Last time I mentioned Bill O’Reilly on this blog, I called him “one of the most pompous and arrogant broadcasters to ever take to the airwaves,” which naturally got all my conservative readers riled up with many threatening never to read PINAC again (the comments are not there due to a web platform change since then).

But he proved to be just that during a recent segment where he talked about the guys at Cop Block, accusing them of “spying on police” with their cameras, calling them “clowns” and “jerks” and even insinuating that recording cops in public may be illegal in most states.

The segment also featured Lt. Chris Cook from the Arlington Police Department, complaining that cops feel unsafe because the Cop Block members follow them with their cameras.

But that’s something more and more people should be doing in every city, if only to remind cops that we are watching them, a message that needs to be sent considering how abusive and untrustworthy they’ve proven to be over the years.

The good cops shouldn’t have a problem with this. In Arlington, it’s usually the same group of people recording them, wearing very visible Cop Block logos, so the cops should just get to know them and allow themselves to be recorded, showing the world that they can be trusted to respect our rights.

O’Reilly’s cohost, Megyn Kelly, also chimed in and said that nobody had hired Cop Block to record cops, which in her mind, gave them even less rights to record them in public.

Obviously, Kelly doesn’t understand that not everybody is a sellout.

Cop Block came across O’Reilly’s radar after a Yahoo article published last week criticized the group for radical statements a contributor wrote after the shooting deaths of two Las Vegas deputies earlier this year.

The celebrating began before the coroner could collect the bodies of Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, the Las Vegas patrol officers ambushed and executed while eating at a pizzeria last month.

“The good news is, there are two less police in the world,” read an entry on the Facebook page for

The post was visible for less than a day, but it attracted at least 6,300 likes and comments by the time the page’s administrators removed it.

Jerad Miller — who along with his wife, Amanda, gunned down the Vegas police officers before dying during a shootout with police — was one of Cop Block’s 780,000-plus Facebook fans.

The decentralized advocacy group says it disavows violence while spreading a belief that “badges don’t grant extra rights.”

Celebrating death will always lead to criticism, but when you celebrate the deaths of cops, society will always view you as the scrounge of the earth.

Meanwhile, cops have taken to the internet to demonstrate an extreme callousness towards the death of  Eric Garner, who died last week after being placed in an illegal chokehold by a New York City cop.

There are many comments from many officers as opposed to just one comment from one Cop Block member.

So it’s obvious they have a very strong contempt towards the people they are supposed to serve and protect, which is exactly why they must be followed with cameras.

Now I really don’t want to get into another political flamewar with O’Reilly fans.

There’s just no denying he is part of the Police PR Spin Machine. Let’s just leave it at that.

On the other hand, Bill Maher just proved he’s not.