Confiscated Video Showing Oklahoma Cops Killing Man Released by Attorney

The chilling video that had been confiscated by police showing five Oklahoma cops piling on top of a man in a movie theater parking lot earlier this month, leading to his death, was released today, showing the cops were struggling with what appeared to have been a dead man for five minutes.

After all, Luis Rodriguez, 44, was not only not resisting, he was not even moving during the duration of the video.

But still, you can hear one of the cops say, “calm down, sir,” as he pushes his face into the pavement.

Rodriguez’s wife, who was video recording, kept pleading for her husband to respond, but he said nothing. It wasn’t until several minutes into the video that she realizes he is dead.

One of the cops walks up to her to try and reassure her everything is under control as she is panicking. He ends up grabbing her phone, not in a coercion manner, but she is under no condition to even question this move, having just seen her husband killed.

The incident began when Rodriguez’s wife slapped their 19-year-old daughter over an argument, then stormed off, which prompted her husband to run after her.

But the cops intervened, demanded his identification. Family members say he tried to step around them to get to his wife. Police say he became combative.

A surveillance video from the movie theater might have captured the entire incident, but that has not been released.

According to News9:

Police say the 44-year-old Rodriguez became uncooperative when officers questioned him about a possible domestic disturbance. Police handcuffed the man.

Rodriguez’s wife and daughter say police then started beating him. Autopsy results are pending.

The Rodriguez family’s lawyer released a cellphone video of the incident and a statement at a Tuesday news conference in Oklahoma City.

The video shows 44-year-old Luis Rodriguez on his stomach on the ground outside the theater with five police officers restraining him. One officer holds Rodriguez’s head down and the others are on top of him as they handcuff his hands behind his back.

Rodriguez’s wife, who shot the video, is later heard screaming and asking if Rodriguez is dead as he is placed on a stretcher.

“He was not involved in the disturbance. However, when police came, they focused their attention on Luis. Taking him face down onto the pavement, pepper-spraying his mouth, nose and eyes and putting the weight of five grown men on top of him, and then handcuffing him as he was unconscious or already dead,” said Michael Brooks-Jimenez, attorney for the Rodriguez family.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • MSMediacritic

    Trying to figure out how any police officer can claim that it was necessary to beat a dead man.

    • Brad Wesley

      If you watch the video they didn’t actually beat him. They were subdoing him and cuffing him, and used pepper spray in the process. They did this because they tried to detain him and he was having none of ti. I’m not on the cops side, just that this is more nuanced than “the cops beat the shit out of an uncooperative guy”.

      Did they have the right to detain the guy because the mother hit the daughter? Or, did they have the right to detain him because they didn’t know who hit who but knew something happened? I don’t know the answer.

      A good question for me is: Even if you did want to detain the guy, if his family is standing there an dyou know that you can find out who he is and go and arrest him later if need be, why bother using physical force to detain him? Why not let him go home?

      • Tony

        Because he must comply, they are the almighty police and he is just a lowly Latino in there eyes. Walk away from us, you kidding. Death.

        • Jim

          Tony, many times cops have beat MANY different races to death. WE are all in the same boat together. COPS, are out of control.

          • lbmouse

            But apparently brown people are more enjoyable to beat to death.

          • stupidamerkin

            Maybe they get a better adrenalin fix with different skin colors or races.

          • Tippy

            I have viewed so much footage the last 2-3 years– the assault on citizens is not limited to just one race– I have viewed white women being victims — children– all skin colors— maybe you just dont tune in or acknowledge unless it involves your own race this is happening to? It is happening to many– it knows no specific race or gender or adult or children–

          • DON MAY

            you are right about it don;t know any specific on gender , but one thing i do know is the media will only report it if you are not white

          • Jim

            Funny, I see COPS of all RACES beating suspects.
            Doesn’t matter the race of the victim, the cops are multi-racial and VIOLATING the CONSTITUTION

          • The dude

            Tell that to the white guy that was beat to death buy Hispanic cops in L.A…racism is racism.

          • Janet Roberson

            Not only that, they know they are more likely to get away with it

          • Tippy

            I agree– its happening to all races– none are exempt at being victims of cops assaults and murder– some are on a power trip– I think many since obama are being trained to turn on the citizens like we are the enemies… the bad cops are giving the good cops a bad name and its no wonder many no longer trust in them or believe they protect and serve… maybe serve an agenda of becoming a police state.. no doubt…

        • Max trax123

          I think I can reasonably state, in my opinion, that based on how effective and deadly police handled the situation, with such easy of implementation, conclusive standard protocol, one resembling common practice applied, which we saw visible in action, a training exercise
          practically used to subdue, are standard procedure.

          The methodology is in obvious fashion, is willfully murderous.

          The application of the hands on the head whit such unabridged force, the use of knees on the ribcage and spine, the total dead weight of five men pressed down
          on one human, for such an extended time is knowingly savage.

          Factual practicality demonstrated, the exercise is based on a mortally intentional tenet, this allurement is founded on the
          manner in which the operatives, after having realized that the victim was without life, methodically and al instante, proceeded with concealment and
          deception to cover up the grand scheme.

          The recording devise and the ID became the side show, blocking the camera was intentional. The operative spoke to the widow
          very kindly, but with cynical deceit, again another milestone of apparent common practice.

          The charade was complete with the chief’s conclusive
          comments, commending the properly lawful performance
          of his agents.

          I wholly think that there is an indication of “organizational
          mental disorder”, the condition is facially apparent, based on the visible actions we witnessed.

          Using any common sense descriptive; a criminally, cynical mental illness, rose its head, its existence of which is sanctioned by imp-unities and privileges of a structure protected by statute.

      • Don Kenner

        Brad, by the time the video starts the cops already have the guy on the ground. How do you know they didn’t beat him before? Do you have some video we are not privy to?

        • 4low2go

          Wife said cops beat him.

        • Brad Wesley

          Good point. I can’t say for sure that they didn’t beat him, however according to some news articles witnesses say that they did not beat him, just took him down. I guess what I was trying to get across is that this wasn’t a Rodney King.

          • alien

            your right Rodney King survived

          • Barking Dog

            Not anymore, he died “accidentally” last June

      • Ron

        No, you cannot detain someone because “something happened” … and oh look there is a black man, detain him.

        • John Paterson

          His name indicates that he’s Latino, not black.

          • rayb_baby

            He’s black Latino! There is such a thing. But that’s besides the point. This is typical cop overreach, something that RARELY happened when I was growing up.

          • Swedishiron

            Latino is NOT a Race. You can be Black, Asian or White and still be Latino – Latino is an ETHNIC group. The are millions of Asian Latinos in Brazil.

          • bptr

            In fact, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “RACE”.
            People are people, and this practice of “dividing” people into categories is pure BS.

          • BoTuLoX


            As you can see on this image, there is actually such a thing as race. If what you mean is that race shouldn’t be a factor for discrimination, we agree, but please do not spread misinformation.

          • Concerned

            This is not race. This is diversity within a species. Before the current era of automobiles, trains, and aircraft, humans migrated to different parts of the world. Sometimes a group became isolated, such as the Australian people did after the glaciers receded and the sea levels rose some 10,000 years ago. Within these groups, subtle genetic changes were found to good. For instance, in areas where the sun was constant and it was hot, those with dark skin did better because of the melanin. This trait was passed down and concentrated over many millennia.
            We are all originally from a genetic Eve, in South Central Africa some 180,000 years ago. Our DNA prove this point.
            For more information see Darwin, Evolution of the Species, 1859, p15, where Darwin uses the word race and variety interchangeably while discussing cabbage:
            as our varieties certainly do occasionally revert in some of their
            characters to ancestral forms, it seems to me not improbable, that if
            we could succeed in naturalising, or were to cultivate, during many
            generations, the several races, for instance, of the cabbage, in very
            poor soil (in which case, however, some effect would have to be
            attributed to the direct action of the poor soil), that they would to a
            large extent, or even wholly, revert to the wild aboriginal stock.”

            Also see Wells, Spencer, National Geographic: The Human Family Tree, 2009, TV Documentary, for DNA proof.
            That is all.

          • Thetown12

            You are the one spreading misinformation with an outdated scientific racist picture. You think if human races existed that it would be as simple as that dumb picture?

            A blog by an anthropology professor that debunks ‘race’:

            Edit: wording.

        • Governor51

          And THAT is how you divide the people. I’m guessing you didn’t see the video of a bunch of fat ass police detaining the skinny white girl out for a jog, and the follow up piece where the chief defended it by saying that at least they didn’t sexually assault her.

          • pinbalwyz

            WoW! What a novel defense strategy: “At least my clients didn’t sexually assault her!” Love it. Clarence Darrow, roll over.
            – –

          • Jim

            That woman should’ve started RUNNING fast. With how fat THOSE cops were, they would’ve given up in a block.

          • pinbalwyz

            Could you PLEASE post a link to the follow up piece where the Chief defender their actions by arguing “…at least they didn’t sexually assault her”? I reposted this and want to include a link to that quote, not simply because it’s so atrocious, but because the mentality to so typical.
            – —

          • Governor51
        • Governor51
        • sonny free

          they do in Tennessee everyday of the week.I am white and i can see that but in Tennessee the color the age old sick mentally ill makes no difference Tennessee cops kill them all.its so bad in some smaller Tennessee towns that poor people are moving to KY the media has dubbed it the new TRAIL OF TEARS talking about I65 NORTH to KY.One old 90 something lady preyed to GOD to punish the police in Tennessee right before she passed on SHE SAID THAT’S ALL SHE COULD DO FOR THE POOR.MY OPINION

      • inquisitor

        Question is why did the cops even ask this man for ID or why did they attempt to detain him?
        Was there a “reasonable” suspicion this man committed or was about to commit a crime?
        The man never hit his daughter. The mother did.

