Man Gets Arrested After Video Recording NYPD Cops Piling on Top of Man over Bus Fare

Moments after aggressively piling on top of a man over a paid bus fare, NYPD officers turned their attention to another man who was video recording the arrest, using that same aggression to pile on top of him and grind his face into the sidewalk.

Both arrests were captured by two other men with cameras, one man who recorded the first arrest, another man who recorded the second arrest.

The video of the first arrest has already gone viral, leading to an article in the New York Daily News as well as a petition on, demanding newly inaugurated New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to investigate the arresting officers.

And the second video is now getting some attention after it was posted on Facebook Sunday where it has been shared more than 3,000 times (the first video was shared more than 90,000 times after it was posted on Facebook Sunday).

But the third video, the one recorded by the second man arrested, is still in the hands of police, according to the person that runs the Youtube channel, Nycresistance, who compiled the two videos into the video above that focuses on the second man arrested

The arrests took place Sunday in the Bronx, less than a week after an NYPD cop arrested PINAC reader Randall Thomas for recording him in a subway, another video that went viral after it was posted here.

So it’s a ripe opportunity for de Blasio to send a message to the community that he will not tolerate this type of behavior from the NYPD, which was heavily encouraged by previous mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But that is doubtful considering de Blasio inherited what Bloomberg described as his personal army, boasting it is the “seventh largest army in the world.”

Since taking office just over a month ago, de Blasio has demonstrated no shame in using it to his advantage.

Dariel Reyes posted the first video of the cops shaking down the man after he had stepped off a bus over  a fare he had paid, even having the receipt to show for it.

And Christopher Ferrer posted the second video, showing the man who can be seen in the first video recording the police pile-on, now being manhandled by several cops while yelling that he didn’t do anything illegal.

One cop can be heard accusing him of spitting in his face, even though the man’s face was being pushed into the sidewalk in typical police gang fashion.

So we can bet that is a lie. Just as we can bet they had no legitimate reason to stop the first man after stepping off the bus. In fact, they offered no comment to the Daily News when pressed.

Both videos are extremely disturbing. The first video shows the man sitting on a short wall as the cops grab on to him while he tries to fish around his jacket for his bus receipt.

“Why are you holding me, Rivera, Delgado,” the man demands, apparently naming the two cops.

After more than two minutes, he attempts to stand up and the two cops attempt to wrestle him to the ground. More cops run up and he is brought down to the sidewalk in the typical police pile-on that has led to several deaths in recent years.

“Please don’t do this to me,” he pleads. “My face is on the ground. I can’t do nothing.”

“Please don’t fuck me up. Don’t fuck me up,” he begs before unleashing a blood-curdling yell.

“My face! my face!” the man yells as the video goes dark.

The second video picks up after they evidently have the first man in custody and is almost a repeat of the first arrest.

Below is an exchange on Ferrer’s Facebook wall about the video.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 01.03.17



About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Ron

    And they wonder why we don’t want to provide assistance to cops??

    • Ian Battles

      It’s funny how these shitheads treat the public like this then act shocked when we don’t help an officer in distress…

      • Difdi

        Those who are inclined to help tend to help the good guy/innocent victim, not the attacker. But doing that can get you shot and killed, so most people just let it play out.

  • OhSnapDJB

    This is fucking bullshit! And yes I wish ALL cops would DIE! ESPECIALLY these NYPD retards!

  • ARtP

    A lot of people standing around and not recording.

  • dontgetit

    I’m new to this web site, and I just don’t understand why the police don’t like being video recorded.

    • ?

      Yeah, Don’t they know that camera’s are everywhere, or is it that they just don’t care?

      • Clark

        They don’t think (which is part of the problem) so they think if they deal with the one camera they can see, they’ll have dealt with all of them.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Because it makes it harder for them to lie in their arrest reports.

    • Guest

      Because police lie and commit perjury to help the government and the corporations to fill the prisons. DAs and prosecutors encourage and support the lies and perjury of the police officers. And the Judges look the other way, and pretend it’s not happening. The whole justice system is one big corrupt and criminal conspiracy filled with traitors and liars.

