Chicago Cop Slaps Man’s Camera for Recording her Car, Threatens him with Arrest

A Chicago police officer slapped a man’s camera and threatened to arrest him for disorderly conduct because he had video recorded her car after she parked it on the side of a road in what appears to be a bustling commercial area of the city.

The officer was in full uniform, but the car she was driving, appeared to be her personal car instead of a department-issued car. She had a couple of shirts strewn upon the dashboard, so the man asked about them.

She responded by telling him he was not allowed to record her car, telling him it was “illegal.”

When the man stood up for his rights, telling her it was not illegal, she slapped the camera, a move that would have gotten anybody else killed had they done it to her.

She ordered him to cross the street, to “go on about your business,” telling him she would arrest him for disorderly conduct, which is your usual contempt-of-cop charge.

It is not clear when the incident took place because it appears to be spring or summer instead of winter but it was uploaded a few days ago to a Youtube channel called PoliceBrutalityDOTus, which reposts these types of videos, so it could have been posted elsewhere earlier, but I’d never seen it until today.

It most likely took place after December 2012, when a court order forbade Chicago police to use the state’s eavesdropping law to arrest people who record them in public because she would have probably threatened him with that instead of disorderly conduct.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Brian Folks

    Chicago. ‘Nuff said.

    • $910553

      Again, this is SOP for “Law Enforcement” across this entire country. Federal. State. Local. Makes no difference. If anything, the hives are more corrupt that flyover country, whether it’s the Windy Shitty, the Big Crapple, Filthydelphia, Ratlanta, or any of the rest. However, Mr. Gray proved not that long ago that even cultural backwaters such as Brevard County are the same.

  • Paschn

    Foul, two – legged sperm bank, nothing more..

    • Pat Lane

      What the…

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      Your blatant misogyny really elevates the discourse.

      • Paschn

        Thank you, Penis-breath. However, it’s not blanket distrust of all things female, just vicious, ignorant female cops. Sometimes, unfortunately, there’s simply no other way to express one’s anger. Applying denigrating metaphors to those who abuse the people’s trust is an example of that anger. But take heart! I could have called her a life-support system for a vagina!

        • Cole


  • Rogue Reflections

    For some people, filming police IS going about their business. I want her in front of my camera.

    • Amicus Curia

      I gotta tell ya, there’s a lot more to see in Chicago of interest than her–at least until she made an ass out of herself. It also goes to show women are capable of being bullies no less than men, given the opportunity. i.e. It emphasizes just why it’s so important to document the crazy f**ks they hire as LEO’s these days. It seems as though middle aged white males are losing their mojo…or something.
      – –

      • Paschn

        Well put. I believe the word(s) you are looking for is genitalia or….. spine? Possibly the same reason we have so few left in this nation who will go against the “majority” no matter how treasonous or totally delusional same may be – they fear not being “accepted” more than the ruination of their country.

  • Doogie Howzer

    lol, im sure felony assault charges are imminent

    • Difdi

      Most unarmed assaults are misdemeanors, not felonies. For some reason being visibly armed with a firearm while committing violent crimes doesn’t convert misdemeanors into felonies for police the way it does for everyone else on the planet.

  • GreenTriumph1

    I would have been tempted to hold my arm out to keep her at arm’s length since she was borderline unstable. This would have probably got me shot.

    • ed2276

      If not shot, you would have been thugscrumed and beaten, probably tasered, and then arrested. Then she would have deleted the video. You would have been charged with felony battery of a cop. The guy did the right thing: he left with the video evidence and didn’t give her a chance to erase it.

  • ed2276

    She is not engaged in official business; there goes her qualified immunity. I would take a copy of the video to the local news station, and then I would go immediately from there to the district attorney’s office and file a criminal complaint against the cop for assault and battery.
    I would have been tempted to tell the cop she was under citizen’s arrest at the scene and then demand her partner take her into custody, but she would have arrested him at that point and delete the video evidence.

    • Film The Police Always

      Just to slightly correct you, but if a cop knowingly violates a citizens rights even in their official capacity, they are NOT protected under qualified immunity.

      She should have been reported immediately. Get that shit on her official personnel folder.


