colleagues in danger…

  • n10dkf

    DOX these fascist pigs!

  • Leah Loftis

    there’s video surveillance at warren theater and security who drives around. i’m sure there’s other ways of seeing the police in action. i hope they all lose their jobs and go to prison.

  • Yabbi Yum

    All together now, let’s slap our kids around. Let’s do it in public as
    well as private. Let’s create a loud scene in public, it’s so thoughtful
    and classy, because everyone knows violence is the answer to every little upset that comes your way, Queen of the World. Let’s wonder why the police show up and get confused while you’re yelling at your spouse.
    Let’s wonder why the police get violent. Seriously? You wonder why this
    happened? Behave like a civilized human being, then you won’t
    have to wonder.

    • LHartz

      Classlessness is not a reason for murder.

    • Kirkus1964

      Yeah, because murder is definitely a good punishment for creating a loud scene.

  • LibertyTreeBud

    What drugs were these loser-killer-cops on??? SSRI’s???
    They ought to be covertly filmed for a year or two to see what other aberrant behavior they exhibit and work up a case against them.

    • JefferyHaas

      Steroids. A majority of police are on the juice.
      Once they start beating a suspect, the roid rage takes over and they can’t seem to stop.
      It’s like a testosterone fueled orgy of violence which, to them, apparently is as enjoyable as great sex.

      It’s how they party.

      • Pat Lane

        A majority? No. I for one am often accused of being “weird” for believing that most male actors are on steroids or HGH because they get ripped so quick for roles. Cops aren’t on steroids. Some are, of course, probably about the same amount as in the general population of men. Most cops are just regular dudes, average guys who spend at the most 5-6 hours in the gym a week. Others spend no time at all and are out of shape just like most people. Only a small percentage are the type to do roids and spend hours and hours in the gym.

      • LibertyTreeBud

        the Public should have drug testing for the cops that bully/beat/shoot for no real reason. When they ask for our blood we should get theirs at the same time.

  • jcfromnj

    If you haven’t woken up to the fact we are in that final stage’s of the Banana Republic that is the United States, nothing anyone say’s or does will hip to the reality of what we have become. In the true Banana Republic law enforcement become the final tool to insulate the political and financial elite. You can’t really do anything about the local Death Squads that roam the streets of our cities. They are sociopaths and evolve into the full blown Psychopaths that you see in the video, without any of the traits that define what it is to be human. They are not.

    Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis summed it up in this sound file.I would go further and say that the de-conditioning process starts in the police academies( Got one in my area). The mush for brains thug mentality is re-enforced in those not strong enough to resist…..


  • Common sense

    You people are all fucking miserable sheep and believe everything you read in the media and on the internet. Weirdos is what you are. You know there is more than one side to that story. Have you ever thought that people lie about what really happened. They lie about the police. They lie to the police. I guess I was delusional because I actually though most people had some common since. But no you people actually believe every word of this. Don’t you realize the media doesn’t care about the facts or what really truly happened. All they care is if it’s a juicy story. “If it bleeds it leads.” How many times do you Hearon see the media come back on and say oh we were wrong about the story we reported earlier this week. We have found that there was more to the story and the family was actually lying and what occurred. The officer actually did nothing other than defend themselves.

    I bet you people would believe in fairies and unicorns if the media or internet told you they existed. You don’t car about facts you don’t care about what really happened. Yes the officers may have been wrong. They may have been right in everything they did. Were any if you there? No you weren’t. You are all so quick to judge. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Your a disgrace to you parents whom I’m sure taught you not to judge people or things without having all the facts. I’m sure you all think Timothy Mcveigh was a hero and not a murderer.

    • Anan

      Then let the videos record what happens. If the police cared about facts, they wouldn’t hide from cameras like cockroaches when lights turn on.

      • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

        This idiot Common Sense stirs shit over at COP BLOCK. He honkers down on the snotty end of police fuck sticks every chance he gets. You will see……..

    • pinbalwyz

      So the word of the police is to be considered more credible than the report from eye witnesses even when the police have offered NOTHING to excuse their murder? Ya know, the police are always fast as lightning to offer any pretext available for their killings: “The guy had a criminal record” or “He was an ex-felon” or “He made a furtive gesture” or “He had a weapon, at least I THOUGHT he did” or “He was resisting arrest and I though I was going to die” etc. etc. etc. But, see, the problem here is there WAS no weapon else they’d have simply shot him. He hadn’t committed any crime and was simply trying to protect his wife AND daughter! They didn’t simply subdue him, the 5 of them beat him to death because they couldn’t curb their anger and the police academy had taught them how to kill, maim, and disable. Their lawyer is going to have to think very hard for a theory that would justify their homicide. I predict the sequel to the Twinkie defense–the donut defense. The combination of donuts and extra caffein in their coffee made them temporarily insane. It had nothing to do with their training on how to be murderous thugs.

      Look! 5 strong LEO’s beating a black man to death for no good reason is, putting it mildly, police brutality that resulted in the victim being murdered. A righteous citizen could have put a bullet in them to prevent the crime under the protection afforded in law for such self defense or prevention of felony murder. It’s only a matter of time before such an event occurs. People are sick to death reading of these atrocities from their own police. A tipping point is near at hand. I witnessed it during the WATTS riots in LA. I saw it when the Black Panthers formed self defense patrols. It can happen again and likely will. All those bullets collected by Homeland Security mean nothing when the people know where the killers live. You have to sleep sometime. You have to share the roads and highways with the people. With a camera in every pocket, it’s likely citizens will know what you look like. There aren’t enough prisons to lock up the entire population and people aren’t going to remain still to be shot. This kind of police brutality/murder stokes the fires of a civil war on the streets of America. Either Americans take back their government, or they must dissolve those political bonds binding them to it. We, as citizens, are NOT the ‘enemy’–those who would PERVERT America are.
      – amicuscuria.com/wordpress –

    • faustinaagatha

      If they had nothing to fear, no reason to confiscate that camera.

  • joe

    Time to dust off that death penalty that the cops in Oklahoma love.

  • Rick Hiltz
  • Fotaugrafee

    I just thought of something, is the news reporter who is doing this story for 20/20 the same fellow who recently worked for an Albuquerque, NM news station? I do believe he was on a similar hunt for cops & their antics there, too…?

  • Michael Norton

    It seems we would be safer if we didn’t have any cops at all these days.

    • NiceToMeetYou

      You know better. Remember Trayvon? the media lies. There is more to this story and I am going to look for it.

  • NiceToMeetYou

    After reviewing myriad news sources I discovered the mother and daughter were in a fist fight and the mother ran off, the husband chased after her. The police were already on location and saw him running (after being called to a fight in progress). They asked him to stop. He refused. They attempted to detain him and he fought with them. Subsequently, he died.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    Black hispanic man, white women, thug cops? Is anyone surprised? Had to get rid of that video!

  • Jo Daneman

    Before video, there was the testimony of eyewitnesses. In this case, the phone being seized will add credibility to the story, let alone five on one man, who ends up dead from a beating. A shame that a husband and father was taken away, whether or not he was a totally upstanding citizen. He was not condemned to death except by these thugs. That must not go unpunished.

  • BobTrent

    This is one reason why streaming smartphones are valuable. If video and audio are transmitted to a remote server as the video is being shot, confiscating the phone will accomplish nothing. Nothing except more evidence against criminals wearing badges.