      • Jim

        yeah, been there, had that done to me. PAID a big fine, had to go to a court ordered ‘anger management’ class.
        WHY? Cause the cop said “HE had a raised fist” Which was bullshit. I was holding my 2 year old son at the time.

    • Jim

      Because, if they are recorded, any wrong doing they do (beating a suspect excessively, lying in his arrest report ‘the suspect became combative so I had to beat and tazer him’,) and that they don’t like being JUDGED the way THEY judge others.

  • inhisownbackyard

    wondering where jay z’s at

    • StepUpAndSaySomething

      In some mansion, rich enough to not care what happens to tap black people.

  • threepercenter

    Looked like a straight up kidnapping to me

  • steveo

    Don’t want to get involved in a racial debate here, but the detainees in these videos have violated the number one rule of police encounters and that is to remain calm. Remain so calm that it appears that you are asleep, but still talking. When you start yelling and getting excited, you can be sure the leos are going to do the same thing and one guy is not going to win the fight against 5 or 6 leos.
    If he didn’t pay for his ticket, the most the leos would do is write him a summons which he could go to court and probably get dismissed. In NY the leos never show up to summons court.

    But if you are filming, the number one rule is to remain calm, but also to keep filming. Never give up the recording device willingly without being arrested, but keep asking if you are under arrest and if the leo says you are put your hands behind your back before you can be hurt. You can deal with the prior restraint, later.

  • Film The Police Always

    Look at these cops. I mean really, they look like TSA workers at the airport. The bottom of the food chain folks that can’t get a job doing anything else, so why not be a cop where NYC has 35,000 cops. They will hire a god damn cheeseburger there.

    The man in this video had every right to violently resist being arrested as they were grabbing him for FILMING! It’s not against the law to film in public, especially when filming the police, so grabbing this man for that is an illegal detention/arrest.

    When are people, especially black people going to rise up? When are black people going to show up in mass downtown and create NYC GRIDLOCK to draw attention to these corrupt cops.

    If a couple hundred thousand people showed up in NYC specifically to cause a shutdown of the city, I’ll guarantee that that will get the elected members attention along with the rest of the country.

    • Jim

      I’ve seen a number of these videos where the NYPD cop is from Pakistan, India, Mexico or some OTHER country. funny how we don’t have ENOUGH people HERE looking for work, we have to give it up to immigrants.

    • anon coward

      remember what the cops did to Occupy Wall Street? Think what they’ll do next time.

  • jwalsh

    Its just scares the hell out of me……

  • JdL

    Once again, cops do their best to prove that, in spite of some superficial resemblance to human beings, they are in fact brutal robots, devoid of logic, reason, and compassion. Not to mention, completely ignorant of the laws they’re sworn to protect! The longer they act this way, the more people will, inevitably, respond in kind. Cops will have no one but themselves to blame, but I can already hear them screaming that it’s SO … UNFAIR!

  • Jim

    “OH, you paid your bus fair? You’re under arrest” LET the beatings start.
    DO these cops go home and at night and think they stopped crime?

  • Smoothjc1

    So there are three/3 videos, with one yet too be released ? and why didn’t they mess with the last guy filming ?? if they mess with BROWN COAT guy for filming, WHY didn’t mess with the last guy filming ? For me Something is just NOT adding up I’m sorry.

    • Carlos_Miller

      Of course not. Cops can do no wrong.

      • Smoothjc1

        Carlos no not at all. and please don’t jump on me like this. All I am doing is asking questions LIKE WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING ! keep filming and question EVERYTHING. Or should we just question the cops ? and not activists, and can activist’s do no wrong ?

        • Carlos_Miller

          It’s no secret that the NYPD has quotas they have to meet, so perhaps they met their quotas that day with those two arrests, where they didn’t have to bother with the others.

    • Ron

      So are your arguing that because the cops didn’t arrest everyone with cameras, then they arrested no-one?

      • Smoothjc1

        Your statement sounded stupid! of course not, obviously two people got arrested but, WHY did the first guy get arrested? By the video explanation, it sounds pretty messed up! and should not have happened.

