Georgia Deputy Surprises us all by Respecting Constitution


It started off with a federal protective service officer pulling up to Jeff Gray in a patrol car for taking pictures from a public sidewalk outside the Moody Air Force Base in Georgia Monday.

Gray told the officer that he was photographing the railroad. But the cop had his doubts and accused him of photographing the entrance to the base – as if it would make any difference within the scopes of the law – and decided to call the local sheriff for backup.

When Gray tried to walk away, the cop informed he was being detained.

When Gray asked for his name and badge number, the cop informed Gray he was free to leave.

But naturally, it couldn’t end there.

Within minutes, a Lowndes County sheriff’s SUV pulled up and out stepped a burly deputy.

Staff Sgt. Robert Guthrie extended his hand, introducing himself by name, asking for his side of the story.

Gray explained he was only taking pictures of airplanes, adding “they don’t like it very much.”

And then the sergeant took us all by surprise:

“They need to go back and read the Constitution,” I believe,” the sergeant responded.

“I’m not angry at you, I’m not upset at you, and you’re not doing anything illegal as far as I’m concerned,” he said

“They get a little excited, but as I said, you’re in a public access area.”

So what gives? Is Guthrie a renegade within his own department? He obviously doesn’t toe the blue line of bullshit.

It appears as if Guthrie is putting into practice what the department preaches on its website, perhaps a sign of good leadership from Sheriff Chris Prine:

 The primary purpose of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits, while providing professional and courteous law enforcement services. Our fundamental duties are to serve humanity; to safeguard the lives and properties of our citizens; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence; and to respect the constitutional right of all persons to liberty, equality, and justice. To attain this, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office enforces the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limits of our authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without the support of the citizens that we serve. The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and to use the resources available to accomplish this goal.

Call the department’s main number at 229-671-2900.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Fascist Slayer

    You need to post this officers phone number so we can call him and tell him that we LOVE him. We should also set up a fund to raise money to give to him, perhaps send him and his family on a nice vacation…. Look out Hawaii here comes Staff Sgt. Guthrie.

    • Carlos_Miller

      I linked to their site.

      • Fascist Slayer

        OMG.. I LOVE YOU CARLOS!!!

    • James Morgan

      He can’t accept funds.. Conflict of interest and bribery laws.. but we can let his Sheriff know what a fantastic job he did. I looked and the county sheriff’s office doesn’t have a facebook page.. so an E-mail or phone call will have to do to the Sheriff and County Commissioner. A nice commendation letter in his file and an Attaboy from his superiors aren’t unreasonable.

  • refreshing

    Two gentlemen side by side.
    Carlos, do you have the email/contact details for Staff Sgt. Guthrie and Sheriff Chris Prine?

  • James Bartle

    That “OINK, OINK” sound you hear overhead is pigs flying!!

  • Carlos_Miller

    I just added the main number to the department.

  • Vernon6

    What strikes me is how in large swaths of auto-dependent america like this area seems to be, the mere act of walking is viewed with suspicion.

  • refreshing

    Carlos, some edits

    Staff Sgt. Guthrie extended his hand, introducing himself by name, asking for side of the story.

    “They need to go back and read the Constitution,” I believe,” has extra quotation marks

  • Guest

    Department contacted and positive comments left.

    • guest too

      from a read of the comments on youtube, there’s a deluge of positive feedback!

    • Flashing Scotsman

      I also sent an email, suggesting that Deputy Guthrie be put in charge of training programs, to make sure ALL of the department’s deputies understand the law, and how to interact with citizens that are not breaking the law.

  • Jim Dean

    Not all of these guys are bad, but the ones that are seem to be becoming more and more prevalent. That’s why it’s important to recognize the ones who get it..

  • ericbrady

    Sgt. Gutherie for Sheriff or at least a shout out. Thanks!

  • Film The Police Always

    Someone on the youtube site for this video commented about the 1st cop looking as if he was on Meth. Ya know what, that person is right. That cop was tweeking like a mutha fucker. That cop looked so out of control, if it were not for Jeff shooting the video with him in it, I would have thought that this was some type of parody mocking these cops over the war on drugs. Look at that psycho. WOW

    • A Default

      That officer had a physical condition that shouldn’t be mocked.

      • inquisitor

        And what physical or medical condition are you referring to?

      • Film The Police Always

        Did it start with a straw or a spoon?

        How do you know? Do you know this tweeking cop? If you do, why would you associate with someone that SHITS ALL OVER a citizens rights and the constitution? I founght for this corrupt country, so god damn it I have a fucking right to mock any and all that I want. If our rights can be violated, then mocking is high on the list also.

      • Yode

        ….and he shouldn’t be carrying a firearm!

  • Eyes On Authority

    That first cop was on something.. could be long term meds but looks like crack

  • Iroc

    Staff Sgt. Guthrie, if you see this….AND (long shot, I know) can trace your linage back to Woody and Arlo Guthrie, we are related so thanks for showing the name in a good light.

