Joel Todd Payne

Joel Todd Payne

An Arkansas hot dog vendor who runs a blog highly critical of the local police department ended up killing an ex-cop he had written about in March after the former cop set fire to his hot dog stand in his back yard early this morning.

But the Little Rock Police Department has already said it would not pursue charges against Ean Bourdeaux, who runs the Corruption Sucks Blog and dedicated a blog post to Joel Todd Payne, who was fired from the department in 2010.

According to the Arkansas Democratic-Gazette:

Little Rock police Lt. Sidney Allen said hot dog seller Ean Bourdeaux reported about 4 a.m. that someone was attempting to destroy his hot dog cart in the 1500 block of Bragg Street.

The assailant left but returned and tried to damage the cart again, Allen said in an emailed statement, prompting Bourdeaux to confront him.

“The suspect fled on foot and was caught by Bourdeaux within a short distance,” Allen wrote. “Details are limited, but while Bordeaux was engaged with suspect, the suspect sustained injuries that later lead to his death at a local hospital.”

Allen said the man was later identified as Todd Payne, who is a former Little Rock police officer who was fired in 2010.

More from the Arkansas blog, Forbidden Hillcrest:

According to Ean, he awoke at 4:00 am to the sound of his dogs barking. Looking at his security monitors, he saw that his hot dog cart in his back yard was on fire. He rushed down to put out the flames which were now lapping against his house and threatening his cart’s propane tank. Ean burned his hands putting out the fire, and immediately called the police. Fifteen minutes later, watching his video monitor while waiting for police to arrive, he saw a man approach the cart (apparently for a second time). The unidentified man then began squirting lighter fluid onto the cart. Ean ran down the stairs and confronted the man, who then ran. He noticed that the man was wearing a hat and a mask. Ean chased down and tackled him. The masked man landed face-first onto the pavement, and they both then laid there catching their breath. Ean claims that he didn’t strike the man, but since he feared the man might have a weapon, he continued to hold the suspect down until police arrived. The masked man died shortly thereafter.

The masked man turned out to be ex-LRPD police officer Todd Payne, who had been a subject of Ean’s blog investigation at Corruption Sucks. Ean claims that Todd had been harassing him for some time due to his posts and that he and Todd had worked in close contact for several years in the River Market area. (Ean’s hot dog cart was on a corner in Todd’s Rivermarket beat).

Payne was fired for refusing to respond to call of a fight in a bar, claiming he had diarrhea that night.

But Bourdeaux  has posted evidence on his blog, including audio recordings in the video below, that he obtained through a public records request to internal affairs that reveals Payne to be a vile, threatening cop with a habit of intimidating people.

From the Youtube description:

An audio that Corruption Sucks Blog obtained from Little Rock Police Dept Internal Affairs (much to their chagrin). It has Creepy Todd making threatening phone call messages to an insurance agent RE a claim out of Missouri with harm, calls her (multiply) a c*nt among many other things, goes on to call her boss (multiply) a Fa**ot. Drove up to her house and wrote C-U-N-T on her property according to him (Creepy Todd bragged to me personally, before I obtained the report) Scared that poor lady out of her mind. I can go on. That’s just the audio. Just wait till I get to his DWI, his dereliction of duty, his trapping rats & cats in his yard and releasing them into “black” communities laughing & bragging to his fellow LRPD Police Officers..