California CPS Officials Retaliating Against Father who Secretly Recorded them to Expose Abuse (Updated)

I received the following email from Scott Rolick threatening legal action against me for posting the videos he encouraged me to post, so I removed the videos, not wanting to spend any more energy than I have to on this issue. I’m done with this story. The original story, however, remains below.


DATE 4/3/2014

Dear carlos

Your website is currently linking to my video :

This email to you is notice to you that you are illegally linking to and/or using this video and/or distributing this video This is my video. I did not and do not authorize you or your company and/or website to display and/or use and/or distribute this video in any manner, and I demand that you immediately remove it from your website and any other form of redistribution. I also demand that you destroy any form of this video that may be in your possession, either on your server or hard drive, or any other electronic storage device. Please note that the Ventura County Superior Court has ordered this video removed from all sources, and your failure to comply with my demand for same will be considered a violation of a court order.

Confirmation of the requested action is required. Please send email confirmation, the subject of which shall be noted “Video Removal”, directly to my attorney at:

If you have any questions please contact me on my cell phone immediately at (805)814-6447.

This email is notice to you that any failure to comply with the demand to remove or to confirm removal via email he video shall force me to seek all legal relief available to me, including but not limited to a civil abatement action, and attorney fees incurred as a result of having to enforce this demand.


William Scott Rolick,

cc: Jennifer Ani, Esq


First, Ventura police raided Scott Rolick’s home, saying they were looking for drugs being sold by his girlfriend’s grandfather who lived at the home with the couple.

Then, after making no arrests, they returned five days later with a Child Protective Services worker who falsely accused Rolick of using drugs, removing his four-year-old daughter, Stevie, from the home and placing her in foster care – even after he and his girlfriend tested negative for drugs at the local police station.

And then, after he secretly video recorded a conversation with a CPS case worker the following week, who urged him to “suck it up” and attend court-mandated drug classes to “look good in court” ( despite there being no evidence he is even a drug user), the agency stripped him of unsupervised visits with his daughter in the foster home where she is rooming with a boy who has stolen from her.

She also lives among troubled teens who have difficulty controlling their temper in the Casa Pacifica facility, one who can be heard shouting in the top video, “open the fucking door!”

It is a harrowing story to the least, especially since he is told they have no available supervisors to oversee his visits with his daughter; a blatant abuse of systemic powers where they will now try to use California’s wiretapping law to keep him from spreading the truth about their abuse.

California is a two-party consent state, meaning he is not allowed to record others whom have an expectation of privacy, so they do have a legal argument.

In one video, footage from the foster home appears that it was recorded in a courtyard and doesn’t contain anybody else’s voices besides his girlfriends and the screaming boy, who Rolick says is about 13 years old, so it might be difficult to prove he broke the law.

But the footage with the case worker appears to have been recorded in an office without anybody else within earshot, so that might not work in his favor.

However, the state’s wiretapping law includes a provision (PC 633.5) that states it is not illegal to record surreptitiously if it is for the purpose of gathering evidence against “extortion, kidnapping and bribery.”

And that is pretty much what is happening here.

Besides, the wiretapping laws in this country need to be updated to allow citizens to record their interactions with public officials, especially when they are trying to disrupt your life.

But now the 37-year-old is looking for a lawyer to represent him on Tuesday in a hearing in which Child Protective Services will ask a judge to order the removal of the two videos in question from the internet.

However, the videos are not even in his control anymore. They were first posted on Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted Youtube channel, a former drug enforcement officer turned antiwar drug war activist who was the first to break the story.

I then posted them on Photography is Not a Crime’s Youtube channel to show the court that they will never be able to remove these videos from the internet, so hopefully more people do the same.

The second video may also cause him some problems because he recorded a CPS worker without informing her in a call where she stripped him of his visitation rights and threatening him with legal action in regards to the first video.

“I have many more damaging video that I have not posted yet,” he said in an interview with Photography is Not a Crime Sunday night.

