Citizen Video Contradicts Albuquerque Police Claims that Man they Killed Shot at them First

Albuquerque police shot and killed another man Tuesday night after claiming he had shot at them first.

However, video from a witness contradicts this claim.

Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden, who took over the beleaguered agency last month, claimed “the suspect, Alfred “Lionel” Redwine, exited the apartment with a firearm, and fired the firearm,” forcing the cops to open fire on him, according to KOB.

But Redwine’s family members say he was only holding a cell phone.

And the video, which shows him holding an object close to his head, seems to support this.

The incident took place hours after hundreds of Albuquerque citizens took to the streets to protest another incident in which police shot and killed a homeless man who had been camping illegally near the mountains.

And it once again disproves the theory that has been making the rounds on the internet that body-mounted cameras on officers lead to an automatic reduction in use of force incidents.

In fact, the Albuquerque Police Department has killed so many citizens since introducing the cameras in 2010 that the United States Department of Justice launched an investigation in 2012, which is still pending.

While there is most likely more video footage of the shooting from the lapel cameras worn by officers, the department has proven to be reluctant in releasing video if it contradicts their initial claims.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • MSMediacritic

    Police officers who cannot tell the difference between cell phones and guns or canes and samurai swords do not possess the judgment and cognitive skills that should be a requirement of all law enforcement personnel.

    • Hawthorne

      Neither are they experts on the laws which they have been tasked with enforcing.

    • stk33

      Who says they cannot? they sure can. But they are afraid for their lives anyways. I remember there was a video where the cop insisted on giving him the cellphone because according to their training, the phone might be a gun.

      • TheJeebus

        Which, once again, illustrates that the training is a major cause of this behavior.

    • Rick Hiltz

      all they are required to do is be able to follow orders like the Nazis did……………….no IQ required they will be trained to fear every civilian and assume they all think that police officers are open season

      • John Gault

        Hitler would be proud.

      • thinkingforyourself

        they actually have an IQ cap now, if your IQ is higher than that they wont hire you….

        • William Burke

          I think it’s 100, generally.

      • JdL

        they will be trained to fear every civilian and assume they all think that police officers are open season

        And, given the way cops are behaving nowadays, they may soon be right! What the cops seem far too dense to realize is that, to prevent being targets, they also need to treat the rest of us with respect, not order us about endlessly as if they were our slave-masters.

    • Guest

      you can only be in law enforcement if your IQ is not that high its against the law for them to higher people with high IQ’s

      • James

        Dude, don’t be a fucking dumbass.

        It is not against the law to hire a high IQ person as a police officer. However they generally do not hire (that’s how it is spelled FYI) high IQ people because statistics have shown that they will most likely become bored with the job within a couple of years and quit. When that happens the city that trained them loses money.

        Simply put, average IQ people (those with higher IQ’s than you that is) are generally content to stay police officers for a long time, thereby costing the city less money.

        It is a financial decision, but it is in no way illegal to hire high IQ individuals as police officers.

        • thinkingforyourself

          low IQ people are simply more likely to follow orders without questioning them. That’s why they have a cap on IQ points.

          • TMakonnen

            Exactly. Can’t have people questioning whether finding reasons to arrest and maybe beat folks up might not be protecting and serving………

        • John Mullis

          cheaper than multi million dollar law suites go figure

    • Nothing to see here……..

      I do not understand why they cannot use a Flashlight and Binoculars to see what the murder victim was holding.
      Why do Cell Phone holders get Murdered so frequently when a Monkey can even use binoculars and discern what the victim is holding, or even the victim can push a button and have the bright screen activated, I don’t know of many guns that have large screens attached to them outside of Hollywood.
      Bottom line is this, use a damn Flashlight and Binoculars. Also use Night Vision, hell I even have Night Vision Monoculars that can discern whether the Victim’s item was either a gun or a phone, and better yet, use the new Handheld FLIR, which shows the items Heat Signal just like they use in the Helicopters but a smaller handheld version.

      • Pat_Shackleford

        I was thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t one of the response team be using binoculars? Even without a flashlight, I think you’d be able to tell the difference between a gun and a phone or a kitchen spatula. And like you say, night-vision scopes have been around a while.