        Security video footage would be most helpful if it exists because this video is incomplete in regards to making any determinations as to what happened prior to the footage.

        • Barbara

          They were called out to a domestic situation, and arrived to find a man chasing his wife. Their deduction, though wrong, was certainly natural. Should they have asked more questions? Probably, but they may have assumed based on that, that his wife was in danger from him and were trying to protect her.

          • teflonron


          • peck2

            BS. The police do not try to protect anyone.

          • bptr

            Not true. They protect THEMSELVES. They use this as a defense for their outrageous acts all the time. Few people seem to understand that it is precisely the job of cops to do the opposite of this. It is their job to put themselves at risk in order to PROTECT THE PUBLIC! That’s the job, and if they don’t like it, then they need to find a new job.

          • peck2

            I guess I should have used “people” instead of “anyone”, since I don’t consider “themselves” as people.

          • Richard Farthing

            Wrong. The Supreme Court has ruled time and again that the Police are under no obligation to protect the public. Their sole job, according to the Judicial System, is to protect property, collect evidence for prosecution and nothing else. Google it when you have some free time for more in-depth explanation.

          • Leanne

            yet the laws of murder do not apply to police.

          • Jonathon

            Their ‘deduction’ was that they somehow have the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. Show me the Supreme Court ruling that says the stasi can demand ID because they don’t know the situation. Show me the Supreme Court ruling that says the police can then murder someone for not showing an ID.

            I dont care who you are. If the police think they can assault you and possibly murder you for failing to comply with their orders when you haven’t done anything wrong, you are a wrong and should go live in Russia.

          • Nate Whilk

            So if police THINK a man might be attacking a woman, it’s perfectly okay to kill him. Feminism at its zenith.

          • Barbara

            That is not what I said.

        • peck2

          “I’m sorry, it seems as though the Security camera was not operating at this time”.

      • Kyle

        If a cop says lick his hind end, you must promptly comply! If you say no, you must be tazed and assaulted! Looking at the Holy God of Sheriffdom or Policedom is a death sentence in the Police States of America, boy! Now shut up and bow to your masters!

      • Wiki-Truths

        The right to CRUSH A MAN TO DEATH?

        • pinbalwyz

          “More weight!”
          – –

      • Cowboy Coder

        “Did they have the right to detain the guy because the mother hit the daughter?”

        No they did not. They also didn’t have the right to brutalize and murder him either.

        “Or, did they have the right to detain him because they didn’t know who hit who but knew something happened?”

        No they did not. They also didn’t have the right to brutalize and murder him either.

        “I don’t know the answer.”

        You don’t seem to be a stupid man, so therefore to say this you must be amoral.

        • Brad Wesley

          i meant “right” as in “legal right” by my conception of “rights” no they had no right to do this, but I don’t know if what they did is outside of the law. We discuss a lot on this board about when a cop can demand ID’s. This seemed like more of a grey area to me (at the time I wrote that post, it’s not anymore)

          • bptr

            There is no law in any state requiring a person to have an ID.
            “Where are your papers?” is classic Fascism (which we are dangerously close to at this post-911 point).

          • Jonathon

            Go live in Russia with your ‘grey area’ BS. This is American and we don’t have god damn Stasi in this country.

          • Michael Smith

            Jonathon, this shit doesn’t happen in Russia! Your propaganda education is rearing its head. More lies your teachers told you. This shit doesn’t happen in China either, before you go there. I just recently read, for example, in China the people turned on police for trying something similar and beat them to death for being assholes. Americans do NOT live in the greatest country in the world and repeating it a 1000 more times will not make it true. The most arrogant? Absolutely! The most violent? Yes again. “We have freedom”. The US incarcerates more people than Russia and China combined and that’s not because they kill them all in China or never report anything in Russia. It’s because the US is NOT the land of the free. The US is actually following the blueprint established by the Third Reich and executing it in equally efficient fashion. It took the Nazi party roughly 20 years to establish it’s murderous and tyrannical regime that we were taught about. They didn’t just come in day one and fire up the death camps. Two decades of slowly eroding away at the rights of the German people in the name of personal safety and “homeland security” is what led to the death camps. We, just like the Nazis, are currently and constantly invading other countries and establishing our presence while slowly, but quickly, eliminating any semblance of a free society here at home. Then it was Nazi Germany, now it’s Democratic Amerika. It’s the same fuckin thing.

        • bptr

          Was he violent when the cops arrived and threatening anyone? The cops are NOT included in any risk assessment because it is THEIR JOB to be at risk.

      • Difdi

        To make a legitimate arrest, a police officer must have probable cause. They didn’t have that. To make an investigative stop, they must have reasonable suspicion — they didn’t have that either. That leaves a consensual stop.

        And in a consensual stop, if the guy doesn’t want to stop he doesn’t have to.

        • Matt Mccarthy

          not sure if you’ll see this, but this is similar to my take on it with the exception that I’m willing to cede that they did have reasonable suspicion based on the complaint by whatever limpdicked liberal reported the mother slapping the kid to the costumed pirates.

          That’s where it ends though. at most, that gives them the range to execute a Terry stop, but being that OK has no stop and ID law, they have no grounds for asking for it.

          Personally, i think this is flat out murder. And personally, I think the cops are going to get away with it. Which is sickening.

      • Iwasbeingsarcastic

        Daughter gets smacked for lying, mind you it’s family business. The police say that you can’t smack your own daughter, but they can pepper spray you and pin you down to the point of killing you or leaving you unconscious. Please rationalize this for me and pretend the badges where not a part of the scenario.

        There has to be something wrong with the part of your brain that handles reason if you think the police were justified doing what they did, because if they were, then the mother was far more justified in hitting her daughter, reasonably speaking of course. By that logic, the police had nothing to interfere with because it should be ok to hit your daughter, if also, you can bring even more harm to man that’s done nothing.

        Police are meant to respond to complaints, not create them.

        • peck2

          i don’t understand why folks are getting so riled up over this. I just listened to the “chief” speaking about this incident and have been assured that a thorough investigation will get to the bottom of this. After all, if we can’t believe the “chiefs” who can we believe. Look for a total exoneration of the costumed murderers, as usual. Folks, it is way past time to start shooting these badged, armed, costumed killers.

          • Alexander Vucelic

            Peck – you are most certainly correct. No police chief would ever fib about cops under his leadership

      • Iwasbeingsarcastic

        Pretend my last comment wasn’t directed at you, it’s really directed at the police or supporters therefore. I completely agree with your post.

      • Jim

        COPS should NOT have the right to handcuff anyone they want. NOR have the right to beat someone if they refuse to answer questions.

        “UNCOOPERATIVE” is not a reason for cops to assault someone.

      • Tippy

        face down onto the pavement— hello? 5 grown men wrestling and piling on top of a dead man for 5 minutes– C’mon! and then assuring the wife who was panicking that he was alive! The cops have no justification here except they contribute to this nation becoming a police state and think they can do whatever the hell they want– we have criminals governing the citizens! Chew on that one… this is an example of many incidents going on around the nation– many! Abuse of power…

      • Robo

        Detaining him for what? What was the probable cause? That he wouldn’t show ID? What’s the “law” requiring that?

      • Flower Bunch

        The wife says they beat him BEFORE she started the video. Why is that so hard to understand, did you see the WHOLE altercation on the tape? NO, so don’t act like they didn’t beat him just because that part of it wasn’t taped, you didn’t see any of them throwing him down or anything, you just saw, five big guys on him , one of them forcing his face against the pavement, so don’t act like, they didn’t actually beat him. jerk

      • Dorn J Dorn

        They beat subdued this man to death and you are making excuses for them?

        • Brad Wesley

          What excuse did I make? I’m just saying it doesn’t look like they beat him.

      • Omeca Kelly

        The police confiscated this video and cut out the portion where they were beating him.

      • Elaine Stewart-Matthew

        I didn’t realize it took 5 cops to hold down a dead guy.

    • JBT

      It was necessary because he was resisting arrest! Dead people are notorious for their lack of cooperation with authorities.

      • inquisitor

        He was a zombie.

      • TheFlashingScotsman

        He didn’t put his hands behind his back for them?

      • JJ_Swiontek

        And what exactly was he arrested for? One cannot be arrested for resisting arrest. If the police fall back on ‘failure to identify’, if I am not mistaken, Texas only requires ID upon arrest for a different charge, not just being asked for ID. The police will face a wrongful death suit and the taxpayers will pay a bunch.

        • Kyle

          This is Oklahoma, they don’t even have “Failure to ID” laws that I’m aware of. There may be some shifty little pipsqueak in their legislature trying to get a stupid law like that passed now, but….

          • JJ_Swiontek

            My apologies, you are correct. It is Oklahoma.

        • Freedom

          I just sent a request for information to include the charges. I have some “legitimate” press connections so hopefully I will see something. My guess “disorderly conduct”, “interfering with the legal process”, and then “resisting arrest” – just my guess.

          • Kevin Renfrow

            aka contempt of cop

          • peck2

            Whew! I guess I must be lucky because I have contempt of cops 24/7.

      • Difdi

        The definition of resisting arrest these days seems to be that he didn’t self-apply the cuffs and teleport into the back of the police car.