He has received calls from the Ventura Police Department wanting to speak with him about the videos, but he has no plans to talk to them.

In fact, he left his home in Port Hueneme and is now living in an undisclosed area because he fears police plan to arrest him.

But he still talks daily to Stevie by phone, who believes she is attending some type of summer camp.

“She says, ‘daddy, I want to come home,’” he said.

But it is not clear when she will be coming home. The night they took her, Rolick’s brother drove from Hollywood to pick her up, but they would not allow him to talk to her.

The nightmare began on February 21 when he was doing lawn work in his front yard when a bunch of cops came running up, ordering him to get down on the ground.

“‘Do you know why we’re here?” they asked.

“No,” he responded.

“Grandpa’s been bad,” they said.

They handcuffed him and left him lying on the side of the street as they entered his home with a search warrant signed by judge Mark Borrell apparently in search of drugs, not having to use the battering ram they came equipped with because the door was unlocked.

They told him they had  arrested his girlfriend’s 70-year-old grandfather during a traffic stop for “sale of narcotics,” Rolick said.

They left 45 minutes later without giving any more explanation.

Two hours later, his girlfriend’s grandfather returned home, telling them he had just been pulled over but not arrested, not giving any more details than that.

Rolick said the man pays rent in the four-bedroom home but mostly keeps to himself, leaving everyday at 8 a.m. and returning home by 4 p.m. and never receiving any visitors.

He is also very sick, suffering from cancer and diabetes, requiring twice-daily intravenous infusions, and is currently in an intensive-care unit after CPS ordered him out of the house.

Rolick said his arrest is very mysterious because there is no mention of it in the Ventura County judicial website.. And police have not released any details, citing a pending investigation.

But it’s clear the grandfather has not been charged yet nor is it clear exactly what they suspect him of doing nor what evidence, if any, do they have against him.

In one CPS report, it was alleged that they found water balloons for packaging heroin when in reality, the water balloons are used for Stevie and her friends to toss on each other for fun.

Five days later, Ventura police returned with a CPS worker named Christy Byrne, who accused him of being under the influence of drugs.

However, when he and his girlfriend went to the police department for a drug test, it came out negative.

But by then, CPS had already taken Stevie and were not about to return her.

Rolick is aware that he may have violated California’s wiretapping law by secretly recording them but it was all he could do to expose the truth.

“I”ll go to jail for this because it needs to be exposed,” he said.

Below is a screen shot from one of the videos with numbers of whom to call.

UPDATE: Was just informed by Rolick that police did find a small amount of methamphetamine under the grandfather’s pillow, but have not filed any charges.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 4.28.22 AM

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • nrgins

    You have to ask yourself: why would they do this? Why would they take a little girl out of a home with absolutely no evidence of drug use by the parents, and their drug test coming back clean, and making stuff up on the report, saying they were arrested for narcotics. What’s in it for them? It’s gotta be money, which is the motivation for every other corrupt action in every other corrupt agency. They probably get more money the more children are in their care, allowing them to keep their jobs. Probably, if they didn’t have a certain number of kids in their care, they’d have to start laying people off. So it motivates them to take kids away from their families, even with no good cause, to keep the money flowing. They probably pat themselves on the back at the same time (much like corrupt cops do after beating someone up), telling themselves they’re doing a good thing. And the public applauds them, seeing just summaries like “5 year old girl removed from home of drug users.” When is this going to end???

    • stk33

      Yes, indeed the whole CPS business is in very big part about steering parents to buying “services” from connected firms. I imagine, the meter of corruption in all that is out of scale. Even that special stretched scale for the government.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      FYI when CPS holds a child in custody for one year, the Mondale Act (if memory serves) provides them with a twenty thousand dollar ‘support’ payment… and what is the average length of time a child is held by CPS even when there is no evidence to support any allegations?… just over one year.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        I also personally knew of children taken because ‘the youngest child is not growing properly showing proof that he is being starved for nutrition’… the same child in CPS custody for a year DID NOT GROW – but CPS simply told the judge that it was obviously a medical condition… with them, not the parents. The older children were judged to be ‘alienated’ from the family (because they had been in foster care for so long), and were ADOPTED OUT TO NEW PARENTS against the wishes of the real parents. Yes, slavery and human trafficking are alive and well in Mendocino County.