      • John Mullis

        Monkeys have higher IQ’s read the above post.Remember it is chicken little training chicken $hit$

    • Phones are Unregistered Guns?

      do not understand why they cannot use a Flashlight and Binoculars to see what the murder victim was holding.
      Why do Cell Phone holders get Murdered so frequently when a Monkey can even use binoculars and discern what the victim is holding, or even the victim can push a button and have the bright screen activated, I don’t know of many guns that have large screens attached to them outside of Hollywood.
      Bottom line is this, use a damn Flashlight and Binoculars. Also use Night Vision, hell I even have Night Vision Monoculars that can discern whether the Victim’s item was either a gun or a phone, and better yet, use the new Handheld FLIR, which shows the items Heat Signal just like they use in the Helicopters but a smaller handheld version.

      • Desi_Brown

        For those who don’t know, APD isn’t known for brilliance… They shot a mentally ill person in broad daylight who was holding a butter knife and have also shot and killed a man suffering from PTSD who was holding a gun to his own head (with one hand) and talking to his mom on the phone (with the other hand)

    • OakenTruncheon
  • Mahonri Young

    They do get the benefit of doubt tho if the victim is holding the ‘silver bullet’ or Colt 45 can of beer…

  • pcman312

    Being devil’s advocate for a moment: I can’t tell what happens in that video other than there are some people and some shots are fired. Presumably those black blobs that come running from the left side are the cops in question, but it’s from so far away it’s really hard to tell what is going on. I cannot tell where the suspect is, let alone if he had something that could have been perceived as a firearm.

    • physics2010

      Easy solution, just post the video from the cops lapel cams. Oh wait, yeah that’s not going to happen.

      • stk33

        They don’ have a problem to seek the solution of.

    • Matthew Korte

      The victim is in the background behind the wall, brightly lit. The people in the foreground by the cars are not it.

  • GreenTriumph1

    Need to pass a law that the video from the police’s camera is considered public information. Then they cannot keep it internal to the department. Otherwise having police with wearable cameras will make no change.

    • Guest

      Even if all the police body worn video were freely available to the public, that alone won’t force the DAs to charge and prosecute their co-traitors. The public can still choose to remain apathetic. I hope we won’t. But I’m not optimistic.

  • Hawthorne

    APD = Another Person Dead.

  • Alex

    So we now know he did not fire a gun…. but are cops still going to say he was at least holding a gun? The family says he just had a cell phone. Is a magical gun going to appear?

    • crewoldt

      Funny you should say that, they have released to the press photos of the gun.

      • if it doesn’t fit U must aquit

        “The gun”? Or “gun that looks just like a cell phone”?

    • Flashing Scotsman

      The magic gun made of ice?

  • Fascist Slayer

    For those of you who don’t know, Albuquerque has the highest per capita rate of police shootings in the U.S., four times that of the national average. They are murdering fascist savages.

    • scruffylookingnerfherder

      > “They are murdering fascist savages.”

      This, children, is why grammar is important.

      • whiteaglesoaring

        Punctuation…a comma would do the trick.

      • Fascist Slayer

        Actually, English happens to be a 6th language for me of which I think I’ve mastered rather well. If I ever feel the need for a lecture on the English language I’ll consult the Queen’s English as opposed to a GMO, pink slime eating Ameripig who’s education system is in a state of rot and decay. BTW, how many languages does an Americunt speak?

        Привет и благословения мои русские братья! Спасибо президенту России Владимиру Путину для защиты американского героя, Эдварда Snowden!
        Россия… Россия… Россия…!!!

        • Straightforward

          I don’t care how many languages you know, Fascist Slayer. A coma is required or the meaning changes. Your vile insulting doesn’t exonerate you or mean you have mastered the language just because you can use compound terms that may be considered cute by some. I am a Canadian and a native speaker of English. I do recognize arrogance and punctuation mistakes without needing to consult anyone.

          BTW, your use in the first sentence of ‘of which’ is unwieldy and incorrect. I really think you need to study humility next.

          • MongoLikesCandy

            Fascist: Technically they are correct. The way you punctuate your sentence can mean the savages are both fascist and murdering OR the fascist savages are the ones being murdered. Its not an awful mistake, but it can change the meaning of what you said quite dramatically. Also is the Ameripig eating some pink slime OR is the pink slime eating the Ameripig? I couldn’t tell.