  • Zehaas

    WOW. This is the most liberty-minded officer I’ve ever seen. This deputy rules! Every officer should watch.

  • discarted

    What the hell is wrong with this federal officer? Is he doing his Jim Carrey impersonation of Jim Carrey impersonating a cop circa In Living Color?

    Dude’s tweeking on something. The way he’s behaving reminds me of someone who jus took a hit of crack. And yes, I frequently photograph crack users so I know what it’s like.

    • A Default

      Do you regularly mock those who suffer from a medical condition that has nothing to do with taking drugs? The only thing that concerned me is I wouldn’t want an officer who suffered from involuntary muscle twitches holding a gun.

      • inquisitor

        What medical condition are you referring to.

      • discarted

        Do you know this man? Please inform the rest of us regarding this man’s medical condition.

        But wouldn’t a medical condition preclude this man from working as a police officer? Is he not fit for duty? Personally, I wouldn’t want this man trying to rescue me from an overturned vehicle, etc., w/ this medical condition.

  • nrgins

    Wow, that’s great! Just goes to show: it all comes from the top down. When the head of the department doesn’t care about people being bullied or beaten, then that happens. When the head of the department cares about constitutional rights, then those are respected. “Rogue cops” could never operate without their leaders winking at their misdeeds.

  • IcedTeaParty

    “…the blue line of bullshit.” Perfect.

    Yes, that first cop is acting exactly like a meth tweaker eager for his next hit.

    • inquisitor

      The first officer was quite the twitchy little fellow, was he not?

  • James M Morriss


    (But happily amazed)

  • scruffylookingnerfherder

    Wonderful to see. Seriously.

  • Ray

    I salute Sgt. Guthrie. An intelligent man with much more going on between his ears than authority and control, the only two items we normally see here from police.

  • A Default

    Kudos to Jeff Gray for yet another polite video in which it is clear his educational efforts are paying off. Knee jerk reactions to people photographing is slowly diminishing as the authorities begin to recognize that merely taking pictures is not suspicious, it is merely unusual.

    A big tip of the hat to SSGT Guthrie who displays that rare combination of professionalism and respect of the public that many cops lack. Stay safe SSGT Guthrie.

    • inquisitor

      While this encounter and interaction is remarkable by being closer to the ideal, the true ideal would be for Jeff to be able to stand out there taking photos and never be confronted or molested by any law enforcement officer at all.

      There is no way to deduce or extrapolate if Jeff’s educational efforts had anything to do with influencing this officer or how this scenario was conducted. The officer himself may have had his own healthy perspective of this scenario without any influence from Jeff at all.

      You state…
      “Knee jerk reactions to people photographing is slowly diminishing as the
      authorities begin to recognize that merely taking pictures is not
      suspicious, it is merely unusual.”

      I feel this is a bit simplistic and premature. But I would intrinsically like to be able to share your optimism, but for now I simply have not seen this prevail to the extent that I would still not consider the militarization of the police, the dissolving of Constitutional and civil rights by the federal government and notices and reports being circulated amongst law enforcement that targets citizens as potential terrorists for reasons of being critical or for activism in protest of a corrupt government.
      The feds spy on all our communications, the IRS targets people for political reasons, obstructs investigations, destroys evidence and there still lacks sufficient accountability for wrongdoings in all areas of law enforcement,

      • A Default

        SSGT Guthrie said “I watch this kind of stuff on YouTube all the time”. He was familiar with terms like public access and made it perfectly clear to me that he was influenced in his opinion by people like Jeff who help educate the police and the public as well.

  • Film The Police Always

    SSGT Guthrie will either be ostracized or may even be found dead now that this is public. Cops everywhere will hate that he did the job the appropriate way, and will see him as crossing the ass smelling thin blue line.

  • inquisitor

    I find this to be a perfect context in which to address the issue that some bring up about how this type of activity is “baiting” police.

    It is always used in an accusatory manner when an officer violates a photogs rights to justify the officer’s behavior in response to the photog.

    But never used when the officer actually does the right thing and does not violate the photog’s rights.

    Here, officer number one was pursuing the wrong avenue, but officer two was pursuing the more ideal avenue.
    This choice that an officer can make to do the right thing versus the wrong thing is not up to Jeff or because of what Jeff is doing, but totally up to the officer.
    Ideal behavior on the part of the officer is not considered baiting because it is only used an excuse of violating behavior for those that would attempt to justify the officer’s actions.

    This is why I find the use of the term “baiting” to be mis-applied and a misnomer.

    Now if officers truly just left Jeff alone without stopping or questioning him at all, then there would simply be no issues at all in the first place. And wouldn’t that be the outcome we would like to see happen the most? So isn’t that the opposite of “baiting”, but actually hoping for or trying to achieve “repelling” of the police?

    And I would also add that this is the example in which many here would now call the department to praise the actions of the officer and that this is done by the PINAC crowd when it is most apropos. So that this is just not simply a witch hunt and harassment for problem officers and department as many tend to charge.