        • Happy Tinfoil Cat

          The DA went so far as to charge my parents $50K for restitution to pay for the care for the child they stole. My parents had never done anything to warrant stealing the child in the first place. They had to pay or go to jail, so they paid with a check marked “PAID IN FULL”. The DA sued them in court because he decided to double it or something. The judge ruled that “paid in full” is paid in full. Meanwhile, my parents’ lawsuit went nowhere. The state ruined a perfectly good kid due to the mental issues of a crackpot psychiatrist who believed that every girl is molested whether or not they remember it.

        • nrgins

          Human trafficking, indeed. Sick. The love of money is the root of all evil.

      • nrgins

        That’s just sick. So sick.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      to the best of my information, the snake in the grass here is The Mondale Act, which has the Federal government paying twenty thousand dollars for ‘upkeep’ for a child seized and held for one year. Check the statistics and see how many children are released to their parents before one year… in many cases even where no cause for such seizure was ever proven.

  • steveo

    This would be a great test case for a citizen’s right to due process and a defendant’s right to collect evidence on his own behalf. When the state acts to deprive the citizen of some freedom, right or property per the 5th Amendment the citizen has the right to due process. Under this principle, I don’t see how the state can ever claim “an expectation of privacy.”

    • stk33

      I’m afraid, more likely outcome is not any test case, but police eventually finding where he is hiding, possibly by tracing phone call, and putting him in jail already for hiding from the police – if not shooting him dead right where he is found.

      • Elliott Whitlow

        Until they have an arrest warrant he’s not a fugitive. You have no obligation to speak to police no matter what they want. So I don’t think I agree.

  • borderraven

    1st Amendment protects the right to gather evidence for redress of grievances against the government. There is no obligation to inform government that you are recording them in their offices, when there is no doubt you are being recorded by them. Nixon recorded people in the Oval Office.

    • Jon Quimbly

      California is an all-parties notification state – for recording telephone calls. For in-person recording, the law specifically states there must be an expectation of privacy in order for wiretapping charges to stick. Government agents performing government business have no such expectation.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      I was once arrested for recording a police officer (interviewing me) for ‘not having his permission to record’. It took Mendocino County DA four months to determine that 1) the state law entitles me to a written receipt of any business I conduct with any public agency or agent and 2) under California law, a ‘writing’ is ANY FORM OF RECORDED INFORMATION. They waited long enough to feel safe that the batteries were really dead in the recorder and then I got it back from ‘evidence’…. however flash memory, the type of recorder i used will hold the data for 18 months without batteries. I have posted this recording on Youtube, search for “Verdot” or contact me on FB and i will email you a copy..

  • Mike Ross

    Oh I had one of those a few years ago, very similar case. The SS tried to threaten ME with court action for hosting a copy of the recording!!!topic/

  • JdL

    This case is a reminder that cops aren’t the only power-mad, life-destroying government thugs. Stories such as this make me pessimistic that needed change can be achieved through peaceful means.

  • jcfromnj

    Of all the nightmare’s you can be in CPS is probably the worst of all. It’s one of the most contentious, political and local cash generating schemes out there. All those course’s are nothing more than A ottage industries, you need to find out just who is a stockholder in those companies. I wouldn’t personally get involved in this issue myself, I’ve heard too many horror stories about CPS.
    Those folks need to do some due diligence with their proximity to the drug scene, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Tijuana Joe

    What was the criminal conviction that elicited all this kooky gov’t intervention?

  • Vegas

    Stop chewing while your face is next to the camera, it ruins the recording.

  • dravo1

    Hers’a a tip to protect yourself from this type of situation. Make up a 4″x4″ sticker that simply states (in large, bold type) “These Premises Are Under Audio & Video Surveillance At All Times” and place it on your front and rear doors in plain view.