            Straightforward: If you are going to play Grammar Nazi, misspelling a word can also change the meaning.(coma/comma)

            Here, I’ll make sum typos over hear so everyone can corret me, too.

          • Straightforward

            I sit corrected. I was intending to be the humility Nazi….

          • Straightforward

            … ‘its not an awful mistake’. No, it’s not… but unwarranted insults always are…

          • Ryan French

            What do you expect from a keyboard warrior with an obvious anger issue?

          • James

            Oh Mongo, good boy. I honestly enjoyed your comment.

          • Fascist Slayer

            In Americunt the Ameripig eats the pink slime and the pink slime eats the Ameripig. It’s a vicious circle.

          • Kirkus1964

            A “coma”?

          • 5oh4

            Why on earth would a coma be required?

          • James

            Clearly he has just awoken from one as his lack of grammar signifies.

          • Straightforward

            A spelling mistake isn’t grammar unless you’re referring to something else. Also, I sat corrected before you or Kirkus weighed in. Perhaps you both should have read the rest of this thread before commenting.

          • James

            I am sorry, I wasn’t clear, my comment was aimed at Fascist Slayer, not at yourself.

          • Fascist Slayer

            Fuck you I wasn’t talking to you.

          • Straightforward

            My, my… what an educated response for someone who speaks so many languages. You appeared more intelligent with your first post about the shootings. You should have left it at that.

          • Straightforward

            … and you missed a comma after Fuck you…

          • Rick Hiltz

            it actually has more of an effect when you write it like this FUCK YOU!


            However, you were talking in a PUBLIC forum which opens you to responses from ANYONE who wishes to respond :)

        • LREKing

          You should be worrying about your own country. Seems to be run by nothing but fascists.

          • Fascist Slayer

            And what country is that?


          Really??? Really??? HAHAHAHAH OMG! I can put things into online translators also… See…

          Realmente??? Realmente??? HAHAHAHAH OMG! También puedo poner las cosas en traductores en línea… Ver…

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          Wirklich? ?? Wirklich? ?? HAHAHAHAH OMG! Ich kann die Dinge in Online Übersetzer auch … Finden Sie unter …

          Vraiment ??? Vraiment ??? HAHAHAHAH OMG! Je peux mettre les choses en traducteurs en ligne aussi … Reportez-vous à la section …

          Shall I go on?????

        • Duane Arbanas


        • Melting Granite

          Missed the joke, eh Fascist? Apparently, your high aptitude for languages doesn’t extend to your ability to recognize an attempt at humor.

          And what’s with all the Russia garbage? America is a country of geniuses when compared to Russia, which is a cesspool.

      • Rick Hiltz

        next time your grading comments let us know so we can at least try to get a passing mark grammarians were shunned by societies in the 1600`s its going to happen again

  • Film The Police Always

    Its time to go hunting!

    • $910553

      Let me know when you’ve had enough of playing THEIR games, and are ready to deal with them appropriately.

      • Film The Police Always

        I loaded up yesterday and went hunting. The look and double take on the cops face was priceless. I just sat in my car and recorded the stop and took off as he was heading back to his car. He looked as if he was going to come check me out, but I purposely took off in the opposite direction and made some quick turns just to have him paranoid about what I was doing. LOL Load up folks and go get em. : )

  • TheJeebus

    How is not releasing video even an option?

  • John Gault

    What else can one expect from adrenalin crazed addicted drones with a gun, badge and 007 license? Sounds like more promotions are in store.

  • Robert

    The fact they are not releasing the lapel cam footage tells me that it most likely shows the cops shot a man with a cell phone. They would release footage showing he shot first if it existed.

    • Ron

      They would be falling over themselves to release video if it showed they were in the clear.

  • Nordic

    Don’t you people know by now that no court will be on you side. Like in the days of old when the city government was so corrupt the people threw them out by force. If enough of you couch potatoes get together you can accomplish anything. Corn syrup and feather the city officials, Tar and feather the terrorist police. Run them out of town and ask for volunteers to take over their jobs, with the same conditions.