    I think many here would like nothing more than for there to be no material ever provided by a police officer that would ever merit having to be posted on this site for scrutiny or for the pursuit of true justice. Is that not the ideal we would aspire to manifest?

    • Guest

      Call made and message left with a Captain Walton. How sad is it that there’s apparently now an occupation where someone doing that job in a friendly, professional and service-oriented manner merits a flood of praise.

  • Douglas Hester

    Call made and message left with a Captain Walton of the road division. How sad is it that there is apparently now an occupation where someone who does the job in a friendly, professional and service-oriented manner is an anomaly deserving of a compliment call.

  • brunocerous


  • kraz

    I like Lowndes County Sheriff’s office mission statement. It sounds honest and sincere unlike most of the bullshit we read on other PD websites. Staff Sgt. Guthrie is a good example and seems like an honest LEO. We need more (many more) like him in this country.

  • discarted

    Praise and a standing ovation to staff Sgt. Guthrie. Most cops in this country could learn a valuable lesson from this exemplary officer.

  • Mark Burch

    those 2 officers were awesome, at first i thought they were actors from a film set…

  • $910553

    Thank you, Staff Sgt. Guthrie and Sheriff Chris Prine. It’s good to see that Lowndes County has moved on from the days of Sheriff Jewell Futch.

  • Steve_Mart1n

    WOW!! Now THAT is a professional, good cop!

    Every single person reading this needs to call his Department at the umber Carlos provides and let this cops supervisor know.

    Positive reinforcement is just as important as the negative and when cops like this do their jobs, we need to show them we appreciate it.

    It goes a long way to getting other cops to realize their mistakes and change.

  • Chief Bo

    Don’t cop bait outside a military base…that’s just stupid and you’re putting people’s safety at risk. Base Security Forces (you called them Federal Police) are entrusted to protect personnel, dependents, and assets on their assigned facilities. As a 30 year Air Force veteran (and Lifetime NRA member) I’ve been on bases that have been attacked by terrorists (Khobar Towers Saudi Arabia, Upper Heyford UK, Bitburg and Rhein Main Air Bases Germany, and numerous other locations in Iraq and A-stan) and each attack was preceded with people taking pictures of each facility to assess force protection levels. Let them do their job and take your silly games somewhere else. It makes me wonder who’s side you’re on.

    • Mr. Wonderful

      if there is anything that needs to be kept secret the CO is a dumbass for exposing it to public eyes with or without cameras being involved and should be demoted. Plenty of places of high security that is not visible to the public. For example the white house has all kinds of security – but to the public eye there is just a guy in a gatehouse booth.

      • Joe-Navy

        Says a person who has probably never been the guy in the booth. Take an oath a defend a country! All chief was trying to say, is please stay away from military bases. We already have enough security scenarios that we have to practice/drill, remember we have to be lucky all the time, the enemy only has to be lucky ONCE! So don’t feel like you constitutional rights are violated because you are asked a few questions. The less you say and the more uncooperational you are the more likely you will have a guy in a booth follow you around and have photos taken of you that will end up in a data base with all of the other suspicious reconnaissance photos that have been taken. So continue to be a “passive Non-compliant” suspect it dosent matter to me or “Chief” a protocol will be activated and measures will be taken on and around military bases. It’s an order that has been given, there was an oath made, to protect our country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I pray that you do not take our words offensive but as a note of what might or might not happen if video, photos, or any type of surveillance activities are taken of or on military bases around the world. Have a great Navy Day!! Semper Vigilans!!!

        • Mr. Wonderful

          Yes I am sure that if the military imprisoned everyone who looks at a military base, or acted “suspiciously” in any way in public we would all be “safer”. That pretty much defines “military dictatorship” and if you enjoy that approach to “security” you have many countries to choose from for a new homeland.

    • $910553

      It makes ME wonder what your oath means to you, Chief! “Defend the Constitution” is only so much bullshit to you, eh?

      • Chief Bo

        Spoken like a true Keyboard Commando. Bravo sir!

        • $910553

          And spoken in return like a True Maggot Traitor. Bravo right back at your treasonous ass. You’ll fit right in with this country’s Only Ones, Binky.

          • Chief Bo

            I took the oath of enlistment 9 times and live by it still. I’ve stood on the front lines of this nations conflicts for 3 decades. What have you done for this country besides run your mouth on an internet forum? I sleep well knowing I’ve made a difference. I also sleep well knowing gutless worms like you would never spout their hateful rhetoric in my face without needing a dentist afterward.

          • $910553

            You do NOT live by your oath of enlistment. You are spitting on it, and may you soon burn where you belong. I ALSO took that oath, and I actually HONOR it. But then you’ll fit right in with your pig maggot buddies. i understand there are a couple of openings out at the LVMPD. They’ll welcome you with open arms because, after all, you ARE one of them. Not sure about openings in the APD, but you’d fit there as well. And the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office would be right up your alley as well. Then there’s always the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. PLENTY of pig sties around this country where you are perfect.

            Burn in hell where you belong for your lies and treason.