  • $910553

    Let me know when you finally understand, and are willing to stop playing THEIR games and deal out some justice to this swill.

  • zebra

    Child protective services operate almost completely outside of the constitution. They are purely evil people who steal and brainwash peoples children.

  • Darek Ffb

    Where the hell is the “Chris Dorner” of cps?!

  • brunocerous

    Judges in other jurisdictions were found to have been getting kickbacks for putting kids into for-profit private systems. Is this happening here?

    • Rosie Vincent

      absolutely its happening everywhere! across the united states and people do not know!

  • Bill Larson

    I would argue that the California law is unconstitutional as the federal law on recording phone calls trumps California Law it is a matter of equal protection under the 14th amendment. The Federal law permits recording and does not give a grant of authority to the states “unless otherwise restricted by applicable state law.” Federal Law is a one party consent – 18 U.S. Code § 2511 –

  • Film The Police Always

    Someone needs to call the local news and mirror this story to the story in the Northeast where that hospital went against another hospital and convinced a judge that the girl needed to be removed from her parents.

    How can your kids be removed from your home when you are doing NOTHING ILLEGAL, nor do you have any drug traces in your system? What about the millions of people that get caught with alcohol or drug charges that have kids? Do they get their kids taken from them? HELL NO!
    Go to the NEWS NOW and get your beautiful Daughter back before something happens to her.

  • squintaroony

    Willing to bet the “small amount of methamphetamine” found under the pillow was planted there as CYA to justify the raid.

  • Kenneth Brooks

    Now this is a bit out of my general practice area, but I do know that the freedom we have traditionally enjoyed as Americans was fought for and must be continually fought for. With respect to this entire CPS industry it is readily apparent to me that much of the entire statutory framework of the same in California would have a difficult time passing muster in view of the seminal Supreme Court case on the matter. Pierce, Governor of Oregon, et al. v. Society of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, 268 U.S. 510 (1925). Does anyone have any insight as to whether any of the CPS laws or regulations have been tested in view of this aforementioned case. It seems to be that absent an exigency of physical harm, the state would never be able to simply take a child from a parent. Thus, there must be something more to this story. But hey, I wrote the governor during his last go round with gun laws and I explained how a state has no power to condition residency upon the surrender of any personal property lawfully owned in another state before changing residency. Thus, every single ban on possession of a firearm in California that may lawfully be owned in another state in constitutionally infirm, i.e., the assault weapons ban rests on specious grounds. Perhaps we have the same issue here. They have been getting away with this CPS industry, because people have been ignoring it, so far.

    • jcfromnj

      CPS is a rabbit hole that I wouldn’t want to go down, but there is fellow out of Washington State named Luis Ewing, a wild man of Pro Se legal issues on Talk Shoe called Pro Se Winners, who has an ongoing war with CPS and does get into the issue. I don’t sign off on a lot of what he says, but he seems to have nailed down just what the inside skinny is on CPS.

  • ccbarrpics

    I live in another two-party state, Pennsylvania. It is cases like this that make me question just who is being protected by two-party consent wiretapping laws. In my own state’s wiretap laws, their are numerous exemptions to the law. Law enforcement gets exemptions, businesses get exemptions, and I bet CPS could call your home and surreptitiously record the call too and be exempt from the statute. So basically these two-party consent wiretap laws can potentially end up protecting the state from being held accountable by it’s citizens.

    I will bet though that whatever lawyer he does get, they will recommend that he jump through CPS hoops of take this class or go through whatever training. Sadly, it may be a bitter pill he has to swallow to expedite getting his child back. Sometimes in a situation where you are dealing with opposing principles, the desire to fight some injustice vs. get back your child, you need to pick your battles, and getting that child back is first priority. Better to jump through their hoops, because fighting such an agency could take a very long time, time that you could have better spent being with your child.