      • peck2

        And dead cops don’t lie.

    • Wesley Bishop

      Well if you go by the Chief of Police he says you need one officer for each limb on your body. Which is four but because this guy was overweight they added one more. Oh and be sure if you ever see a police officer not to clench your fist. They are allowed to kill you for that.

      • cbinflux

        A combination of his big gut and 4 cops piling onto it likely caused his death. Idiots.
        The obligatory mouth & nose down face-grind didn’t help either. Grrr.

      • Difdi

        Don’t clench your buttocks either, that justifies rape.

    • Ian Battles

      Chillingly, I think they officers should not be charged with Assault and Excessive force.

      I’m thinking more along the lines of Murder and Desecration of a Corpse, for the way they propped him up like that.

    • stupidamerkin

      It’s all part of their adrenalin fix

    • Jim

      Cause they can do it as long as the suspect is ‘resisting’.

    • hahadfa

      You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a PIG COP than a Terrorist in the United States.

  • Brad Wesley

    Here is the Moore Police chief’s interview. In it he says that the deceased “tried to leave, and took an aggressive stance” which seems contradictory to me.

    Later the Chief says that the guy was detained not because he didn’t show idea, but because of his aggressive behavior.

    • DasCool

      and clearly they needed to pile on him and pepper spray him because of an “aggressive stance”.

      • Wesley Bishop

        Also take note and the end he says the officers involved have his support. Real thorough investigation they are going to do.

    • Difdi

      Didn’t you know? Every cop present, as well as every puppy and kitten in town, would die instantly if they allowed the guy to step out of the parking lot…that’s why his attempt to leave was so aggressive.

    • Heisenberg

      Moore Police Number for those who are interested. (405) 793-5171

  • Tony

    Get your ID, get out your papers!!! Get your ID. Oh, sorry we couldn’t speak when we were killing him, we hear nothing when we do evil. Anyway, get your ID!!! GET ME YOUR PAPERS!!! He did this to himself, he did not comply with us the ALMIGHTY!!! Where are the good cops??? No where cause there aren’t any.

    • Ron

      and standing in front of her so she couldn’t film her husband. The way they were starting to swarm around her she was lucky she didn’t get the same treatment.

      • spunknik

        That’s what pissed me off. I think the cop knew he was dead and was trying to hide that from her camera. That way they could claim he died on the way to the hospital from cardiac arrest, or whatever.

  • Wesley Bishop

    So sick of this shit! Cops are fucking thugs!

  • Guest

    please feel free to contact Jeremy Lewis the public disinformation officer for the Moore Ok PD at 404 641 3473

    • zman

      405, not 404

  • Rick Hiltz

    contact Jeremy Lewis public disinformation officer for the Moore PD at 405 641 3473

  • Vicki Hampton

    Officer Dorner needs to be resuected

  • patriot85

    Disgusting. I hope there is follow up to this, especially a coroners report listing the cause of death. There is a growing trend of police officers acting like gestapo, treating citizens as criminals, shooting people like they are in a video game. Many people now immediately fear the very people who are supposed to be protecting them; psychos and criminals are being hired to police the citizens? I know these officers have a right to return home after their shift, but they took a job that has many risks, by choice. No one forced them to become police officers. So are we now hiring criminals? psychopaths? We cannot let them treat us like they treated this man. We need to support each other to the very extent our own morals will allow, regardless of race, color, or nationality. Some sort of psychological profiling must be done before these people can become officers of the law. OR, is this the very type of person modern “Law Enforcement” wants policing the populace…a paid group of thugs, criminal and psychos to keep the citizenry in fear? When I was growing up we were taught that the police were out there protecting us from criminals….now look who are the criminals…My heart goes out to this man’s family. Peace to them.

    • spunknik

      I’m not sure the trend is growing. I think it’s probably been that way for a long time, but these incidents used to be easier to cover up. Those poor cops–their worst enemy must be the proliferation of handheld cameras. They can’t get away with stuff like they could in the good ol’ days. Nowadays, Rodney King’s beating would have been filmed from multiple locations at higher resolution.

    • Difdi

      Dumb serial killers sneak around and hide bodies. Smart serial killers control themselves until they get through the academy, then they don’t have to hide anything.

  • Ron

    Surely they realised he was dead?

    • spunknik

      Which is why they tried to block the camera.

    • Difdi

      When the definition of ‘resisting arrest without violence’ includes failure to self-apply cuffs before police arrive and/or failure to teleport into the jail, lying there dead IS resisting.

  • Not_a_Cop_Not_a_Lawyer

    I’m not a cop, but… I blame the dead guy. blah blah blah you guys come in this forum and have the nerve to criticize cops, who put their lives on the line everyday, while casually and blatantly violating rights, ignoring rules and making up laws. How are you?? Some day, you cop haters will need help.. where will you be then?

    • OhMyGod

      Some day you blind cop defenders will have your rights violated, too. What will you do then?

    • inquisitor

      Let me guess…Clozapine?

    • MongoLikesCandy

      Probably needing help from being beneath a pile of cops.

    • kraz

      That “some day you’ll need the help of a cop” thing gets so old after hearing it for so many years. Most cops don’t put their lives on the line every day either. You watch too much TV. There are many far more dangerous jobs where people actually work for a living. But you’re just a troll anyway. Either that or you need your meds. I can’t tell which.

      • DocRambo

        So true! Poor liberal elite think that cops prevent crime and are so wrong. The cops are called after the fact, get there late, and then do damage assessment and cover ups for their ineptness. You cannot depend on the police to protect you. Get your permit and protect yourself and family.

        • notalibbutnotacon

          Pro-Cop liberal elite? what are you talking about.
          I always thought it was a conservative frame of mind that enjoyed pigs.

          • pinbalwyz

            Labels are so obtuse.
            – –

    • snakeguy

      When trouble is seconds away, the police will be there in hours.

    • Ray186

      Shit. The only reason to call the police is to have the person that your having problems with killed. Just because you haven’t realized that yet, doesn’t mean that we haven’t.

    • Rusty Shakelford

      Out here in the sticks, it’s 45 minutes for the cops to show. I doubt I will really “need” the cops to show up for anything. Plus, looks more like they will show up and kill the caller. Take away the tin stars and UPS uniforms and see it this way. 5 guys beat a man, spray him with mace, hold him down and restrain while restricting his air until he dies, and the public would be outraged. As it sits, they will all walk without penalty!

    • ceanf

      the job of the police is to arrest people AFTER A CRIME HAS OCCURRED. pigs don’t help people. they don’t arrive before crimes occur a-la tom cruise in minority report to save people. they don’t care about your welfare or well being. they care about THEIR safety and well being, and collecting that nice paycheck.

      if you think the police give a shit about you, then you are simply ignorant.

    • Cousin Elmer Wayne

      If sitting around in a donut shop is putting their life on the line, then I suppose they are putting their lives on the line.

    • Pithole Hermit

      Maybe they do put their lives on the line, but that is absolutely no excuse to violate citizens rights or kill them. If a cop can’t handle doing their job without jeopardizing others they shouldn’t be in that job. Not make excuses later that the job is tough.

    • agilecyborg

      You are also a simpleton.

    • teflonron

      The police are the last people I call for anything. Only week people that can’t defend themselves need nanny’s. I use them for what they are intended for, enforcing law. Cops don’t help you, it’s not their duty according to the supreme court.

    • pinbalwyz

      When the ‘cure’ becomes worse than the disease, it’s time to get rid of the doctor.
      – –

    • $910553

      God damn your filthy maggot pigs straight to hell where they belong.

  • jwalsh

    Dead for not showing ID…..seems like excessive force to me.

  • john

    He can hear him say “I can’t breathe”

    • Jerith

      Positional asphyxiation (Or restraint asphyxiation). Enough to wheeze but not enough air for the brain. Ask anyone with asthma.

  • Sabrina

    hold on tight to your firearms America!!

  • Tom Hustoue

    Humm Not_a_Cop_Not_a_Lawyer is grayed out.

  • John Smith

    Murder charges!

    • TheFlashingScotsman

      Conspiracy too.

  • Bill Larson

    That cop claiming he’s still breathing to the widow, when he was clearly dead; deserves a special place in hell. (Note I am not suggesting I, or anyone else send him there.)

    • Difdi

      I am. Specifically by a jury of twelve good citizens.

  • Jerry L. Steering, Esq.

    The right to detain a person on suspicion of less than probable cause for an arrest is the greatest threat to a free society. Because of the Supreme Court’s decision in Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968) that authorized cops to detain others based on less than probable cause, but (in a very real and very practical sense, a whim or hunch), and the ad nauseam expansion of that Opinion over the years, we have gone from a (sort of) free society to a police state. As the lone Dissenter held in Terry, Justice William O. Douglas: ”

    The infringement on personal liberty of any “seizure” of a person can only be “reasonable” under the Fourth Amendment if we require the police to possess “probable cause” before they seize him. Only that line draws a meaningful distinction between an officer’s mere inkling and the presence of facts within the officer’s personal knowledge which would convince a reasonable man that the person seized has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a particular crime.

    In dealing with probable cause, . . . as the very name implies, we deal with probabilities. These are not technical; they are the factual and practical considerations of everyday life on which reasonable and prudent men, not legal technicians, act.

    Brinegar v. United States, 338 U.S. 160, 175.