          • Chief Bo

            Is this Ted Kaczynski? I knew it! How’s it hangin’ Teddy? You haven’t written much since that “unabomber manifesto” thingy. It’s good to see you’ve found the internet. I hear ranting online is very therapeutic. Good luck with your recovery!

          • $910553

            Blow it out your filthy ass, you maggot swill. I see the sewage is rampant not only in the officer corps, like Marine General James Amos, but runs in the NCO ranks as well. Burn in hell, you vile treasonous maggot swill. Burn in hell.

          • Chief Bo

            You left out apostate and infidel (I’ll give you time to go look those up on Google). I have a question for you Teddy; I hope you don’t mind me calling you Teddy, because I feel like we’re really making a connection here. The oath that we’re talking about here, the one that goes on to say “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me”. How did that sit with you, or did you just mumble thru that part? Because I see you as, and don’t take this the wrong way, a dumbass redneck that is too racist to recognize the current President as the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. So I’m curious, just how much of a hypocrite are you?

          • $910553

            Blow it out your fucking ass, you filthy piece of maggot shit. Your oath to the Constitution OVERRIDES your oath to the CinC.

            Furthermore, you have admitted that you are NO LONGER IN THE MILITARY. And as a result, there ARE NO OFFICERS APPOINTED OVER YOU, nor is Obama your Commander in Chief. Or is that distinction too subtle for your NCO brain to comprehend?

          • Chief Bo

            Teddy, you’re going to have to learn some new insults; the old ones are getting pretty repetitive and predictable. Maybe you should check out the Urban Dictionary here: There’s literally thousands of great insults that are hip and up to date. And to be honest Teddy, you sound like my Grandmother when she swears.

            I’m going to type this real slow for you because you don’t appear to be very quick on the uptake. My r h e t o r i c a l question was to YOU; how did YOU feel when YOU took the oath. The Oath of Enlistment, like the Constitution, is not a la cart. You don’t take what you like and leave the rest behind. And have you read the Constitution? I bet it really pissed you off when they added the 19th Amendment.

          • G

            Well, conservatives are now using a word that was used back in the late 19th century and the early 20th century until it was replace by communism to describe people who are protesting political, social, and economic injustice. The word that is now being used again is anarchist. In addition, the word socialism is also being used more now.

          • G

            Defend the Constitution? You look at the miltiary since the 1920s they have been spying on the American public even today. Furthermore, many of military people who leave the service, join the police departments and continue to spy on American citizens and organizations who were no genuine threat to the USA. Or they join government agenices like the NSA and CIA or private security firms and continue to spy on the American public. Don’t see you guys defending the Afro-Americans against the KKK or protecting strking workers against corporations, private company police and/or the regular police for much of the 19th and 20th centuaries? As a matter of fact, you were employed as strikebreakers at the behest of Corporate America.

          • Chief Bo

            I bet you’ve seen a bunch of black helicopters in your time. You’d better keep wearing your tin foil hat or else the gub-ment’s gonna’ read your thoughts.

          • G

            You need an education to make up for your lack of a comprehensive regarding the use of the military in labor strikes and illegal military government spying in American history.

          • G

            I bet you labeled anyone who was peacefully exercising their political, social, civil, economic, and labor rights as a communist/anarchist. You are the one that need to keep wearing your tin foil hat or else some communist government is going to read your thoughts and/or take away your rights.

          • Chief Bo

            You’d lose that bet.

          • G

            No you lost the bet.

          • Chief Bo

            No, you lost the bet first.

          • G

            No you lost the bet a long time ago.

          • Chief Bo

            You lost the bet long before that.

          • G

            No, you lost the bet a long long time before that

    • A Default

      Grow up and stop fearing the boogie man under your bed. The military is there to defend this country and the Constitution, it isn’t a risk free job and we don’t suspend the Constitution because you are afraid someone might be casing the place.

      • Chief Bo

        Tell that to the families of the 19 Airmen who were killed at Khobar Towers. To you it’s just the cost someone else pays for your freedom to do stupid stuff because you can. Constitutionally you can desecrate the flag and wear a uniform and medals you didn’t earn; but do it in front of most Veterans and you will get your ass handed to you…and rightly so.

        • A Default

          Or should I whine about the families of the 540,000 people in the US would have been killed in auto accidents since the Khobar Towers bombing and demand we give up our Constitutional rights to save 19 of those 540,000 people over the next 18 years?

          Bad things happen and harassing photographers isn’t the solution.

          • Chief Bo

            You’re right. By your logic we should just take seat belts, airbags, ABS brakes, safety glass, crumple zones, and 5 mph bumpers off of cars because suff happens and people die every day anyway. Hell, why should GM have a recall when only a couple dozen folks were killed from faulty ignition switches. It’s no big deal…until one of those preventable deaths are one of your loved ones.

          • G

            GM knew the problem existed for years; however, they would not going to do a thing because it would cut into their profits. Of course, you would not like it if that system was installed in vehicles sold to the military and your miltiary people were getting killed because of it.

          • Chief Bo

            Reading comprehension isn’t one of your strengths, is it?