    • eighmie

      Any lawyer who suggest he comply with CPS is looking for a malpractice complaint. A citizen should not be counseled to give up their constitutional rights by their attorney. If this man has done nothing wrong, CPS needs to step back, admit fault and make restitution like any other criminal.

  • mydadsays

    I hope these CPS workers are criminally prosecuted. Everyone needs to send this out to all the major news agencies, and then CALL these numbers and ask why the child was kidnapped from her home and placed in a dangerous place. Surely there is an attorney that will take this case pro bono and sue those workers!!

    • Rosie Vincent

      the news agencies do not do their job at reporting as they to are controlled by the government

  • Eddie Vedder


  • Tom in LA

    As a registered voter in Ventura County, I emailed my county supervisor. Hopefully this isn’t just handled internally by CPS.

  • venice

    Does the father have a facepage that we can follow , would like to follow this story .. My heart is breaking for this family ..

  • lberns

    The lice infested foster home:

  • Frederikahere

    Anyone remember Sen. Nancy Schaefer? She investigated cps and found some very unsavory things. She and her husband were murdered. Google her and see what you find.

  • DougDante

    Please join me in taking action to help Stevie and her dad obtain a federal investigation into these matters.

    Action Opportunity: Stevie is a four year old girl, who may be endangered of HHS funded corruption. Urge the HHS and USDOJ to investigate!



    Stevie is a four year old girl who may be endangered of HHS funded corruption. Please investigate!


    Health and Human Services Public Afairs, HHS Tips, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Office of Civil Rights, US Department of Justice, US Comptroller General,

    The website recently reported:

    “[Police] returned five days later with a Child Protective Services worker who falsely accused Rolick of using drugs, removing his four-year-old daughter, Stevie, from the home and placing her in foster care – even after he and his girlfriend tested negative for drugs at the local police station … the agency stripped him of unsupervised visits with his daughter in the foster home where she is rooming with a boy who has stolen from her.”

    “California CPS Officials Retaliating Against Father who Secretly Recorded them to Expose Abuse”, March 24, 2014,

    This is yet another example of the appearance of systematic violations of the rights of children and parents by HHS funded Title IV-E agencies. In Michigan, major news outlets reported that at least two children were improperly removed from their parents care by so
    called “orders” which appear to have been created by social workers wielding rubber stamps. In Kentucky, major news outlets reported that children were found with foster parents with criminal records. In Connecticut, an HHS Inspector’s General report found that federal laws
    requiring background checks were ignored. More information is available in the reddit men’s rights FAQ:

    I would love it if you would faithfully exercise your duties to enforce all federal laws to protect children and parents, including investigating evidence of illicit and potentially criminal activities
    which may be endangering Stevie, who is a defenseless four year old girl. Until then, Stevie, her father, and victims like them, must maintain hope and persevere.

  • coastx

    State of the art institutional kidnapping via Tau 3 SIM.

  • JuwanM

    CPS is a joke. Some of these agents need to be in jail in my opinion. There’s another case where a women had sex w/ the 15 yo boy. The boy was successfully sued for Child Support.
    The agency either needs to be reformed or completely disbanded.

  • wiier9l

    truth time

    • catherinecc

      Corruption endemic to a system does not indicate feminism is the root cause. Shitty fucking people are.

      • wiier9l

        feminists ARE shitty fucking people, you dumb bitch

    • Tynam

      “Truth” here being defined as “entitled whining by so-called men who can’t cope with women having any rights”.

  • wiier9l
  • gary196700

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    Related Articles:

  • catherinecc

    People outside of US jurisdiction are happy to mirror the videos. The US courts do not control the world. Corruption and malfeasance anywhere should be exposed everywhere.

  • Mary Bissell

    My nephew has been taken away by CPS twice. After the second time, he disappeared into the system. The first time, CPS lied in their report about what the father had said in the interview. So, the next time they were interviewed, the parents brought a tape recorder. CPS cancelled the interview. There’s a bill in the state Assembly, Sammy’s Law, that would require all CPS interviews to be recorded. I hope everyone will support it.