    Amazing how cops know nothing, yet they are armed by the state, and told to go and ENFORCE the law, of which they are clueless, but are just armed thugs, like hit men from the mob. This country is doomed. According to most ignorant cops, EVERYTHING is illegal in their small world of STUPID. But they have the corrupt system protecting their STUPID.

    • Amicus Curia

      The problem with the public sector is there’s no requirement of competency to continue getting a paycheck.
      – –

      • CEDUPZ

        public “servants” are running the asylum… dumb and incompetent, and not even knowing what rules they opearate under and are supposed to be ENFORCING, they just spew the standard lines of nonsense, and call it a day. hiring standards are so low, no wonder this country is devolving each week into a pile O’ BILE. Thugs called cops are running wild, on STUPID fueling their existence.

  • Jeff Rielley

    Carlos, if you keep posting these videos and exposing bad behavior by public officials, one of these days they’re going to stop their arrogant foolishness and PINAC will be forced to go dark from lack of business.
    lol, just kidding

    • Heisenberg

      Unfortnately it will not be any day soon. Even when that attorney was pointing fingers at Carlos, I liked the look on Carlos face and he knew that guy was full of it.

      • inquisitor

        That same attorney later denied, on this site, having pointed his finger at Carlos.

        Again…full of it.

  • jcfromnj

    What’s amazing about this psychotic behavior of these LEO’s is that in spite of all the law on the side of photography, that there is a policy at the highest level’s of the administration to terrorize citizens on a ongoing basis. Where IS HOMELAND SECURITY on the Domestic Terrorist that you have to deal with on a daily basis ?

    • Tijuana Joe

      Interesting point. We need a different type of DHS, one that goes after
      domestic terrorists. They’re everywhere. Is Simon Wiesenthal still alive? He can run it.

  • IcedTeaParty

    Fideen hunnert (1500) hours for a beautician license!?!?!?! Shiiiii…I’ll just go be a popo. (480 hours in Illinois).

  • inquisitor

    ‘New Jersey police allegedly hid dashcam video from prosecutors
    showing they beat an innocent man on the side of the road and made up a
    host of false charges to try to get him imprisoned. After the video was
    retrieved through an open records request, all charges were dropped and
    the police were instead charged with falsifying evidence and assault.

    The shocking video shows out of control cops cross the median line of
    a road driving against traffic to crash into 30-year-old Marcus Jeter’s
    vehicle after he had already pulled over on the side of the road, then
    police swarm his car with guns drawn, break his windows, punch him in
    the face while he’s holding his hands up in surrender, then pull him out
    of his car and viciously beat him while screaming “stop resisting” and
    demanding he “stop going for their guns.”‘

    • Rogue Reflections

      Cops are specifically trained to give loud and repetitive verbal commands, to STOP RESISTING, as they go hands on. This is to ensure that if a field interview is done, by police to witnesses, the witnesses will all state that they heard the officer clearly giving those commands, so the “suspect” must have been resisting. I have seen citizens, whose hands and arms were completely immobilized, commanded to stop resisting. This is why FILMING cops, anywhere and all the time is so crucial. Even if the encounter has nothing to do with the person filming, it might be a key piece of evidence, should the encounter go bad.

      • Paschn

        For certain. It helped the murderers of Kelly Thomas walk free to grind people into hamburger again. Innocent verdicts in cases such as his and that gal in Florida….Casey(?), are mind-numbing.

  • Mo Gelber

    the shirts in the window have police patches and logos on them. The scam works like this. By putting certain items in the window such as police logos/patches, handcuffs, patrol manuals etc. , she is identifying that her vehicle is owned by a police officer and since police dont ticket other cops she can park illegally and get away with it. That is why she didnt want her car filmed. If the shirt just had a sports logo and identified her as a cubs fan then she wouldnt care if it was photographed. She is doing something wrong and she knows it.

  • IceTrey

    If that’s what the cops are like in Chicago no wonder it’s the murder capital of America. She was talking to him like she was his Auntie.

  • Liniborn

    Cops are all Otraitors gestapo now, I would not help one for anything, the cops family could be dying and I would laugh and go on my way.

  • jpriest2121jr .

    Bitch with a badge needs to be fired! All punk thug cops who threaten people with arrest for doing legal things should all be beat in the head until compliant! Beat this bitch down while yelling “stop resisting”!