          • G

            Reading comprehension is definitely not one of your strength.

          • Chief Bo

            I completely understood your gibberish, which was based on a faulty assumption on your part. My sarcastic response to A Default in no way condoned the behavior of GM. Ask an adult to read my post and explain it to you.

          • G

            I understand your gibberish as well which is based on faulty assumption on your part. You need to ask an adult or a smart child to read my post and explain it to you.

          • Chief Bo

            Now you’re just parroting. If this has degraded to “I know you are but what am I” then I done with your dumb ass.

          • G

            If guys like you don’t like parroting all the time, too bad since people like you do it all the time and you are the dumb ass.

          • Chief Bo

            No, you’re the dumb ass. Dammit! no you’ve got me doing it.

          • G

            Too bad if I got you doing it since you were the one that use the words in the first place, you dumb ass. It will teach you to think first about the consquence before you open your mouth.

          • Chief Bo

            If the “consequence” is your parroting, then I’m fine with it…dumb ass.

          • G

            No it is the consquence of you opening your mouth before think about what comes out, dumb ass.

    • Kaemaril

      Wait … what? When was Upper Heyford attacked by terrorists? I’m less than 30 miles from there, and I don’t recall seeing any news on the subject. Ever.

      • Chief Bo
        • Kaemaril

          You’re claiming two CND protesters attaching anti-war signs to, and whacking with a hammer, a single F-111 as a “terrorist attack”? Really? Ridiculous.

          So, how long after this event were CND placed on the terrorist organisation list?

          • Chief Bo

            That was during the Cold War and they took an aircraft on alert providing nuclear deterrence out of commission. Call it whatever you like but to the MOD and the US military it was sabotage and an act of terror.

          • Kaemaril


            During the ‘cold war’? Please. 1990. Couldn’t you try to make it *more* dramatic? Maybe check for significant events? How about describing it as ‘A terrorist only a few days after Gorbachev became leader’?

            Funny how even the link you provide describes it as ‘Unauthorized entry/vandalism’ instead of a ‘Terrorist attack’.

            Tell me, what were these two so-called ‘terrorists’ sentenced to? 25 years? 35 years? Did the US demand their extradition and then send them to a maximum security prison for the term of their natural lives plus 175 years?

            Or, maybe, were they put in front of a magistrate and fined a few thousand and maybe given six to eighteen months in prison?

            Call it what I like? OK, I call it you talking utter claptrap about a minor incident of anti-war protest in order to ‘sex up’ your claim of a terrorist attack on US property on British soil. No wonder I’d never heard of it, despite living ~30 miles from the place.It *might* have been a 30-second piece on the local news, if you’re lucky.

          • Chief Bo

            Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. That’s not what the CND did by taking a nuclear capable asset out of commission?

            So tell me, when those two Nigerian gents that hacked Lee Rigby to pieces on a streets of Woolwich in broad daylight last year, that was just a little disagreement between random strangers?

          • Kaemaril

            You know what? If you’re capable of equating two CND peace protesters whacking at an aircraft and hanging anti-war signs with “violence and intimidation”, and then you go on to compare that with the brutal murder of a soldier on a public street … then, my friend, you’ve not just drunk too much of the kool-aid, you’re mainlining the stuff.

            Any UK government that had tried to prosecute the actions of a couple of CND protesters armed with a hammer and anti-war signs as a serious terror attack would have been LAUGHED OUT OF COURT.

            Why? We knew real terror attacks back then, mate.

            Let’s look at a few REAL terrorist attacks in the UK around that time :

            22 Sep 1989 – Deal Barracks bombing. 11 Royal Marines dead, 22 injured (IRA)

            16th May 1990 – Wembley mini-van bombing. 1 soldier killed, 1 wounded (IRA)

            1st June 1990 – Lichfield City Railway shooting. 1 soldier killed, 2 wounded (Provisional IRA).

            20th July 1990 – – London Stock Exchange bombing (IRA).

            30th July 1990 – – MP Ian Gow killed by car bomb (IRA).

            7th Feb 1991 – 10 DOWNING STREET MORTAR ATTACK (IRA)

            18th Feb 1991 – Bomb explodes at Victoria Station. 1 killed, 38 injured (Provisional IRA)

            That’s just +/- a year.

            Wanna equate your so-called “terrorist attack” with the IRA’s failed 1984 attempt to assassinate the British Prime Minister, leading to 5 deaths and 31 injuries, while you’re at it? Try it, it might be fun.

            I remember the news back then for those, and other atrocities. Oddly, I don’t quite recall the Upper Heyford “attack” hitting the headlines.

            But SURE, you go ahead and call your pitiful little example of a couple of peace protestors taking advantage of lax US security a “terrorist attack” all you want, if it’ll make you sleep at night.

          • Chief Bo

            My examples were more than just the Upper Heyford breach, if you had bothered to read my original post. My point was I’ve been on facilities who’s security was breached and bad things happened. I’m not saying any of these attacks were worse than any others. I do applaud your use of circular reasoning to divert the discussion away from the original point.