    And I hope that you will support my petition to find my nephew. Thank you.

    • anymouse

      social workers are trained not to record specific notes because those notes can then be used in court to support claims of their reports being inaccurate… i read about it in a social worker written news pamphlet years ago criticizing the act as a violation of the social workers code of ethics. their notes taking habits are required from within to remain vague or supportive of their intended claims…. they will fight this tooth and nail.

  • Dibol

    Is there any new updates in this story? I have not heard anything since this report.

  • anymouse

    “extortion, kidnapping and bribery…. And that is pretty much what is happening here.”

    it is not just pretty much what happens, it is apparently often what happens… at least extortion and kidnapping.

    i’ve suffered that fate at the hands of WA state CPS… all parties involved, except one actual psychologist and the criminal defense lawyer i paid thousands of dollars for (an ex-prosecutor), violated WA law and the codes of ethics their positions require them to follow in order to make the mutually beneficial actions of their co-conspirators appear justifiable.

    it must be made known, these often wholly unjust actions are what provides these various parties their very livelihoods. they are invested in protecting themselves and each other, and, over time, a very complex system has been developed to ensure them job security. if you look around on the web you can actually find social worker produced professional magazines/papers/articles that explain this corrupt behavior and it’s purpose quite explicitly; and also some very potent criticisms of the manner in which they try to remedy legitimate problems with domestic abuse (i.e., with the abuse of the abuser).

    in the end, in my case, i gave up after clearly asking the CPS case worker and the volunteer guardian ad litem (vGAL) assigned to the case to tell the judge the truth, and pressing my assigned civil attorney to address the matter of their lies in court. i had done the research… i knew what the laws were, and i knew what the codes of ethics said. and i could easily prove their actions to be in violation, over and again.

    my slimeball–he was visually slimey looking: overweight, unwashed and unkempt–court appointed civil attorney completely refused to do anything, and encouraged me to just comply with whatever the CPS wanted. which he did from day one: he even encouraged me to lie on legal documentation in order to comply. he said, “because it’s easier,… going to trial would keep your family separated for many months,… you do want what is best for your family don’t you.”

    this attorney also referred me to a therapist that he was college buddies with for my DV evaluation; who told me in person that they would recommend treatment despite it not only appearing to not be necessary, but also not desired by me (which is illegal in WA), because the CPS would likely require it anyway. FYI, nobody can require mental health treatment in WA without a special panel convening and determining the client to be incapable of deciding proper care for themselves, not even the courts.

    BTW, in this situation treatment equates to a full year worth of taxpayer provided income for the agency the accused abuser agrees to attend. I don’t have the paperwork on hand, but i think that was around $10k total in 2010 (feel free to correct me if this seems off). and the services are provided to groups of up to around ten individuals at a time, for a few hours a day, once a week. however many groups they have going at once, and how many individuals are actively participating in each group determines their income.

    lets say 4 groups of an average of 8 men for a year at $10k a head, and we get about $300k a year after subtracting for some overhead costs. and you only have to have a basic therapists license, not be a full PHD, to provide these services.

    i’ve never made much more than $15k a year personally. perhaps i should go get a therapists license and start recommending to courts that they direct business to my offices?

    should that attorney still have his license to practice. uh no, i don’t think so! should the therapist he referred me to still have their license to practice. hell no!

    the vGAL reported her dishonesty to me over the phone after a court appearance where the judge ordered our son returned home despite the social workers attempting to talk him out of his decision. he told them very clearly to “stop talking” as they insisted they still had ‘concerns’ that needed to be addressed; which were never expressed, anywhere, ever. the vGAL very sincerely apologized for her actions. she said she had been pressed to revise her original and honest report, by her supervisor, because it had initially been too favorable (to justify the actions being taken, i presume). but when later asked to report her dishonesty to the court, as she was required to by law, she said she’d talk to her supervisor about it (the same one who pressed her to be unjustly harsh in her revised report). i even handed her the law explaining to her her obligation to do this. and showed it to her on the website for her office, where i had gotten it, so she’d know it was legitimate.