    To give the police greater power than a magistrate is to take a long step down the totalitarian path. Perhaps such a step is desirable to cope with modern forms of lawlessness. But if it is taken, it should be the deliberate choice of the people through a constitutional amendment. [p39] Until the Fourth Amendment, which is closely allied with the Fifth, [n4] is rewritten, the person and the effects of the individual are beyond the reach of all government agencies until there are reasonable grounds to believe (probable cause) that a criminal venture has been launched or is about to be launched.

    There have been powerful hydraulic pressures throughout our history that bear heavily on the Court to water down constitutional guarantees and give the police the upper hand. That hydraulic pressure has probably never been greater than it is today.

    Yet if the individual is no longer to be sovereign, if the police can pick him up whenever they do not like the cut of his jib, if they can “seize” and “search” him in their discretion, we enter a new regime. The decision to enter it should be made only after a full debate by the people of this country.”

    • Difdi

      They can stop you for less than probable cause, but they still need SOME evidence. The lesser standard used for a Terry stop is reasonable suspicion (reasonable articulable suspicion in some states), which they also lacked.

      It’s not illegal to run across a parking lot, nor are the majority of people who do so criminals. So they didn’t have reasonable suspicion either, therefore no Terry stop.

      That leaves a consensual encounter, during which a suspect is free to leave if they want. Killing someone because they didn’t stop when they had no legal obligation to stop is murder.

      • steveo

        Nope, they were called on a DV complaint and the man was running after the wife. If that isn’t RAS, nothing is. Everyone should watch, Flex your rights video on the 10 rules of dealing with police encounters. It’s on youtube. Even Billy Murphy, who has sued cops for millions over the years says that the most important rule is to remain calm. Didn’t see what happened before they took the guy to the ground, but most likely he wasn’t calm.

        If you find yourself surrounded by three or four cops expect that they are going to arrest you. Put your hands up and ask if you are under arrest, but don’t stop filming.

  • jcfromnj

    Am a missing something here with the video ? Has this been edited ? Where is the first part of the beat down that shows the struggle ? It must be very strenuous to kill a man out in the parking lot.

    The Chief of Police talks about a murder by his Officers as if they are talking about a routine traffic stop. It sounds as if they killed Rodriguez for his own good. Psychopaths on the loose.

    • gutes

      From what the family is saying, the wife didn’t get her phone out and start recording the incident until they had already beat him and were on top of him. There were security cameras in the parking lot that may have caught it on tape, but those have not been released yet. Those will get lost or deleted, I am sure.

    • Difdi

      Most people don’t walk around with a video camera glued to the side of their head. They start filming when there is something to film, and it takes them a while to get the camera out and get the recording started.

  • steveo

    good quality on the video, not too much shaking even though she is obviously disturbed. It’s amazing how well handhelds take video now, just after about 7 years of upgrades. Feel sorry for the family though.

    • MrJest

      I have a Canon “still” camera that can shoot video; it’s nearly 7 years old now and has amazing image stabilization. I can do hand-held shots while walking and it almost looks like footage from a SteadyCam. I can only imagine what modern cameras do (I don’t have one), so I’m not surprised – she could be having a seizure and the frame would probably be pretty steady.

      Absolutely horrible event; this sort of thing simply NEEDS TO STOP.

  • heyrakes

    first off you do not have to give you ID to anyone in America. second flat out murder and violations of peoples rights

  • snakeguy

    Don’t you traitors know that the jackbooted thugs of the oligarchic overlords are immune from our laws?

    • Paschn

      Sadly, the bulk of the badge-lickers and delusional keep making excuses for or hoping this is a “temporary” condition. Not so. One look at how frequently their bosses up the food chain cover for them should tell you that. This is the precursor of a failing empire’s OWN GOVERNMENT being turned upon its own people. Consider this, are our elected officials ignorant enough to retain these filthy swine to “protect” a beloved constituency? Hardly. Well, with a few exceptions like ‘ole “capsizing island” Hank. The blow-flies are not ignorant or stupid. They are shrewd and treasonous with no honor whatsoever. We are privy to a Neo-Russian Revolution but most will not realize it even when these bastards kick your door in and beat you into submission because,.. well because they like it.

  • Freedom

    Oklahoma City Police do have a Facebook Page.

    • zman

      This was not OKC police- it was Moore Police.

  • Freedom

    I have several concerns about today’s law enforcement. Near the top are:
    Lack of knowledge and respect for the constitution.
    Lack of respect and ability to communicate with citizens.
    Lack of Patience – urgency to use force. Under use of force I am seeing more injuries caused by headlocks and hip-toss. When I taught defensive tactics a headlock was not even given as an option. A hip toss was taught in a way that you bent the subject over at the waist, then took them to the ground using a wrist or arm lock. As I look at these videos I see officer after officer body slamming everyone from a 12 year old to a 70 year old. We always trained to be ready to improvise but someone is training them to hurt people. It may not be “official” training but they are learning to attack with anger. Even the baton strikes, they go nowhere near the correct targets even when the target is fairly still. When did a subject/witness trying to walk away without being physical warrant a body slam, repeated taser hits, or a baton to the ribs? My prayers to all the families being destroyed by those who are supposed to protect them.

  • Guy Brohski

    These faggot ass cops all deserve to be shot in the head. They murdered an innocent civilian and then intimidated the widow as she asked about his condition. Unbelievable case of police brutality, when cops become terrorists.

  • Kelly A

    wake up america

  • ceanf

    at what point do the people take matters into their own hands, and remove these shit stains called police officers from the face of this earth?

    at what point does it become acceptable? because we all know nothing will happen to the pigs.

    • Difdi

      In most places, the rights of police to engage in violence in self-defense isn’t spelled out as such because everyone has that right. From a legal standpoint, if a cop represents an immediate and unlawful threat, it’s not illegal to use violence against that cop.

      The problem is that this is where prosecutorial discretion comes in, and the prosecutors are corrupt.

  • Rusty Shakelford

    Night of the Long Knives…the people finally had to defend themselves.

  • Brian Folks

    The cop a the end warns her to , “not get herself in trouble.” Good warning, because she can see what happens to people that “get themselves in trouble.”

    • Ron

      “You want some of that, bitch”

  • Deadmike68

    Just watched the press conference by the chief idiot.. what a hack! The conduct of the animals that killed him is appalling ! The one murders false concern for the wife is totally disgusting. So the oppressors can chalk up another execution . Never trust or talk to the so called PO- lice… What really cheeses me off is the idiots trying to get the wife’s ID. What for you just executed her husband and now she is supposed to be nice to those thugs.. Now these thugs will probably get promotions…. Will be interesting to read the autopsy report………..

  • Richard Vickers

    you can tell they started realizing early on that they had fucked up and killed the guy. they were trying to prop him up and make him look ok, all the while lying and saying he’s fine. These murderers need to be brought to justice. But we all know they will walk free. are you ready to do something about this yet? or will you wait till its your father, husband or son being killed?

    • Ron

      “He’s NOT dead. He is just resting”

    • Difdi

      Weekend at Bernie’s III: The dead always remain silent?

  • bj

    The cops know he’s dead but do not want her to know. You can tell by their silence when they are on the ground with him that they realise they have killed him.
    The aftermath (when they deal with her) is simply an attempt to obstruct her filming and divert her attention from the fact that he id dead.
    Disgusting that they killed him and disgusting that they lied to her about his condition after they killed him.
    Again I ask, what happened to your great republic?

    • 4sale

      The Koch Brothers bought it.

      • $910553

        More likely your God damned Soros shit.

    • GreenTriumph1

      I am not in the best physical condition due to some medical conditions. If they pressed the air out of me with 5 guys on my lungs I would be dead too.

      They didn’t even have the decency to let this women be by her husband when he was clearly dying. She could have given her ID afterwards, this was not a critical situation for ID. There is a special place in hell for such human beings as these officers.

  • peter parker

    Hook player required? Sorry not falling for that malware.

  • Richard Vickers

    we are all tired of this. i propose we actually do something about it. find my page on facebook. we can start discussing a remedy. /stopthepolicestate

  • peter parker

    This is chivalry justice. The social brainwashing upon weak minded men by misandrist indoctrine that all men are bad all women are victims. The loud mouth wife caused this and the dumb white-knight cops did their he-man white knight asshole routine . They all deserve prison as does any idiot man who white-knights themselves.

    • bj

      I can see the point you’re making but ‘the wife caused it’? Do you really think she would have anticipated that response? She lost her husband. Maybe go a bit easier on her.

      • peter parker

        If you can see the point why ask? Obviously she didn’t directly cause it but by way of mouth she started the ball rolling, the chivalry indoctored police murderers did the rest. One look at her in the videos tells me everything about her and i can visualise the scene when the police arrived..seen it all before.

        • Michael Johnston

          It’s not like she called the cops on her husband. They showed up and targeted the husband because he’s a man. It’s ridiculous to indict the wife because she lives in a society that portrays men as aggressors and women as victims. Your theory is preposterous and so broad that finding an individual who would not deserve some form of retribution for their involvement in society would leave few unscathed.

        • bj

          My question was rhetorical. Drawing ANY connection – direct or indirect – between the woman and the beating is implausible and quite cruel in my opinion when the cops behaved abhorrently. Take a look at the definition of cause.

          a. The producer of an effect, result, or consequence.
          b. The one, such as a person, event, or condition, that is responsible for an action or result.

          The cops are 100% responsible for what happened to this unfortunate man. She did not cause this in any way, shape or form.