        Now the second arrest we may never know what happened, I hope we do, but right now I’m betting we don’t.

    • srandallthomas

      It may have had something to do with the physical appearance of the guys doing the video and the cop who stopped him. Perhaps the cop who got the black guy in the brown was one of the cops to arrive later and not one of the two initially involved in the first arrest.

      Remember, brown coat stepped in front of the guy doing the original video placing himself in the forefront of the officers and shielding the other video.

      • Smoothjc1

        Could be. I don’t know. That’s why I am asking questions! and will continue to ask questions. I guess the powers that be, only want people to ask questions of certain people about certain people and not other people because, THEY can do NO wrong.

  • jpriest2121jr .

    All punk thug cops need to be taken out and killed for treason! Too many people have died fighting for the constitution and these asshole bullies are shitting on it! Kill them all!

  • Max Stone

    It’s funny how some of you idiots keep believing what’s posted on these sites without doing any research at all. The person who recorded the first video was Daniel Reyes. In the second video it says that he was the person arrested in the second one for filming the first video. Daniel Reyes was not arrested at all and instead was the person filming the second video as well. Both men were people with outstanding arrest warrants. Trust me there are some fucked up cops out there but these arrests weren’t for nothing.

  • Gil

    Anyone see when the cop kicked ole dude in the head when he was on the ground. Not hard but unnecessary.

  • T12

    Starting a private company who has powers to detain and arrest bad cops!

  • Larua

    wtf us wrong with all those people just standing around and watching, that makes me mad as hell that they are to f*cking afraid to get involved when they see corrupt cops behaving badly, I would have kicked, screamed, and raised hell to help that man. anyone reading this that was there, shame on every one of you jackasses,.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Cops believe Americans are the enemy.

  • Rawdeal

    Really? What most people want here seems to be no laws at all. Everybody can just do whatever the hell they want. Are their bad cops? Sure, just like there are bad doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, politicians, and civilians. The problem is that law enforcement officers are the most obvious and polarizing figures so they are instantly filmed and deemed corrupt or abusive no matter what the video shows. Do you realize most police officer and citizen contacts occur because an officer was summoned there to respond? He or she has a duty to investigate. How do you know this individual did not have a bench warrant or commit a crime of some sort before the video recording commenced? You don’t you just immediately assume the officer is a bully and so forth. Have you ever tried to take someone into custody who resists, even if it is mild resistance? It is pretty difficult. If you were a victim of a crime and the perpetrator was stopped by the cops, would you be satisfied if the subject hid behind the constitution and the officers let him walk? I doubt it. I will tell you what, most of you who hate cops I encourage you to do a ride along. No just one day but several days to see what it is like. That is unless of course you have a criminal history and you aren’t permitted to do so.

    • Tom Butler

      Physicians, accountants, teachers and politicians don’t have qualified immunity or the police officers bill of rights. Hold them accountable and people will stop criticizing. Otherwise, they do a hard job and are generally well compensated for it based on their education and other qualifications. Look at the average pay for police in metro areas including average OT pay, retirement and benefits. THEY ARE WELL PAID PUBLIC SERVANTS NOT HEROS.

  • dravo1

    It’s hard to believe this is the same NYPD that lost 23 officers on 9/11 while exhibiting the highest levels of valor. The NYPD shield had never shined brighter than on that day. It’s even harder to believe that these thugs are what now carry that same NYPD shield. They’ve basically taken it and wiped their asses with it. That’ll take the shine off of any shield………

  • Steven Roberts

    when there is mass civil unrest and when people hit the streets and start to take over and over run the police, they the police will be the first ones to swing from a rope, look back through history and you’ll see what I mean. Soldiers will be the first to join our ranks in a revolution.

  • Jonny Unite-Us

    Why is the video edited so poorly. If you want to lend credit to the caption “Witness: No Reason” You got to include all the details. I’m for videotaping and I’ve been very outspoken about police violence, but if you are going to speak out you have to do it right. Leaving out entire minutes of footage is a one way ticket to having ZERO credit.

  • BlimbergAliskova

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