    she was surprised by what WA state law had to say about the GALs legal obligations. she said she was not told any of what she read, that was relevant, during her training. but in the end this mostly honest vGAL, who was just out of training to be a vGAL, was never to be seen again; her supervisor took over for her.

    the CPS case worker, on the other hand, didn’t outright admit any wrongdoing (she was very good at responding to questions without answering them), but when finally pressed to simply “tell the truth” she insisted if she did she’d likely be fired, stating that she had tried in the past and been punished for it; and that she’d seen others punished for it. she finally said, almost crying, “i don’t want to lose my job, i like my job” (words that will likely never stop echoing in my ears), where upon i told her to finish up her business and leave my home, we were done talking.

    She was afraid for her job? her job! what about her clients wellbeing? what about my family?

    at the time the pay for a state employed social worker in WA was around $50k annually. this specific social worker was young, and fairly new to the job, but had a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, with a new husband.

    her supervisor had also gotten involved in the case earlier, after i filed a complaint about the initiating social workers falsification of information in her report; which went nowhere. i was told was common by an ex-social worker turned parent educator and advocate, who got out of the social worker business because of the corruption.

    but this all begs the question, are these people doing what they do to make money, or to provide an ethically sound and important service to the clients (i.e., me and my family, as individuals, as law states they must, not the state agency that pays their salaries, or the various other agencies that they work with)?

    to be really transparent, and i sincerely mean this: i had no personal problems with any of these individuals. the appointed civil attorney was unprofessional and fairly visually offensive, but he had a keen wit and we were both interested in architecture. i enjoyed our brief conversations about the subject. the vGAL was a very sweet gal, probably 45ish, who i would totally trust to work alone at a daycare with disabled kids. the original social worker i only spoke to for 10 minutes, and although she was friendly on the surface she seemed like a really nasty person otherwise. i can’t say for sure about her personality, but i wasn’t too surprised when i encountered her lies. the second social worker i actually liked a lot, and i went to her after the vGAL because i didn’t think she was the one running the show, and i didn’t want to put her on the spot, all her reports were also signed by her supervisor; who i didn’t have a chance to get to know, but i also had no reason to trust; all things considered.

    and for those who have read this far. you should know: i took various classes in college related to stress management and childhood development. just out of a general desire to both perfect myself and also understand others. i knew long before becoming a parent that i was strictly an authoritative parent, not an authoritarian or laissez faire parent. i knew well the validity and usefulness of maslow’s hierarchy of needs. i understood the various learning styles (VARK), and the applications of that knowledge. in both my personal life and my professional life i have always put intentional effort forth to teach rather than punish; to elevate and empower those who have made bad choices, but are otherwise not psychopaths, rather than brutalize and subjugate them. and i take great pride in the achievements i’ve accomplished by strictly adhering to this policy.

    also, i dabbled while younger but i wasn’t using any kind of drug at the time, and i haven’t to this day. i was gainfully employed, and have so remained. i did most my drinking of alcohol before i was 18, and i drink so rarely today that the bottles of booze in my house haven’t been opened but once in almost two years (by my wife). my lifestyle is and was agreeable with my secular humanitarian values. and neither my DV eval or my psych eval suggested anything to the contrary of what i’ve said here. nor did any reports to the courts contain any specific factual evidence to make valid any ‘concerns’ the CPS social workers kept insisting they had.

    in fact, no evidence exists, nor ever existed, to show that i was deserving of the treatment i received.

    and my wife faced similar hardships, though i didn’t include the details of her involvement here. without my support and guidance after i left, she decided to also refuse to be complicit, and when the option presented itself she reluctantly forfeited her parental rights. our son now lives with his grandmother, who blames my wife for what happened, is unhappy with the burden of having to raise her grandson; and who was an abusive parent previously, and surely still is today.

    i was not an abusive parent. but like far to many people, i am now not a parent, because of an abusive government. go figure.

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