      • pinbalwyz

        The wife didn’t call the cops–someone else did. You can hear her repeatedly asking them why they came, who called them, etc.
        – –

    • JusticeDied

      Yes, because we are all supposed to act like emotionless robots when we are out in public–or even in our homes for that matter–to avoid altercations with goons in costumes. PS, the woman was his wife and any man who doesn’t try to stop his wife from driving away when she’s upset is not a man, he’s a pussy.

      • peter parker

        i said it was his wife idiot, try reading.

  • eccles11

    The ability to be so calm after a murder, this profession attracts some heinous people.

  • dannye

    This is a snuff film.

  • Jerry Bushman

    All of those cops should be charged with murder. Not one is any less at fault. I hope the theater video show this tragedy and that all 5 cops will get at least life in prison

  • Scott Kelly

    Looks like when they rolled him over, he may have wet himself. Probably when he died.

  • Anan

    I’m shocked. Absolutely shocked! That they didn’t murder this woman too. Cops don’t like witnesses.

  • s_c_f

    These are the worst cops in the entire country. Even when the guy was nearly dead, the cop was lying to his wife telling her that he was just fine. All of this because of a minor family dispute. Great job, cops. Kill someone for almost no reason, then lie about it.

  • cbinflux

    WHY do LEO’s insist on grinding citizens’ faces into the concrete??! THIS MUST STOP!!!

  • cbinflux

    CPR never occurred to them??!

  • Declan


  • Donttrustthem

    Wow to lie to the face of this woman and say he’s alive is just sick. they knew he wasnt moving the whole time but kept screaming dont resist.

  • classy937

    I’m a RN and I can clearly hear this man say that he can’t breathe at the beginning of this video. The police officer in front put too much pressure on the man’s face and neck which asphyxiated him. They also keep kneeling on this man’s chest and abdomen which made it even harder for him to breathe. The man was restless on the ground because he was fighting for air. I believe the police officers knew they were suffocating this man. This is murder!

  • nunya

    low life motherfuckers.

  • Me Them

    Dear gun and badge thugs,

    Article 3, Section 3 says states, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

    I am witness one against you.

    Nuremberg Principle IV states, “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”. This principle could be paraphrased as follows: “It is not an acceptable excuse to say ‘I was just following my superior’s orders'”.

    You will be held accountable by all Americans, not just by the families and people that you destroy for your actions.

    You have been warned.

    An American citizen, not DC US subject.

  • Mme Scherzo

    wicked bastards

  • Cynthia Robinson

    McGregor (TX) Police ran a wants & warrants check on the “unknown subject” with no ID on him, after he was found dead in Amsler Park.
    McGregor’s 8-officer department KNEW my son on a first-name basis, had been seen AND recognized, in the park @ 1AM. yet, none of the five officers, on scene, knew him 41/2 hours later……?
    Amsler Park had a 10PM curfew. Was my son asked to leave? Was there an altercation? Why not arrest him for Park Curfew Violation?
    Eight years, I still don’t have an answer as to which officer saw him., (Joshua Robinson) Attached documents-click on phrases in Italics.
    I believe that my 19 year old son, Joshua, was murdered in Amsler Park
    If you disagree or have questions, feel free to contact me.

  • Linda Owen

    Mexicans love whiteys ass, but they killing y’all dumb ass

  • Jum1801

    Love how they were telling a corpse “Stop struggling!” And love how the “helpful” offcier just happens to keep moving so that he blocks her view.

    Guess what the police get trained to say in every situation in which they kick somebody’s ass.

  • ron erkkila

    That is just plain old mentally ill. Yelling at a dead man to stop struggling. Just mentally ill.
    I wonder about the cops families. Are they ashamed of them and how can they claim them? They are murderers….

    I hope the family sues for a billion dollars.

  • Tish

    Wow this is really sad =(

  • Guest

    The officers realized the man had lost consciousness. You can clearly see the police officers discomfort. They know they are in for a world of pain, years of hearings, public inquiries and trouble. They want to create the impression nothing is wrong as they panic, figuring out to do. They realize the absurd conditional training they had has led them to murder a person, like a herd of programmed machines and they want to disavow personal responsibility and the intense feeling of discomfort by ridding themselves of the corpse as quickly as possible. They are probably more terrified than the woman at the end of the video. Their respective careers are over. Their lives are over. They will be hounded for decades and they will be sued for every penny they got.

    • jcfromnj

      Yes, the “Shit Storm” of the upcoming review, controversy, and Wrongful Death law suit will consume their lives for year’s to come, it’s the only bright spot on their less than stellar career’s and lives…

  • KhanneaSuntzu

    At some point the officers realized the man had lost consciousness, probavbly worse.

    You can clearly see the police officers grow increasing discomfort. They hold a leg on the mans hide to hide his head rolling dead to the side.

    These thugs know they are in for a world of pain, years of hearings, public inquiries and trouble. They want to create the impression “nothing is wrong” as they descend in to panic, figuring out what to do.

    They realize the absurd conditional training they had has led them to methodically execute a person, like a herd of programmed predatory machines and they want to extrahere personal responsibility and the intense feeling of discomfort by ridding themselves of the corpse as quickly as possible.

    They are probably more terrified than the woman at the end of the video. Their respective careers are over. Their lives are over. They will be hounded for decades and they will be sued for every penny they got. Most of these cops will probably be murdered, lynched or commit suicide. Their faces are in the public domain. In five years they will all be dead – or much much worse.

    And they have hell to look forward to.

    • catherinecc

      > Their respective careers are over.

      Please, let’s not go into hyperbole. At worst, they’ll turn into gypsy cops.

      Nothing else will happen – this is America, we view police murders with apathy and little more.

      • agilecyborg

        “gypsy cops”

        The kind of human filth that corrupts entire police departments the world over. Not a single dictator can survive without these corrupt reprobates and it goes without saying that even free societies are not immune from this virus.

    • jcfromnj

      Brilliant summation of the hell that will engulf them…

  • AlCarn

    Without knowing the whole story it’s hard to make a judgement on this. What I do know is that sometime around the 70’s or 80’s police training appeared to change and that every citizen is now considered suspect and treated with contempt. There once was a time when the cops were part of the community; the locals knew them and they knew the locals. People respected them but did not fear them. I guess modern police theory has decided it’s better to be feared then respected. This is a big mistake.

  • pinbalwyz

    Holy Mother of Jesus!–it’s a video of flat out manslaughter. A man simply trying to protect his daughter is killed by the police for “failing to cooperate”?
    – –

  • Dan

    Murder is murder, no matter how you attempt to spin it. This man was murdered. And, a murderer is a murderer, no matter if he wears a business suit, gang colors or a police uniform.

    • theaton

      Police uniforms have become gang colors.

    • Dancing Mad

      I like your avatar. That is all.

  • Cynic in New York

    Simple sick and disgusting

    /begin paleocon logic

    His name is Rodriguez he and his family of third worlders are probably damm illegals. Perhaps if they stayed in their third world hell hole he wouldn’t have to worry about this. You pathetic liberals and liberal-tarians are the reason why this country is in this shape. These fine officers deserve praise from removing this illegal scum from our shores

    /end plaeocon logic

    • Ruckus_Tom

      Hi Bill. Project much?

  • Largebill

    And her money will be confiscated as taxes to continue to pay the guys who murdered her husband because I have no doubt most of them will remain on the force. They might have to attend a sensitivity class or something, but none will be charged or fired for this. What a country!

  • Frodo

    The police commissioner is already drawing up the speech to commend these men on their bravery in the face of imminent death from a savage and dangerous suspect.

    • billyjoerob

      Drawing up? It’s the same speech he used last time they killed somebody.

  • Ninja

    Right at :05 seconds, you hear him wheeze out, “I can’t breathe”. Then at :10 seconds you hear him half wheeze, “I cannot…”. What a horrible way to go. Suffocated beneath 5 Cops who think you are guilty of something. Wife watching as you are smothered out beneath a Navy Blue Pillow. The MPD is going to need a lot of Federal Funding for the Pain and Suffering they are going to pay for. This poor family is going to need so much time to recover. Fear of Police is going to be irreversible for this poor woman and her family. The daughter is going to be so depressed. Hopefully she doesn’t commit suicide and she straightens up. For her Father’s sake.

  • Henry

    At the beginning if the video u can hear the guy saying that he cant breath

    • steve618

      Struggling to breath is considered “resisting” so that’s why they had to put the cuffs on him. You can’t just have people clinging to their lives during police encounters. They need to give them up – along with their I.D.s. It’s also obvious that all the CPR training they receive is meant only for use on fellow officers.

  • Sean

    Not to be the elephant in the room… The video starts clearly at the END of an altercation so I’m not sure how the people on here are convicting them already? We have no idea what the man did first. I’d really hate to have you guys as the jury of MY trial… Just wow.. Oh and also, at the beginning of the video the cop is STRUGGLING to put his arm back which indicates the man was still fighting him. By the 50 second mark all of the cops are off of him. So I don’t at all see a cooperate man that was sat on for five minutes. I see an uncooperative one that was sat on for about 40 seconds, who needed to be wildly subdued by 5 cops. Believe me, if one or two could have arrested him, they would have.

    • Iwasbeingsarcastic

      Sometimes cops overdo things, if that’s true, then you are probably wrong in your assumptions. Sometimes they also scream, “STOP RESISTING, PUT DOWN THE GUN!”, even when their hands are up and they have no weapon. So trying to discern whether or not the cop was struggling to put his hand behind the guys back or just merely pretending that’s what’s happening isn’t far from what exists in the world.

