CHP Cop Caught on Video Viciously Beating Woman

On the day we’re supposed to be celebrating our freedoms, a video is going viral revealing the true extent of our freedoms, showing a California Highway Patrolman pummeling a woman with his fists on the side of the road.

Her crime: contempt of cop. Essentially walking away from the cop while he was apparently barking orders at her.

We don’t know much else right now because the CHP is ensuring us they beat her for her own safety and that the incident is “under investigation,” which is cop talk for they screwed up, but are clamming up in the hopes we’ll go away and forget about the beating.

And we probably will forget considering tomorrow will be another beating from another police department caught on video that will be making the internet rounds as well as on the subsequent days.

This is the America we live in, where police violence runs rampant and the only defense we have against it is our cameras.

But even then, that can land you in jail or turn you into the victim of a vicious beating.

According to NBC Los Angeles:

The video footage begins as the CHP officer is standing next to a red pick-up truck on the freeway on-ramp. He makes his way across to a concrete median where he follows a woman who is walking there and is carrying a white bag.

Moments later, the officer tries to grab the woman’s arm as she appears to resist.

As he tries to gain control over the woman, he throws her to the ground. While the woman is on her back, the officer holds her down and delivers about a dozen hits to her head and upper body in about 11 seconds, according to the video.

“These are like, grown men, on top of you punching you to a point where she could’ve died out there,” Diaz said.

The woman, who was not immediately identified, appears to use her arms and hands to protect her face from the officer’s blows. A second man joins the officer to help control the woman as she is placed in handcuffs.

“She was screaming,” witness Daina Tate said. “Two men were on her. They had her arms up. She couldn’t defend herself. She looked totally helpless and terrified.

“It was shocking, and you can’t really call the cops on the cops.”

Another witness who did not want to be identified told NBC4 the woman “did not look well, mentally” when she was walking along the freeway.

The woman was “carrying a lot of bags” and was not wearing shoes, only black socks, the witness said.

After she was brought down to the asphalt by the officer, the woman put her arms up “trying to guard herself,” the witness said. “She looked terrified…she just looked gone.”

The video was originally posted on Youtube, but Youtube removed it, claiming it was “content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”

This is the America we live in, where cops are free to harass, bully or threaten us at any given moment, but then will complain to Youtube that we’re doing the same to them by posting videos of such actions.


Screenshot 2014-07-04 12.42.42


Happy Fourth of July! Be sure to follow the rules out there or you may wind up like the woman in the video.



About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Christopher Shepard

    Badge and Gun, demand both from this thug.

  • dickgosinya48

    Another bureaucrat thug that needs a beat down ending in permanent paralysis.

  • dravo1

    No doubt the woman was mentally impaired but the standard LEO training is BEAT FIRST and ASK QUESTIONS LATER. We need to make sure the CHP officer gets the public recognition he deserves.
    Hey, maybe he was auditioning for the UFC……..

    • uncommon_sense

      no, they fight back in the UFC and are even somewhat evenly matched. oh yeah, and i think those fights are one on one, too.

      thanks utube!

    • Freedomhawk

      And the proof continues to mount that cops are being trained to brutalize, and kill anyone who even appears to have a physical or mental challenge.

  • jpriest2121jr .

    Fire this tyrant punk thug before he kills somebody!!! Better yet beat the life out of him, so he will not beat on any other women!

  • A Default

    Poor quality, vertical video made even worse by some nitwit’s need to overlay the video repeatedly with a youtube ad.

    Beating people into submission while yelling “stop resisting” as someone tries to make the pain stop is par for the course with cops.

  • rust

    Porker Enforcer needs to go to Las Vegas

  • stunk bear

    video removed ? hmmm

  • stunk bear

    I have an idea…..we should all start massive complaints against videos posted on Youtube by “mainstream” news companies and see how they like it when their videos get removed. Maybe then the mainstream media will start covering the issue and force YT to stop removing these types of videos.