          • Kaemaril

            I did bother to read your original post. I don’t care about it one way or the other. I only care that you asserted a “terrorist attack” had taken place on a military airbase that I’ve been *living less than 30 miles from since 1979*, and had never heard about any such “attack”.

            Your point wasn’t that you’d been on facilities where security was breached, you said – quite explicitly – that you’d been on facilities that had been “attacked by terrorists”. This may have been true for the other bases you picked, but it’s certainly not the case for Upper Heyford.

            No circular reasoning involved. I simply pointed out to you that *at the time* the UK was in the middle of *actual* terrorist attacks (and had been for many, many, years) and we’d not have given a stuff about a so-called ‘terrorist attack’ that involved two guys with some signs and a hammer. We were too busy dealing with actual shootings and bombings.

          • Chief Bo

            Clearly our experiences and perspectives of the same period are very different. I stand by my characterization of the events as I saw them at the time and as I look back on them now.

    • A Default

      If they were doing their job how did those bases get bombed?

      Harassing photographers isn’t the solution. Neither is banning automobiles even though all those bombings involved vehicles.

      The world isn’t perfectly safe, deal with it.

      • Chief Bo

        Constitutional or not, you’re going to get harassed if you are caught taking pics of a military facility…deal with it. And all your mamby-pamby whining isn’t going to change a thing.

        • Flashing Scotsman

          We can get much better information about most bases by Googling images, or looking at Google Earth than by taking pictures of the retired airplanes at the front gate. Deal with it.

          • Chief Bo

            You’re not getting real-time actionable intel that way. I’m starting to feel like I’m explaining advanced calculus to smug kindergarteners here. You truly don’t know what you don’t know and you’re blissful in your ignorance.

          • sfmc98

            You sure about that?

            Google Maps goes real-time

    • Flashing Scotsman

      A person could find out an awful lot more by searching Google Earth, or Googling the name of the base, and looking at images. Don’t be stupid.

      • Chief Bo

        Really? You can determine sentry strength and traffic patterns with Google Earth? No, those things and more can only be be sourced by HUMINT.

        • sfmc98

          That’s true. And done so without the aid of a camera. Doesn’t that mean that anyone near the outside of a military base is a suspect?

          • Chief Bo

            Possibly, that’s why we have the Eagle Eyes program.

        • Flashing Scotsman

          You certainly don’t need to stand around on public property, acting like you’re shooting photos of an airplane on display to see how many guards there are in the guard house, and how much traffic there is at different times of the day. Face it, your argument doesn’t hold water at all.

          • Chief Bo

            The beauty is it doesn’t have to hold water. I say we don’t like people dicking around our gates for OPSEC (Operational Security), COMSEC (Communication Security), Force Protection, and Counter Terrorism reasons. You don’t have to understand, you don’t have to agree, you don’t have to like it, but you do have to deal with it because it is what it is and it’s not going to change.

          • Flashing Scotsman

            Yes, we understand. You have no respect for people’s Constitutional rights. We’ve already established that. The next step in your recovery is for you to admit that you have a problem.

          • Chief Bo

            I think you have things backwards; it is the Soldier, not the reporter (or photographer), who has given us the freedom of the press…it is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech…it is the Soldier, not the campus organizer, who gives us the freedom to demonstrate…it is the Soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the ungrateful protester to burn the flag. Seems to me you should be thanking a Soldier (or Airman) instead of harassing them.

          • G

            You should like groups like the ACLU for exposing military intelligence agencies for spying on American citizens from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s all the way up today. The American worker was not protected by the American solider when the American worker went strike to protest lousy wages and working conditions durng the latter part of the 19th century and much of the 20th century. Instead the American military was use to back up the American police (private and public police) to brutaully crush the unions and strking workers.
            I did not see the military protecting the Afro-Americans when the federal troops were withdrawn from the South in 1877 and left the Afro-Americans to fend for themselves. Furthermore, despite the fact that the American soldiers fought for our “freedom”, many of these soldiers continue to treat Afro-Americans as second class citizens for a long time.
            Many of these solders after doing their military service, became police officers and violate the rights of their fellow American citizens without a shred of conscience; otherwise, organzations like the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and people like Carlos Miller would have not come into existence to expose the illegal activities of these soliders/cops.
            Finally, I don’t see these soldiers protecting us from the rising power of Corporate America in the last 34 years while at the same time our ability to use our political, economic, and social rights have been strip piece by piece. Where were our soliders at protecting the Wall Street movements around the country? With the exception of some Marines in NYC, the US armed forces were no where to be seen during the Wall Street movement.
            Thank the US solider for protecting our rights. What a joke!!!

          • Chief Bo

            You’re not speaking German, Japanese, or Russian are you?

            You’re welcome.

          • jimmyj

            great point! thanks for your service chief.

          • G

            No, lousy point that are not vaild since the Germans did not have the seaborne capability to invade USA plus the lack of staging areas in the Western Hemisphere to invade the USA. The Japanese lack the manpower and the logistical ability to launch a full-scale invasion of the USA.