      • pinbalwyz

        Sometimes? I don’t know where you live, but I have to admit I personally don’t see the police murdering citizens every day. They do, however, tase people at the drop of a hat or if you look at them wrong. A prior local prosecutor advised me the courts don’t even count tasing by police as force. The judge sees it as about the equivalent of the cops handing out M&M’s or warnings. What I *do* see on a routine basis…so much so I can almost count on it every time I look for it, is cops lying on the written reports and under oath. I see them setting people up with lies during altercations using drama queen tactics and blatantly false utterances in anticipation of convincing a court/jury of a lie they’ve premeditated. Too many cops profile based on their own bigotry and I have to say, from my own experience or what I’ve personally witnessed, the MAJORITY of them lie…not only to the suspects, which is encouraged, but to the public, to the press, to the judge, to their superiors, and to the jury. This is only recently becoming apparent to the general public (since the Rodney King beating) due to the miracle of modern communications and the ubiquity of cameras. THANK GOD for cell phones/cameras. People don’t use them enough. They should use them at EVERY opportunity because they’re the only tool for revealing the truth. We cannot rely on the police to tell the truth…they’re too busy covering their ass.
        – –

    • theaton

      “Believe me, if one or two could have arrested him, they would have.”
      There is too much evidence around the country that makes this statement believable. No amount of video could justify the death penalty being applied during an arrest.

    • pinbalwyz

      Any human will struggle/fight to breathe because it’s a matter of life and death. Cops beat people to death…frequently! They also beat them so badly they’re left with permanent injuries/brain damage even more often. Why do you believe it’s incredible they’d suffocate/press a man to death? Do you argue they’re too tender hearted? Too honest? Too competent? Too non-violent? Too professional? Just what is it that prevents the police from beating, maiming, killing, violating, disrespecting, bullying, lying under oath, falsely arresting, and threatening people? People want to know what it is about out of control cops that prevents them from committing these kinds of abuses. PLEASE…do tell!
      – –

  • Television88

    This is one of the more disturbing videos I have ever seen. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting the way they treated this woman while he husband is laying there dead.
    “Please someone tell me he is alive”….haunting.

  • siracco

    So unnecessary and avoidable. But since it’s ‘standard procedure’, it will keep happening. The officers will get off, because the law protects them, not us.

  • BlackCoffee07

    This was cold-blooded murder, finish and clear.

  • Sinoi

    It’s very tragic…pepper spraying may also cause resp. failure and then 5 officers on top will definitely be a problem, especially if one was forcing your head down….any one with eyes can clearly see this poor man was not moving and the officers clearly new something was wrong…and none thought to start CPR…they let him die! What makes it even more horrifying is the way they lied the whole time saying he’s fine…he’s breathing. I pray this family gets the closure and justice they deserve and the daughter needs to be shown tough love and get the boot out of the house…she’s 19….

    • siracco

      Exactly. They took his pulse at his neck, you can see when the officer realizes he is not breathing but instead of performing CPR he pretends there is no problem. Out of all those officers, you would think one would have done the right thing.

      • $910553

        You don’t know the Blue Wall very well, do you???

  • Jon Jackson

    Face facts fellow americans….I’ve watched a lot of shows like “jail” and “cops” and these people(the cops, detention officers) love absolutely love to beat the wholey crap out of people.

    This is why they take these jobs…to kick ass without reprisal. To have a license to kill.

    Our country does not hold these people to the same authority as the rest of us. They get to beat, rape, steal, and kill without prosecution.

    Remember…all they have to do is call you a “badguy” and they can kill you. Avoid the police. When confronted behave as you should…as if you are being held up by an armed robber. Do whatever they say or they will KILL YOU.

    • pinbalwyz

      There’s no guarantees. Sometimes they will kill you anyway. Years ago, before cell phones and digital recorders became common, there was a homeless man living on the streets of Seattle. He had incurred the antipathy of a particular City cop. One night, the cop found and cornered the transient alone late on a cold winter night in a darkened alley. The cop killed the guy who was dressed in a heavy overcoat due to the cold temperatures. I don’t recall all the details, but the cop made up an excuse, may have thrown a knife down at the scene or some other weapon, and claimed he had to shoot the bum because he was being threatened/assaulted. That’s the way his sworn report read and his superiors didn’t question any of it (there being no witnesses) until the body was taken to the morgue where the mortician discovered a small tape recorder in the dead man’s overcoat pocket. Upon playing it, it was found to contain the entire conversation between the cop and the homeless man immediately before his death. The truth turned out to be it was stone cold premeditated murder.

      I have other incidents I know of personally or through trusted friends including one where the FBI drove a car while one of their agent provocateurs, a right wing nut managed by them, fired a rifle from the passenger window, striking Paula Tharp in a home located in Ocean Beach near San Diego, shattering her elbow and permanently injuring her. Like the sniper who killed Randy Weaver’s unarmed wife (in the back!) at the Ruby Ridge standoff while she was holding her infant child, nothing ever came of the assailant’s actions–he was never held accountable. I could go on, but today, the news, Youtube, blogs are saturated with such accounts. The word is out, the cat’s out of the bag, the public now knows too many of its police are dirty, dangerous, and deranged. Statistically, a US Citizen has a higher chance of being killed by a cop than a criminal. They have almost no chance of being incarcerated by a criminal…other than snitches employed by police hoping to make a deal to lighten their own sentence–a bribe by any other name.

      Having police guilty of such abuses is worse than having no police at all.
      – –

  • bptr

    When the PIGS look up the word “RESTRAIN” in the dictionary, they see “BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF”.

    These morons in the year 2014 still have NO IDEA how to restrain a person. A simple sticky net would restrain any person, but cops are too dumb to think of this (it is also not “macho” enough for these lowlifes).

  • bptr

    If cops are so “highly trained” as they always claim to be, why can’t ONE cop restrain a person? They always have a group of fat doughnut-eaters struggling and out of breath to totally violate a person’s rights. If 5 cops can’t handcuff ONE person, then they should all be fired immediately for stupidity and lameness alone.

  • Andes

    I find it interesting that the police chief made the statement to the
    media, that the police first confiscated the phone from the wife, and
    then secondly seek a warrant for the phone.

  • Steel Woodman

    What I find disturbing is the fact that they knew thconsciousat he was dead or near death and insted of trying to help him they put on a show for the camera to save there jobs by making him look like he is still alive/conscious by saying “relax”.They even went as far as telling him “your allright” and patting him on his back when he is clearly dead/unconscious when they sat him up sapported by the cops knee.This is all the same tactics used in the Kelly Thomas beating . I wonder when that E.M.T gets called to the wittnes stand if he will lie for the cops and say he was still breathing when he arived?

    • siracco

      Agree. They chose to put on a show rather than perform CPR. Where are their heads at?

  • DocRambo

    Anyone want to give me odds on the movie theater video going mysteriously missing? Can anyone predict the no comment, evasive responses, total bullshit coverup that will ensue?

  • siracco

    The family would have been perfectly fine if no one had called the cops. People, think before reporting a disturbance. This is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you do. One wonders how this might have gone down had the family been white instead of Mexican.

    • PabloKOh

      Or in Mexico where the cops control themselves.

  • Mike Baltzhahn

    This video proves absolutely nothing. It proves what I see every night on “Cops”. Guy resist’s, guy get’s pepper sprayed, guy gets cuffed by 5 cops. Because he was a heart attack waiting to happen is not the fault of the cops. If they had tasered him you would have had the same result. Why does someone who failed to take care of him self become the lottery ticket for the rest of his family?

    • lberns

      Nice red herring. I doubt he would have had a heart attack at that time if those fascist pigs hadn’t interfered in the first place.

  • Hannibal_32

    The blinders are off my eyes.. Three years ago I would defended the Police. No more. They are jackbooted thugs with too much power and too little intelligence. If they do not need to obey our system of laws, then neither do we; therefore, it will all fall apart. For those defending the indefensible: stop being sheep. You are abetting those who are making this soft tyranny possible. Wake up. I won’t call you names. Just wake up.

  • Just Saying

    Cops murdering another innocent man… Get used to it. When you live under a tyranny this is what you get.

  • Thom Prentice

    Brad, there is NO NUANCE to this at all. These cops are racist, fascist psychopaths and defending them makes you complicient in racism, fascism and psychopathy as well as the pure stupidity of high school educated cops.

  • higgins1990

    Big Government oppressing and killing its citizens? Liberals cheer!

  • Jack Hamilton

    OKC cops are notorious for being thugs! DA let’s then get away with murder, routinely! Just watch, the cops will be exonerated and some excuse will be manufactured for his death…same old, same old.

  • Jim

    “Calm down sir” says one cop. AS he lay dead. Just goes to show the cops will beat the living shit out of you, and as long as they say “CALM DOWN” and “STOP RESISTING” the beatings are ‘justified’ by the CHIEF, District Attorney and more.

  • Jim

    Spanking your daughter is ‘domestic abuse’. AND NOT answering a cop is lawful justification to beat a man to death.

  • Jim

    ASK for my ID after you beat my spouse to death? GO FUCK YOURSELF OFFICER.

  • Tom G

    Notice the cop keeps blocking the picture she is trying to record. You also notice she does not ID immediantly and she is not dogpiled like her husband? In a few days we will hear from the Moore Police Dept, “We executed our duties professionally”. Emphasis on executed.