  • Kenneth Brooks

    Note the shaved head-no hairs to prevent testing for anabolic steroids or human growth hormone. I can’t tell from the video, but I bet he has no hair on his arms, as well. Not the tactiical gloves. Note the hyper aggressive behavior, especially compared to the city cop that gets the CHP to calm down. The CHP went lookin to beat someone. I contend that any person in the presence of such an officer is reasonably in fear of imminent bodily harm or death This is why every citizen should be armed to the teeth. We must no have any more beatings.

    • uncommon_sense

      it only takes a few days for body hair to grow long enough to be tested

  • Tim in SF

    Why is there no link to the youtube version of this video? Youtube can be asked to unblock it, but it’s hard to ask them to unblock it if there is NO LINK.

  • J. Rogers

    Wait… A cop punches a woman in the face multiple times. The video of it is considered bullying, harassing, and threatening, but not the actions of the cop. WTF.

    • uncommon_sense

      status quo for the corporate goons that run this cuntry. and thats not a typo.

  • FtP

    “3. Police will be conducting searches of bags and coolers for reasons of public safety.”
    Not without my consent they won’t. If I am in a public park your rules do not trump my RIGHTS.

  • Fascist Slayer

    I’ve said it here before, I’ll say it again. Perhaps something Americans should think about as they are waving their flags and chanting USA, USA, USA. In Fascist Amerika, the American flag will take on a while different meaning. The stars will represent what Americans will see as they are having their heads smashed in while being dragged off to prison. The stripes will represent the uniform issued upon entry.

  • Fascist Slayer

    Regarding the “July 4th Park Rules”, you’re intoxicated by burgers and fries America, if you’re just going to stand around and wave American flags, chanting USA, USA, USA and shoot fireworks, the fascist are just going to think it’s a Welcoming Committee. They’ve got you right where they want you. The U.S. is a FASCIST rot of a nation, spying on EVERYONE while it builds a domestic army against you.

    • dickgosinya48


      • rigormortis

        Death to the infidel!!!

  • f.x.koch

    The beating gloves were already on…. he was just looking for a victim

  • dickgosinya48

    Just saw this on the local news a few minutes ago. We’ll see if anything happens.

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      if not we could make it happen by viraling it and protesting.

  • Kaemaril

    “The CHP wouldn’t talk with Eyewitness News on camera about this incident, but in a written statement, CHP said the officer ordered the woman to stop, but she ignored him. Fearing she would be hurt, the CHP says the officer tried placing her under arrest.”

    That’s right, it was all for her own protection. You betcha. I’m sure the guy punching her in the head was thinking ‘Y’know, if this wasn’t for her own good some people might think this was a tad excessive …’

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      wait! wait wait wait wait… they feared she would be hurt so the beat the crap out of her?!

      • stk33

        They feared she would be hurt so they ordered her to stop. When she did not comply, they tried to put her into custody for her protection. When she actively resisted, this became an assault on the officer, so now they had to arrest her using escalating force.

        This scenario is nothing unusual, in fact there were dozens of examples when someone the police is trying to help, does not follow their orders (often because he/she can’t, being badly injured, or mentally incapable, or in diabetic coma, etc etc. – but that does not matter because not following the orders endangers the officer, which is the most important factor), and get killed. Google “fouad kaady” for arguably the most striking case.

        • Beatrix Muircastle

          not following an order is no excuse for beating some one up. My father had a diabetic episode. despite getting struck by my father the officer on the scene was able to subdue my father and get him medical assistance with out resorting to violence like today’s cops do. todays cops seem to punch, taser, or kill a lot more and a lot faster before ever thinking of a better option. is that the world you wanna live in where you are just one medical emergency away from being beaten to death by a cop? because if you do then you deserve that world but we don’t.

          • stk33

            The keyword is “better” in your “better option”. Today’s values are different, and “better” in cops eyes is “safer for him” and nothing else. They openly state that their #1 priority is not even enforcing the law but “getting home to family every night”.

            This training video for the police in 1960 – – is must-see to appreiciate the striking regress in the cops’ attitude that has occurred since.

            p.s. of course, the next commenter has interpreted me correctly

          • G

            They openly state that their #1 priority is not even enforcing the law but “getting home to family every night”.

            I am sure that every generation of cops have been saying that since police department were established in America.

