It is no secret that many officers don’t like being video recorded because it prevents them from conjuring lies in their arrest reports.

But here we have a couple of officers in New York who are so brazen about their lies, they proceed to write them anyway despite knowing they were being video recorded.

Even then, the man they arrested on baseless charges still spent nine days in jail before he was released after the video was shown to the judge.

Unfortunately, Nassau police officers Peter J. Ellison and Carl Arena won’t spend a day in jail for their lies but police assure us they are conducting an “internal investigation.”

The arrest report was typical of the fictionalized reports we have seen over the years in that a crowd had gathered, there is always a crowd in their eyes, and that the suspect was swearing and using racial slurs and swinging his arms wildly as he resisted arrest.

The only thing missing was the old “fear for my life” passage but then again, police restrained themselves from beating him, perhaps because another citizen was openly recording.

The video shows he was not resisting nor cursing nor did a crowd gather. In fact, the only person that appears to have gathered is the guy who was recording, reassuring the suspect that he was getting it all on camera. And a woman who is strolling by in the background, seemingly oblivious to what was going on.

According to Newsday:

The court documents allege police were doing a drug investigation when they stopped Hayes, asking him for identification and “to explain his conduct.” They go on to say Hayes began swearing and repeatedly refused to provide identification, as a crowd of elderly people and small children gathered.

The resisting arrest complaint alleges Hayes refused to stop his violent behavior, and used racial slurs and profanity, before swinging his arms and upper body, and pulling away from officers.

“The officers told the defendant numerous times to stop resisting arrest, but the defendant refused,” police wrote.

Court records show police also charged Hayes with a violation of unlawful possession of marijuana. A complaint says police found a bag of what appeared to be marijuana in Hayes’ pocket during a search.

“At no time does he use the language that was attributed to him. At no time is race ever injected into this. And at no time does he do anything that could even remotely be interpreted as resisting. There’s no ambiguity to the tape. The tape speaks the truth,” Petrillo said.