  • Deltarose

    Killer cops on the rise- becoming regular routine, pile as many on top a person as they can and beat and suffocate them to death-and just parents trying to keep their daughter out of trouble-if the daughter gets in trouble then everyone wants to blame the parents for doing nothing! Sure hope this teaches that unruly brat a lesson!

  • H.P. Loveshaft

    Here’s a suggestion to all the people making passionate comments:

    Hold off. You don’t remotely have the entire story. This video shows nothing of the cops’ actions prior to the victim’s death, nor do they show any of the actions the victim may have taken which could justify the use of force.

    People die in their sleep, have heart attacks instigated by sudden physical activity, and suffer strokes during times of great stress. We do not even know the cause of death here. Just back off on the judgmental comments lest you all make yourselves out to be the fools.

    • siracco

      The very least they could have done was perform CPR on the poor guy once they realized he was not breathing…..instead of sitting him up and pretending he was still alive. They misunderstood the situation and it went down from there. They made a lot of mistakes and hopefully pay for it. It could be one of your loved ones next.

    • lberns

      Except he didn’t die in his sleep, and his “sudden physical activity” was due to those donut munching costumed tax feeding bastards interfering.

      It’s amazing how people will do everything they can to defend the evil that is taking place before their very eyes.

  • jwalsh

    The story is at right now….

  • alien

    Those officers should be fired. People get fired from mcdonalds for being idiots, but a group of cops crush one man to death trying to detain him and nothing happens.

    • siracco

      Oh, something will happen. Hopefully the family finds justice. The media will be on top of this one. I’m sure Internal Affairs is investigating. The fact that they did not perform CPR doesn’t look good. He stopped breathing and they ignored it. They robbed that man of his rights and then his life. On top of that they failed any attempt at reviving him.

  • whatever

    You serve your interests poorly when your site demands so much privacy invading cookies and other bullshit just to show a video.


  • Jared

    Trying to figure out where they beat him. Also ABC news stated he was alive in the ambulance. Just fyi.

  • wildman

    I hope every fukin pig involved in this is forced to watch everyone and everything they love die a pain wracked death right before their fukin eyes. These out of control pigs think they are GODS when actually they are nothing more than overpaid security guards who can’t function in the real world in a real job.When AMERICANS pick up arms and take to the streets to reclaim OUR AMERICA these pussy bitch cops will cower in the shadows trembling in fear like the cunts they are..

    • cody

      100%. These animals, because they cant even be called humans desirve to suffer for the rest of their lives.

  • stupidamerkin

    These corporate thugs, aka Blue Gang with not only guns and badges, but also 007 license are the most dangerous element in society today. VERY VERY DANGEROUS GANG MEMBERS.

  • PabloKOh

    And people that live with these killers lives continue to talk to them? To love them? What a sad society. No hitting, no stealing, no lying, no exceptions.

    • $910553

      That is why I say, when the time comes, deal with them and theirs under their very own Rules of Engagement. Free cocktail delivery through their bedroom window in the middle of the night? Check! If “innocent” family members are killed or injured, just remember “If they weren’t associating with criminals, they would not have been harmed.” These aren’t “double-naught spies” whose families don’t know what they do. They know very well how treasonous they are, yet cheer them on anyway.

      • shawn

        I would love to see you in person

        • $910553

          IDDT. I am well aware of “Law Enforcement” and the Hutaree militia, and Four Grandpas in a Waffle House, and many other such actions.

  • Jeff Mo

    The Moore police department is now hiring.

    • pinbalwyz

      Orphans preferred?
      – –

  • Brian Bates JohnTV

    I’m no cop cheerleader but I also don’t blindly criticize them. I’m fairly well known in Oklahoma for not backing down to law enforcement and I have to admit, these officers did nothing criminally wrong in this incident.

    In fact, the officers on scene (both off duty security and patrol officers on duty) were very professional. Additional video does exist (from the theaters security cameras) and it tells the entire story.

    The deceased did not comply with a lawful order to show his license and he did in fact take an aggressive stance with the officers. This is clear on the video from the security cameras.

    He most likely suffered a heart attack as no blows are ever seen being inflicted by police and no obvious life threatening trauma existed on the deceased.

    The cops on the scene were actually pretty restrained and professional (unlike many OKC police). The patrol units were there ‘baby-sitting’ some theater patrons who were drunk. They could have arrested them, but instead were staying with them until a cab could pick them up and get them home safely. Not exactly bull cop mentality.

    Will people argue the actions taken by police? Sure. Were those actions illegal? Nope.

    While I don’t let cops push me around, I’m smart enough to know when I’m being given a lawful order and I comply and I do not get or appear to get physical or challenging with an officer – there is no upside.

    • wakeup

      Oh, You mean like Rodney King did.

      • Brian Bates JohnTV

        How about a response with a complete thought? “…like Rodney King did” what?

        FYI, Rodney King has nothing to do with this incident.

        • tsk tsk

          You are so nieve.

          • Brian Bates JohnTV

            Great, someone else who can’t actually put a complete thought into words. Not to mention you can’t spell either.

          • pinbalwyz

            Brian, you don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. You don’t have to be able to spell or have composition skills to recognize police brutality or have a sense of right and wrong. Ad hominem attacks don’t make your case either. It’s sitting there, right before us in a public video clip. There’s a dead man, a widow, and his daughter who were witnesses. We can hear his widow’s hysteria. Her words are haunting. What do you need?–a confession?
            – –

        • pinbalwyz

          Rodney King has become an icon associated with blatant and unjustifiable police brutality in the public’s mind. To say this incident is unrelated reveals an inability to connect the dots. It’s not hard to see how it was cut from the same warp and weave.
          – –

    • lberns

      “I also don’t blindly criticize them.”

      I never give members of the bastard fascist blue costumed monkey clan the benefit of the doubt anymore. I’ve read too many stories like this one over the last twenty years (it has become increasingly worse over the last few)

    • JKB

      You seem very confident that there was no illegal activity based on the contents of a security camera video that, to my knowledge, has not been publicly released. Please post a link to the security camera video, or explain why you cannot. Thanks.

    • frank-kintz

      Please post the link to the security video so we can all have the complete story to base our opinions on. I find it hard to believe the Moore Police have released it to the public at this time.

    • siracco

      Pepper spray in the mouth, nose, and ears, tackled to the ground and cuffed with five officers on top. I cant believe the officers have a legal right to do this to someone because he refused to show his ID. The officers should have gotten the jest of the story before jumping to conclusions. A domestic dispute does not always mean the man is beating the woman, even if they are Latin.

    • pinbalwyz

      Brian, you’re ignoring the obvious indicators exhibited by the cops of ‘guilty knowledge’ (they just killed a guy), failure to try to save his life, excessive force, and having no probable cause to take him down from the outset. Will I be suffocated if I fail/refuse to produce ID upon demand? How is that a crime?

      Public fear and loathing of the police is reaching new heights nationwide. There are already news reports of random shootings/killings of LEO’s. Videos of cops brutalizing and killing innocent civilians doesn’t endear the police to the public. Eventually, where the government can/will not protect the people, citizens will resort (as they have from time immemorial) to vigilante/street justice. I, for one, do NOT welcome that prospect, but recognize it’s likelihood if this trend of militarized violent brutality among our LEO’s isn’t reversed…and SOON!
      – –

    • Brad Armstrong

      You are not legally obligated to produce ID when approached by an officer and you are on foot. It is not the same as producing an operator’s license, registration, and insurance for a motor vehicle. A lawful order would be things like “stop” or “put your hands in the air”, but you are not required to show ID – we aren’t to “papers please” yet. Article IV of the Constitution still applies …

  • Robert Bastille

    very sad

  • Jnice

    Each of the officers present should be named in the video. Then…What should be done to killers? Each of the men who killed him should be held accountable in some form. You cannot allow a group of men to beat and kill a man in public and then hide behind their authority for protection.

    • Frodo

      The jury (ordinary citizens) in the kelly Thomas murder appeared to have no problem with it.

  • Herbert Napp

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if she spoke the English language properly? Even if she had an idea of her rights, and were articulate it might not help at the time, but seeing it in this video and hearing her speak properly and articulate the situation would really help. A lot more than the Spanglish I heard.

    • pinbalwyz

      Herb, get real. Her broken english isn’t material. The dead man is.
      – –

      • Herbert Napp

        My name isn’t “Herb” and I find little dipsticks love saying that in a dismissive way, should change it.

        Anyway I agree completely but it takes away from the video hearing her yell in Spanglish. More/Most sheep would tune in, and not turn off.

        • cody

          Your ignorant. English is clearly not her first language. I’m sure a lot of people could make fun of you for not being able to speak “X” language correctly. What ever she is speaking shouldn’t matter, and innocent man is dead here. she was watching her husband be murdered in front of her own eyes you really think she gave a dame if her English wasn’t perfect?

  • Public Servant

    Jeremy Lewis

    Public Information Officer – Moore Police

    (405) 793-4448

  • fed up

    Again,most police officers are uneducated…usually high school drop outs or the stupid ones. They need to up requirements!!!!

  • fed up

    Complete ignorance on all five of those cops… over reaction and should have gotten info before suffocating this man

  • Robo

    They always attempt to block view. F#ck your requests for ID, it’s none of your business nor is where my car is at.

  • Robo

    And never talk to the police. They’re not your friends. He’s only asking about the “hitting” so he can arrest someone.

  • Terry Paul Buholm

    Another person murdered by terrorists oh wait the police the protectors of the people.

  • shawn

    I find it amusing that so many people on here assume this was based on race and jump to conclusions after seeing what happened once the cops had already taken him down and not knowing the entire story.

