After scaring the feds into retreating, an armed citizen in support of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy figured he would exercise his Second Amendment rights to repress the First Amendment rights of a journalist trying to document the story from a public road.

The armed citizen even gave the old, “get that camera out of my face” routine while walking into the cameraman that we’ve seen from police on many occasions.

The incident, which took place earlier today, did not stop KLAS from completing their story.

This is the exchange that took place:

Videographer: ‘This is a public road.”

Man: “I don’t care what you’re on.”

Videographer: “All i’m trying to do is come here and get shots.”

Man: “No, you’re trying to start trouble and you’re standing with that camera in my face.”

On Saturday, armed agents from the Bureau of Land Management retreated after numerous armed citizens showed up, perching on bridges and aiming their guns at the feds below as you can see in the news report below.

Today, the armed citizens are surrounding the ranch and blocking public roads.

A Nevada journalist, who asked to remain off the record, provided the following insight on the situation.

Militia is currently surrounding Bundy wherever he goes.

Bundy & his family are/were just a bunch of harmless hicks that hate the BLM & the Feds but now the far right, anti government, super religious, conspiracy nuts have made them their prophet.

The difference between Bundy ranch & Waco is that there isn’t an imminent threat. David Karesh was molesting kids, this is stupid fucking cows in the middle of nowhere.