        • A Default

          This is why you should never call the police and say a relative is acting out and you are concerned for their safety. Once the police come they’ll likely end up shooting your relative and thereby bringing your concern for their safety into reality.

          If the police are concerned she might injure herself by running out into traffic that is justification in their mind for gunning her down, thereby preventing her from running out into traffic.

      • Rail Car Fan

        That’s as bad as the cops shooting/killing someone using the excuse they were just stopping them from committing suicide!

        Makes about as much sense as the video.

        Rail Car Fan

  • ray brown

    Now you understand why you video police and why police should have POV cameras. The scary thing about this character is that he would even entertain the thought of beating a woman. What about the women in his miserable life?

    • A Default

      The first step to eliminating police violence is to stop saying things like “thought of beating a woman”. It shouldn’t matter whether it was a woman, a man or someone of indeterminate gender.

      Women are not owed some special treatment and men shouldn’t be presumed to be owed less.

  • JustaVetSailorfromPennsylvania

    Surprised that he didn’t pull his gun and shoot her! That is what one comes to expect from a Armed Badged Uniformed Fascist Thug. The real terrorists are the police. Then they don’t understand why they are hated!

  • MSMediacritic

    We beat her up to keep her safe!

  • nospamformo

    Video blocked and/or removed. Did anyone save it to LiveLeak?

  • Oh Say Can You See The Irony

    Is there really any semblance of independence left to celebrate there in America?

    “Is that a cop?” What, the guy in the blue shirt didn’t think the cop repeatedly punching her in the head (12 times, 2 blocked by the moving car frame) was going to subdue her so he just had to step in and help?

    Or did he step in to save her from an the almost certain death we have come to expect in the Police State? The cop seemed to have practically zero interest in turning her over to handcuff her after pummeling her. Not until blue shirt stepped into the picture.

    A PINAC FOIA request could lead to a very enlightening interview with the citizen in the blue shirt. I can see the possible headlines now.

    Oh Say Can You See the Irony: Loyal Slave Assists the Ongoing Implementation of the Police State in America on Independence Day


    Heroic Citizen Saves Woman from Almost Certain Death at the Hands of Terrorists on Independence Day

  • ray brown

    This is the worst video beating of a woman since that home invader in New Jersey.

    • jcfromnj

      Well Ray, New Jersey being no slacker’s in this area will just have to work harder to win back the title….

  • tim thompson

    When will we demand laws and put these punks in jail?

    • stk33

      When you contact your representative and demand it.

      • JdL

        When you contact your representative and demand it.

        Total waste of a stamp. Your “representative” doesn’t give a flying [] about you or your concerns. He/she represents the big donors who keep the money flowing. Not you.

        • stk33

          Not total. The factor representative cares most about is being reelected, so he/she does listen. Of course, your voice alone is not much, but if you don’t call, then all he hears is another side. And you don’t have to spend on stamp: fax, call or email will do just as well.

  • ray brown

    Maybe she was pulling a long pin from her hair. That’s why her arms and hands were near her face. The officer will have to study the video to MSU (make something up) she had bags in both her hands so she wasn’t reaching for anything.

  • ray brown

    She called him an apt name.

  • ray brown

    The only excuse is she was going after his gun.

  • ray brown

    His excuse will be nuanced with the video unless it was withheld until he made some official statement. That why such videos should be held back till statements are made. His statement will include something not readily apparent in the video. Of course CHP will say the video doesn’t show everything. Of course nothing that happened before the takedown really matters.

  • Cromwell

    There is one cop that needs repeated sodomizing from a walrus.
    I will never go to you tube again.

  • officer safty

    The cops call this,”Ground and Pound” and is much more effective while wearing SAP gloves as depicted in this video.

  • Charlie

    What a coward, beating a woman half his strength. He has no honor and no right to call himself a man.

  • Charlie

    The video quality is much better on the news article (there are no stupid you tube words across the film)

    • AlexW

      Thanks for the link Charlie.

      In you video I count 8 seconds from the police interation to -> the 1st Blow to the face.
      Infact its only 4 seconds from the police interaction to > the takedown. In the article he states:

      “CHP said the officer ordered the woman to stop, but she ignored him. Fearing she would be hurt, the CHP says the officer tried placing her under arrest.”