    • pinbalwyz

      You find this incident and/or people’s reaction to it ‘amusing’? Really?
      – –

  • Unknown

    I just find it difficult seeing how people can get away with actions like these. And while investigations are being done the punishment is suspension with pay? After having concrete footage of the murder they still find a way around it stating he resisted, hard to believe someone can resist an arrest with 5 grown men sitting on them. Unfortunately all the “good” cops are overshadowed by these everyday murderers who took an oath under God to serve and protect us. I’ll have to second guess whether to call the police next time, I might cost me my life…

  • Johnny Goldwater

    Don’t ever talk to the police.

  • Jim

    COPS:”we have to be sure your husband isn’t hurting anyone or has hurt anyone, so we will beat him to death or smother him until we feel good”

  • Calvary Covers It All

    The cops have a duty to act. They should have checked him after he was in cuffs to make sure he was ok. He wasnt moving so did they think he went to sleep. I think the Rodriguez family will be getting PAID. I know it will not bring their father or husband back but I hope every officer loses there job and gets charged with excessive force and 2nd degree murder.

  • richard greene

    I am soooooooooooo sick of red necks trying to defend racist Nazi’s withe badges they simply forget the oath taken before taking to the streets of America. Allegedly to protect and serve all without regard to race colour or creed. These racist killer cops should be immediately fired tried to the full extent of the law then imprisoned for life!

  • harry cohen

    sadly to say their badges and guns give them the idea and improper information that they make the law. theese5 MUST BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED W/ 2ND DEGREE MURDER. N appoligies no sanctions, no rights, like they gave the man they murdered. IT is in the TORAH when a man that abuses their powers are guilty and must die. by the hands of heaven. its TIME WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY AND RIGHTS BACK. EVEN IF IT MEANS FIRING EVERY SENATOR, CONGRESSMAN. SUPREEME COURT JUSTICE. N O W!

  • NewsReader

    I read the officers took the mother’s phone away. So that might not be all the footage. There is also a petition going on. It’s worth
    mentioning that not all of the cops were dressed in uniform. So maybe that was his apprehension at first. We still don’t know all the details, but in no way does it excuse the tragedy these police officers have brought into the lives of this family. Here is the petition link:

    Spread the word, before they take that right too.

    • markiemark

      We can spread your mom. Been done on the corner before.

  • Leanne

    He died at the hospital. He did not die right there. He stopped breathing but was stable after arriving at the hospital, then he died. Get your facts straight before you go bashing the police. I happened to be there that night. Did you even see the report?

    • Bob

      You’re a moron. Let me put five guys top of you and let’s see what happens.

      • Leanne

        Lol yeah because they just jumped on him. Were you even there?

  • mavfanjeff

    good job more dirt bag cops who use their emotions instead of their training. We have plenty of them in Omaha Nebraska. Some of you cops are a pathetic disgrace.

  • Guest

    great more dirt bag cops who use their emotions instead of their training. Some of you cops are a pathetic disgrace.

  • henry bowman

    I cry over him. I would not cry over the cops dying while on duty.

  • Mellow Jessica

    I’m alternately sad and scared for what America has become, w/r/t the lack of protection citizens seem to have from horrible, corrupt, murderous police :(

  • ben dover

    All pigs must die. Lead all cops to a slaughter house . Butcher them alive as we do with real pigs.Killing a cop is legal

  • rocket625

    the pigs are psychos they don’t protect anybody

  • jholleye

    did you notice how the officer stayed in front of the video camera so the wife could not see anything

  • jholleye

    If you would watch the video, the police constricted him the same way a boa constrictor would, stay on his chest or lungs so he cannot catch his breath thereby suffocating him to death

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    resisting while dead… wow, the legislature actually passed this law? (sarcasm alert – nobody pays attention to those deadbeat impotent morons, ask any cop)

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    How many Oklahoma cops does it take to subdue a Latino? Five if he is dead, twenty if he still has a pulse.

  • Alexandra Dominica

    The fact that police concentrated on LUIS not even bothering to find out what happened, but because he is black in their racist minds connected him with the crime, what more prove do you need to be convinced or learn that police departments in the USA are racist?
    This type of incidents and injustices happen all over the Great USA and the policeman at the end made sure the camara stopped recording the incident.
    Five cowards with guns that do not care about talking to this man to learn about the situation, sitting on top of him because they have a license to kill and abuse the citizens, no wonder they are being killed.
    Sorry for the few that really are trying to do a good job.
    Don’t talk to me about the police in Mexico, Russia or Afganistan, the police in the USA is cut from the same cloth and a perfect image of them and other corrupt police departments in the world.
    Racist, abusive, intolerant, perverse, corrupt, same as the worst police in other parts of the world.

  • markiemark

    The real truth is that this family will have to live with the fact that they along with their out of control dad caused his death. This will haunt them I am sure. The officers did a good job as they had no choice. Too many ex cons on this site.

  • ////jbkhjb

    people should hut the cop down and kill them

  • ////jbkhjb

    people are sheep and the pigs know it. when you see this going on kill the pigs or next time it my be your turn

  • Barbara Schold Kiser

    ME’s are calling these epidemic, Asphyxiation by weight on the lungs or neck. This utter BULLSHIT! Then ..KNOWING he is not breathing (dead) they tell her to step back!!

    wtf America?! Need to come together as a community and stop these overbearing untrained death machines , demand cams on uniforms & DEMAND full retraining or FIRE THEM!

  • K.e. French

    Americans, who have a second amendment and the constitutional power and authority to oust any form of tyrant or tyrannical government who still sit idle with their camera’s are equally culpable for not using their second amendment and removing these people from our society.

  • Governmental Deception

    SEEMS TO ME they were trying to fake move as if he were struggling. Just to make it appear to the dumb azzes that he was oh so struggling. They were moving so fake it is sickening.

  • Governmental Deception

    I wouldn’t have gave them shit for an ID.

  • Governmental Deception

    They worry about mom smacking the chit out of the daughter while they go around killing ppl. flippen a holes.

  • brnhornet

    Moral of the story “Don’t resist” . I would sure like to see how it got to this point. I’m not for either side but the moment the cops decide to arrest you just let them handcuff you. Don’t fight, don’t argue, don’t give them any reason to force you to the ground. You cannot win that way!! If you know you did nothing wrong then after you get out lawyer up and hit them where it hurts… IN THEIR POCKETS!! That’s the only way the system and the rules will change. There are thousands of lawyers just salivating for wrongful imprisonment cases and they’ll do them pro bono. When these cities have to start paying out money for all these civil suits THEN they will take action and things will change.

  • Lynda Falls

    Do the police have the right to just detain a man because the wife and daughter had an argument? No, not that I know of.
    Why did they pepper spray him? They had no reason. Stepping around the police when they asked for ID is no reason to pepper spray him.
    He had done nothing wrong at all. America is not supposed to be a police state where cops just come up and demand ID when ever they feel like it to somebody for no reason.
    They killed an innocent man, they pepper sprayed him and forced his head against the ground and piled all their weight on top of him and why? What for?
    This seems a clear cut case. They murdered him, why? What did he do? Pepper spray should be against the law.
    They tell his wife he is fine when clearly he is not. They prop him up with their knees, really.
    What all are they hiding?
    What else happened before this part of the video? Sure would like to know.
    The daughter may have become disrespectful and nasty for some time, treating them like crap, but she is not responsible for what the police did to her dad.
    Her and her parents would have reconciled later, the parents love her and now she has no dad.
    I know that most police officers are kind, have a heart and want to serve and respect and I know most are helpful and care.
    However those cops who are abusive, cruel, cause pain for no reason, abuse their authority, are deceitful and lie, though they be few in number,
    It must be acknowledged that some are like that and they must be fired, tried in court and punished. This is not disregarding the many great police officers and all they do to serve and respect, that always is appreciated.
    Another thing this has nothing to do with race, it happens to all and it is because there are corrupt and cruel people everywhere including all positions of authority including doctors and nurses.

  • Lynda Falls

    Do the police have the right to just detain a man because the wife and daughter had an argument? No, not that I know of.

    Why did they pepper spray him? They had no reason. Stepping around the police when they asked for ID is no reason to pepper spray him.

    He had done nothing wrong at all. America is not supposed to be a police state where cops just come up and demand ID when ever they feel like it to somebody for no reason. …

    They killed an innocent man, they pepper sprayed him and forced his head against the ground and piled all their weight on top of him and why? What for?

    This seems a clear cut case. They murdered him, why? What did he do? Pepper spray should be against the law.

    They tell his wife he is fine when clearly he is not. They prop him up with their knees, really.

    What all are they hiding?

    What else happened before this part of the video? Sure would like to know.

    The daughter may have become disrespectful and nasty for some time, treating them like crap, but she is not responsible for what the police did to her dad.

    Her and her parents would have reconciled later, the parents love her and now she has no dad.

    I know that most police officers are kind, have a heart and want to serve and respect and I know most are helpful and care.

    However those cops who are abusive, cruel, cause pain for no reason, abuse their authority, are deceitful and lie, though they be few in number,

    It must be acknowledged that some are like that and they must be fired, tried in court and punished. This is not disregarding the many great police officers and all they do to serve and respect, that always is appreciated.

    Another thing this has nothing to do with race, it happens to all and it is because there are corrupt and cruel people everywhere including all positions of authority including doctors and nurses.

  • Dan Holan

    papa…papa… zey kilt chim…