          • G

            Geman was spoken by many Americans before World War I and World War II because it was the language of math, science, and engineering because was drop from the American education system due to the anti-German feelings during both wars.

            Regarding Japanese, people during the 1980s stated we might as well be speaking Japanese since they were the economic powerhouse during that time while under Reagan the USA started on its decline. BTW, Reagan didn ‘t seem to care about America because shortly after he left office, he took Japanese money and got rightly condemn for it.

            Regarding Russian, we would have not had a chance to speak it, since Reagan was being fed by his military and civilian advisors that anyone can survive a nuclear war. Remember T. K. Jones, current Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Strategic and Theater Nuclear Force and his remark about having enough shovels? ..” with a shovel, anyone can dig a fallout shelter–a simple hole in the ground with a door over the top and three feet of earth on top of that. “”It’s the dirt that does it,””
            It was the policy of the US Army to lauch nuclear weapons against the Russian Army if they were unable to prevent them from advancing into Western Europe. Yeah, kill your own troops in order to save them.

          • G

            You are not welcome.

          • Flashing Scotsman

            And a soldier that fought for that right should respect that right. I do thank soldiers every chance I get.

          • Chief Bo

            That’s where you’re wrong. I’ll never give respect to people who abuse their right to free speech by burning the flag, wear awards and decorations they did not earn, or protest at a fallen service members funeral. Nor would a majority of service members I personally know.

          • Flashing Scotsman

            I didn’t see anyone here talking about any of those vile activities.

          • G

            I don’t respect soldiers who illegally spy on American citizens and organizations when there was no geniune threat and/or evidence to justifiy such spying and who did not have the courage to exposed the illegal spying activities to the American people.

            Furthermore, I never give respect to military people who become police officers who abuse their badge by beating people without any kind of legal justification or provaction, murdering people with no justification for it, planting evidence on people, withholding evidence that could set an innocent person free, illegally spying on people and violating people’s rights on a daily basis and then stated that they fought to protect our rights.

            The Superme Court has declared that flag burning was constitutionally-protected free speech.

  • dravo1

    Damn, I like that Sgt. Guthrie. When you first see him you think you’re gonna get the classic “You in a heap of trouble boy” routine. He’s got a real future in law enforcement.

  • BenoitP

    Awesome job Deputy. There are not enough like you in the profession. Yes there are some that are intelligent and uphold the laws without bending them to fit what they want. But the ones that are decent need to stand up to their brothers that wear the badge. To often the good cops go along with the dirty cops so as not to be an outcast. That tells you how many more are bad than good.

  • Ryan French

    This video is great. I love Valdosta. One of the best small towns I’ve had the pleasure of stopping by.

  • Joe-Navy

    What’s the point of your agency? To waste government time and money? Have you ever served in the United States Military? I just watched the viral video of a sheriff and federal agents chase you down so that you can flex your knowledge of constitutional rights. If you answered yes to serving in the military then you would know that it violates operational security. What if the base has top secret information or some kind of national asset that was to be guarded well. With a photo you could potential aid terrorist or even domestic agencies plan attacks or infiltration a of that point of entry to that particular facility. Did you know that the particular area that you were in had a base with several contacts where an SUV would park outside of a gate take photos observe guard turn over and when approached the SUV would leave. Did you know that the part of the country that the video was taken went to high alert to the point of messages being sent out for other military bases to keep a vigilant watch against these sort of acts? Once you cross that blue line you are no longer on public property, that is now federally owned as you might now. But why take it to the point of wasting the officer’s and members of the military’s time? We have a job to do. We are supposed to be protecting your “rights”. There is a protocol for every military base to report any suspicious act and involve local law enforcement when necessary. I am informing you of this because all Americans should know aswell as any body else who wishes to know, that if you are outside of a military facility, and you decide to take pictures of a military person or even me for that matter, you will be confronted, if you are on federal property the camera, phone, or picture taking device will probably be confiscated until review of what you are photographing and why. So please be smart and use coo on sense when taking photos or even video when near or around military bases. Treat it like if it were a breach of National Security. It’s why we stand Post or watch everyday for hours on end. It’s why we took an oath, for the freedom of rights. So defend our rights and the oath we swore to protect. That’s all we ask. Hoorah!! Semper Vigilans!!!!!

    • Douglas Hester

      He wasn’t on federal property, he was on a public sidewalk. You can film anything you want in public. If the government has something to hide they can take it out of public view.

      • Flashing Scotsman

        Oooooh! Changing of the guard! Now he can easily infiltrate and destroy the entire base. Get real.

    • G

      Col. Oliver North violate his oath when he illegally sold arms to the Iranians and then use the proceeds to fund the Contras after Congress cut the funding for them.
      Furthermore, he help to funnel drugs into the USA.

    • G

      Government sure waste a lot of time and money not going after the bankers on Wall Street and instead waste time and money on spying on people and organizations that were no genuine threat to the USA. Shortly after Bush, Jr., left office, the FBI admitted that they had spent much of their time spying on American citizens and organizations protesting the Iraqi war and environmental organizations instead of going after terrorists and white collar criminals. What the PINAC guy did in wasting government time and money was nothing compare to what the government did during the Bush, Jr. years.

