Police in Pennsylvania singled out a man video recording them after they body slammed a drunk man to the sidewalk, ordering him to walk away, accusing him of impeding the sidewalk, while not batting an eye for countless other people walking through their scene.

If anybody was impeding the sidewalk, it was the Harrisburg Police Department, who not only body slammed the man to the sidewalk, but then crowded around his motionless, handcuffed body waiting for paramedics to tend to his wounds.

The cops then impeded on the man’s right to record the scene by forcing him to walk away.

The video doesn’t capture the initial body slam, but the man describes it in his Youtube description and the men in the video can be heard describing it as well:

Harrisburg police attempted to arrest this man for public intoxication. After cuffing one wrist, the suspect pulled his arm forward. Remember, this man was “hammered”. There was no violence or real resistance by doing this. The cop decided to body slam the man in to the ground and bust his head open. After this, they decided to cuff him and leave him lay until ambulances arrived. This was around 15 minutes of no help for this man. There is more video when we were threatened with arrest again.

He was charged with:

1) Resist Arrest/Other Law Enforce
2) Public Drunkenness And Similar Misconduct
3) Fail To Disperse Upon Off’l Order

The man recording was standing far enough from the scene where he couldn’t be accused of interfering or obstructing, which is why the cop had to resort to impeding.

The cop forced them to walk back while other citizens without cameras were walking past the cop towards the scene, not only showing there was no impeding of the sidewalk, but also showing the cops singling out the man because of his camera.

A young woman in the man’s group took the annoying role of telling him to just shut his camera off and leave. And she became even more annoying as the man walked back towards the scene, realizing his rights were being impeded.

That was when a pair of men standing in the doorway, perhaps bouncers who had thrown the drunk man out, ordered the man to back off.

One of them even appeared to snatch his camera before the man apparently grabbed it back.

“Get away, you don’t need to film this,” the guy can be heard saying.

And, of course, the young woman in the group sided with the bouncers, telling them, “can we just go?”