  • geo1671

    Problem–Po’lice departments hire first X soldiers who had experience in Combat duty in Iraq/Afghanistan with many kills. The other problem, cops practice firing guns on face shots and deadly heart. Cops are itching to kill a life target. What happened to days of cowboys shooting to disarm?
    These FKN goons need 2B, their their guns taken away.How about camera mounted on barrel of all guns

    • James

      As much as I hate to defend police here, you don’t shoot to disarm, you shoot to kill. It should be a last resort. And once required you are no longer trying to subdue them, you have no choice but to disable them.

      Shooting to wound is more than likely going to result in significant innocent casualties.


    Every day it is more apparent that when one sees the police, they need to get out of the area at once. I would rather directly face a violent gang of 300lb. weight-lifting gay rapists than a single police officer who is much more likely to do me harm than the gang… just a FACT.

    • Tijuana Joe

      Careful, that might get you shot for “fleeing.” Better to play dead.

      • Guest

        you might as well just do the job right and shoot yourself its your best option

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Disarm all police to protect America

  • Jay F

    This will probably continue until citizens start stringing police up on the spot.

    • James

      Dorner was right.

  • steveo

    All this use of force violence should be extremely concerning to the citizens of Albuquerque. When we had a citizen review panel that investigated the Sarasota Police Department, they discovered that use of force to affect arrests were relatively rare. And use of force was anything other than the leo saying that “you are under arrest” and the suspect allowing the officers to handcuff him/her. Officer involved shootings were nearly non-existent. All use of force incidents involving arrest came to about 1.5% of all encounters.

    Body cameras are of no use at all, if the PD has complete control over them and the recordings are not controlled by an independent IT staff, that answers only to the court. If an independent IT controlled the cameras and the data, that would alleviate the “privacy” objections to body worn cameras. Any leo discovered turning off the recording would have to be disciplined and any deletions would also have to be controlled through investigation.

  • Jim Dean The man who shot the video says it was a gun, and he seems to believe the man who was killed actually fired off a couple of shots (at the ground) before he was killed. The video isn’t clear enough to show either way. This may actually be one where the body cameras will tell what actually happened.

    • $910553

      Wanna bet they “were accidentally turned off” or that they “malfunctioned and no video could be recovered”?

      • Jim Dean

        I see multiple officers there. If they all malfunctioned, then there’s going to be no doubt about a cover up. As for not releasing the footage, I can understand not releasing during a reasonable investigation. “Still investigating” is the one that really sets me off. There comes a time when they just need to release it and deal with the fallout.

        • $910553

          Wanna make a bet? I see some easy money.

    • Rick Hiltz

      except that they are refusing to release the footage others have said it was a cell phone


    force is the only persuasion the police understand.

    • JdL

      force is the only persuasion the police understand.

      I am sorry to say that the evidence strongly suggests you are right. Cops seem completely indifferent to appeals to stop murdering people gratuitously. If anything, they are signaling that they intend to become even more violent, in the name of “officer safety”. It would appear that only when citizens’ righteous anger reaches the boiling point will anyone take significant notice. And of course, when that happens, the FIRST reaction will be bafflement and outrage: why would anyone shoot a cop? We can only hope that the light will slowly come on, perhaps when more people start following this blog.

  • Terrabuilder

    There is no doubt that at least the Albuquerque Police Department’s training is well within New World Order standards. “You will be turned or be destroyed”, Emperor Palpatine. I used to live in that city and the State Police have changed their tactics as well, when making a stop, which is consistence with paranoia. Paranoia is rife with any tyrannical government.

  • William Burke

    ABQ is no garden of Eden.

  • Jack Lovett

    When will the REAL MEN with sniper ability come forward and deal with these sicko scum hired by big bro.

  • upagainstthewall

    When we stand together and start holding our officers accountable for cold blooded murders? If they are suffering from anxiety, they should be placed on leave until they can get some help. Until the issue of psychological fitness of officers in our country is addressed they are going to continue to murder us while their chief’s call it justified actions in the line of duty.

  • Senor Bacon

    Why hasn’t Susana Martinez stepped in? I know if I was governor of a state and knew of this, I’d be putting boots to asses getting rid of the pestilence. Wasn’t it about a week ago when they murdered that homeless man for sleeping outside city limits?

  • John Mullis

    traing taught by chicken little to chicken $hit$

  • Pat Scott

    This video contradicts NOTHING.