      How could the officer have time to: 1. Order to stop, 2. Be ignored. 3. Fear for his/her safey. 4. Inform of arrest. 5. Attempt to arrest. 6. Be resisted. 7. Then takedown

      If what he said is true that means each action lasted a fraction of a second!?

      • Charlie

        I think that’s called unreasonable. Then throw in the fact that she’s possibly mentally ill (I say possibly because it is only speculation) and those commands become even more unreasonable. It’s insane.

  • Keyser Soze

    Shes black, hes a cop. He wont be punished.

    If you see a cop assaulting or violating the rights of one of your fellow citizens, stop him/her. Get other people to help you stop him if you can. The only reason the police have this power is because we ALLOW them to. We outnumber them 400 to 1.

  • Duh

    Haven’t these stupid cops learned anything since the Rodney King beating? Wise up you azzholes, cameras are everywhere.

    • Frodo

      He was beating her for both his and her safety.

  • Frodo

    You cannot post a video of a cop viciously beating some innocent woman, that’s harassment!!!

  • Kenneth Brooks

    You assume that the CHP checks for such things. By the way, those that have something to hide keep the hair off. I just saw another video of a woman chasing a person that robbed her (victim) and the victim is shoved to the ground. Again out of all the police present it is the one with a shaved head that tackles the woman on pavement. It is my firm belief that when encountering a police employee having a weapon shaved head and tactical gloves on that I am reasonable in imminent fear of grievous bodily harm or death. There is a serious drug abuse problem with personnel in police forces throughout the U.S. with respect to anabolic steroid use and/or human growth hormone. The federal DOJ has a website direct to the same. Every single police employee in the U.S. should be subjected to random drug testing and there should be a zero tolerance. If found to be using such substances there should be a lifetime ban from anytime of occupation that involves using a weapon. Just a bad is the over use of testerone. There should be maxium limits of testerone in police personnel. Like a maximum alcohol limit for driving. If one has too much testerone, then one should not be allowed to work in law enforcement.

    • jcfromnj

      Good Point. I’ve seen some really insane Beat Down Video;s on PINAC and YouTube, but this is over the edge. That CHP’s career is pretty much toast. There is no unringing that bell, even with the terrible LAPD legacy and Daryl Gates SWAT not withstanding.
      If that wasn’t a Roid Rage on wheels nothing is. He has all the hallmarks, 200lb pound, shaved head and in the throws of a Psychotic Breakdown.
      I don’t see how even the Children of Rampart’s will be able to work their magic on this one..

    • Neville Ross

      Can you provide any direct links for what you’ve said?

      • Kenneth Brooks

        This is how the story was leaked-the doctor supplying drugs to law enforcement died and when the state went in to move his patients they discovered that he was supplying illegal steroids to police employees and firefighters.

        The USDOJ realizing they had a problem started educating police departments on the issue.

        New Jersey passes laws to curb steroid abuse by police.

        My theory is that since the crackdown in New Jersey, the drug dealers have moved west. Here is a story of three Pennsylavania police employees charged with steroid trafficking.

        Here is a story of a Texas Police employee using and selling steroids.

        Here is a story of a Stockton California police employee arrested for trafficking steroids.

        Here is an article concerning the extreme aggressive nature of police employees on steroids.

        The point is that I believe that the California Highway Patrol has a problem with its officers using steroids. I have inquired twice concerning drug testing of CHP officers. Twice they declined to comment. This is not the only incident of CHP officers pummeling people on the roadway.

        The District Attorneys are of little or no help, because many Counties in California seek to undermine the democratic processes of the state by supplementing loss revenue that resulted from our tax reducing legislation by passing fees and assessment, in addition to fines, Thus, the District Attorney relies heavily on police employees to generate revenue creating an inherent disincentive to aggressively pursue police employees for beating people. Look at Los Angeles, during which innocent people we shot by police employees while looking for LAPD employee Dorian. They were shot, because they were driving a pickup truck. The DA refused to prosecute, because he thought the Officer’s conduct was not criminal. I can go on and on, but there is just too much.

