Baltimore police stormed a school in SWAT gear, locking it down for four hours before evacuating the students to another school after a journalism student was spotted with a tripod.

The University of Maryland student should count his blessings he wasn’t shot to death considering his tripod was reported as being a gun.

Baltimore City Public Schools released the following statement, according to CBS.

“This morning, KIPP Ujima Village Academy and KIPP Harmony were placed in heightened security status, based on a report of a possible intruder. Police responded and secured the building, while police and school staff together ensured the safety of all children and staff. After a thorough investigation, police determined that there was no intruder in the building or on school grounds.

“As a precaution while the large school building was searched, students were taken by bus to the shared campus of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Western High School. Parents were contacted by phone and through local and social media channels, and were directed to pick up children from that location.

“We thank Baltimore City police, the staff and students of the KIPP schools, and City Schools staff for their exemplary handling of this situation and their calm, complete implementation of security protocols. The district responds to any possible threat to children’s safety as a matter of extreme urgency, and we appreciate the professionalism and cooperation of law enforcement, school and district staff, parents and partners.”

It took them four hours to  figure out there was no gunman?