  • Jack Mahoghof

    Holy CRAP!! That DOD cop was a COMPLETE SPAZ!!!! WTF was HIS problem??? Damn!

  • df

    I work in Law Enforcement. I understand why there are trust issues with us. We can be our worst enemies in that regard. However, Contrary to popular belief, there are many Officers who play by the rules. The thing I don’t understand is why must you post videos that don’t show any misconduct online? You know many of us want to do our job and go home. We don’t want to be online. Performing public service does not mean you should be blasted all over the internet as an Officer. More importantly, some of us, myself included, aspire to work covert/under cover. Posting videos, names and departments of Officers will put some of us at risk or even make it impossible to do undercover work. Also, Officer’s homes are high value targets for Gang members. With the names of Officers and a little bit of leg work,, someone could obtain the address and phone number of an Officer.

    Also, people need to get an understanding of Use of force policy before they start screaming about excessive force. In short, we are allowed to go one step above the force being used. What may look like too much to you might be inline with a Departments policy and State law.

    And……please keep in mind while filming an Officer on a night shift, the extremely bright light on your smart phone, shining in the eyes of an Officer presents a serious Officer Safety issue.

    Keep going after those who abuse the power , etc. Expose it. But try and look at the other side sometimes.

    • G

      Undercover work? Yet right, when was the last time a white guy infiltrate an Asian gang, an Afro-American gang, Mexican Mafia gang, Russian gang, etc., with extension knowledge of the languages, customs, and cultures of the gang members he was dealing with?

      The problem is that by and large the good cops don’t do anything about the bad cops. What about people who want to go home at the end of the day without by harass by the cops. You have minority kids in NYC who have to mentally prepare themselves everyday to get harass to and from their schools/workplaces by the cops and hope they don’t get arrest/beaten/killed by the cops.

      What about Mr. Gary being look up over 200 times by the Florida Law Enforcement community when there was no reason for them to do use. You guys/gals share information about people in the community who are a pain in the donkey’s rear end to the police when they are exercising their constitutional rights.

      How about shining the lights in people’s eyes because you don’t want the people to film your misconduct?

      You have many police departments websites that post the names of their officers with their work phones numbers and their emails, so your argument doesn’t hold water.

      You need to blame American businesses for trying to gather up as much data on you and me which makes it easier for gangs to find out about you. Of course, you cops are much to blame for letting corporations get away with this kind of stuff, since the overwhelming of cops are conservatives who believe in no government regulation of the American business In addition, due to 9/11, you cops have broad police powers than ever before to find out about a person without getting a court warrant without any kind of evidence or legal justification, so quit being a bleeding heart conservative. You need to look at our side.

      • df

        Your response is quite off the mark. I’m not white, conservative and I don’t share most of the political beliefs you mentioned.

        As far as doing something about bad cops. It’s not as easy as you think. You can’t make anonymous complaints about other Officer’s and no matter how bad the transgression, if you ‘rat’ on an Officer, there is a high probability that you won’t get back up or they will come slowly.

        Don’t let you blatant hatred for Police in general keep you from understanding the complexities involved with this profession as well as the culture that exists that makes it extremely hard for the good guys on the job.

        • G

          We all know about how hard, almost impossible to do something about bad cops especially since good cops don’t do anything about the bad cops; otherwise, the ACLU and websites like Cop Block and PINAC would not even exist. BTW, we now are getting more and more stories of minority cops violating people’s rights. Remember that mentally ill guy in Fullerton, CA being beaten to death by the cops? One of those cops was a Latino. It is amazing how the oppress have now become the oppressors.

          Don’t let you blatant hatred of guys like Carols Miller in general keep you from understand the complexities with regards to protecting civil rights in the USA from police abuse that causes you cops to whine so much that having civil rights interfere with your ability to do your job. If you can’t understand that, turn in your badge.

          Good cops need to help change the culture; otherwise, I don’t want to hear about them laying their lives on the line. Having physical courage for the job is one thing, having moral courage is another story and too many cops don’t have moral courage all when it comes to changing the culture. People risk losing their jobs for protesting political, social, and economic injustice in this country. You can’t say that about cops risking their own jobs until they die or retire from their jobs to change the culture.

        • G

          You don’t know my beliefs and even if you are not a conservative, white person, you still have not answer my question on when was the last time a police officer has successfully infiltrate a East European, Asian, Latino. and/or Afro-American gang and bring them down from the inside?

  • Airman

    I was just directed to this video and I am all for freedom. So much so that I serve in the United States Air Force. But THIS is a completely different vantage point. Security Forces(The man in the military uniform who got out of the car later in the video) and the Civilian Contracted Officer(the first guy who got out and mentioned ad the Federal Police) are authorized to use force to remove any threat to National Security. Someone standing outside a military installation with a camera and taking pictures with the base in the image is one such threat.

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