        In ending I point out that in addition to the refusal of District Attorneys to aggressively pursue police employees for the torture and death they cause to your fellow citizens, the police forces are using another tactic to undermine the democratic principles of this nation-civil forfeiture. Civil forfeiture is also use to supplement the loss tax base that has occurred through the use of the referendum power of citizens of California to control the taxing and spending power of the government.

        So maybe now it becomes salient why the police have militarized. They are at war. They are at war with our democratic system, because they and those that work with them want money and they do not like that the people of the State of California has sought fit to exercise their democractic processes to limit their access to that money. They are at war with the citizens in their jurisdiction . . . in my case Californians.

        My purpose for blogging is to inform my fellow citizens of this situation and attempt to persuade them to arms. Not only the mere possession of arms, but to develop a proficiency in their use and tactics in furtherance of self defense.

        • Neville Ross

          I’ve been saying here and elsewhere for a while that we need to make the standard of training for police in North America to be like that of Japan’s:

          • TheSotSays

            Yep, saying, here and there and elsewhere about a thousand times, ad infinitum.

            But thank you for that Nipple we’re very grateful and we hang suspended upon every word you utter.

        • Neville Ross

          Thanks for the 411.

  • Agent76

    DUI Suspects Subjected to Forced Blood Draw – On “Suspicion” of Drunk Driving The Paulstal Service Jun 30, 2013

    DUI Suspects Subjected to Forced Blood Draw – On “Suspicion” of Drunk Driving. Needle stuck into arms, as they are strapped to a table against their will. As if we needed any more proof of the direction this country is headed toward.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Ask this driver, 58-year-old Olegs Kozacenko on how good CHP conducts their internal investigations.

  • ray brown

    You think this video horrific now wait till it’s stabilized. Of course he will have a perfectly logical reason for doing it.

  • Ozzinc Steel

    I have already discuss this with my wife if this where to ever happen to my wife are love one I would be going to jail for first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, I have seen & heard enough, what next are small children being thrown to the ground and beaten by the very one that was sworn to serve & protect you. I can see now that people all across America are fed up and sooner our later you will see mobs of people turn on these no good pieces of garbage with a badge, it’s scumbags like him that can hurt the reputation of any Police department and they do have great police departments that do a excellent job of upholding the law. there is going to be lawlessness in are society which has already started do to incidents like this, this is a word of advise to any police officer, be carful because there are eyes watching you everywhere and technology has put you on a large open stage and you will be judged by your response and how you will react in any given situation, and I hope that those with cameras and Iphones will also show the great things that law enforcement officers do on a day to day basis.

  • Ian Battles

    “we beat her for her own safety”

    Does anyone have enough drugs for that to make sense?

  • AlexW

    The police officer is on top of the woman. She is pressed against the dirt. He beats her in the face. On a public freeway. In the view of many people…

    I am glad the arrest is getting public attention. As another person posted “the officer
    deserves to be recognized for his actions.”

    I look forward to seeing the police report.

  • quantumcipher

    On what grounds is YouTube removing these videos?

    • Frodo

      Youtube doesn’t not believe in exercising their first amendment rights and doesn’t believe you should too!

  • Acab Acab
    • G

      Barbers also have to renew their credential every year to stay in their profession; otherwise; they get their licenses yank. Can you say that about cops?

  • Acab Acab
  • Guest

    Interestingly, the woman’s name is Ms. Pinac (sp?)

  • John Smith

    WORLDSTAR!!! WORLDSTAR!!!! Isn’t this how it goes? haha niggers

  • Conspiracy Einstein

    Sidenote: Video the correct way and you won’t have to zoom.

  • Larry Elder* #TheRealOne

    Thats not a you’re typical cop thats a racist hiding behind a badge.

  • MefMaf

    as someone who works with crack addicts, i see nothing wrong with the officer’s actions. crack addicts have the power of 100 men and therefore require more encouragement and redirection than normal individuals

  • Croi Dhubh

    What? No “ExCop” dipshit talking about how this woman deserved it and how the cop was doing the right thing?