A criminal charge was dismissed Monday against a Miami man who was arrested in March for video recording police arresting his friend outside a store.

Lazaro Estrada’s video shows he was video recording a Miami-Dade cop arresting his friend when the  cop ordered him back into the store.

Estrada complied, but continued to record while at least two people and at times a third person was standing outside watching the arrest, but were not ordered to go inside.

When more cops arrived, they entered the store and pulled Estrada out, demanding his identification.

The initial cop, Michael Valdez, walked up to Estrada, stating that his mere presence with the camera somehow placed his safety in danger.

Valdez arrested him, hemming and hawing when asked on what charges. Estrada ended up spending ten days in jail.

His eventual charge: resisting arrest without violence, the catchall contempt of cop charge used daily by cops in Florida.

Fast forward the video to 7:30 to avoid the hysterical sobs of the initial suspect’s girlfriend.

Estrada said he will now proceed with a lawsuit.

Below is a video interview of Estrada by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change as well as a segment where Al Jazeera was in Miami in May, interview Estrada and myself (on separate days).


Lazaro Estrada (1 of 1)

Lazaro Estrada during an interview after his release from jail. Photo by Carlos Miller.